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Fire Blossom

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The sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky, it was a nice day outside with the birds chirping happily in the trees and the wind blowing gently through the leaves. In the small old house of the Hayashi was in the thick forest surrounding it, the trees rustle from the wind, the doors opened to let in the cold air. A girl with hair as dark as the midnight sky laid asleep in her futon, there spread around her around the white pillow, the sun was already up sipping in the afternoon sunlight into the room. 

The girl stirred awake as a light shine onto her eyes, her hand to shield them away, she blinks her eyes a few times before she sat her body up onto her futon, her long luscious hair falls over her head like water, her dark brown eyes were revealed as they glistened in the light. She groans as she stretched her arms up in the air, she looks to the side where the sun seeps in and to the front where a wall clock was mounted on.  

Her eyes widen when she saw the time and rushed out of her futon and dashed to the kitchen, the house was empty and quiet, she saw a plate of food that was wrapped on the kitchen counter with a note on top she picks up the note and it was from Hanami.  

Good morning, Crystal.  

I hope you had a good sleep I didn’t want to wake you up early because yesterday must be a tiring day for you so just rest for today. You don’t have school, right?  I’d tried to make breakfast and left some for you, make sure you ate all of them and I’m sorry if it doesn’t taste as good as yours. I left early for work so I might not be home when you wake up, I’ll be home before midnight so don’t worry about me.  


From your lovely aunt, Hayashi Hanami.  

Crystal smiled as she reads the note and looks at the dish that Hanami had cooked for her, it must be a long time ago when she had someone else cook for her. She unwrapped the dish before heating the dish in the microwave for a few minutes as she does so, she grabs a plate and utensils before she places the heated dish on the kotatsu that was in the living room. 

“Itadakimasu," Crystal clasped her hands together before she ate her late breakfast, she had opened the sliding doors to reveal the garden that shines their green leaves and beautiful coloured flowers to her. Even her vegetables that she had grown were looking quite healthy and almost ready to be pick, she finished the dish and went to clean the dishes, she dried them off as she puts them back in their right place, she took a shower and wore some indoor clothes. 

Crystal walks around the house and decided to do a clean day but that didn’t last for long as she cleans fast and precise that she finished just before lunchtime, she looks in the fridge and saw a lot of ingredients that she had bought yesterday for her victory celebration. Crystal took out most of them and decided to make bento boxes, one for Hanami as she will be eating sandwiches and coffee at work, the other one was for Rei. 

“I wish I can see you again, Rei-san,” Crystal said as she wrapped both bento boxes in separate colourful clothes before putting them in a bag, Crystal went to her room to change her clothes and made sure she locked all the doors before heading out. Crystal closed the door and gate before she headed towards the station to go the hospital, she sat on the train seat with the bag beside her, she looks at her phone, contemplation if whether or not she should call Hanami first. 

“No, she must be busy now. I’ll just drop this off to one of her colleagues,” Crystal said to herself and put her phone away, she would not be able to go and see Rei but she was sure that Hanami would pass on the bento for her, Crystal misses Rei very much, she wants to tell her about the Sports Festival and how she had won third place, she wants to see Rei’s radiant face again. 

“H-hello!” Crystal looks up and saw that a small child stood in front of her, the train was still moving but it was still dangerous to stand on a moving train, Crystal saw how the small child which was a small girl tremble as she looks at her. 

“Yes? Is there something I could help you, dear?” Crystal asks politely as to not scare the child away, the little girl looks nervous as she grips the end of her skirt. 

“Are you Aimoto Crystal?! From the U.A Sports Festival!” The girl shouted out at Crystal trembling from nervousness and Crystal looks at her before she smiled gently at the girl, Crystal nodded her head and the girl’s face lightens up when she confirms it. 

“I’d watched your matches and you look so beautiful, you’re also super powerful.” The little girls seem to have become a fan of hers, Crystal felt happy to have someone that enjoyed watching her battles in the festival. 

“Thank very much, dear. That’s sweet of you,” Crystal said and pats the girl’s head, her small face turns beet red when she does so, and Crystal found the little girl adorable. 

“C-can I be like Onee-san someday?! I want to fight as beautiful as you and I want to keep everyone safe,” Crystal was surprised by her words but then she felt a bit proud that she mad manage to be an idol that was look up too, and for such a young girl like her to already have such dreams, it made her feel happy. 

“And I know you will, all you have to do is believe in yourself and work harder to achieve it. Ah, looks like I’ll get off here, here you go.” Crystal saw that she had arrived at her station, Crystal pulls out a bag that was filled with cookies that she had baked before deciding to come here, the little girl’s eyes sparkle and she accepted it with a big smile. 

“Thank you, Onee-san.” The little girl bowed her head and ran back to a woman that must be her mother, Crystal looks as the mother scolded the girl for a bit before kissing her head, a sad smile made its way to her lips but she shook it off and boarded off the train. Crystal walks silently with the bag in her hand, she looks at her phone for the direction of the hospital as it's been a few months since she had gone there.  

Crystal stops in front of the gate of the hospital, the wind blew gently as it swept a few strands of her hair. She was nervous to enter as now everyone will now recognize her as the student from the U. A Sports Festival, she sighs dejectedly.  

“Aimoto,” Crystal heard her name being called out, she turns around and her eyes met a familiar pair of heterochromatic eyes along with the red and white hair. Todoroki Shoto stood not too far from where she was standing in casual clothes, he looks as surprised as she was to see him there.  

“What are you doing here?” He walks closer with his hands in his pocket, the two stood facing each other not too far from the gate of the hospital and Crystal felt embarrassed as she was seen wearing her casual wear which was an oversized turtleneck sweater with a long dark blue skirt and a pair of brown boots, she was a bit rush and didn’t care much as long as it was presentable but now having one of her classmates saw her in the attire made her cry in embarrassment inside her head. 

“My aunt works here as a nurse; I was going to drop off her lunch.” Crystal answered and she lifted the bag that she was holding towards Todoroki, he looks at it before he gazed at her, it did make Crystal felt self-conscious from the gaze and she looks away with flushed cheeks.  

“I’ll have to go,” Crystal said, bowing her head a bit as she said farewell, but Todoroki then grabbed the back of her sweater, Crystal turns around looking a bit surprised, then she saw how Todoroki was looking down and his hair covered his eyes, on his face had a deep frown. 

“Todoroki-san, what’s wrong?” Crystal place her bag down and held Todoroki’s hand that was clutch to her sweater, she squeezes it, giving reassurance that she was worried about him and that she wanted to help him. Crystal then looks around and saw that there were not so many people, she held Todoroki’s hand before she closed her eyes, her body let out a soft green glow and then Todoroki could feel his body feeling a soft warm seeping in. 

“Feel better?” Crystal stops what she was doing and looks at Todoroki, she smiled sadly at him.  

“I’m going to visit my mother here but I feel like it will only be a burden for her if she saw me, after what you had said, I want to see her again, to ask for her forgiveness. Standing here now, I feel scared,” Todoroki’s voice sounds sad and Crystal felt a pang of pain in her chest, she didn’t want him to feel so sad and be in any form of pain. 

“I think she will be happy to see you, you just have to believe in yourself.” Crystal said, she gave him another smile and her other hand raised to pat his head, surprising Todoroki but when she saw her smile, he thought back at the time where her voice reached him and that he was able to use his dreaded left side and now again, her voice reached his heart. 

“I'm sorry if this will interrupt your day but can I ask you something, Aimoto.” Todoroki looks into her eyes; Crystal nodded her head. 

“Can you come along with me to visit my mother?” Todoroki asked and Crystal was shocked if it were the case especially because this was something important for him, she looks at his face that even with the stoned face, she sees his eyes begging for her to agree and she smiled, if it was something that could help him feel at ease, of course she would. 

“Of course, Todoroki-san.” A small smile appeared on his face and Crystal felt a bit shy from seeing the rare side of Todoroki, she saw how he picks up her bag and leads her inside the hospital with her hand in his. They went to the front desk and the nurse at the desk recognized both Crystal and Todoroki, it could be said the same for the other people in the area as they all look surprised to see the two students that had gotten Second and Third of the Sports Festival of U.A. 

“Ah, Crystal-chan. Good evening, dropping off Hanami-senpai's lunch?” The nurse at the desk said and Crystal nodded her head, she nudged Todoroki and he puts the bag on the desk to show the nurse, Crystal asked the nurse to give it to Hanami when lunchtime is near and that she had put a few snacks for the other nurses if they want to take it. 

“You’re such an angel, Crystal-chan. I’m sure everyone will be happy; they all miss you.” The nurse said as she thanked Crystal for the gifts, Crystal smiled as she too misses working here. 

“Crystal-chan?” Crystal heard her name and she looks to her side to see Hanami holding a clipboard to her chest, she must have finished taking care of a patient when Hanami saw her, she speeds up her walking and reached to stand in front of Crystal. 

“I was just dropping off lunch for you, there's also another bento in there.” Crystal said and Hanami knew who it was for, then she recognized the boy standing beside her niece, her eyes travel to the two’s intertwined hand. 

“I’ll hand it to her now, I’m going to her room. Do you want to come along?” Hanami asked Crystal but she shook her head as she told Hanami that she was going to accompany her friend, she glanced at Todoroki. 

“Todoroki-san, this is my aunt, Hayashi Hanami. Hanami-nee-chan, this is my classmate that I told you who won second place at the Sports Festival, Todoroki Shoto.” Crystal introduced the two and Todoroki greeted the older woman with a bow and Hanami looks at him more closely before her bright pink eyes widen and she gasped. 

“Hanami-nee-chan?” Crystal looks at him worriedly as she suddenly looks surprised, but Hanami said that she remembered something, so she grabbed the bag that was on the desk and said goodbye to the two before she headed off to her work. 

“Let’s go, I’d already sign our names,” Todoroki said and Crystal nodded her head, she said goodbye to the nurse at the front desk and followed Todoroki as he leads the way, she noticed that the floor and path that they were walking are the same as the way to a certain room that she had visited in the past and before she knows it, they stood in front of a door that Crystal had stood in front of it a few months ago. 

The name that was on the wall solidified her initial theory, Crystal looks at the nameplate as the name was written as Mrs Todoroki, they were standing in front of Rei’s room, Crystal was shocked out of this world and she covered her mouth from letting out a gasp. Todoroki Rei, the woman that Crystal had been giving gifts and gotten to know her more closely was the mother of her classmates, Todoroki Shoto. 

Todoroki took a deep breath as he was nervous, he had never visited his mother ever since she was put here. He had thought that seeing him would only be causing her more trouble as his left side would remind her of his father. He had thought of backing out but the warmth of the hand that he held gave him a bit of courage and reassurance, the gentle smile of his mother and the smile that the girl that was beside him appeared in his mind, he looks ahead and places his hand on the door, he slides it open to reveal a face that he had not seen for so long.