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“Lan Zhaaan,” Wei Wuxian called as he walked through the door into the Jingshi, though it wasn’t as if he needed to call for Lan Wangji, considering he was sitting at his table directly in view of the door, reviewing the last of his pile of hunting notes from the junior disciples. As soon as Wei Wuxian saw him, his eyes lit up mischievously, and he crossed the room, quickly dropping himself directly in Lan Wangji’s lap, letting the box in his hands land in his own legs as his arms quickly circled Lan Wangji’s neck.

For all that it disturbed what Lan Wangji was doing, Wei Wuxian might as well have not even been there. His hand holding the calligraphy brush didn’t even stutter in the middle of his note-making, but after being married to his dear husband for over a year now, perhaps this much was to be expected.

“Hanguang-Jun!” Wei Wuxian tried again, giving Lan Wangji a dramatic pout, before he leaned in to nose at Lan Wangji’s neck. “Er-gege,” he continued, immediately grinning again, though this particular pet name had slowly been losing the effect it had once had to truly fluster Lan Wangji, and Wei Wuxian quickly switched to his new favorite, “A-Zhan~”

At that, he noticed the color taking on Lan Wangji’s earlobes, and though the man still didn’t react to him quite yet, Wei Wuxian couldn’t help but smile brightly, leaning in to press a kiss to the ear.

A-Zhan,” he hummed softly, mouth hovering close to Lan Wangji’s ear. “I brought you a present, A-Zhan, don’t you want to see it?”

Lan Wangji set aside the paper in front of him and reached for the last one of the stack. He’d long since learned that if he let Wei Wuxian successfully distract him every time Wei Wuxian wanted his attention, Lan Wangji would never get any of his work done, so for as little as he wanted to ignore the pouting ball of energy in his lap, he had just one paper left to mark for now, and a class to return these papers to in just a short while, so Wei Wuxian could wait for him for a few minutes longer.

He thought he was being more than fair, considering he’d meant to review these notes the night before, and he’d instead spent those hours lavishing Wei Wuxian with his every desire. 

Wei Wuxian nosed and kissed at his neck, and when Lan Wangji had finished with the final paper, he finally turned his attention back to Wei Wuxian, nudging his face towards his own for a proper kiss.

Once their lips parted, Wei Wuxian’s arms untangled from around Lan Wangji’s neck, and moved to pick up the box in his lap, holding it up for Lan Wangji to see, the grin on his face halfway between impish and proud. He set it back on his lap and encouraged, “Open it!”

The box itself was pretty, but unremarkable. It was made of a dark, varnished wood, with a simple, but pretty design carved on the top and sides. The front of the box had a delicate gold latch to keep it shut.

Having no idea what to expect, Lan Wangji decided to end the suspense that Wei Wuxian had been trying to build, flipped the latch, and opened the box.

The inside of the box was lined with white silk, and sitting inside was a neatly tied length of red silk rope. Or, actually, upon second glance, it was three lengths of it, each tied into their own neat bundle and stacked together inside the box.

Wei Wuxian grinned wider as he watched Lan Wangji’s eyebrow twitch up slightly and the pink on his earlobes inched up the outer shell of his ear, watched the slight dilation of his pupils that was more telling than anything. There was a time when he’d found Lan Wangji’s microexpressions almost impossible to read, but he was getting much better at it now, after getting to spend so much time around him and having the chance to actually study him. He was still nowhere near as skilled as Lan Xichen at it, but he was slowly getting there.

He didn’t have to be an expert on Lan Wangji’s reactions to know that he liked it.

Wei Wuxian’s arms slipped back around Lan Wangji’s neck as he leaned in to nuzzle as Lan Wangji’s jawline. “I figured,” he said teasingly, kissing the corner of Lan Wangji’s jaw, “it was about time you had something more than your ribbon to tie me up with.”

Not that Wei Wuxian disliked being tied up with the ribbon, of course. It had happened, oh, perhaps a dozen or so times in the last year, and it was frankly a delight to have Lan Wangji tie him up in something that had been rather forbidden for him to touch in a past life. Especially ever since he’d learned just how important the ribbon was, and even more so since they’d been married, getting to touch or play with Lan Wangji’s ribbon, take it off at nights, tie it on him on some rare mornings when Wei Wuxian woke up early enough to do so... it meant a lot to him.

But the ribbon was only one strip of fabric, and because it was so thin, it had a tendency to twist and dig into his wrists quite deeply. More than once it had left smarting marks that had hurt for a number of days--and while Wei Wuxian had gotten used to, and even thoroughly enjoyed having his neck and shoulders and chest (and even thighs) littered with Lan Wangji’s lasting love bites, the ribbon hurt his wrists a bit too much to use with any regular frequency.

And frankly... Wei Wuxian liked having Lan Wangji tie him up. He couldn’t say it was a kink he’d anticipated having, and honestly he wasn’t sure whether he’d been more surprised to like it, or to learn that Lan Wangji liked it, but if it was going to be something they were both into, Wei Wuxian figured they might as well take advantage of it and explore the possibilities a bit more thoroughly.

Wei Wuxian watched eagerly as Lan Wangji reached into the box and pulled one of the bundles of rope from it, his heart fluttering about his chest in anticipation.

“Where did you get these?” Lan Wangji asked, his tone even, though Wei Wuxian could see a touch of heat in his eyes that betrayed the underlying lust.

“Talked one of the shop owners in the marketplace into letting me check out the back room,” Wei Wuxian replied. Of all the things he’d seen there... the silk robe had probably been one of the tamer things, but it had been the thing Wei Wuxian had been most hoping to find. Silk wasn’t exactly the most common material for rope, and Wei Wuxian figured that an injury from ordinary rope would be worse than that of the ribbon. 

And if this turned out well... Wei Wuxian knew where to go to maybe buy something more adventurous next time.

“So, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian teased, grinning, letting go of Lan Wangji to hold his hand out in front of him, wrists together to give Lan Wangji an easy advantage. “Are we going to try them out?”

Instead of play along, though, Lan Wangji placed the length of rope back down in the box, closing it and leaning forward to set it on the table, and replied simply, “Tonight.”

Wei Wuxian quickly pouted again, wiggling his hips teasingly and purposefully in Lan Wangji’s lap. “Would you really make me wait the rest of the day? I was hoping we could try them out now.”

Lan Wangji’s arms wrapped around him to restrict his ability to wiggle and leaned in to press a chaste kiss to his forehead. “Brother asked me to help with a training exercise with the disciples this afternoon. It’ll have to wait.”

“When?” Wei Wuxian asked, still adamantly nosing at Lan Wangji’s jaw. It was his own fault, but all the way back up the mountain path to the Cloud Recesses he’d been thinking about all the new ways in which Lan Wangji could use this new present on him, and he’d... worked himself up quite a bit, on top of the fact that he was just generally pretty impatient, so it was impossible for to him resist the urge to at least try to seduce his husband.

“Less than a hour from now,” Lan Wangji replied, as he quietly nuzzled Wei Wuxian’s cheeks, his actions decidedly more affectionate than arousing.

Wei Wuxian considered that for a moment. A normal couple might find that to be more than enough time for a quick romp in the sheets, and it wasn’t like the two of them had never squeezed in a quick fuck here or there... but based on their standard track record, they typically had to set aside an hour or two for their love making. Lan Wangji’s stamina was... frankly incredible, and Wei Wuxian had very much learned to appreciate and take full advantage of that.

But he was already a little hard, and thought it might be worth it to at least try to get Lan Wangji to indulge him... When he rolled his hips down, he thought he could feel Lan Wangji’s arousal through his robes as well.

He grinned at that and shifted to kiss Lan Wangji’s mouth, moaning faintly and preemptively against his lips in the hopes of antagonizing him enough to take action--and much to his delight, Lan Wangji kissed him back, wrapped his arms a little more firmly around him. His tongue flicked out teasingly at Lan Wangji’s lips, and it didn’t take much provocation before Lan Wangji’s tongue was dipping into his mouth, before his teeth were grazing at Wei Wuxian’s bottom lip, his hand gripping a little tighter on Wei Wuxian’s thigh in a telltale sort of way. Wei Wuxian might have still been working on his reading of Lan Wangji’s subtle facial expressions, but one thing he had learned very quickly was how to tell when his husband was getting worked up.

Wei Wuxian moaned again, the sound a higher pitch and rising in inflection, not because of any specific thing Lan Wangji had done, but because Wei Wuxian knew how the needy sound affected Lan Wangji; just as he’d perfected the skill of playing Chenqing to control the dead, he’d been slowly perfecting his ability to make exactly the right noises to tempt Lan Wangji in exactly the right way, and he’d only gotten better at it with each passing day.

Lan Wangji’s breath hitched, ever so softly, and Wei Wuxian couldn’t help but grin into the kiss. He wiggled his hips again, feeling the length of Lan Wangji’s cock more certainly beneath him, and as Lan Wangji bit a little more insistently at his lip, We couldn’t help but feel that he was winning him over.

His hand slipped from around Lan Wangji’s neck to move to the front of his own robe, tugging them open a bit, and sliding them down towards one shoulder to expose his neck and collarbone, where all but the most recent hickey had faded from the skin, something that almost always incited Lan Wangji to gift him with a few more.

Wei Wuxian chose then to pull away from the kiss, flicking his tongue out teasingly against Lan Wangji’s lips before leaning back enough, making sure his exposed skin was obvious, as he aimed a heated, pouty look at Lan Wangji. “You sure you can’t skip out?” he asked playfully, “Just this once?”

The look in Lan Wangji’s eyes was definitely one in Wei Wuxian’s favor, one that sent a shiver of arousal down Wei Wuxian’s spine. He noticed Lan Wangji’s eyes trailing down to his skin and...

Without answering him, Lan Wangji’s arms tugged him close, his mouth quickly descending on Wei Wuxian’s neck. Wei Wuxian gasped as he felt Lan Wangji’s teeth immediately, biting down, scraping over the skin before his hot tongue dragged across it none-too-gently. He sucked hard and Wei Wuxian let out a genuine moan this time, one that spiked in volume as he got Lan Wangji’s teeth again. It hardly took much more than that for the arousal to build, for his cock to press up against the layers of his robes, his hands moving back to clutch at Lan Wangji’s robes.

He’d hardly given them more than a slight tug, though, when Lan Wangji’s hands were on Wei Wuxian’s robes, tugging at the sash keeping them closed and removing it expertly, hands shoving the top down and effectively removing Wei Wuxian’s hands from Lan Wangji’s chest as he needed to move his arms to get them out of the sleeves.

The robes were tossed aside and with another hard nip, Lan Wangji’s mouth moved from his neck just long enough to turn Wei Wuxian in his lap, turning his body away as he twisted Wei Wuxian’s arms behind him easily in his strong grip. Wei Wuxian gasped softly, arousal spiking as both his wrists were pinned to the small of his back in just one of Lan Wangji’s hands. He saw Lan Wangji’s other hand reach in front of him, opening the box up and grabbing one length of rope, shaking it loose. It was Wei Wuxian’s turn for his breath to hitch this time, and just a second later, Lan Wangji’s mouth attached to a new spot on his neck, just as rough as before, as his hands worked to wrap the rope around his wrists, fastening them securely together behind his back.

“Not too tight~” he teased lightly, but quickly cut himself off with a whine as Lan Wangji’s teeth sunk down harder near his shoulder; it was shocking even to him how quick his cock had gone from half-hard to almost aching, a feeling that only intensified when Lan Wangji’s hands finished their tying, and his hands moved to Wei Wuxian’s hips, tugging them sharply back into his lap and grinding them into Lan Wangji’s now very apparent arousal.

When Wei Wuxian tugged at the soft silk ropes around his wrists and found them securely locked together, the rush of adrenaline at being restrained forced another shuddering moan out of him.

Just a second later, Lan Wangji had scooped Wei Wuxian up easily in his arms, risen to his feet, and carried Wei Wuxian past the partition to dump him casually onto their bed. Wei Wuxian sucked in a little breath as he landed on his back, on his tied together wrists beneath him, but it wasn’t like being tossed around roughly wasn’t exactly what he’d been asking for when he’d purchased the ropes. No sooner had he landed than Lan Wangji’s hands were on his pants, tugging them down roughly over his hips, pulling them and his boots off with a practiced ease.

Very suddenly naked, Wei Wuxian was already panting softly as he watched Lan Wangji standing above him beside the bed, regarding him carefully, as if thinking about what to do with him next. Just the look gave Wei Wuxian goosebumps of anticipation, his skin flushing softly under his husband’s hungry eyes.

Wei Wuxian didn’t know what to think when Lan Wangji walked away to the other side of the partition. His first guess was that maybe he was grabbing another portion of rope, but that wouldn’t have taken more than a second, and before long, Wei Wuxian heard the soft sound of a drawer opening--and he honestly had no idea what to make of that.

When Lan Wangji came back into view, there was something in each of his hands. Wei Wuxian quickly recognized the bottle of oil in one hand, as that was something they used not every time, but quite often, but his eyes stuck on the other thing for a long moment, not recognizing it at all.

Seeming to realize where Wei Wuxian’s gaze was, the hint of a smile flickered at the corner of Lan Wangji’s mouth, and he held the item up in clear view for Wei Wuxian to see.

Wei Wuxian’s heart gave a little thud of excitement when he realized what it was.

It had been... probably over six months ago now, long enough for it to completely fall from the forefront of Wei Wuxian’s relatively short memory. He couldn’t even remember where they’d been or what they’d been doing except that Lan Wangji had been busy doing something or meeting with someone, and it had consequently given Wei Wuxian time to explore a few shops in town--and he’d managed to find a little place, off the main roadway, selling, among other things, a selection of wooden and bronze dildos.

Wei Wuxian had decided to buy one nearly immediately, though his reasoning for it had been purely just to mess with Lan Wangji--and it had worked like a charm back then. As soon as Wei Wuxian had presented it, Lan Wangji’s earlobes had immediately gone bright pink, the color even creeping down his neck a bit, and Wei Wuxian had spent a good little while squirming in Lan Wangji’s lap, teasingly purring, “Er-gege~” before eventually Lan Wangji had thrown him down on the bed and ravished him quite thoroughly, the toy tossed aside and all but forgotten about.

Or at least Wei Wuxian had forgotten about it. Clearly, Lan Wangji hadn’t. He’d gone so far as to retrieve the dildo from wherever Wei Wuxian had tossed it and had kept it tucked safely away in his room somewhere for later.

“I didn’t know you even kept that,” Wei Wuxian said, a faint laugh in his voice--though it was hard to laugh when he was facing the toy down now, when it was obvious Lan Wangji had intentions for it. His hand subconsciously tugged at the rope tying them in place, but they didn’t budge.

Wei Wuxian had specifically picked the largest dildo the shop was selling because that made it all the better to flaunt in front of Lan Wangji at the time. The full length of the toy was over twenty-five centimeters from one end to the other, and the wood was vibrant mahogany, dense, the dark veins of the wood creating a pretty design across the surface. It was carefully and thickly lacquered, the shiny surface catching even the tiniest bit of light in the room. The shape of it was all softly curved angles, and either end of it was smoothly carved to a soft, easily insertable taper, though there was a drastic difference between the two sides, and they were separated by a very tapered down middle portion--the smaller part of it was perhaps eight centimeters around, maybe five centimeters long... and though the user could choose to insert that end, it was meant to act as a handle. The true business end of the dildo was nearly twenty centimeters long and sixteen centimeters around at its thickest point, even thicker around than Lan Wangji’s cock was.

Wei Wuxian always had had a knack for asking for trouble and getting more of it back than he'd been prepared for.

“It was a present from my beloved husband. Of course I kept it,” Lan Wangji replied simply, the hint of a smirk lingering in his eyes as he carefully set the toy down on Wei Wuxian’s stomach.

Wei Wuxian would be touched if he wasn’t suddenly so full of anticipation he could burst. Though the toy probably wasn’t actually all that heavy, the solid weight of it as it rested on his stomach made him shiver.

His eyes were back on Lan Wangji soon enough, who was pouring a bit of the oil out onto his fingers, rubbing them together in a way that Wei Wuxian found decidedly seductive, before Lan Wangji was adjusting on the bed. His fingers moved easily to Wei Wuxian’s entrance, two of them pressing inside without a care. Though it wasn’t as if two fingers was nothing to him (Lan Wangji had gotten him off dozens of times with just two fingers), Wei Wuxian’s body was so used to opening up for Lan Wangji’s cock at this point that he could offer no resistance to such a minor intrusion, even if he’d wanted to. 

At nearly the same time, Lan Wangji’s mouth dropped to his chest, his lips locking around Wei Wuxian’s nipple--his hot tongue dragged across the bud of flesh before his teeth were just as eagerly wrapped around it and Wei Wuxian cried out softly as Lan Wangji bit down, his chest arching up into the contact that was quickly succeeded by Lan Wangji’s finger curling upward inside of him, rubbing against the spot that always drove him crazy. His wrists couldn’t help but struggle against their bonds, overcome with the urge to try to latch onto Lan Wangji somehow, though the rope held them tightly in place.

Lan Zhan,” he moaned, panting heavily, before whining sharply again as Lan Wangji’s teeth tugged, before his tongue swirled around, smoothed over it. In the past, Wei Wuxian had nearly come just from having Lan Wangji’s mouth on his nipples, so having Lan Wangji’s fingers thrust quickly in and out of him at the same time would be enough to finish him in almost no time.

But just as his breaths were getting quicker, his moans getting more desperate, just as he felt the beginnings of the orgasm curling in his gut--

“Not yet,” Lan Wangji released his mouth to say as he slid his fingers out, and immediately moved his hand to the head of Wei Wuxian’s cock to give it a quick, firm squeeze in his palm.

Wei Wuxian sucked in hasty breath, eyes snapping open as his body was suddenly pushed back from the edge of the orgasm that had been so close. Lan Wangji had never done that before and the strange sensation of having the looming orgasm abruptly ripped out from under him left his body shuddering and eager

He had to work quickly to put his thoughts in order after the shock, so that he could whine, “So mean.” He pouted, his hips rolled, seeking stimulation that wasn’t there, stimulation he was somehow even hungrier for now. “Who could have guessed I had such a cruel husband?”

Lan Wangji’s teeth tugged lightly at his nipple again, ignoring Wei Wuxian completely as he turned all of his attention to that, sucking and twisting and tugging it in his lips, eventually letting his fingers twist at the other one until Wei Wuxian’s head was spinning so much that he forgot to keep complaining.

He was completely out of breath by the time Lan Wangji released him, letting him pant desperately against the bed as Lan Wangji moved himself down between Wei Wuxian’s open thighs. His stomach was sticky with his own precum, which had gathered in the slight depression of where the toy was still resting.

At which point Lan Wangji must have realized there were no possessive marks left, because soon Lan Wangji’s mouth had dropped to his inner thigh, pinning the leg down against the bed as his teeth and tongue worked over the flesh, until the spot ached with sensitivity--Wei Wuxian’s thighs were almost too sensitive honestly, the jolts of Lan Wangji’s teeth making his body twitch, the line between pleasure and pain being truly tested, though it was true that he loved the feeling of Lan Wangji holding him down and doing whatever he wanted to him more than enough to overcome almost anything that felt like too much, with very rare exceptions. 

As if to ease the sharpness of his twitching, Lan Wangji slid his fingers back inside of him, three this time for a firmer fit, and started to thrust them as a slow distraction to the gradually sharper ministrations of his mouth against the too delicate skin.

Lan Wangji didn’t press his fingers at that certain angle again, but it wasn’t like Wei Wuxian needed that to get off. He’d grown to love everything about having Lan Wangji inside of him, every angle, every twitch of his fingers, every little slide and push. When they’d first started this, Wei Wuxian had worried he might get less sensitive over time, less affected by the touches the more he got used to them, but it absolutely seemed that the exact opposite had happened, every erogenous zone lighting up bigger and brighter the longer Lan Wangji had had to fuck him over the months.

Satisfied with the first spot, Lan Wangji’s mouth moved up another few centimeters, hovering closer to where his fingers were thrusting, mouth latching on again and irritating the even more sensitive skin.

In the back of Wei Wuxian’s dazed mind, he wondered if Lan Wangji really was going to skip out on going to help his brother. For someone that had claimed he had somewhere to be, he certainly didn’t seem to be in a rush at all. Wei Wuxian hadn’t really thought Lan Wangji would do it just because he’d suggested it, but Wei Wuxian wasn’t going to complain if Lan Wangji decided to devote the time to him--and it wasn’t as if Lan Wangji would get in trouble with Lan Xichen the way he would had it been his uncle he was supposed to help.

Even without Lan Wangji trying, Wei Wuxian was getting worked up again, his breaths getting quicker, his body rocking gently and eagerly down onto the fingers inside of him--when he worked his hips at the right angle, he could get Lan Wangji’s fingertips to rub across the spot that made him shiver, which felt especially good when he managed to time it up with the pressure of Lan Wangji’s teeth against his skin.

His head was just starting to go hazy again, the orgasm just close enough to feel approaching, when Lan Wangji pushed himself upright and slid his fingers out again, leaving Wei Wuxian almost crestfallen as he fell back from the orgasm once more.

Wei Wuxian pulled himself together enough to pout vividly at his husband. “Terrible,” he griped, with no actual sentiment behind it. “I go out of my way to get my husband such wonderful gifts and he won’t even let me come. Just awful!”

There was a twinkle of what Wei Wuxian would have sworn was laughter in Lan Wangji’s eyes, a smile dancing at the very corner of his mouth. But otherwise, he simply reached to pick up the wooden toy from where he’d left it, before grabbing the oil to apply a slick coating of it to the already glossy surface.

“You’ll come. Don’t worry,” Lan Wangji finally said, in a way that was almost fucking ominous.

Wei Wuxian’s eyes were affixed to the dildo as Lan Wangji touched it. Lan Wangji’s cock had been inside of him, in his hands, in his mouth too often for him to not know it intimately, and to not be able to see from a glance just how thick the thickest part of the toy was. Lan Wangji’s cock already filled him up so perfectly that a part of him wondered how this would even fit, though he knew Lan Wangji was going to find a way to manage it.

Lan Wangji's free hand found his thigh again, pinning it back down to the bed as he lowered the toy to his entrance.

Wei Wuxian sucked in a soft breath as he felt the nudge of it against the rim. Not counting the magical space of a dream realm, Wei Wuxian’s real body had only ever had fingers (his own and Lan Wangji’s) and Lan Wangji’s cock inside of it--and even counting the experiences of the dream realm, the wooden toy didn’t feel like anything else as it started to push inside of him. He was so used to the heat of Lan Wangji’s cock, and the wood was... almost neutral in temperature by comparison, and it had a certain weight, a certain sturdiness to its shape that made it immediately distinguishable from Lan Wangji’s cock.

Lan Wangji rocked the first several centimeters in and out of him, not even attempting to push the widest part inside yet, and also not giving him anywhere near the stimulation he needed, the penetration that Lan Wangji was making him feel desperate for after two near-orgasms.

“Lan Zhan!” he cried woefully, trying to rock his hips down, but finding that Lan Wangji was keeping him from really getting the toy inside any deeper. 

“What's wrong?” Lan Wangji asked, his voice almost innocent, which Wei Wuxian would have found hilarious if he wasn’t absolutely dying.

Too frustrated for words, which was a shock in and of itself, Wei Wuxian merely whined pitifully--which seemed to work, as Lan Wangji finally showed him a little mercy and started to press the toy in, just a little more, until the widest part was pressed against the rim, stretching, stretching, and Wei Wuxian was holding his breath at the girth of it--

Then Lan Wangji slid it back a bit, rocking the toy a few more times, let Wei Wuxian take a few unsteady breaths, before he was pushing again, Wei Wuxian’s body trembling as his hole felt so full that he couldn’t have clenched even if he’d wanted to, and his stomach was glistening with precum... then out once more, a few more little rocking motions that pressed a little more each time, Lan Wangji slowly getting him used to the size of it, the muscles of his thigh quaking beneath Lan Wangji’s heavy hand.

Then Lan Wangji started pushing one last time, and Wei Wuxian’s entire body shuddered, taut to the point of falling apart as he felt every minuscule movement as Lan Wangji pushed, pushed, before...
The widest part of it was inside, his hole fluttering lightly, strangely around the side of the toy that was tapering back down, which was its own strange sensation, to feel the thickness of the dildo inside of him against the thinner part at the rim. Fuck, he felt full, the hard knot of the toy inside of him was so obvious as Lan Wangji pushed it in deeper, but his body was greedy for it, and now that it was inside it somehow managed to be the perfect balance of just enough and too much.

Lan Wangji held the toy steady for a few desperate seconds, Wei Wuxian’s breathing ragged and his skin covered in a light sheen of perspiration despite the cool air in the room. His hand massaged into his thigh, and he waited a long minute, until Wei Wuxian’s breathing was semi-normal.

When he twisted his wrist, swirling the toy inside of him in an obscene way, Wei Wuxian made a sound that was almost a chirp, sharp and surprised as he pushed up into the right angle, seemed to be able to move too much inside for all the space it filled up. Wei Wuxian’s hands twitched against his bonds again, shifting them beneath his back to keep them comfortable, and finding them just as tightly secured as before.

Lan Wangji started to move the toy languidly, the slowest of thrusts, and Wei Wuxian could feel the bulk of the dildo moving back and forth--he came to the opposite sensation as Lan Wangji drew the toy back towards his rim again, body shaking with the anticipation of the stretch, before Lan Wangji pressed it back inside.

It wasn’t often that Wei Wuxian was left speechless, but for as many words as he could string together right now, he may as well have bought the gag that shop had been selling too.

As strung out as he was, there was no need for Lan Wangji to keep teasing. Wei Wuxian’s body felt like he was buzzing from head to toe, his hands bonded tightly beneath him, his legs spread as wide as was possible, with Lan Wangji holding the one down against the bed. The dildo was so thick that Lan Wangji didn’t need to angle it for every motion of it to set Wei Wuxian’s senses on fire as it pressed inside of him. A few more times, as Lan Wangji pulled it out, his gave it a playful tug, pulling the girth of it back towards his rim without applying anywhere near enough pressure to remove it.

Wei Wuxian was reduced to a string of breathless whimpers before Lan Wangji finally conceded.

He picked up the pace of the toy, just a bit, closer to a normal thrust at least, he angled the toy upward, and Wei Wuxian moaned sharply, his hips jerked--and though Lan Wangji didn’t move nearly fast enough, the pace was enough, Wei Wuxian was completely strung out, his body already twice denied relief, and as it grew closer, he could only beg that Lan Wangji wouldn’t deny him again.

“Lan Zhan,” he gasped softly, hearing the desperation in his own voice. Lan Wangji was usually merciful when he begged, when he came to the point of asking nicely instead of his usual tactic of self-amusing complaints. “Please,” he huffed, “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhaaan.”

Giving in, Lan Wangji moved the toy a bit quicker, quick little bursts of thrusts upward inside of him, and Wei Wuxian’s moans climbed quickly, his head rolling back and pressing hard against the bed beneath it, throat open and exposed in an exquisite display, chest arching, his body still quaking, until the sharp burst of his cries pierced the bubble of his orgasm with a abrupt, “Ah!” as the orgasm shot out of him, across his chest and stomach.

But as he should have expected, even as his body clenched down, Lan Wangji kept thrusting the toy, a few deeper, lengthy strokes, that felt ludicrous inside of him, felt like they shouldn’t be possible with how tight he felt, and no sooner had he released any tension than Lan Wangji was back to the pointed thrusts, taking advantage of Wei Wuxian’s over sensitivity and forcing an aching whine out of him.

If Lan Wangji hadn’t done it to him hundreds of times already, the swiftly approaching second orgasm would have felt impossible, but Wei Wuxian knew too well it could happen as Lan Wangji rocked the toy inside of him, felt it building and building all over again, his breaths climbing higher in his chest, his skin almost burning from the heat of it all and just as his hands were clenching, his wrists tugging uselessly at the rope that bound them again, just as he felt the second orgasm approaching--

Lan Wangji pressed the toy deep inside of him, and stood up from the bed.

Dazed and spinning out from how close the second release had been, Wei Wuxian almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing as Lan Wangji wiped his hand clean on Wei Wuxian’s discarded pants.

“Lan Zhan!” he groused impatiently.

Lan Wangji gave him a flat look as he straightened the collar of his own robes, only slightly disturbed in all the shuffling, and he said, simply, “I told you. My brother asked for my help.”

“And what? You’re going to leave me like this?” Wei Wuxian asked, sounding as pathetic as he could, though he somehow doubted he was going to garner any sympathy from Lan Wangji. He had, after all, decided to try to seduce Lan Wangji in spite of the fact that Lan Wangji had laid out a clear time limit from the get go and had very reasonably suggested they do this tonight. This was completely and painfully in character for his dutiful husband, and also painfully in character for himself.

Wei Wuxian almost regretted knowing Lan Wangji’s expressions as well as he did now, because when Lan Wangji turned to give him a look, he could see the traces of amusement on his face. Lan Wangji was utterly delighted by the predicament Wei Wuxian had gotten himself into. He replied, “I’ll be back shortly.”

And with a last little glimmer of mirth aimed towards Wei Wuxian, he turned on his heel and headed, unperturbed, out of the Jingshi.

“Come back right now or I’m divorcing you! Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian shouted after him, torn between despair and laughter at the situation he’d gotten himself into. It was a completely empty threat, of course, and they both knew it as Lan Wangji slid the door quietly shut behind him.

I don’t deserve this, Wei Wuxian lamented to himself, despite knowing he absolutely deserved it.

With a huff of a breath, Wei Wuxian let his body collapse completely against the bed, and decided to focus his efforts for just a few moments on catching his breath and considering his current predicament. 

Lan Wangji had turned this into a sort of game, and Wei Wuxian had to decide if it would be more fun to play along, or if it would be more fun to try to turn the tables--though after a year of such things, Wei Wuxian did finally acknowledge that his attempts to turn the tables rarely worked in his favor, but it didn’t mean it was less fun to try. Lan Wangji hadn’t tied him down or attached him to the bed in any way, so if he wanted to get up, he could technically move around freely.

Though as soon as he moved as little as to close his legs, a sharp shiver ran through him. The movement disturbed the toy, which was so thick that Wei Wuxian barely had to move at all to make it press into any number of delicious spots inside of him. And even trying to close his legs too much made him feel indescribably fuller, his cock twitching eagerly just from the sensation of it, his hole fluttering around the thinner part of the toy.

Fuck, Wei Wuxian cursed softly to himself. His body was still desperate for another orgasm--Lan Wangji leaving him with the toy in him would have been dizzying enough, but letting him come once just to work him up again... it was downright evil. His insides were hypersensitive, even more susceptible to the contact than they would have been if Lan Wangji had simply denied him an orgasm at all. Which, knowing Lan Wangji, had probably been his intention, honestly.

Due to the shape of the toy, the size of it, Wei Wuxian knew it wouldn’t just slide out on its own, and he was pretty sure he couldn’t push it out either... taking a breath, he shifted his hips downward and tried to maneuver his bound hands to to reach it... and he did manage to get one hand turned around to grab onto it, he started to tug lightly at it, feeling the girth of it moving towards the rim, stretching it tightly as his body trembled again... but perhaps due to the awkward angle of his hands, or perhaps it had to do with having the strength or nerve, he couldn’t seem to pull the toy out any further, and after a minute of wiggling and trembling, shuddering breaths, he let go of it, after which it almost naturally seemed to sink back into his body a bit, until the bit of toy inside his rim was no longer uncomfortably stretched.

In a daze, he wondered how the fuck Lan Wangji had even managed to push it inside without tearing him in two.

Though the bit of good news was that he could maneuver the toy enough to get off again, so he wouldn’t be left here unsatisfied, and with how eager his body was to get off again, maybe it was best to focus on that first.

Gripping the toy in one hand, it was simple enough to rock his hips, to time short little thrusts of his hand against the motion. He didn’t have much range, but he didn’t really need it either, because he could thrust it at a exquisite angle, so that each time his hips rocked down it sent a sharp jolt of arousal through him, and it didn’t take long at all to get into the state Lan Wangji had had him, his breath huffing out in short soft moans, quieter than he would have been if Lan Wangji were here with him, but moans nonetheless that climbed in pitch, little by little until--

Nnn,” Wei Wuxian whined softly to himself as he came again, shuddering at the feeling of clenching down around the dildo and the hard knot of it inside of him once more, before letting himself go lax again, panting softly--though he nearly regretted coming again as soon as an aftershock of the orgasm rippled through him, and the second his hole clenched, another moan was punched out of him as the hard toy pressed eagerly around inside of him again.

All he’d done was make himself more sensitive. Lan Wangji had this damn body so trained to enjoy the overstimulation that coming and not being able to remove the source of stimulation just made him want to come again.

And when Lan Wangji came back, Wei Wuxian was sure he was going to fuck him senseless. If he was going to survive that, maybe it would be best to just... try to relax and save his strength.

It was quite a task though, the relaxing. Every time he thought he’d caught his breath, or had calmed his rushing heart, anything more than a twitch made the toy move in him, immediately setting off another flurry of arousal--and it certainly didn’t help that he’d done this with Lan Wangji’s cock at times, just... sitting in his lap, cock nestled inside of him while Lan Wangji managed to get some sort of work done at his desk, Wei Wuxian mostly relaxed and enjoying the soft waves of arousal he got just to have Lan Wangji inside of him, until Lan Wangji finished with his work and could make love to him properly. Even without the overstimulation, having the toy inside of him was enough to keep him aroused and semi-hard for quite a long while.

At one point, he nearly came again just because he rolled over onto his stomach, looking to give his arms a little space to stretch and shift, and the dramatic motion of the toy inside combined with a new sudden pressure of against his cock gave him quite a head rush. He did manage to take a breath and settle back down after a moment though.

He mused to himself that Lan Wangji must have tied him this way knowing he’d be leaving him like this for a while, because although Wei Wuxian really couldn’t get his hands out of the rope, he did have a decent amount of range so that his shoulders and elbows and wrists wouldn’t get too stiff.

Wei Wuxian was overcome with relief when an hour or so later, he finally heard the door of the Jingshi open and then slide shut again. The partition was blocking his view, but he could tell from the sound of the footsteps alone that it was Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian sucked in a steadying breath and shimmied on the mattress, turning his head so that he’d be able to see Lan Wangji's approach, getting up onto his knees so that his ass with the toy still inside was up in the air, his face and chest left pressed to the mattress, his bound arms on prominent display at the small of his back.

He hadn’t come up with any way to get back at Lan Wangji that couldn’t just be used in greater retaliation against himself, but he figured the least he could do was present Lan Wangji with a nice little picture to return to.

From his current pose, he couldn’t see all of Lan Wangji as he rounded the screen, but he could see the bottom half of him, and when Lan Wangji’s eyes seemed to land on him, Wei Wuxian saw the way Lan Wangji stopped in his tracks, heard the soft hitch of breath that gave away just how much Lan Wangji liked what he saw.

A-Zhan,” Wei Wuxian mewled, wiggling his hips enticingly (shifting the dildo around inside of him and making himself shiver). “I missed you,” he pouted, stuck his ass out as much as he could, “I was so lonely without my husband.”

Lan Wangji didn’t move for a few seconds, and Wei Wuxian felt his face heating up to know Lan Wangji was appreciating the view. In his limited field of vision, it was just a moment before he saw a flash of red being tossed onto the foot of the bed, then saw Lan Wangji’s robes opening, saw them being hung over the tall partition, and before he knew it, Lan Wangji was shedding the rest of his clothes as he climbed onto the bed behind him, Wei Wuxian’s heart starting to flutter.

Lan Wangji’s hands, strong as ever, grabbed his hips, gave them a squeeze before trailing them back to his ass, using his thumbs to spread his cheeks and get an even better view of his rim opened around the toy while Wei Wuxian moaned lightly as the heavy weight of Lan Wangji’s pale gaze.

Finally, Lan Wangji’s hand moved to the toy, sliding it in and out just a bit as he asked, “Did you come after I left?”

Wei Wuxian was caught in the middle of a long moan from the stimulation of the toy and the deep purr of Lan Wangji’s voice, but once he could, he admitted, “Just once. You’ve made me so sensitive, Lan Zhan, I couldn’t help myself.”

Lan Wangji moved the toy in a few quicker deeper thrusts, sending Wei Wuxian careening into another long whimper, his fingers twitching and his toes curling, before Lan Wangji let go of it again. There was a long pause, during which Wei Wuxian caught his breath again, and heard the wet sound of Lan Wangji stroking himself with an extra bit of oil--despite already having something inside of him, Wei Wuxian could already feel himself getting more excited. He liked any and all of the ways of Lan Wangji having something inside of him, but his cock was certainly the best.

And Wei Wuxian had certainly waited long enough for it today.

First things first though, was the process of getting the dildo out of him, which Lan Wangji shortly turned his attention back to. Wei Wuxian felt Lan Wangji’s hand on him again as Lan Wangji shifted a bit closer to him on the bed--and much like he’d inserted the toy, he started to rock it gently in and out, tugging it just a bit to stretch the rim, before pushing it back in, swirling it, tugging out again. Wei Wuxian found himself trembling all over again, breathing high in his chest, still finding the widest part of the stretch too overwhelming, and mentally expressing gratitude that Lan Wangji’s cock was exactly the size that it was.

Finally, with one more gentle retreat stretching Wei Wuxian to an uncomfortable amount, Lan Wangji gave it one last tug, and the dildo slid out in one swift motion--though Wei Wuxian barely had time to let out a sigh or even feel empty, before Lan Wangji’s cock pressed against his entrance and slid inside in one quick motion.

Wei Wuxian let out a quick cry, the heat of Lan Wangji’s cock compared to the wooden toy a shocking contrast, the sensation of the full shaft different from the curves of the toy, on top of the heat of Lan Wangji’s skin pressed to his ass--it was so sudden, though Wei Wuxian couldn’t be surprised Lan Wangji didn’t hold back, as he’d probably had this return lingering in the back of his mind for the last hour, and Wei Wuxian could only imagine trying to focus on a class while you were thinking about your husband, bound and horny and waiting for you back in your room. At the feelings of gratitude for his husband’s thankfully quite stoic expression, Wei Wuxian managed one little huff of a laugh--

But the laugh was fucked out of him as Lan Wangji quickly pulled out and slammed back in and Wei Wuxian let out a sharp moan instead. Just as quickly Lan Wangji’s hands were on his hips and he’d launched into a brutal pace, their skin smacking together, Lan Wangji’s hands pulling him back sharply onto his cock at the end of each thrust, his cock pressing in deep, filling him so perfectly that Wei Wuxian’s thoughts turned to mush in a matter of seconds, and all he could do was moan sharply with the timing of Lan Wangji’s thrusts, helpless but to do anything but as the pleasure rose quickly, Lan Wangji’s hips bucking faster and faster.

Nn-aah!” Wei Wuxian cried out as the orgasm slammed into him, body going tight as Lan Wangji fucked him through it, his pace only slowing once Wei Wuxian’s hole had stopped clenching around it.

Wei Wuxian whimpered softly, shuddering with each of Lan Wangji’s thrusts, his cock feeling so good inside that Wei Wuxian’s thoughts were hazy and soft, his body feeling loose and open to his husband’s intrusion. As always, he rode some treacherous edge of wanting it to end and wanting it to never end, ultimately knowing that if Lan Wangji pulled out right now Wei Wuxian would be dismally disappointed. It was too much but it felt too good and he couldn’t bear the thought of Lan Wangji stopping.

It was too easy to lose track of time like this, Wei Wuxian’s sense of anything other than the steady in and out of Lan Wangji’s cock gradually fading. Eventually, however many minutes or tens of minutes later, their hips still rocking absently together, he felt Lan Wangji’s hands moving to the rope, and felt the ties loosening--which was almost a sense of disappointment for Wei Wuxian, until he realized Lan Wangji was just re-positioning his arms to a more drastic arrangement, laying them across the middle of his back and tying his forearms together, the rope tighter than it had been before. Wei Wuxian tugged against the new bonds, and the increased tension of the position sent a deep wave of arousal through him.

When Lan Wangji grabbed his arms by the rope, and tugged him upright, Wei Wuxian had no choice but to be tugged, until he was pulled back against Lan Wangji’s chest, his arms trapped tight between his back and Lan Wangji’s stomach as Lan Wangji’s arms circled around his hips and chest to press their bodies close. The new angle immediately pressed Lan Wangji’s cock into the most sensitive part of the inner wall, and Wei Wuxian’s erection, which had flagged slightly after the last orgasm, immediately stiffened again.

Lan Wangji’s mouth, as it was wont to do, soon found his neck and latched onto a new spot, clearly planning to redecorate since the skin was almost markless again and that was decidedly unacceptable in Lan Wangji’s book. Wei Wuxian gladly tilted his head for him, shaking the messy, tied back hair out of Lan Wangji’s way and moaning achingly as Lan Wangji’s teeth dug in to redden and bruise the skin.

Wei Wuxian let his mind go blank, letting the points of contact fog up his head as Lan Wangji’s hips moved in a deep rolling motion against his own, his cock rubbing into him so deliciously that Wei Wuxian’s chest was quickly heaving, and his hips arched back into Lan Wangji’s as much as they could with Lan Wangji pinning their bodies so tightly together.

Lan Wangji irritated the spot on his neck until he was satisfied, then moved to find another one a bit lower, quickly working it more roughly than before as his hand drifted back to Wei Wuxian’s nipple and tugged at it in time with his thrusts, which soon picked up--the pleasure ramped up quickly as Lan Wangji’s hips jerked at him, all points of contact turning rough and hurried until Wei Wuxian was moaning in sharp bursts again and he came with another sharp whine.

As Lan Wangji’s hips kept rolling, Wei Wuxian shuddered with overstimulation--though when Lan Wangji suddenly pulled out, Wei Wuxian was anything but relieved, the emptiness terribly unpleasant after being so happily full of something for so long.

Weak from so many orgasms, Lan Wangji didn’t have to push him hard at all to send Wei Wuxian toppling onto the bed--though once he was there, Lan Wangji lovingly adjusting him onto his back, getting his head situated on the pillow and making sure he was comfortable with the way his bound arms were positioned beneath him. Only after he’d helped Wei Wuxian adjust did he turn back to grab the second length of rope he’d brought over with him.

Wei Wuxian watched limply, his heart beating rapidly with excitement, his eyes eager to follow Lan Wangji’s movements. He made no motions to struggle against him (though it wasn’t like he had any desire to), his body limp and pliable at this point for Lan Wangji to do with him whatever he pleased.

He watched, panting, as Lan Wangji tied one end of the rope around his ankle, making sure it was a firm knot, before he led the end of the rope up, leaning over Wei Wuxian and... looping the rope over the wooden bed frame. When Lan Wangji settled back, sitting between Wei Wuxian’s legs, he slowly pulled the end of the rope back towards him, the rope slowly pulling Wei Wuxian’s ankle back towards the top of the bed--Wei Wuxian kept his knee bent, for comfort’s sake, and Lan Wangji pulled the robe until the angle of it had slightly raised the end of his ass off the bed... at which point Lan Wangji pushed Wei Wuxian’s other leg back into a mirror position, before tying the other end of the rope around that ankle as well.

When Lan Wangji removed his hands, Wei Wuxian was left shivering with arousal, his body curled up, his legs now firmly stuck in a very open position, his hole exposed and ready for Lan Wangji to do with it as he desired. Though for a long second, it seemed like Lan Wangji just wanted to admire his handiwork, and Wei Wuxian felt breathless and weak as Lan Wangji’s eyes devoured him, feeling his hole fluttering and eager for Lan Wangji’s next intrusion.

Thankfully, Lan Wangji didn’t make him wait long. After just a moment, he leaned back over Wei Wuxian, one arm bracing against the bed frame while the other quickly lined up his cock with Wei Wuxian’s hole and smoothly sunk back inside.

Wei Wuxian gasped softly to be penetrated so quickly again, somehow always delighted by the shock of it, the heat, the size, the slight curve of the shaft; he hoped he never completely got used to Lan Wangji taking him so perfectly.

Leaving him no time to adjust, and honestly Lan Wangji must be aching to come himself by this point so Wei Wuxian wouldn’t have wanted him to hesitate, Lan Wangji’s hips quickly began to rock into his own, with long, plunging thrusts, pulling almost entirely out before pitching back inside and making quick contact between their skin before repeating. Lan Wangji’s free hand moved to Wei Wuxian’s quite immobilized thigh and gripped it hard, probably hard enough to leave a few red marks as he moved.

Wei Wuxian somehow managed to leave his eyes open for a bit, captivated by Lan Wangji’s movements. Lan Wangji hovered above him far enough that he could see the flowing ripple of muscle beneath Lan Wangji’s skin, and watching the quick thrust of hips inside with the feeling of being fucked so deeply was its own strange degree of intoxication. Wei Wuxian strained lightly against the ropes securing his arms beneath him, against the ones securing his legs so wide open just because the reminder of the rope being there made his whole body shake with excitement.

Lan Wangji’s cock felt impossibly hard as it plunged into him over and over, and Lan Wangji was quickly losing any ability he had to hold back as his eyes remained fixated on Wei Wuxian, his hips bucking faster, the sharp smack of skin on skin tempered only by Wei Wuxian’s gradually sharper moans filling the space between them. Fuck, maybe it was obscene, but the more Wei Wuxian thought about Lan Wangji just fucking him senselessly, just using him for his own pleasure, fucking him harder and harder just to get himself off, just to come inside of him, the higher Wei Wuxian’s moans climbed, the more desperate he got. His body was already aching, half-numb and half-on fire as Lan Wangji fucked him harder and quicker, his hole red and softly swollen after so much play, the muscles of his stomach and thighs trembling as the pleasure pushed the edge of pain. 

Wei Wuxian only realized how loud he’d gotten when Lan Wangji’s hand released his thigh to firmly cover his mouth instead, far too loud especially with daylight in the sky, though that just added another element of excitement as far as Wei Wuxian was concerned.

He swore he almost thought he heard a growl rumble from Lan Wangji’s throat as he reached the finishing stretch, slamming their bodies together so hard that Wei Wuxian couldn’t help but wonder if it would bruise, though he couldn’t care if he did because he wanted it, wanted Lan Wangji to lose control, give him everything he possibly could.

Though he’d been trying to hold back, wanting Lan Wangji to come before he did, as his ankles tugged uselessly one last time at their restraints, he came with a sound that might have been a scream if it weren’t for Lan Wangji’s hand to muffle it, hole clenching down tight around Lan Wangji’s cock one last time before Lan Wangji groaned over him and Wei Wuxian felt the incredible heat of his orgasm as Lan Wangji slammed his cock forward to release deep inside, Wei Wuxian letting out a soft follow up moan at the sensation.

Wei Wuxian cracked his eyes open to look up at Lan Wangji, watching the heaving of Lan Wangji’s chest with each breath as Wei Wuxian sought to catch his own, eyeing the flushed color on Lan Wangji’s ears and neck that Wei Wuxian was always so fond of. Wei Wuxian wanted to reach up and touch Lan Wangji, grab him, but he was still very much restrained.

After a few minutes, Lan Wangji slowly pulled out, at which Wei Wuxian shivered a bit, before he reached down and released one of Wei Wuxian’s ankles from the robe, allowing Wei Wuxian to let his limp and probably useless legs flop back on the mattress, tugging the rope free from the bed frame in the process.

Soon after, Lan Wangji leaned down and kissed him sweetly, Wei Wuxian sighing contentedly against his lips for a moment. He felt Lan Wangji shifting, easily sliding a hand behind Wei Wuxian’s back to lift him off the bed, just enough to get his other hand behind him to loosen the other rope and free Wei Wuxian’s arms.

Wei Wuxian quickly let them flop to the side, stretching them lightly after the tight position, as Lan Wangji laid him back down and finally settled his weight over him. Wei Wuxian felt grounded with Lan Wangji on top of him, the sturdy pressure of him shooing away the lingering haze and compressing his shattered thoughts back into one piece. Lan Wangji’s hands, so forceful before, would become completely gentle in these moments, fingers gently rubbing Wei Wuxian’s hips and thighs, or holding his face, stroking his cheek. Even after Lan Wangji broke the kiss and settled his face against Wei Wuxian’s neck, his hands continued their gentle movements.

Laying with Lan Wangji like this, Wei Wuxian felt relaxed and sated and oh so loved. Thoughts of Lan Wangji tying him up, taking him roughly, and having his way with him were indeed a turn on... but they wouldn’t be, if it weren’t for moments like this, truly feeling the depths of Lan Wangji’s devotion to him. His own arms eventually regained enough strength to wrap themselves around Lan Wangji’s back, fingers tracing light circles across the firm skin, and he quietly let them both savor the moment for a while as the adrenaline faded and Wei Wuxian felt the now familiar dull pulse of ache from the places that had been handled too roughly, though at this point he almost welcomed the feeling, like faint reminders of the intimate fun he’d just had with his husband.

The light in the room had taken on a faint orange glow as the sun outside sunk towards the horizon.

Being who he was as a person, Wei Wuxian was only going to be quiet and calm so long before he inevitably had to spout nonsense again, and today was no different. When his senses had all but returned to normal, he put on a pout and complained with nowhere near enough sincerity to make anyone believe it, much less his true love, “Lan Zhan... how is it that you’re always so rough with me?”

He felt Lan Wangji let out a puff of air against his neck, the faintest indication of amusement, before following it up with a kiss and letting Wei Wuxian gripe.

“This is all your fault. You’ve fucked me too well and now my legs aren’t going to work,” he continued, hugging Lan Wangji a little bit tighter as the fake pout turned gradually into a suppressed grin. “You’re going to have to wait on me hand and foot, otherwise I’ll just lay here and starve to death. And you’ll have to carry me anywhere we need to go.”

“Mn,” Lan Wangji agreed quietly, his lips pressing to Wei Wuxian’s neck softly again, “For how long?”

Wei Wuxian felt a laugh shaking in his chest, but he tried to hold it back as he persisted, “Days. Maybe even weeks. You’ve really done it this time, you definitely broke something.”

“Weeks?” Lan Wangji replied, the doubt in his voice obvious to Wei Wuxian--this time, instead of a kiss, Wei Wuxian felt teeth latching onto a bit of skin and starting to press down.

“Okay, just days!” Wei Wuxian conceded, but Lan Wangji’s teeth didn’t let up, tugging a little more, bit by bit, until, “Okay, okay, you win! Just today. Give me today at least, won’t you?”

Lan Wangji’s teeth let go of him and he pressed a warm kiss down firmly over the spot, then agreed softly, “Today.”

Wei Wuxian let out a relieved breath to be free of Lan Wangji’s bite. Any more of that and he was going to want Lan Wangji fuck him again, and he wasn’t sure this poor body could handle another round quite yet. None of their exploits had led to anything breaking (well, nothing on their bodies breaking anyway; they had quite a tally going on bathtubs, bed frames, tables, and even a bookcase once), but Wei Wuxian didn’t think it completely out of the realm of possibility and he didn’t want to push his luck. 

Besides, he really did feel exhausted. He’d walked all the way down and back up the mountain today; if he wasn’t so used to and eager for Lan Wangji to handle him the way he did, he probably would have already passed out.

After a few more minutes of quiet snuggling and scattered kisses, Lan Wangji finally pushed himself up, lingering just long enough to press a long kiss to Wei Wuxian’s lip, giving his bottom lip a soft graze with his teeth before sitting up completely. He pushed a bit of Wei Wuxian’s bangs away from his face and asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Your poor bed-bound husband is famished,” he replied pathetically. ‘Famished’ was far too strong a word to use, as Wei Wuxian had eaten just a few hours before while he was in town, but he was hungry, and it was in his nature to exaggerate. He reached for the hand that had brushed against his face and pressed it to his cheek, before pulling out the biggest pout he could and asking in his sweetest possible voice, “Hanguang-Jun, will you cook for me?”

Lan Wangji seemed to quietly regard Wei Wuxian’s pitiful expression for a moment, before his eyes softened, and the corner of his mouth ticked upward, the faintest hint of a smile--an expression that even a year later made Wei Wuxian’s heart go all runny in his chest, still completely swept away by his husband’s incredible beauty.

“I will,” he replied, brushing his thumb across Wei Wuxian’s nose before pulling his hand away, and moving down the bed to release the rope from Wei Wuxian’s other ankle and fold it up neatly.

Both the gesture and the agreement making a smile burst over Wei Wuxian’s face as his heart fluttered around his chest. Never quite knowing where to draw the line, he continued, “What if I’m too weak to sit up and hold the spoon, will you feed me?”

The slight smile hovered on his face as he grabbed the blankets and pulled them up over Wei Wuxian’s naked body, replying offhandedly, “Don’t press your luck.”

Wei Wuxian’s chest shook with quiet laughter as he accepted the answer, and Lan Wangji turned to get dressed. In just a matter of moments, he managed to look as prim and proper as he always did, so genteel that only someone who had been in earshot of the Jingshi would have any idea of the indecent things he’d been doing to his husband just moments before.

He lit a lantern near the bed, as the daylight would be gone by the time he got back, before he leaned in to kiss Wei Wuxian’s forehead and tell him gently. “Rest. I’ll be back soon.”

But Wei Wuxian reached his hand up behind Lan Wangji’s neck impatiently to pull Lan Wangji down for a proper kiss before he could go, never quite able to get enough of it, only interrupting himself a moment later to mumble softly against Lan Wangji’s mouth, “A-Zhan, you liked my present for you, didn’t you?”

The answer was obvious, but when Lan Wangji replied softly against his mouth, “very much,” Wei Wuxian couldn’t help himself as his grin stretched from ear to ear.

With one final peck, Lan Wangji finally managed to untangle himself from Wei Wuxian’s grip and stand-up properly, giving Wei Wuxian one last semi-exasperated semi-smile before turning and heading towards the kitchens. It left Wei Wuxian to snuggle under the covers and quietly smile to himself over how incredibly well that had gone.

Next time, he thought, smiling brighter as he pressed his face to the pillow, maybe they’d find a use for that third length of rope as well.