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Fire Blossom

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The sound of an alarm clock ringing on the sunny morning of a Sunday, the birds chirping for their food, flying aimlessly around in the clear blue sky, droplets of water began to drip off the leaves as the mist of the misty morning settles down.

In a room of an old wooden house, a girl raises from her slumber with hair as black as coal with a shade of blue as she stumbled to sit up on her futon laid on the tatami floor, her hand reach over to rub off the sleep still present in her eyes. Dark brown gems open, blinking a few moments before clearing to see the sunshine seeping through the cracks of the sliding door leading towards the garden.

She stretched her arms out as she twists her body around, waking her up before she stood up. The girl's black onyx hair falls back like a waterfall on her back, strands sticking out at every direction but the girl didn't care as she steps out of her room to the small adjacent living room where she found her only living relative pass out from exhaustion on the tatami mat.

The girl let out a sigh before she went to fetch a blanket to cover the sleeping woman on the floor, she turns off the TV and made her way outside to greet the sun and the birds.

"Good morning, " her sing-song voice spoke out towards the greenery around her, then particles came off the trees and surrounding before seeping into the girl's body. The girl smiled as her body glows slightly before the particles disappear into thin air, the girl went back in and freshen herself for the morning.

The girl went to the small kitchen and cook herself some breakfast, she ate and went outside to tend to her garden which was rich in flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit. The girl had been growing them since she was little when she found out her quirk, plant growth, giving her the ability to speed or slow down the growth of any plants that she sees.

Her garden was rich in nutrients all thanks to her quirk that gives energy for the plants to grow, her quirk not only help plants grow but it can also do healing such as gashes as she can speed the growth of tissues cells.

"Crystal..." A groggy voice calls out to the girl, the girl went back inside and saw the now woken up woman.

"You fell asleep on the floor again, Aunt Hanami." Crystal, the girl's given the name, said as she helps the older woman to sit up and she handed her a glass of water.

"Thank you," The woman said as she took a few sips of the water, Crystal set a folded table in front before bringing in the food. She watched as the woman ate and cleaned off the dishes after she had finished, the woman was Crystal's aunt, Hayashi Hanami.

"Please don't overwork yourself, Aunt Hanami." Crystal advised the older woman who gave her a weak smile, the two sat down on the floor just staring outside towards Crystal's garden.

"I can't do that, Crystal. I have to earn a living for both of us and make sure you finished your studies." Hanami said and Crystal felt guilty for burdening her aunt, her only family member that was still alive and that cared for her.

"I understand," Crystal said and silently fell into place but it was not awkward, for Crystal, her aunt was more like an older sister as the two were only 7 years apart from age. Her aunt was the youngest sibling from her mother's side, her mother was the firstborn child.

"Have you pick which high school you want to attend too?" Her aunt asked and Crystal stiffens a bit, she had thought of it but she knew she wouldn't cut to even take the entrance exam.

"I have but..." her words trailed off as she didn't want to finish her sentences.

"It's UA, isn't it? The school where your mother and myself graduated from, "Hanami finished it off and Crystal was surprised by how quick she found out, Crystal looks down and nodded her head.

"But I don't want to burden you, Aunt Hanami. I'll pick another school and I'll get a part-time job to help with the money income," Crystal said but then her aunt shook her head, Crystal closed her mouth and held her hand on her folded lap.

"Don't worry about me, Crystal. You have to focus on your dream, I know you have been dreaming to go to UA." Her aunt said and Crystal turns away as she doesn't want her aunt to see her cry.

"I promised your mother to take care of you and I want you to follow your dreams," Her aunt said and Crystal turns around to embrace her aunt, saying her gratitude for her and how much she loves her.

Her aunt patted her back and Crystal smiled, she was going to make her aunt and her mother, she will be a Pro Hero that saves people and help them when they are in need. She will be a hero that was different than someone she knows, someone that is kind.

•Time skip•

Crystal was busy tending to her garden in the late afternoon, her aunt was out for work, she works at a hospital as a nurse. The mailman came and handed Crystal the letters for the week, she thanked him. She went inside and removed her gardening gloves to sort the letters out, as she was checking, she saw one of them was addressed to her.

Crystal opens it and her brown eyes widen when she read the letter, it was her letter from the entrance exam. She had remembered the moment where she was grouped up with other people before they fought against robots to gain points. She thought she did terrible as she'd only earned a few, she was occupied with healing and helping some injured participants that she found along the way.

From her mother's words, kindness is important no matter the situation, she cannot just run away when she saw someone had been injured before she knew it, the time was up and she didn't even get to show off the full force of her quirk. Crystal just returned home solemnly the thought of how bad she had done on the test, she was hoping her written test was better.

But seeing the acceptance letter in her hand just took all her worried away, she read that she had earned a lot of heroes points for helping those around her, her villain point was zero and her points from the robots were only 20, she had gotten 5th place in the overall test. Crystal let out tears of happiness as she hugs the letter close to her heart, all the training and studying late at night that she had done were worth it, she was now a student in the hero course in UA, the number one hero school in all of Japan.

When Hanami return, Crystal cried her enjoyment out and the two ate dinner with big smiled on their face. Every time her aunt came home, she would always tell her about the patients in the hospital that she works at but peculiarly, one patient has been important to her.

"Have Rei-san been feeling better, Aunt Hanami? Did she like the flowers that I had sent for her?" Crystal asked her aunt who smiled and patted her head.

"She was happy to receive them, Crystal. She always asks about you and how you were doing, she said that she wants to meet you one day, to thank you for giving her those gifts." Her aunt said and Crystal smiled happily, Crystal had been sending a certain patient of her aunt gifts like flowers, knitted sweaters and sometimes food that she cooked and baked goods.

"I want to meet Rei-san one day as well but the hospital doesn't allow non-family members or non-staff to enter their room," Crystal said as she remembers that one time that she had asked her aunt if she could come to her workplace and visit Rei-san.

"I think I can solve that, the hospital is short on staff and they are opening a part-time for high schoolers to earn some working experience." Her aunt said and Crystal's eyes sparkle when she heard it if she enters she can meet and spend time with Rei-san.

"Can I join, Aunt Hanami?" Crystal asked her aunt with hopeful eyes, her aunt nodded her head and said that she had already entered her name.

"But, it will be only until the school year starts again. After that, the part-time job is over, this is to earn experience." Her aunt said and Crystal nodded in understatement.

"You will start in a few days, make sure you study a bit on how to handle things around." Her aunt said and Crystal said that she will, she smiled widely, she can't wait.

•A few days later•

"This will be your tasks, you have to tend to these patients needs. If she or he gives you trouble, just come to me, make sure you don't break any rules." Hanami said as she advised Crystal as the two got ready in their uniform in the changing room. Crystal uniform was a light mint to inform others that she was in the part-time job, Crystal nodded and said goodbye as she went to do her tasks.

Crystal had done most of them and helped most of the patients that she was assigned to except for one, she looks back at the name. Todoroki Rei, the patient that she had sent gifts to, she was finally going to meet this person.

Crystal stood in front of the door of the number where Rei was placed, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door. She waited but no answer, she knocks again still no answer. Crystal was confused as she had asked before coming if Rei was inside, they said that she rarely comes out.

"Pardon, I am the part-time nurse that will help with your needs." Crystal said as she slowly opens the door, her eyes slowly widen when she saw the person sitting on a chair near the window just staring outside. Crystal saw a woman with long snowy white hair with the gentles grey eyes she had ever seen, her skin so pale as her hair, she looks so young and so beautiful.

"It's very nice to meet you, Rei-san." Crystal said as she took a seat in another near Rei who only looks at her and giving her only silence, Crystal's eyes soften at how lonely it must have been just sitting here.

"Rei-san, I'm happy to meet you. My name is Aimoto Crystal, the girl that sent you those gifts." Crystal said and she saw Rei turning her head to her, Crystal smiled and pulls out a small bouquet, they were Snowdrops and Irises, Crystal's favourites.

Crystal could see the surprised look on Rei's face before she saw tears started to drip down, Crystal immediately began to worry and apologize of she had done something wrong.

" I'm just feeling happy... You remind me of my children," Rei said and Crystal handed her a handkerchief, Rei took it before wiping her tears away.

"I made it for you, Rei-san." Crystal said pointing at the handkerchief that had an embroidered flower on it with snowflakes. It also had Rei's name on it, the woman looks at Crystal before smiling so gently at her.

Crystal converse with Rei about her school and her garden, Rei didn't talk much about herself but Crystal didn't ask about it as she wants Rei to tell her herself. Then Crystal began to tell her about how she will be going to UA, about how she was going to be a pro Hero.

"Your mother and father must be very proud of you, Crystal-chan," Rei said and Crystal looks at her hand smiling sadly, whenever hearing those words, Crystal couldn't help but feel helpless and sad.

"What's the matter, dear?" Rei sounded worried, Crystal shook her head and looks out of the sky.

"They had passed away when I was 4 years old, my grandmother had been taking care of me but she as well passed away two years ago. I now lived with my aunt," Crystal said and she heard Rei gave a slight gasp, Rei apologized for saying such a hurtful topic but Crystal smiled saying it was not a big problem for her.

The two talked until the late of the evening and Crystal's aunt came in saying that her shift had ended, Crystal said goodbye to Rei and promised to bring some homemade food tomorrow so they could eat together.

Crystal and her aunt went back home, Crystal was glad that she had joined this. She got to meet Rei and have built a good relationship with her, Crystal almost thought of Rei as her mother as she gave off the motherly vibe which Crystal had missed, not only that but because of how Rei reminds her of her won mother, sweet, gentle and kind.

For the past weeks for her break, Crystal would spend her time with Rei just talking about life, Crystal would bring small gifts such as flowers and food that she made for Rei. Rei had become more open to her and even smiling more when they meet again, Crystal was happy that she could spend her time with Rei.

"Rei-san, tomorrow will be my last day here." Crystal said as the two were in a comfortable silence just looking out of the window, she could see sadness came over Rei's grey eyes and Crystal wants to take it away.

"I was happy to have spent my time with you, Rei-san. I had missed the feeling of a mother's love before but when I meet you, I feel as if my mother was still here with me. I'm grateful to have met you, Rei-san." Crystal cries out and Rei looks shocked before she hugs Crystal, she pats her head and said that she also felt the same.

"You have felt like a real daughter to me, Crystal-chan. I wish we can spend more time together but you will start school soon, promised me that you will become a hero that you wanted to be." Rei said and showed her pinky finger, Crystal nodded her head and hooks her pinky with Rei's before they made the promised.

Crystal and Rei spent their time until Crystal had to leave, Rei gave Crystal another hug before Crystal left the hospital to start her new high school life at UA. Even if she can't meet Rei, Crystal still sends gifts through Aunt Hana to Rei.

•First Day of UA•

"Everything ready?" Her aunt asks Crystal as she was putting on her shoes, Crystal nodded her head saying that she has everything.

"Make sure you return home early," Her aunt advice and Crystal nodded her head before hugging her goodbye, Crystal stood outside of her house and smiled happily as she stares at the rising sun, this was her beginning to be someone she dreamt to be.