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The pet of Slytherin House

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"This year was going just great and it was not even the second week of class," Harry thought to himself as he walked the halls of Hogwarts. Having thought that he was going to get expelled even before the school year even began for blowing up his aunt only for the Minister of Magic himself to let him go. Having passed out on the train due to the Dementors had been bad enough but in his first class of the year having the Professor predict his death. His next class of the day, Transfiguration had been canceled due to Professor McGonagall having gotten food poisoning at the opening feast the night before. Hermione was now spending most of her free time in the library looking for some sort of proof that the tea reading was false while his classmates began to act as if he was made of glass and would drop dead at a moment's notice. So it was Harry was walking alone down a random corridor, Hermione having rushed once more to the library and Ron still in the Great Hall eating a late breakfast. "Man Fate seems to really take delight in messing with my life," Harry thought to himself again wondering if he should go do some homework.

"She really does," a soft ethereal voice said seeming to respond to his thought. With a start, Harry looked up and saw a strange woman before him with one eye a deep silver and the other a shining gold and an almost Muggle version of an Elvish face. The woman seemed to be surrounded by a tangible aura making it hard to determine her age which seemed to shift by the second between a young lady full of graze and an elderly teacher full of unknown knowledge. "Hello Harrison," the strange woman said raising an arm drawing his attention to the robe she was wearing which seemed to shift between all known colors with no actual pattern.

"My name is Harry," Harry said confused at this strange woman but she just chuckled.

"That is what you have been told but you will find that not everything one is told is true young Wizard. You are quite correct that my daughter does seem to take delight in messing with your life but I am here to correct that young one," she said.

"Who is your daughter?" Harry asked even more confused.

"Why Fate of course it seems she had seen the plans of two mortals that could end up destroying the world so she decided to introduce you to mediate the damage done between the pair. However, her sister Destiny acting on your life as well doing her best to keep you safe for you were destined to become the master of my son Death and have free reign in my other sons, Time's domain. With the majority of my children working cross purposes on your life it would have put into a plan that would cause even more destruction than if the world had been left alone between the two madmen," she said folding her arms before her inside the sleeves of her large multicolored robe.

"What?" Harry can only sputter out before seeing that he really was just a pawn on some cosmic chessboard.

"True young Harrison but as in the game of chess when a pawn reaches the other side of the board they can become a key piece in the game and that is what I offer to you. It will not be pleasant and you will most likely learn the thing best left never to have seen the light of day but your life will be better," the woman said.

"What would I have to do?" Harry asked.

"All it takes is a single shake of my hand and you will be removed as you are from the game board as it were. But I will offer you a warning if you do this you must learn to trust what once you did scorn and beware those you had previously trusted for I will take away all my children have done and will do to you. So young Harrison do you accept?" she asked pulling her left hand out of her robe and holding it out for him to shake in agreement.

"Why not, can't be worse than what I have to deal with now," Harry said as he takes the woman's hand and felt magic surge through him causing him to scream in pain before passing out.


"Oh you are too cute," a familiar voice said waking Harry back up as he feels something touch his head. Harry opened his mouth in a yawn making the voice let out a slight coo at him as he opened his eyes and sees Ginny's face filling his entire field of vision.

"Back up Ginny, give a guy some space," he said but she just lets out another coo as if he was some sort of baby. Closing his eyes Harry rubbed the bridge of his nose only to stop when he realized that he was not wearing glasses.

"Ah little baby don't worry I will take good care of you," Ginny said and Harry felt himself being lifted up causing his eyes to snap open and see his arm covered in green fur.

"What did that woman do to me?" he thought to himself before he realized that not only was he covered in fur but he had to be small due to the fact that Ginny was holding him in the crook of her arm. He had to get away to find that woman and find out what she had done to him so he began to struggled out of Ginny's grip.

"Calm down baby mommy will take good care of you," Ginny said above him in an utterly sicking voice. Harry had had enough as he tried to push her arm away from him unknowingly having some claws come out of his fingers and scratch her. As his claws raked her skin drawing blood Ginny dropped him to the ground which thankfully he landed on his feet before bounding away. "Ow that hurt you little freak,' Ginny said as Harry having been conditioned by his relatives found himself stopping in place expecting a blow. Unfortunately, it was not a physical blow that came but a stinging hex that hit him and due to his new size blasted him into a wall. At both the hex and his body crash into a wall, Harry let out a shout of pain. "This will teach you not to scratch your mommy," Ginny said advancing on him with her wand pointed at him. Harry tried to get to his feet but collapsed more worried now than he had even been before even facing off against the Basilisk last year.

"What is going on here?" a voice asked from behind Ginny blocked them from Harry's view.

"None of your concern you snake," the red-haired girl shot over her shoulder.

"Better a snake than a lion attacking a defenseless animal," the person said still speaking in a calm voice.

"Defenseless my eye the freak scratched me after I went to help it," Ginny said.

"That is a lie you picked me up without even asking and I was just trying to get away," Harry said still unable to get to his feet with the pain in his head.

"I don't think they agree with you Weaslette,' the voice said evidently hearing Harry. "I wonder how Professor McGonagall would react to find out one of her little cubs had cast a hex at an animal just because they got a little scratch." Ginny looked as if she had swallowed an entire bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans in one gulp as she put her wand away and brushed past the Slytherin to leave the hall. "She is gone now little one," the Slytherin boy said walking slowly over before crouching down and holding out a hand to Harry. Harry leaned forward and found himself sniffing the offered hand picking up a slight scent of new parchment and some chocolate. "Do you mind if I pick you up to get you looked over little one?" the unknown boy asked after Harry finished sniffing his hand. Harry tilted his head in thought before giving a slight nod thinking Madam Pomfrey would be able to get him back to normal. Harry found himself being gently lifted into the Slytherin boy's arms as the boy took off not to the Hospital Wing but towards the dungeons and going up to a black wall before knocking on it as if it was a door.


"Enter" a voice called from the other side as the wall slid aside to reveal a comfortable-looking living room with a couple of couches and chairs around a small table on one side and a roaring fire on the other. "Ah, Mr. Nott what can I do for you?" Snape asked getting up from one of the chairs in the room and walking over to one of his snakes.

"Sorry to disturb you Professor but I was heading to the library after supper when I heard a slight yowl of pain. Following the noise I found this little guy being approached by Ginny Weasley with her wand pointed at it. I could not let her hurt it so I managed to get her to run off on her own under threat of telling Professor McGonagall before I brought him to you," Nott said absentmindedly scratching Harry's ears

"I see if you could put him on the table for a moment I will check him out," Snape said in the most reasonable tone Harry had ever heard him use. As he was placed on the table Harry noticed a reflective surface close by so he rose to his shaking legs and struggled over to take a look at himself. Seeing himself on the surface Harry let out a small sound of surprise for staring back at him was a forest green fox-like creature with deep black eyes as if his hair and his eyes had changed color on him in this form. Harry saw a hand come down and gently rub his back making it arch at the touch.

"What exactly is he, Professor?" Nott said making Harry look at the Potion Master as well for he had never even heard of a green fox.

"Unless I am much mistaken I believe what we have here is a baby Kitsune," Snape said making Harry growl at the man for he was no baby.

"How can you tell sir, I mean I can see the Kitsune due to the strange coloration but how do you know the age?" Nott asked trying to pet Harry and calm him down.

"Well a Kitsune is a very long-lived species but you can tell what stage of life they are in is their tails or in this guy's case tail. You see Mr. Nott a Kitsune will gain a tail at different stages of their lives as they get older so only having one tail shows that this is a very young Kitsune. It is hard to say due to how rare Kitsune are outside of Japan and China but I have heard that it takes at least seventeen years for a Kitsune to actually grow their second tail so he may have been born before you Mr. Nott but by his own species standards he is still a baby," Snape explained which calmed Harry down a little.

"How could a baby Kitsune get into Hogwarts?" Nott asked once more scratching Harry's ears making Harry let out a soft purr.

"That I can not tell you as I said they are a rare creature outside of either Japan or China and little is known about them in Britain what is known is mostly rumor and hearsay. Some sources say befriending a Kitsune is a good luck while others hold the view that to just meet one is as bad as seeing a Grim," Snape said as he reached down and held his hand out to Harry to sniff. Despite not wanting anything to do with him Harry leaned forward and smelled some herbs and spices as well as hints of ash coming from the man. After a few moments, Snape pulled out his wand and cast a diagnostic spell on Harry to see what damage if any the youngest Weasley had done to the Kitsune.

"Is everything alright sir?" Nott asked seeing his head of house's face fall as he read the results of his spell.

"It seems that besides the hex cast and being blasted into a wall someone has been torturing this poor thing," Snape said with a sad tone in his voice that startled Harry. "There is signs of both physical damage to him as well as malnutrition. Until we find where he came from I think he will be needing some serious care to recover. If you would please pick him up and follow me to the common room," Snape said as with a swish of his cloak left his rooms summoning his potion bag as he went with Theodore Nott following closely behind him with Harry held securely in his arms once more.

The pair walked out of the Snape's room and headed to another blank stretch of wall as Snape gave the password "Veritaserum" causing the wall to move aside and the pair to enter the Slytherin Common Room. Once inside Snape clapped his hands once getting everyone's attention, "Everyone I am sorry to interrupt but I have a task for the entire house," Snape said waving Theo forward. "Mr. Nott happened upon young Ginevra Weasley attacking this young Kitsune. Bringing him to me I cast a diagnostic charm on him I found that the poor dear has been tortured I would like you all to help bring him back up to health."

"Would we get any points for this?' one First-Year asked only for another student to smack the back of their head.

"No, I will not give you points for this. I do not even know how long it will take for him to recover or for us to find his family," Snape said. "If you all agree to this there are some things you all need to know about Kitsune. First of all, you all must be very careful with him besides the fact that he has been mistreated for a Kitsune he is very young akin to a human that is around maybe three years old. Secondly, Kitsunes do not like tightly enclosed spaces and can cause them actual mental and physical damage so whatever you do, do not put him into situations that cause him stress for it will make his recovery last longer. Third, though he is a wild animal and still young for his species Kitsunes are highly intelligent so be careful with what you say around him for he will most likely understand you. " Snape gave further instructions but Harry found himself falling asleep in Nott's arms.

"Can I hold him Theo?" a voice asked waking Harry up.

"It is not up to me it is up to him unless you want to get scratched like the Weaslette," Theo responded. Harry found another hand before his face and leaned in to take a sniff smelling broom polish and some coconut before he nuzzled against the hand.

"I think he likes me," the voice said excitedly as Harry was transferred out of Theo's arms and to the speaker. Once he was cuddled in the person's arms Harry tilted his head back to see who was now holding him.

"Malfoy?" he asked and for the first time, he heard soft growls that appeared to be his speech now.

"Ah he is just a little cutie," Malfoy said using his one good arm to lift Harry to his face and rub his noses against Harry's. Harry was so shocked he opened his mouth and let his tongue out so that he ended up licking Malfoy's cheek making the blonde actually giggle at him. "Ah I could just eat him up I think I am in love," Draco said with a deep belly laugh shocking Harry who had never seen the blonde show such emotion before. "I think we need to give him a name," Draco said.

"What about Salazar?" someone suggested Harry growled nixing that suggestion,

"I don't think he likes it. How about Weasel Crusher for what he did to the Weaslette?" Draco suggested only for Harry to shake his head. The names Elf Wing, Silver, Neko, and Phoenix were also suggested and turned down.

"What about Nguruvilu?" Theo asked making Harry tilt his head in confusion and he was not the only one. "Jeez don't you guys read our textbooks a Nguruvilu is a hybrid creature that has traits of foxes, just like a Kitsune and a snake which ties back to Slytherin house. So what do you say little one does the name Nguruvilu sound good to you?" Theo asked looking down at Harry who ran the name through his head a couple of times getting used to it before nodding in agreement making Theo smile down and him and scratch just under his chin making Harry purr and wag his tail.

"Is there a way we can shorten it I don't feel like saying Nguruvi all the time?" a First-Year asked.

"Well, I guess we could try Vilu?" Theo suggested and Harry purred to show he would accept it before he curled himself up for a bit in one of the Slytherin's lap feeling safer than he would have thought possible just a few hours ago.

"Ah, there he is I have finished his first set of potions who would like to do the honors?" Snape said holding out two small eye droppers filled with a nutrition potion and creature-safe healing potion. Harry opened an eye and saw almost the entire Slytherin house raise a hand to volunteer making Snape let out a soft chuckle as he handed one of the bottles to Marcus Flint and the other to Theo. Marcus made his way over and let Harry sniff him before pulling the Kitsune into his lap and let a few drops of potion out of the eyedropper into Harry's mouth. At the taste, Harry shook his head side to side for a moment before letting out a small sneeze making several students making cooing sounds at him causing Harry to let out a small huff and head towards Theo for the other potion. As the drops from the second potion, Harry felt a little better as his head finally cleared up a little after being blasted into the wall earlier and felt some of the soreness leftover from his time back at home just slide off him. With a happy yip, Harry wagged his tail and put his hands, front paws whatever, on Theo's shoulders and licked the other boys face.