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When 2 become 1

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A couple weeks later the ban was lifted and danielle was able to finally leave, the last 3 weeks spent with kate was amazing, they had laughed, cried, messed around and the love making was out of this world, ahi himself was flying home today and danielle would pick him up on the way home



'i dont want you to leave.... kate said into the redheads  neck  'im gonna miss you



'i will miss you too babe, it wont be for long, your coming to mine on the weekend right?



'well yea but i dont want to sleep alone, i want you with me, i know that sounds needy but i dont care... danielle's hands ran up and down kate's back



'i know kate but i have to go, ahi is coming home and we need to figure out how things will work from now on, between ahi's schooling, me coming here, you coming to us, work for both of us and just general stuff, things have changed now more than ever



'yea i know... kate pulled back 'what time does ahi land?



'in 2 hours



'shit you better go so you can make it



'its fine, by the time the plane taxi's, they let everyone off and he gets his bag and comes out it takes some time



'is he on his own?



'i organized to have one of the staff to sit with him and escort him to me when they get off



'your a good mum



'thanks, alright i do need to go thou.... kissing kate over and over again she wiped the blondes' tears  'dont cry babe






'its okay, im upset too but we will make it work, i want you kate 



'i want you too dan, alright off you go and i will see you on the weekend, tell ahi i say hi and call me when you get home so i know you got home safe



'i will, bye babe



'bye.... after more hugs and kisses danielle finally left a sad looking kate behind, danielle stopped at the petrol station before she got on the highway and wiped her own tears, she was sad leaving her girl but they just had to work to make sure they saw each other as often as possible and talk on the phone constantly, she arrived at the airport and walked inside going over to the information desk



'hi miss what can i do for you?



'my son was on the flight from nz and was accompanied by one of your staff, where do i pick him up from?



'right here actually, let me call them to see how long he will be..... the lady called someone and than hung up after she finished



'he is coming out now



'thanks.... danielle turned around and looked towards the gate looking for ahi, about 5 minutes later she saw his curls and heard him yell



'MUM!!!..... he ran full ball and jumped into her arms  'i missed you so much mum



'i missed you too ahi, did you have fun?



'yep, we had all my cousins over and we played with all the games and stuff you got us



'im glad you had fun, lets go home yea?



'okay....she put him down and grabbed his bags



'thank you so much for looking after him



'no problems at all, have a good day



'you too..... they arrived home and danielle unpacked ahi's bags and put the washing on, she hadnt been home for so long so had a lot of mail, sitting down on the table she went through it, seeing hers bills have come through she quickly got online and paid electricity, gas, water, foxtel, phone and internet, there was some mail for adam so she put it aside and text him to come and pick it up, although things didnt end well with them she has still tried to be decent to him but if he pushes her buttons she will explode



'mum im hungry... ahi said walking into the kitchen



'do you want pizza? i havent been able to do shopping



'yes please, pineapple



'alright, i will order now, why dont you go have a shower?



'okay mum..... ahi took off and danielle picked up her phone to video call kate, her face came onto the screen after a couple rings



'hey babe



'hey, did you get home alright?



'yes, picked up ahi and came home, unpacked his stuff and went through my mail



'hows ahi?



'tired and hungry but good, he went for a shower



'are you sure about that?..... kate giggled and danielle frowned  'look behind you.... danielle turned aroudn and laughed, ahi had no shirt on and was showing kate his muscles



'ahi you cheeky kid.... ahi giggled as did kate  'why arent you in the shower?



'i heard kate so i wanted to talk to her



'well here talk to her quickly before you catch a cold... she handed the phone over



'hey little man, how was your holiday?



'it was good, i rode my bike that mum got me, played games, went to the park, the beach, than we got locked in for a bit, it was alrigth cause my cousins were over



'thats good



'did mum stay with you the whole time?



'she sure did, it was safer here



'did you 2 have fun?



'so much fun, we had a picnic, we went swimming in the lagoon, we watched movies and just hung out..... kate obviously didnt say they fucked each other senseless, made love in the shower and pretty much everywhere possible, she didnt say that she had touched and tasted danielle on every single part of her sexy body, but the look of danielle int he backround made her smir



'thats good, well i gotta have a shower, bye kate



'see ya little one... ahi ran off and danielle's smiling face came into view



'fuck i miss you already dan



'i miss you too babe, your still coming this weekend?



'yes, i have decided to buy a car so i will do that tomorrow, it will be easier to get around



'thats true, what are you doing?



'i ordered chinese and im waiting to eat



'we just ordered pizza



'good, you need to eat, whats your plans for the night?



'adam is coming to get his mail



'hmm how is that going to go?



'well we ended on bad terms so who knows



'stay strong baby, i got your back



'i know, the pizza is here so i gotta go, be good and stay safe



'i will, bye



'bye..... hanging up, danielle answered the door and bought the food inside and put it on the table, getting some plates and cups she poured them some water and when ahi finished his shower they sat down to eat



'ahi your not going to school just yet, we need to figure out how thats all going to work, so you get this week off and than on monday you can do reading and i will find you other stuff to do



'okay mum



'oh and on friday kate is coming here for the weekend for a visit



'cool, i love kate, she is the best.... danielle smiled, she wondered if she should tell ahi about them and thought if it did get out in the media and ahi sees them he would be really upset



'so ahi i want to talk to you about something






'you know i have been friends with kate for a long time?



'yep since wentyworth



'yes wentworth, well when i dropped her off back to her place and stayed there for a few weeks i realized i really liked her, a lot



'what does that mean?



'i like her a lot ahi, so she is now my girlfriend, what do you think about that?..... ahi took a big bite of his pizza and looked at danielle



'do you love her?



'i think i do ahi



'well you better tell her, she is very pretty and someone will take her.... danielle smiled



'yes she is, so your okay with this? when she comes here she will be sleeping in my bed



'thats fine mum, as long as your happy



'she makes me very happy



'good, now do we have ice cream? or cake?.... danielle laughed, ahi loved food like kate did



'how about we relax for a bit and than i will order us something sweet?



'yes please.... putting the leftover pizza in the fridge they snuggled up on the couch together, clearly ahi missed his mum because he sat on her lap and snuggled into her chest, danielle kissed the top of his head and they sat and watched tv, danielle ordered waffles with fruit and ice cream an hour later and once they ate it together ahi washed up and headed to bed, danielle tucked him in and kissed him on the cheek



'good night ahi, i love you



'i love you too mum.... ahi turned over and fell asleep before danielle even left the bedroom, closing the door she went to the kitchen to make a list for shopping, she had thrown everything out because it had all gone off so she had to get heaps of food, there was a knock on the door a while later and danielle went and answered seeing adam standing there



'hey, come in.... adam followed her inside and grabbed the mail



'this is all yours, can you change your address please?



'why cant you just give us another go dan, we were good together



'listen adam things have changed, im not in love with you anymore and that hasnt changed



'why? how could you just fall out of love after 5 years together?



'it just happens adam, you stopped paying attention to ma and ahi, you didnt care anymore and what just because i decided to pull the pin now you do care, nope not happening, not only have my feelings changed for you but they have for someone else, im now with someone



'wtf who?




'thats not your business but just know that i am now with someone else and me and you will never get back together



'its kate isnt it, thats fucking bullshit dan, what the fuck is your problem?



'dont your raise your damn voice at me, my son is sleeping and you better not wake him up



'i dont give a shit, you will listen to me



'about what adam? the fact that you would go out and not tell where you were going, or when you ignored ahi and i, or the last 2 years you have forgotten not only our anniversary but ahi's birthday, like seriously ahi's birthday? oh but when your rolled around it had to be special right, please spare me with your bullshit adam im not interested, listen get your mail redirected because if it comes here i will throw it away, delete my number because i dont want to hear or see you ever again... adam walked closer and grabbed her wrist edging forward to kiss her



'get the fuck off me adam



'come on dan, you liked it rough



'yea with someone i love, i dont love you but i will definitely get down and dirty with my new partner... he shoved off her hand and scoffed



'oh please no one can make you cum like i can.... danielle laughed



'your kidding right, i think i orgasmed like 10 times since being with you, but in the last month i came so many times i lost count after 50, now



'you make me sick dan



'thanks now get out



'FUCKING BITCH!!!!!.... he yelled and than ahi came walking out rubbing his tired eyes, her poor little boy was so tired his eyes were red



'mama whats happening? why is adam here?



'he is just leaving baby, come here... picking him up he rested his head on her shoulder



'out now.... adam scoffed for the tenth time and than decided to leave, danielle closed the door and locked it



'mum im tired... ahi cried out



'i know baby, how about you sleep in my bed?..... he nodded against her shoulder



'okay come on..... she laid him in her bed and tucked him in  'you go to sleep i will be in bed soon, ahi went back to sleep and danielle went to get her phone to call kate hoping she was still awake, thankfully kate answered



'hey babe i thought you would be asleep



'im heading there now, i just needed to hear your voice



'hey what wrong babe?



'adam was here and we got into it, pretty sure he knows im in a relationship with you, he went on about us getting back together, i just couldnt hold it in, i told him off but i was trying to be nice about it, but he raised his voice and yelled causing ahi to wake up



'aww baby im so sorry you went through that, i wish i could be there to hug and kiss you



'me too, ahi was so tired his eyes were red so i put him to sleep in my bed



;listen dont about adam okay, you worry about yourself and ahi and thats it, i will be there in 3 days and i will make you feel better



'just talking to you makes me feel better, thank you for listening



'i happen to love your voice babe... danielle chuckled



'alright i better head to bed, good night baby




'night babe, sleep well.... hanging up danielle had a quick shower than slid into bed beside ahi, he moved over into his mums body and she wrapped her arms around him and fell asleep






6 months later



danielle and kate had an amazing relationship so far but today was the day where kate would make this big move, they had discussed this and decided once kate finished her current job she would move in with danielle and hi permanently, she kept her place in melbourne for when she was working on wentworth and she would lease it out any other time, kate had packed up her stuff and sent them back to sydney and danielle's place, she was now on a flight back to sydney as well to start her new life with her love. the plane landed and kate got her bags before walking outside seeing danielle and ahi waiting for her



'she's here, she's here... ahi cheered an ran to her hugging the blonde woman, he handed her a red rose from behind his back



'thank you ahi... standing up she smiled when danielle came over and handed her a bunch of flowers



'welcome home babe



'im happy to be here... they shared a kiss



'thats all you do is kiss..... kate ruffled his hair



'because we love each other, alright should we get home?



'yep... ahi tried to carry the big suitcase but danielle stopped him



'atis alright ahi why dont you carry the flowers



'okay.....they arrived back at there new shared home, they decided to get a new home together in the city but in a side street



'ahi why dont you put the flowers in a vase and than go and do your reading



'okay mum... walking off danielle turned to kate



'i unpacked all your stuff that came a few days ago



'thank god, i hate unpacking so you did me a favor thanks babe



'no worries, well lets get all this to our bedroom and i will pack your stuff away



'okay.....  with the help of danielle kate's stuff was packed away and now they were sitting on the couch



'how was the flight?



'a lot of turbulance, made my stomach churn



'how does it feel now?



'still sore, its starting to settle down



'thats good, im making a roast for dinner so we dont have to worry about that



'thats good, after 6 months of back and forth we are finally together, i love you so much danielle



'i love you too babe, im so happy we are together, i love falling asleep and waking up to your beautiful face...... that night after dinner ahi had gone to bed and the 2 woman were sitting on the balcony swing a glass of wine in hand




'here is to our new life together, to true love and a long life together



'cheers babe....... danielle looked at kate, her eyes shining in the city lights, danielle smiled because after having it bad for this blonde beauty for so long they were finally together, the 2 of them have become one strong couple that can take on anything