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Taken by Lizardmen

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She was fast approaching the Owl Rock. Aptly named for its appearance, it was a landmark her fellow tribesmen used to identify where in the jungle they were. While she loved exploring the jungle, she usually wasn’t permitted to go alone like the other unproven women, and they never let her fight anything. So Alfene would sneak out, usually when the tribe were celebrating, because they were oftentimes completely off their heads with drunkenness. She was quiet when she moved, she wore cloths on her feet so even if she stepped on stray twigs and crunchy plants, her shoes somewhat muffled their snaps. A few miles into the jungle, you could see signs of lizardmen foraging and hunting. Their large footprints and cleanly bleached bones that they left in plain sight to warn away any humans that might encroach on their hunting grounds.

The lizardmen hunted, stole humans and liked to expand their territory. Alfene’s tribe was well-established though, so there was an unspoken truce between the two tribes...for now. She never got any further than the Owl Rock in this direction, but she wished she could. This time, she noticed the rock had some visible scratches into it. Boars? Cats? Or some other animal? If it was a boar, she could outmanoeuvre it, she was athletic and had training to fight, even barehanded. It was far too risky to analyse and assume, and the jungle was growing foggy and dense, hard to move through without the use of her knife. If it was a cat, it meant climbing trees would be dangerous. She started to move backwards, keeping herself wary to creatures around her. Unfortunately, she was not aware of what was beneath her.

Suddenly a sharp pain ran through her foot. Alfene yelped. She spotted her antagoniser soon, not a thorn, but a couple of some kind of metal tack that she soon realised was a caltrop. Her feet grew numb, then the sensation crept up her legs like ivy. Frantically she turned to run but fell as she couldn’t work her legs properly.


She fainted there. She just smelled fog, then went black.


By the time she woke up, Alfene smelled burning and she couldn’t move her body; she was looking up at countless stars that worshipped a moon, and she groaned wordlessly. Her head was fuzzy and clouded. What is happening? Where am I?

She suddenly heard someone speak. It was a guttural voice in a tongue she could not understand. She felt her body hoisted up by someone before her heart stopped at what she rested her eyes on- lizardmen, and there were four of them. A whole party. She’d only ever seen dead lizardmen, the actions of her tribe in their spats.

Half lizard, half man, they stood taller than the average human male, their bodies scaly, with slender tails and muscled shoulders. They had hands and feet, clawed, but human-like. However their faces were very much primordial, like the face you might see on a raptor. Rows of teeth prominent to show their predator status. Small pinfeathers dotted their heads.

They were setting traps for humans. The smallest one (while still bigger than most men), with stripes and red, rusty-coloured scales spoke, “(It’s awake now. Should we put it back to sleep again?)” She flinched at the harshness of its snaps and growls. Unsure of its words, she kept quiet and still, not that she had a choice. The poison was still in her blood and kept her numb.

“(Let us not. She’s small and could die. Human women are hard to procure. The men keep them safe like cattle,)” The silver one with a crest of feathers snapped back, sharp teeth shining in the fire’s light, “(Thzylar, they are small and don’t have as much meat as the males, but they have their uses. You’re only just a man and haven’t even touched a woman yet, so you wouldn’t know.)”

Thzylar, who was the colour of rusted metal, suddenly seemed sheepish, though Alfene couldn’t discern that from his long snout and reptilian features. “(Female or not, it’s prey to me. I’d rather eat it, anyway).” he mumbled, sticking a twig into the ground.

The girl flinched as suddenly another figure appeared above her from behind, grasping at her face and looking with a malicious hunger. The light of the fire only made his orange eyes appear to burn brighter with desire. Was it going to eat her? She was frightened, her heart beating faster. “No...” she quietly cried, finally finding her voice. Suddenly she regretted having gone into the forest. How was she to know? She’d been to the Owl Rock hundreds of times. She’d never ventured further. It was unheard of for lizardmen to get so close. The hulking black reptilian man stuck out an unnaturally long and purple tongue and licked her face. “(So supple, a specimen like this would be considered beautiful among her kind. Let’s have a little fun with her. Since we caught her, it should be us to enjoy her first.)”

“(The chief has plenty to himself already, so I don’t see why not,)” a blue one piped up with a mischievous stare, his eyes glistening like dew-covered jungle leaves, “(a little touch, Llimeni...)”

The silver Llimeni growled, his sharp voice and colourful crest indicating authority over the other lizards. “(No, absolutely not. Don’t drag me or Thzylar into your troubles. You should know better, Mjeeneer.)”

“(Eif has more backbone than you. You are so dull.)” Mjeeneer grumbled in exasperation and flicked his tail. He was challenged by a stare from his superior and looked away uncomfortably while Eif pulled away and huffed, finding himself at the end of Llimeni’s wisdom again. He wasn’t scared like the blue one, but he knew not to rile up the crested one. For now.

“(Let’s go to sleep. Thzylar is a young one, he can keep an eye on her, just in case she recovers. I don’t trust you two. And I’m too tired to keep myself awake.)” the crested lizard yawned and turned away to wrap himself in his cat-pelt bed roll. He fell into heavy sleep as soon as he was settled. Alfene, making out the conversation not through words but gestures and voice tones, took that the grey one was possibly nicer than the others...whatever that meant with lizardmen. Shouldn’t they have eaten her by now? There was a fire crackling and she thought that she’d surely be cooked upon it.

Mjeeneer and Eif trudged to their own bed rolls.

She felt tired but didn’t want to sleep, for she feared she’d be killed and served like a steak to lizards in her rest. While it sounded less painful than the other option, which was to be served to lizards alive, she wouldn’t be able to sleep with the thought, so hours into the night she counted and squirmed silently.

Thzylar looked over her. He had a sharp gaze which was not kind. She observed details on the red lizard. He wore a patterned loincloth of sorts, and a necklace made from human bones. They were bleached white. Supposedly, the shamans of the lizardmen tribe could create a concoction that burned through flesh, but not bone. Jungle spiders had venom more merciful. This god-forsaken poison in her that paralysed her was a creation of theirs too, no doubt.

The insects called around them in their endless ambiance. A shrill cry of an unknown creature.

She saw that the fire was going quiet, it was probably dying now. The lizard watching her seemed tired, so she hoped maybe he would fall asleep, then maybe she would soon recover and escape.

Or not.

Because she couldn’t recognise any part of her environment. A fear clicked in her weary mind as Thzylar dozed away now on the jungle floor.


She was alone.


Minutes passed her by as she felt herself growing more anxious and mad, and then one of the lizardmen silently rose. He had feigned sleep? She went to scream before there was a cloth in her mouth, and it tasted pungent on her tongue. She couldn’t see which one of the four it was, but she had an idea that it was the dark, assertive one. The largest and most rugged one. He carried her away from the encampment, and she felt tears stinging her strained eyes, so this is it, then. I’m dead, finally. An unspoken prayer rang through her head. Sorry, father. I should have listened to you...

Was father looking for her now, or was he in drunken sleep, never to realise her passing until the late hours of the morning?

For such a large creature he was remarkably quiet and there was a clear-cut path so there was no heavy foliage to hinder him or make a noise. He looked around occasionally, then suddenly he stopped and placed her gently on the ground. He sat.

Feebly, Alfene reached around, using the limited energy she had feeling for a knife that she usually had in her belt, but there was none. Fuck. They had taken it from her.

Eif pulled her up and cradled her and she swallowed while in the hulking figure as he sniffed around against her neck. He made her straddle him- an overstatement, really. Rather, the woman was weakly slumped over him. “( touching a fire.)” his low speaking conveyed a tone to her that was of no aggression. Confusion settled and Alfene didn’t move when she felt cold, but smooth hands travelling along her like sneaking pythons feeling for a neck to strangle. Then a realisation came upon her. He was going to rape her? It made sense. They didn’t just eat humans but stole their women. In her fear of death she’d barely considered it. Now she was presently aware of it when the reptile pushed his pants down and she felt a rigid member rubbing against her belly. A quiet gasp left her mouth into the cloth.

“(That anesthetic sure works wonders on humans. Nice and’s a shame human women are hard to come by. I’ll make the most of you.)” She didn’t know what he was saying but he sounded...husky. One of his hands massaged one side of her ass.

She felt the humid air as the creature used a claw to pull off the cloth undergarments. Even in the night the jungle was unbearably sticky and the lizardman was somewhat cool. His cock was another matter. It was far warmer than the rest of him. She couldn’t see what it looked like, but it was slick, smooth and had a curving shape.

She had thoughts rushing through her head. She wanted to run but she couldn’t. What could she do? She couldn’t let herself be taken by a lizardman. She was still a virgin. But she couldn’t do anything. Her arms and legs were too weak. Muffled noises left her as his hand travelled to her breasts and flinched when his claw-tip touched her nipple. “(I’ll never get used to seeing breasts.)” she was adjusted slightly and she felt a tongue slithered along her chest and tease her bud. She felt deft fingers slide against the folds of her cunt, exploring curiously.

She didn’t want to admit to herself that she felt blood rush down there. How she was numb and yet so stimulated was beyond her comprehension. “Mmmnnn.”

He stopped crooning her neck and squeezing her breast with his tongue and she looked at his face. His long snout, eyes flickering, then teeth gleaming when he opened his mouth. He pulled her cloth out she was only allowed temporary freedom before his tongue replaced it.

His kiss was strange. He tasted metallic, his tongue soft but he probed roughly, pushing his tongue into hers. She was an unwilling slab of putty in his scaly hands. And she was enjoying it- she didn’t like the sensations on her body. She whined and then suddenly she was pushed on to her back on to the floor. There was a prickliness on her back so she was feeling uncomfortable. Eif’s hand gripped her hip and his other travelled to his cock, readying it against her entrance. Her noise was a sign to him and he was growing impatient. As he went to insert himself, suddenly he stopped.

Alfene saw why, because the smallest of the lizards was there and calling to Eif. “(W-what are you doing?! Llimeni will kill me!)”

Eif glowered at him, even in the darkness his glare cut through. “(What will he say of your incompetence? He will be ever so  disappointed.)”

“(J-just hurry up. And make it quiet.)” Thzylar snapped. A sheepish youth to be certain.

“(As you wish. Keep watch. You will learn how to have a little fun after this.)”

Alfene suddenly felt a pressure push into her pussy and she gasped, grasping at nearby leaves. His penis was slender, not too thick but it was long. It hurt but her wetness made it easy entrance. He moved slow at first, inserting himself halfway inside and hissing in pleasure. She shamefully responded with her own noises of copulation. He held her by her hips and hiked her body up to meet his when he started thrusting, partially using her as a fuck toy. His tail whipped around behind him as he snorted and growled.

Alfene moaned, feeling her mind fading away. She couldn’t believe she was enjoying what was going on. A hot warmth was pooling from her groin and thighs, electric pleasure shooting through her insides and affirming her brain that she wants it.

“( see, Thzylar? You’re no true lizardman until you’ve made a human woman beg for you like this.)” Eif lowly hummed, he pushed her leg out and pushed himself to go inside deep.

Thzylar swallowed and watched with a fascination. He couldn’t deny that he was growing aroused from watching this.

The slick sounds that came from their mating made Alfene feel filthy. She felt so hot and sticky. Her cunt responded by clenching tightly around him, loosening, then tightening again. Eif’s claws cut into the skin of her hips and he slammed into her harder, his experienced lizard cock reaching her cervix.

“Going...going to cum...” she whimpered. “Ah..gods forgive me!” She suddenly convulsed and Eif panicked, throwing a hand over her mouth to silence her as she squealed into his hand.

He kept thrusting until he was done and his groaning turned to one of relief as she felt a warm liquid pool inside of her. He pulled out and his cum trickled out. Alfene felt shame creep over her and she covered herself. She lay there in silence for a few minutes and they stopped to catch their breath.

Eif picked her cloth up and went to put it back on her when Thzylar stopped him suddenly. He was rubbing his own dick, snorting heavily through flared nostrils. “(Wait. Can I...)”

“(Hm?, I thought you said you only wanted to eat humans ?)” Eif huffed with a tone of eminence. He was smug and knew he had won.

“(I...okay, look, I just want to try.)”

“(Good, good. Have her, then. I’ll keep a look out.)” Eif stepped back. Alfene knew what the exchange was about. She saw Thzylar’s approach and she barely had time to react before her pussy took another lizardman’s dick. It took the lizard a fair few seconds to find her entrance, then he pressed into her. He was smaller but her sensitive pussy reacted again and she whimpered. “ more...”

Thzylar ignored her pleas as he was overwhelmed by his desire to relieve himself with her. As soon as he was inside, he was hooked. She was still tight. She drank him all in, and he groaned in bliss. He began rutting into her wildly, his thrusts more erratic than Eif’s controlled pounding. Still her body throbbed again with pleasure and increased sensitivity.

“(See? She loves you.)” Eif smirked as he lazily stroked himself. He knew now that Thzylar wouldn’t go back. The russet-coloured lizard angling himself as he pounded into her. She felt tears again prick her tired eyes. Her body simultaneously was exhausted but lustful and traitorous- she wrapped her legs around him and every single inch of him was inside of her. In. Out. In. Out. He started rasping and was reaching the end of his primal throes. Finally, Thzylar moaned through his teeth and his thrusting grew weaker.

Another load was emptied inside of her. Alfene shuddered again, then collapsed underneath the reptile, who fell on top. He was only allowed a moment’s respite before his acquaintance nudged him. “(Come on. We need to get her cleaned up and back to the camp.)”

The cicadas were singing their endless songs and Alfene only heard them for a couple of seconds before she was out again, falling a fatigue-driven sleep.