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White Time

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You were just an ignorant girl from a small but beautiful town in North Blue called Flevance. You loved festival and ice cream. You got a cool big brother who was aspiring to be a great doctor like your parents and you really looked up to him. Then, one day, everyone fell sick, ugly white spots appeared on your body and unbearable pain was constantly there. No worries! There would be a cure soon enough. Your parents were the best doctor in the town after all! Your big brother said so!

It was just another day. There was a strange fruit and a fire involved when you discovered yourself years in the future where everyone that you know including your own parents was already long dead and your big brother was the only one still alive with a bounty on his head and a scary epithet to go with it. He was also a supernova pirate captain with a crew and a ship of his own.

Yeah, welcome to Trafalgar D. Water Lammy's life.

Trafalgar D. Water Lammy woke up in pain on her white bed, she cried a bit and struggled a little on her own to sit up on her clean bed. The pain was becoming a usual thing but she never got used to it, it was unbearable but her big brother had never once complained about the pain, always trying to cheer her up even though the white spots kept appearing on their body. If he could withstand the pain with his strong will, she could do it with her own. That's why she was always trying hard to be as cheerful as possible around her brother and parents.

She looked around her pristine white room and found herself to be alone in the big room, father and mother were probably busy with the patients, they were the best doctor in this town after all. Big brother was probably studying his thick book again.

There was a growling sound coming from her stomach and she put her small hand on it, glad that no one was in the hospital room, it would be so embarrassing otherwise.

She realized that she still had not eaten anything yet since the morning and moved her head from side to side, looking for a food inside her room.

There was a strange fruit lying innocently on the table beside her. Mother must have left it for her, her mother always said that she needed to eat more fruits to be more healthy. This was the first time she ever saw a strange fruit like that though.

Her stomach growled again, asking to be feed pathetically. Lammy shrugged her little shoulders and took the strange fruit from the table with her hands, she took a bite and chocked herself on it immediately, she patted her chest a few times and managed to somehow swallow the disgusting fruit.

"This fruit is rotten!" She declared with a disgusted voice, still reeling from the aftermath of the horrible taste in her mouth. She threw the fruit as far away as possible with the little strength she got left in her body.

"I want to go to the festival again and eat ice cream with big brother." She dejectedly muttered to herself in sorrow. Everyone was so busy this day, trying to come up with a cure for the white disease.

She sighed and laid back again on her soft bed, closing her eyes and tried to think of a happy memory before the sickness took over her body.

Just when she was about to fall asleep again and have a happy dream, she could suddenly smell a smoke from outside her room, she coughed a few times and struggled to breathe properly, sweats starting to gather on her body from the increasing heat.

"What… what's going on?" She asked to no one in particular, feeling scared. Was there a fire? Where's mom? Where's dad? Where's big brother?

She got up from her bed with a lot of effort, trying to run to the door. She immediately collapsed after a few steps, her strength could no longer support her sick body.

The door suddenly fell to the ground, eaten by the fire. She tried to scream for help but only a terrified sob came out. No one coming to help her, the fire already spread around the room, she was going to be burned alive by the hot fire.

"I am scared. Someone please help me." She said in between her sobbing. She was just a terrified little girl, alone in a fire, she wasn't as brave and smart as her big brother, she didn't know what to do in this situation. She just sat there in the middle of fire and cried in despair. She didn't want to die yet, she still wanted to go to the festival with her family again.

"You see, there is no such thing as despair in this world, a merciful hand will always reach out. Angels will descent one after another to give you a miraculous help in your time of need."

A sister once told her those words with a gentle smile on her face, hands clasped around her own. The little girl who was sick with the Amber Lead disease believed in those kind words wholeheartedly.

"I believe in miracle. I do. I do." She uttered those words with a strong conviction that fate laughed itself sick.

Fate was endlessly whimsical and it decided to favor the sick little girl with the power of time itself.

Toki Toki no Mi. The devil fruit of time that gave the user an ability to send herself forward in time.

There was a burst of bright light and Trafalgar D. water Lammy sent herself unknowingly forward in time and saved herself from the burning fire.

She lost her consciousness when she landed herself years in the future, not at all prepared for the things that would come her way soon.