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The Eighth Sin: Sin of Vengence

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Eight Deadly Sins

Chapter 1

Meeting the Deadly Sin of Vengence

Hawk, Meliodas, Diane and Elizabeth were just leaving the Forest of White Dreams. They were on the boar now. Meliodas smiled, hiding his pain from the injury. He'll be fine, he's had worse. Elizabeth was sending him worried looks which he ignored. Diane's seen him injured so she knows he will be fine.

Elizabeth asked. "Where are we going now?"

Meliodas was sitting on a table. "Well, Little Gil said Ban was in Baste Prision, King's dead around the Nercopolis and Rowan's suspected to be around here. I heard a rumor of something like that about her. too So. Rowan it is."

His tone of King's death didn't change through the whole conversation. He didn't believe it anyway. Diane smiled from outside. "We're going to find Rowan?!"

Meliodas just nodded. Yep, looks like it."

Hawk snorted. "Rowan?"

His and Elizabeth's gaze wandered to the wanted posters on the wall of the tavern where the Eight Sins were shown. Above her name, a sketch of a girl with short dark hair and a smirk was shown. Her face was more angular than round. A half helm was on her face, barely showing her eyes and covering her nose. The beginning of a hauberk was seen before the picture was cut off.

Elizabeth's eyes widened. "Rowan? She the-"

Meliodas nodded. "Rowan, the Wolf Sin of Vengeance."

Hawk backed up at the title. Meliodas just gave out a smirk. You didn't ask a Sin their sin.

A girl of short dark hair and bright blue eyes that had to be around 14 or 15 sat in front of a hut made of stone, similar to the other huts around, making it a village.

"Sarah." The girl ignored him and he repeated the name louder. "Sarah!"

The girl jolted, realizing he was talking to her. She turned and smiled, her teeth not showing. "Mr. Framer, you have it?"

The man, Mr. Framer nodded. He was a blacksmith. In his arms, he had rows of silver chains. He asked. "What does a young girl like you need this for?"

She raised her eyebrows in mirth. "Do you really want to know?"

He frowned at her words. "Are the rumors true then?"

The girl named Sarah grinned at him, again feeling a little sad. She did spend a while in this village. "What do you think?"

Mr. Framer made a disgruntled face and sighed, a begrudging smile on his face. "Fine, here. Make sure they work."

Her eyes widened at his words. Humans...they still surprised her. Good and bad. "I-uh, alright." She flushed a little on her face and neck. She took them and put them around her shoulders like they were made of parchment. She waved him goodbye.

Time to prepare.

Meliodas, Diane, Hawk and Elizabeth arrived at Moonson Village, where the rumors were heard to be from. Meliodas put his hands on his hips, ignoring another twinge of pain. "Okay, Diane and Hawk will stay with the bar."

The Sin of Wrath's words already gained protests. Diane asked (complained). "Captain, why can't I come?"

Hawk snapped. "Why should I? So, you can perve on the princess?!"

Diane gaped and then glared at the blond. "Captain!"

Meliodas gave them a blank look. "Simple. You both cause too much attention. Diane, you're a giant and Hawk, we know you're gonna talk."

Both of the complainers deflated, though Hawk sent Meliodas a glare. "Fine!"

Meliodas and Elizabeth went into the village as the sun was going down. Elizabeth asked him. "Sir Meliodas?"

He looked over at her, quirking an eyebrow. "Yeah?"

She asked. "What's Rowan like?" She then flushed bright red, calling out. "Sir Meliodas!"

Meliodas stopped groping her rear and chuckled in thought. "Well, it doesn't take much to annoy her, but she's very loyal. Would be enraged if anyone spoke against us Sins. Protective too, but she likes to have fun also. Something like that."

Elizabeth smiled in awe. "Really? She sounds great."

Meliodas laughed. "I guess we'll have to wait and see."

Soon they arrived at the middle of the village. It was getting darker and not many people were out and walking around. Meliodas pointed at a bar ahead of them. "Look a bar, let's see what we hear."

Elizabeth brightened. "Just like the Boar's Hat."

Meliodas grinned. "Exactly."

They walked in, pushing the doors open. The place was empty, only two people on either side of the bar. A man with haggard clothes and another man with grease staining his. Meliodas easily sat in the middle of them, but there was still some space. Elizabeth stood behind him, her hands grazing his shoulders. The place made her a little uneasy.

Meliodas said cheerfully, voice nonchalant. "So, where's the beast I've heard about?"

Thought the bar was already quiet, it had gotten quieter at his words. The bartender froze, the poor man shrunk his shoulders, and the grease stained man's head snapped up and stared at him with wide eyes. The bartender was the one that spoke. "...the beast?"

Meliodas nodded his head. "Uh-huh. The ferocious animal I heard about."

A whimper came from the poor man. "No!"

The bartender soothed him. "Keep calm Franklin and drink your ale." Franklin nodded, doing what he said to and breathing deeply. The bartender fixed the two a look, but his eyes stayed on Meliodas. "Where'd you hear that?"

Meliodas shrugged (hiding another grimace of pain). "Around."

The greasy man dropped a couple of coins on the bar, sent a look at the newcomers and left with haste. Before the bartender could say anything else, Meliodas pulled Elizabeth with him out of the bar after the man. Meliodas said when they were outside and before the man got too far. "Wait, so are you going to tell me about the beast or what?"

The man paled, snapped his head up to look at the night sky. Meliodas followed his gaze and looked up at the dark sky to see the bright full moon. He just stared at it and didn't move.

Elizabeth broke the silence. "Sir Meliodas?"

It seemed to break Meliodas out of it. "Elizabeth, go back to the bar."

Elizabeth frowned. "Sir Meliodas..."

He replied. "Don't worry, I'll get Rowan."

The man frowned at his words. "Rowan? I thought we were talking about Sarah." He paled deeper, realizing he just gave the young girl up.

Meliodas gave the man a blank stare. "Where is she?"

The man stared back, his shoulders slumping in defeat.

Remembering the young woman who came into town a couple of years ago, a kid more like.

The grin she showed in most situations.

How coldly the citizens treated her at first, but she never let it show that it bothered her.

How he first met her, the girl with an awkward smile in the beginning. And when he began to realize her connection to the Beast of this village.

He realized that's why she moved to the mountains and even if she hurt people...he still cared.

He turned back toward the bar. "Please...I guessed what she is...but she's a kid, don't hurt her."

Meliodas said in his carefree tone. "Don't worry about it."

The man nodded. "She lives in the mountains up north, it's where she lived for a few years now."

Meliodas said. "Elizabeth, please go with him."

Elizabeth looked at him for a moment and then she smiled. "Alright, Sir Meliodas."

Elizabeth and the grease stained man went back into the bar. Meliodas turned toward the mountains. "Rowan, here I come."

Deep in the mountains 'Sarah' or Rowan as most others than this village know her as was getting ready for the night. She clasped the collar around her neck, clicking on the manacles around her wrists that attached to the collar. She hoped these chains were stronger than the last ones. Even though she was in the mountains, she wanted a last line of defense. She wrapped the chains into a pole forced into the ground.

She sat on the ground with her legs stretched out in front of her. She had time before it took over. She knew the feeling, she's be dealing with it once a month for years. She could the tightness roll over her skin like it did every time. She hissed in pain as the bones in her shoulders and arms broke. Her legs went out in the same fashion. A whimper of pain escaped her lips. No matter how long the Change was been happening, it still was agonizing. Rowan grunted out. "Here it comes." As more bones cracked, she blacked out.

When she came to, she was on all fours. In her place, was a large sized wolf. The chains was strong and didn't break. holding her in place by the pole. With a whiff, the Wolf tensed and growled deeply at the smell of an intruder in her territory.

She looked look over him to see an assuming messy haired blond boy with bright green eyes. His face was calm against the wolf's fury and he held his hands up in the universal sign of surrender. But the wolf could sense the darkness and power from him. He did smell familiar, though she didn't know where he was from.

He stepped closer and she growled threateningly. He just grinned at her. "Hey, Rowan. It's me. Your captain."

Rowan growled again, straining against her bonds. He spoke the human language even if he wasn't. He took another step forward and she gave out a deeper growl. He sighed, shaking his head. "I didn't think i had to do this, but fine."

The wolf's hackles were raised, waiting to see what he would do.

He breathed and stared, his eyes darkening tp purple and a circular mark over his forehead. "Rowan, your Captain Meliodas."

Rowan yelped, backpedaled away from the threat and bumping into the pole. She then rolled on her back with a whine. She realized the demon with higher power. She bared her neck and throat.

Meliodas grinned at her., letting the Mark to leave his eyes to go back to his normal green. Rowan didn't have the best control when she transformed, but his Demon Form usually brought her back. He walked forward and broke apart the chains holding her hands/paws and throat. He said. "There, that sound be easier."

He moved back a couple of steps to where he was to give Rowan more space. Her eyes lit up with happy recognition as she looked at him. Meliodas' grin widened when he realized she broke through to recognize him and not just the demon. He waved a hand as she righted herself to be on all fours. "Yo, Rowan. Been awhile, 10 years, right?"

Rowan was bigger than the average sized wolf with thick dark fur, bright blue eyes and standing at a little over 6 feet tall. Which means she's really hard to miss unless she was hidden well. Rowan then gave him a wolfish happy grin he was familiar with. She then pounced on him, one paw on his chest. Meliodas winced, feeling the wound pull tightly. But he relaxed, feeling no ill intent from her, not that he expected any.

Rowan let out a sharp bark, licking his cheeks, nose, forehead and hair. Meliodas gave out a bright laugh. He missed how playful Rowan could get, especially in this form. Rowan gave one last lick to his nose and backed up. She rested her head on her paws in front of her. He patted her on the head a couple of times. "So, when do you turn back?"

The wolf shrugged. About an hour later, Rowan let out a groan. Meliodas looked over. "So, I guess it's time now?"

Rowan shuttered and gasped sharply from her muzzle as bones re-broke and the fur receded back into her skin. Meliodas looked at her. "Oh wow. You haven't changed or aged."

Rowan stood, naked as the day she was born. She let out a bark like laugh, similar to the one in her wolf form. "Stop looking, Perverted Captain." She said it like it was a title. He grinned at her and she put on her green long sleeve tunic and black pants. She ruffled her hair and asked, looking at the boy flat on his back. "You ready, Cap'n?"

He hopped up, hiding the pain from his wound and giving her another smile. "When you are."