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the right time of day

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     Betty has always been the perfect girl next door, was a top-A student, had every honors class, and was a RiverVixen cheerleader, no wonder she got into one of the top Ivy League schools. later after college, Betty moved in with Veronica, who also lived with Archie. Veronica was applying for one of the positions as a designer for a new an upcoming fashion company, Archie was an all-rising athlete playing for the New York Giants, as he played football in college. Betty had no idea what to do after college, she applied for many different positions at different paper companies to write for, but none had taken her as a journalist. 

Betty walked around the city later that night as Veronica was with her too in downtown Time Square, as they had just come for broadway see Dear Evan Hansen. Veronica turned to Betty and said, "Hey, why don't we go to a bar? looks like you need something to drink." Betty looked at her with a reassuring face and agreed. they walked into the bar downtown and they went to the bar to order their drinks, Veronica ordered a martini and Betty ordered a red wine. they sat down at their table and started to talk.

"So Betty, how has the job search been going so far? found anything that looks interesting?" 

"Nothing yet, every time I have tried to find a good paper company, hell i'll go to Massachusetts and not become a journalist, just work at Steve Carell's convince store!" Betty said exclaiming loudly. suddenly a young man walked over to the table, but it turned out to be Archie. he sat down with them and started to chat with them.

"Betty, I have this friend from school, he was my roommate actually, and we are still best friends, but he works at the New York Times. Maybe when I see him tomorrow I can put in a good word for you..." Betty rose from her seat and went to give Archie a hug. "Thank you so much Arch, this means so much to me!" Archie told her of course and started to talk to them about how the team is doing.

Betty kept listening then someone caught her eye, a young man with dark curly hair, broad body, a tall man, looks around 24-25, just betty's age. he was sitting at the bar, typing away when Betty walked over to him and sat next to him. "Hi, I'm Betty Cooper, nice to meet you." she held out her hand to the young man to introduce herself. he looked at her, his eyes a light blue ocean color, a nice curly lock of hair falls across his face just to the side of his perfectly symmetrical face. he shakes her hand, his hands move softly to Betty's, nice loose handshake with smooth skin, this man uses lotion.

"Hi, my name's Jughead, don't worry, the real name is worse." he said, still shaking her hand. they kept their hands together for a good solid minute until Betty broke her hand away from Jughead. They were now having a full on staring contest with each other, who could break the eye contact first would end it.  " so uh, Jughead, where are you from?" Betty asked awkwardly after they had finished having their awfully long "staring contest".

"I'm from upstate, around Rochester and Syracuse, I went to school at NYU, had some friends at Columbia actually. Some people stayed and went to Syracuse back home, but I needed to get away. Since I lived in New York too I get a little price off from schools, it's way easier to pay for."

"NYU isn't a SUNY school though? how would you get a little off?" Betty asked curiously from this wonder young adult.

"I got a scholar ship, was top of my class, applied for every Ivy League, well I didn't, my mother did, I went to my dream school." he said putting his head low as he finished the sentence. Betty looked in awe of the man that was in-front of her right now. Betty then proceeded to say, " Well, I was also top of my class, and applied to every Ivy League, but my dream school was Yale. I had a 4.4 GPA, was In the head of the school newspaper, and still got turned down." she said looking at him with kind eyes. 

Jughead looked at back at Betty, straight face, but with kind eyes. they started to talk more, but then Veronica came over and said to Betty that she was going to go, but since they are roommates, it makes sense if they just leave together. Betty looked at jughead and said she had to go. Jughead looked distraught when he was told by Betty that she had to go. 

"why don't I give you my number so we can meet up again, how about lunch tomorrow?" Betty said to Jughead. "okay that's great! I'll text you when I get off for lunch break." jughead watches as Betty leaves the bar. How she walks out so gracefully and soothingly. As he's about to leave, he hears someone call his name. The familiarity in the voice as he knows exactly who it is, his old roommate Archie Andrews. 

"Hey I haven't seen you since...last week!" Jughead says out of sarcasm. Archie laughs off and says hi and they dab each other up. "You were just talking to Betty right?" 

"yeah why?" jughead asks, curiously as to why Archie knows her. "I just wanted to tell you that she's been looking for a journalist job and she is also one of the best writers, as you are too, and has been looking for a job. I was wondering if she could get an interview at the NYT?" Archie says to jughead. Jughead looks surprised to Archie, she had never mentioned she was a writer and was looking for a job, well she mentioned she wrote for her high school, but who doesn't. "Yeah sure, I'm meeting up with her tomorrow and ill ask her." jughead says to Archie.

"okay cool! I'll see you tomorrow bro" Archie says to jughead as he leaves to go catch up with the girls. Jughead grins to himself. He has a long day tomorrow and is looking forward to it.