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Everyone's Looking for Happy

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A flash of blue, and then a rush of fire were the last things the Icarus ever saw before the world turned to ash.


A flash of blue and a cool breeze is what greeted seven children as the world continued spinning, growing, living.


"It worked." Five got out before collapsing to the ground, taking huge gulping breaths. "We can still stop the Apocalypse, excellent." Five said, between breaths. It seemed his wounds were gone, which he was grateful for, but he was still exhausted. It seemed the others weren't  far behind.


Luther still held tightly onto Vanya, but his eyes focused on Ben "You're alive!" He had been so excited to just see Ben, taking down those soldiers, to see him living and breathing, and still holding on to Klaus' arm, was almost overwhelming. For over a decade Luther didn't think he'd ever see Ben again.


Allison and Diego both called out in excitement, even if their voices were laced with exhaustion. Five looked up, already half asleep, but smiling softly up at his brother.


Klaus turned to face Ben, unaware that the hand on his shoulder no longer belonged to a ghost. He was standing there mouth open, eyes wide, looking first at Luther, then Klaus. 


"Holy shit."  Their voices echoing each other in unison as they pulled each other into a hug. The others joined quickly, even Luther though he struggled to hug Ben while still carrying Vanya. Five struggled to his feet and stumbled over, gripping on to Ben's arm tightly.


"This is amazing!" "I wasn't sure..." "We're really glad to have you back, bro."


"This is terrible!" One single voice exclaimed. 


Everyone stopped and stared at Klaus who had finally pulled out of the hug to cross his arms.


"What, Klaus! He's alive , how could you think that's a bad thing?" Luther asked, looking almost hurt. He knew Klaus could be selfish, but to this extent? It wasn't something Luther could comprehend. And especially after the way he'd been stepping up the last two days. Did he really want to keep Ben to himself? 


"Woah, wait no. No! I meant because now he can punch me, and I won't even be able to stop him. At least before I could have made him go all intangible or whatever." Klaus said, putting his hands up defensively. "I'm glad he's alive, I swear!" 


Allison snorted, rolling her eyes, and Diego punched his arm.


Luther just stood there in stunned silence


"Asshole, you don't even know how you made me tangible in the first place " Ben pointed out, crossing his arms. 


"So you were just worried he would hit you…"


"Uh, yeah. He hits hard , and that was when he was a ghost. He's a whole person again! Although… He is a teeny shrimpy person now so he- ow! Prick!" Ben had smacked him upside the head. "Your arms are so tiny, how." Klaus whined, rubbing his head as Ben punched his arm, calling him an idiot 


"W… Uhm, stop hitting Klaus, Ben!" Luther said in an attempt to use a  commanding voice. 


Ben looked at Klaus, who was smirking, as if to mull it over before pushing him to the ground. "I didn't hit him that time! But he deserves it."


"Rude! Rude! After everything we've been through together?!" Klaus exclaimed, pressing a hand to his heart.


"I have seen many parts of you Klaus, many parts I should never see. I have the absolute right to hit you!" Ben said tackling him to the ground, although to anyone watching it was obvious he was just glad to be alive again.


Five grew annoyed by the play fighting very quickly. 


"That's enough! This isn't the time." Five snapped at Four and Six, who were sprawled on the ground mid-fight. 


The two brothers looked away from each other red faced, and breathing hard, but clearly smiling. "Boo!" 


Five huffed, crossing his arms. "We need to start making a plan."


"A plan for what, exactly?" A cold voice called from behind the group.


Luther gripped Vanya closer to him, even though they were closer to the same size at the moment. "I thought we should do some night time training. Number Seven came with us and fell asleep, we didn't want to wake you. That's what we were planning. I'm sorry, sir." 


Diego eyed Luther, clearly impressed. Though he had no desire to listen to the old man, he knew for now they should probably lay low. If that meant pandering to him like this, he'd let Luther do it.


Reginald narrowed his eyes, his monocle glinting in the light coming from their house. "Well you've failed at that. I doubt you got much more done. You know free time is  Saturdays between twelve and half-past twelve. That would be noon , not morning. And last I checked it was Tuesday."


"I am sorry, d-sir. Really." Luther's grip tightened around Vanya, in anger and protection.


"Very well, but since you're all awake we'll start training early. Come." He tapped his cane roughly against the stone under him.


Allison walked forward first "I heard a rumor that you thought we were behaving the way you expect us to!" She said in a rushed voice, praying it was clear and loud enough to affect the man. 


Reginald stilled for a minute, looking over the group before nodding. "Very well." He turned on his heel.


There was a collective sigh amongst the 'teenagers'. 


"Good thinking, sis."


"I'm so glad that worked." She said. 


Five looked over the group. "Well hopefully it will stick. We'll rest up tonight, and I'll work on some calculations tomorrow." Five said, eyes fluttering shut.


"You gonna make it?" Diego asked, eyeing Five carefully.


"I'll get him to his room. I don't even feel tired." Ben said brightly.  Five looked at Ben wearily, but allowed him to lead him inside.


Luther watched Five and Ben head inside. Diego and Klaus soon followed, whispering quietly amongst themselves, Diego placing a hand on the other's back to steady him.


"Allison, I'm… I-"


"I know, Luther. I know. We should get Vanya to her room. Whatever we need to talk about we can do it tomorrow." She said firmly. She looked over at her brother, watching him. Luther returned the look, swallowing a lump in his throat and nodding.