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UnChained Hart: A Long Lonely Time

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Chapter Two


Zoe Hart's existence was nothing but a burr of colors and darkness sometimes she thought she heard voices. She felt someone touch her then the feelings would fade away. She couldn't tell you how long this went on it could be for minutes or hours or even days. Then one day her eyes seemed to just open after she had tried for what seemed like years to get them too.

All she could see was a white ceiling she tried to turn her head but it hurt too much so she stopped. She listened carefully but didn't hear anyone near by. Trying to take stock of the situation she tried to move different parts of her body she could feel down all the way day to her feet. And she could feel her fingers but it hurt to try to moved them, and she felt so weak.


What had happened she was trying to remember but she came up blank. Zoe did not know where she was but she must have been in some type of accident. Things were so fuzzy she couldn't really remember anything but she was just so tired that her eyes closed themselves and she was back under again but this time she she was in the land of dreams.

*She was in the town square of Bluebell setting in the Gazebo watching people walk by, she seen Lavon, AB walking by in deep conversation with each other. Lemon and George were next laughing at something. Wanda and Tom holding hands looking all in love like newlyweds should.*

*Then all of a sudden the scene changed and Zoe was setting in the Rammer Jammer on her favorite bar stool. Shelley was behind the bar smiling at her. Zoe turned though when she heard a song start playing*

**Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch, A long, lonely time, Time goes by so slowly, And time can do so much, Are you still mine?, I need your love**

*Zoe's eyes caught sight of the man who was at the jukebox when* ***I need your love*** *was sung out and it was Wade with such a lonely look in his eyes.*

At that her eyes flew open again the room was dark now where it had been light before when she had been awake. Now it seemed it was night time. This time Zoe tried to say some thing but found her throat was really dry and scratchy like it hadn't been used in a long time.

What was going on? This did not look like a hospital room and she didn't hear any beeping of a heart monitor that she should be hooked up too. She did feel something though connected to her stomach. And that scared her she was a doctor and she knew just what that might mean. But her head was feeling fuzzy again and she couldn't fight off the sleep her body seemed to need. So once again she faded to sleep.


The last few days Zoe would wake up for a few minutes she knew it had to be days because sometimes the room was light and other times it was dark. She never did see anyone when she was awake though and it scared her more then anything. Where was she and why wasn't anyone watching her better?

She knew it wasn't a hospital they would be better staffed and hopefully had picked up on her being awake now. Some of her memories were coming back of the day she assumed she had been in a accident. Zoe thought she was going to work she could picture having her phone in her hand and Wade was calling but after that nothing. How long had she been here? And when would they finally notice she was awake.

"Let's get you all prettied up today Dr. Hart" the Nurse said as she walked into Zoe's room. "Your Mother's coming in today for her weekly visit."

Zoe tried to make a noise but no sounded came out to get the nurse's attention as she was headed to what Zoe thought was the rooms bathroom. A few minutes later said Nurse returned with a pan of water that she set on the bed by Zoe's feet she then turned back to the bathroom and returned a few seconds later with a wash cloth and soap. "So as I was telling you last week I thought my boyfriend was finally going to pop the question turns out I was wrong. He got a job offer in Chicago instead and wants me to move there"

"Can you believe it Chicago, I don't want to move my homes here" the Nurse was carrying on a one sided conversation never noticing the open eyes of her patient. "All my family is here, and while I love Josh I'm just not sure if I love him enough to leave them behind"

Having finished complaining about her private life, the Nurse finally looked up and almost spilled the water in the pan all over the bed when she seen for the first time the brown eyes of Dr. Hart open. She went running out of the room like a mad woman to the Nurses station to page a Doctor right away.

Back in her room Zoe Hart was smiling someone had noticed she was awake and maybe finally she could get some help and figure out what was wrong with her. The Nurse had said enough for Zoe to know she had been here for awhile. Her Mother came on weekly visits just how many of those had Candice Hart had to make to visit her only child?

And with the way the Nurse had been talking to her like they were old friends that scared Zoe as well. She did not like how all the clues were adding up. She was a Doctor she knew that whatever had happened too her wasn't good. Zoe just wanted her Mom right now and perhaps Wade as well. She shouldn't want Wade not after what he had done to her, but the heart wants what the heart wants. She just knew if he had been here he would have noticed she was awake a lot sooner and telling her everything would be okay. And that is what she really needed right now someone to tell her that she Zoe Hart was going to be okay. That no matter what they would be there for her and love her. She could hear Wade in her mind's eye telling her he loved her and would wait for her.

But just how long ago had that promise been made? Zoe had tears running down her face thinking the answer was probably too long. The Doctor came in just then and Zoe could do nothing but follow him with her eyes as he made his way over to her.
"Dr. Hart it's wonderful to see you awake"