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One shots that are mostly NSFW centered!

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Every day, there wasn’t a question as to whether everything would be okay.
It always would be, because you had him.
Never was there a second that passed unfaithfully.
He was a childhood friend of yours that you’d been in love with seemingly forever, you couldn't remember living a day without him and you never considered that as a possibility.

For the first time in your life, that fell apart.
Everyone was standing around the TV with a hand over their mouth, on edge and afraid, staring down the massive hole that’d been made by Ryukyu, able to see but unable to hear anything.
Where was he? You knew he went with them, you could see practically everyone else, where was he?
He wasn’t the kind of person to ever leave before the finish, so where was he?
You knew watching was just furthering the worst of your anxieties but you couldn’t help yourself, camera angles held no relief for you as he never appeared.

Once the news got to you that pro hero Sir Nighteye was in critical condition, you practically fainted.
Though the following information of Mirio being at the same hospital was like an adrenaline shot.
Worrying nonstop had completely taken you apart, wanting to ask anyone about his own condition but not wanting an answer.

So, you tried to avoid having a panic attack in your uber, and appropriately asked various doctors and nurses where his room was, lying to some of them by saying you were a direct family member so you could get access.
You’d barely been able to process anything about what was public knowledge of the confrontation with Overhaul, only taking in what was relevant to you, which was anything about him.

Upon sighting his door number you up your pace from nervous pacing to running, throwing it open with enough force that you have to catch yourself on the doorframe.
Thus far you’d somehow avoided crying, but you couldn’t hold back once you saw him.

He was alive, and that’s all you cared about.
Bandaged, disheveled, but alive.

“I,”, is all you manage to say before your throat tightens and your sight blurs with tears, guilt hitting you hard that you’d be the one so upset right now, instead of him.
You try to collect yourself, shoving your forearm into your face to clear away the waterworks, lungs stuttering to catch any air without instantly letting it go.

It almost makes you jump to feel him wrap his arms around you, hesitating to touch him as you tilt your head up.
“Y-You’re injured, I, rest, you should be resting!”

He doesn’t say anything, giving you that familiar smile as he brushes the hair away from your eyes.
That has you break down harder, full on crying as you do your best to avoid putting any pressure on him, unsure of where all his injuries lie.

“Togata,” you start, choking back more silent sobs, reaching up to cradle the side of his face, which he leans into, “I love you, so much.”

When he hugs you tighter you tense, still afraid of hurting him, knowing he can push his boundaries just for the sake of it sometimes.

“Hey! Togata, be careful!”, with a scolding tone you balance on your tiptoes, dangerously close to being lifted off your feet altogether.

“I love you too!”
Just like everything else he says around you, it’s confident and maybe a touch too loud, unsurely placing your hands on his shoulders.
You want to say something but he interrupts you with a kiss, the energy behind it sending a volt of electricity through you.
There’s still a few tears running down your cheeks, but he swipes them away with his thumbs, bringing you in even closer.

Even in moments like these he still kept you sure that you’d never be without him.