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Yellow Roses

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“Ten more days until I can be off bed rest,” said Oleana as she slashed off another day in her planner.

She slapped it closed and set it and the pencil on the nightstand beside the bed.

She rubbed her hand over the bump on her belly. Thirty-five weeks or eight months exactly. Her bump was still rather small for twins or just being eight months pregnant in general. That’s why the doctor had ordered strict bed rest since the month before.

If she had been carrying only one baby the doctors would have wanted her to deliver around forty weeks but since she was having twins they wanted her to give birth around thirty-six to thirty-seven weeks.

“Bit bored of being cooped up all day?” asked Rose as he gave his wife of two months a kiss on the forehead.

They had been dating for nine months before they had decided to tie the knot. Sure Oleana’s pregnancy, which had occurred three months into them dating, had quickened things quite a bit but the public didn’t seem to mind the fact Oleana had become pregnant out of wedlock with the chairman’s babies. Well most didn’t mind, a few….. more conservative-minded public figures put them on blast. Not that it mattered, they had quieted down once the wedding took place. Though there were still a few gripes from a few individuals that Oleana was six months pregnant at the time of the wedding.

“That’s an understatement,” Oleana said with an annoyed sigh.

“Why don’t you do one of those Sudoku books I got you?” asked Rose as he got into bed next to his wife.

Oleana sighed, “Already done all of them, even the master rank ones,”.

“Then how about you read one of your books?” asked Rose.

“There isn’t a single one that I haven’t already read a thousand times over since I started bed rest!” Oleana pouted as she crossed her arms.

“Well you could watch tv,” suggested Rose.

“Nothing good is ever on,” whined Oleana.

“Then try to sleep,” Rose suggested, his voice growing annoyed.

“Can’t, every time I try these two,” Oleana said as pointed to her bump, “Start kicking or shifting around. And that means I can barely get a lick of sleep!”.

“As if I don’t feel useless enough already! I have nothing to do, and now I can’t even get our unborn children to sleep!” snapped Oleana a bit louder than she should have, “Not to mention I feel gross and lazy!”

Oleana looked at her husband, who wore an unsure expression. Oh, Arceus, it was just like the time he stayed up until midnight working two weeks ago, and when he had returned she had berated heavily to say lightly.

Arceus, she wished she could work until midnight again. But then Rose and the OB-GYN would have a complete fit.

Oleana sighed, “Sorry, I was hoping mood swings wouldn’t happen. I guess all the hormones made my usual moodiness worse, I promise I’ll-,”. But Rose doesn’t allow her to finish.

“No, no. It’s fine my wishing star, I understand that you will have a lot of emotional turbulence during this time. And that’s just fine if you want to talk about how you feel then you’re free too,” Rose said and kissed her again on the forehead.

“I feel useless, I’m stuck in bed most of the day with nothing to do. My body changing is the least bothersome thing for me right now, the most bothersome being not being able to work or do much in the way of being productive,” sighed Oleana rubbing her hands in circles on her stomach, “Call me a Type A personality but I need something productive to do every day otherwise I start feeling useless I guess,”.

“Of all the things I thought I would hear you say when you were pregnant one of the very last things would be “I want to work”,” said Rose with a small chuckle, as looked down with a small smile, “But it’s certainly something you would say, pregnant or not,”.

Oleana then felt a quick jab to her ribs from inside her and stiffened up, a baby’s kick, that’s the thing, they were fun until their feet went somewhere they weren’t supposed to go. She shut her eyes tightly at the jab.

“Do you need me to get the bags?” Rose asked as his voice got a bit frantic.

Oleana opened her eyes and calmly said, “No, one of them just kicked me in the ribs,”.

If she were, to be honest, she wished the time for him to get the bags would come soon. She was tired of bed rest and being pregnant. All she wanted was for them to be out so she could hold them and love them. Well and to get back to work too, that was the other thing.

“Don’t worry about it, it happens more than you think,” sighed Oleana as she pulled the blanket over her shoulders, already knowing she would barely get a lick of sleep. Which would last for probably the next eighteen years or so.

As to be expected she fell into a night of barely any sleep.


“We want to induce you within the next week, Mrs. Rose,” the OB-GYN said over the phone, “Please speak with your husband about what time would work best for you two,”.

“Yes, Doctor,” said Oleana with an emotionless expression on her face.

“Have a nice day,” said Oleana as she hung up.

Oleana released a heavy sigh as she looked around the living room. Ten days had passed and she was off bed rest now but she still couldn’t return to work. So she wasn’t confined to bed anymore but she still couldn’t do much.

She would have to talk the inducement over with Rose when he returned home from work.

But the doctor had told her to take it easy on the physical activity even though she was off bed rest, which meant light exercise and no work.

She also hated being alone all day, it reminded her of her university days when she had no friends and her sorority sisters would always leave her out of the fun.

She got up and decided to go to the nursery, she hadn’t seen it since before it had been finished, she had hoped they stuck to the colors she had picked out. Which had been pastel yellow and navy blue.

They had decided that they wanted to wait to find out the gender of their children until they were born. Rose because he liked the surprise and Oleana because she knew the media would immediately start forcing their unborn children into gender roles the second their genders were revealed (which was one of the last things she wanted). Especially the same group of people that had thrown a fit when it was revealed Oleana was pregnant outside of marriage.

Finally, Oleana arrived in the nursery, she felt a slight soreness at the base of her spine. Typical, really.


“I love you two but I honestly can’t wait until you two are out,” she said as she looked down at her pregnant belly and gave it a small rub.

She ran her fingers over the railing of one of the cribs. They were a dark navy color, and the inside was pastel yellow. There was even a vase of yellow roses on the dresser.

Many thought red would have been the obvious choice given that was Rose’s signature color. But even Rose had agreed that red was much too intense for babies.

“Ollie!” Rose said from behind her.

She jumped a little due to surprise before she turned around, “Are you trying to jump-start my labor or something by scaring me?” Oleana said in a slightly sarcastic tone, the chill from being startled still on her skin.

“No, I came home from work early,” said Rose as he stepped towards his wife.

“Don’t spook me like that,” Oleana scolded and lightly wagged her finger at her husband, “Otherwise I might actually go into labor,”.

Rose chuckled lightly, “Sorry Ollie,”.

Oleana quickly rolled her eyes.

She felt a sudden weight in her chest, she remembered the night eight months ago, in which Rose had said he wanted a boy, he said it didn’t matter as long as they had a healthy baby but Oleana would often wonder if he truly meant it. If he would be truly disappointed if one or both of the twins were girls.

“Satya, I need to ask you something,” said Oleana in an anxious voice.

The smile on his face fell, “Yes Ollie?”.

“When we were talking a few months ago, you said you wanted a boy yes?” asked Oleana.

“Yes?” Rose asked as he raised an eyebrow, “What exactly are you getting at?”.

“Well,” Oleana began to stutter, “I-I’m w-worried y-you’ll b-be d-d-disappointed i-if t-the b-babies a-aren’t b-boys,”.

Rose hugged his wife of two months tightly. Knowing exactly how to comfort her after knowing her for nearly twenty-five years, that had been the thing about knowing someone for that long. You got to know just how to comfort someone.

“Absolutely not,” he whispered in a soft voice, “Even if we have both girls I will still be absolutely over the moon,”, he pulled his face away and stared at Oleana, “Are we having both girls Oleana?”.

She could see the disappointment in her husband’s face, he’d wanted it to be a surprise or he wasn’t a very good liar, or perhaps even both.

“No,” Oleana replied quickly, “We agreed we would wait until they were born and we will wait to find out,”.

Rose lightly pecked his wife on the cheek, the look of disappointment fading away rather quickly.

Oleana then felt a slight cramp in her lower back, likely Braxton Hicks again, after all the doctor said it was common with twin pregnancies.

“Ah,” said Rose as he wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist.

Oleana perked a small smile and kissed her husband.

“If I’m honest and I intend to be, I’m hoping one of the babies is a girl because I know you’ve always wanted a daughter,” said Rose pulling his wife close again.

“What?” Oleana said with a laugh of disbelief.

“Well….. I want you to be happy-” Rose began, but Oleana stopped listening.


She felt like something had stabbed her straight in her abdomen, sharp and stinging. Like a freshly sharpened knife had just been twisted deep into her insides.

Could it have been Braxton Hicks again? No, Braxton Hicks was never this intense before for her. Could they be real? Or were they fake ones? That’s when she felt something like a water balloon pop in between her legs.

“Satya, it’s time,” said Oleana in a calm voice, almost too calm for someone whose water just broke.