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Fire Blossom

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The sound of an alarm clock ringing on the sunny morning of a Sunday, the birds chirping for their food, flying aimlessly around in the clear blue sky, droplets of water began to drip off the leaves as the mist of the misty morning settles down.

In a room of an old wooden house, a girl raises from her slumber with hair as black as coal with a shade of blue as she stumbled to sit up on her futon laid on the tatami floor, her hand reach over to rub off the sleep still present in her eyes. Dark brown gems open, blinking a few moments before clearing to see the sunshine seeping through the cracks of the sliding door leading towards the garden.

She stretched her arms out as she twists her body around, waking her up before she stood up. The girl's black onyx hair falls back like a waterfall on her back, strands sticking out at every direction but the girl didn't care as she steps out of her room to the small adjacent living room where she found her only living relative pass out from exhaustion on the tatami mat.

The girl let out a sigh before she went to fetch a blanket to cover the sleeping woman on the floor, she turns off the TV and made her way outside to greet the sun and the birds.

"Good morning, " her sing-song voice spoke out towards the greenery around her, then particles came off the trees and surrounding before seeping into the girl's body. The girl smiled as her body glows slightly before the particles disappear into thin air, the girl went back in and freshen herself for the morning.

The girl went to the small kitchen and cook herself some breakfast, she ate and went outside to tend to her garden which was rich in flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit. The girl had been growing them since she was little when she found out her quirk, plant growth, giving her the ability to speed or slow down the growth of any plants that she sees.

Her garden was rich in nutrients all thanks to her quirk that gives energy for the plants to grow, her quirk not only help plants grow but it can also do healing such as gashes as she can speed the growth of tissues cells.

"Crystal..." A groggy voice calls out to the girl, the girl went back inside and saw the now woken up woman.

"You fell asleep on the floor again, Aunt Hanami." Crystal, the girl's given the name, said as she helps the older woman to sit up and she handed her a glass of water.

"Thank you," The woman said as she took a few sips of the water, Crystal set a folded table in front before bringing in the food. She watched as the woman ate and cleaned off the dishes after she had finished, the woman was Crystal's aunt, Hayashi Hanami.

"Please don't overwork yourself, Aunt Hanami." Crystal advised the older woman who gave her a weak smile, the two sat down on the floor just staring outside towards Crystal's garden.

"I can't do that, Crystal. I have to earn a living for both of us and make sure you finished your studies." Hanami said and Crystal felt guilty for burdening her aunt, her only family member that was still alive and that cared for her.

"I understand," Crystal said and silently fell into place but it was not awkward, for Crystal, her aunt was more like an older sister as the two were only 7 years apart from age. Her aunt was the youngest sibling from her mother's side, her mother was the firstborn child.

"Have you pick which high school you want to attend too?" Her aunt asked and Crystal stiffens a bit, she had thought of it but she knew she wouldn't cut to even take the entrance exam.

"I have but..." her words trailed off as she didn't want to finish her sentences.

"It's UA, isn't it? The school where your mother and myself graduated from, "Hanami finished it off and Crystal was surprised by how quick she found out, Crystal looks down and nodded her head.

"But I don't want to burden you, Aunt Hanami. I'll pick another school and I'll get a part-time job to help with the money income," Crystal said but then her aunt shook her head, Crystal closed her mouth and held her hand on her folded lap.

"Don't worry about me, Crystal. You have to focus on your dream, I know you have been dreaming to go to UA." Her aunt said and Crystal turns away as she doesn't want her aunt to see her cry.

"I promised your mother to take care of you and I want you to follow your dreams," Her aunt said and Crystal turns around to embrace her aunt, saying her gratitude for her and how much she loves her.

Her aunt patted her back and Crystal smiled, she was going to make her aunt and her mother, she will be a Pro Hero that saves people and help them when they are in need. She will be a hero that was different than someone she knows, someone that is kind.

•Time skip•

Crystal was busy tending to her garden in the late afternoon, her aunt was out for work, she works at a hospital as a nurse. The mailman came and handed Crystal the letters for the week, she thanked him. She went inside and removed her gardening gloves to sort the letters out, as she was checking, she saw one of them was addressed to her.

Crystal opens it and her brown eyes widen when she read the letter, it was her letter from the entrance exam. She had remembered the moment where she was grouped up with other people before they fought against robots to gain points. She thought she did terrible as she'd only earned a few, she was occupied with healing and helping some injured participants that she found along the way.

From her mother's words, kindness is important no matter the situation, she cannot just run away when she saw someone had been injured before she knew it, the time was up and she didn't even get to show off the full force of her quirk. Crystal just returned home solemnly the thought of how bad she had done on the test, she was hoping her written test was better.

But seeing the acceptance letter in her hand just took all her worried away, she read that she had earned a lot of heroes points for helping those around her, her villain point was zero and her points from the robots were only 20, she had gotten 5th place in the overall test. Crystal let out tears of happiness as she hugs the letter close to her heart, all the training and studying late at night that she had done were worth it, she was now a student in the hero course in UA, the number one hero school in all of Japan.

When Hanami return, Crystal cried her enjoyment out and the two ate dinner with big smiled on their face. Every time her aunt came home, she would always tell her about the patients in the hospital that she works at but peculiarly, one patient has been important to her.

"Have Rei-san been feeling better, Aunt Hanami? Did she like the flowers that I had sent for her?" Crystal asked her aunt who smiled and patted her head.

"She was happy to receive them, Crystal. She always asks about you and how you were doing, she said that she wants to meet you one day, to thank you for giving her those gifts." Her aunt said and Crystal smiled happily, Crystal had been sending a certain patient of her aunt gifts like flowers, knitted sweaters and sometimes food that she cooked and baked goods.

"I want to meet Rei-san one day as well but the hospital doesn't allow non-family members or non-staff to enter their room," Crystal said as she remembers that one time that she had asked her aunt if she could come to her workplace and visit Rei-san.

"I think I can solve that, the hospital is short on staff and they are opening a part-time for high schoolers to earn some working experience." Her aunt said and Crystal's eyes sparkle when she heard it if she enters she can meet and spend time with Rei-san.

"Can I join, Aunt Hanami?" Crystal asked her aunt with hopeful eyes, her aunt nodded her head and said that she had already entered her name.

"But, it will be only until the school year starts again. After that, the part-time job is over, this is to earn experience." Her aunt said and Crystal nodded in understatement.

"You will start in a few days, make sure you study a bit on how to handle things around." Her aunt said and Crystal said that she will, she smiled widely, she can't wait.

•A few days later•

"This will be your tasks, you have to tend to these patients needs. If she or he gives you trouble, just come to me, make sure you don't break any rules." Hanami said as she advised Crystal as the two got ready in their uniform in the changing room. Crystal uniform was a light mint to inform others that she was in the part-time job, Crystal nodded and said goodbye as she went to do her tasks.

Crystal had done most of them and helped most of the patients that she was assigned to except for one, she looks back at the name. Todoroki Rei, the patient that she had sent gifts to, she was finally going to meet this person.

Crystal stood in front of the door of the number where Rei was placed, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door. She waited but no answer, she knocks again still no answer. Crystal was confused as she had asked before coming if Rei was inside, they said that she rarely comes out.

"Pardon, I am the part-time nurse that will help with your needs." Crystal said as she slowly opens the door, her eyes slowly widen when she saw the person sitting on a chair near the window just staring outside. Crystal saw a woman with long snowy white hair with the gentles grey eyes she had ever seen, her skin so pale as her hair, she looks so young and so beautiful.

"It's very nice to meet you, Rei-san." Crystal said as she took a seat in another near Rei who only looks at her and giving her only silence, Crystal's eyes soften at how lonely it must have been just sitting here.

"Rei-san, I'm happy to meet you. My name is Aimoto Crystal, the girl that sent you those gifts." Crystal said and she saw Rei turning her head to her, Crystal smiled and pulls out a small bouquet, they were Snowdrops and Irises, Crystal's favourites.

Crystal could see the surprised look on Rei's face before she saw tears started to drip down, Crystal immediately began to worry and apologize of she had done something wrong.

" I'm just feeling happy... You remind me of my children," Rei said and Crystal handed her a handkerchief, Rei took it before wiping her tears away.

"I made it for you, Rei-san." Crystal said pointing at the handkerchief that had an embroidered flower on it with snowflakes. It also had Rei's name on it, the woman looks at Crystal before smiling so gently at her.

Crystal converse with Rei about her school and her garden, Rei didn't talk much about herself but Crystal didn't ask about it as she wants Rei to tell her herself. Then Crystal began to tell her about how she will be going to UA, about how she was going to be a pro Hero.

"Your mother and father must be very proud of you, Crystal-chan," Rei said and Crystal looks at her hand smiling sadly, whenever hearing those words, Crystal couldn't help but feel helpless and sad.

"What's the matter, dear?" Rei sounded worried, Crystal shook her head and looks out of the sky.

"They had passed away when I was 4 years old, my grandmother had been taking care of me but she as well passed away two years ago. I now lived with my aunt," Crystal said and she heard Rei gave a slight gasp, Rei apologized for saying such a hurtful topic but Crystal smiled saying it was not a big problem for her.

The two talked until the late of the evening and Crystal's aunt came in saying that her shift had ended, Crystal said goodbye to Rei and promised to bring some homemade food tomorrow so they could eat together.

Crystal and her aunt went back home, Crystal was glad that she had joined this. She got to meet Rei and have built a good relationship with her, Crystal almost thought of Rei as her mother as she gave off the motherly vibe which Crystal had missed, not only that but because of how Rei reminds her of her won mother, sweet, gentle and kind.

For the past weeks for her break, Crystal would spend her time with Rei just talking about life, Crystal would bring small gifts such as flowers and food that she made for Rei. Rei had become more open to her and even smiling more when they meet again, Crystal was happy that she could spend her time with Rei.

"Rei-san, tomorrow will be my last day here." Crystal said as the two were in a comfortable silence just looking out of the window, she could see sadness came over Rei's grey eyes and Crystal wants to take it away.

"I was happy to have spent my time with you, Rei-san. I had missed the feeling of a mother's love before but when I meet you, I feel as if my mother was still here with me. I'm grateful to have met you, Rei-san." Crystal cries out and Rei looks shocked before she hugs Crystal, she pats her head and said that she also felt the same.

"You have felt like a real daughter to me, Crystal-chan. I wish we can spend more time together but you will start school soon, promised me that you will become a hero that you wanted to be." Rei said and showed her pinky finger, Crystal nodded her head and hooks her pinky with Rei's before they made the promised.

Crystal and Rei spent their time until Crystal had to leave, Rei gave Crystal another hug before Crystal left the hospital to start her new high school life at UA. Even if she can't meet Rei, Crystal still sends gifts through Aunt Hana to Rei.

•First Day of UA•

"Everything ready?" Her aunt asks Crystal as she was putting on her shoes, Crystal nodded her head saying that she has everything.

"Make sure you return home early," Her aunt advice and Crystal nodded her head before hugging her goodbye, Crystal stood outside of her house and smiled happily as she stares at the rising sun, this was her beginning to be someone she dreamt to be.

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Aimoto Crystal awed at the enormous building standing in front of her, the large gates that said UA Academy. She couldn't believe that she was able to be enrolled in this school, a school where many Pro Heroes had graduated from.

The grip on the strap of her bag tightens before Crystal's eyes fired with determination before she took her first step forward inside the school, she ventures through the halls until she stood in front of the tall classroom doors of 1-A, a class for the hero course.

It was still early out with the sky still dark since Crystal had started her way to school early as she lives far away, she opens the door and saw it was empty. Crystal walks in and looks around before deciding to seat at the back of the classroom, she set her bag down before she steps out of the classroom to gaze out the windows.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, she opens her mouth and a melody sang through the empty school halls, a melody that even made the birds chirped with the wind blowing gently. Crystal felt her mind at peace as she sang the melody that she had created, she remembers the moment where she sang with Rei in her room, Rei said that she had a soothing voice and she loves listening to her singing.

Crystal misses spending time with Rei, she wished that she could meet the wonderful woman that Crystal thought as a mother. Crystal stops her singing when she felt like her throat drying up, she went inside the class and to her seat and pulls out her water bottle, she drank a few gulps of water, it was still early in the morning.

Crystal took out a seed from her small pouch that she always brings along, she kept it inside her bag for emergencies. It had seeds of the plants she grows in her garden, she brought out a small garden pot from her bag and soil that she had brought from home. She planted the seed and uses her quirk to make it grow until a flower blooms beautifully, she watered it and placed the pot at the back of the class.

Crystal jumped as she startled when the door suddenly slides open and footsteps made their way closer to her, Crystal turns around and her dark brown eyes met with dual coloured ones. They were turquoise and grey, the grey eye reminds her of Rei's, Crystal snaps out of her thoughts and looks away with a tint of red in her cheeks.

She peeks a bit and took a closer look, it was a boy who was rather tall almost a few inches taller than her. His hair caught her attention immediately, crimson on the left and snowy white on the right, his eyes complimenting each colour. Another thing that piques her interest was the red scar on his left eye, her chest almost tightens at the thought of how painful it must have been. She knew the feeling of having such a scar on your body, just the thought of it made the skin on her shoulder tingles.

Again, Crystal snaps out of her trance and turns away. She must have made the boy uncomfortable with her continuous staring, she scolded herself inside her head for making such a terrible first impression to her new classmates. Crystal looks back and saw the boy sat at the desk beside her not looking or even saying how weird she was.

Crystal just sighs in relief, she turns back to the pot and picked the flower out, a new one grew right after she pulls the other one out. Crystal smiled and she went back to her seat, she wanted to greet her new classmate but she thought against it as he must not want to to talk to the girl who was staring at him a few seconds ago.

The next few minutes pass, Crystal just stayed at her seat as she watched other new faces came inside the classroom. All were different and unique in their own way, she wants to make friends with them but she didn't have the courage to do so. She just sat at her desk silently watching as her other classmates get to know each other, Crystal took out the flower that she had to pick out and puts it in her mouth, she began to munch on it.

Crystal was unaware of the look that she was receiving from the dual coloured haired boy that was watching her since he had come in the classroom, he watched her fiddle with her fingers as her eyes watched their classmates, he watched as she munched on a flower which to him was weird enough. The boy, Todoroki Shoto, doesn't know why he had begun to be intrigued by the girl that was sitting next to him.

Crystal munching on the flower, she watched as a boy with green hair came in, he looks like broccoli. She watched as a girl with auburn hair and eyes came up to the boy who began to blush furiously at how close the girl was, Crystal slightly giggled at how cute the two looks but then she saw another boy in the class, one with spiky sandy blond hair with red eyes. He was scowling and glaring hard at the green-haired boy, do they hate each other? Crystal thought to herself.

Then a voice pipe in, Crystal looks over to see a huge yellow caterpillar-like sack on the floor before it stood and revealing that it was a man with long black hair and tired sunken black eyes. Crystal finished her snack and swallowed before she listened to the man standing at the front, he must be their teacher.

Crystal watched the man introduced himself as Aizawa Shota and that he's their new homeroom teacher, he then proceed to hand out their P. E uniforms which confused Crystal as their first day started with going to the fields. Crystal changed with the other girls of the class, she tries to hide behind and changed the very last before anyone notices, she joins the others as they went to the track.

"A quirk assessment test?!" The student of 1-A shouted in disbelief, Crystal looks questionably at their teacher. As Crystal listened, she felt eyes on her, she glanced around and her eyes met with those dual coloured eyes of her classmate which she knows to be Todoroki Shoto. He was looking at her, she was a bit surprised but Crystal smiled at him and gave a small wave, he seems to snap out of his thoughts and notices her, he turns his head around.

Crystal held back her giggle at how slightly adorable he looks getting caught staring, she returns back to what her teacher was saying. Then he asks for Bakugou Katsuki who was the foul mouth boy, Aizawa asked him to throw a ball but adding his quirk.

"DIE!" Bakugou shouted and Crystal was slightly taken back at how hardcore he said that cruel word, he threw the ball with an explosion following behind it. He got an amazing score with 705.2 meters, Crystal gasped, how can she beat that, her quirk doesn't really gave that munch advantage go this type of thing.

Everyone began to get excited by the test and saying how fun this will be but Aizawa crushes that thought as he said that the last person who gets the lowest score on all eight tests will be expelled, Crystal paled at his words, now she's in trouble.

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The first test which was a 50-meter dash test, Crystal watched as a boy with glasses who was, Iida Tenya, got around 3 seconds with his quirk Engine. Everyone had gotten a decent amount of time, Crystal watched the green-haired boy who was Midoriya Izuku. He was up against that explosive boy, Bakugou, Crystal watched as Bakugou uses the explosion force to speed himself up whilst Midoriya just ran.

Now it was Crystal's turn, she was too nervous to notice who was running next to her. When the robot said to start, Crystal ran as fast as she can, she got around 6.45 seconds which wasn't bad. Then the next test was to measure grip strength, Crystal with all her might got around 50kg. Her mood gloom a bit, it was so low compared to others, she then moved to the next test which was standing long jump.

That as well she got average, sure she can throw herself by swinging from a vine but she doesn't have anything to attach the vine too. Repeated side steps, she was exhausted when she did as many as she can, Crystal knows that she might as well say goodbye to UA since she could almost see that her score was one of the lowest, it was almost the same with Midoriya.

The fifth test was the ball throw that Aizawa had Bakugou demonstrate earlier, she watched as the auburn-haired girl named Uraraka Ochaco got infinite with her quirk Zero Gravity. Crystal then was next, she grips the ball.

' I have to get this one right! I can't let this test be the end of my journey here! I have to make Aunt Hanami and Rei proud! I promised them to be a hero!' Crystal said inside her head before she took her stance, she concentrates all her focus until she couldn't hear anything around her, she gathers all of her energy into her fingertips before throwing the ball with her eyes closed shut.

Crystal opened her eyes and saw Aizawa holding up the reader to see the number showing 730 meters, Crystal's brown eyes were blown wide. How can that happen?! How can she get over a 100 with her lousy throw, it should have been about 50 meters. Crystal just step off the circle towards the others with her head filled questions as to how she could throw the ball so far away, it must be a mistake.

"That was so cool! Your name's Crystal, right?!" Uraraka came up to her with a huge smile on her face, Crystal steps back a bit surprised by the sudden appearance.

"Yes... What actually happened when I was throwing the ball?" Crystal asked as she rubs the back of her head, Uraraka's eyes sparkle and then she recaps the thing that had happened, Crystal's eyes just wide when she listened to Uraraka.

"Wind?" Crystal said questionable as it was not something she had heard with her quirk before, Uraraka said that when she threw the ball, the ball travelled in a short distance before the wind suddenly shoots the ball far up.

"Thank you," Crystal thanked Uraraka and she was now in her the depth of her mind trying to find out how did she make a gust of wind out of nowhere? She doesn't have a quirk that related to wind, Crystal was brought back to reality by a shout.

She looks over to see Midoriya throwing the ball but one of his fingers turns purple as if he had broken it on purpose, he must not have full control of his quirk. Crystal was astonished and saw that he got just 0.1 meters more than Bakugou who to her side was fuming smoke from his hands and she could see some coming from his ear.

Then he stomped over towards Midoriya but he was stopped by something being wrapped around him, Aizawa was the one who did it, he had used his scarf to do it, he said it was made out of carbon fibre which means it was as hard as steel.

Crystal was amazed at how amazing their teacher was, she was really glad that she got into UA, Aizawa released Bakugou and Midoriya steps away from the circle with Uraraka asking if he was okay. Crystal looks over at Midoriya's injured finger and looks at her hands, she wants to help him but she doesn't know how to talk to him, she sighs and everyone was moved towards the gymnasium to do the other tests.

Sit-ups, seated toe-touch and long-distance run, those were all the final test before it was finished, Crystal huffed at how much energy she had used, she searched in her pocket and she pulls out a bag that had a few dried flowers in it.

"What's that?" Crystal squeaked and turns to her side to see Uraraka looking at her bag of edible flowers, Crystal calms down and showed the bag.

"My quirk needs to be recharged with energy sources from plants, I keep these as snacks sometimes." Crystal explained and took one of the flowers out, she uses her quirk to make the flower fresh again before putting it in her mouth.

"That's so cool, Crystal-chan," Uraraka said and Crystal felt her cheeks warming up from the compliment.

"Thank you, Uraraka-san." Crystal said.

"Just call me, Ochaco. We're friends, aren't we?" UrarUraraka said and Crystal looks at her for a moment before nodding her head, Crystal smiled thinking how she made her first new friend.

All the students gathered around when Aizawa said that he would show the results of the test, Crystal began to sweat as she nervously looks at the ground, she was worried about her score. She took a deep breath and looks up towards the scores, her eyes widen when she saw her name, she had gotten 15th place, all her worries disappeared and she let a sigh of relief but then she looks at the last place.

It was Midoriya, she looks back to see how his face sadden when he saw his score, Crystal doesn't like seeing anyone sad and all she wants was to give him a reassuring hug, Crystal thought about how cool his quirk was and how much potential he had to become a hero.

"By the way, I was lying about the expulsion," Aizawa said and everyone's looking at him dumbfounded, Crystal felt her mouth gasped open.

"It was a rational deception to draw out the upper limits of your quirks," He said and Crystal in the midst of all the test, she had assumed the possibility of it but with her worrying over it too much, she wasn't confident in her beliefs which was proving true.

'Unbelievably,' Crystal muttered in her head as she rubbed her temple, the first might come but she determines to do her best even if everything here was crazy.

They all went to class after, Crystal began to talk to Uraraka, or rather, she was the one who suddenly appeared out of nowhere and began to talk to her but Crystal wasn't bothered by it as the longer she talks and listens to Uraraka, the more she felt like she would be having fun here.

"Crystal-chan! Want to walk together to the station?!" Uraraka called out to Crystal who was walking along the halls, Uraraka caught up to her.

Crystal agrees even though her house was far away from the station but she was having fun just talking to Uraraka, she might get some light exercise when she walks home. The two stepped out of the UA building and was chatting along when Uraraka calls out to someone.

Crystal looks at the front to see Iida and Midoriya, these two must be walking to the station too. Crystal felt a bit shy as she hasn't talked to those two but Uraraka just ran up to them, Crystal tailed behind a bit, she watched as the three converse so casually.

"Aren't you the wind girl?" Crystal looks up to see the three looking at her, she felt her cheeks reddening but she controls herself before introducing to the two boys.

"My name is Aimoto Crystal, it's nice to meet you." She bowed her head a bit and the two boys look at her before introducing themselves to her,

"You have an outstanding quirk, Aimoto-kun," Iida said and Crystal waved her hand in denial.

"No, no, my quirk is just ordinary, at that time, I don't know how I managed to score that high as my quirk isn't wind-based, " Crystal said as she explained to the three, Uraraka tilted her head to the side a bit.

"But I did see the end how the wind suddenly gets strong and the ball travelling faster," Uraraka said but Crystal said it must be sudden luck that the wind suddenly got stronger as her quirk wasn't related to wind.

"Then what is your quirk, Aimoto-kun?" Iida asked Crystal, she looks at them for a bit before she took out a seed from her necklace pouch and held it in her palm.

"My quirk is based on plants, I can speed their growth rate and change whatever size I want," Crystal said and the seed began to grow until it became a small rose bush.

"Cool! Can I note this down?! What else can it do?" Midoriya suddenly became energetic and he took out his notebook with a pen, he began to write down his observation.

Crystal felt a laughed bubbling inside and she let it out as a small giggle before she began to tell Midoriya about her quirk, the three walks towards the station talking and laughing, Crystal felt happy, she got to make two new friends here at UA, she wonders what else there was to her at this amazing school.

It was different than her middle school, this time it was brighter. Crystal smiled as she looks up to the sky, the road will only get better from here for her and then she can concur her dreams.

Chapter Text

Crystal was having a wonderful time at UA, she got to make new friends. She had told Hanami about her day at school when the two ate dinner together, she gushes about how amazing Aizawa sensei was and how she made friends with Uraraka, Iida and Midoriya. Her aunt said she was proud of her to be making this much friends on her first day at school, her aunt also said about Rei to Crystal.

"She has been missing you, she said it was a bit lonely there without you," Her aunt said and Crystal looks at her food sadly she was also missing Rei, she wishes that she could visit her.

"Aunt Hanami, can you tell her about my first day Rei-san? I'll even bake some cookies to give to her," Crystal said happily clapping her hand at the idea, Hanami smiled at how she saw her niece so happy again.

"I'm sure she will love them, "Hanami said and the two just chat all night, Crystal smiled thinking how she was feeling seed happiness inside of her growing brightly, she never really like going to school as she never had friends but being at UA, she just couldn't wait.

•At UA•

Classes were normal as any other elite high school and it was to what Crystal had expected as UA graduates were not only famous heroes but also amazing students as well, and morning classes were general studies such as English who Present Mic taught Class 1-A.

Lunchtime was at the main cafeteria where the food that they have were delicious, she ate with her three new friends. Crystal brought the food that she had prepared in the early morning, this was usual as she always did this along with her aunt's breakfast, it's her way of saving some money.

"Woah! Your bento is so cute and tasty, Crystal-chan!" Uraraka said when Crystal opens the lid, Crystal thanks Uraraka for the compliment and asked if she wants a taste, she offered towards the two boys to have a taste as well seeing how curious they look at her box.

"This is amazing, Aimoto-san/kun." Both Iida and Midoriya praised as they took a bite, Crystal smiled and they all chatted about things as they ate, Crystal felt happy.

In the evening was the class that Crystal was anticipating the Hero Basic Studies, a class where they learn how to be heroes. Everyone waited for their teacher who would be teaching them the class, Crystal just sat in her seat reading some reference books for the other classes as she munched on a flower she had picked from the pot that she had placed at the back of the class.

"I am coming through the door like a normal person!" Crystal's smile widened when she saw who the teacher was.

"It's All Might!" Her other classmates said and Crystal looks at her idol, the hero that saved thousands of people when he first appeared, a hero that was the symbol of peace, the hero that had given her hope in her dark world, a hero Crystal wanted to be someday.

All Might stood at the teacher desk and explained what was the Hero Basic Training, they all listened diligently, Crystal's eyes sparkled as she just looks at All Might, she was ecstatic to learn from All Might.

"Combat Training!" All Might be announced and everyone began to get excited, the first class of basic hero lesson was having combat, Crystal was a bit worried about that.

"And to go with that are these! Costumes made based on your Quirk registrations and requests you sent in before school started." All Might said and the wall at the class opens revealing the packs of what to be their hero costumes.

All Might said that after changing into their hero costumes, they are to gather in Ground Beta. Crystal went to the stacks and grabs hers, she had put a lot of thought into her costume with the help of both Hanami and Rei.

Crystal steps out from the tunnel that leads them to Ground Beat, she looks at her classmates who wore their cool hero costumes. Crystal brushed away her bangs aside and fiddle with her braid that her hair was in, it was decorated with flowers that would help her during combat and provide a source of energy to her.

Her costume consisted of an outfit with a dark green sleeveless cloak type hood that stops at her waist with a light yellow shirt underneath it. A belt that had some capsules strapped around her waist, inside were seeds that she would need to make quick weapons for fighting and also herbs for treating injuries. Crystal wore a pair of dark green camo pants with black boots on that had spiked for better gripping on the ground and tree barks, her hair was tied into her usual braid.

"You look awesome, Crystal-chan!" Uraraka said to Crystal making her blush and she scratched her cheek, Crystal took a look at Uraraka and smiled at how cute she looks in her hero costume.

"You look amazing too, Ochaco-chan." Crystal said and Uraraka smiled thankfully at her. Crystal watched as Uraraka walked over towards Midoriya who had just appeared, she held back a small laughed at how obvious it was that his costume was inspired by All Might but it suits him and it looks homemade.

All Might then began to explain what they would be doing for the combat training, the class would be split into villains and heroes and fight 2 on 2 indoor battles. Then all began to ask questions such as how they would be split up and how to determine those who wins and loses and Aoyama is asking if he's cape looks crazy.

All Might seems overwhelmed by the questions before he asks to quiet down as he tells how the battles work, Crystal listened carefully as to how the heroes and villains should play their roles. All Might pulls a box that had letters to form teams, Crystal giggles at how simple but effective this was since it would be randomized just like in real life.

Everyone drew lots and Crystal glanced at hers, she got into Team I with Ojiro and Hagakure. Since the number of students in the class was uneven, one team would have three members. Crystal greeted her teammates, Ojiro smiled politely at her whilst Hagakure seems to be excited when she took Crystal's hands together saying how she wanted to get to know her.

All Might pulled two other boxes that had Hero and Villain labelled on each, he would pick which team would be what, the first battle would between Team A as heroes and Team D as villains. Crystal gasped as Team A was Midoriya's and Team D was Bakugou's, this might be one bloody battle.

All Might said that the others would be headed toward the monitor room where they would be observing the battle through monitors, Crystal went towards Uraraka and Midoriya.

"I'll be cheering for you two, do your best out there." Crystal cheered for the two who thanked her and said that they will, Crystal followed the others towards the monitor room.

Crystal hoped that those two would not get hurt badly, she thought about how she will do when it will be her time to go into the battle, she hoped she would also do her best and showed that she also had potential to be a hero.

Chapter Text

Crystal watched with her heart beating fast in her chest, watching Midoriya's and Bakugou's battle really made her feel worried for the green-haired boy. The fight was really intense that Crystal frantically thought about why All Might wasn't stopping it but it all ended when the heroes win by Uraraka managing to get the nuclear weapon.

Crystal took a few breathers to calm herself down, she needs to get used to all of these battles as it will be even more dangerous when the real thing happens. Crystal saw Uraraka, Iida and Bakugou walking into the monitor room, Midoriya mist had been sent to the nurse office to be treated.

"Well, even if I say that the MVP for this battle was Young Iida!" All Might be announced and Iida seems to be in denial as to why it was him, Usui then asked why it wasn't the winners. All Might ask if anyone knew the reason which then Yaoyorozu raised her hand and explained why it was Iida, Crystal awes at her explanation and agrees with all that being said, as expected from the one that got into UA through recommendations.

All Might then continue the training by picking the next two teams, it was between Team B as heroes and Team I as villains which means it was Crystal's turn. They were all excited to Building B where the battle will take place, Team I went in first to get ready, Crystal saw that she would be up against Todoroki and Shoji.

"Ojiro-san, Hagakure-san, may I go somewhere else to ambush the heroes?" Crystal asked and the two looks at her.

"Of course you can, Aimoto-san," Ojiro said and Hagakure nodded her head which Crystal thought she was, Crystal, smiled and thanked the two before going to another area of the building.

Crystal went to the floor below where the weapon was and looks around, this place was perfect to set up her plan, Crystal took a few seeds out from the capsules on her belt and scattered it around the room before waiting for the heroes to come in. She would be prepared to capture them right before they could get to the weapon, a surprise attack.

The time starts and Crystal got ready, she puts her hands together and concentrates on her quirk and the seeds, as she was doing that, she felt a sudden chill through the air and before she realizes it, her feet were frozen to the floor.

"What?!" Crystal was surprised, she had to focus if she wants to help her team to win, Crystal uses the silence to listen for footsteps and she could hear one of the heroes walking towards the floor where the weapon was located. Even if her feet were frozen, she can still do this, she focuses on the seeds and waited.

"Just a few more seconds," Crystal said and then she heard it, Crystal's body began to glow a light green hue before the seeds began to rapidly sprout into thicks vines so fast that it shot through the floor above.

"Ojiro-san! Are you alright?!" Crystal shouted and then heard him shouting at her that he was frozen in place.

"Don't worry, I'll handle this." Crystal said and controlled the vines to wrap around the weapon before bringing it down, Crystal knew that her quirk would work slower in cold situations and she could feel herself getting slower even with the amount of energy she had accumulated.

"This is troublesome," Crystal heard and looks up to see a red glowing eye, it was Todoroki looking at her with a bored look on his face. He then jumped down and stood a few meters away, Crystal then controlled some vines to attack him but when they got closer she just couldn't bear to do it and the vines stop midway from his face. His grey eye reminds her of Rei and she just couldn't bear it to happen, not to someone that resembles so much of her mother.

"I'm sorry... I just couldn't..." Crystal was shaking, she thought how weak she was like she had always been, she couldn't protect those that are close to her, she couldn't even do a simple training.

Then she heard crackling noises, she looks up and saw her vines were all frozen to their roots, she then quickly looks at Todoroki who slowly walks closer, she heard a huge clanking sounds and it must be the nuclear weapon. The vines around it must have been frozen and destroyed as well, Crystal's body began to shake as she saw Todoroki coming closer, a vision flashes around her, something from her past.

It was dark, a hand with an orange hue came closer to her, those glowing eyes that held hatred for her flashes. Her body trembles viciously and her eyes became tearing up as her head began to hurt from remembering it.

"No! Get Away!" Crystal screamed and then all of the windows in the building shattered the building shook harshly as a furious gust of wind come in shaking everything.

Todoroki who felt the sudden strong wind stops his advance and was surprised when the shaking got stronger, he looks over towards the girl and then saw how she slowly sways, she then was about to fall on the ground, Todoroki unconsciously darted forward and caught her before she could fall face down onto the frozen floor.

The shaking and the wind died down, Todoroki looks at the fainted girl before he laid her on the part of the floor that he had thawed. He walks towards the target weapon and touches it, All Might shouted through the speakers as the Hero team wins the match.

Todoroki then melted all the ice away before he glanced back at the passed out girl only to find a huge bud of a flower, he was surprised by how big and how it appeared so suddenly. It was of a pink flower and he looks around to see who did it, the girl was also missing.

All Might walks in and he picks up the flower bud, he looks back at the Young Todoroki before praising him on his great work. He walks off with a confused Todoroki following behind him that kept looking at the flower bud, was that girl inside it?

All Might sends the flower bud to the nurse office, he looks at it and a sudden look took over his face. The other matches started and the class ended successfully, All Might congrats the students in their good work and how most of them didn't get injured badly except for Midoriya.

"All Might! What about Crystal-chan?! Is she alright?!" Uraraka asked the hero for her friend, she was worried when she was watching the second match and how when Todoroki and Crystal faced off.

"Young Aimoto is uninjured but it seems she just need a rest for using her quirk and how her body wasn't used to the cold of Young Todoroki's quirk." All Might said and Uraraka sighs in relief.

•In the nurse office•

Crystal felt her eyes and body heavy, she tries to open and stretched her limbs out but something was restricting her from doing so. She struggled before it felt like the restrained loosen, she stretched her arms and yawned.

"Oh, thank goodness. You're awake," Crystal heard the voice of an old lady, she opens her eyes and then saw a little old woman standing beside her, Crystal moves away and almost screamed but then she took notice on where she was.

"Where am I?" Crystal asked.

"In the nurse's office, you had passed out during your hero basic training class. My name is Recovery Girl," the old woman said and Crystal then saw what she was sitting on, it was an enormous pink peony.

"Wh-what is this?" Crystal was confused, why was she sitting on a huge flower in the nurse's office.

"You must not remember what happened, this flower had been keeping you inside preventing anyone from touching you. I have tried to open it but it seems to be a lot tougher than how delicate it looks, I must say, you have quite a unique quirk, dear." Recovery Girl said and Crystal was shocked she made this, this huge flower. Sure she can speed up the growth of plants and change their sizes but she couldn't make them appear out of anywhere without seeds.

"Enough of that, you might want to go back to class." Recovery Girl said and handed her a candy, Crystal thanked her before she walks back to class.

"Excuse me," Crystal opens the door and she saw everyone looking at her, her cheeks warmed up by the looks she was receiving.

"Crystal-chan!" A sudden force almost knocked her down to the floor, Crystal recognized the voice and saw the auburn hair that was in her vision.

"Ochaco-chan!" Crystal was surprised by the sudden hug but then Uraraka started to ask her questions about her health if she was feeling okay.

"I'm fine, Ochaco-chan. Recovery Girl said that I was just tired from using my quirk too much," Crystal said scratching the back of her head, then a boy with spiky red hair and a girl with pink hair and skin came up to her.

"Man! You were so cool! A surprise attack like that!" the redhead said.

"Yeah! And how that wind you made, scaring everyone!" The pink-haired one said Crystal was confused, the wind again.

"The name's Kirishima Eijiro, nice to meet ya," The redhead introduced himself then he introduced the boy with black hair behind him, Sero Hanta. The pink-haired then said that her name was Ashido Mina, a girl with dark green hair came out from behind her.

She introduced herself as Asui Tsuyu, then the boy named Sato. Crystal bowed her head and saying how it was nice to meet them all, they all laughed at how adorable she was acting making Crystal blushed.

"We're all friends here, just be yourself. That's the manly way!" The redhead said and she nodded her head.

Class started and Crystal went back to her seat, as she was taking out her books, she felt eyes on her. She glanced at the direction where the gaze came from and she saw that it was Todoroki looking at her, she thought that he must have felt guilty from the battle.

Crystal smiled at him and he caught on that he found out staring at her, Crystal then mouthed out a thank you to Todoroki before returning her attention to the front of the class. Those eyes still linger in her head but as she remembered the smiles of her newfound friends, they began to disappear.

Chapter Text

It was an early morning as Crystal walks towards UA with a bright smile on her face, something in her bag made her feel giddy and happy. She saw the entrance of UA and spotted a few people standing in front of the gates, as she approached closer, she recognized them as TV reporters.

'Oh no,' Crystal could only think that s she talks closer hoping that they wouldn't spot her but to no avail, they saw her and immediately surrounds her with cameras and microphones making her feel anxious.

"Hey, You! What is like to have All Might as a teacher?!" Crystal was shocked to be surrounded by them, she just wants to go to class and she doesn't know what to say to them.

"I...ummm..." Crystal struggles with her words to answer, a reporter pushes her to answer the question but Crystal began to sweat heavily she doesn't like being the centre of attention.

"Please answer our questions!" Crystal felt pressured and she felt like her head would explode, but then a sudden chill drops onto them, Crystal saw how the reporters were shivering from the cold and then she felt a presence by her side.

"Todoroki-san?" She was surprised to him here, he looks at her for a moment before glaring at the reporters who were taken back and kept quiet not daring to answer the boy.

"Leave," He said coldly with a cloudy breath coming from his mouth as he utters those words, the reporters scurried off and Crystal amazed by his sheer power.

"Thank you, Todoroki-san." Crystal bowed her head low to thanked him, she glanced up to him just staring at her before walking inside the school.

Crystal felt how lucky she was that she could have such amazing classmates like Todoroki, Crystal followed just behind him before the two entered the empty classroom.

She saw Todoroki sitting down at his seat, Crystal walks in after and sat down. She fumbles a bit with her bag as she had brought some baked goods that she had made for everyone in the class, she had made too much since she had promised to bake some for Rei.

She had given most to Aunt Hanami to share with her staff workers but there were still some left, it was enough for the whole class so she thought about giving some to them. Since Todoroki was already here, she thought that she might give him first.

"Todoroki-san," Crystal calls out his name, he glanced at her and Crystal felt her cheeks heat up, he had beautiful eyes that it was hard to make eye contact with him directly.

"Do you happen to like sweet things?" Crystal asked him, she played with the strap of her bag as she waited for his answer.

"No," He answered, Crystal, felt embarrassed asking him that, she saw the confused look he was giving her.

"It's nothing, it was a stupid question." Crystal wave her hands frantically before she looks away with her face red as a tomato from embarrassment.

Crystal just sat at her seat with her face buried into her hands hiding her flushed face until Uraraka came in, Crystal immediately hugs her and slightly cried her embarrassment away. Then Crystal apologized for her sudden behaviour, Uraraka said that it was fine.

"Ochaco-chan, do you like sweets?" Crystal asked and then she saw how her auburn eyes sparkle hearing the word sweet, it just answered Crystal's question.

"I'd baked too much this morning and I thought I should give everyone in the class, this is for you Ochaco-chan." Crystal said and took a wrapped cookie bag that had her name on it, it contains the cookies that she had decorated according to everyone's name, Uraraka grabs it and thanked Crystal.

She took one of the cookies out and bite into it, Crystal thought she saw a rainbow coming from Uraraka's head.

"This taste amazing, Crystal-chan!" Uraraka shouted earning everyone attention, Crystal blushes and thanked her.

"You guys! Crystal made cookies for everyone!" Uraraka shouted and Crystal's face went full-on red. Everyone then came up to her asking her if they could have theirs, Crystal then handed out the bags.

She even manages to give Bakugou his share, she thought he would yell words at her but he had just accepted it without saying anything else and Crystal hurriedly went away to giving everyone their own. They all thanked her before taking a bite, then it looks like sparkles and other things exploded inside the class.

"What is this?! This taste amazing!"



"Aimoto-san, this taste delicious." Everyone turns to look at her and compliments at how delicious the cookies were, Crystal smiled and said that they were her favourite as well. A warm sensation filled her chest, is this what happiness feels like, to see so many smiles.

"You said that you made these, right? And that you had some left, who were you making them for?" Kirishima suddenly asked earning some of her classmates' attention towards Crystal who froze up.

"Well, it was for a patient that's in the hospital my aunt works at. I had always sent gifts through my aunt before she goes to work," Crystal said as she remembers Rei's gently smiling face, Crystal smiled as she remembers it.

"Is it for someone special like a boy?" Ashido smirks as she leans in, Crystal's face blooms with redness and shook her head.

"No, no, it's not a boy." Crystal said and Ashido laughed at how adorable her reaction was.

"Quiet down and return to your seats," Aizawa came in and they all sat back at their respective seats, Crystal sat down and felt eyes on her.

She glanced and it was Todoroki again, he had his head prop on his palm as he stares at her. Crystal gave him a smile before returning back to what Aizawa was saying but she still felt his eyes burning holes into the side of her head.

Crystal had wanted to give him his share of the baked goods but he said he doesn't like sweets so she thought it was a bad idea to gave him it, she kept it in her bag. Aizawa then said his reviews of their battles yesterday, he gave some advice to Bakugou and Midoriya.

He then proceeds the homeroom class with the task of picking the class representative, everyone seems glad that it was a normal thing and not some weird task like their first day of class. Then everyone began to nominate themselves to be the rep, Crystal just watched at how energetic they are.

As everyone shouted to be the one to be the representative, Iida cuts them off by giving a little speech before saying that they should give votes to elect. He asked Aizawa if they could do that, Aizawa just lazily dismissed Iida's question as he got into his yellow sleeping bag and the voting begins.

Crystal voted for Yaoyorozu as she thought of how capable she was, seeing how she had explained during the first match. Crystal then waited to see the results, it was quite a surprise but she might have guessed that Midoriya would be picked, Yaoyorozu was the second so she became the deputy class rep.

Lunchtime rolls through and Crystal sat with Midoriya and the others, she said her congrats to him for being voted as the class rep. Crystal just listened to her friends as she ate her bento that she had brought, she was dazing out for a bit but she felt as if something might happen, something bad that could bring danger to her and everyone close to her.

Chapter Text

Crystal finished her bento and thanked for the food, she had excused herself to go to the bathroom. She was washing her hands after using the toilet then she heard the alarm bell ringing which was weird then an announcement was made about a Level 3 security. She saw the girls that were also in the bathroom began to panic and running out of the bathroom, Crystal stops one of the girl asking what a level 3 security was.

"It means someone is trespassing on school grounds! We should hurry!" The girl said and ran out, Crystal then ran out and saw the halls packed with people trying to reach the exit way.

Crystal got stuck and was pushed around by the students, she was trying to manoeuvre but it wasn't working, then she saw a mop of white and red hair just in front of her.

"Todoroki-san!" Crystal calls out and the dual-haired boy turns around seeing her, then Crystal saw an elbow heading her way ready to smash her dead-on the face, she braced for the pain but it never came.

She opens her eyes and saw a hand holding the elbow back, Todoroki was now standing in front of her. He pushes the person away and Crystal was about to thank him but then someone pushes her from the back sending her forwards.

"Careful," Todoroki caught her and brought her closer into his arms, Crystal felt her cheeks heat up at the close proximity between them. Todoroki was making sure nothing was hurting her and Crystal felt guilty for letting him get pushed around whilst she was not hurt.

Then Iida controlled the situation calming everyone down, Crystal huffed as it was finally over and she then felt arms around her, it was Todoroki. Her face burned up that she thought steam was coming out of her ears at how embarrassing it was, he still hasn't let her go.

She was never good with having close contact with boys especially ever since she was little, it made her scared but for some reason, in his arms, she felt safe and protected. Crystal shook her head, no time to think about that, she has escaped his warm embrace before she faints from her own embarrassment.

"Todoroki-san, pardon for me being rude but could you please let me go?" Crystal asked with her hands hiding her red face, Todoroki must have heard her and he steps away from her. Crystal sighs in relief but she notices how Todoroki looks down at her, he had this sour face on, like he's upset about something.

"You didn't give me those gifts that you gave the others," Todoroki said and Crystal tried to process what he was saying then she realized that he was talking about the cookies.

"My apologies, I thought you wouldn't like to receive them as you said that you dislike sweets," Crystal said still not looking at him.

"I said I don't like them not that I hated them," Todoroki said and Crystal silently screamed inside her hands as to how close Todoroki was, he had stepped closer and since they were close to the wall, he had cornered her.

Crystal was screaming inside her head as she felt her face burning red and that's not from Todoroki's quirk, she just doesn't want to trouble him any further.

"I'm sorry for not thinking about your feelings, here you go." Crystal pulls out the bag that she had meant to give to him earlier in the morning, she had put it inside her pocket just before class. Todoroki took it and saw that it was spelt in his name 'Shoto' with red and white royal icing, it was also decorated small flames and small snowflakes.

"Thank you," Todoroki took it and Crystal just furiously nodded her head, Todoroki moved away and Crystal immediately fled from the dual coloured boy who just glanced at the running girl.

Todoroki doesn't know why but he felt a bit frustrated that morning in class when the girl, Aimoto Crystal, had handed out her baked goods to others except him, she even gave them to Bakugou. He thought that he had might done something wrong to offend her but it seems it was all a misunderstanding, he looks at the bag that had the cookies, inside his chest, he felt a funny feeling, it was a pleasant feeling, warm, just like how when he had held her.

After the commotion, the class returns back to normal. Midoriya stood at the front of the class with Yaoyorozu beside him, it was time to pick the other class officers. Midoriya then announced that he wants Iida to be the class representative since he had managed to stop the crowd earlier and everyone agreed, Crystal smiled happily.

It was Hero Basic Training class, everyone was seated and waited for Aizawa to give instructions. He said that there would be three instructors and that they would do rescue training, Crystal's eyes sparkled, she could finally put her quirk to good use, her quirk was likely suited for this type of thing.

Aizawa than instructs them to change into either their hero costumes or their P.E uniforms, Crystal opted for her hero costume as it had all the things she needed for a rescue mission. The students were to wait outside of the school building for further instructions, Crystal sat on a bench and she pulls out a book that was filled with different types of plants and herbs that she had compiled ever since she had read a book about them.

A small dried lavender stem was on the front cover and Crystal sadly smiled when she saw it, something that was so small can be so important to her. She opened the book and giggled at how her old handwriting from back then which was not great but she could see some handwriting that was elegant and fluid that belongs to her lovely mother.

Crystal then took notice another person sitting beside her that was looking at her book, she yelped back and held the book at her chest where her heart was beating fast from the shock. It was Todoroki, she must haven't noticed him sitting beside her, he was still looking at her book, he looks like a cat curious to find out what the book was about.

"It's a book filled with herbs and different types of plants, some of them are poisonous and could make poison whilst some have slept and calming properties if released as fumes. These are herbs that could treat burns and gashes, " Crystal trailed off talking about all the contents of her book to Todoroki who listened to her, she showed him the pages that she had written and he could see how worn out the pages were.

"Oh! I must have bored you with me spouting nonsense," Crystal said as she realized she was babbling, she thought how Todoroki would get bored by this and think of her as someone who's obsessed with plants.

"I'd enjoy listening, you have a calming voice," Todoroki said straight forward that Crystal's face steamed and she turns around to not let him see her tomato red face, why was it so easy for her to turn red?

"Class 1-A, gather round! Form two lines by your student's numbers in order to make boarding the bus smoothly!" Iida shouted and Crystal stood up, she and Todoroki went to line up.

As they board, the two end up sitting together. Crystal nervously glanced at Todoroki who was slowly falling asleep, Crystal couldn't help but smile as she never saw him making such a face. The bus ride was lively with Asui and Kaminari teasing Bakugou, Crystal just smiled but the smile faded away as she stares out of the window towards the building where they were heading.

An uneasy feeling surface inside her chest as if it wasn't safe for the place they were going but this was UA one of the safest places she got to know, she tried to shook off the feeling but it was still there.

"If anything does happen, I need to protect my friends." Crystal said inside her head, a hero's goal is to save others. She will not lose those who are important to her again as she had lost them once before, she's not what she was like back then.

Chapter Text

The bus stopped and they all step off the bus overlooking a huge hemisphere like building, as everyone was getting off, Crystal notices that Todoroki was still sleeping.

"Todoroki-san...Todoroki-san...Please wake up, we have arrived. Todoroki-san," Crystal shook him awake, it had taken a few tries but he finally was woken up, he blinks a few times before he rubs his eyes, she thought similar to a cat's behaviour when it wakes up.

The two got off and Crystal saw a man wearing an astronaut-like-outfit, it was the Space Hero, Thirteen. He was a famous hero that saved thousands of people in serious situations, he was one of Crystal's favourite heroes just below All Might.

Thirteen asked them all to step inside the building, they all awed at how awesome the inside of the place was, it was almost like the University Studio Japan that Crystal had seen on TV.

Thirteen began to explain how she had built this training ground to mimic disasters that will happen in real life, such as shipwreck, landslide, fire, storms and etc Cetera. It was called the 'Unforeseen Simulation Joint' short form is USJ, Crystal thought at how it was totally similar to USJ theme park.

Before the training could start, Thirteen wanted to tell them a few things. She began to talk about her quirk Black Hole that could save many people from disasters but it could also a power that could kill people easily which he then explained how some of their quirks acts the same.

She then added that with Aizawa's test and All Might's one-to-one combat, they see each other quirk, he also said that this training was to make them train their Quirks to save people.

"That is all. Thank you for listening," Thirteen said and bowed, everyone applause him for giving such an amazing speech, Crystal smiled at how everyone was fired up.

Aizawa was about to start class when he stops midsentence as he glanced back, the lights in the building dimmed and everything suddenly felt heavy to Crystal. The feeling emerge again but this time it was stronger, the uneasy feeling of something dangerous was coming, Crystal tries to calm herself but her hands began to shake.

"Everyone, don't move! Thirteen protects the students!" Aizawa suddenly instructs which made all the students look at him in confusion, then Kirishima pointed out towards the middle of the USJ where some people were coming out of a strange black mist.

"Don't move! Those are villains," Aizawa said and Crystal felt her heart stop, villains in UA? This might some joke but seeing how Aizawa had worn his goggles, this was real.

Everyone was confused at the sudden appearance of villains in a hero school, Yaoyorozu than asked Thirteen if the sensors were working. Todoroki then spoke about how that this might be a planned attack with a goal in mind, Crystal agrees.

"They know that there was a class being held here, this is an isolated building. They had this all well-planned," Crystal added into Todoroki's observation, she could see the surprised looks from everyone.

Aizawa than instructs Thirteen to begin evacuation and also turns to Kaminari to try and contact the school, Midoriya then asked if he was going to fight those villains alone. Crystal saw as Aizawa jumped off and began to fight against the villains single-handedly, Crystal was amazed at how amazing their homeroom teacher was.

Everyone began to run towards the entrance but they were all stopped by a huge dark mist appearing at the front, he introduced the people infiltrating to be the League of Villains and said that they were ordered to have All Might to take his last breath.

' They're going to kill All Might!' Crystal was shocked about what the mist guy had said, Thirteen was about to use her quirk but then Bakugou and Kirishima attacked the mist guy.

It only created a huge explosion by the dark matter guy wasn't hurt by it he then said that he was going to scatter them and torture them to death before that dark mist began to engulf everything around them, Crystal couldn't see any of her classmates.

"Crystal-chan!" She heard Uraraka shouting her name but she couldn't see her, her other classmates struggle to see from the weird mist man.

"Ochaco-chan!" Crystal called out but no response as the dark mist turn aggressively windy, she looks at her side and saw Todoroki struggling against the dark mist as well.

"Todoroki-san!" Crystal shouted and stretched her hand towards him, he had heard her and he also stretched his arm out towards her.

"Aimoto!" He shouted but the dark mist was too strong and their hands were only a few centimetres apart before her vision was blocked, she couldn't see Todoroki anymore. Crystal felt herself falling and quickly got ready to land on her feet, they touched the ground.

Crystal opens her eyes and saw that she was in a forest-like location, it was in the landslide stimulation. Then she saw the dark mist appear again but this time there were villains stepping out of them, she was by herself.

"We got to beat some people! Look at this little hero! This one doesn't look all strong!" One of the villains mock her appearance something inside her snapped, Crystal walks closer and she stood right in front of one of the villains.

They all jumped to attacked her at once but that was stupid, Crystal then raised her hands and roots shot out from the ground wrapping around the villains in the air stopping them from advancing towards her.

"Don't underestimate us, we students climbed our way here to be heroes. And I won't want to let any of you stop us, go take a rain check before attacking us!!" Crystal screamed and flung all the villains into the air, she dusted her hands off and huffed in satisfaction.

Crystal then made the vines smaller and protrude back into the ground for her to use later if she needs to, Crystal then closed her eyes. She then asked all the plants around her to sense if her friends were close by, they all seem to be scattered far away but one or two were close by to her.

Crystal then opens her eyes before running towards the direction, she was getting closer and she saw how her breath was getting misty, she felt the temperature dropped significantly and she knew who can cause this.

Crystal ran and her worry lessen when she saw the familiar red and white hair, she was about to call out to him but then saw a villain aiming his gun towards Todoroki, he was unaware of it.

"Watch out!" Crystal shouted and root shot from the ground stopping the bullet from reaching Todoroki, Crystal then slammed the root towards the villain's head making him passed out.

"Are you alright, Todoroki-san? Are you hurt anywhere?" Crystal frantically asked Todoroki who just stood there, he must have been surprised by her sudden appearance.

"I'm glad you're not hurt, Todoroki-san."Crystal said and then she looks around to see all the villains frozen in place, it was expected for Todoroki who has such a powerful quirk and was the strongest in their class.

"We should head towards the others, they might need our help." Crystal said to Todoroki who just looks at her before the two made their way towards the main plaza where they might find their classmates.

Then All Might showed up, Crystal felt a sudden relief seeing him here, they're safe now. But that realization quickly faded when she watched as a strange creature began to fight against All Might seeing how it hasn't taken any damage, then she saw how it had injured All Might.

"Todoroki-san! We have to help him!" Crystal shouted and he seems to agree as he dashes forward towards the fight Crystal saw Midoriya also running towards the strange creature and was about to use his punch when the warp matter guy appeared, she was about to send her plants when Bakugou came and uses his explosion quirk to stop the guy.

Todoroki frozen the alien-like creature giving All Might a chance to escape and jumped away, he landed near Todoroki. Kirishima came jumping in almost punching the man with the many hands, Crystal saw the wound on All Might and immediately ran towards him.

"All Might, here let me heal you." Crystal stood beside him and hovered her hand over the wound on his abdomen, the wound and her hand began to glow a slightly green hue as the wound began to heal but she couldn't heal him all the way when the creature began to move even though parts of his body were frozen and broken off.

Crystal saw how the creature began to grow back his broken off limbs, this was not a human being this was something else, something that Crystal could feel has the power to bring destruction. This is something out of their league, will she be able to protect her friends?

Chapter Text

Crystal could feel the tension in the air as she glanced at the man that had hands all around his body, he's someone dangerous as to what Crystal's gut was saying, he must be the one that organized this attack. More importantly, what was that huge black creature, its brain was exposed and the way its eyes moved disturb her, it was not a human being with a strong quirk, it was something else.

Crystal watched as the others got ready to make their move towards the man with the hands, he wasn't someone they should take easy about. The man began to talk and it sent an unpleasant feeling down Crystal's spine, they need to finish this before anything else happens.

Not even a second, the creature lunged towards Bakugou creating a huge shockwave that sends everyone flying. Crystal felt arms holding her steady and she looks up to see Todoroki holding her from being flown back further, she looks back at the creature and saw it was holding the warp guy.

"K-Kaachan!" Midoriya shouted but then Crystal saw Bakugou behind him, he manages to dodge that fast attack.

'No! Bakugou didn't dodge that!' Crystal thought and looks back to see All Might that was the one that had taken the punch, he was bleeding.

"All Might!" Crystal shouted, this was not good, he's injured. Then the man with the hands started talking about justice and terms of who decided what's bad and good, to Crystal, he's just talking nonsense.

"It's three against six," Todoroki said and they all got ready to attack, they have to help All Might.

"No! Runaway!" All Might shouted and Crystal looks at him, even if he had taken that strong punch, he was still standing strong, just the Number One hero he is.

"You would've been in trouble if I hadn't done anything earlier, right?" Todoroki said at All Might, he then thanked Todoroki for his help.

Crystal thought of anything that she could help and a light bulb lit up above her head, she looks at All Might who was ready to begin his attack. The man with the hands started running towards the five students, then All Might and the creature dash forwards and fist colliding.

All Might and the creature went on through a head-on fistfight which created a strong gust of wind that sends everyone back, Crystal was besides Todoroki who kept his arms near her to stay steady.

All Might was giving his all with powerful punches even though he was bleeding, Crystal looks at Todoroki for a moment before she clasped her hands together and focuses all the energy around her to channel into All Might.

"Aimoto?!" Todoroki was startled when he suddenly saw a bright light coming from the said girl's body and then he looks at All Might, particles of light were seeping into him.

"Ugh!" Todoroki snaps his head towards Crystal who had coughed up blood, he was about to stop her before seeing her continue what she had been doing.

"What's happening to All Might?" Midoriya shouted and then Todoroki saw All Might landing a punch that sends the creature flying towards the sky creating a hole in the roof.

"Please win..." Crystal said even though her breathing had become heavy as blood trickles down the corner of her mouth, she could see dark spots in her vision as she saw All Might with his last punch before passing out.

"Aimoto!" Todoroki shouted as he caught the girl, she was out cold with blood down her mouth. Todoroki stood up with Crystal in his arm, he carried her bridal style.

The other villains that were passed out were waking up, the three others got ready to attack but Todoroki glanced back at Midoriya.

The hand guy ran towards All Might and Midoriya uses his quirk to send him flying towards the guy ready to land a punch but the wrap one had opened up a warp from the hand guy towards Midoriya's face.

Before it could touch him, a gunshot was fired and everyone looks up to see the other pro heroes, they were all saved. The guy was about to retreat back into the warp but gunshot fired towards him and shot his arms and legs.

The two disappeared even when Thirteen uses his Black Hole to stop them but they escaped, Todoroki looks back at the girl in his arm and his brows pinched together. He could see sweat trickling down her forehead, what did she do? Why was he so worried about her when she fainted?

They all walked towards the entrance of USJ where the police were waiting for them, a medic came towards Todoroki to take Crystal away but he hesitated to let her leave his arms but then he saw how her eyes flutter opened to reveal her dark brown eyes.

"All Might saved us," He looks down and he felt relief to see her awake, he places her on the stretcher that took her away to get medical treatment. Todoroki just looks at her as she was taken away, he looks back at his hands that held the girl, they felt warm.

•At the ambulance•

"It doesn't seem you have any broken bones," the medical assistant said as they checked her, Crystal explained that her body couldn't take the power she was using to help All Might and it went past the limit that's why she had coughed up blood and fainted.

The medical assistant advises her not to do something dangerous like that again even if it was to aid All Might, saying that she was too young to do something like that.

Crystal nodded and she was discharged out, she steps out of the ambulance and went to where her classmates were. Crystal removed her hood jacket off and held it leaving only her light yellow-beige shirt on, she looks at her shoulder and glad it was still hidden away.

"Crystal-chan! I'm glad you're alright!" Uraraka came running towards Crystal who got ready and stood on her heels when the auburn-haired girl flung herself onto her.

"I'm alright, Ochaco-chan. I'd just use too much of my quirk that's all," Crystal said. Crystal then glanced at Todoroki who was looking at her, she was glad that he had helped her, she made her way towards him.

"Thank you, Todoroki-san. For helping me back there," Crystal said and bowed her head.

"What did you do?" Todoroki asked and Crystal scratched the back of her neck.

"My quirk allows me to collect energy or life source from plants around me even it was from my own or not, I can also transfer that energy to someone else to rapidly heal and boost their power but I haven't mastered it yet which results in those compilations." Crystal explained to Todoroki who just listened to her.

"Everyone! Please get on the bus!" Iida instruct, Crystal and Todoroki sat together. It was silent with neither of them talking but it was peaceful to her.

They were all sent back to UA campus, today's event was nerve-wracking and they had almost died but they got to experience the first-hand experience being up against villains. Crystal looks out towards the orange sky as its light up her face, this was the real thing and she was glad that she got to help her idol and her friends, she clenched her hands as she thought that she had to be strong just like everyone else.

Crystal placed her hand on her left shoulder even when it was covered, she could still feel it heals, the scar on her left shoulder was proof that she had grown from being weak, she had friends that she wants to protect. Even the cracks and scar on her heart began to heal, she wonders if it can fully heal and if she's able to forgive the man that had made her feel this way.

Chapter Text

The USJ attack was really a shocker to most with two of UA teachers injured and risking the safety of their first-year students, Crystal knew that those things will not let up the status of UA as being the number one hero school but it gave an impact to most especially the students itself that were upfront with true villains.

Four weeks passed by after the attack and the lessons continued as it should with one is going back to USJ for their rescuing training. Crystal entered the changing room last, she opened her locker and removed her uniform, she folded them neatly as she took out her hero costume.

She puts on her pants and boots before taking out her shirt and jacket, before she was about to put it on, she places her hand on her shoulder, she was silent for a few seconds before she finished getting ready and closed the locker.

She got back to her classmates and they all boarded the bus to USJ, as they entered they met up with Thirteen. Crystal was glad that she was alright and just like the pro she is, she said even with the attack, the class is still class and they all have to do it.

"Can you really move Thirteen-sensei?" Uraraka asked Crystal knows that Thirteen was one of her favourites heroes so, of course, she was worried like everyone else was seeing their teacher.

Thirteen said that her back still hurts a bit but it was nothing compared to Aizawa-sensei's injury which was the most severe, Crystal could see how Recovery Girl had taken quite heavily on the treatment as Aizawa-sensei looks like a mummy.

"We're ready to begin class, let's start already. We're wasting time," Aizawa-sensei said even with the bandages muffling his voice a bit.

"Aizawa-sensei, All Might is supposed to meet us as well. Where is he?" Midoriya stopped Aizawa to ask him about the whereabouts of the Number One hero who was also their hero training teacher, Crystal looks at Aizawa as she was also curious to know.

Aizawa just said he doesn't know and that they all should forget about him so that they could continue their training, Crystal looks at Aizawa, something must have happened between them.

Thirteen lead them to a ledge with a bridge attached and then she began to explain the first part of their rescue training, everyone lools nervous as the end of the cliff looks deep and they were up high, Iida went all in for the training.

Crystal saw how excited Uraraka was before she approaches Midoriya who blushes at how close Uraraka was, Crystal thought of how cute they were. Then Thirteen picked the people who will be injured in which were Iida, Uraraka and Midoriya, they all look kind of worried.

"Don't worry, you three. We will save you guys," Crystal said towards her three friends, the training then begins with the three people selected to act their parts.

After the three went down, Aizawa then picked out the students who will be rescuing them which were Todoroki, Bakugou, Tokoyami and Yaoyorozu. Crystal was slightly worried now because there are two people here that do not work so well together, she hoped those three are safe.

"Wait! Why do I have to save Deku?!" Bakigoi complained and Crystal somewhat asked how Midoriya handled Bakugou since those two were in the same Middle School.

The rescue training begins and it went well for most parts, Midoriya and the others were able to be saved safely with Todoroki's planning, Yaoyorozu's ability to handle the situation, Tokoyami's use of his Dark Shadow quirk and surprisingly Bakugou's cooperation.

The next team was picked and Crystal was set aside for this, Midoriya, Ojiro and Uraraka were the rescuers this time and they had to rescue Asui and the other two. Crystal was sure that her quirk was suitable for this type of thing but Thirteen said that she has other plans for her, Crystal didn't question it and watched as her friends finished their part.

The training class continued towards a different scene where the buildings were all in rubbled as if the area was already attacked by villains, Thirteen explained that this shows the true scenario of when heroes don't know the places of where the civilians or the injured were.

Thirteen instructs that they all had 8 minutes to do the training, four students will be the rescuers whilst the other 17 students can go around the area and hide at whatever place they want, between those 17 students, 8 must not speak about their whereabouts in which Thirteen will select who will be those 8 students.

"It's like hide and seeks," Mina said in excitement, Thirteen said it was precisely what it was, then she picked out the four rescuers which were Midoriya, Uraraka, Mineta and Bakugou.

Crystal could see how Midoriya looks worries when Bakugou once again complained about why he has to do it with Deku. Crystal wonders if those two will ever get along, the lesson started and they were instructs to hide.

Crystal waved her hands at Midoriya and Uraraka before she searched for a place to hide, she saw how the others had already disappeared, she looks around, where would an injured person be if a villain had an attack or any natural disasters happened?

"This one looks promising," Crystal saw an apartment and entered, she searched around and found a room, she opened the door and closed it before she was satisfied with her hiding spot. Crystal lools around the room until she saw the muted colours of the walls and how the size and structure of the room were similar to something, her eyes widen and her skin paled.


"Get up," A voice spoke out, a little girl coughed as she held her throbbing stomach, a man with red hair stood above her with his fist clenched, her dark midnight blue hair fell over her face as she blinks away the tears.

"Having to be fallen with such a small hit, do you think you can surpass them like this?!" The man grips the girl's hair and lifted her head up, the little girl cried from the pain but the man never cared.

"You are my creation, your purpose is to defeat those who stand above of me." The girl's eyes were frightened as tears stream down her cheek, her small hands grip the man's to loosen his hold.

"It hurts," The little girl cried out.

•End of Flashback•

Crystal shook her head from the scene inside her head, she glared at the room, to think it was similar to that rooms well, she could feel how tight her fist was clenching that it was turning white. She tries to calm down but just that memory brought pain to her left shoulder, she grips it and she fell to the ground with tears in her eyes.

'Why?! Why was I so weak?!' She continues to scream to herself, no matter what, they still returned back to her.

Crystal snapped out of her thoughts when the ceiling of the room she was in collapsed and she shielded her eyes, she then saw a huge man standing a few meters away from her with a mask resembling that of a bull.

"Who are you?!" Crystal immediately retreated with her hands gripping her capsules with the seeds needed, the villain shot towards her, Crystal threw the seeds and activated her quirk. They shot towards the villain but Crystal saw how he had gripped her vines with just one hand, then she saw something that he was holding with his other.

"Todoroki-san!" The villain held him by the backplate of his hero costume, Crystal attacked with the remaining vines but then the villain sends a punch that created such a strong wind current that it sends her flying out from the building.

Crystal managed to use her quirk by throwing a seed, a flower grew rapidly softening her fall. The villain stood at the top, Crystal knew that she wouldn't be able to save Todoroki by herself, she has to find Aizawa-sensei and Thirteen, Crystal dashed away, then she spotted Iida just up ahead.

"Iida-san! Run!" Crystal shouted and Iida turns around to see the villain jumping over from the building and between him and Crystal.

"Aimoto-kun!" Iida saw how the villain was about to attack him with punches but them vines shot out from the ground, gripping his fist. Crystal was holding the villain back to give time for Iida.

"Iida-san! Run! I'll hold him back! Go get the teachers!" Crystal shouted, she could see the villain almost releasing his fist from her trap but she uses her quirk to wrap more around it.

"But Aimoto-kun!" He tried to protest, Crystal was not going to last long.


Crystal saw Iida ran using his quirk, her body was getting exhausted, this villain was strong. Crystal held him off before she couldn't anymore and the villain managed to free his fist before he faced her. Crystal immediately took a defence stance and the villain advanced with such speed that Crystal was unable to dodge.

He punched just before her abdomen and the wind sends her flying rapidly towards the direction Iida had run, her back hits the concrete wall as the building crumbles.

"Aimoto! Crystal-chan!" Crystal fell to the floor, her head ringing inside from the hit. She could hear footsteps towards her way, her eyesight was blurry, she could a few silhouettes before the ringing inside her head dissipated but pain shot through her body.

"Ugh!" Crystal groaned in pain, she focused all her energy into her body, she was to heal, the villain will attack her friends. Crystal felt her muscle straining before her quirk to affect, the pain lessens significantly before her vision came back and Uraraka was looking at her with tears at the corner of her eyes.

"Crystal-chan!" Uraraka cried out, Crystal immediately stood back up and looked around, her brown eyes widen when she saw how in the middle was a huge crater, that villain had already begun his attacks.

Then she could hear the sounds of explosion, she looks over and saw Bakugou attacking the villain with his moves. When saw how he continuously attack the villain, she realizes something, he was doing this so that the others had time fo run away to safety.

"I think he needs some help," Crystal fixed her bangs and pulls out one of her capsules, she could see Uraraka looking at her before she nodded her head.

They were all students of Class A, they had defeated villains before and they all want to be Heroes, running away will be running from that dream. They all stood up, ready to fight together and defeat that villain.

"How brave," the villain said, Crystal looks at him.

"However," the villain sends an upper punch, rubbles were flying towards them. All the students used their quirks to destroy the rubbles, Jirou used her sound waves to distract the villain and Sero along with Yaoyorozu captured and restrained him.

The rest ran towards the villain to attack but he freed himself and sends them all back, Crystal was shocked, this villain was beyond strong. It the midst of it all, Bakugou attacks with his explosive.

Crystal then felt dizzy, her head throbbed painfully before she fell to her knees, her skin felt too hot, it was suffocating.

"Aimoto-san! What's wrong?!" She could hear the others, their voice began to worry, no they have a bigger matter to handle.

"Ahhh!!!" Crystal screamed so loud that even the fight between Bakugou and the villain stands to a halt, all of a sudden, roots sprouting out from underneath and they began to attack the villain.

"What's going on here?!" Ashido saw how her friend was screaming in pain, the villain was having trouble to counter the vicious attacks even from such simple roots.

"Midoriya!" Crystal shouted and Midoriya looks over to his friend, he could see how her face was pale but her eyes were saying something to him, then an idea clicks inside his head.

Then Crystal felt her mind turn blank, her vision darkens, she fainted right then. Ashido who was the closes held her up before she falls to the ground, the roots disappeared and it gave Bakugou a chance to attack.

•After beating the villain•

"All Might! Have you seen what you did to Crystal?!" Ashido shouted as she pointed at the fainted girl that Shoji was holding, All Might sweat saying that he had might went overboard with her.

"But I never knew she was that powerful," Sero commented remembering back just a few moments ago, even All Might, who was acting as a villain had a hard time defending himself.

"That's right, she is as powerful as her mo-" All Might stopped before he could finish the sentence, the others look at him questionably and waited for him to finished.

"Can someone removes these things from me?" All Might asked as he was still stuck to the wall piece. The students said that he should just stay there for a bit as they were all still sour from the surprise attack.

Aizawa came with Thirteen and saw the passed out student, Aimoto Crystal, he remembered back when he had checked her profile and how he had that talk with All Might regarding her. This class was even more than he had asked for, he wonders how more trouble will come.


Crystal felt her head heavy and how her body was sore, she slowly opened her eyes to see the sky of the USJ, the events came back and she immediately sat up. Her eyes frantically look around until she saw All Might stuck to a wall by Mineta's purple balls, her eyes widen, All Might was the villain.

"Crystal-chan!" Crystal looks over to see Uraraka running over to her with Asui, the two girls asked if she was feeling alright and Crystal said that she was just a bit sore. Crystal asked the two about what had happened and the two girls look at each other.

"You don't remember helping Bakugou hold off All Might a while back," Uraraka asked, Crystal, tries to remember but couldn't.

"You should see Recovery Girl, kero," Asui said and Crystal nodded her head, then Crystal saw Todoroki, he was walking away from the scene. She sighs in relief, she was glad that they were able to save him, Crystal tried to stand up but her legs weren't cooperating, she must have used up her energy that her body was too tired to even moved.

"It seems that I had overused my quirk a bit," Crystal scratched her cheek as she laughed nervously, Asui and Uraraka offered to help her. Uraraka uses her quirk to levitate Crystal and the two held onto Crystal's hands so she won't is flying somewhere else.

"Thank you, Ochaco-chan, Tsuyu-chan. I'm sorry for troubling you," Crystal said as the class was to return back to the main building.

"It's nothing, Crystal-chan. You're our friend, of course, we'll help, right, Tsuyu-chan?" Uraraka said and Asui nodded saying that they were all together in this so they all have to help each other out. Crystal felt touched by their words, she was happy to be able to meet everyone in her class, all of them were important to her.

Chapter Text

Crystal was in her garden, pulling weeds out and watering her plants. She had been doing that and other things such as cooking, cleaning and studying ever since the USJ attack, the school was temporarily closed due to the incident.

Crystal was a bit bored as she had just been sitting at home, she had tried to go out for a little bit of training in the forest nearby but that became boring as well, she just opted to stay in her garden where she tries to control her quirk more.

She had been practising the technique that she did to All Might where she transfers the energy from around her to another person, it was difficult to do as she rarely did it before and also, it takes a toll on her body but she had been practising by helping around the animals that would come by such as injured birds and stray cats.

It was different than her usual method of healing or using her quirk as she wasn't using her own stored up energy, this was using what the nature around her provide right then and there. Whilst waiting for school to start, she had been making some gifts for her classmates before the school year ends, it wasn't much just some knitted items such as hats, pillowcases, keychains and scarves.

'It would be nice if I can invite them over,' Crystal thought as she looks out from the spot she was sitting facing her garden, she had never invited anyone to her home as she never had friends.

"Mama, I made some wonderful friends at UA," Crystal spoke out as a sad smile plastered on her face, the breeze blew gently against her cheek as if it was giving her a gentle kiss.

•Time skip•

"Have you seen the news, Crystal-chan?" Uraraka asked as Crystal sat at her desk, she did watch it but she wasn't in it as she at that time was given medical care. She was glad as she didn't like being in the news where everyone would be watching her, it was stupid because when you are a hero, people would see you.

How the news portray you that is not real, a person can give smiles but when there are no cameras or fans, they reveal their true dark colours. Crystal looks down at her table and her hand went up to her left shoulder, she rubs it softly before she sighs sadly.

Homeroom was about the start and everyone was asking who would be teaching them, then the door open, Aizawa came in with bandages all over his body.

"Aizawa-sensei, you're back too soon!" Everyone shouted in disbelief as they saw their homeroom teacher walking in with his whole face and arms bandaged up, Crystal almost grimaced at the pain he must have gone through.

Then he proceeds class saying that the fight wasn't over yet, everyone begins to stand on their toes as all they all paid attention to what Aizawa eas about to say.

"The U.A sports festival is drawing near," He said and Kirishima shouted how it was a normal school event, he must be fed up with all the crazy things they had been through.

"The U.A sports festival?" Crystal said underneath her breath, this was not a simple sports festival, this was a huge event that everyone in Japan would be watching it was like the Olympics. It would also be the time for them to be scouted by hero agencies all over the country, they would have to gain experience by being a sidekick before going pro hero.

Then it hit her, heroes from around the country and everyone else would be watching, her name, her family name, Crystal's face pales. She grips her left arm tightly until she could feel pain, her teeth trembles as cold sweat began to form in her forehead.

'No, it's been years. No one will remember him or her, they can't recognize my name. Yeah, it's alright.' Crystal tries to calm herself down.

"Are feeling alright, Aimoto-san?" Crystal snapped out of her thought, her breathing a bit heavy. She glanced to her side to see Yaoyorozu looking at her worriedly.

"I'm alright, Yaoyorozu-san, thank you for asking." Crystal smiled reassuringly to the ponytail girl who smiled at her back before she returns their attention back to class.

Crystal's smiles fall from her face and she looks at her hands, they were shaking, she fisted her hands and took a few deep breaths. Her eyes went back up to the front unaware of a pair of heterochromatic eyes watching her as she went through her ordeal.


Everyone seems hyped for the sports festival but Crystal ate her lunch silently, the worry of someone remembering who her family name belongs to agitate her that she can't seem to focus the entire day. She sighs and excuses herself from the lunch table, Uraraka asked if shew as feeling alright and Crystal saw how both Iida and Midoriya looks at her.

"I just feel a bit under the weather today, it's alright, I just need to rest for a bit." Crystal said and walked out from the cafeteria to the outside area where trees lay, she walked over to one and rested her forehead against its bark.

"What should I do?" Crystal asked herself as she closed her eyes and ponder into her mind, it was something she always like when being near plants, she could calm herself, she can feel their energy comforting her weak and wounded heart.

She could hear the birds chirping nearby and some on the branch of the tree, the wind blowing lightly against her. Crystal let out a sigh of relief for feeling that her mind had stopped being so emotional, the sports festival consist of all departments of UA and all of them are equally strong.

Crystal knew that being stuck in the past will not get her anywhere, she has to forget and try her best for the present and future. The person that held her back is gone, she can be a hero that will make everyone proud especially her mother and everyone else that she saw as important to her.

"I know I can do it," She punches her fist into the air as she said those words, she was filled with determination to win this. With that being said, Crystal stood up and went back inside.

School ended for the day but something had happened, students from other departments were gathered in front of their class door, it was halting their way out. Crystal was confused as to why they were all here but then she saw Bakugou walking forwards and him being him uses his foul mouth.

"Oh, Todoroki-san." Crystal slightly gasped when she noticed the boy standing beside her as he watched what was being commenced at the front of the classroom door. Then a boy with purple hair came at the front to stand up against Bakugou which was a bold move of him to do so, Crystal watched as they talked but Bakugou didn't give a minute to think before passing through the crowd.

The students all went back to their classes and Class 1-A students finally manage to get out of their class, Crystal was a bit confused as to why Todoroki was walking alongside her when they got out. Uraraka, Iida and Midoriya left her when they saw Todoroki beside her, Crystal glanced at the boy who just had a cold and bored face.

They just walked without talking and they reached the front gate where they would walk separately, Crystal glanced back at Todoroki before giving him a smile.

"I'll be rooting for you, Todoroki-san, at the sports festival. Let's do our best," Crystal said as she looks at him, he seems surprised by how his eyes widen a bit before returning back to its cold stare.

"Goodbye, then." Crystal bows her head before walking towards the direction of her house, she didn't glance back and to see how Todoroki's eyes soften when they watched her back retreating into the orange light of the sunset.

In Todoroki's mind, he doesn't know why he was getting close to the strange girl but he likes the feeling of being near her. It was nonsense in his mind to be caring for someone but when he saw her gentle smiles, he thought he saw the sun shining brighter.

Todoroki scoffed before turning around and walking towards his house that he calls 'home', he has to forget all about her and think forward to defeat his father, he doesn't need someone distracting him from the goal that he had since he was a child.

Chapter Text

The sports festival would be starting in 2 weeks, Crystal was used her time for training and enhancing her quirk. Out of those two weeks, she had been doing many physical exercises to strengthen her stamina and her tendency to absorb energy quicker.

Crystal had also been in the forest meditating to be one with nature so she could use it as an advantage, her limit using her quirk only risen to a few minutes. Since they would be wearing their P.E clothes, she had to find a way to store her seeds. Her hair only had a place for flowers, she had also sorted through all the plants she had and picked out those that will help her. Crystal hopes that it will be enough supply for the battles, her capsules that she has is ten.

Crystal also found something out when she was training in the forest behind the house, as she was meditating she could see the movement of wind in her mind. It was soft and delicate just like how it was caressing her cheeks, Crystal focuses on it trying to mend it to be a strong gust of wind.

Crystal was knocked back by the wind and fell onto her back, she opens her eyes and was surprised, she could control the wind. She thought it might be a fluke but she tried again but this time for the wind to be underneath her and to lift her up. It happened when she felt lighter, she opens her eyes and she was up in the air, the wind disappeared but Crystal manages to control the trees to soften her fall.

Crystal was happy to find out that she had the power to control the wind, she doesn't know why, but she was grateful for it. She trained every day at home and at school, she hid the fact that she could control the wind as she could only use it for a minute or so before it's gone, it wasn't beneficial so she just didn't want to say it.

•First day of UA Sport Festival•

Class 1-A was gathered inside a waiting room before going into the stadium, Crystal was sitting with Uraraka and the others, she tries to not be nervous and pray that she would win this.

"Are you excited, Crystal-chan?" Uraraka asked Crystal who smiled at her for a moment before she looks at her hands.

"I'm kind of nervous, Ochaco-chan." Crystal said her worried but Uraraka said she believes that they all would do well and passed this.

"Yeah," Crystal felt happy to have a friend like Uraraka to give her courage and she felt like she could do it. She remembered yesterday at dinner where she and her aunt were eating, her aunt gave something to her.


"What is it, Aunt Hanami?" Crystal asked as she took a small box from her aunt, she just smiled at her.

"Rei-san asked me to give it to you, something for tomorrow." Crystal's eyes widen and she opens the box to see a charm bracelet and a small note.

The note said that she would be cheering for her and that the bracelet was as a good luck charm, Crystal almost cried. She was really grateful to the gods for letting her met such an amazing woman such as Rei, she wished her mother would have met Rei, they would be the best of friends.

•End of Flashback•

Crystal glanced at her wrist where the bracelet was worn it had a small snowflake on it as the charm, it was simple and pretty. Crystal smiled and she feels more reassured to give it her all in this so she could be a hero she wants to be and make those important to her proud.

Iida then came in saying that they would be entering soon, everyone began to get ready. Crystal heard someone calling out Midoriya's name, it was Todoroki, she gazed at him and she felt like something was wrong, he looks colder than usual, more od the edge.

"Looking at things objectively, I think I'm stronger than you," Todoroki said straightforwardly at Midoriya's face that Crystal was surprised.

Todoroki than said that he'll beat Midoriya in the sports festival, Crystal was surprised by his words then Kirishima came to stop the commotion but Todoroki just pushes him away saying that they were not here to play as friends.

Midoiya than said that he knew that Todoroki was stronger than him and the most capable out of everyone but everyone was giving their all today, so he was going to do his best.

Crystal was feeling proud of Midoriya seeing how he had grown so much since the first time she had met him, he was right, everyone was giving their all and she should do too.

Class 1-A line up at the tunnel before they stepped out to face the challenges to be the top, Crystal almost shocked at how many people were in the stadium.

"Ochaco-chan, there are so many people." Crystal hid behind Uraraka who laughed at her friend's sudden behaviour as they made their way to the middle of the stadium where all the first-year students from all courses would be gathered.

Midnight was the one handling the first years, Crystal blushed at how inappropriate her outfit was that she had to look away. The one to represent the students was Bakugou, everyone was flabbergasted but seeing how he was the first place in the entrance exam, Crystal has thought otherwise since even with his sparky attitude, he had a strong quirk.

Bakugou went up the stage and stood in front of the mic to give his pledge, Crystal predicted on what he was going to say so she covered her ears beforehand. She could hear all the angry voices of the other students when Bakugou told them that he'd be number one, she chuckled as it was expected of him.

The sports festival begins with its first game, Uraraka said that the first game would be called the qualifier. Crystal watched as the thing spins and stopped at the obstacle race one, this was going to get messy, she just knew it.

All the first years went to the starting gate, Crystal could see how narrow it was. She took out a few seeds and held it in her hands so she could use them if she got push over by the other students, this was no walk in the park this was the time to show who Aimoto Crystal really was. The lights on the entrance dimmed one by one, everything was ready, the battle to the top will begin.

Chapter Text

"START!" Midnight shouted and everyone ran forward and everyone got stuck in the tunnel, Crystal clutched her hand as she tries to manoeuvre through the sea of students that began to push around, it was really a right fit but she has to wait for it if her predictions were corrected.

She felt an icy chill coming from behind and how her breath was misty, he's making his move. Crystal patiently waited until she heard the crackling of ice, he's leading at front, Crystal then threw her the seeds that she had towards the ceilings and activated her quirk.

"Now!" Crystal hands glowed and the vines begin to grow, the roots got stuck on the roof and walls, Crystal controlled them to lift her up and she began to swing over above everyone.

"What?!" She could hear the voices of her classmates but she needs to move faster, she saw Todoroki running forwards and he got out with everyone behind him frozen to the floor.

"Yosh!" Crystal took her last swing and jump onto the ground, she was glad that she was wearing her boots, she ran after Todoroki, she looks back and saw most of her classmates managing to escape Todoroki's ice.

Crystal smiled and picked up her pace forwards, she saw Todoroki's back and then explosion came from behind, a sandy blonde boy appeared beside her before shooting himself forward.

"Get out of the way, extra!" He shouted at her face before he passes her.

"Bakugou?!" Crystal was shocked but then she notices that they were all catching up now, then a rattling of metals was heard at the front, UA's really putting it in this year.

Crystal looks upwards and saw the huge robots from the entrance exam, there was a lot and she spotted Todoroki at the front along with Mineta, the grape boy was about to attack when he was slammed aside by one of the robots, poor him.

"To think they would use something this weak for us, do they really think we're this weak." Crystal thought even though she knew not all of them will but her class will definitely pass this, they even had confronted real villains so this was child's' play. Crystal stood her ground and prepared to make use of the surrounding trees when blistering cold air swept through making the goosebumps on her arms stand's up.

"Todoroki-san," Crystal saw him freezing the robot and running underneath it, he had given her a quicker pass. She could hear the others having the idea as well but they seem to not have a back plan then, Crystal raises her hand and roots shot from the ground holding the robot from collapsing on her.

'Was he going to drop this on me?' Crystal thought for a second before she passes through, something about that classmate of hers really made her curious and she felt attached somehow to the quiet boy she got to know.

"Thank you for the little help, Todoroki-san!" Crystal shouted as she ran behind him, he was fast and that's for sure. Crystal looks back and controlled the roots to go back underground making the robot fall, she hoped nobody got stuck.

"Todoroki Shoto and Aimoto Crystal from Class 1-A has passed through the first obstacle!" Present Mic shouted through the speakers, Crystal uses the time to absorb the energy from the trees around her, she has to conserve energy for later.

Crystal could feel herself slowing down, she then saw the next obstacle. It was crazy, she then saw Todoroki using the ice to freeze the rope easing him to glide past. Crystal then thought of her move and she snapped her fingers when she got an idea.

"What's happening, folks?! Aimoto-san is jumping into the pit!" Present Mic said and everyone focuses on the screen where it shows the black hair girl jumping into the dark pit.

"Look there!" Present Mic shouted out and everyone focuses to see the girl began to rise up but this time with tall roots sprouting everywhere making a path for her to pass through, she began to jump on them as stepping stones.

"My! What a move!" Present Mic shouted and Crystal laughed a bit before she looks back at everyone who was trying to use her way of getting through.

"They're not friendly with strangers!" Crystal informed and then she saw her plants collapsing when some students tried to use step on them making them fall.

She heard an explosion above and saw Bakugou, he was fired up and he's aiming for the number one spot in which she will not let him have. Crystal picked up her pace and saw that she made it to another obstacle, she saw Todoroki far away from her and Bakugou, he's in the lead now.

Crystal saw him stopping and she heard what Present Mic said, there's a minefield as the last obstacle.

"This one will be hard," Crystal said and ran forward, Crystal began to walk carefully, she was slowing down but then she saw Bakugou shooting forward passing Todoroki.

Crystal could see the two fighting for the lead and with all the explosion from behind, Crystal started to think of ways to pass this but with nothing in mind, she decided to carefully walk across. As she was catching up to the two fighting boys, she felt a sudden feeling inside of her, the same feeling when she gets as she felt the wind around her, it was light like a feather and so soft like one.

'This is it! This is my chance to win this!' Crystal thought and she focuses her mind onto the wind to channel to the bottom of her feet and flying her over to the end.

Crystal felt herself being lifted up and she kept her eyes closed as she maintains focus, she could hear the explosion and curses that Bakugou was spouting at Todoroki and maybe some to her as she was passing the end of the minefield.

But a huge explosion that shocked her out of her concentration, she stops in mid-air and saw the ground just below her. Crystal screamed as fell to the ground on her back, it hit hard but she didn't waste time to sit back up.

"That hurts..." Crystal said as she rubs her head then she saw that she was at the end of the mine, she finally noticed Midoriya flinging himself as he steps on both Bakugou's and Todoroki's shoulder before slamming a piece of metal on the ground.

"It looks like Aimoto Crystal is in the lead! What a sudden development from Class 1-A!" Present Mic said.

He was sent flying towards Crystal who managed to dodge but then saw him running towards the end, she then saw both Todoroki and Bakugou looking at her.

"Midoriya Izuku takes first place and nearing the finish line! Who will win between these four heroes?!" Present Mic shouted and Crystal knew she had to run for it if she wants to make it and prove her worth.

Crystal waved nervously at the two boys before she started dashing towards the tunnel, she heard Bakugou cursing from behind and him using his quirk. Crystal ran with all her might and run through the tunnel towards the light.

"The first person back in the stadium is the man, Midoriya Izuku!" Crystal heard, the ice and explosion just behind her, Crystal ran and made it through.

"Midoriya-san!" Crystal shouted as she kneeled down to take her breaths, she had used a bit too much of her energy for the move she made on the first game.

"Congratulations on getting second place, Aimoto-san!" Midoriya said and Crystal smiled, he offered his hand to her which she thanked him before she took his hand.

"Crystal-chan! Deku-kun! You two were amazing!" Uraraka came up and Crystal saw Midoriya blushing as he hid his face, Crystal let out a laughed at how cute he was reacting to her friend's bubbly actions but then she felt eyes on the back of her head, she turns to look behind her.

It was Todoroki, he was glaring at them mostly at Midoriya. He must be furious about getting beaten by Midoriya even though he and said that he would win and maybe towards her as well as he had gotten the third place. Crystal held her hands together before she mouthed the word 'sorry' to him, he scoffed and walks away.

Crystal felt hurt because she thought they were at least friends but she had to do her best for her aunt and for Rei, she looks at the bracelet and smiled, Crystal place a gentle kiss on the bracelet. The bracelet feels warm when she felt like she was going to fail, it gives her hope to be the strongest and she will be as she will win this. Crystal clenched her fist and she fixed her uniforms that was crumpled a bit from all the running and falling before turning her attention to Midnight for the next game.

•Among the crowd when the first obstacle was to commence•

"Hey, have you heard? There's a student in Class A with the name Aimoto," Whispers among the crowd could be heard, when the battle started they watched a girl with raven black hair with the name Aimoto Crystal as she advanced through along with her fellow first years.

"Is she the one? She does resemble her mother a lot," A pro hero whispered to her colleagues, they nodded when they as they watched.

"But she has her father's eyes, poor thing, to lose her parents at such a young age." One of them said.

"She must be as powerful as her father, wouldn't it be better for her to have her father's quirk than her mother's. Such a fantastic quirk like his is a rarity nowadays." Another one said they watched her used her plant-based quirk which was a common quirk among individuals.

"What a waste, isn't it?" The first pro hero said, somewhere else sat All Might watching as the first year went through the challenges. His focus was on his successor, Midoriya but he had another responsibility that he has to do, he watched as Crystal successfully went through the first game and won second place.

"She really is your daughter, Kazuha." He muttered, in his hand holding an old picture of a girl that resembles a lot to Crystal but the difference was in their eyes. The girl has gentle round light blue eyes and she has a very gentle smile on her face, Hayashi Kazuha, pro hero named Gardenia, the mother of the student in Class 1-A, Aimoto Crystal.

"I'll make sure to protect her, just as I promise you." All Might said as he gazed at the photo and at the face of Crystal who smiled happily as she was with her friends, yes, a smile that he vowed to never see waver again as a smile from that child was rarer than any gem.

Chapter Text

The results were shown and everyone in Class 1-A had passed successfully, Crystal sighs in relief that all her friends were there. She could see that Class 1-B also made it, they were strong, no doubt about it.

Everyone gathered to listen for the next battle where the true competition begins, Crystal was on her toes and watched as the thing spins again before landing on 'Cavalry Battle'. Crystal almost slapped her forehead, she has to team up and with the uneven number of her classmates, she might be with other students from different classes.

Midnight began to explain what the rules are and told them that placement number that they earn from the first game would be points, Crystal saw hers and it was 210. But the most shocking was the one who got first place, the points were 10 million.

"Midoriya-san?!" Crystal looks at the poor boy and saw the looks that he was receiving, he got a huge bounty on his head now. She was glad that she had not gotten first place, she couldn't handle this, Crystal began to listen to more rules that Midnight was saying.

This will be a tough battle, the timer started to build teams and Crystal frantically looks around just standing there. She saw that everyone had been paired up except for her, she was missed out because she had been so quiet that no one notices her.

"Crystal-chan! Did you make a team yet?!" Uraraka shouted and Crystal felt like crying, she ran towards Uraraka.

"No, I was too nervous that everyone didn't see me. What do I do, Ochaco-chan?" Crystal asked worriedly and Uraraka patted her back comforting her, Midoriya's team was already full so she couldn't join.

"That's a problem, why don't you ask Ms Midnight? See if she has a solution," Uraraka said and Crystal nodded as she made her way towards the woman.

"Ms Midnight," Crystal calls out and the woman glanced at her, Crystal flinched a bit.
"Yes?" She asked and Crystal explained her situation, Midnight began to think before she looks back at Crystal.

"I let this slide because you look adorable and sweet, there will be a team of five, you will join your friends." Midnight said and she held Crystal by the chin moving her face closer, Crystal squeaked as she was getting a bit uncomfortable by the close distance.

Crystal step backed and bowed her head towards the pro hero before she went to Midoriya's team and said that she can join them, Midoriya told her their tactics and she was placed at the back as a defence. Crystal felt eyes on her, she glanced up and saw that a group of pro heroes were looking at her direction.

Her face pales, those faces, she knew them, Crystal began to sweat as she diverted her eyes away from the crowds and she clenched her teeth. 'No! Don't think about them, Crystal!' She took a few breathers before she felt the chain of the bracelet, that's right, her goal has changed, she's not that person and she will never be him.

' I have to focus!' Crystal shook her head, she lift her head and she smiled, she has her friends beside her, she will help them no matter what.

"Uraraka-san, Hatsume-san, Tokoyami-kun, Aimoto-san! I'm counting on you!" Midoriya said and they all let out a battle cry, Crystal will make sure they win this and go to the next round.
The battle start and everyone dashes towards them, they were aiming for the ten million early in the game already. Team Tetsutetsu came forward and Midoriya said that their strategy, for now, was to run away.

As they were about to run away, the ground started to sink in, it must have been the quirk from the member of team Tetsutetsu. Crystal grabbed a capsule from her pocket, she opens the cap and threw the seeds towards the ground, her left hand glowed and she waited before giving the signal.

"Tokoyami-san! Hatsune-san!Uraraka-san! Hold on tight!" Crystal shouted and then they were propelled upwards by the vines that shot through the sinking floor, she managed to escape them from the enemy.

"Hatsume-san! Uraraka-san! Turn your faces away! Midoriya-san! Now!" Crystal said and she hangs on Hatsume before Midoriya press the button for the jetpack.

"Thank you, Aimoto-san!" Midoriya said but then Crystal saw Jirou's earphone jack, Tokoyami uses Dark Shadow to counter them.

"We're landing!" Uraraka said and they landed back down using Hatsume's invention, Crystal moves back to her place and made sure everything was safe.

Then as they landed, Shoji came running towards them along with team Tetsutetsu. They had two teams on their tails, they were about to run away when Uraraka said that her foot was stuck and a tongue came out.

Mineta and Asui were inside the cocoon that Shoji made with his arms, Crystal didn't have time to use her quirk but then an idea struck her.

"Midoriya-san! Use the jetpack!" Crystal shouted and moved away, he pressed the button and they had escaped from the two other teams. The boots were now broken and Hatsume gasped in sadness but Midoriya apologized, Crystal saw Bakugou coming towards them.

"Watch out!" Crystal shouted and moves forwards holding onto Tokoyomi's side a bit, Bakugou was about to use his quirk when Crystal landed a kick to his face sending him plummeting down, Sero caught him before he touches the ground.

"You plant bastard! I'll kill you!" Bakugou along with his other curses towards Crystal who flashes him an apologetic smile making him spout more foul words.

"That was cool, Aimoto-san!" Hatsume said and Crystal moved to her side again before they landed back to the ground.

They were now faced with all the remaining team and one of them was Todoroki's who was taking the lead on points, Crystal saw that Kaminari was about to use his quirk.

"Tokoyami-san!" Crystal shouted and just in time as electricity travels through almost hitting them if it weren't for Dark Shadow protecting them, Todoroki was getting serious.

Crystal saw him freezing the ground, trapping everyone else from advancing as they confronted her team. They had to move or they would lose but the jetpack had a malfunction because of Kaminari's quirk, Dark Shadow attacked but was blocked by Yaoyorozu's Creation, Crystal began to hammer everything that she can do to help.

'There's only one way to keep us safe before the timer ends,' Crystal thought and decided to proceed her strategy, even if it will bite her back later for this.

Crystal in the meantime was scattering seeds that she had with her onto the ground, then they stopped advancing, Crystal glanced back to see that they were at a dead end. They were cornered and Todoroki's team was heading their way, Crystal let out an exhale of air before she looks at Todoroki with fire in her eyes.

"Guys! Shield your heads!" Crystal shouted and when she saw them doing it, Crystal closed her eyes before her body began to glow, then she heard gasps as they all saw vines sprouting from the ground and making a dome around Midoriya's team.

"Amazing, Aimoto-san!" Midoriya said and Crystal smiled before she wipes her mouth, there was a bit of blood, her energy limit was low, she won't be able to use it without passing out.

"I'm sorry, everyone. My quirk is at its limit, this dome will not last long." Crystal huffed and Midoriya gave her a thumbs up.

"Don't worry, you'd help us a lot," Midoriya said and Crystal smiled before she heard cracking noises, the dome suddenly froze, Crystal was worried, she prayed it will be held long enough for them to keep safe, she continued to channel bit by bit of her energy towards the vines so they will be strong against the frigged cold of Todoroki's quirk.

"We should be safe for a while, we have to think of a plan," Midoriya said and started to brainstorm, they could hear how some of the teams were fighting and trying to break their defence.


Crystal heard it, she looks above her and saw a crack. Her eyes widen, she has to channel more energy as she was doing so she could feel her head getting heavy and her muscles were sore. She might have taken lightly of Todoroki and his quirk use, the dome of vines broke into pieces, her eyes met with grey and turquoise.

Crystal eyes widen with shocked and she saw Todoroki's team approaching closer but Dark Shadow stops them, this was their only defence now with her out. She saw Iida about to make his move and before she could tell her teammates, Midoriya's headband was taken.

"Midoriya-san?!" Crystal shouted and looks at Todoroki's team, in his hand was Midoriya's headband, the target of all the teams in the battle.

"We have to get it back!" Midoriya shouted but Tokoyami advice that they should go and take the other teams points, Midoriya was determined to get the then million back.

"We'll do it!" Crystal shouted along with Uraraka, Midoriya looks back at them before they run towards Todoroki's team, it was their chance to win this.

"Midoriya!" Crystal shouted and Midoriya uses One For All in his right hand, Todoroki looks unprepared before he uses his left side.

Chapter Text

Midoriya uses One For All to push down Todoroki's defence which was him using his fireside, Crystal was surprised when she saw those red flames and how his eyes widen in disbelief when he notices it too.

Midoriya took a headband from Todoroki's neck but Crystal saw the number. She didn't react fast enough to tell Midoriya when he looks at it, his face looks shocked.

"We still have a chance!" Crystal shouted then Kaminari uses his quirk to stop them, Dark Shadow was protecting them. Crystal began to think frantically about a strategy to make them able to be in the next round, an idea pops inside her head and she looks down at the ground.

'Just a few more seconds, I have to win this!' Crystal screamed and uses her quirk with the last bit of energy she has left before the timer went out signalling that the cavalry match was over.

"Um... I'm really sorry..." Midoriya said but then Uraraka and Hatsume pointed at Tokoyami who then showed him that he had gotten the headband that was on Todoroki's forehead.

"I got one too, I was hoping for the ten million but..." Crystal said as she showed Midoriya the headband that she had stolen just before the time ended, Tokoyami and her manage to snatch 650 points for the team which gotten them fourth place.

Midoriya cried his eyes out when he heard Present Mic saying that the four teams would advance, Crystal laughs but then turns around to cover her mouth as she coughed. She looks at her hand and there was blood, she had pushed a little hard on that last one when her energy was low, looks like she will need a long rest.

Crystal wipes the side of her mouth and glanced at Todoroki who looks angry, she saw him clenching his fist and a furious look took over his expression, Crystal almost felt afraid but it looks like he wasn't pleased to be using his left side. Crystal had wondered as to why he despised using his left side so much, was it something related to his scar.

Crystal loathed the idea of having the same quirk with that person. Crystal's hand went to her left shoulder, how long can she live with this feeling of hatred, she hated it but she cannot find herself to forgive that kind of person even when their last actions cause something inside Crystal to stir and cause her so much confusion.

Even with the idea of hatred, her mother always told her this, the quirk you have is your own, not your parents or anyone else, you have control over it. Use your quirk for goodness and strives to a path that will make you and everyone around you happy.


The festival stops for an hour for breaktime and for the students to eat their lunch, Crystal was heading towards the forest when she saw Todoroki and Midoriya walking elsewhere. She became curious and followed them, she hid behind the wall and listened closely to what they were speaking.

Todoroki stayed quiet for a few moments as Midoriya asked why he wanted to talk to him, Crystal kept her mouth shut and listened carefully. Then Todoroki asked if Midoriya was the secret love child of All Might, Crystal almost fell over when she heard it, was Todoroki joking? No, he's not that kind of person but Crystal couldn't help but hold back a few giggles as found it hilarious.

Midoriya then denies it, Crystal took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. Todoroki then began to talk about how Endeavor was his father, Crystal was surprised but then she could see the resemblance when she thinks about it from the red hair, eye colour and quirk.

(Crystal never really knew that Shoto was Endeavor's son or that they were related /This is also why she never knew that Rei was Todoroki's mother and only thought that their similar family names were a coincidence)

Then Crystal began to listen as Todoroki talk about quirk marriages and how his father won over his relative's mother to get to her Quirk when she heard the word 'quirk marriage', Crystal froze. Her body went rigid, it can't be, Crystal snapped out of her zone of thoughts and listened to what Todoroki had to say next.

Then he said how his father had raised him to be a hero that will surpass All Might, he told Midoriya how his mother would always be crying in his memories, Crystal's eyes widen, those words, those things he said, the same thing that she had gone through as a child, those beatings, those words to be number one, to be the successor.

"'Your left side is unsightly', my mother said as she poured boiling water on me." Crystal covered her mouth before she could gasp, his mother had done that? No that can't be the case.

'His childhood was filled with pain and sorrow,' Crystal could feel tears in her eyes, memories, dark memories that she kept hidden resurfaces back, she grips her head as it began to ache. She felt sick, she held her hand over her mouth as her face pale, she thought she can handle it but no, they will never leave her.

The memory of the pain, the heart-wrenching words that her father spoke to her, calling her useless and him beating her up for failing in her training. The memory of her own mother protecting her from her father, those things that happened to her, it was similar to those of her classmate, Todoroki Shoto.

Todoroki continued to talk that he would win first place without using his old man's quirk, Crystal saw Todoroki walking out and he saw her, she couldn't say a word as her mouth was still covered. He just glanced at her before walking away, Crystal was about to call out to him but Midoriya ran out stopping Todoroki and said his own words.

Crystal used her quirk to calm her body ad mind, she slowly stood up and she looks at Midoriya, she was amazed at Midoriya and she saw Todoroki looking at Midoriya before walking away, Crystal pulls her hand away and wiped her tears away. She advances towards Midoriya and surprised him by putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Aimoto-san! When did you get here?!" Midoriya shouted and Crystal laughed before lying that Uraraka and Iida were waiting for him at the cafeteria.

Midoriya was about to go when he glanced at her asking if she was following, Crystal shook her head and she turns away headed towards the forest.

Crystal sat underneath a tree and closed her eyes, she could feel the energy seeping inside her and storing into her vessels to be used later. She needs to fill it up the best she can, she let her mind wanders through and the thing that was stuck inside her head was Todoroki's words.

'Endeavor... Just like him, people like him still exist in this world.' Crystal clenched her fist on the grass as she felt her fury spike up just thinking about it, Todoroki was not a tool and just thinking how he was saying that he wouldn't use his old man quirks made her mad. She had once gone through them and she was grateful that she was free but the reminiscence of that still present as scars and cracks in her heart.

"It's his own quirk, not his father's, he should be the one to be controlling it not him. I wish someone will knock sense into his frozen head," Crystal said and opened her eyes, the one hour break was almost over. Crystal stood up and stretched out her arms, she went back to the waiting room.

She opens the door and saw the girls in her class wearing cheerleader outfits, Crystal was then grabbed by the arm dragging her inside the room. Crystal was then thrown a pair of the same outfit but she gave them all a confused look.

"Why are we wearing this?" Crystal asked and Yaoyorozu said that Mineta and Kaminari said that it was Aizawa's order, Crystal didn't buy it but Uraraka pushes her to put it on.

"This is too revealing..." Crystal said as she wore the outfit, sure it fits fine but she wasn't used to revealing so much skin, her scar was hidden as she wore a tight black turtleneck shirt underneath and she made sure no one was looking when she changed into the uniform. Then she was pushed outside where they all stood in a line, Crystal hid her blushing red face behind the pom-poms.

Yaoyorozu finally realized that she was trick by the two perverted boys, Crystal wants to hide but then Hagakure began to cheer on. Crystal felt a familiar pair of eyes on her, she peeks out from the pom-poms and saw Todoroki looking at her or more like staring, her face heats up and steam was seen coming out from her head as Asui commented on it.

"Can I please change out of this outfit? It's embarrassing," Crystal muttered and then Present Mic announced about the finals, he showed on the screen the students that will be taken on a one-to-one battle style, this was the final step to get first place, where they would show how potential they are to be heroes.

Chapter Text

Crystal watched from the side paying close attention to what Midnight was saying, she added that they can withdraw from finals if they want too and most of the students that didn't make it will move on to take part in the recreation activities.

Crystal was shocked when Ojiro and a student in Class 1-B back out from the finals saying that they couldn't remember what had happened in the Cavalry Battle, Crystal remembered that his teammates were the Class 1-B student, Aoyama and that one student.

She glanced towards the certain student that had a stand-down with Bakugou at the front of the class, he smirks and walks away. Then because of this, two people were moved up to balance the number and it was supposed to be from Team Kendo but she said that Team Tetsutetsu should go as they deserved it more than them.

Tetsutetsu and Shiozaki were chosen to fill in, the slots were taken and the brackets were inserted. Crystal glanced up and she notices that her name was beside an empty slot, she forgot that seventeen students made it to the final battle and the numbers were uneven.

"Ms Midnight, who will I be up against for the first round?" Crystal went to Midnight and asked, Crystal uncomfortably step back as Midnight lean down to her.

"The person who loses in the first match will be up against you," Midnight said and Crystal quickly runs away, she looks back at the name and saw that it was between Midoriya and Shinso. The guy from Class C, the one that was teamed up with Ojiro. Then she glanced to the side to see Todoroki's name, he was up against Sero.

The Recreational game started Crystal walks to the side of the stadium near the forest, she sat down underneath a tree and lay her back against it. She closed her eyes focusing on absorbing the energy she needed for the battle, she cleared her mind until she could hear the rustling of leaves and footsteps coming towards her.

Crystal opens her dark brown eyes and looks up to be met with a pair of grey and turquoise eyes, Todoroki was standing in front of her. He crouched down on his feet with his head hung down, Crystal could feel the frustration coming from his aura.

"You were listening earlier, didn't you?" Todoroki spoke, his voice deep causing Crystal to flinch a bit, she knew that he meant about the conversation that he had with Midoriya.

"It was rude of me to eavesdrop but when I heard it, I couldn't imagine what you had been through." Crystal said as she folded her knees underneath her, Todoroki gave out a heavy sigh before he raised his head to look at her.

That was a horrible lie, of course, she knew what it felt like because she had gone through the same treatment and there's permanent proof of it on her left shoulder but telling that to Todoroki will not solve his own problems.

"But... I don't think it's wrong to use your left side," Crystal looks gently at Todoroki who gave her a slight glare.

"It's your own power, isn't it? Not your father's," Crystal added and this surprised Todoroki when he felt her take his left arm.

"What are you doing?" He asked but he didn't slap her hand away, Crystal flips his hand over her palm and she looks at him gently with a soft smile.

Todoroki saw how the hand that was holding his had a bracelet, it was beautiful and simple, suiting the girl in front of him right now. Then Todoroki saw her other hand unclasped the bracelet, he saw how she removed it before placing it around his own wrist.

"Why are you giving this to me?" He sounded angry, Crystal glanced at him from underneath her lashes before finishing putting the bracelet on.

"Someone very close to me gave it to me, a person that is so lovely that gave me so much hope to win today but I think you need this, have the courage and believe in yourself." Crystal said as she held Todoroki's hand, caressing the palm like a gentle breeze made the leaves rustled.

Todoroki was about to say something but then the bell started ringing, the finals were about to start and the contenders were to be gathered. Crystal sighs before she let go of Todoroki's hand, he stops himself from grabbing hers as she stood up from the ground, Todoroki didn't move but his eyes did follow her movements, why was he feeling upset when she let go of his hand?

"You want to be a hero too, don't you?" Crystal spoke as she looks down to Todoroki, her eyes so warm and content that Todoroki wonders how someone looks so much like an angel with only a simple smile.

Crystal's hand found it's way to the top of his head and she petted it softly, Crystal was surprised at how soft his hair was. Todoroki's body froze for a bit from the sudden touch when was the last time someone did that to him?

"It's okay for you to be one, Todoroki-san." Crystal said and pats his head one last time, Crystal walks back into the arena leaving Todoroki contemplating with his thoughts as he heard and remembered those words, those same sentences that once brought hope to him.

When she got inside, she turns to a corner and crouched on the floor with her hands cupping her burning cheeks. She couldn't believe that she did that, it was so embarrassing and she felt like her heart would explode. Crystal screamed inside her shirt before calming down and looking back at her empty wrist, she was sure Rei wouldn't mind as it was to help a troubled boy to accept himself.

Crystal stood back up on her feet and walk towards the seating area where her classmates were, Crystal sat down and watched as the first match started between Midoriya and Shinso. She saw the two steppings out from each tunnel heading towards the huge stage that Cementoss had made, Midoriya looks nervous and the battle begins.

Crystal watched the battle commenced, Shinso was talking about something and it got Midoriya angry, then he stops, frozen. Crystal's eyes widen when she saw the empty look on Midoriya's face, He then turns around walking towards the boundary, no way, Midoriya wouldn't lose to someone like this.

"Midoriya-san/kun! Deku-kun!" They all shouted for Midoriya but he seems to be lost from the Quirk of that Shinso guy, he was about to step over the boundary when a sudden wind force stops him.

Crystal saw him stopped and noticed two of his fingers had turn purple, he had used his quirk to escape himself from the brainwashing, Crystal, Uraraka and Iida shouted his name. The two engaged in a physical fight instead of punching and pushing towards the end of the stadium, Crystal then saw Midoriya using the move he did back when he fought Bakugou.

"Shinso's out of bounds! Midoriya moves to round two!" Midnight announced and Crystal cheered for him, he made it. She glanced up towards the brackets, Todoroki would win easily and those two would be facing against each other.

Crystal sat up and walked towards the hallways to the Nurse's Office to check on Midoriya, she was passing by the Player Waiting Room when the door opens revealing Todoroki as he walks out of the room, Crystal stops and held her hand in front of her.

"Todoroki-san," Crystal whispered out his name and he had heard her, he turns his head around and faced her. Crystal didn't move from her spot as she didn't know what to say to him after what she had said to him earlier, she notices that Todoroki still wore the bracelet that she had out on and that gave her a little courage to walk towards him.

"I'll be cheering for you, Todoroki-san. " Crystal said as she smiled gently at the quiet boy, he looks at her for a few seconds but he did not answer her and just turned around to walk away from her. Crystal sadly smiles and headed back to her seat, she thought if she visited Midoriya with a sad face, it will only worry him and that would trouble him.

Crystal looks at her wrist again, she felt a little bit empty but she knew that Todoroki would finally realize his true power, Crystal was to absorb into her head that she was snapped out by the sound of everyone shouting.

"Oh, Midoriya-san. You're back," Crystal noticed him seating beside Iida, she looks at his bandaged fingers.

"Do you want me to heal for you?" Crystal offered but Midoriya kindly refuses to tell her that Recovery Girl had already healed it for him. Crystal looks back at the stadium in the middle where Todoroki and Sero stood facing each other, the second match will start and the next would be her against Shinso.

Crystal notices that Todoroki's eyes were hidden underneath his hair, he looks more agitated than usual, did he encounter his father before his match? Crystal was now worried for Sero, he was up against an angry Todoroki.

Chapter Text

Crystal watched as Sero uses his tape to bind Todoroki and was sliding him towards the bound area but then Todoroki uses his right side to freeze Sero and creating a huge glacier that spikes up and almost hitting Class 1-A. Crystal sat frozen when the ice was about a few inches from her face, she had not anticipated this much from Todoroki but with him being angry, he's not to be poked at.

"He's sure in a bad mood," Crystal sweatdropped as she moves away a bit from the frozen mountain of ice, her classmates were all in shocked and even Present Mic, Sero must be freezing in the ice.

"Sero is immobilized! Todoroki advances to the second round!" Midnight said and Crystal couldn't see what Todoroki was doing but the ice began to melt, he was using his left to unfreeze Sero and the ice.

"Todoroki-san..." Crystal felt an aching feeling inside when she saw Todoroki looks sad using his fireside, he shouldn't be feeling like that, not when he could make his own decision.

"Crystal-chan, isn't your match next?" Uraraka said and Crystal nodded her head, she stood up and went to the Player Waiting Room where she would wait for her turn.

Crystal waited for a few minutes before she steps out from the room towards the tunnel, but she bumped into someone, she steps back and was about to apologize before she sees who it was.

"Endeavor?" She never saw him in real life, but she knew of the number two hero, her father's jealous words of disgust towards the man. The repeating words to be better, to surpass the man and to be number one came crashing inside Crystal's head. Those words that she hated that she had loath to never want to hear or see other people experiencing.

"What do you want, kid?" He commanded and Crystal clenched her fists, she glared at him.

"Todoroki-san shouldn't have a father such as you," Crystal said with venom in her voice, he seems surprised but laughed.

"What are you on about, girl?" Endeavor said almost disgusted by her presence, Crystal could never imagine how much Todoroki went throughout the years with this man, but she knew the pain, the sorrow and the feeling of helplessness.

"He's not a tool you can control, he's his own person. His quirks belong to him alone, it does not belong to you," Crystal said and glared hard to the man that could crush her at any moment.

"I created Shoto to surpass All Might and he will, I'll make sure of it." Endeavor stated and Crystal felt her hands shaking with fury, she will not let someone she held so dear be tormented like that anymore.

"No, he won't. He isn't you and he never will be, Todoroki-san will be a hero that he wants to be, he will be a wonderful hero more than you ever could." Crystal said and stood up against the number two hero of Japan.

"What a waste of my time," Endeavor said and walks away, Crystal felt furious and wants to shout many things towards the Flame Hero but she knew it was a good idea and so she tries to have a clear mind before she went to her own battle.

Unbeknownst to Crystal, Endeavor had turned around to watch her. From her appearance, he knew who her parents were. The two famous heroes from 12 years ago, the heroes that show as a couple you can achieve many great things, Gardenia, the female pro hero that was nicknamed the Fairy as she from what Endeavor remember from the words from other pro heroes was a woman who's kindness was admirable along with her sense of justice to save people.

“Such a waste of a quirk, Homura, you’re just as weak as your daughter it seems. To think someone like her with your wife quirk can beat my son, Shoto.” Endeavor said to himself as he thought of that young man that was the Third Best Pro Hero, Aimoto Homura, also known as Homusubi.

“But with her genes, if she were to marry Shoto, an heir with such powers would certainly be possible.” Such thoughts came to Endeavor’s mind, from her status as an Aimoto as well were known for having such strong quirk users and after Homura and his wife died, no one knows of his only daughter. Endeavor walks away with a new plan in his mind, if his son will not listen to him then he has thought of another way to achieve his goals.

Crystal stood at the end of the entrance, she could hear the cheers from the many people in the arena. Her heartbeats quicken as the thought of her name being announced to them all even though they had heard of her name at the first game but now it’s time for her to show her quirk. Crystal took a deep breath as she calms herself down, it’s time to show that she was different, it’s time to show that she was as capable as anyone out there and to make her lovely mother proud.

"Here comes the flower girl of Class 1-A! Aimoto Crystal!" Present Mic shouted out loud through the mic and Crystal walks out from the tunnel, everyone cheered for her, but she didn’t give them much attention. She stood at the end of the platform facing her opponent, Shinso Hitoshi, the boy that Midoriya had beat.

Crystal felt eyes on her, and she looks up towards a certain part of the crowded spaces of people until her dark brown met with dual coloured grey and turquoise eyes. Todoroki was watching her from above, to watch her show her skill and worth, to see if her words were through, Crystal the glanced to the side where she felt another pair of eyes, they belong to Endeavor himself glancing at her.

"The third match begins!" Crystal stood there waiting for Shinso to make his move, she knew how his quirk works so she made sure to not answer any of his remarks or insult as it will only cause her trouble, if she gets affected by his quirk, it’s game over for her.

"Man, up against a girl? I don't want to hurt you but to think Class 1-A has someone as weak as you in their class.” Shinso provoke and it almost made her shout at him, but she held herself from doing so and kept quiet before she advanced towards him and sends a straight punch.

He dodged it easily and Crystal knew it, she back away, he continues to speak to her with words that ticked her a bit, she reminds herself that it wasn’t worth the anger for him and so she threw punches here and there still not using her quirk, he dodged it them all but Crystal could see that even he was getting tired of her not answering him.

"What's the matter? Not going to answer, seems like your friend a while ago had made a big show." Shinso said and Crystal looks at him with a glare, he was mentioning about Todoroki and his previous fight against Sero.

"Must be nice being the son of the Number Two Hero, having an amazing like that but not using it fully, seems like a waste to me. He thinks he’s so strong for having those quir-" Crystal snapped, how dare he assumes how Todoroki’s life is, how dare he to insult her classmate like that, the boy that had faced so many hardships as a child, to see someone that never experienced those pain to say those words. Crystal hands shot forwards and a pile of vines shot through from behind her towards an unexpected Shinso that was taken off guard.

Shinso didn’t have enough time and braced his arms in front of him but the force of the attack threw him out of the stadium and clash with the stadium’s wall, he fell to the ground unconscious with Crystal standing on the platform her face hidden by her hair.

"Don't you dare say anything about him, you don’t know how much pain he went through.” Crystal spoke underneath her breath as she glares at the passed-out boy, her hands were shaking before falling to her sides. Everything turns quiet before Midnight snapped out of the trace of amazement before she announced the winner.

"Shinso is out of bounds! Aimoto advances to the second round!" Midnight shouted and the crowd goes wild with everyone amazed by her sudden surprise attack that took down the boy, Crystal looks over at Shinso that was being escorted to go be treated, she felt bad as she never thought of hurting him that much but his words made something inside her furious.

Crystal turns back to walk away when she glanced up at where Todoroki was, he looks at her for a second before he walks away. Crystal wonder what he was thinking right now, she sighs and walked off from the platform as the staff fixed the broken stage again when she went in, she stopped for a bit before she looks at her hands.

‘When did I attack him? Where did those vines come from?’ Crystal thought to herself, she clenched her fists as she tries to think of any reasonable explanation, but none came into her mind just the pain of thinking too much.

“Let’s not waste time like this, Ochaco-chan and the others might be worried,” Crystal said took a step before her head began to buzz, the walls around her swirl together before everything turns black before her mind shuts down, she could feel her falling, and then it’s quiet.

[Inside Crystal's mind]

Crystal opens her eyes, she blinks a few times before she saw that she was inside a void, there was a wall of nothingness surrounding her. Crystal looks around, no one, nothing at all around her, she began to panic, where was she?

"Hello! Is there anyone here?! Hello!" Crystal called out but nobody answered, she began to walk aimlessly, then upfront she saw something that made her eyes watered, her tears began to stream down her cheeks like rivers.

"Mama!" Crystal ran towards the woman standing just a few meters away, the woman with the same raven black hair as her. Her face, delicate and soft, her round eyes coloured with light blue gems, such a beautiful woman could be called an angel from her appearance.

"Mama!" Crystal cried out and when she was about to reach the woman, she disappeared into thin air, Crystal fell, her tears continue to stream before she screamed in an agonizing voice filled with sadness as it echoes through the void.

Crystal cried until her eyes turn red and puffy but she didn't stop, seeing her mother even such a short time brings back all the memories the good and the bad, she misses them, she misses the kisses, pets and the smiles that her mother gave her.

"MAMA!" Crystal let out a final cry before her body glowed, the ends of her braid began to float and turned white, her entire being exploded with light before Crystal shot up from her unconscious mind with tears on her cheeks and she was breathing heavily.

"Gah!Hah!Hah!" Crystal gasped harshly as she tries to catch her breathing, her heartbeat skyrocket with the feelings of blood rushing back to her head. Her mind trying to gather again her conscious and the realization that her mother had appeared in front of her, her head throbbed painfully as her breathing became more rapid, she felt faint again as if she was hyperventilating with short gasps of air rushing in and out of her lungs. All of a sudden, a warm hand patted her back softly, she could only hear whispers but it had helped her to calm her nerves down from her sudden experience of panic or along those lines, the hand continues to pat her back and she finally was able to breathe properly with a few sweats decorating her temple.

"Calm down now, dear. Stay with me," Crystal registered the voice and look to her side to see Recovery Girl, she had a deep sad frown on her sweet old face. Crystal then quickly scan her surroundings, she was on the clinic bed and she was in the nurse's office.

Chapter Text

"Must be a bad dream you have there, dear?" Recovery Girl said before she handed Crystal a handkerchief to wipe away her tears, Crystal thanked her and she remembered that she was elsewhere when she fainted, how did she end up here?

"How did I get here?" Crystal asked Recovery Girl who was back at her chair facing her, she smiled at her.

"You'd passed out in the hallway after your match, a classmate of yours found you. He brought you here," Recovery Girl explained and Crystal asked who it was.

"It was the Todoroki boy, he said he had found you unconscious and brought you here." Recovery Girl said and Crystal's cheeks turn red, she covered her face with her hands, and she could hear Recovery Girl's laughter.

"You don't have any other injuries, you can go back to friends now. The second round is starting very soon." Recovery Girl said, Crystal’s eyes widen when she saw the time, she had missed most of the matches for the first round which means she missed Uraraka’s. Crystal thanked Recovery Girl before she exited the nurse’s office.

Crystal went back to her classmates when they spotted her, they all asked where she was or if she was feeling sick since she was gone for so long.

“I’m alright. I was just a bit tired from my match earlier,” Crystal lied, she did not want her friends to suddenly become worried if they knew that she had fainted a while ago. Crystal made her way to her seat which was at the front and as she sat down, Ochaco jumped to her with her arms wrapped around her tightly.

“Ochaco-chan, I’m fine. No need to worry, okay.” Crystal assured her worry looking friend then she remembered something.

“I’m sorry about missing your match, Ochaco-chan.” Crystal said apologetically to her bubbly brown-haired friend, Uraraka smiled at her saying it was nothing to be sorry for as she said that she knew that she wouldn’t have the chance to win against Bakugou anyway.

“That’s not true, you are strong Ochaco-chan.” Crystal held Uraraka’s hand as she said those words and Uraraka was surprised before saying thank you to Crystal. Crystal noticed that Midoriya wasn’t here with them and so she asked Uraraka, Uraraka said that the first match was between Midoriya and Todoroki.

Crystal thought back to the morning where Todoroki announced that he’ll beat Midoriya and win to the first place, she wonders what Midoriya will be planning to defeat Todoroki. Her hand rubs the spot where her bracelet was previously was, will it help him?

Fire burst from the stage side, the second match was starting, everyone in the audience began to cheer. They were all anticipating for the heated battle to see the strongest of all the first years, to see who’ll come to be the number one.

Thanks for waiting everybody! The first match of the second round is a big match!” Present Mic shouted out riling up the crowd even more, Crystal watched to see Todoroki walking up towards the stage with a cold face.

“The man who won a huge victory in the first round and literally left the audience frozen. From the hero course, it’s Todoroki Shoto!” Todoroki with determined eyes and a frown set on his face as he stood at the top of the stage.

“On the other hand, this guy barely made it past the first round! What kind of fight will he show us? From the hero course, it’s Midoriya Izuku!” Crystal watched Midoriya walking up, she prayed that Midoriya will do well in this. Iida who was watching beside Uraraka asked Tokoyami of what he thinks of the match.

Tokoyami answered that it depends on whether or not Midoriya can get close to Todoroki, Uraraka was worried as to how Midoriya can past Todoroki’s ice in which shown in the first round was a powerful attack and defence.

The first match of the second round started, Crystal felt nervous as she was rooting for both. Crystal watched as Todoroki uses his ice to attack Midoriya, she saw Midoriya using his Smash moved but that only injured him, he was using his finger which gave him eight chances before they were all broken.

Crystal knew that Midoriya was doing it on purpose, defending Todoroki's attack one by one because Todoroki would slow down if he uses his ice quirk too much, she could already see the ice slowing him down when Midoriya destroyed the ice shot from Todoroki. Midoriya was lengthening the time, this is not a battle of power but a battle of endurance,

Midoriya's right arm was purple, he had used it to push Todoroki away, but he created a cage of ice to prevent him from being thrown out, Todoroki was smart, and he got an advantage because of how injured Midoriya was.

Crystal's eyes widen when she saw Todoroki's right arm, it was trembling, he had overexerted the usage of his ice quirk for those attack and his body was now taking a toll. She remembered his words from when he talks to Midoriya about not wanting to use his father's quirk if he does do so as he had said then he would lose to Midoriya if he realizes Todoroki's weakness.

"Midoriya-san!" Everyone in her class even Uraraka was surprised when she suddenly stood up and ran to the railing, Crystal gripped the bars tightly. Midoriya who heard her glance at her, she hoped he can understand her, hoping that he would win this.

"Come on! I know you can do this!" Crystal shouted and saw him smiling at her, she will be cheering for her friends no matter what.

"Todoroki-san! You too! Remember what I've told you!" Crystal shouted but then she saw the angry look on his face, then she heard Midoriya shouting his own words towards Todoroki.

The engaged in a fight, Todoroki was slowing down as ran towards Midoriya. Midoriya in a shocking turn around, manage to land a hit on Todoroki, Todoroki looks angry at him but when he used the ice it was coming more slowly.

Midoriya and Todoroki began to fight and Midoriya landing punches on Todoroki, Crystal could see how beaten up his fingers were, he kept using them even when they were already turning a dark purple.

"Todoroki-san! You wanted to be a hero, right?!" Crystal shouted and she saw him slowing down with Midoriya landing another punch on him.

"It's your own power, isn't it?!" Both Midoriya and Crystal shouted towards Todoroki whose eyes widen when something inside him snapped. Their words affected him tremendously, those same words that gave him that hope when he was a child.

Crystal then felt a huge wave of heat before flames burst from Todoroki's left side, she had to move back from the intense heat and looks back to see Todoroki with fire on his left side, he had used it, he finally did it.

"I know you can do it, Todoroki-san! Be a hero you want to be!" Crystal doesn't know why she was feeling so happy but when she saw Todoroki being fired up, her whole body felt warm, she couldn't stop smiling.

Crystal saw both boys ready to land their finale move, she was rooting for both no matter who won, she believed in them. They attacked but Cementoss and Midnight tried to stop both of them before it was too late, they landed their attacks and blown up the walls that Cementoss had made creating a huge wind current that pushes everyone back, Crystal held onto the railing as her hair furiously flew back hitting Mineta in the face with her braid (just imagine him there).

The smoked cleared up and Crystal was shocked when she saw Midoriya falling to the ground out of the ring, Todoroki stood up on the stadium which means Todoroki won.

"Midoriya out of bounds! Todoroki advances to the third round" Midnight shouted, and Crystal saw the medic robots taking Midoriya away and Crystal sat back down to her seat, her heart thumping widely. Tears flow from her eyes, Uraraka was shocked and frantically asked Crystal if she was okay, Crystal nodded her head and wiped away her tears as a smile made its way to her face.

"Midoriya-san and Todoroki-san are amazing, someday, I want to be just like them, to be as confidents and brave like Midoriya. To be someone as strong and capable like Todoroki-san, and to face my own fear." Crystal said before she stood up from her seat, Uraraka asked where she was going, and Crystal smiled before heading towards the hallways towards a certain dual haired boy.

Crystal spotted Todoroki but saw that Endeavor was there as well, she stops in her track and hid behind a wall, the two seems to be talking and Crystal didn't want to interrupt them whether or not Endeavor's attention was talked to Todoroki about the used of his left side. Crystal looks up at the ceiling before she lifted her hand towards her face, she wonders if she could manage to do something like Todoroki had done.

"Aimoto," Crystal jumped when she felt a presence beside her, she places her hand on her rapidly beating heart caused by the surprised. She looks at her side and it was Todoroki standing beside her with his arm leaning on the wall as he looks at her, Crystal push herself off the wall and faced Todoroki.

"What are you doing here?" Todoroki asked but then he saw the smile on her face and how her eyes were slightly red, was she crying.

"To congratulate you and for what you did back there, Midoriya really punched a good one in you." Crystal grinned happily, Todoroki gazed into her shining dark brown eyes that were twinkling with happiness and it was directed towards him, he felt a thump inside his chest.


"Shoto," Todoroki was about to tell her something when he heard his father's voice, he didn't want Crystal to meet him, he didn't want to see her lose her smile that he came to appreciate, her beautiful smile.

"Come on," Todoroki grabbed Crystal's hand and walked away, Crystal looks back to see Endeavor looking at her intently before she cut their gaze off.

Todoroki lead her into the participant's room and he let go of her hand, Crystal waited for Todoroki to speak but he didn't and just walked over to a desk and she saw that it had a new pair of the gym uniform on it, he was going to change judging from his tattered one.

"My match is going to be up next, I'll let you change." Crystal said to Todoroki as she turns around and places her hand on the doorknob, another hand placed on top of hers, the hand was bigger and engulf her smaller ones.

"Don't you need this?" Todoroki said towards the bracelet that was on his wrist, miraculously, it was still in perfect shape. Crystal knew that Todoroki needs it more than she does, she turns her head to him and shook her head.

"All the support and luck I need is in here, I think you need it more than I do in your next match. I'll be cheering for you, Todoroki-san. You can return it back after the festival," Crystal said and gently smiled at the boy who looks at her before his arms awkwardly circled around her, Crystal's body went stiff and so does Todoroki.

"Um... Thank you for saying those words to me, you help me alongside Midoriya and giving me the bracelet as well." Todoroki said looking away as he was embarrassed that he was doing something like this, he glanced downwards to see her reaction and Todoroki felt his heart squeeze when he saw her face.

Crystal's face was beet red as she was comprehending as the arms that felt so warm and comforting around her belongs to the boy that she had gotten close to, Todoroki's cheek turns into a soft pink hue just by seeing her embarrassed red face. Crystal didn't want to push him away as that would be rude and to hug him back will surely not be good for her heart.

'What is this feeling inside my chest?' Crystal and Todoroki both asked as their heartbeats are synchronized, the two only hope that the other person wouldn't notice. Crystal's thought were all scattered as she didn't know what to do or to think, the feelings being in Todoroki's embrace had made her mind malfunction to think clearly, to feel so safe and secure, when was the last time she felt like that? When was the last time she received a hug that made her reminds her of the happy memories of her childhood with her mother?

'Todoroki-san, thank you. Thank you so much and for giving me hope that I needed, I will accept the name of Aimoto and change it.' Crystal whispered inside her head as she gathered all her courage and embraced him back, placing her head on his chest as his heartbeat calms her down, Crystal was glad to have to meet Todoroki and to be able to aid him even just a little bit.

Chapter Text

“Let’s start the next match, shall we?!” The loud voice of Present Mic caused the two students to jump away from each other when both realized as to how long they were in that position, both were averted their eyes anywhere except for the other person.

“I’ll go first,” Crystal said looking down as she fiddled with her fingers, she bowed her head towards Todoroki and ran out of the room almost as fast as Iida, Todoroki sat on a chair and covered his face with his hand.

“Why am I acting this way?” He grumbled to himself as he still felt the feeling of her body against him, just remembering it again made the blush travel to his ears. He was just glad that his body didn’t burst into flames from the sheer embarrassment, he glanced at his wrist where the bracelet was, the snowflake piece was as delicate as the owner was.

In the hallway, Crystal places her hand on a wall as she took a few deep breaths to calm her beating heart down. Her face was full-on red, she fans her face to reduce the warmth. She straightens her body and looks around the area to see no one, the second match must be starting now, Crystal thought of going to see Midoriya but with her face still flushed, she thought against it, she would be bombarded with questions if she shows up like that.

Crystal went to the bathroom to cool her face, she splashes her face with water and stared into the mirror. Dark browns eyes stared back at her, it reminded her of a person, a male who caused her so much pain, sorrow and sadness. The same eyes as that person who treated her like what Endeavor had treated Todoroki, would she be able to face him head-on? Would she be able to stand up for her own and her mother against him like what had Todoroki done?

“It doesn’t matter now, he’s gone along with her... but why do I still afraid, why do I still have these nightmares?!” Crystal shouted at herself, furious at her herself for still being weak. Tears ran down her cheeks, she tried to wipe them away, but they kept flowing like a river. Crystal felt suffocated, why was she even born, will her mother been happier if she was not here, will her mother be loved if her father had received a son with a powerful quirk than a daughter that would not show progress.

“No matter what, I will still love you, my lovely daughter. No other will ever replace you in my heart and I am grateful for God to have descended me such an angel as my child.” The soft voice appeared inside Crystal’s min, a scene where her mother hugs her, softly stroking her onyx coloured hair as little Crystal sobbed on the woman’s shirt.

“M-Mama, I-I d-don't want to b-be like f-father,” Little Crystal sobbed out with her eyes red and arms bruised from the harsh training. The woman strokes her hair again before hugging little Crystal closer, whispering encouraging words to her, that everything will be okay.

Crystal lifts her head up again and she realizes that if she still sticks to her past, she will never escape his grasps. She pulled the zipper of her top down and shifted the top off her left shoulder where an ugly red scared contrast against her own pale skin, he left this as a sign but if she thinks it like that, she will be remembered as a weakling.

“You said this scar was a sign of weakness to me, to show me that I can’t be the strongest but you’re wrong,” Crystal said as she traces the ends of the scar.

“But to me, this shows how strong I am, to how I am still standing on my own two feet against what you have said. I am still and will achieve what I aim for and that’s to show everyone that the name Aimoto you created with your power will change, I’ll show everyone that I don’t need such a status from my birth to get me at top.” Crystal smiled as the pit of fighting spirit sparks back inside her heart, she pulled her top back and zip it again before gazing into the mirror.

These eyes even the same as his will not replace who she truly is, she will not be a tool to a dead person, she will control her own life and her own power just like her mother had always said to her. Crystal place her hand against the mirror and in turn shows a reflection of her own person, a person who will fight against her darkness, a person who will save those she cares for.

Crystal waited at the Players Waiting Room for her match and she was determined to win this, to be the number one and recognized not by her family name Aimoto but as Crystal, a girl that rose to the top with her own strength.

[Fourth Match]

“On the left side, we have the beauty with thorns. From the hero course and Class 1-B, Shiozaki Ibara!” Present Mic shouted the name of one of the opponents for the fourth match for the second round, the girl looking like an angel walks up the steps towards the stage.

“And on the right side, with her blooming from a bud into a beautiful flower. From the hero course as well, Class 1-A, Aimoto Crystal!” Everyone exploded in cheers when the girl walks up the steps, eyes filled with determination. Crystal was battling to the spot for the next round, Shiozaki had lost to Iida in the second match and was now against her.

“Shiozaki-san, I apologies in advance if I sustain you any injuries.” Crystal said as she stood in front of the vine head girl from Class 1-B, Crystal bowed her head slightly.

“No, it is alright, Aimoto-san. Let’s battle without any bloodshed,” Shiozaki said and Crystal straightened her back as she smiled happily at Shiozaki before agreeing with her. Crystal stepped back and Midnight whipped her thing (I don’t know what she was holding) and the match started, Shiozaki manoeuvred her hair to attack towards Crystal but Crystal jumped into the air as she somersaults from the vines. In addition, she threw a few seeds and activated her quirk, she slashes them to grip onto Shiozaki’s vines.

With both of their quirks being similar and Crystal not having enough materials on her at the moment, it could seem it would be a draw but Crystal using her own vines avoided Shiozaki’s continuous attack before she stood right in front of her and grabbed the collar of Shiozaki’s top along with her elbow. Crystal took advantaged when Shiozaki froze in her spot before she swept her feet underneath and she slams Shiozaki on the floor.

She held Shiozaki’s arm and rested the end of her elbow on her neck, stopping any advances that Shiozaki would make. Shiozaki tried to use her hair but Crystal counter that with her own vines, not having any more chances to do, Shiozaki sighs.

“I shall give up,” She said and Midnight who was a bit stunned whips her thing and announced the winner.

“Shiozaki-san gave up! Aimoto-san is the winner!” When Crystal heard it, she releases Shiozaki from her grasp and helped her stand back up by offering her hand in which she accepted it. Crystal apologized for the surprised moved that she did on her but Shiozaki said that it alright and that she was amazed by her moves. Crystal smiled happily at Shiozaki before bowing her head and walk off towards the tunnel, now she must wait for her next match in the third round and by her calculation of possibilities, she would be facing Tokoyami next since Bakugou will certainly win against him.

“Tokoyami-san’s Dark Shadow is strong and his only weakness against the light which her quirk doesn’t have, darkness will only make Dark Shadow stronger so encasing him in a dome would not be an option.” Crystal began mumbling to herself with her hand on her chin as she thinks of a strategy for her next match.

“Aimoto Crystal, daughter of the previous Number Three, Aimoto Homura.” Crystal’s dark brown eyes widen when she heard the name of her father, she snapped her head up and saw Endeavor towering over her with a smug face on, she glared at him and passed by him, she had just forgotten that damn of a father not too long and know a person who was one of the sole reason her father treated her like that was reminding her of him. Just before she could get away, his next sentence caused her to freeze immediately to her spot as her face hair hid her eyes that turn dead and cold.

“Shame that such a power quirk user such as Homura died to protect your mo-”

“SHUT UP!” Crystal shouted, cutting Endeavor off when he was about to mention her mother, Endeavor looks over to the girl, her hand clenched so tightly that her fists were turning white. Crystal turns her head towards Endeavor and eyes full of hatred and sorrow was shot towards Endeavor, even the Number Two Hero was a bit surprised seeing such a look on the girl’s young face, he had seen that look in person, the same look as his son, Shoto wore whenever they converse.

“Don't you dare speak of my mother and never mention any of my parents to me ever again,” Her voice cold that it even made the area around them felt rigid like winter, Crystal turns back and walked away. Endeavor looks over at the girl that had piqued his interest at not only her origin but also those eyes of hers, he turns his eyes away before walking away with a new plan inside his head, he will not let this chance pass by easily.

(Fifth Match of Second Round)

Crystal walks back to her friends, they felt a sudden chill when she walks to her seat and that they were shocked to see such a furious look on her gentle looking face, Uraraka and Tokoyami scooted a bit when Crystal sat down in the seat between them, they wonder if Crystal has an ice quirk because they felt like they were in winter, they shivered as the temperature drop more.

“Umm...Crystal-chan, are you okay?” Uraraka warily asked the angry-looking onyx-hair girl who noticed how her friends were acting, her cold stone face disappeared in an instant replacing with her usual gentle-like expression.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was thinking about something, Ochaco-chan.” Crystal said smiling at her Uraraka was a relief to see the smile back on her friend’s face. Uraraka handed Crystal a drink in which Crystal thanked her before taking a sip that quenched her thirst, Crystal finished the drink but then she remembered about Midoriya.

“Is Midoriya-san okay?” Crystal asked Uraraka who’s face turns sad, Uraraka said that when they visited him at Recovery Girl’s nurse office, he was about to go into surgery. Crystal gasped, was it that serious but remembering back to his match, he had gotten really beat up.

“But I’m sure he’s okay, Recovery Girl will do an amazing job,” Uraraka said and Crystal nodded her head, Midoriya is stronger than that. Crystal looks at the stage to see Bakugou battling against Kirishima, the fifth match was already starting, she analyzes how Kirishima used his Hardening Quirk to throw punches at Bakugou and since it made his whole body harden, Bakugou’s explosion does little damage to his body.

“Kirishima gets his chin! His chin!” Crystal heard from the booth beside Class A, it was Tetsutetsu from Class B shouting towards Kirishima, never knew that those two had become friends but then again those two acts similar so no wonder they would get along after their battle in the first round.

“Bakugou’s having a hard time fighting back against Kirishima’s fierce attacks!” Crystal returns her attention back and it does look like Bakugou was in trouble as he had only been dodging Kirishima’s punches, Crystal was a bit concerned, Bakugou on the defensive side which he rarely does as he usually attacks but then again, he’s not only brawned but also brains. He must be strategizing a plan to win the match, Crystal watched with attention to see what will happens next.

“Bakugou counters again!” Present Mic shouted and Crystal saw that Bakugou attack Kirishima again but this time it affected him, Kirishima must have reached the limit of his quirk. Crystal could see that excited look on Bakugou before he continuously attacks Kirishima with his explosion, Kirishima covered his face against the intensity of the blows but with one last attack, Kirishima was defeated.

“Kirishima-kun is immobilized! Bakugou-kun wins!” Midnight announced and Crystal was amazed, he could hear Tetsutetsu beside their booth and that’s the last match for the second round, all five were now chosen.

“Do your best Crystal-chan, show them what you got!” Uraraka cheered as she demonstrates punches, Crystal chuckled before thanking Uraraka. Crystal looks at Tokoyami and nodded her head, he replies with his own nod, he knew that if he loses his battle against Bakugou, Crystal would be his opponent.

“Let’s do our best then,” Tokoyami said, Crystal smiled. Only a few more and then the real battle towards the number one spot will begin. Tokoyami excused himself to head over to the waiting room first, Crystal said that she will wait here as she wants to watch the others.

The first match for the third round was about to begin and Crystal saw both Todoroki and Iida walking towards the stage. Crystal wonders if Todoroki was okay and if he was able to use his flames again.

“Deku-kun!” Crystal heard Uraraka, she turns her head and Midoriya was walking here with a bit of a slump to his stance, his arms and torso were in bandages.

“Midoriya-chan, your surgery went well?” Asui asked worryingly for the green-haired boy, Midoriya nodded his head saying that Recovery Girl had healed him enough to be able to walk, Uraraka asked why he was here as he should be resting and Crystal agreed with her but Midoriya said that he was alright.

“I want to properly watch the efforts of everyone who wants to become a hero,” Midoriya said and Crystal was surprised but he was right, other than her everyone was aiming for the same goal, to be a hero and those who she’ll be up against will be an obstacle that she has to concur.

Chapter Text

“The first match of the semifinals!” Crystal looks over towards the stage where two of her classmates stood up against each other, Iida and Todoroki. She wonders if Todoroki would be able to use his fireside again as he still doubted himself but she knew that he needs some time to think as a decision you hold onto from a child until now is hard to let go. 

“With both of them from hero families, it’s a battle of the elites! From the hero course, it’s Iida Tenya!” Iida stood confidently on the stage, even with a deep frown, Crystal wished for his success as well. 

“Versus--- Also from the hero course, Todoroki Shoto!” Present Mic announced and Crystal looks down to Todoroki’s wrist where her bracelets settle, she grasped her hands and prayed that somehow her voice would reach him once again for him to win the battle along with Iida.  

“START!” The battle commenced and Todoroki initiated the first string of attacks by sending a streak of ice towards Iida, he dashes to the right with his Engine with fluid movement, but Todoroki sends another wall of ice blocking Iida’s route of escape from both sides. The crowd goes wild cheering for both opponents as two possess strong and capable quirks, with a strong gust of wind circling Todoroki, he sends forwards a blaze of ice onwards towards Iida. 

“Wow, a standing long jump!” Uraraka astonished as they all witness Iida using his Engine to jump over the ice wave towards Todoroki who seems to be taken back before Iida sends a swift kick towards him but Todoroki dodges quickly before he got hit on the head. Iida slides back before he quickly recovers as he swung his body back and sends a perfect downwards kick onto Todoroki’s back, Crystal gasped as she can imagine the pain of impact from the kick. 

“A direct hit!” Todoroki created a layer of ice underneath Iida’s feet but he was late before Iida grabbed him by the back of his PE uniform and dashes towards the end of the stage with speed, everyone gasped as they waited as to what will happen next. Crystal then spotted something that made her eyes widen as what she saw was ice plugging the mufflers of Iida’s Engine calf of his left leg and it was at that moment that Iida himself noticed it. 

Crystal saw ice formed underneath Todoroki’s foot and hand that held onto Iida’s arm, ice travels up onto Iida’s body, trapping him in a case of ice that immobilized him frozen. Todoroki stood up as Iida frozen to the stop only his head free from the solid ice, everyone was surprised to be the least from the sudden change of the situation but Crystal watched as the dual haired boy look at his left hand with a confused look on his face. 

“Iida-kun is immobilized! Todoroki-kun wins!” Midnight declares and the crowd cheers for the boy who had advanced to the final without showing his flames like what he had did previously, Midoriya and Uraraka were both silent as they were worried about Iida, Crystal knew that even with a defeat like this, he will not be down as he is someone who will rise from a mistake to be better.  

[Second Match towards the Finals]  

“Dark Shadow can’t switch to the offensive with the light from the explosion, it’s the worst matchup,” Uraraka said as they all watched how Tokoyami was trying to hold off Bakugou from his vicious attacks of the explosion, they all remembered when Tokoyami said that his weakness was light but Bakugou had not known about the fact. 

“Tokoyami-kun might have a chance,” Midoriya said and Crystal watched as Bakugou sends another series of explosions towards Tokoyami, he was fast that’s for sure and he used his quirk to be able to move swiftly around to attack at any angle. Bakugou jumps over to attack Dark Shadow, the light of the explosion made Dark Shadow slower to attack back, Bakugou landed behind Tokoyami before he raised both of his hands, small sparks began to burst between the space of his hands. 

“Stun Grenade!” Bakugou created such a huge explosion that it made a cluster of smoke that covers the area where the two opponents were standing, even Present Mic was on his toes to see what had happened. Crystal watched as the smoke cleared up and from what she had predicted in the beginning, Bakugou stood above Tokoyami, holding onto his beak with his other hand creating a light of explosion to suppress Dark Shadow which means he had known Dark Shadow’s weakness. 

“Tokoyami-kun gives up! Bakugou-kun wins!” Midnight announced and Crystal looks over at Bakugou, he is such a strong opponent, he knew what to look for to know how to defeat his opponent.  

“It’s too bad about Tokoyami-kun...” Crystal agreed with Uraraka, Seto added in that he thought Tokoyami would win and then Kaminari joked how if he had lost then he isn't that invincible, she also could hear the Class 1-B students talking about the match.  

“I should go right now,” Crystal stood up from her seat, Uraraka said that she will be cheering for her and Midoriya said to do her best in the match. Crystal couldn’t help but smile at how she felt warm inside, she went to the Player’s Waiting Room to wait for her turn, for her battle. 

[Uraraka’s view] 

“I can't wait for the Aimoto kid’s battle,” Uraraka heard the whispers of the people sitting near their booth, they must be talking about Crystal, her friend. Crystal is a powerful quirk user among the others in the class but it was a bit of a shock at how many of the people here were talking about her. 

“Deku-kun, Crystal-chan is quite popular, isn’t she?” Uraraka asked the bandaged boy who nodded his head as he also heard the words from the audience as they all waited for the final match of the semifinals. 

“I think it’s connected to her family name, Aimoto,” Midoriya said and Uraraka looks at him questionably, Midoriya took out his notebook in which Uraraka asked herself in what portal did he pulled that out from. Midoriya flips through a few pages with his good hand until he stops at a page and showed it to Uraraka, she looks at the top title which was ‘Homusubi: The Fire God of Heroes’ and she saw the kid like drawing of a pro hero. 

“Homusubi, he was the Third Best Hero in Japan just behind All Might and Endeavor back 12 years ago. He was only 19 when he rose the ranks within just a few months of service which was astonishing to the older heroes, his quirk is called the Sun God which allows him to manipulate the power of the sun and its properties, he mostly uses it to create fires that he would control almost similar to Endeavor’s.” Midoriya explained the hero that was noted down in his old notebook, Uraraka’s brown eyes widen at how amazing this hero was. 

“But his weakness prevents him from rising to the Number One spot which he couldn’t use his quirk in a long period of time but he is strong even without his quirk, he’s a master in martial arts and he was very popular among the people of Japan.” Midoriya points at kid-like drawings of the hero doing a few tricks which Uraraka found adorable. 

“But what does Homusubi-san have to do with Crystal-chan?” Uraraka asked as she read a few sentences about the hero on the page until her eyes spotted a name with the characters that she recognized of the name. 

“Homusubi-san’s real name is Aimoto Homura, I think he’s Aimoto-san's father,” Midoriya said and in his mind, he remembered back to the pro hero and how he can see some resemblance of the hero in Crystal especially her eyes. When he had first met Crystal, he had thought about the connection but he wanted to wait, Crystal had never mentioned any of her family members to any of them. 

“It must be a coincidence that she might have the same name as him, right?” Uraraka asked Midoriya but he looks at the crowd, even if it was true, why would the crowd be excited to see her battles, it must be the truth that Homusubi, Aimoto Homuta is Crystal’s father. 

“From the murmurs of the people, they must be related. To add this, her mother which is Homusubi-san’s wife, was the Fairy Hero, Gardenia.” Midoriya flipped a few pages and it settles on a page which mentioned about the female hero. Uraraka notices that there is a picture of the hero rather than a child-like sketched, she softly gasped when she saw the face of the hero. 

“She looks like Crystal-chan,” Uraraka said and Midoriya nodded his head, he had found his old notebook when he was tidying his room and he remembered the picture, he still doubts at first but in today, from the talk among the crowd, Crystal must be Gardenia’s and Homusubi’s child. 

“From when I was a kid, I remembered that there was some news that the two had a child that was the same age as me but it was never revealed to the media other than they had a child. That was around 12 years ago,” Midoriya said, Uraraka read more through the notebook and noticed a certain detail that was written in both pages for the two heroes. 

“The two famous hero couple lost their lives in a battle against a villain 12 years ago, many mourn their death as they had lost such two great pro heroes in the hands of evil. Both her parents had died?!” Uraraka’s voice almost cracked when her mind gathered it, her friend that she had gotten so close too for the past month, to know that she had lost her parents to a villain. 

“Yeah, many were very upset but I don’t know if I believe even with all of these. I don’t want to assume things that might hurt Aimoto-san, maybe we should wait until she tells us herself about her family.” Midoriya said, even he felt sadden knowing about it but he wants to hear it from Crystal herself if she was the daughter of the two famous pro hero couple from 12 years ago.  

“Yeah, I think it’s the best way. Let’s just focus on cheering for her,” Uraraka said, Midoriya nodded his head before he tucks away his notebook but both couldn't help but think that their friend, Crystal has something that she was keeping away from them, something that made them feel worrisome for her and they want to help their friend that they had gotten to know. 

[Somewhere in an old building] 

“Would you like a drink, Commander?” Kurogiri asked as he wipes the glasses, a man wearing a black suit walks in, his dark red hair swept back professionally revealing his sharp dark brown eyes, many females that pass by him, he would be considered a very handsome man from his youthful look. The man sat down on one of the bar stools before ordering a glass of cold water, Kurogiri looks at him for a moment before fetching the simple boring drink. 

“Have you finished your mission?” Kurogiri asked as he set the glass down, the man, whom the league of villains addresses as Commander sat there silent as he accepted the glass of water. Kurogiri knew the answer even with the silence as he could smell the essence of iron on the man’s black suit, there was a bit of a dark red stain on his white shirt underneath the blazer which to him was a bit of blood. 

Commander’s dark brown eyes were dull as if no emotions were present in his eyes, so dull that if he stood in the corner, he would be considered a doll at how emotionless he looks. Kurogiri return to his duty behind the table with the man silently staring at the empty glass that he held, he loosens his black tie and you can see a glimpse of something silver underneath his white dress shirt. 

The man watched the swirls of the clear water in the glass, a pair of gentle blue eyes stared back at him from the water. His mouth opens for a bit and if you look closely, you would have seen a glimpse of something appear in his dull dark brown ones but disappeared as quick as it appears as the reflection of those blue gems swirled away. 

“Commander looks like you have another mission to finished. Make sure it’s as clean as usual, no evidence left behind and no survivors,” Kurogiri stood from behind the table in front of the dark red-haired man, he handed him a file in which the man took before standing up from the stool.  

“Understood,” His voice deep and dark spoke out as he tucked the file underneath his arms and stepped out of the room into the dark alleyways of the run-down building, the shadows hid his body within the darkness, his dark soulless eyes gleam dangerously as he disappeared into the alley on his way to please his teacher and leader. 

Chapter Text

Crystal sat on the chair inside the Player’s Waiting Room for her battle against Tokoyami, and it would be in a few more minutes to give some time for her opponent to rest. After this battle, three students will remain, and a randomizer will pick the opponents for the first battle of the finals. Crystal sat silently with her hands on the desk with her head down, thinking of so many things that will determine her win, so she will be able to go to the finals. 

“La La... La La La...” a breeze came through the slips of the door into the room, Crystal’s bangs swept gracefully gaining her attention as she looks at a few colourful leaves floats around to her even one with the colour of sky blue floats onto her open palm. 

“A leaf?” Crystal examined it closer, the leaf even with its unusual colour was sparkling in the light of the room, it captivated her. She twirls the leaf around just gazing at how beautiful it looks with everything around her disappear, she felt somewhat calm seeing the colour of the leaf, what kind of tree have this kind of colour of leaves. 

“Come here, my child.” A voice sounded in the empty room, there was no other person in the room except for her. Then her mind went blank the moment those words enters her ear, her hand drops the leaf on the table as Crystal slowly stood up from the chair, her eyes were blank as her stare was. 

Crystal’s began to move as if it has a mind of its own, her feet walk her towards the door and magically the door opens by itself, she steps out and began to walk along the hallway in a straight line towards the forest area outside the arena. A few people noticed the first-year student and they recognized the girl who would be in the next battle, they were about to approach her but the second they blinked their eyes, she disappeared like a ghost.  

“Did you see where she’d gone?” A few people asked around as they were interested to talk to the student, pro heroes that were passing by had noticed that a few people were gathered conversing about something with a serious face on. 

“That looks interesting, what are they talking about?” Mt. Lady said as she pointed it out to Kamui Woods who sighs as the woman’s lack of responsibility to their task at hand which was to watch the area of the arena for any suspicious individuals. 

“I’ll go and ask!” Mt. Lady said before dashing excitingly towards the group of people leaving Kamui Woods dumbfounded once again by her carefree actions, then a few leaves float by because of the wind but the colours were slightly different.  

“Has Autumn came early this year?” He questioned as a few red and yellow leaves float by. 

“Hello there!” Mt. Lady stood in the middle of the people grouping as they were talking about something, a few males recognized the famous beauty hero and immediately blushed before saying their admiration.  

“What are all of you talking about just now? Seems interesting,” Mt. Lady asked sweetly and the guys that were fawning over her said that they spotted one of the students for the Sports Festival was walking out of the arena, they were going to ask her a few questioned and congratulate her but she disappeared before they could approach. 

“A student? Oh my, that won’t do. Hey! Kamui!” Mt. Lady shouted for her companion, he didn’t want to go at first, but he reluctantly did if not, she would pester him more. Mt. Lady told Kamui about the student and he thanked the people for the details, he then asked Mt. Lady to look for the said student as if she were a participant in the Sports Festival, she should not wander out alone outside the arena. 

“Okay!” Mt. Lady saluted happily before she walks around looking for the said student, Kamui as well gone and began to ask the people around if they had seen a UA student walking around alone. Most said that they haven’t, but a child said that he saw someone entering the forest alone just a few minutes ago. 

“Thank you, kid.” Kamui Woods said as he patted the boy’s head in which the boy’s eye sparkled with admiration, Kamui Woods went into the forest and began to look around. The trees were dense, and it was hard to see such a small person if they were walking around between the trees, he looks further and even climbs up on the trees to see from above but to no avail. 

“Wait,” Kamui stopped in his track when he spotted something dark ahead, it was dark blue almost midnight black. He ran towards it and to his surprise was a young student, a girl he recognized to be Aimoto Crystal, one of the students that were going to be battling soon. She was passed out on the grassy floor with flowers surrounding her like a bed, butterflies flew around, such a magnificent sight as if he found the sleeping princess of the forest.  

“Did someone attack her?” Kamui Woods began to look around but sense and saw no silhouette of any other than the two, he went closer and picked the girl up. He entered the arena in the back door which was away from the crowd of people if not they would question as to why a student was unconscious, it would create panic and Kamui knew that he has to report this if by some reason a villain might be in the area. 

“Recovery Girl, I found this student passed out in the forest near the arena.” Kamui Woods entered the temporary clinic of Recovery Girl who immediately realized who the student was in his arms, she quickly instructs him to set her down on the bed as she would contact Aizawa. Kamui Woods lays the girl down on the bed as gently as he could to not do any damage as he doesn’t know why she was unconscious, Recovery Girl examined the girl searching for any injuries and thank goodness, there were none. 

“What happened to her?” Recovery Girl ask and Kamui Woods told her about how some people notice the girl saw her walking around outside the arena and entering the forest, he told Recovery Girl that he had found her passed out like that. 

“You can go now, I’ll take care of her.” Recovery Girl waved her hand at Kamui Woods who bowed his head before he went back to his post and to find Mt. Lady who might be slacking off. 

[In the Clinic]  

“Recovery Girl,” Aizawa entered the clinic full off bandages with Present Mic beside him, the match was about to start a few minutes ago but Aizawa had received the call from Recovery Girl, the match was put on hold for a few more minutes. 

“What going on here?” Present Mic comes in and saw one of his students on the bed, Recovery Girl told them what Kamui Wood had told her and Aizawa glance at the bed where the unconscious girl laid. Recovery Girl had said that there was nothing serious but for some reason, she won’t wake up. 

“If she isn’t awake in a few more minutes, the battle will be cancelled and Tokoyami-kun will be the winner by default.” Present Mic said and he sounded disappointed as even he was anticipating the match between those two like everyone else. Recovery Girl said that there is no telling when Crystal might wake up but then Aizawa stepped out of the room leaving the two others looking confusingly at each other. 

“I’m Here!” All Might appeared in the speed of light just seconds after Aizawa had exited the room, the said man entered nonchalantly. All Might in all his glory stood tall in the office much than the other three people, Present Mic asked why he was here and All Might politely ask if he and Aizawa to step out only leaving him and Recovery Girl in the room. 

“Young Aimoto will be ready for battle in a few minutes! Please say that the battle will be commencing!” All Might proudly say before Present Mic could ask any other questioned, Aizawa had kicked him out before the door closes behind him. All Might’s mighty form puffs out leaving his scrawny skinny form, as Toshinori Yagi, Recovery Girl asked if he knows how to wake the girl up and Toshinori nodded his head. 

“I hope this will work,” Toshinori stood beside the bed and he puts his hand on the girl’s forehead, he taps it twice before he pushes down on the palm of her hand. Suddenly a gasp sounded, and Crystal’s eyes shot open, her mouth taking deep gasps of air, Toshinori helped her stood up as Recovery Girl stood on the girl’s other side. 

“W-what?” Her voice slurred a bit as Crystal tries to comprehend what and where she was, she then recognized the presence of Recovery which helped her calm down a bit. 

“Thank goodness that you have woken up, dearie.” Recovery Girl said as she pats the girl on her back, Crystal looks at Recovery for a moment before she realized that there was another person beside her bed. It was of a very skinny man with sunken hollow cheeks and very deep dark eye bags, his yellow hair looks unkept a bit and he wore a very loose suit that looks way too big for his body but something about him reminds her of someone. 

“This is a friend of mine, he had helped me wake you up from your sudden unconsciousness.” Recovery Girl said and Toshinori loosens up a bit before he introduced himself to Crystal.  

“I’ve fainted again?” Crystal’s eyes widen once again, how many times has she end up in Recovery Girl’s office, Recovery Girl told Crystal as too how she ends up here. 

“I don’t remember going out of the Player’s Waiting Room,” Crystal said and Recovery Girl looks at Toshinori worriedly before she sighs and places her hands on top of Crystal’s hand that rested on her lap, Recovery Girl asks if she feels any pain or discomfort, Crystal shook her head. 

“Your match is going to start soon, you better get ready, I will contact Aizawa for your condition,” Toshinori said and Crystal nodded her head, she steps out from the bed and bowed her head towards the two, she thanked them for taking care of her before she made her way towards the hallway for her battle. 

“What did you do to wake her up?” Recovery Girl asked Toshinori as he hung up on his call to Aizawa, Toshinori sighs and sat down on a chair. 

“Her mother had once been in that condition, as her senior and brother-like figure, she taught me how to wake her up and for Crystal if she were to end up in the condition. She told me that it will happen if their quirk were in a stage of healing the body and mind, to gather energy when the body itself couldn’t, she said it wasn’t anything serious.” Toshinori told as he remembered that one time where he was teaching Kazuha about hero duties and she passed out suddenly, it had scared the living daylight out of him. 

“That girl worries me, especially that scar of hers.” Recovery Girl said and Toshinori went quiet, he said his goodbyes to his old friend, he went to watch the match that was about to begin as he could hear the crowds cheering and screaming. 

“I wish it was the same case as you once did Kazuha, it seems that the other will emerge sooner than we ever thought. Will she be able to handle it?” Toshinori asks himself as he gazes onto the stage where Crystal was standing facing of Tokoyami, his eyes worried for his goddaughter as she sends waves of vines to defeat her opponent. 

[Last battle of the semi-finals]  

“Sorry for the long wait! Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s continue the last match for the semi-finals, shall we!” Present Mic announced and fire sprouted out from the two ends of the stage, two opponents emerged from the gates, the crowd shouted cheers for both, and Class 1-A were cheering for their friends. 

“The boy that shrouded everything in darkness! From the hero course, Tokoyami Fumikage!” The bird head boy steps up towards the stage and faced his opponent head-on. 

“Flowers can have thorns as well! Also, from the hero course, Aimoto Crystal!” Crystal stood to lock her gaze with Tokoyami, the battle started and she rushed towards him with speed, Tokoyami sends Dark Shadow off to hold her back but timing his arrival, Crystal slides on the floor avoiding Dark Shadow before she sends an upwards kick from underneath towards Tokoyami’s chin. 

He fell back a bit as Crystal backflipped away, she took a defensive stance as she waited for Tokoyami’s attack, he regained his senses after receiving the surprising attack move. He sends Dark Shadow once again towards Crystal and made sure to watch at every angel not knowing when Crystal would surprise him again. 

“Dark Shadow!” Dark Shadow got a hold onto Crystal and he thought he got an advantaged as he was about to send her out of bounds before vines sprouted out from the gaps of Dark Shadow and wrapping around it, some vines entered the stage before sprouting out behind Tokoyami and wrapping him in a hold.  

Tokoyami tried to get Dark Shadow free but even if he was able to free it, with him immobilized like this, Crystal would still be able to hold herself off by dodging, he was also running out darkness to fuel Dark Shadow, he had thought that Crystal would make a dome to trap him but that would give him the advantage to get Dark Shadow stronger. 

“I give up...” Tokoyami sighs out disappointedly as he once again gave up his battle but he was satisfied with the progress as he knew that Crystal was a stronger opponent than she lets off. 

“Tokoyami-kun gives up! The winner is Aimoto-san!” Midnight shouted out and the crowd cheers from the results, Crystal exhaled before she releases Tokoyami and Dark Shadow from her vines. She bowed her head at Tokoyami and said that she was sorry for kicking him on his chin in which Tokoyami said that he was fine, he also congratulates her for being in the finals. 

Crystal thanked Tokoyami before they both retreated to their respective gates, as she steps out from the spotlight of the people's eyes, Crystal held her shaking hand. Her energy control had been acting up ever since she has woken up from the clinic, it was taking her a bit more time than usual to channel her energy to her seeds, she was lucky enough to activate them in time in the battle before Tokoyami could get her out of bounds.

"Let's hope it will be normal soon," Crystal said as her shaking stops and she went back to the booth of her classmates, they congratulate her for her winning the battle. Her dark brown eyes met with sharp red eyes that were telling her to die, Crystal smiled and said that she is happy to be facing off against any of the two.

"Like you can beat me, stupid! Facing against me, I'll win in a few seconds!" Bakugou threatened Crystal who just smiled before sitting down next to Uraraka who lunged at her into a bear hug her, Uraraka was happy for Crystal for having to get to the finals. Crystal laughed and thanked her, Midoriya looks at Crystal and notice something different, he had thought that he saw some pieces of Crystal's dark hair turning snow white but it disappears after he blinks. What did he saw a second ago?

Chapter Text


Japanese Name: 相本 来凜守誰瑠  

Hiragana: あいもとくりすたる

Meaning: 相 (together) 本 (real) 来 (ku, future) 凜 (ri, cold) 守 (su, protect) 誰 (ta, someone)  

瑠 (ru, lapis lazulli) 

Romanji Name: Aimoto Kurisutaru 

Alias: Crystal-chan / Aimoto-san  

Hero name: Crystal (Undecided) 

Gender: Female 

Blood type:

Occupation: 1st year at U.A. High School (Class 1-A) 

Status: Alive 

Combat: Long Rage Combat 

Personality: Agreeableness, quiet, gentle, a bit short-tempered, insecure, secretive, oblivious 

Quirk: Plant Growth 

Crystal can control the growth rate and size of any plants that are around a 10 feet radius, she can’t create her own plants, so she carries seeds with her. Crystal’s quirk requires energy that she collects from the plants around her, she gathered them inside her body before being used in battle. Crystal can heal injuries using the energy, she can also transfer it to another person to strengthen their energy, but she hasn’t mastered it yet (she will be coughing up blood if she does any longer). Crystal discovered that she can somewhat control the wind but only for a few seconds and with deep concentration.  


Crystal can only last for only how much energy she has (around 1-2 hours). To gather the energy back, she needs to be around trees or any plants for around half a day to be full again. She can recharge faster if there's a lot of trees around.


-Crystal loves reading books about plants or cute stories, she has a few books that belong to her mother. Crystal and Kazuha would make scrapbooks about flowers together whenever they had the time and they would plant flowers when they visited Kazuha's mother (Crystal's grandmother)

-Favourite drink: Rose tea and anything made from chocolate

-Favourite food: Zaru Soba and pastries

-Habits: Her feet would stomp nonstop if she's nervous, she would flinch when someone touches her left shoulder and she plays with her bangs when she's studying or concentrating on something

-Crystal has a very low tolerance to spicy food and she cannot handle even the tiniest spice

-Crystal has learned martial arts techniques from her grandmother before she died when Crystal was 13 years old, Crystal lives with her aunt, Hayashi Hanami after that in which they still lived in the grandmother's house that was left to Hanami.

Crystal's known U.A. Academic data as follows:

-She was placed 5th in the Entrance Exam

-She is number 20th in Class 1-A

-She had gotten 15th place during Aizawa's Quirk Apprehension Test


Ultra Analysis

Power  (4/5) B

Speed  (4/5) B

Technique  (5/5) A

Intelligent  (4/5) B

Cooperativeness (5/5) A

Mother vibe (6/5) S

The overall score ( 22/25 )

Chapter Text

"Hello, everybody! Let’s begin the finals with these three finalists!” Present Mic sounds excited when he announced, and the screen showed the faces of the three top students that made it to the final part of the Sports Festival. 

“First, the boy that shows amazing power! Todoroki Shoto! Second, he explodes like his temper! Bakugou Katsuki! And finally, a delicate flower, Aimoto Crystal! Let’s see who will be number one!” After introducing the three, the crowd began cheering, some already betting on who would win.  

“Let’s get it started!” Present Mic shouted along with the crowd of people in the arena, the screen showed two boxes and the camera moved to Midnight where she held a box, inside the box were the three candidates and she will pull out two names that will battle first. Everyone was on their toes as Midnight reached into the box and pulls out a piece of paper, she unfolded it and see the smirk on her face as she declares the first challenger. 

“Bakugou Katsuki!” Crystal's feet couldn’t stop tapping onto the floor even when Uraraka press her knees down to stop it, she was getting nervous, she watched as Midnight puts her hand inside the box again before pulling out another piece of paper. 

“And his opponent will be... Aimoto Crystal!” Midnight shouted out and Crystal felt her body froze like ice, she could hear the whispers, the cheers from the crowd beside their booth and she could feel the murderous aura from a certain spiky blonde boy behind her. 

“Don’t worry, Crystal-chan! I know you’ll beat his ass!” Uraraka cheered which Bakugou heard and shouted at her, he called her Bubble Face and Crystal laughed a bit as she saw the two bickerings. 

“Good luck, Aimoto-san.” Crystal looks over at Midoriya and she couldn’t help but smile, she was grateful to have friends by her side.  

“I will, thank you, Midoriya-san.” Crystal said, she looks back at the angry Bakugou who’s butting head against each other with the tension between them, she was quite surprised to see the bubbly and sweet Uraraka turning so fierce and powerful against Bakugou.  

“Bakugou-san, let’s have a fair battle.” Crystal said and Bakugou glares at her from his seat, even with a tempered that is rage like fire, he was a powerful and smart person that wants to win to prove that he can be the number one. Crystal headed towards the Player’s Waiting Room and waited for her call to go to the stage for her battle, as she was heading there, she bumped into a young woman. 

“Oh, I’m sorry. I should watch where I was going, are you alright, miss?” Crystal helped the woman up, she noticed that the woman was wearing a hero costume which was consist of a black skintight suit that had a mask covering the bottom half of her face only revealing her eyes that were light pink. Around her waist was a red obi with flower and leaves pattern, she wore black fingerless gloves that reached her elbows, her hair was midnight black that was tied into a high ponytail, she resembles a ninja to Crystal. 

“No worries,” The woman said and walked away, Crystal looks at the woman, her eyes sparkling because the woman looks so cool. Then she snapped out from her admiration as she went to the room to wait for her battle against one of the strongest students in her class. 

[First Battle]  

“Let’s get this battle started! The boy that goes Boom Boom Boom! From the hero course, Bakugou Katsuki!” The crowd goes screaming as Bakugou stepped out from the hall with a huge scowl on his face, he must be pissed off a bit because he had to face against a girl again. Crystal walks up towards the stage with Present Mic introducing her again to the crowd which many began to cheer, she can hear Uraraka and her friends from their booth cheering for her. 

“Start!” As soon as the whistle was sounded, Bakugou immediately launched himself towards Crystal with his explosion and swung his right hand towards her face, Crystal held her arm in front of her face before his quirk exploded tearing her right sleeve, she ran to the side and send a few seeds towards Bakugou and Crystal swirled her hand around as vines pop out, it headed towards Bakugou and before they could trap him, he flew away with his explosions avoiding every vine attack Crystal sent. 

“Show me a better fight, you weed!” Bakugou shouted out and advanced at a speed as he grabbed Crystal’s left sleeve and swung her towards the edge of the stage, vines sprouted out just before Crystal could be thrown out, she slammed against the cage of vines and Bakugou shot himself to punch Crystal on her stomach. 

“Gah!” Crystal gasped in pain from the punch, she sends a vine to get Bakugou away from her as she clenched her stomach, it throbs painfully, he was really not holding back even if his opponent was a girl and that made Crystal smile, even with a tough attitude, he knows that to be a hero, he had to face any difficulties. 

“I’ve gotten worse than that,” Crystal muttered underneath her breath as she stood back up, she places her palms against each other before her hand glowed and all of a sudden, roots wrapped around Bakugou before he could comprehend what had happened. He began to trash and from the gasp of the roots, smoke came out as explosion scattered inside the grip cage that the roots were surrounding him. 

“What the hell is this?!” Bakugou shouted out with his teeth bared like an angry tiger towards Crystal, she explained that when he had punched her, she had thrown seeds onto his uniform before she activated her quirk. Crystal lifted her hand up and the roots lifted Bakugou up, it would be a quick win after she threw him out of bounds but before she can even do that, a large explosion exploded at Bakugou creating a huge smoke ball that covered the whole stage area, preventing the cameras and the crowd from seeing what was happening. 

“Ugh!” Crystal received a series of punches, she tries to avoid them using her arms and even sending a few of her own but she couldn’t see anything with the smoke, a solid punch went to her cheek and send her to the ground, her cheeks hurt as she tries to regain her composure. 

“Show me what you got, you scum!” Crystal could hear Bakugou’s voice among the smoke, Crystal smiled and wiped the bit of blood that trickled down her mouth with her arm, Crystal got the chance and swipe the smoke away using her vines creating wind. The smoke cleared and she saw Bakugou attacking from the side and blocked his hand with her arm, she sends an upper kick hitting him on the head, slamming him down to the stage. 

Crystal grabbed his right hand and twist it behind him as she sat on his back preventing him from moving, he struggled underneath her hold and Crystal can say even without his quirk, Bakugou is strong, so strong that she was having trouble holding him down. His left arm came and pulled her left sleeve, making her fall off of him and he faces his palm towards her face, the explosion created a few scratches but nothing serious, Crystal somersaulted away from Bakugou as he sends another wave of explosion towards her. 

“My energy is low,” Crystal muttered as she can feel her body getting tired, she had not recharged her energy fully after her battle against Tokoyami, it almost reached her limit and she wouldn’t have time to absorb energy from her vines with Bakugou continues attacks towards her. 

“You bastard!” Bakugou appeared in front of her so fast that Crystal blocked his explosion with both hands, it results in her being thrown back and she slid on the concrete of the stage, both of her sleeves were burned, Crystal eyes go wide and her body went cold, rigid. 

‘No... No!’ Crystal shouted to herself when she saw a small glimpse of her scar exposed from the burnt material of her sleeve, she quickly moves her braid to cover it, she began to sweat and hyperventilate, did anyone saw it, there were so many eyes on her that she felt suffocated, she has to get away, get away from those judging eyes, the eyes of pity, she didn’t want that. 

“I’ll win this battle!” Bakugou came flying fast before he grips her collar tightly, her feet dangled as he lifted her up from the ground and slammed her back onto the floor, Crystal let out a loud gasp and pain shot through her entire body from the impact. 

“Get up!” Bakugou shouted at Crystal as he held her collar, she didn’t move as a shadow covered her eyes. Bakugou lifted her up a bit and his red eyes widen when he saw her eyes, they weren’t their usual dark brown one but rather, they were blue gems. 

“Get up, you plant bastard! What the hell is wrong with you?” Bakugou screamed at her face as Crystal’s eyes stare at him, then vines shot from underneath her pushing Bakugou away from Crystal, she slowly stood up and Bakugou rises to his feet, wiping away the blood from his cheek. He glared at Crystal, he couldn’t see her eyes as her bangs were hiding them but he could see her swaying when she stood up. 

“What are you standing there for, you bastard!” Bakugou launched himself into the air and using his explosion, he began to spin towards Crystal like a missile, the wind spun around him as his hand glowed ready to release a huge strike, everyone was on the edge of their toes as they watched as the girl only stood there not doing anything. 

“Howitzer Impact!” Roots broke through the concrete and shield Crystal but it didn't stop Bakugou’s explosion as his hand made contact with the roots, his explosion destroyed them and the impact of the blast blown Crystal towards the wall creating a huge dent that even the audience shook in their seats.  

“Whoa!” Present Mic held his mic in front of his shock face when the smoke cleared up and everyone gasped when they all saw that Crystal was now out of bond, the wall cracks and she fell to the ground, her hair tie snaps and her midnight blue hair flows out from her braid.  

“Aimoto-san is out of bounds! Bakugou-kun wins!” Midnight announced, Bakugou stood on top of the stage, he looks at the ground where Crystal was, he held his right hand as he had pushed his quirk a bit too far and it was against her. The robot medics came with a stretcher, they lifted her up on it before heading towards Recovery Girl’s clinic, Class 1-A watches as their classmates were carried away after such an intense battle. 

“Crystal-chan,” Uraraka hands clasped together as she watched the battled, Midoriya agreed, even he was worried about when he saw the attacks by Bakugou.  

“Man, Bakugou was savage there. I wouldn’t be able to hit a girl like Crystal,” Kaminari commented, Mineta said that he waisted an opportunity which Jirou stuck her earphone jack into his ear for saying such a thing about Crystal, Yaoyorozu said that she wonders if Crystal was alright because that blast was really harsh.  

“I’m sure she’s fine, she’s with Recovery Girl,” Jirou patted the black-haired girl’s shoulder to reassure her and Yaoyorozu smiled.  

Somewhere  else  

Todoroki Shoto stood at the top area of the audience seats watching the battle that had commenced, he felt nervous and worry for a certain girl that was battling in the said battle. He watched as Bakugou sends continues attacks and her dodging those with her own quirk, wave after wave of attacks made him grip his fists waiting to see who would win the battle and who would battle against him in the next one.  

Bakugou attack and Todoroki saw how her other sleeve burnt off, and he thought he saw something like red scarred skin on her shoulder. He couldn’t see it clearly because he was too far, but the moment he saw it, Crystal had hidden the area of her shoulder with her hair, he saw how the shadow of her hair covered her eyes.  

‘What was that?’ Todoroki thought to himself as he continues to watch the match, the moment that Bakugou slammed Crystal, Todoroki felt angered by it but he noticed the surprised face that Bakugou’s face showed. The final attack by Bakugou send Crystal out of bounds, Todoroki held himself off from going to where she was as he saw her body fell into the floor with her hair fall like a waterfall as it circles around her. 

“Did you see that Aimoto kid? Her quirk was as powerful as hers,” Todoroki heard the conversation from a few heroes, he notices that the words were travelling through as many more began to talk about Aimoto Crystal and how many of them want to take her as an intern but he also realized that a few names were spoken alongside her name. 

“No wonder, Gardenia’s quirk was recognized as a powerful pro hero. If she can control it, then she can be one herself.” Todoroki had once heard the name of pro hero Gardenia but he can't remember much about her, another name was Homusubi, that name he remembered. It was the previous Number Three Hero form 12 years ago. 

“Is she related to him but he died a long time ago,” Todoroki asks himself before he could decipher any further, he noticed the time and his battle was approaching. Todoroki walked through the hall and he passes by Recovery Girl’s clinic. He stopped in front of the door, he was having trouble to decide if he should see her but he knew that if she was awake now, she would push him to go to his battle anyway. Todoroki walked towards the Player’s Waiting Room with a small smile on his face as he remembered her soft, gentle smiles. 

Chapter Text

"Wake up..."  


"Wake up...."  




"Wake up, my baby angel."  


Crystal's dark brown eyes shot open as the words were muttered inside her head, the soft voice that was as rich as honey and as soft as a feather spoke to her, urging her to open her eyes. A light blinds her vision, she puts her hand over the light as her eyes adjusted to the light, the first thing she noticed was the white bandages that were wrapped around her arm reaching her elbow. Crystal winced as pain travels to her arm, she set herself up and saw the white covers of Recovery Girl's clinic bed. 

"Seems like you're awake, how many times am I going to see you end up in my office, girl?" Recovery Girl appeared beside her bed standing on her chair with a nagging face, Crystal laughed apologetically towards the old woman who sighs, a cold sensation on her shoulders made Crystal's face pales and sweat began to form as she looks at her side to see her scar expose for everyone to see, her top had been removed and she was in her black tank top. 

Recovery Girl saw the terrified and paled look on Crystal's face. Her anger subdues and replaces with worry, she placed her hand on Crystal’s right shoulder. Crystal's body flinched at the contact and her heartbeat fastened as she tries to make herself small, away from any eyes that were strained to her.

“Everyone has their own secrets; I won’t ask any of them. You don’t have to worry. dear” Recovery Girl said as she smiled lovingly at Crystal, tears drip from the corner of her eyes and Crystal wipes them away. She sniffled a bit before she said thank you to Recovery Girl, she then was handed a new P.E top, she quickly puts it on and zips the top up to hide her scar before any other people could see. 

“The last match must have ended already, “Crystal looks at her hand as she grips them, she had lost against Bakugou, but she knew it would happen, but it did hurt her pride a bit. Recovery Girl swirled away from the side of her bed and hopped off from her chair, Crystal watched as Recovery Girl walked over to the other side where the curtains were closed, she pulls the curtains away to reveal another bed which was occupied by none other than Todoroki Shoto. 

“Todoroki-san!” Crystal moved the sheets way as she got out from her bed, she went to his side of the bed and saw that he was still unconscious, his breathing laboured with the rise am fall of his chest. Crystal’s eyes examined his body for any injuries and luckily found none, she let out a gasp that she held before she sat down on a chair that was beside the bed. 

“He’s resting now, you should as well before the award ceremony. I have to go and complete some things,” Recovery Girl said before she exited the office leaving Crystal with the sleeping dual haired boy, she didn’t know what had happened but to see that Todoroki, one of the most powerful quirk user of their class in bed must have been a tough battle especially against Bakugou. Crystal watched as Todoroki breaths softly, it was quite rare to see his face so calm and serene, it reminded her of Rei for some reason and before she knows it, tears once again stream down her cheeks as she remembered the gentle white-haired woman. 

Crystal smiled sadly as she saw in her head, the smiling face of Rei and the look she gave her when she sang a song to her once in the hospital.  

Twinkle star   

and shooting star   

So  I won't lose to them I blaze away  brighter

Dazzling light and brilliant light in my hands   

Cause my wish carries on  

Forever and ever   

I won't fear anything   

To  the last  

The space in the office filled with the soft melody and sad voice of the onyx-haired girl as she sang with tears on her cheeks, her eyes slightly red, she sniffled. This is a song that she sings at night in the forest when the stars shine above her, shining so bright but so far away, the song that she hears her mother sings to her.  

Crystal hid her crying face with her hands, a song that makes her heartthrob with pain as she misses her mother so dearly, if she could only see her just once, just one more time, she wants to say that she loves her and that she will follow her own path. Crystal softy sobs, her body gave off a light green glow without even her noticing, they appeared as small particles of light, they float like a graceful swan and the lights began to move towards Todoroki’s body before they disappear around him. 

Grey and turquoise eyes opened; they began to look around until they spot a familiar onyx-haired girl. Todoroki heard the sobbing and as fast as lightning sat up from his bed, the movements startled Crystal and her red teared stained eyes met his heterochromatic eyes that were filled with worry. Crystal rushed to his side and asked if he felt any pain, Todoroki saw that her tears were still there and his hand came up to her cheek as his thumb wiped away the remaining tears from her soft face.  

“Why are you crying?” Todoroki asked and Crystal’s cheeks turn pink as blood rushes through when she finally realized where his hand was, she backs away from his hand and looks to the side avoiding Todoroki’s gaze. 

“It’s nothing, I must have gotten something in my eye.” She looks back and smiled at Todoroki to reassured him, Todoroki saw that she had changed her top from her ruined one. He opens his mouth to ask about the thing that he saw on her shoulder from the battle but then the door to the clinic opened and walked in Recovery Girl, he shut his mouth. 

“Glad to see both of you awake, the ceremony is about to start, and I suggest that you two go there.” Recovery Girl said and Crystal thanked her for telling them, she looks back at Todoroki and offered her hand to him. Todoroki looks at it for a moment before accepting it even though inside his head he was a bit embarrassed because he thought that he wants to offer her his hand, her hand was warm and so small in his big one, his eyes met her dark brown one, even with the redness, they shined so brightly at him. 

Todoroki stands up from the bed hand in hand with Crystal, he and Crystal thanked Recovery Girl for healing them. Recovery Girl just waved them off from her office, she watched as the two students walked out from her office, she smiled as she would consider those two as similar people, one balancing the other. 

Crystal and Todoroki were walking when they bumped into a staff which they recognized the two students who were about to receive their medals, the staff escorted them to a platform which will be raised up from the ground later. The two saw Bakugou being restrained by chains and a muzzle for dogs, his hands were in some weird case, Crystal sweatdropped at the scene where they struggle to held Bakugou back, another staff went to them and ask Todoroki to go to his spot which was on Bakugou’s right and Crystal was to stand on his left. 

“Thank you,” Crystal said to the staff before they returned to do their other duties, she let’s go of Todoroki’s hand as she was about to get up on the platform but her hand was held back. Crystal looks and saw that Todoroki had grabbed her hand that previously holding his and from the look on his face, he must have unintentionally grabbed it. Todoroki’s cheeks flushed a bit, but Crystal couldn’t see it from the little bits of light in the room, Todoroki released her hand and walked to his side with Crystal looking at his back confusingly. 

“Alright, they are going to go up now. Be careful not to fall and congratulations for the Sports Festival,” The staff claps their hands with proud smiles and Crystal smiled at them, bowing her head as the three platforms rose up from the ground, all the cheers and explosion of fireworks were heard and Crystal saw her classmates with all the other first years, Crystal nervously waved at them all, Uraraka gave her a thumbs up and a big grin. 

“In addition to Aimoto, there is also Iida in third place, but he left early for family reasons. Thank you for your understanding!” Midnight explained with a wink at the cameras, Crystal began to worry, she hoped Iida was alright. Crystal saw Midoriya with their friends and how his face looks a bit pale when Midnight mentioned about Iida. 

“Now we will award the medals! The presentation of the medals will, of course be by this man--” A familiar laughter boomed through the arena and everyone's eyes went up to a figure that stood at the top edge of it where they all saw All Might, Crystal’s eyes sparkles, her idol was going to give her medal. Everyone looks so excited with the appearance of the famous hero as he jumped off from the rooftop and lands beside Midnight which they both spoke at the same time. 

“Now then, All Might, please presents the medals, starting with third place.” Midnight pulls out the medals towards All Might who walked up towards Crystal, she was nervous but stood strong as the number one hero puts the medal around her neck. 

“Young Aimoto, congratulations.” All Might said sounding proud, Crystal looks up to her idol who shined so bright like the sun, the person that she had looked up too ever since she had seen him on TV with her mother. 

“Thank yo--” Crystal’s eyes darted towards something in the crowd of people, there in the dark tunnel. A pair of dark brown eyes with a glowing glint of orange, her face lost all blood as he eyes widened when she recognized them, then a face appeared from the shadows. That face, the face that had a sinister smile when she withered in agonizing pain on the floorboard that was painted with her own blood. 

‘Why?! Why is he here?! No! He should... he should be dead!’ Crystal’s lips quivered as he bit her bottom lip and created a small cut, her hands that were clutched tightly by her side began to tremble, sweats form on her forehead. 

“Everything is alright, Young Aimoto. You’re stronger than you think, don’t beat up yourself because of someone else and believe that one day you will overcome it.” All Might embrace her, covering her vision of the face that scared the living daylights out of her, Crystals gasped slightly, and she recovered her bearings back. 

“You have people around you that you want to protect, right?” All Might asked as he released her, Crystal’s eyes widen before she looks at her friends from behind All Might, Rei’s and Hanami’s face appeared, it brought the smile back to her face. 

“Yes, sir. I had already failed once to protect someone precious to me... but I don’t want to lose those who I held dear ever again; I’ll become a hero that brings peace to this world, just like you did.” Crystal said as she looks up towards All Might with her eyes filled with passion, All Might pat her head as he gave her a thumbs up. 

“You're very much like her,” All Might mumbles out when he saw how Crystal’s eyes shined, it reminded him of Kazuha’s when he had first met her, such a sweet and kind person. All Might realize what he had let out and saw the confused look on Crystal’s face, she must have heard him, All Might quickly said his last words to Crystal before he went to Todoroki next. 

Crystal’s eyes went back towards the tunnel and saw nobody standing there anymore, she must be seeing things. There was no chance that he would be alive, her eyes darken a bit but she remembered All Might’s words, she took a deep breath and watched to her side as All Might tries to put on the gold medal on Bakugou who refuses to accept it. 

Crystal held back her laughter as All Might put the medal in his mouth, her eyes caught a pair of grey and turquoise. Crystal’s lips lift up into another smile but this time softer and held certain gentleness to them that made Todoroki surprised, the smile was similar to the one she had shown him when the two of them talked after his battle against Midoriya., his heart thumps a bit before he saw how she looks back at the front where reporters began to take more pictures of three top students for the U.A Sports Festival. 

“Well, they were the winners this time. But listen here, anyone here could ended up on these podiums. It’s just as you saw--” All Might spoke out towards everyone, giving courage. 

“Competing! Improving each other! And climbing even further! The next generation of heroes is definitely sprouting! So, I have just one thing to say!” All Might lift a finger up into the air, the crowd getting fired up with his speech. 

“Everyone, please say it with me! Ready, go--” He shouted out with his big smile, Crystal looks around and saw that everyone seems to be riled up by his words, they were getting ready with sparkles in their eyes. 

“Thanks for your hard work!” 

“Plus Ultra!” 

Crystal held a hand over her mouth when the words jumbled together, and she could tell that everyone wasn’t expecting those words, they all scolded All Might which Crystal faced away as she let out a small laugh, unaware of Todoroki looking at her, hearing her laugh, it was light as a bell. His cheeks felt hot and Todoroki covered his face that was turning red from just hearing a girl like Crystal laugh. 

End  of  the Day  

Everyone returns to class after the Sports Festival, looking tired for sure after such a hard-working day. Bakugou still had the medal in his mouth and that angry look on his face, Crystal still had a small smile remembering about the day but in the back of her mind still held that face that she saw at the arena. 

“So there will be no school tomorrow or the day after. I’m sure the pro heroes who watched the sports festival will want to recruit you, but we’ll consolidate everything and announce it when you get back.” Aizawa said as he stood at the front of the class, Crystal can’t back out now and that even if they recognized her, she has to face them head-on.  

“So rest well. And look forward to that.” Aizawa ended the class, Crystal looks at the empty seat of Iida, he hasn’t returned yet. Then her phone rang, Crystal pulls it out to see that Hanami was calling her, she excused herself telling Midoriya and Uraraka to head home first. 

“Hello, Hanami-nee-chan.” 

“Congratulations, Crystal- chan! I’m so proud of you!”  

“Thank you, Hanami-nee-chan.” 

“You know what this means, a celebration party! I’ll get off from work early today so we can celebrate your victory!”  

“Ah, there’s no need for that. I’m happy enough with this.” 

“No! No! We must celebrate! I’m so proud to have you as my niece, Crystal-chan!”  

“Alright then, I’ll go buy some ingredients for dinner. I had fun today, so much fun.” 

“That’s great to hear,  everyone there seems nice and I hope you’re happy there. I want to hug my cute little niece.”  

“I’ll see you later, Hanami-nee-chan.” 

Crystal hangs up and she looks up at the orange sky, the sun was setting and the day almost ending, she will never forget this day, she’d gotten to know one of her classmates' closer, cheering for her friends and she got to receive a medal for her hard work from All Might. 

“Thank you, Mama. Thank you for watching over me today,” Crystal held her hands together as she smiled up towards the sky, as Crystal distracted, Todoroki walked out from the school building and he saw her standing there near the gate. 

“Aimoto,” He spoke her name under his breath and she must have heard him as she opens her eyes and turns her head to him, under the orange light, she looks like she was glowing, it was almost blinding to him. 

“Todoroki-san, heading home?” Crystal smiles gently at the boy as he walks towards her, he nods his head and just stared at her, Crystal giggles as she saw his gazing stare, it felt embarrassing because Todoroki looks so dashing behind the light of the sun, his hair glowed and it was beautiful with the orange hue, it made her cheek tint red. 

“Well, would you like to join me, Todoroki-san?” Crystal asked Todoroki, he was taken back by her request, but he wanted to spend more time with her, the girl that had burrowed her way to his heart, a girl that made him remembered something important to him.

“If you let me?” Todoroki offered his hand towards Crystal with a deep of his head as if he was a prince asking the princess for a dance Crystal’s cheeks flushed but it was hidden by the sunset, her lips curved up to a smile as she giggled at his gesture but it pulled her heartstring. 

“Of course, Todoroki-san.” Crystal place her hand on his, he smiled softly before the two began to walk together hand in hand into the setting sun, with shy smiled adorning their faces. The two never felt so delighted but having the other person smiling beside them makes their heart beats faster. 

Chapter Text

The sun shone brightly in the clear blue sky, it was a nice day outside with the birds chirping happily in the trees and the wind blowing gently through the leaves. In the small old house of the Hayashi was in the thick forest surrounding it, the trees rustle from the wind, the doors opened to let in the cold air. A girl with hair as dark as the midnight sky laid asleep in her futon, there spread around her around the white pillow, the sun was already up sipping in the afternoon sunlight into the room. 

The girl stirred awake as a light shine onto her eyes, her hand to shield them away, she blinks her eyes a few times before she sat her body up onto her futon, her long luscious hair falls over her head like water, her dark brown eyes were revealed as they glistened in the light. She groans as she stretched her arms up in the air, she looks to the side where the sun seeps in and to the front where a wall clock was mounted on.  

Her eyes widen when she saw the time and rushed out of her futon and dashed to the kitchen, the house was empty and quiet, she saw a plate of food that was wrapped on the kitchen counter with a note on top she picks up the note and it was from Hanami.  

Good morning, Crystal.  

I hope you had a good sleep I didn’t want to wake you up early because yesterday must be a tiring day for you so just rest for today. You don’t have school, right?  I’d tried to make breakfast and left some for you, make sure you ate all of them and I’m sorry if it doesn’t taste as good as yours. I left early for work so I might not be home when you wake up, I’ll be home before midnight so don’t worry about me.  


From your lovely aunt, Hayashi Hanami.  

Crystal smiled as she reads the note and looks at the dish that Hanami had cooked for her, it must be a long time ago when she had someone else cook for her. She unwrapped the dish before heating the dish in the microwave for a few minutes as she does so, she grabs a plate and utensils before she places the heated dish on the kotatsu that was in the living room. 

“Itadakimasu," Crystal clasped her hands together before she ate her late breakfast, she had opened the sliding doors to reveal the garden that shines their green leaves and beautiful coloured flowers to her. Even her vegetables that she had grown were looking quite healthy and almost ready to be pick, she finished the dish and went to clean the dishes, she dried them off as she puts them back in their right place, she took a shower and wore some indoor clothes. 

Crystal walks around the house and decided to do a clean day but that didn’t last for long as she cleans fast and precise that she finished just before lunchtime, she looks in the fridge and saw a lot of ingredients that she had bought yesterday for her victory celebration. Crystal took out most of them and decided to make bento boxes, one for Hanami as she will be eating sandwiches and coffee at work, the other one was for Rei. 

“I wish I can see you again, Rei-san,” Crystal said as she wrapped both bento boxes in separate colourful clothes before putting them in a bag, Crystal went to her room to change her clothes and made sure she locked all the doors before heading out. Crystal closed the door and gate before she headed towards the station to go the hospital, she sat on the train seat with the bag beside her, she looks at her phone, contemplation if whether or not she should call Hanami first. 

“No, she must be busy now. I’ll just drop this off to one of her colleagues,” Crystal said to herself and put her phone away, she would not be able to go and see Rei but she was sure that Hanami would pass on the bento for her, Crystal misses Rei very much, she wants to tell her about the Sports Festival and how she had won third place, she wants to see Rei’s radiant face again. 

“H-hello!” Crystal looks up and saw that a small child stood in front of her, the train was still moving but it was still dangerous to stand on a moving train, Crystal saw how the small child which was a small girl tremble as she looks at her. 

“Yes? Is there something I could help you, dear?” Crystal asks politely as to not scare the child away, the little girl looks nervous as she grips the end of her skirt. 

“Are you Aimoto Crystal?! From the U.A Sports Festival!” The girl shouted out at Crystal trembling from nervousness and Crystal looks at her before she smiled gently at the girl, Crystal nodded her head and the girl’s face lightens up when she confirms it. 

“I’d watched your matches and you look so beautiful, you’re also super powerful.” The little girls seem to have become a fan of hers, Crystal felt happy to have someone that enjoyed watching her battles in the festival. 

“Thank very much, dear. That’s sweet of you,” Crystal said and pats the girl’s head, her small face turns beet red when she does so, and Crystal found the little girl adorable. 

“C-can I be like Onee-san someday?! I want to fight as beautiful as you and I want to keep everyone safe,” Crystal was surprised by her words but then she felt a bit proud that she mad manage to be an idol that was look up too, and for such a young girl like her to already have such dreams, it made her feel happy. 

“And I know you will, all you have to do is believe in yourself and work harder to achieve it. Ah, looks like I’ll get off here, here you go.” Crystal saw that she had arrived at her station, Crystal pulls out a bag that was filled with cookies that she had baked before deciding to come here, the little girl’s eyes sparkle and she accepted it with a big smile. 

“Thank you, Onee-san.” The little girl bowed her head and ran back to a woman that must be her mother, Crystal looks as the mother scolded the girl for a bit before kissing her head, a sad smile made its way to her lips but she shook it off and boarded off the train. Crystal walks silently with the bag in her hand, she looks at her phone for the direction of the hospital as it's been a few months since she had gone there.  

Crystal stops in front of the gate of the hospital, the wind blew gently as it swept a few strands of her hair. She was nervous to enter as now everyone will now recognize her as the student from the U. A Sports Festival, she sighs dejectedly.  

“Aimoto,” Crystal heard her name being called out, she turns around and her eyes met a familiar pair of heterochromatic eyes along with the red and white hair. Todoroki Shoto stood not too far from where she was standing in casual clothes, he looks as surprised as she was to see him there.  

“What are you doing here?” He walks closer with his hands in his pocket, the two stood facing each other not too far from the gate of the hospital and Crystal felt embarrassed as she was seen wearing her casual wear which was an oversized turtleneck sweater with a long dark blue skirt and a pair of brown boots, she was a bit rush and didn’t care much as long as it was presentable but now having one of her classmates saw her in the attire made her cry in embarrassment inside her head. 

“My aunt works here as a nurse; I was going to drop off her lunch.” Crystal answered and she lifted the bag that she was holding towards Todoroki, he looks at it before he gazed at her, it did make Crystal felt self-conscious from the gaze and she looks away with flushed cheeks.  

“I’ll have to go,” Crystal said, bowing her head a bit as she said farewell, but Todoroki then grabbed the back of her sweater, Crystal turns around looking a bit surprised, then she saw how Todoroki was looking down and his hair covered his eyes, on his face had a deep frown. 

“Todoroki-san, what’s wrong?” Crystal place her bag down and held Todoroki’s hand that was clutch to her sweater, she squeezes it, giving reassurance that she was worried about him and that she wanted to help him. Crystal then looks around and saw that there were not so many people, she held Todoroki’s hand before she closed her eyes, her body let out a soft green glow and then Todoroki could feel his body feeling a soft warm seeping in. 

“Feel better?” Crystal stops what she was doing and looks at Todoroki, she smiled sadly at him.  

“I’m going to visit my mother here but I feel like it will only be a burden for her if she saw me, after what you had said, I want to see her again, to ask for her forgiveness. Standing here now, I feel scared,” Todoroki’s voice sounds sad and Crystal felt a pang of pain in her chest, she didn’t want him to feel so sad and be in any form of pain. 

“I think she will be happy to see you, you just have to believe in yourself.” Crystal said, she gave him another smile and her other hand raised to pat his head, surprising Todoroki but when she saw her smile, he thought back at the time where her voice reached him and that he was able to use his dreaded left side and now again, her voice reached his heart. 

“I'm sorry if this will interrupt your day but can I ask you something, Aimoto.” Todoroki looks into her eyes; Crystal nodded her head. 

“Can you come along with me to visit my mother?” Todoroki asked and Crystal was shocked if it were the case especially because this was something important for him, she looks at his face that even with the stoned face, she sees his eyes begging for her to agree and she smiled, if it was something that could help him feel at ease, of course she would. 

“Of course, Todoroki-san.” A small smile appeared on his face and Crystal felt a bit shy from seeing the rare side of Todoroki, she saw how he picks up her bag and leads her inside the hospital with her hand in his. They went to the front desk and the nurse at the desk recognized both Crystal and Todoroki, it could be said the same for the other people in the area as they all look surprised to see the two students that had gotten Second and Third of the Sports Festival of U.A. 

“Ah, Crystal-chan. Good evening, dropping off Hanami-senpai's lunch?” The nurse at the desk said and Crystal nodded her head, she nudged Todoroki and he puts the bag on the desk to show the nurse, Crystal asked the nurse to give it to Hanami when lunchtime is near and that she had put a few snacks for the other nurses if they want to take it. 

“You’re such an angel, Crystal-chan. I’m sure everyone will be happy; they all miss you.” The nurse said as she thanked Crystal for the gifts, Crystal smiled as she too misses working here. 

“Crystal-chan?” Crystal heard her name and she looks to her side to see Hanami holding a clipboard to her chest, she must have finished taking care of a patient when Hanami saw her, she speeds up her walking and reached to stand in front of Crystal. 

“I was just dropping off lunch for you, there's also another bento in there.” Crystal said and Hanami knew who it was for, then she recognized the boy standing beside her niece, her eyes travel to the two’s intertwined hand. 

“I’ll hand it to her now, I’m going to her room. Do you want to come along?” Hanami asked Crystal but she shook her head as she told Hanami that she was going to accompany her friend, she glanced at Todoroki. 

“Todoroki-san, this is my aunt, Hayashi Hanami. Hanami-nee-chan, this is my classmate that I told you who won second place at the Sports Festival, Todoroki Shoto.” Crystal introduced the two and Todoroki greeted the older woman with a bow and Hanami looks at him more closely before her bright pink eyes widen and she gasped. 

“Hanami-nee-chan?” Crystal looks at him worriedly as she suddenly looks surprised, but Hanami said that she remembered something, so she grabbed the bag that was on the desk and said goodbye to the two before she headed off to her work. 

“Let’s go, I’d already sign our names,” Todoroki said and Crystal nodded her head, she said goodbye to the nurse at the front desk and followed Todoroki as he leads the way, she noticed that the floor and path that they were walking are the same as the way to a certain room that she had visited in the past and before she knows it, they stood in front of a door that Crystal had stood in front of it a few months ago. 

The name that was on the wall solidified her initial theory, Crystal looks at the nameplate as the name was written as Mrs Todoroki, they were standing in front of Rei’s room, Crystal was shocked out of this world and she covered her mouth from letting out a gasp. Todoroki Rei, the woman that Crystal had been giving gifts and gotten to know her more closely was the mother of her classmates, Todoroki Shoto. 

Todoroki took a deep breath as he was nervous, he had never visited his mother ever since she was put here. He had thought that seeing him would only be causing her more trouble as his left side would remind her of his father. He had thought of backing out but the warmth of the hand that he held gave him a bit of courage and reassurance, the gentle smile of his mother and the smile that the girl that was beside him appeared in his mind, he looks ahead and places his hand on the door, he slides it open to reveal a face that he had not seen for so long.