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Predator or Prey

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“Come on Jimin, we’re all waiting for you!”


“I’ll be down in a minute!”


When Jimin thought in the past how he would be spending his end of the year trip, he didn’t imagine he would be relaxing in Brazil’s islands with his best friends. He thought they’d maybe go to a skiing resort in Pyeongchang, or maybe paragliding in Jeju island. But this? This is paradise on Earth. Virgin beaches with soft, white sand. Exotic and colorful birds wherever he looks. And the food. Jimin has always been a firm believer that Korean food is the best in the world, but after having a taste of Brazilian tapioca com manteiga accompanied with a glass of suco de maracujá that morning for breakfast, he feels his beliefs shaking a bit.


Brazil is every bit of what he imagined and at the same time, much more than he expected. He’s in love with it so far, and they’ve only been here for three days. Eleven days more to go, Jimin thinks happily to himself. He finishes applying sunscreen on his exposed chest, trying to make sure he doesn’t leave a spot unprotected. He burns very easily, even when he takes all preventive measures he can. Trying to get read of the greasy remnants on his hands, he rubs them on his swimsuit pants. He imagines Taehyung is probably pulling on his hair by now, but shame’s on him; he should have woke him up from his nap earlier. He picks up his sunglasses and towel from the bed and hastily throws them inside his beach bag. He doesn’t hurry only for his best friend’s sake, but also for himself. He can’t wait to go for a swim at the beach, bask under the sun, play volleyball with his classmates… He doesn’t even have the patience to wait for the elevator to arrive at his hotel’s floor. He takes the stairs, two at a time, his flip-flops doing a loud noise every time he takes a step.


When he gets to the lobby he finds only Taehyung is waiting for him, his beautiful tan skin covered with heaps and heaps of poorly-blended sunscreen that would make any other human being look absolutely ridiculous, but oddly look adorable on him. He’s wearing a large T-shirt with the print “I love Brazil” and a straw hat hanging from his neck, his eyes glued to his phone, probably looking at memes while he waits. His unmistakable vibrant blue hair looks sweaty and hangs a bit in front of his eyes. He needs a haircut soon.


“Sorry Taetae, I swear I got ready as fast as I could!” He apologizes with a smile on his face.


“It’s okay Chim, although I couldn’t convince the others to wait up for you. I hope they haven’t drunk all the beer already!” Taehyung responds, and they start walking together in the direction of the beach. The weather is hot and humid, sweat clinging uncomfortably on Jimin’s skin and making the sunscreen feel like it’s melting off. Still, nothing can wipe the absurdly gigantic grin on his face: he feels like he's dreaming, or that he’s maybe on a movie. The island they’re staying in has a big jungle that makes him feel like at any moment Tarzan is going to appear from some trees and throw coconuts at them. It’s crazy, exciting, amazing.


They arrive at the beach where the rest of their classmates have already claimed their selected spot of sand for themselves. There are towel forming a big square as if saying ‘from this line on, this is my territory’. Jimin and Taehyung leave their things where they can and strip to their swimsuits, already dying to get in the water and free themselves of the insufferable heat. And they have fun like that for hours, splashing water to each other's faces, being absolutely demolished at volleyball, playing cards, taking a nap under the beach umbrellas, sipping on piña coladas from the hotel bar.


Jimin knows good things need to come in small doses like this one, otherwise he wouldn’t get to cherish them and tell them apart from the not-so-good ones. But he wishes he could spend the rest of his life like this, laughing at anything and everything with his best friend, carefree under the sun of paradise.


If only Jimin had been a bit more attentive to his surroundings, though. If only he had noticed the group of men next to them at the beach, who spend the entirety of the afternoon staring at them, plotting. Selecting. If only he hadn’t forgotten that no place on Earth can be free of evil things happening, free of hungry eyes and bad intentions. This island is no paradise. It’s a jungle. And on a jungle, there are only two things you can possibly be: predator or prey.




When nighttime finally arrives they all decide to have dinner at the outside restaurant the hotel has. It’s next to a big swimming pool and has some beautiful views to the jungle too, illuminated by fire torches and fairy lights decorating the nearby trees. The food is absolutely amazing, as expected. Jimin thinks he’s probably going to go back to Korea with at least a few pounds more with him, already noticing how his cheeks were a bit puffy and they had only been here for a couple of days. But it’s not something really to be concerned of, he decides while watching Taehyung next to him, happily drinking his fourth cocktail of the night and talking loudly, recalling anecdotes from this year’s classes.


Jimin has already stopped drinking a few hours back when he starts feeling his words getting funny, tongue-tied and eyes a bit blurry. Still, he doesn’t feel sleepy or like going back to his hotel room at all. He’s having fun even though he isn’t contributing much to the story-telling, enjoying listening to his classmate's laughter and lewd remarks about their practical training period teacher. Only when nature calls he excuses himself to the bathroom. Taehyung asks Jimin if he wants him to come with him, but the blonde says it’s not necessary and leaves for the nearest bathroom he can find.


After he’s finished, he exits the stall and washes his hands on the sink. It is at that moment when he hears some weird noises outside. At first, he brushes it off, thinking it must probably some drunkards putting up a show after one too many beers but when the noises get increasing in volume, and he starts to think it’s not laughter that’s he’s hearing, but rather panicked yells, his heart sinks to the bottom of his stomach. For a moment he stays there shocked, thinking if he should exit the bathroom or lock himself in a stall, but decides against that last option. What if it’s a fire? I need to get outside and find Taetae. He thinks to himself and pushes the bathroom door, walking fast back to the restaurant.


What greets him outside it’s something never in a million years he would have imagined.


The restaurant tables are all turned, food on the ground and chairs are thrown everywhere. There are people screaming and fighting what seems to be a group of armed men wearing ski-masks. Jimin feels his heart go wild inside his chest, his senses going overdrive and starts frantically to look for Taehyung. He doesn’t want to risk it and yell his name since the perpetrators haven’t seen him yet. He tries to get closer, hiding behind a palm tree. The men with ski-masks seem to be knocking people unconscious or immobilizing them, tying their hands and feet with ropes. Some of the victims are being taken away while others are just being obliged to wait in a corner, tied up and scared.


Jimin’s mind is going one thousand per hour, his eyes moving frantically between every person, trying to spot the easy-to-see features of his best friend. At last, he spots the unmistakable mop of blue hair. Taehyung is unconscious and he’s being tied up. When they finish, a man throws him over his shoulder and starts carrying him away, and that’s when Jimin stops listening to the voice of reason. He runs on the direction of the man who’s taking his friend away, swiftly dodging a few men who try to grab his arm and feet. He’s almost reached his best friend when someone sends him to the ground. He painfully collapses face first with the ground, which makes him lose consciousness for a minute because of the pain. In his state of dizziness and hurting, he hears some muffled voices talking near him.


Feisty, I like ‘em like that,” one voice says.


Fuck off, I saw him first,” another one responds.


All of you, shut up,” a deep voice commands, making everyone become silent instantaneously. His voice is masculine and nicer than the others, less rough but somehow much more dominating than the others. “You useless pair couldn’t manage to grab him. I’m the one who caught him, therefore he’s mine.” He says those last words with such force and authority it makes Jimin’s skin cover in goosebumps.


He wants to scream, wants to get up and fight, find Taehyung. But the pain radiating from his nose and jaw won’t let him. Idly, he thinks he can taste blood that most probably is his. He tries desperately to keep his eyes open but there’s a heaviness growing on his eyelids and little by little, he feels more and more sleepy. The last thing he recalls before blacking out is the feeling of big arms picking him up from the ground and holding him against a sturdy chest. He mumbles Taehyung’s name, completely out of it and a voice shushes him.


What a pretty little pet I caught for myself.”



The first thing Jimin hears when he comes back to his senses is the sound of birds singing. With his eyes closed, he stretches himself on the bed, distantly noticing how soft the sheets are, as if they were made of satin. He lifts his hands to his face to try and rub the sleep away from his eyes, but immediately winces when he touches his sore jaw and swollen nose. Like a bad dream that comes rushing to him no matter how hard you try to forget, he suddenly becomes aware of last night’s events. Dinner at the restaurant. Screams for help. Ski-masks. Kidnappers. Taehyung. TAEHYUNG.


His eyes open wide and he jolts from the bed he’s lying on, his heartbeat frantic. He doesn’t make it two steps when he notices a man standing at the room of the door he’s in. Like a domino’s reaction, his legs immediately feel wobbly and fail him, collapsing on the cold floor. He tries to look up but he’s too frightened to do so, his eyes seemingly glued to his bare, trembling legs. He notices the clothes he was wearing yesterday night are gone and instead, he appears to be wearing an oversized black T-shirt that leaves his legs and a large portion of his collarbones and shoulders exposed.


“You’re awake, finally. I suggest you get back in bed while I bring you something for the swelling. Try not to fall asleep again, I need you to take your medicine.”


Shaking with fear, Jimin slowly lifts his gaze. The first thing his eyes bump with is the man's shoes, a pair of black boots. He continues his way up, seeing blue ripped-jeans and a black T-shirt, similar to the one he’s wearing but this one is filled by muscle and big, strong shoulders and chest. He reaches the stranger's face and Jimin can’t avoid the small gasp that leaves his lips when he does so. The man has black hair, small but defined lips, a big nose that gives him a very masculine look. The stranger's eyes are black and dark, looking like a bottomless abyss that looks back at Jimin with a mixture of equal parts pity and superiority. The man has his arms crossed on his chest, leaning a bit on the door frame. He’s completely blocking the exit, looking like a frightening watchdog in front of Jimin’s way of escape.


“Wh-who are you? What did you do to me, where am I? Where’s Taehyung, w-where’s m-my friend, tell me...” Jimin stutters, trying to form coherent sentences but failing because of the immense panic he’s experiencing.


“Shhh, little lamb, none of that matters anymore,” The man walks closer to him and although Jimin tries to crawl back and get away from him, he’s quickly cornered when his back touches the bed mattress. “I’m going to bring you your medicine now, so I need you to be a nice pet a stay here in the meanwhile, hmm? If you don’t behave, I’ll have to put your leash on.” He says those last words with a dark glint on his eyes, smirk on his lips. One of his hands lift in the direction of Jimin’s face and makes him flinch, but no pain comes his way. He only feels the man touching something that’s attached at his neck, something he hasn’t noticed he was wearing. Judging by the fact that the material is snuggling tightly against his neck, he thinks he must be wearing some sort of choker of the sort but then, the stranger pulls a bit on a loop that is attached to the front part, forcing Jimin to get closer to the man’s grinning face. He understands then, what he is wearing and what the man means with a leash. He is wearing a collar.


Seized by the knowledge that this man has not only kidnapped him, but has him wearing a dog’s accessory makes Jimin’s last walls crumble down, immediately breaking in a strong fit of tears and sobs. “P-please don’t hurt me, please, p-please, I want to go home, please,” he cries, clutching his captor's T-shirt on his hand, begging for mercy to a person he doesn’t know is he’s capable of it, but desperate all the same. If you were to have asked Jimin what would he do if encountered in such a situation, he would’ve told you that he’d fight, that he’d bite and scratch and kick and scream, that he would not let himself be put down without a fight. But here, faced with such a nightmarish event, terror has completely taken over his senses, making him incapable of any reaction that isn’t begging for his life. He doesn’t think he could try to run, his legs feeling like all force has abandoned them. He doesn’t think he could fight, the man who’s looking at him crying with an amused expression having a strong, muscled body, much more than his. Jimin just wants to wake up. Wake up from this bad dream, from this bad joke from the universe, from this hell.


With the hand that’s not tugging at the collar’s loop, the stranger caresses Jimin’s cheeks, wiping off the tears that stream down uncontrollably. His touch is gentle and soft, almost comforting if it wasn’t for the fact that the smile on his lips has not disappeared, unfazed at the blonde’s anguish.


“That’s okay, let it go. The earlier you cry, the earlier you’ll come to accept your fate,” he says maliciously, not a drop of sincere compassion on his voice. He helps Jimin to incorporate with ease, not struggling at all even though Jimin is nothing but dead weight with the shock still present in his body. He helps the blonde to lie on the bed, adjusting a fluffy soft pillow under his head and putting a blanket on top of him to stop the shivers. To Jimin’s horror, the stranger comes closer to his face and before he has time to move or avoid him, the man’s lips are pressing softly against his. It’s the softest peck Jimin has ever received and, at the same time, the most terrible one. The stranger’s lips are warm and soft and Jimin can feel the breathing of the man lightly hitting his face. Before pulling away, the stranger bites softly Jimin’s plush bottom lip teasingly. He then looks at Jimin’s teary and scared eyes. “I’ll bring your medicine now. Behave.” And with that, he leaves the room.


Maybe this would be a good time to try to escape, maybe this would be a good time to try to find something to fight. But Jimin’s head is going in circles, his brain feeling like it’ll explode. He feels weak and sore, the warmth of the bed softly pulling him under the lull of sleep. He doesn’t even have the strength to stay awake life his kidnapper asked him to, too tired to think about the consequences of disobeying him. Before he knows it, he’s fast asleep.



The next few days go by in a blur. He wakes up at intervals, feeling dizzy and disoriented. His kidnapper waits for those brief moments of lucidity to feed him and make him take his medicine with some juice. Sometimes while he sleeps, he wakes up to feel strong arms holding him tight, but then loses consciousness fast no matter how hard he tries to resist it.


After four days, he finally recovers. He wakes up and finds himself alone in bed, a glass of water and painkillers on the nightstand. He swallows the medicine and drinks the water hastily, feeling very thirsty for some reason. After he finishes the entire glass, he still feels his mouth dry. Jimin decides to get out of the room then, clutching the glass to his chest. If the stranger finds him lurking around the house, at least he’ll have the excuse that he was looking for the kitchen to get himself more to drink.


Once he steps out of the room and starts walking slowly through the corridors, the first thing he notices is how luxurious the place seems to be. The floors are made of white marble and there are massive windows everywhere that let Jimin see the outside. It appears the house he’s in is surrounded by jungle, judging by the dense mass of trees and vegetation that block any view behind it. He finds a staircase that goes down to another floor and takes it, hoping to find some sort of kitchen. The floor he reaches has an open space that acts both as a kitchen and living room, all decorated with white furniture adding to the feeling of cleanliness and elegance.


He takes a step once he spots the sink but stops abruptly once he hears someone clearing his throat. He slowly moves his head to the direction of the noise, like a startled deer that doesn’t want to make any harsh movements in case it’s attacked. There, sitting with spread legs on one of the comfy sofas, sits his captor. He’s wearing again a pair of ripped jeans, only this time he’s shirtless and doesn’t appear to be wearing shoes. He doesn’t say anything to Jimin at first, only looks at him with an amused face, probably at seeing Jimin so paralyzed in terror that he’s barely breathing.


The man cocks his head at Jimin and then looks at his hand clutching the empty glass. He smirks.


“You must be thirsty. Go, get yourself some water.” The man says, signaling with his head in the direction of the sink.


Jimin moves slowly, feeling each and every movement of his body under scrutiny. Once he reaches the sink, he’s afraid to turn his back to the stranger in order to fill his glass. He looks at him with wide, scared eyes, and receives in return a smile and a nod, as in ‘go on’. He shakily moves his hand to the tap and opens it, the hairs on his nape standing at the knowledge of a pair of hungry eyes behind him. He drinks the water very slowly, almost afraid of choking if he does it at normal speed. Once he finished, he leaves the glass on the sink and turns again to the stranger, who’s unsurprisingly still watching him with attentive eyes. The man does a motion with his hand then, a ‘come here’ gesture. Jimin approaches him hesitantly, dragging his feet on the floor, dreading to do something wrong. When he’s close enough that he’s almost standing in front of him, the man taps his lap twice and looks at Jimin with a pleased smile on his face. Jimin just stands there, mouth hanging open in disbelief. Does he want me to sit on his lap?!


Seeing that Jimin is too stunned to move, the stranger wipes the smile off his face and speaks up, loud and clear. “Sit down on my lap. Now.”


Immediately compelled to obey and not further anger him, the blonde boy awkwardly puts a hand on the stranger's shoulders to help himself situate on top of him. He does so while shaking badly, thinking he’s bound to do something wrong that’s going to make then man mad at him, but nothing happens. As soon as he’s straddling the stranger’s lap, the smirk returns to his face, the man lifting a hand to softly pat Jimin’s hair down, almost as if petting him. “Good boy.”


Taking a shaking breath, Jimin tries to speak up the thoughts that are running wild in his head. “Who are you? And what do you want from me?” He hopes the man won’t hurt him for asking but he needs to at least take that risk. For some seconds the stranger doesn’t answer him, just keeps patting softly his head, running his fingers through Jimin’s hair. Then he stops abruptly.


“My name is Jungkook, but from now on, I want you to call me Alpha. What I want from you it’s very simple: I want you to behave and be a good pet, is that clear?” He resumes caressing Jimin’s hair once again.


Jimin is shocked by just how casual the man seems while stating such a thing. Jimin is a human being and this man wants him to act as a pet of sorts? He tries to contain the tears that he knows are forming in his eyes and tries to pry a bit more information once again. “What is… What do you mean by Alpha? I’m not a pet, I’d like to go home, please,” his voice is nothing but a whisper at this point, “please let me go home.”


The man takes a deep breath and stops his actions, looking at Jimin severely in the eyes. “Sweet thing, I think you haven’t quite grasped the situation yet. This is your new home, I’m your owner. The other man you saw that night at the hotel, those were my comrades. We hunt down pretty little things like you to sell to anyone who’s interested. And we have this rule that if we see something we’re interested in, first one who catches it, gets it. I caught you trying to reach your little friend and therefore, I own you. That’s all you need to understand for now.”


If Jimin thought his mind was running wild before, now it was overheating. He realizes right then that this Jungkook is not a psycho, nor a stalker, nor anything of the sorts. This mas is fucking mafia. He’s part of a group of kidnappers that sell humans as slaves. And he has chosen him to be his personal pet. Jimin tries to think rationally, even though is hard with the stare of those cold hungry eyes on him. He needs to keep his cool by all means, he needs to find a way out. And he needs to find Taehyung at all costs.


“So what exactly you expect from me as your… pet? Behaving? That’s all?” he further asks, trying for his voice not sound aggressive or provocative. He doesn’t know how violent this man can be and he doesn’t plan to find out.


“Behaving means you’ll listen to every word I say and obey without questioning me,” he says coldly, “it means you’ll cater to my needs, when and how I ask of you. You’re mine, sweet-thing. I don’t know how else to put it for you to understand.” He finishes condescendingly.


Jimin gulps and prepares to ask his final question, the one that he’s dreading the most, weighing him down like the heaviest of tasks. “Will you… will you ask me to have sex with you?” He manages to say, feeling his cheeks heat up, his eyes falling down to his lap where his fingers are playing nervously with the hem of the T-shirt.


Suddenly, he feels a finger tracing his lips, softly touching his cupid’s brow and then pressing lightly on his bottom lip to expose his teeth a bit. Without any warning, Jungkook pushes his finger inside Jimin’s mouth and presses down on his tongue, making the blonde boy gasp in surprise, the act making his mouth open wider. Jungkook takes that opportunity and with his free hand pulls on the loop of Jimin’s collar to crash their lips together. Immediately Jimin feels a warm, wet tongue meeting his, licking the roof of his mouth, sucking obscenely on his tongue, biting his lips. Jungkook expertly rolls his tongue around Jimin’s, making the boy feel dizzy and out of breath. While he abuses his mouth he has one hand firmly pulling on the loop of the collar, making sure Jimin can’t move away and his other hand roams freely under his T-shirt, feeling and caressing every bit of skin he can.


Jimin feels mortified. He should be disgusted, used, angry that someone is doing this without his explicit consent. But right now he feels even more disgusted with himself, with the fact that he’s enjoying it. He feels himself hardening with a mere make-out session and it makes him nauseous. He hates that he’s feeling turned on because he’d have to be blind to say that Jungkook isn’t attractive. It pains him to even think about it, but he’s spot on Jimin’s type. Still, it doesn’t justify that he’s slowly growing hotter and hotter with each kiss, each time he feels Jungkook’s raspy tongue touching his, the way he feels the man he’s straddling grow harder under his butt. And the Jungkook seems to be an expert kisser doesn’t help at all. His scent doesn’t help at all, a heady combination of cinnamon and mint reaching his nose in waves, making him feel something hot coil in his groin. Right when Jimin is starting to lose himself on those kisses, Jungkook pulls away and the blonde boy has to physically restrain himself from the whine that wants to escape his mouth, biting harshly on his bottom lip. What the hell is wrong with me?


Jungkook’s lips are red and shiny with saliva, his breath a bit heavy. Jimin looks at his eyes and almost falls down from Jungkook’s lap when he sees two blood-red irises staring at him with predatory lust. The hand on his waist and on the collar he’s wearing avoid him from losing balance though, and he shakily stares at his captor's eyes with a dumbfounded expression. He’s cut from his shock when an airy laugh explodes between them.


“Wolf got your tongue, sweet thing?” He says, and Jimin swears that his white teeth look a bit sharper than they did a second ago. “Don’t be scared, I won’t eat you. Or maybe I’ll do, if you behave well.” He winks at Jimin and the blonde boy feels his stomach forming knots inside of him at the implication of his words.


For a second Jungkook just stares at Jimin, a teasing smile on his lips and red eyes looking straight at Jimin’s soul. He should be terrified, he kind of is, but somehow this man has him pinned to his lap with his stare, almost like if Jimin is under a spell, an unspoken order that he can’t break off. The man then speaks up again. “I won’t force you to have sex with me, little pet. Actually, what I look forward is for you to beg for me to have sex with you. And you will, I promise you that. You will beg on your knees.” He says those last words lowly, seductively, making Jimin’s skin break in goosebumps. “Other things, though...” he trails off, sliding the hand he had under Jimin’s T-shirt, grabbing his waist, to Jimin’s chest, softly going his way up until he reaches one of Jimin’s nipples, which he pinches between his fingers with enough force to get a whimper out of him. Jimin grabs Jungkook’s wrist with both hands, weakly trying to make him let go, but Jungkook just keeps rolling the bud between his index finger and thumb, alternating between pinching it several times and twisting it a bit, not harshly enough to hurt but definitely enough for Jimin to let out an involuntary moan. Jimin rests his forehead on Jungkook’s shoulder, all his inhibitions thrown off the window because of the pleasure he’s feeling.


Jungkook takes the chance to get closer to Jimin’s ear, his hand not stopping his ministration at all. He whispers to Jimin, “I’m not fucking you unless you beg me to, remember that, little pet. But there are many other ways that I’m going to have fun with you in the meanwhile. And don’t worry, it will be pleasurable for you too, as long as you’re my good boy. If not, I’ll have to punish you, sweet-thing. And that, I can assure you it won’t be pleasurable for you at all. I’ll make sure of it.”


How can Jungkook say such malicious, vicious words with such a soft, gentle voice is beyond Jimin. His captor finally lets go of his nipple with a last, harsh pinch. Jimin is lightly panting and feels his body run a bit hot. Jungkook swiftly stands up taking Jimin with him on his arms and carrying him back to the dormitory. He lays him down softly on the bed and kisses his forehead on what seems like an affectionate gesture, but feels cold and detached coming from a kidnapper like him. He then leaves for the attached bathroom the room has, and Jimin can hear the water being turned on. Minutes later he discovers Jungkook has actually run a bath for him. He’s carried to the bathroom as well, as if he is a fragile thing that can’t be bothered to walk or he will break. Jungkook softly deposits him by the bathtub’s edge, and Jimin already feels his cheeks warm-up at the thought that maybe Jungkook wants him to undress in front of him, or maybe even for them to take a bath together. That’s why he is very surprised when Jungkook simply tells him to relax and take all the time he wants to bathe, though he warns him that he’ll have dinner ready soon.


Before he leaves the bathroom though, he turns one last time to Jimin, looking straight at his eyes while he talks, making sure he has all of Jimin’s attention on him. “Make sure not to lock the door, is that clear?” His face has no traces of amusement or patience. He’s not asking Jimin, he’s demanding.


“That’s… That’s clear...” he says, scared of Jungkook’s sudden mood changes. But even though he just reassured him that he won’t lock the door, the man stays at the door, impassively looking at him with bottomless eyes.


“That’s clear, Alpha.” Jungkook remarks, a sudden rough tone on his voice that makes him sound almost like he growled. Jimin feels himself flinch at his voice, his hands immediately shaking as if commanded to, and he has this impending feeling that he has to obey.


“I won’t lock the door, Alpha. I won’t.” Jimin says hurriedly, afraid to anger him. Jungkook nods and leaves him be.


My good, obedient pet.



Days go by like this. Jimin is unable to say how many days exactly, since the first few he passed them in and out of consciousness. For the most part, Jungkook is actually… respectful. He attends to each and every one of Jimin’s petitions, that is of course, with the exception of letting him go. His captor looks for ways to keep him entertained inside the house: playing chess, watching movies, cooking, allowing him to exercise (under his supervision, of course)… But Jimin is far from being happy here. Even with all the luxury that surrounds him, even when Jungkook tries his hardest to keep him content, he still persists in treating him as a pet. Beginning with his obnoxious order of having to call him ‘Alpha’ (which Jimin thinks might be a kink of his, he’s not sure), to his captor’s insistence of having him only wear oversized T-shirts and nothing else, wearing a degrading collar around his neck… It’s like Jimin is an animal.


The one time he tries to suggest maybe removing the collar, Jungkook isn’t happy at all. They get into a small argument, in which Jimin is both brave and stupid enough to yell at him, demand him that he allows Jimin to remove the stupid choker. His captor just ignores him completely, that is until Jimin makes the mistake of calling him by his name. Immediately, Jungkook’s face change from indifference to one of anger. His eyes grow cold and hard. Jimin finds himself recoiling until he’s cornered to a wall even before Jungkook takes the first step in his direction.


To be fair, Jungkook did warn him before-hand that misbehavior would bring punishment upon him, and that he would personally make sure that Jimin didn’t enjoy it at all. But what the blonde boy doesn’t expect is for the man to pick him up like a rag doll and take him to the sofa, where he effortlessly positions him ass-up on his lap. Jungkook seems unfazed at Jimin’s attempts of squirming out of his hold and trying to protect himself, simply holding both his wrists with one hand and enough strength that the blonde quickly understands that he can’t escape from this. With his free hand, Jungkook lifts the T-shirt to expose his perfectly round and smooth butt, no need to remove underwear because he doesn’t let the boy wear any, to begin with. Without any warning or time to prepare for what’s to come, Jungkook lifts his palm and crashes it down on one of Jimin’s butt cheeks hard enough to leave a mark behind. Jimin let’s out a cry and desperately tries to break free, but Jungkook continues the onslaught of spanks, not giving him a second to recompose himself.


The blonde boy quickly loses the notion of how many spanks he has received and for how long, the pain in his ass too much to let him think properly. Only when his cries for it to stop have subdued to a quiet sobbing and warms tears softly drenching Jungkook’s pants, does his captor stop. He massages the hot, abused skin gently, caressing him and hushing him. He lets Jimin’s wrists free and pulls him up to sit the blonde boy on his lap, Jimin letting out a hiss when his sore butt touches the fabric of Junkook’s pants.


Jungkook cleans the tears from his face very carefully, a look of both pity and lust in his gaze that has Jimin shivering. “You took your punishment well, sweet thing. I hope you’ve learned your lesson, did you?” He asks, almost mockingly.


“Y-yes A-alpha” Jimin responds with a broken quiet whisper. Jungkook kisses him sensually after that, making sure to suck Jimin’s tongue until the blonde is almost drooling and whimpering. In the back of his mind, Jimin knows what he’s doing. He’s mixing the pain and the pleasure, slowly twisting everything until Jimin won’t longer know how to differentiate one thing from the other. But he feels incapable of stopping it, almost as if Jungkook has him under a spell, something he can’t put his finger on but intoxicates his mind and makes him feel needy, small, obedient.


And on the other hand, Jungkook gives him rewards too. He seems to have taken it upon himself to discover just how many different ways there are of making Jimin orgasm without having to fuck him. And each one of these times, he makes sure to remember Jimin that he’ll end up begging for it. For example, one of these occurrences happens when Jimin is trying to cut up some pieces of mango for himself. He had woken up from a nap feeling slightly hungry and didn’t want to wait up for Jungkook to prepare dinner, so he decided to have a little snack. He doesn’t notice anyone in the kitchen with him at first, too caught up in the fact that the mango’s juice makes his hand slippery and he struggles to grab the knife properly to cut it in pieces. Only suddenly is as if all his surroundings become silent. The hairs from his nape stand up, his hand automatically freezes mid-air. Alpha is here.


Not a second after those words cross his mind, he feels a pair of strong arms slipping on his waist, underneath his T-shirt. Jungkook perches his head on Jimin’s shoulder, his breath hitting the blonde’s exposed skin of his clavicles. It’s like an instant reaction – all of his body suddenly feels warmer and needier, his heart picking up the pace inside his chest, beating so fast he’s sure Jungkook can hear it. The dark-haired man doesn’t comment on it though, distracting himself in pressing soft pecks on Jimin’s jaw, playfully biting it and making his way down to the blonde’s neck. Jungkook seems to nose the skin, making Jimin wonder if he’s imagining it because it almost seems as if he was smelling him. Jimin is too shocked to say or do anything about it, so he just stays completely pliant while Jungkook scents him, licks at his skin and leaves a trail of marks on his way. When he seems satisfied with it, one of the hands he has grabbing Jimin’s waist swiftly starts to move to his front, making Jimin jerk a little bit in surprise.


“Shhh, let me reward you for being a good boy. You let me mark you so well, hmm? So good for me, so meek and sweet,” Jungkook’s large hand then takes sudden hold of Jimin’s cock, making him let out a gasp and move his hips involuntarily. With his other hand, Jungkook squeezes softly his waist as a warning to not move. The dark-haired man pushes one knee between Jimin’s legs, making him spread open himself a bit. He then starts to slowly jerk him off, applying the softest pressure and doing it at an insufferable slow pace. Jimin lets out little breaths and moans even though he tries to contain them, his knees feeling like jelly from the slowly-building pleasure that he’s experiencing.


Jungkook takes hold of the front part of the T-shirt Jimin is wearing and lifts it up completely, leaving his chest exposed. “Open your mouth,” he orders, and Jimin can’t do anything but comply. He forces the fabric on his mouth and presses on his jaw a bit, indicating he expects Jimin to both muffle his sounds with it and make sure the T-shirt stays lifted. He then uses that hand to softly tease Jimin’s nipples, squeezing them and flicking them in intervals, making sure to pay attention to both of them. His other hand picks up the pace and Jimin’s moans start to grow even though he’s gagged. His hips start to thrust into Jungkook’s grip even though he knows the man doesn’t want him to, but he’s too lost in the pleasure to care. Jungkook just lets him do what he wants for the moment, increasing the pace even more and making sure to thumb at Jimin’s slit, making the blonde drool and turn his gag into a wet rag. Jimin is almost there, almost about to reach climax when… Jungkook let’s go of his cock completely. The blonde let out a pitiful sob, tears burning on his eyes with the frustration of having being denied his release when he was so close.


Jungkook just shushes him and instead lowers his hand to the boy's balls, fondling them and gently squeezing them while he waits for the boy to calm down a bit. Once Jimin seems to have stopped his sobs and his breathing has regulated a bit, Jungkook returns his hold to Jimin’s cock and starts the handjob again, slowly going up and down, a torturous pace for Jimin who’s already so worked up. He uses the hand he was pinching the nipples with to instead cup the head of the blonde’s member, doing some circular motions that have Jimin shaking so badly he’s only on his feet because Jungkook supports him between his body and the counter. Again, he increases the pace gradually, making Jimin squirm and moan loudly through his gag, his eyes completely squeezed shut and letting the tears fall down freely. The slide is so wet thanks to the ridiculous amount of pre-come Jimin’s cock is dripping, it’s so hot, so wet, so good. The blonde feels his climax coming embarrassingly fast this time, and he doesn’t have the strength to warn Jungkook nor he wants to, he just wants to finally let go. The wet squelching sounds the slide of Jungkook’s hand over his dicks are so obscene, it’s the only thing that can be heard along with Jimin’s muffled moans.


He blabbers through his gag – ImsocloseImsocloseImsocloseIm – Jungkook stops once again, but this time makes sure to squeeze the base of Jimin’s cock in a hard grip to make sure he can’t come. The sob Jimin’s lets out is completely heart-wrenching, his legs finally failing him and forcing Jungkook to hold him up as to avoid the boy collapsing. Jimin lets go of the hem of the T-shirt and full-on cries, whines and sobs complete nonsense, something about Alpha being so mean, about wanting, needing to come so badly.


The dark-haired man just shushes him, giving soft little pecks to his hair, calling him a good boy, congratulating him for being so obedient and holding up so well up until now. But Jimin isn’t having it, he throws all of his inhibitions, all of his dignity through the window, and begs.


“Please, please make me cum. Please I n-need it, you told me I behaved, you said I was a good boy, so why don’t you let me cum, you said you’d reward me, p-please...”


“Hmm that’s right, you are my good boy… Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten my words. I’m going to give you your reward for behaving, okay? Turn around.”


Jimin does as told albeit shakily and with Jungkook’s help, his legs too weak to do it by himself. He leans his back against the counter, fruit and knife long forgotten behind him, and comes face to face with Jungkook. Idly, he thinks he must look like a complete mess – his breathing is all agitated, his cheeks must be red if how hot he feels them are anything to go by, his eyes are blurry with tears and his lips and chin are all covered in his own drool. And yet. Jungkook looks at him like he’s a whole meal, like he’s going to eat him up. His irises are red again and this time, Jimin is not imagining things. He’s not consumed by shock like he was the first day, this time he knows what he hears: emanating from Jungkook’s chest, there’s a reverberating sound, a growl. He looks like a wild beast ready to pound. But instead of throwing himself at Jimin’s neck like he almost expects, Jungkook drops to his knees. He offers no warning, no explanation. As soon as Jimin drops his eyes to see what he’s doing, Jungkook takes hold of his cock and swallows it whole in his mouth with little to no effort.


Jimin lets out a cry of pleasure so loud it hurts his throat. Jungkook’s mouth is so warm and wet, taking him entirely with no effort – he’s basically deep-throating him at the first try. It only takes Jungkook a couple of times of bobbing up and down his length and a few swallowing motions of his throat for Jimin to be spilling on his throat, the dark-haired man not struggling a bit to swallow it all without letting anything go to waste.


And that’s the last straw. Jimin falls to his knees, Jungkook immediately holding him in his arms and cooing at Jimin’s passed-out expression. “You did so well, holding up until the end for me. Such a good boy, my sweet thing.”


You’re mine. My pet, mine.



Jimin gets more frustrated by the day. His feelings are completely tangled in his head, he doesn’t understand himself and his actions. He’s supposed to feel disgusted, he’s supposed to hate Jungkook with all his being. And instead, all that he’s been doing since the first day is to slowly accommodate, obey without resisting, not only accepting Jungkook’s touch but seeking it. He knows it’s messed up, he knows if Jungkook wasn’t an attractive young man he’d probably be repulsed by the idea of him touching his body and pleasuring him. But it doesn’t help that the dark-haired man is so goddamn sexy. When he walks through the house shirtless Jimin can’t help but stare at him wordlessly, admiring the way his muscles contract and relax each time he moves. He can’t help but bite his lips at Jungkook’s strong thighs, looking so strong and big against the fabric of his pants. Not to talk about his arms which God, Jimin spends an embarrassing amount of time thinking about how good they look, how manly and capable. Even his face is attractive, only irritatingly so, with a young air to him that makes him look even younger than Jimin and still, so dominating and authoritarian.


All of that, added to the fact that Jungkook hasn’t asked Jimin for anything besides obedience, makes Jimin’s heart very conflicted. Yes, he has touched his body more than once, both for pleasure and for punishment, but never has he asked Jimin to return his actions. Apart from the make-out sessions and the occasional scenting – which Jimin no longer questions -, Jungkook hasn’t forced himself on him. He feels confused with himself, his heart and body feeling and asking for different things. Days keep passing by and he hasn’t had any chances to look for a way out, hadn’t seen any exits that wasn’t the main door which is locked in place. What’s more, Jungkook hasn’t left Jimin out of his sight except for when he’s taking a bath or sleeping, so there’s not really a chance for him to try and check windows or other doors besides that one. Even when Jungkook is not directly looking at him, it is like Jimin can feel his presence. Like there’s an invisible force around the rooms, a pair of eyes constantly behind his back watching his every move. He’s losing all hope of escape, already even starting to accept the fact that this is his fate when something unexpected happens.


He just finished taking a bath and he’s going down the stairs looking forward to dinner time when he hears voices. It’s the first time Jimin hears Jungkook talking to someone that’s not him so for a second, he thinks the dark-haired man is either talking to himself or yelling something to him. But as he gets closer, he realizes that there are definitely two different voices – one belonging to Jungkook, and the other one to a different man. Jimin knows it’s very risky to eavesdrop a conversation that he’s not supposed to be a part of, but something in his mind, survival instinct maybe, compels him to try to listen. He hides behind the column near the kitchen, out of Jungkook’s sight. He’s talking to someone on the phone, hands-free.


“...-I’m telling you, I’m so glad I ended up listening to you and kept him. He’s unreal Jungkook-ah, so pliant and responsive. I can’t get enough of him.” the man on the other side of the line says.


“Yeah Yoongi-hyung, you need to listen to me more often.” Jungkook laughs. It’s the first time Jimin is hearing him laughing genuinely and not teasingly or condescendingly. It makes his stomach churn uncomfortably inside him.


I swear Jungkook-ah, no beta or omega can compare to how tight a human is. It’s something else, I’m telling you. I don’t understand how you’re putting up with waiting so long to breed him. Once you bite them, they… God, Jungkookie. They become even needier, it’s crazy how the pheromones affect them too.”


Jimin can’t understand anything they’re saying. It’s like they’re talking a whole different language, nothing makes sense. Betas? Omegas? Pheromones? Why are they talking as if they were… animals?


“Hmmm you know me Yoongi-hyung. I’d rather slowly drive them crazy until they’re the ones who come to me,” Jungkook says amused, making Jimin feel nauseous at the implication of his words, “I really want to wait for the perfect moment to breed him. I’m not letting this one go, Hyung. He’s perfect. Better than any other omega I have met in my life. I’m going to keep this one for life.”


Are you sure you won’t get bored Jungkookie? I have known you your entire life, you never settle, always looking for the next omega or beta too breed and then dispose of them for a new one.”


“This time is different. My pheromones affect him even though I haven’t bit him yet. It’s like he can smell them Hyung, it’s nuts. Every time I use my alpha voice on him he goes weak on his knees. Maybe he has werewolf blood on him? A distant relative? Also, remember that I told you about-...”


Jimin doesn’t want to listen to them anymore. He doesn’t understand what the fuck is going on. Everything they say it’s weird and sounds insane. Maybe they’re completely nuts. Maybe I judged Jungkook’s character too soon, maybe he’s a complete lunatic and his friends are just as crazy as him. He’s going to go up the stairs and pretend he hasn’t heard a word of this when a name catches his attention. A very familiar name.


“… -yeah, Taehyung. I’m thinking I should have him pierced you know? Maybe a pair of turquoise pendants to match his blue hair and-...”


It’s an immediate reaction. Jimin stops abruptly on his way at the sounds of his best friend’s name. Taehyung. Blue hair. It’s him. There’s no time for second-guessing himself. There’s no time to keep playing nice and behaving well for Jungkook. Fuck all of that, he needs to escape and he needs to do it now. He has to get out and find help for Taehyung as well. They’re talking about piercing him like he's cattle, those savages. Without any time to decide how exactly he’s going to do this, he lets his survival instincts take over. He crouches and runs silently in the direction of the main door. Jungkook isn’t facing him, too distracted talking on the phone, so this can be a perfect chance.


Trying to make the least noise possible, he tries to open the door. Locked, of course. Fuck. Still crouching, Jimin gives a quick glance to his surroundings in order to look for something that may help him. When he spots it, he almost has to bite his tongue from saying ‘Bingo!’ out loud. He can’t believe his luck. Not even a meter from him, he spots Jungkook’s jacket thrown haphazardly over a chair, silvery keys on sight peeking out the pocket. As silently as he can, he creeps his way until the keys are at hands reach. He knows he needs to be careful or else the noise from the keys will betray him. Looking over his shoulder and making sure Jungkook is still focused on the phone, he stretches his hand and grabs the keys from the pocket, making sure to grab them well in order for them not to jingle and make noise. Once he has them secured, he quickly glances in Jungkook’s direction again and turns to the door. He tries with the first one. No luck. The second one. Fuck, why doesn’t it fit? His hands are getting sweaty from the adrenaline and his heart is about to jump through his mouth from how nervous he feels. They’re so sweaty the keys end up slipping from his hold and even though he catches them in time before they hit the floor, it definitely makes noise. Jimin holds his breath.


“…-Jungkook, you there?”


A few seconds go by, completely silent.


“...Yes Hyung, I’m sorry. I thought I heard something but I must have imagined it. I might have to cut you short though, I haven’t checked with Jimin for quite some time now. But first, finish what you were saying-...” Jimin hears Jungkook’s voice slowly fading a bit, as if he is walking away from the room. This is it. This is his only chance.


Taking a deep breath and trying to control his shaky limbs, he grabs the last key and introduces it in the keyhole. It fits. He turns it. Click.


As soon as he feels the soft breeze of the night hit him on the face, Jimin feels the adrenaline give him one last needed push. He opens the door and quietly sneaks outside, closing the door behind him and tossing the keys on a bush to his right. The night is very dark, even with the soft glow from the lights inside the house Jimin struggles to adjust his eyes to it. There’s a constant sound of crickets and other insects, a few nocturne birds singing. He realizes then what he hadn’t been able to tell from inside the house. He is in the middle of the jungle.


Not wanting to waste another second, he runs in the direction of the trees. He could have checked if there was a trail of sorts, there’s probably one if Jungkook lives here, but he fears that’s the first place Jungkook will check as soon as he realizes he’s gone, and he can’t put it easy for him to find him, even if that means getting a bit lost. The nature is unforgivable and thick, he constantly trips and falls due to the abundant vegetation and massive roots on the ground. His feet are naked and any other time in his life, he would be paralyzed with the fear and revulsion of the idea that he must be passing by all sorts of insects and nasty creatures, not even wanting to think about the possibly venomous ones, but his will to survive is even bigger.


He runs and runs, no destination in mind or sense of direction, only thinking of Taehyung and looking for help. By this point is more than probable that Jungkook has noticed his absence and he becomes weary of any weird noise or cracking branch nearby. He hopes there aren’t any really dangerous creatures lurking by, panthers or anacondas or anything scary like that. He’s been running blindly for what feels like an hour when he hears it. The sound of waves crashing on the shore. He follows the sound, guided also by the salty taste carried by the warm night breeze.


He makes it out of the jungle at last, finding himself face to face with what would’ve been on any other occasion, a breathtaking sight. It’s a deserted beach, completely engulfed in the darkness of the night and only illuminated the soft glow of the moon and the thousands of stars in the sky. It’s pretty hard to see even with that light though, for Jimin quickly notices that the island he’s in must be rather small, the continuation of sand ending only a few kilometers on the horizon. He can’t see any lights that indicate civilization, can’t hear any noises of cars or music, nothing. Only darkness and the sea.


He slowly makes his way to the shore, the impending realization that he’s lost, that he doesn’t know how to reach the hotel or where Taehyung is, bringing prickly tears to his eyes. He almost wants to scream in the night and let waves carry his voice to where someone might hear him. He feels sad and scared, he just wants to go home.


Suddenly, he hears a weird noise coming from the trees he just left behind. He turns around quickly, his heartbeat punching his ribcage, dreading that Jungkook’s figure is going to jump out of the trees with a sinister smile. But what exits the jungle is far, far worse. A monster, no, a fucking horse-sized wolf creeps out of the trees. Jimin can see its red eyes even from the distance, the black fur camouflaging it in the night, its teeth bared in an almost human-like evil grin that has Jimin skin covering in goosebumps. It looks every bit like Jimin had imagined as a child the wolf from the red-hood tale to be. Big, creepy, evil, hungry.


Jimin doesn’t have time to scream or run before the animal has jumped from where it’s crouching and pounces in Jimin’s direction, reaching him in a matter of a blink of the eye, throwing itself on top of Jimin, who falls in the sand like a leaf moved by the wind. The wolf is on top of him, his big wet snout sniffling Jimin’s chest and neck, a warning rumbling coming from the beast's chest. The blonde is completely paralyzed by fear, all intentions of escaping forgotten. Like an unexpected storm, the realization that he’s going to die hits him like a bullet and the dam breaks loose. The tears flow freely down his face, leaving a hot trail that burn his cheeks. He starts sobbing uncontrollably, crying for help.


“Help!… somebody, anybody! Jungkook, help me! Alpha, please...” he cries out.


Like an instant reaction, he feels the wolf on top of him stop scenting him and growling, lifting itself a bit from Jimin. With his eyes shut, the blonde thinks that this is it. The wolf is preparing to bite his throat out or something worse. Hopefully, it’ll be fast. Hopefully, it won’t hurt much if it isn’t. Hopefully, Taehyung will survive. Only the attack never comes.


It’s weird, it’s almost as if the weight on top of him has changed for a lighter one. It’s like it’s less furry and more skin-like now. Jimin opens his eyes terrified of what he’s going to see, but nothing in his life could explain what he encounters. On top of him is Jungkook, completely naked and with a somber expression. Jimin tries to speak, opens and closes his mouth but not a word comes out. He doesn’t understand. One second there’s this big wolf ready to eat him and the other, Jungkook is here.


“Wh-where is the w-wolf, there w-was a wolf-” Jimin is interrupted brusquely by Jungkook, who firmly plants his hands at each side of Jimin’s head, caging him in. His faces come closer to Jimin and he can see the red irises shining brighter than ever, bloody and filled with rage.


“You think you could escape? You think you’re really smart, don’t you? Think I didn’t notice you were listening to my conversation? I was aware of you as soon as you put a step out of your room, you stupid pet. I always know where you are. You’re so naive to think that you could run from me. I caught you once, and make no mistake Park Jimin,” he says his name with such authority that Jimin feels it reverberating in his bones, “I will catch you every time. You’re my prey. You’re mine.” he says with enough force to make Jimin flinch.


Jimin doesn’t want to admit it, doesn’t want to listen to his body who betrays him each and every time, but he feels safe. With the wolf out of sight inexplicably, Jimin feels safe with Jungkook. Feels like he would be able to defeat the beast, like he would never let anything or anyone hurt Jimin. Maybe the only thing he won’t protect him from is of Jungkook himself.


Like many other times before, Jimin starts to feel hot a dizzy, almost like under a spell. He wants to be good for Jungkook, to obey him, to beg for forgiveness. Maybe to beg for something else too.


“Please Alpha, I’m sorry. Please don’t punish me, please...”


Shut your mouth.” The blonde boy feels himself obeying immediately. “There’s no way I’m not punishing you after the show you put. No, this needs consequences. On your knees, now.” Jungkook orders while he stands up, not bothering to give Jimin a hand to help him incorporate. The blonde boy knows what’s coming, and he’s terrified to admit that he’s actually looking forward to it. As soon as Jimin is sitting obediently on his knees, Jungkook reaches to grabs his own cock, which is already hard and standing upwards to his stomach. Jimin feels his eyes get bigger at the size of it, bigger than any other he has seen in his life. Almost a bit too big.


“Open your mouth.” Jimin does as told and Jungkook loses no time teasing him. He pushes the tip inside and presses the head down on Jimin’s tongue, feeling the saliva pool around it. He slowly feeds it to Jimin inch by inch, giving him a bit of time to adjust to the size, although it is clearly not enough because Jimin gags on it quite soon. It’s too big. Jimin lifts one hand and tries to grab the base of Jungkook’s dick to jerk off what he can’t yet fit inside, when he touches something that makes him move his hand away momentously. From where he’s looking at him, Jungkook smirks at Jimin’s shocked face, pushing his cock even further down his throat, letting out pleasured grunts. Jimin carefully tries to touch the base again. It’s the weirdest feeling. The base of Jungkook’s dick feels somehow thicker than average, rougher as well as if the skin is more resistant. On the lowest part of the base, right where the cock ends and the scrotum begins, there are two metal balls piercing the skin. Jimin touches them softly, which pulls a rougher grunt from Jungkook. Whatever it is that he’s touched, is sensitive and Jungkook enjoys it. That motivates him to try and fit more of his cock in his mouth, bobbing his head up and down, slurping and moaning around it to send vibrations through it. He licks the underside of the head and swirls his tongue at the tip, lapping the pre-come that dribbles from the slit. He feels his bottom lip reaching the piercing, getting stuck on it every time he bobs down. The blonde swallows around the cock a few times, which has Jungkook grabbing his hair in a painful grip.


The dark-haired man starts to take control of the pace and fucking his throat, Jimin now gagging every time he pushes back in, but fighting the need to cough desperately. Jungkook is close, his thrusts becoming more erratic now and the grip on his hair faltering a bit. Without any warning, he pushes in one last time making sure he’s buried to the hilt before he lets go, cumming down Jimin’s throat in strong spurts and forcing him down until he makes sure Jimin has swallowed everything till the last drop. Once he lets go of Jimin, the blonde boy immediately gasps for air frantically, tears running through his cheeks and jaw feeling sore and tired. But what has him mortified is not the fact that he just gave his captor, his fucking kidnapper a blowjob. It’s the fact that he’s painfully hard.


Jimin isn’t thinking straight, he knows he isn’t. He even heard Jungkook talk about it earlier, something about pheromones and what not driving him fucking insane. Or horny, to be more precise. He just wants to give in completely, wants to give in to that hot flame that burns him from the inside out. He feels out of it, consumed by a tingling sensation that runs through him from head to toe. Before he can stop the words from forming, he begs.


“Please Jungkook, please Alpha, fuck me. I don’t care anymore, I don’t care what you do, just please, do something, I’m begging you.” His eyes are teary and he’s grabbing at Jungkook’s thighs to get his attention, he’s on his knees pleading for it.


How could Jungkook deny him of anything?


“Such a good boy, begging for cock so prettily and politely. Don’t worry sweet-thing, Alpha is going to take care of you. Get on your arms and knees for me.”


Jimin scrambles to the position Jungkook has asked him for, the fine sand of the beach soft under him, not feeling yet hurt by it. It’s still warm from the sun that has heated it up through the day, so it’s not too cold for Jimin either. Jungkook positions himself behind him and rips the T-shirt Jimin is wearing like its nothing, eliciting a surprised gasp from Jimin.


“Such a beautiful body you have, and it’s all for myself. Spread yourself open for me.”


Jimin complies and for a moment something scary crosses his mind. It’s obvious they have no lube nor oil to prep him for what's coming next, so he wonders just how badly it’s going to hurt before it gets better. He spreads his cheeks with a bit of difficulty, not wanting to lay his face down on the sand but still having to grab his butt with both hands. He feels a warm breath softly hitting his entrance, and the expectation of what’s going to happen next has him biting his lips harshly in anticipation.


Jungkook licks a long stripe from his sack to his hole, pulling a long, pleasured moan from Jimin. The blonde boy feels Jungkook’s tongue lapping at his entrance unabashedly, and he feels himself drooling a bit already. When Jungkook feels Jimin relaxing a bit, he pushes the tip of his tongue inside, having to hold Jimin’s buttcheeks for him when the boy lets go because the pleasure makes his legs give out a bit under him. He pushes his tongue in and out until the rim becomes a bit more relaxed, giving him the chance to hook his thumb on it and pull to further spread him open.


He gives Jimin the rimjob of his life. He sucks on his rim expertly, laps at his hole to give him a break when he’s shaking too much, licks his walls with movements that have Jimin screaming in pleasure like he’s never done before. Then, when the pleasure has his mind numbed further, Jungkook pushes the first finger in. The stretch isn’t too painful is he’s honest, only a bit uncomfortable at first, but it quickly subdues to something good. The second finger is a tad bit more difficult, Jimin pulling away at times from the slight burn he feels, but Jungkook keeps his hold on him and doesn’t let him escape, keeps him steady on his tongue and fingers. Then, Jungkook changes his position a bit and crooks his fingers inside him expertly, looking for the spongy tissue that’s going to make this whole thing even better.


He finds it quickly. If Jimin was a mess before, now his moans were downright obscene, begging for Jungkook to give him more, to give it to him already. But Jungkook pays him no mind, keeps scissoring and rimming him until he can fit almost four fingers. Jimin’s cock hangs heavy and hard between his legs and he desperately wants to reach down and get some relief, but he somehow knows Jungkook wouldn’t like that a bit.


At last, Jungkook pulls his fingers out and spits on his hand, trying to cover as much as he can of his cock in saliva to make the slide easier. “This will hurt a bit. Be a good boy and take it, okay?” And then he pushes the head in. It burns and it stretches him even more than the four fingers did, but there’s this cloud of pleasure hazing Jimin’s mind that doesn’t let him complain or ask for a break. He just wants Jungkook to take him roughly, to give it to him already. And it’s almost like Jungkook can smell it on him or something, because immediately his thrusting all the way in, bottoming out and making Jimin gasp at the stretch. He can feel the piercing at the base pushing his rim, and when Jungkook pulls back, it tugs at the ring of muscle, sending a rush of pleasure through his spine.


Jimin prepares himself for the onslaught of thrusts but it doesn’t come. Instead, Jungkook only fucks the tip of his cock in and out, teasingly. Jimin is desperate.


“Please, I’ve been a good boy, please fuck me, please.” Jimin tries to fuck himself on Jungkook’s cock, but he stops him from doing so, harshly grabbing his hips and stopping his movements. He doesn’t stop fucking the head of his cock in and out, circling Jimin’s rim and driving him insane.


“Tsk, tsk, do I have to spank you silly again after this, sweet thing? You know that’s not how you’re supposed to beg. You need to ask it properly. Come on, say it.”


And Jimin knows exactly what he wants. “Please Alpha, please.”


That’s all it takes. Jungkook isn’t forgiving or slow in his thrusts. He’s rough, hard, fast. He doesn’t give Jimin time to adjust to his girth or to even moan properly. He nails his prostate each and every time he pushes in, tearing the most beautiful screams of pleasure from the blonde boy. Not even a dozen of thrust later, Jimin is coming untouched, spilling on the sand underneath him, feeling all of his strength abandon his body and keeping his position only because Jungkook is holding him up. Jungkook doesn’t stop fucking him though, way past the point of overstimulation, Jimin feeling himself grow hard a second time. Suddenly, it feels like Jungkook’s cock is growing inside him. It’s the most bizarre feeling, like the base of the dark-haired man’s dick is inflating inside him and tugging at his rim every time he pushes in and out.


If Jimin felt filled before, it’s nothing like what he’s feeling now. Jungkook’s cock is so big inside him, reaching deeper than anything he’s had up his ass before, pressing his prostate so tightly it has him orgasming a second time without even realizing it. The cock inside him stops growing and it’s now completely stuck on him, locking Jungkook to Jimin fully. Jimin feels hot spurts of semen filling him up, the hands on his waist squeezing him painfully. Before he loses all consciousness from the pleasure, Jungkook starts nosing at his neck, licking and sucking the skin, almost as if looking for the right spot. And boy, does he find it. Jimin suddenly feels the pain of Jungkook teeth biting him deeply on the conjuncture where his neck meets his shoulder, tearing skin and muscle and drawing blood. Jimin feels an immense flare-up of pain and then passes out. The last thing he remembers is feeling Jungkook lapping at his wound and whispering, “You’re mine. Forever.”



Blue sky, crystal-clear water. The sun warming up his skin. The taste of salt on his tongue, the sound of the waves coming and going. Exotics birds and their songs carried through the wind. Strong arms holding him securely. Maybe Jimin was right and this is paradise, indeed.