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kiss for a bun

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“Get your ass off the street, Deku.”

It’s not the first time Katsuki’s had to say it and it won’t be the last, staring down at his boyfriend planted on the side of a street after a fight, the stupid new bunny ears on his suit drooping tiredly.

Katsuki grinds his teeth when Deku petulantly shakes his head in refusal.

“You have to stand, Deku.”

Katsuki’s this close to just leaving him there at this point and Deku only makes it worse when he refuses again. The blond takes a second to consider his options.

“Are you hurt?”

He doubts it but Deku’s ears go up at his question before flattening in denial. Yeah, he didn’t think so. He tries not to let the kicked puppy look get under his skin too much, either.

“Then what the hell do you want?”

Katsuki’s a hair away from actually walking away this time, but Deku points to him before he can move.

“You,” he’s saying silently and then pokes his own freckled cheek. “Kiss.”

It takes a second for Katsuki’s brain to come back online after being shocked blank. Seriously? This is why the number one Pro Hero of Japan is throwing a fit? He wants kisses?

Katsuki’s gonna blow this nerd to fuckin’ space and back, silently glad there are no more media in their vicinity to capture the immaturity.

“You can’t be serious, Deku. That can wait ‘til later, get your ass up.”

His palms spark when Deku doesn’t move, just crossing his arms and sticks his nose in the air like a child. Apparently he’s very serious.


Katsuki runs a hand over his face and knows he’s lost this fight. Deku’s still pouting in front of him and it takes two strides to nudge his muscles thigh with steel-toed boots.

He crouches down and leans forward, pressing chapped lips to Deku’s cheek.

“There, happy now?”

His eyes almost see the back of his skull with how hard they roll at Deku’s quick nod.

He grabs the other’s hands and hauls them to standing, almost losing balance with how tired he is, but Deku’s a solid anchor once his feet are under him. Katsuki doesn’t even fight it when Deku uses that same solidity to bring him in for a proper kiss.

“Hey, Kacchan?”


“Let’s go home.”