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The Hinata Appreciation Chat

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"Hey, Kageyama?" Hinata glanced up from his homework, his eyes falling over to the phone in Kageyama's hand. It seemed like it was always present, lately, when they weren't at practice. "Who're you talking to?"

Still type-type-typing away, Kageyama replied, "No one important."

Hinata frowned. "Don't lie."

"I'm not lying." Still typing.

"Then look up!" Hinata snapped, closing his notebook. Kageyama jolted at the force of it. "I asked you to come over because I thought you of all people would pay some attention to me..."

And then Kageyama's eyes shot up, and he blinked. His typing had finally stopped. "What?"

Hinata groaned and flopped back against the chair he was in, staring up at the ceiling. "I just... I feel lonely, lately. No one really pays any attention to me, you know?" He gave a weak laugh. "Even the other guys on the team kind of ignore me outside practice."

Silence met his confession. He turned, and looked-

And there Kageyama was, on that damned phone!


"Shut it, dumbass!" Kageyama snapped, with a bit more force than necessary. He kept typing, an unusually angry look on his face. And that was saying something, because this was Kageyama Tobio.

"I... Uh, sorry," Hinata mumbled, curling in on himself. He dropped his eyes down to his lap, looking blankly at his hands that rested there. That was what he got for trying to open up about his stupid feelings... Especially with a guy like Kageyama, who didn't even care about him-

Then he blinked, and there was a phone in his field of vision. Kageyama's phone. It was open to some group chat app, it looked like. Hinata turned and looked at Kageyama, who looked back with an unreadable expression. "Don't type anything. Just... Read, okay?"

Hinata frowned in confusion, but he looked back down, and accepted the phone. He got a proper look at the group chat's name...

Hinata's Fanclub...

"Uh. Kageyama, what-"

"Just read."

Kageyama was insistent on it, on not explaining himself. Hinata sighed, and looked down. Kageyama had scrolled all the way up to the very beginning of the chat, so the first message he read...

Kageyama:  Welcome, one and all, to the Hinata club. We're all here because we're hopelessly in love with a certain idiotic ball of sunshine and fire.


Sugawara:  Kageyama, I was kidding when I said we should do this!

Sawamura: Yes, because that's something we all believe.

Azumane:  Aren't we worried about Hinata finding this?

The third years?! All three of them?!

Nishinoya:  It's by invite-only, Asahi! Don't worry about it so much!

Azumane:  What if he sees it on one of our phones?

Tanaka: Just be careful with where you put your phone then.

Noya and Tanaka, too?!

Kageyama: We are missing a certain tall blond middle blocker... Yamaguchi, do not tell me he's still in denial or some bullshit

Yamaguchi: No, he's downloading the app right now!

Wait. Wait. No, there was no way-

Tsukishima:  I'm here, King. Don't execute me just yet.

"Oh my god," Hinata whispered.

Kageyama:  Since you were late, you get to go first with our club activities.

Sugawara:  Club activities?

Kageyama: Everyone gets to say their favorite thing about Hinata. Tsukishima?

No. There was no way Tsukishima would actually ever-

Tsukishima:  His smile. Duh. Who's next?


"Oh my god," Hinata said again. Because there was no other thing for him to say.

The chat seemed to be focused primarily on him, as the title would proudly boast. There were so many long, detailed rants about his smile or his hair or his behavior. His cheeks were burning. Every now and then he looked up at Kageyama, wordless, but then he kept having to look back at the phone because Kageyama kept looking at him all soft and goopy and sweet and-!

And then he got to what he assumed were the messages from just minutes ago.


Azumane: What's a Hinata emergency???

Nishinoya: It obviously means we have to kill someone for Shouyou. I volunteer to be the getaway driver!

Sugawara: I do not think that's what it means. Also, you don't have your license.

Nishinoya: Your point???

Kageyama:  Hinata thinks none of us like him

Sugawara:  WHAT?!

Sawamura: What?!???

Kageyama: He says he thinks we all ignore him outside of practice and that he feels lonely

Yamaguchi:  We can't let him think that!!!

Kageyama: Tsukishima's not online right?

Yamaguchi:  Uh, no?

Kageyama:  Good. I'm showing Hinata this chat. We all know he'd never hate us for our feelings. He needs this. I don't want him to think he's not loved.

Hinata expected to see at least a little argument after that, but...

Azumane:  Neither do I! Show him!

Nishinoya: Shouyou! We all love you!

Tanaka: Aw, so we're not killing someone? Oh well! We love you, Hinata!

Yamaguchi:  Uh, Tsukki's going to kill us later. But yeah, we all love you! Tsukki included!

Everyone said it, over and over, that they loved him. Well, except Tsukishima - who still hadn't logged on - but Hinata had seen more than enough to know that he did, too. Hinata swallowed thickly, and slowly placed the phone down on the table with a shaking hand.

Something! He had to say something!

"Uh... Wow."


Then he looked up, and Kageyama was still looking at him, soft and sweet and it made Hinata wonder- 'Has he always looked at me that way?'

Then the phone vibrated. Both sets of eyes turned to it, and they leaned over to see...

Tsukishima:  I hate every single one of you and would like to request that one of you come and kill me right this second

Struck by sudden inspiration, Hinata looked at Kageyama. "Hey, can I type something now?"

Kageyama raised one eyebrow, but nodded. Grinning, Hinata typed out a message.

Kageyama:  Don't say that... I wouldn't smile ever again if you died, Tsukishima!!! -Hinata

It only took half a beat to receive a response.

Tsukishima: ... That's not fair. You're not allowed to use that against me

Nishinoya:  Yes he is! He's Shouyou!

Sugawara:  You heard Hinata, no dying Tsukishima!

Hinata laughed, a loud, bright laugh. "Wow! I've got him wrapped around my finger, huh?"

"You've got all of us wrapped around your finger," Kageyama said, smirking in amusement. He rested his head on his palm, watching Hinata. "So... Feel better now?"

"I..." Hinata laughed again - a softer, shyer one. He looked down at the phone, and he felt his cheeks warming again. "Yeah. A lot."