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UnChained Hart: A Long Lonely Time

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Chapter Four

Zoe found her room just as her Mother had said nothing was out of place, everything was where she had left it perfectly. In her closet hanging were the dresses and shirts that all were going to be a little to big for now. She had lost a lot of weight and thankful in the last six month gained most of it back on the diet her doctor put her own.

But she was still thinner then she use to be. And she was sure all her cute clothes were now out of style. That though did not bother her one little bit though. She didn't care about clothes. Locking her door Zoe went to her bedside table drawer and pull it open. And there it was one piece of white paper which held the results that years ago now she had thought would change her world forever.
How she truly wished they had tears where running down her face a pain worse then when she learn about Wade's cheating was taken hold of her heart. Her baby was gone, Wade's baby was gone.

Never once since she had woken from her coma had she ever thought about wishing she hadn't survived the accident. She had went through months of painful physical therapy, but had been glad to do it because at the end of the day she was glad she was alive. But now knowing what she did know Zoe felt nothing was worth it. She should have died with her baby.

Zoe didn't know how long she had set there in her room crying, she had heard knocking at one point but didn't move to open the door. She might have even heard her Mother's voice asking to be let in. But that hadn't broke her out of her thoughts on what her baby would have been like. For some reason she thought it would have been a boy who looked just like Wade. It broke her heart even more thinking that.

"Zoe I'm coming in" Candice Hart said after having found the key for the lock are really having her maid find the key to Zoe's door.

Opening the door and seeing her daughter on the floor by the side of her bed holding a piece of paper with dried tear stains on her face broke Candice heart. "Oh sweetheart what's wrong?"

Hearing her Mother's voice Zoe looked up and just held the paper up like it would explain everything. Candice took the offer paper but seen it was a sheet of test results but not being a doctor she didn't know what it meant. But whatever was on this page had set Zoe off into a downward depression.

"Zoe what does this mean?" Candice asked trying to get a respond out of her daughter afraid her brain injury truly hadn't healed and Zoe would need to return to the hospital for a stay.

"It means I was pregnant Mom" Zoe said tears starting to run down her faces again "before the accident I was pregnant."

Candice Hart turned pale and froze in place this wasn't supposed to happen her daughter wasn't supposed to be mourning a baby. After all Zoe had been through she shouldn't have to deal with this right now. Zoe had just gotten home she needed time to heal from her physical injuries. She didn't need to be mourning a phantom baby. This was all that good for nothing Wade Kinsella's fault.

"I didn't think you knew" Candice lovely spoke as she set on the floor next to her little girl. "They told me at the hospital after your accident."

"Why didn't you say something?" Zoe asked getting up away from her Mother not believing she could have kept something that important from her.

"I didn't want to hurt you" Candice replied with tears in her eyes "The baby isn't here Zoe, You didn't remember so I saw no reason to bring it up. All it would do is cause you pain"

"But I had a right to know Mom" Zoe said setting on her bed as her energy faded away. "It was my baby"

"I'm sorry honey, I just didn't want to hurt you" Candice defended herself with. There was so many things she hadn't told Zoe the last two years were full of things Zoe didn't know because she slept through most of them. Things that Candice Hart had done to protect her daughter.

Since Zoe had been awake she had asked more then once if anyone in Bluebell knew what had happened to her? If Brick had called wondering when she would return to their medical practice. Candice had calmly told Zoe she had gotten power of attorney and after six months of Zoe being in a coma had sold Brick, Zoe's half of the practice. Zoe had not been happy about that they had, had a huge fight over it.

But Mrs. Hart broke down crying telling Zoe how she didn't think she would ever wake up and she didn't want to have to deal with Bluebelle or anyone in it. She just wanted to be there for her daughter. She confessed to sending out a email using Zoe's computer telling everyone that Zoe would be staying in New York that she had gotten her dream job and would not be returning.

Zoe hadn't taken that news very well but overtime had seemed to accept it, that Bluebelle was her past. But this Candice didn't think she would ever forget or truly get over. Setting on her daughter's bed she just hoped Zoe would forgive her one day for not telling her.

"But it was my baby Mom, I have a right to be hurting" Zoe replied "It was my baby" after repeating the latter a few times Zoe fell to sleep.


After her mini break down last week Zoe Hart hadn't left her room. She had trays of food sent up to her room and did eat them even if she didn't feel like it. She had found her handbag she hadn't taken it to work with her the day of the accident which was good. So now she had her driver's license and credit cards which she wasn't sure worked anymore or not. She did not have a phone though.

Zoe knew she was behaving like a child refusing to talk to her Mother, but after everything she had decided for Zoe she just needed a break for her. Selling her practice, breaking up with the whole town of Bluebelle by email, but not telling her about her miscarriage was the topper of them all.

Zoe was getting lonely though and she knew she needed to talk to her Mother, she first of all wanted to get the power of attorney recensed then with her Mother's help get a new phone so she could start looking for a job. Because she had received a clean bill of health there was no reason for her not to be working.

A knock on her door and then "Can I come in?" were heard.

"Yes come in Mom" Zoe answered ready to get her life started again. But also knowing she would never forget the baby she had lost.

Candice Hart smiled entering the room happy that she was allowed back in. She knew Zoe would forgive her she just needed time.


Zoe and her Mother had talked things out and the power of attorney was over with. It had taken a little pull but it was finished and Zoe was in charge of her own life again. The pair had went shopping a few times and Zoe was surprised to learn her Mother had paid off her credit cards for her.

Zoe was getting in the hang of living again, she had talked to Jess a few times it was good to have a friend that she could complain about her Mother too. But Zoe had used the maid's phone to do that she still hadn't gotten around to getting a new one yet. Her Mother did not seem to be pushing her to get one either which Zoe did find a little weird.

Zoe's nightly dreams of Wade now including him holding a baby smiling down at what she liked to believe was their son. Tears always filled her eyes every morning after those dreams. After her Mother's email and it having been over two years Zoe was sure Wade had moved on with his life. It hurt thinking that and maybe that's why she didn't call him because if he didn't tell her that she could continue to hope that just maybe he was waiting for her still.

Zoe missed being a Doctor she was still licensed and both New York and Alabama she needed to get a job something to take her mind off of Wade and their lost baby.

That night when her Mother returned from work Zoe asked if she could use her home office tomorrow, Zoe laptop hadn't been charged in over a year and the battery didn't seem to want to work. She wanted write a resume and look for job posting online. She need to get back out there into the living world.

"I think that's a great idea sweetheart" Candice Hart had replied hoping her daughter would find a new job close by.

So the next morning after her Mother had left for work Zoe found herself in Mrs. Hart's office using her computer looking up postings for position around New York. After searching for over a hour Zoe decided to write her resume making sure to highlight her fellowship but found it hard with two years missing of her life not being able to fill in about. How do you type into a resume that for the last two years you were in a coma but your better now?

A lot can happen in two years and Zoe felt like the whole world had moved on without her she was stuck in two years ago. Stuck loving a man who by now had moved on. Mourning for a child that had never got to see the light of day. Her life had been taken from her but Zoe knew she couldn't let that keep her down. She had to move past this just like she had some how forgiven Wade for cheating she could do this it wasn't impossible it just seemed like it was. Her heart would move on she would find love again.
Only she knew never would she love another man as she had Wade, her heart could never love like that again.

The Maid walked in then asking Zoe if she wanted her make something for lunch for her in a hour and putting the mail on her Mother's desk. Zoe declined the offer of food and barely paid attention to the letters laid down on the desk but the one on top caught her eyes because she recognized the handwriting one she never thought she would see again.

It was Wade's handwriting she was sure of it, so she grabbed the letter and sure enough it was addressed to her Mother and the return was Wade name and address. Why was Wade writing to her Mother? Was this the first time he had ever done this? How did he get her address anyway?

Not caring the letter was not her's Zoe tore the envelope opened and what was inside that letter it changed everything. She must have read it and reread it a dozen times not wanting one word to change. Tears where running down her face. This changed everything her life was never going to be the same again. And perhaps her loneliness was finally over.