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UnChained Hart: A Long Lonely Time

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Unchained Hart : A Long Lonely Time

Chapter One


Zoe Hart some would say was a brilliant heart surgeon on her way to making a name for herself. She had gotten a fellowship at the hospital of her dreams even if it came a few years later then she expected. And even if that fellowship was just a temporary offer for now. All her colleagues were sure she would be offered a permanent position any day now. It was all starting to take shape that picture she always had of what her life would look like.

Her Mother was so proud of her getting out of that small town of nowheresville and just stepping right back into the big leagues of being a heart surgeon. Not that Zoe had seen much of her Mother over the last few months both women had been working non-stop. It was a surprise though seeing as she was living with her Mother that they didn't see each other much. When Zoe wasn't at the hospital she usually was crashed out on her bed sleeping. Doing private practice instead of work at a hospital must of throw her off her game for being able to stay up all night.

She Zoe Hart should be on cloud nine everything in her life seemed to be coming together just like she always wanted for her career. Her love life was another matter entirely, her heart was in pieces after she finally let herself admit she had loved Wade.
His betrayal of their relationship had set her crazy for a little while there. She had been so set on proving she didn't really care for Wade she even help destroy George and Tansy relationship. Not her finest hour by a long shot.

And if that wasn't enough she had to go and sleep with Wade again, he acted like everything was great they could just go back to casually sleeping together like they had in the beginning of their relationship. Like he hadn't taken her heart and ripped it out and stumped on it for fun. Like the real part of their relationship hadn't meant anything to him at all. He just want them to keep sleeping together.

Of course Zoe had learn right before she left for New York how untrue that had been. When Wade had told her he loved her. That he would be waiting for her to come back and give them a chance again. She had told him she needed space and time away and he had been given her that time and space she asked for.

But Zoe herself had made sure she didn't have time to think of Wade she kept herself super busy with work. It was easier that way her heart didn't hurt as bad if she had other things to keep her mind on. She had talked to Lavon Hayes her best friend in BlueBell a few times since she left he had told her Wade was running the Rammer Jammer and wasn't seeing anyone seemed the bartender turned co-restaurant owner was waiting for a certain Doctor to return.

Zoe hated how her heart had stopped beating for a few seconds when she had heard that information. Wade was waiting for her in Bluebell he didn't have any doubts on wanting a relationship with her. Even though she had told George she had loved him a few days before she had left. It was just easier not to think on Wade it hurt too much.

But being a Doctor, Zoe knew how the human body worked, even more her how own human body worked. So that's why she had her blood checked afraid Wade might have given her some type of disease from their last night tonight. Because who knew if he remember protection with the ho-ho he slept with. She was still bitter about the cheating.

She had read and reread the results a dozen times before she had gotten home from the hospital. Then at least a dozen more times in her room staring at the piece of paper like hoping enough would change the results. How could this have happened? How could she have let this happen? She was a Doctor for crying out loud. This changed everything, she had a lot of decisions to make. As much as she hated him she needed to tell Wade. She didn't have time right now though for that talk, she had to get to work.

Hailing down a taxi had taken over ten minutes but after given the driver the hospital's directions Zoe pulled out her phone. She knew if she didn't do this now she might never find the courage to do it. She really needed to talk to Wade, so being a big girl she searched her contacts until his photo and number came up. He was smiling his cocky grin in it she had always loved that picture of him. She had almost deleted his number a hundred times in the last few months but never did it in the end. Hitting the call tab she waited for him to pick up. When it kept ringing then went to voicemail she was going to hang up but decided instead to leave him a message.

"Wade it's me, you know Zoe listen we need to talk I have something important to tell you, so when you get this message call me back. I'm working all day so I might miss your call but keep trying okay, I miss you bye" she finished with.

Why did she have to tell him she had missed him, that had just slipped out. Wasn't part of her plan at all but hearing his voice on his voicemail had caused her to lose some control of her emotions. Tears were trying to come to her eyes and she did not have time for crying today she shook them off. She did not have time to worry about if Wade would call her back or not.

Her phone beeped signaling a text had come in, looking at it she seen her Mother had texted she would love to have dinner with her that night. Zoe replied back she wasn't sure what time she would be getting home tonight from work, but if early enough she would love too. Because she needed to have a long talk with someone and her Mom might just be the right person are at least a someone to talk to.

Zoe missed Lavon he would listen to her ramble on then call her crazy but he would promise to be there for her through everything and that she wouldn't be alone. Right now she really need that. She needed her best friend maybe she should call him right now he could tell her what to do. Before she could though her phone started ringing looking at the screen she seen Wade's cocky smile glare back at her.

Before she could answer it though she was pushed forward and her phone went flying out of her hand. Her head hit the middle plastic barrier between her and the driver and as everything was fading to black all Zoe could think was 'my baby please let it be okay.'