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One shots that are mostly NSFW centered!

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Heya! This is where you can comment your requests!
It's a bit more organized this way, and I can see things easier!
Now there ARE a few things I won't do, which I'll list here:

Underage where the adult is lusting after the youth unrequited (I only do it if the younger is the one doing most of the pressuring)

Straight up rape (Reader has to enjoy it at some point, we ain't doin that much angst)

Death or anything to do with the dead (I mean the inciting incident, things to do with mourning or another persons perspective don’t count, that’s ok)

Dacryphilia (Crying fetish)

Erotophonophilia (Murder fetish)

Formicophilia (Insect fetish)


Beyond that, it's literally all free game! I look forward to seeing what kinda ideas y'all got! : D

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(Hey this is an AU where Bakugou and Midoryia are tense BUT Bakugou never said ‘LMAO go off urself nerd’, because personally as a Bakuhoe I’m gonna elect to ignore that ever happened. The ** signals the start of where the bottom piece starts, it’s from his perspective so you get to know what was goin on)

Your entire life you’d known him, so it wasn’t surprising when he presented as an alpha.
Far before that he’d been defensive, chauvinistic, downright aggressive as well.
But he really never showed any ill intent towards you.
Maybe occasionally if you’d really pushed his buttons.

There’s plenty of embarrassing records of the way you two acted as children, him saying he’d be your alpha no matter what and you agreeing.
You both knew what that meant in the sense of a lifelong bond, but, not the whole definition.
So as you grew older the both of you said that less and less.
The feelings behind it never went away either way.

In some ways he’d already claimed you and been your established alpha.
Throughout these past years of schooling he wouldn’t let very many people touch you.
Hell, he wouldn’t even let some people talk to you.
Intimidating them away with either his quirk or some choice words.

Usually it was for the best, despite your bubbly nature around him and your other friends, you didn’t take kindly to strangers or new people.
Still, between the time spent with him and the time you spent playing with him, you always managed to be at least partially drenched in his scent.

Playing was something you two did to this day, it became important since he wanted to let off some steam, you enjoyed feeding his ego because it made him happy, and both of you just liked having contact with each other.
He was too rough sometimes, but if you yelped he did practically everything to fix it.

Bakugou presented as an alpha in his second year of middle school, and you didn’t present as anything in any year.
Up even to now you hadn’t presented, assumed to be a late bloomer beta from your not so strong scent of carmel and fresh rain.
There was some shame over it since you’d wanted to be an alpha like him, but he’d long convinced you that you could kick ass no matter what.

In the present day, you both attended UA!
Unsurprisingly he slid right into 1-A, and you got the spot you wanted in the department of support.
After all, a full adolescence of helping Bakugou do things with his quirk grew a fascination in tech and how to advance peoples natural abilities.
It suited you, out of the spotlight and yet still critical.

For the first time in your life, you saw him very little.
During the day he was incredibly busy with studying and training, which you understood.
In no way did you verbally complain for fear he wasn’t missing you as much.
After all you knew you could be clingy.

But, it did show that he was making efforts to see you.
He’d come down to speak with you about improvements he wanted to make to his costume, watch you sketch and do the math for certain parts of it all, generally complain about ‘all those fucking extras’ in his class, little things that ended up taking a few hours at least.
Sometimes you’d have a bad day, pinching your fingers or spending all day on something that just didn’t turn out right at all.
You’d text him ‘can I come in?’ and he’d give you a time in response.

What that meant was at that time, you could go up to his dorm room and sit with him.
Anymore his scent did wonders to calm your often frayed mind.
Sitting in his lap, heads on either of each others shoulders, his hands running up and down your back when you were especially upset.

He had his own signal of wanting relief as well, which was ‘Is the room empty?’.
A while ago you’d discovered a room full of mats and other exercise related things that’d been seemingly forgotten by the rest of the school, you’d found it while trying to find an empty space to try out some equipment.
You told Bakugou about it of course, partially as a joke mentioning it was a great space to play in.

Though, he took you seriously and now it was where you two went when he asked.
Playing found a place between sparring, wrestling, and just rolling around.
It was wildly entertaining now that he’d been training and had some new tricks up his sleeve.
In the support department they didn’t emphasize so much on physical prowess, though that didn’t mean you could be entirely out of shape.
Still, every time he knocked you down and pinned you completely no matter how much of a front you tried to put up.

This afternoon he’d sent you the text and you’d said yes, but to wait until five so you’d be finished working.
When you opened the door, he was already there, getting up off the mat he’d sat on.
“Finally, you have fun making me wait?”
You rolled your eyes, closing the door behind you, “You bet I did, spent every second laughing at how stupid you looked in here wondering when I was gonna come in.”

He crossed his arms over his chest, nose raised in a small sneer.
“Why do you smell like that?”

It didn’t even occur to you that you’d been hanging around another alpha all day, measuring him up properly for some changes to his costume and allowing him to make notes as you drew the designs.
“Oh, I was helping someone better their suit today! I actually think I might use some of the ideas they had on yours, I didn’t even consider how giving you less armor on your knees could actually help you in combat, more movement!”, you spouted happily, thinking of any other details that came to mind.

The other alpha didn’t smell terrible in your own opinion, lavender is a very relaxing thing you’ve been told, and the light undertone of cucumber wasn’t bad.
But the way Bakugou was looking at you, it may as well of been garbage.

Not a question, he wasn’t asking.

“Oh! Izuku!”

His eyes narrowed and you suddenly felt very uneasy.
You knew him and Bakugou had been at odds for whatever reason, he never explained it to you.
Often when he complained about anything, it came back to Midoriya.
Though despite this you and the other alpha really got along well.
It was confusing he’d ask you like he didn’t recognize the scent.

“Pft. Don’t pretend to be all innocent, you’re coated in that losers scent! What, was he rubbing all over you, huh?”
He continued to shoot you a look as you put your hands on your hips and walked right up to him.

“For your information, I had to get up close to measure him! So, there’s nothing you can really say about him that you wouldn’t be saying about me! Nobody ever complains about how stinky you make me!”
“Because I smell better than everyone else. Now, c’mere.”

With that he yanked you close into a forced hug, running the side of his face against yours.
While it was annoying that he was doing this right now, you still found yourself enjoying it, the energy it takes to withstand and be stiff evaporating maybe five seconds into it.
You’d learned that continuing to argue with him was pointless, he’d digest what you said regardless of his actions for the next few minutes.

He smelled like a fire, a nice campfire, so it was hard to say you didn't like it.
A very intense one too, it didn’t take much at all to cover your own scent and he always went overboard.
“You’re pretty and unclaimed. Alphas flock to the first part, swarm to the second.”, He murmured into your hair.
“Is that why you’re around me so often?”
You smile and tilt your head back to look at him, able to tell by his relaxed features that he’d calmed down.

“So, what stressed you out today?”
“Ah nothing, I just wanted to come see you here rather than my own room. Fuckin’ extras are asking too many questions. Dumbasses can’t just keep to themselves.”
You relaxed into his grasp, letting his stronger arms keep you upright.
It used to make you mad that he got taller than you, but anymore it failed to bother you.
“Yeah! Coming up to me and asking if you’re my girlfriend and then when I don’t even wanna give an answer, they just start calling you that anyways! Tellin’ me they seen ‘my girlfriend’ at lunch today or whatever else!”

“Well if you react in a satisfying way they’ll just keep doing it! You’re feeding into it by getting upset, just act indifferent and the fun will die out.”
You comment with a soft tone, trying to stomp out the anger he’s developing, raising a hand to swipe your thumb over his cheek in a consoling way.
He leans into it, huffing as he continues on, “But it’s hard when they’re provoking me! At least when you’re there while frustrating shit is happening, I have you! I’m just by myself there! Maybe every so often shitty hair-”
“-Kirishima- will step in! But I can’t rely on that! Either way the teasing just makes me miss you even more than I already do!”

There’s a tug at your heart from the admission, needing a second before you can properly respond.
“I miss you too ‘Suki! We see each other when we can, no big deal!”
“We barely meet up as it is, things are going to get busier. I don’t want to lose touch with you.”
His arms tighten around you as he rests his chin on the top of your head.
“You won’t lose touch with me, we can still text each other! Or call even!”
“But it won’t be the same, you know that. If we would rather be on the phone right now we would be.”

All you can do is hum in thought, knowing he’s right.
Part of you was crushed to think about not seeing him as often but you were so fulfilled to know he missed you more than you thought he did.
For some reason, you just felt so much more intensely about this than you usually would.

“Don’t waste the time you’d be spending with me on anyone else either way.”
He added onto his thoughts bitterly.

“I won’t, I’ll text you!” You follow immediately, pulling back just enough to properly look up at him, noting the unsure look in his eyes.
“I promise, you’re my first priority when it comes to who I spend time with, you know I’m too shy to hang out with anyone else anyways! Nobody is as important to me as you are...”
There’s a heat that surges across your body, causing you to tense up for a moment and rely on him to stay balanced.
Both hands go to grab his forearms, biting down on your cheek as you really start to warm up.
You try to follow that with placing your hand on the side of his face to cradle it again, but he catches it at the wrist.
There’s a sharper addition to the gaze he has pointed at you, which makes you nervous.
Unsure of why you feel that way, you just give an uneasy smile.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re acting strange.”

“Nothing! I’m just, ah… Feeling kinda hot…”
Your words come out slowly if at all, heartbeat picking up quickly.
When you start to feel swimmy, you back away, only for your knees to turn to jelly.
He grabs you by swinging an arm around your waist, his hand pressing against your forehead.
“Are you sick? What the fuck is wrong?” He asks with more concern than he meant too.

“ ‘M fine! Just… Are you feeling woozy too?”
He watches while you uneasily try to stand on your own, only to fail.
So, he picks you up, holding you by your thighs, chest to chest with you nuzzling into him.

Your eyes close as you drink in his scent, which somehow has gotten even better, prompting you to lazily drag your tongue along the spot where its the strongest.
The instinct to continue grabs hold of your hazy mind, slowly kissing and licking along his neck, ignoring whatever he’s saying.
Really, you only register that he's speaking from the rumble you feel.
Anything outside him and the warmth fanning out within you didn’t exist anymore.

He tries to swat you away but you just move onto the other side, legs tensing around him in preparation if he tries to drop you.
But he doesn’t, so on you go.
Very briefly his hands connect with your waist and he says something louder, gaining your attention.
The moment you lift your head and open your eyes to see him, you swell with emotion.
Adoration, attraction, several others accompanying them.

You lean forward and kiss him tenderly, one hand clutching his shoulder while the other weaves through his hair.
He yanks back in surprise but it doesn’t get to you, instead peppering a smaller array of kisses to his jaw, which he does tilt away despite that doing nothing to stop you.

A pair of hands grab you by your ribs and tug back, trying to pull you free of him, which scares you enough to yelp like you’re in pain.
They don’t go away but they stop pulling, giving you a brief moment to calm down.
That ends when you feel some pressure like they’re ramping to try again, causing you to cry out ‘alpha’ quite loudly.
You look up at Bakugou with tears forming in your eyes, wanting him to do something.

He’s already looking down at you with much surprise written on his face, maybe a second passing before he has your back to a wall, finally kissing you back.
You lean up to fully meet him, letting him control everything about this besides the way you thread your fingers through his hair.

It’s messy, he’s bitten your lips at least twice, and your heart is racing at the received affection.
The only thing that reminds you that you’re on earth is when he rocks the bulge in his pants against your core, only your panties covering you since your skirt has been shuffled around from him carrying you.

That sends a bolt through you, whimpering against his mouth and tugging on his hair, which just encourages him to do it again.
You practically can feel the smug smirk he’d be making if he could, but both of you are too busy.

When he pulls away to let you breathe, you consider if suffocating would be worth it.
Before you can ponder that any further he grips your shirt in both hands, and tears it open.
The cooler air and rush of energy from the action pebbles your nipples instantly, not that you’d be able to tell since he’s all over you within a second.

You exhale shakily, tugging at his hair whenever he grabs too hard.
It’s hard to suppress the whimpers and whines bubbling up so you don’t, especially rolling your hips down against his when his hot tongue swipes over your bud.

So badly do you want more, words of no use to you in this state, so when he gets distracted by something else you lean up to love on him some more.
Sure to leave a hickey on him this time, you giggle to yourself over how happy you are to be doing this with him, almost unbearably hot now.

Yet again he makes more sudden movements, the loud bang of a door being kicked open snapping you out of the haze briefly enough to recognize he’s shoved you both into a janitor's closet.
Though you don’t care, swept up in the way he’s returned to kissing you like you’re the only thing keeping him alive.

The wall at your back here is much colder, signaling that at some point he ridded you of your shirt entirely.
He makes quick work of the rest of your clothes, skirt being yanked off along with your panties in one motion, only unbuckling the front of his pants.
Not another moment is wasted before he thrusts his full length into you, cock throbbing deeply against your newly explored insides.

You moan out with no restraint, his teeth teasing at the space between your neck and shoulder only barely muffling the low groan he makes.
There’s no slow start, as soon as he pulls out he’s slamming back in, starting a brutal pace that flashes stars across your vision
To try and avoid breaking your voice entirely, you bite down on a few knuckles, which does help some.

But he yanks them out, hotly whispering into your ear, “I want to hear you. Let me know who’s making you feel good.”
The incoherent noises escaping you become a mix of his name, and varying phrases.
Mainly ‘don’t stop’ and ‘so good’.

He kisses you roughly, fingers pressing into your hips with enough pressure to nearly hurt, his hips snapping against yours with fervent need.
You can barely grab at his shoulders, strength draining from you as his relentless pace starts to knock the breath right out of your lungs, all the same you can’t get enough.

As you reach your first climax you draw your nails across his back with surprising strength, his own noises of pleasure sounding from the way you constrict around his cock so tightly.
It’s nearly enough to make him slow down.

He presses a quick kiss to your jaw, barely understandable praises spouting from him about how ‘you’re such a good girl, a princess, doing so well handling this,’.
If you were in any other state it would’ve made your knees weak with sweetness, but right now your toes are curling and you can barely register what year it is.

Bakugou lets his teeth graze the side of your neck with less teasing intent than he had before, testing a few places with restrained bites.
Even though your brain feels like it’s been microwaved you can understand he’s trying to find a proper place to mark you, prompting you to nudge his head around until it was where you’d be the happiest with it.

He could feel himself getting close, thrusts starting to stutter as he stayed at the pace that’d let him go deeper and harder rather than faster, sliding a hand down to use the pad of his fingers to swirl around your clit.
You clamp down on his cock as shocks of static pleasure emanate from the action, erratically bucking your hips into it as you hurtle towards your second orgasm.

He doesn’t let up until he feels the gush of slick around him, stilling your movements to cry out for your alpha as he fucks you through the high.
But it doesn’t last long, only a few more hard ruts into you being what it takes to have him spill his hot release as deep inside you as he can get it, biting you right where you’d directed him.

When his teeth break the skin you chew on the inside of your cheek to keep from screaming, a few stray tears beyond your help sliding down your face as he licks over the new addition.
You begin to calm down, satisfied with what you’ve just gone through, but the exhaustion quickly sets in.
As your consciousness fades you mumble out a ‘I love you’, leaning your sweaty body against his, feeling the smile in his voice when he says ‘I love you too’.




“I have no fucking idea what’s up with her. I think she’s sick.”
All three of the boys shared a glance and raised an eyebrow to him, watching as she was showering him in affection while completely ignoring any outside interference.

“Uhhh no. Bro, she’s obviously in heat! When you texted us 911 we assumed she died or something!” Kirishima piped up, unimpressed.

Bakugou grumbles in annoyance, attempting to push her head away from him but she just goes for another open space.
“Can’t you smell it?” Kaminari questioned with a lift of her skirt to peer underneath.
Bakugou snarled at the action and he backed off accordingly, sheepishly smiling with a ‘I couldn’t help myself’ tone.

“Look I just need someone to pry her off me, I think it might help. I don’t fuckin’ know why she’s so attached to me. I doubt she can even fucking hear me right now!!”
That made her look up, she gave him an actual kiss and he tilted back away from it, secretly thankful she didn’t seem to be hurt by it.

Kirishima nodded, grabbing her by her lower ribs and tugging back.
She yelped like he’d put a hot brand to her, making him stop.
“S-Shit! Dude there’s no way we’re getting her off you without a huge struggle!” He said with some panic, hands still on her.

All he did was squeeze his fingers down and she once again made a huge noise of distress, followed by a call of ‘Alpha!’.

Kirishima let go, all giving a shocked look to Bakugou who shared much of the same expression.
She didn’t call out for just any alpha, she was referring to him as HER alpha.

That made his blood nearly catch fire as every instinct within him started to turn.
He’d been denying she was in heat, not wanting to take advantage of her and not wanting to expose her to his less gentle actions.

But that flipped a switch in his brain, shutting down all those defenses.
What he wanted to do was ask her for confirmation, ‘Are you in heat?’, though what happened is the moment he angled his head down to do so she had a fully pathetic and begging look on her face.

Now in full fuck-it mode, he leaned her against a wall, engaging fully in the passionate mess.
The other three teenage boys looked on in a mix of arousal and horror as their friend mashed mouths together with their other friend, who was currently in heat, all taking place in a very public hallway where anyone could wander by.

“Ah.. We um, we gotta stop them from straight up doing it here.” Sero said, forcing his eyes elsewhere.

Kaminari shamelessly stared on, even impressed at the spectacle, “I dunno! Maybe let them!”

“Why on earth should we do that?” Sero responded with confusion, turning to him.

“Alright, be my guest! Tear Bakugou, an alpha, away from what is now clearly his omega! Go on! Chop chop, times wasting!” Kaminari sarcastically finished with a quiet clap of his hands.

Kirishima sighed and rolled his eyes, taking a step closer, “We have to at least try, isn’t manly to risk a teacher coming by and expelling them!”

But he recoiled when Bakugou ripped her shirt open, her breasts spilling free and catching everyone's eye.
The alpha began to lavish the newly open area in attention, sucking and groping at every tender or sensitive spot. The girl beneath him squirmed, raking her fingers through his hair while he worked his way back up to her lips, uncaring of the pleasured noises pouring from her.

“H-Hey!” He hesitantly called out, tapping Bakugou on the shoulder.
“You um, you guys need to stop!”

Bakugou turned his head to stare the red head down, attempting to look as threatening as possible and succeeding.
It was mildly damped down by the girl giggling as she nuzzled into him and kept trying to kiss him.

“If you get caught you’ll be expelled! Which uh, is bad!”
The words seemed to get through somewhat, his hard glare dying down.

Suddenly he locked onto the janitors closet, pushing Kirishima aside as he stomped past, kicking the door open and repeating the action to close it.

“Huh. Okay, so, that’s better. I think? Right?” Sero commented half mindedly.

They stood there in a collective stupor for a few moments, scrambling away when a loud moan breached the door, Kaminari slamming into both other boys at first.

“I uh, maybe we better keep watch? Just to make sure nobody comes down?” Kirishima tossed out once they reached the end of the hallway.

Sero and Kaminari nodded in agreement, awkwardly standing there until Kaminari pulled a deck of cards free from his pocket, “We can play go fish! Or another game that isn’t as fun as go fish!”

“Sure? But how are we gonna keep watch of both ends? Someone could come from the other way right?” Sero said with a backwards glance over his shoulder.

Kirishima shook his head, “Oh, no! Dude there’s nothing that way, anyone who’s coming down is coming from this way!”


With that, Sero let it go, taking his seven cards from the deck to begin playing.
During the span of time they had to wait, they turned away four people while ignoring the sounds occasionally reaching them.

All of them received the same lie, ‘There’s maintenance on every room, we’ve been told to tell everyone to come back tomorrow.’

Thankfully, it worked with some whining from the other person being the only resistance.
When the janitors closet door opened, they turned to see Bakugou carrying her out, very unconscious, wearing his shirt and a claiming mark.
For their own health they just put the cards up and headed back to the dorms.

Chapter Text

When you first heard about this beach trip, part of you considered staying at the dorms.
The first mistake you made was admitting that to Mina.
The second mistake was admitting you didn’t own a swimsuit.

Sure, you’d all earned a nice day at the beach, but you were way too shy for that!
Bathing suits showed lots of skin no matter what, especially the ones aimed at girls your age!
All the same, Mina bought you one she thought would look cute on you.

The day before the trip you tried it on, alone in your room.
It was hard to look at yourself.
Truly, the suit itself was very cute, but on you…
It barely fit for one!

Mina said it was supposed to be snug but did she mean it was supposed to be this..?
The top had no top straps, tied in the back with a simple knot.
Your breasts practically spilled out of the thing, adjusting it so it covered you just well enough seemed to be a solution for now.

The bottoms themselves were another issue entirely.
What you assumed to be the side meant to cover your rear was right up on you, giving you a serious wedgie despite how much you tried to flatten the material out.
The front did the same but toned down some, less irritating than the back but a problem nonetheless.

You groaned and grumbled about it, settling on just wearing a skirt and t-shirt over the suit until there was a time where you were alone.
The beach you were being taken too was one you used to go to all the time as a kid, so you knew about a secret grass path that took you to a very secluded area.
Hopefully, nobody else would be there, you could just enjoy the sun and sand!

The next day came, the bus ride was full of Mineta being himself which lead to what he deserved, in general everyone seemed excited!
Those who expressed excitement anyways, Bakugou, Tokoyami, Todoroki, and Shoji just kinda hung out.

Once the bus stopped and everyone got off, you made sure to be last.
This made sneaking off almost too easy, taking the grass path you knew so well.
There was a large hill that started there, but if you walked straight past it, there was a decently sized pocket of sand that acted as its own mini-beach.

Just as you wanted, it was perfectly empty!
So you sat your bag down alongside the towel you brought, and stripped the extra layers.
It irritated you how the fabric between your legs was essentially a strip, cutely colored but still annoying.
You tried to not let it get to you, leaning back on your hands as the warm breeze tossed your hair around peacefully.

When you heard a familiar voice call out your name, you reflexively turned your head.
There stood a confused Kirishima, holding a water gun.

You lowered your shades and waved, knowing if there was anyone you knew you didn’t mind seeing you in this ‘suit’ it’d be him.
“Hey! Uh, what are you doing over here?” He said as he looked around.

“It’s quiet and nice over here, I just wanted to relax! And, as you can see, this bikini Mina got me fits like a glove. An uncomfortable and small glove.” You joke as you once again tug the top up, sitting on your knees so you can properly address him.

“Ah! Well she actually asked me where you were! So I asked Ojiro if he saw you because he was second to last off the bus, and he said he saw you in this general area. I won't tattle on you if you don’t want!”

The way he smiled made you smile, it was hard to not cheer up around him.
“Thanks! If you want you can hang out with me a while, I certainly don’t mind! But if you stay you’ll have to listen to me complain, just so you know.”

He shrugged, trotting over and taking a seat in the sand besides you, “I don’t mind! It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you alone anyways! So, what are we complaining about?”

You nodded at that, “It has, hasn’t it? But I really don’t like this bikini set. The top is pretty nice, but the bottoms are just, ugh! They’d fit someone who isn’t as goddamned wide as me.”

“I mean, you look fine from my perspective! What you call wide others call ‘thicc’ so, I wouldn’t be too mad.”

With a roll of your eyes you giggle, spreading your knees apart to show him how poorly the thing fit you.
“See? God it’s like if I just move a little to the left I’m gonna be arrested for indecent exposure! And it’s not like I wanna wear that skirt all day!”

His eyes dart downwards and immediately back up to your chest, then away from you entirely, letting out a dry cough as he uneasily smiled, “Uh.. R-right! No, yeah! I get that! Totally!”

You squint a moment to try and figure out why he’s acting like that when you realize what it is, deciding that you’ll toy with him just a little bit more before quitting.
“I mean, you’re a guy who likes girls, would you consider this indecent?”

“You’re fine! I wouldn’t specifically bend over or anything but uh, you’ve got that shirt and the skirt with you so, it can’t go too poorly!”

When you reach into your bag to put your sunglasses back, it genuinely occurs to you that you haven’t put anything on to keep you from getting burned! Genuinely, it slipped your mind.

“Oh, hey, Kiri?”
“You mind getting my back? I can’t really reach!”
He nods and you hand him the bottle, laying down on your front to give him easier access.

“Untie the top, please! I don’t want a tan line there!”

First he undoes the knot, then squelches a fat dollop of suntan lotion onto his hand.
After a second of rubbing his two hands together he presses them onto your back, lightly massaging the substance into your skin.

When he reaches your lower back, you pipe up again, “If possible, can you get the rest of me? Just the back side! I can get the front later!”
“Uh, all of the back side?”
“Mhm! Kirishima don’t worry about touching my ass, you’re not some creep!” You giggle and internally sigh at the nervous tone he holds.

He gathers more lotion before he continues, starting with your legs and downwards, you let out a contented noise when he grabs at your inner thigh, that feeling rather nice.
You don’t comment on the weird way he organized doing this, noticing the way his hands skim back up and hover over your rear.
The moment of hesitation ends soon, him using just a bit too much pressure, which you chalk up to nerves.

It does feel good, but you distinctly notice when he straight up grabs two handfuls of either cheek and opens you up some.
He take a few seconds to look and you don’t say a word, assuming he can’t see anything.
But what you don’t know is he can see just enough to mess with his head.

What’s visible is the outer rim of your tight hole, and the edges of your puffy lips, the pink of both making his head swim as he mildly feels frozen in place.
It was an instinctive move he wasn’t even aware he made until faced with the results.

A light blush settles on your cheeks when you turn your head to see him full on staring, an even darker shade of red on his.
You trust him and even kinda like him, so you reach back and pull the strap aside to flash him.

He gets just a second to see everything before he snaps into reality, looking to the side as he lets go, getting even redder by how you laugh.

“Never seen a lady like that before Kiri? I mean, I am flattered!”
You slide the strap back into place, shaking your ass from side to side.

“S-Sorry! I! Uh!” He scrambles to find something to say, coming up with nothing as he stammers uselessly.

“It’s fine! Honestly, since it’s you, I really don’t mind. I’m just messing with you is all! Y’know if you ask me I’ll let you look anytime!”

He blinks a few times as that sets in, wiping his hands off on his shorts, “Wait, really? Anytime?”

“Why? Looking to take up that offer?”

“N-No! Well, I mean, not necessarily! It’s hard to not, um, not be curious.”

You hum in thought, pushing yourself to sit upright with one hand, the other securing your top stays on, “Huh, alright! Let’s make a deal then! If I let you see whatever, whenever, you gotta agree to do the same.”

With a smile you extend your hand to him, watching as his eyes widen.
Just when you think about pretending it’s all a joke due to his silence, he shakes your hand firmly.
“Sure! Just so you know, I’m taking that ‘wherever’ part very seriously.”

Chapter Text

There was something dangerously fun about teasing him.
It was hard to decide if it came from the way he reacted, or teasing in of itself.
But he never made it difficult.
Really, it was mildly his fault now that you’d gotten so far into it.

Any responsible adult would’ve had an intervention!
Had you’d been accused of toying with him, maybe you would’ve stopped!
It’s not easy to say, the way he looked when all flustered was very cute.

At first it’d been an accident, bending over to grab your books in an unlady-like way.
He didn’t say anything but he was noticeably pinker.
That gave you a great idea.

Over the coming weeks you played with him, but you didn’t jump straight into it.
Now you couldn’t say this was a ‘frog in a pot’ scenario since he definitely noticed.
But, all the same, you were enjoying yourself immensely.

You weren’t a problem student, far from it!
Exam scores, sparring sessions, general training, you did very well academically!
Honestly you’d earned the right to have some fun, right?

Before you’d started this little game, you’d dressed respectably and hardly ever paid him any attention.
You chased boys your own age, it was criminally easy due to your natural looks.
For a while it’d been boring, they never did anything interesting!
Flustering a boy wasn’t the same as flustering a man.

Working someone up who tried to resist your advances was almost addicting.
Every side-ways glance, reddened face, dry cough, hiding his lap from you, all victories.
You had to work for them too, the things you liked best came from some effort.

As painful as it was, you let your grades in his class slip.
Getting an excuse to be around him all on your lonesome was worth it though.
Those few hours are where you could really play with him.

He was such a warm yet stern man, but with a few subtle moves he was reduced to a puddle.
At first, when you were learning what did the best, you tried to stay under the line.
Maybe unbutton just the top button of your shirt, sigh dramatically with just an undertone of something less innocent.

Now? In the present day where you’d pressed every button he seemed to have?
You’d learned that no matter what, he never really called you on anything.
However, he did have his limits.

Over the time you’d been torturing him, he’d constantly second guessed his instincts.
For god sakes, a student of his couldn’t be purposefully doing this!
You were young and blind to the more adult side of how he could view things!

His doubts grew more and more, every time you took it up a step he felt less like it was just him.
The age of consent may be 16 but he had morals! It’s ridiculous to think of you in such a way!
Despite how hard you can make it sometimes.

It’s almost like you want him to stare straight down your open blouse, or notice the lack of panty line beneath your skirt!
The way you tended to eye him up while alone made him sweat beneath his collar, it could cloud his judgement.

Recently you’d gotten far bolder, much to your excitement and his dread.
Being less reserved about touching him opened a lot of new doors.
You experimented slowly the first time you dared to pass that line.

Though that didn’t last long.
Anymore you sat in his lap anytime you liked, not even asking him.
Much like right now.

It hadn’t even been ten minutes into some after hours tutoring and you plopped down in the mans lap like it was your own seat.
You knew full well he didn’t want to imply anything, so he wouldn’t be removing you anytime soon.
Today you’d just worn your typical school uniform with the typical pig tails, but with less typical undergarments.
Buying the lacy matching bra and panty set was embarrassing but you were about to reap the rewards.

While he was in the middle of explaining something you turned to face him, swiveling your legs around to properly sit.
“Sir? Can I ask you some questions?”

He awkwardly placed his hands on the arm rests of the crowded office chair, nodding.

“Mm, it’s a bit personal… Can I trust you to keep it between us, sir?”

“Is everything alright?”

“Well, yes and no. You know things about boys, right? How they think?”

He let out a dry cough and shuffled uncomfortably underneath you, “Ah! Uh! W-Well this isn’t very appropriate for a school setting-!”

“I promise this isn’t anything bad! Sir, please, I want your advice! Pretty please?”
You begged with the cutest pout you could manage, suppressing the urge to smirk when he crumbled.

“... Is someone giving you trouble or something?”

“Not exactly, there’s nothing violent or otherwise damaging about what he and I have issue with,”
You speak absentmindedly, loosely weaving his tie around your fingers.
“Have you ever had sex before, Mr. Toshinori?”

The way his grip on the chair makes the plastic creak excites you to no end.
As best you can, you give him an entirely innocent look, as if you don’t understand why he’s so tense.

“I-I can’t-!”
“You don’t have to worry about me telling anyone! This is between us only, sir!”
“Still! This is completely inappropriate, you’re a student-!”
You tug on the fabric to gain his full attention, not wanting him to become frantic.
“But I trust you, and you’re the only adult male I can come too! Can I not trust you with my safety?”

That seems to shut him down for the moment, even in his panicked state he can’t dodge the perfectly aimed tug on his heart.
You know he’d do anything for his students, as the recently dethroned #1 pro hero he’d do anything for anyone.
Honestly, you thought of this as a reward to him for all his efforts.

“Sir, I don’t want to have sex with him, how do I tell I’m chasing after someone else?”

He won’t look directly at you, staring intently at the very interesting desk over your right shoulder.
“Politely and calmly turn him down, but I wouldn’t say it’s just because you want someone else.”

“Why not? That’s my reason, besides the obvious.”

“The obvious?”
He asks on reflex, and you can almost see the twinge of regret that hits him from acting so impulsively.

“Well I don’t know how to properly pleasure a man, I’ve never had one get that close.”
Careful to not be sudden, you sit up just enough to be eye level with him, thighs still very much against his.
“Though, that isn’t to say that I’d turn down the opportunity to learn, if I had one with someone responsible,”
Your hand ghosts against his chest, satisfied to feel his heart thudding.
“But I don’t think any of the boys my age know how to take things… Slowly.”
His eyes finally meet yours when you delicately cradle the side of his face with your palm, the hand above his heart coming to rest on his shoulder.
Despite his harshly lined features he couldn’t have been softer for you, matching the hazy look he’d unconsciously aimed at you seeming to deepen the mild hypnosis.

Never before had you seen him entirely trapped by your advances like this, and you weren’t going to give this up for all the money in the world.
He’d laid his hands over your hips, not grabbing but just placing them there, so you were completely convinced he was checked out.

“Sir? Are you alright?”, you ask with thinly veiled concern, voice breathy and light.
There’s no real response from him, he just watches the movement of your lips.

You tilt his head slightly, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth, just to test what’ll happen.
He doesn’t look upset, if anything he follows you when you pull away.
So you give in and go for it, kissing him fully.

You’re careful to be tender, slow, soft, giving him a chance to catch up.
And after a few moments he does.
It’s an instant change from un-reciprocated to heated when his mouth moves against yours.

Now that there’s full confirmation things are going well, you press your body against his.
Through your layers you can feel his heartbeat still going wild, it makes yours speed up as well.
A blush creeps onto your cheeks as the empty classroom you’re both in suddenly feels too big, and the fear of being caught dawns on you.
Being academically gifted didn’t always count for common sense, it just never occurred to you that it’d be so easy for someone to walk in on this.

That didn’t stop you in the least, if anything making you that much more excited.
His fingers squeeze down on your plump hips when your tongue swipes against his, making you giggle when you cruelly pull back.
You needed to breathe, but being a tease was just in your nature around him.
The sight of your pink and glittery lip gloss smeared on him is something you’re almost proud of.

It doesn’t go unnoticed when his gaze shifts to peek down your shirt, and at the cleavage there.
You fully get up on your knees so he’s eye level with your chest, pulling your blouse up just above your breasts, exposing the sheer lace just barely covering them.

He goes beet red, now staring with wide eyes, much like a school boy would.
You bite your bottom lip to contain another bout of giggles, hooking a thumb under the piece connecting the two cups as a reminder you could so easily show him everything.
But, you don’t, instead you drink up his reaction.

His hands slide up and stop on your waist, fingers stretching out to rub against your bare skin, making you shiver just the slightest amount.
“You know,” with the same thumb you pull your skirt down on one side, enough to expose the strap of similar material riding low on your hip, “it is a matching set.”

Again, his grip on you tightens, this time his adams apple bobbing in his throat as he fails to say anything.
You lean back in like you’re going to kiss him, only brushing your lips against his before you instead lick the shell of his ear, gently nipping it for fun.
He groans, rolling his hips up uselessly, a few inches shy of where he’d of liked.

“Oh?”, you question, sitting back down and raising an eyebrow at the bulge that wasn’t there before.
A sharp exhale huffs out of him when you rut down against him, nothing too drawn out, just enough to make it fun.
Well, fun for you.
You don’t stop at one, keeping a medium pace while you leave a trail of kisses down his jaw, then his neck, occasionally letting your tongue sweep out.

A yelp nearly escapes you when he grabs at your ass, reminding you that even in this lesser form he’s not weak in the least.
It’s a much stronger grip than he’s ever put on you, shooting a near electric bolt of energy up your back as you arch right into his hands.

Content to take a moment for yourself, you lay your head down and whine pleasurably as he massages the soft globes eagerly, which you reward by upgrading from teasing against his lap to full on dry humping.
It feels good for you, and from the rumble in his chest, it certainly feels good for him.

Though it is hard to tell how big he is when you’re judging through his pants, it’s hard to care when he slots so well between your legs, providing near the perfect thing to rub up against.
The fabric of your panties gives the perfect amount of stimulation to your clit in this position, causing you to mewl out a pretty call of his professional name whenever it seems right.
You can feel him throb every time you do it, especially upon any use of ‘Mister Toshi’.

Lust has mostly consumed you at this point, forehead against his collar as your thighs tense to keep him in place, chasing your own high and using him to get it.
After only what can be fifteen seconds it feels so close, all your noises gaining in pitch as you buck down on him a few more times feverishly before you still, grabbing at the lapels of his suit while your eyes roll into your head.
The climax has you incoherently praising him, closing your eyes while the wave of pleasure washes over.

You quickly catch your breath, tugging your shirt back down as soon as you can sit back up properly.
With a forced recovery over and done, you give him a fond smile before a brief kiss, carefully climbing down from the chair.

A few stretches of your legs have you back to fully functioning despite the very nice orgasm you just had, another once over of your outfit having you fix your skirt and wipe the smudged excess of your lip gloss clean.
When you glance at him, he seems completely dazed to watch you act as if nothing had happened.
The only real evidence was the wet spot on the front of his pants and your fading blush.
Perhaps the glittery pink mess on his face was also suspicious to outside eyes.

“Mm, well! I always appreciate your help so much sir, thank you! These tutoring sessions are really doing a lot for me, my grades should skyrocket up! But, maybe we should keep having these in case?”
You casually comment with feigned innocence as you swipe your papers off his desk, standing a respectful distance away while you wait for him to respond.

He opens his mouth as if to say something but he just takes a sharp inhale, nodding in agreement as he keeps his sight pointed at everything in the room but you.

“Okay! See you at the same time tomorrow!”
And with that, you turn and exit.
If he thinks you’re aiming to kill him now, you wonder what he’ll classify tomorrow's activities as.

Chapter Text

Over the course of your time at UA, you’d grown close to Kaminari.
His brash attempts at flirting fell flat immediately but instead of being any degree of offended you laughed, thinking it was no more than a joke.
He let you believe that.

But, moving past that, you found there was a lot to like about the boy!
More often than not he was incredibly funny, he tried to be thoughtful, all around he was very entertaining to be around.
Even when you came to him with a mess of tears he did what he could to console you.
Which just cemented in your mind that you could trust him with anything.

Today was a fairly lazy Saturday, neither of you wanting to go anywhere.
A lot had been happening lately so it just didn’t seem wise to tempt the fates.
So, you were here, lying on your stomach on his bed, scrolling through your instagram explore page.
He was sitting near the headboard, doing much of the same.

You snort at a photo you come across, liking the picture.
“Whacha got?”, he inquires, putting his phone down so he can look at yours.
“Dude you gotta see this,” you say with interest, sitting up and turning around both your body and the phone.

The caption says ‘When bae says she wants to try something new and kinky but brings out a taser’, below it there is a VERY nervous looking man.
He laughs, making you smile.

“I don’t even really get it, like, how does a taser even factor in! Aren’t those really just meant to cause pain? Not the good kind I mean.”

“Well I mean a lower intensity shock could probably feel good, a taser is definitely too much.”

You narrow your eyes, setting the device down besides you, getting an idea.

“Have you ever tried that Kami?”

He looks taken aback by that, chuckling awkwardly as he waits for you to say ‘just kidding!’, but you never do.

“Ahaha… Uh… No? I mean, I don’t think it’d work on me, considering-”

You roll your eyes and cut him off, “No! I mean another person! Like, you using your quirk!”

“There was that week where Kirishima and Sero had the ‘static war’, y’know where they’d shuffle on some carpet and then go zap the other? Kirishima zapped me for fun so I decided to go plus ultra! But that’s really my only example of using my quirk on others without the intent of kentucky frying them.”

“Wanna try on me?”

He chokes on his spit, more awkward chuckles reflexively coming from him, but you stay serious yet amused.

“C’mon it might be fun! I wanna see if it can feel good at all, and if it doesn’t we can just make my hair stand up.”

That seems to put him somewhat at ease, responding by nodding in agreement to the idea.
“Where do you want me to put my hands?”

You take his hands and place them on both breasts, holding back a comment on how cute he looks all pink in the face.

“A-Ah! Uh! Okay!”, he stammers as he stares, suddenly pulling his hands back, “Wait! Bras have um, they have metal in them don’t they?”

Your eyebrows shoot up at the realization, “Oh shit they do! Good catch dude, can you close your eyes real quick?”

He does as told, twiddling his fingers together while he listens to the rustling of fabric.
Only a few seconds pass before you once again take his hands, and replace them.
His eyes shoot open when he comes into contact with warm flesh instead of your shirt, which was what he expected.

You seemed way too relaxed for the situation, leaning back on your palms and smiling easily at him, as if he didn’t have two handfuls of your tits.
Instinctively his fingers flex, making you giggle since such a bold boy would grope so hesitantly.

“It’s alright Kami! If I didn’t want you to touch I wouldn’t let you!”, you offer with some compassion, laying a hand over his to encourage a full squeeze.
A sharp puff of air comes out his nose as he re-shifts his focus, very occupied with how soft and squishy breasts actually are.

You keep count in your head of the seconds going past while he essentially massages your chest, which while it does feel pretty good, isn’t what you’d intended to do all day.
One minute, two, three, four…
When it’s officially been five whole minutes of him pawing away you grab one of his wrists, causing him to look up.
“Did you forget what we were gonna do, or are you just having that much fun?”

“Ah right, sorry! It’s just, you have super nice boobs dude.”

That strikes you as maybe the funniest thing he’s ever said to you, making your nose scrunch up as you try to not break down laughing.

“Thank you, thank you so much, but lets move on! I’m almost painfully curious about this now!”

He nods, re-centering his palms before sending a small pulse of electricity out.
You flinch and he opens his mouth to apologize, but you’re quicker.
“Oh! Oh do it again!”

As soon as you say that he’s repeated the same shock, to which you twitch your shoulders forward and giggle.
Instantly heart picks up when he does that, making your insides feel jittery in the best way.
Your nipples harden underneath his palms from all the excitement.

“O-One more time!”
Again, he shocks you, but this time there’s a bit more power behind it.
Your back arches involuntarily and a breathy call of his name escapes you, hands clutching at the sheets as your entire body feels the effects of that one.

Now he isn’t waiting for you to say anything, only giving you a few seconds to recover before he’s sending the same brain-melting fizz through you.
Though you can only take so much, two more and your arms aren’t strong enough to keep you upright.

He knows he should feel bad for staring at your tits since he can entirely see them, but he can’t help himself.
There’s something so arousing about using his quirk on you, he can’t think normally.
Neither can you, chest heaving as you catch your breath.

Your eyes had closed but when he presses his middle and ring finger against your crotch you opened them.
Of course you wouldn’t say no to something like that, excitedly spreading your legs further apart just to give him more room.
The both of you had all Saturday afternoon to experiment, but right now that didn’t seem like enough time.

Chapter Text

Your cheeks burned almost painfully as you started the walk-run back to your own dorm room, knowing what just happened was going to leave a dark stain on the next few weeks of existing.

It’d been an accident! A full on accident, in no way did you intend to do what you’d just done!
You’d just wanted to grab a paper from Sero, use his superior note taking skills to your advantage, when you passed by Midoriyas door.
All your life you’d had a problem of stomping louder than most people while walking so it was easy to assume when you heard him say your name it was just because he heard you.

So, on instinct you opened the door, assuming yet again that he said it to gain your attention.
He had an arm slung up over his eyes, stroking away at himself, shirt nowhere in sight, his pants as low as they needed to be and no more.
Stunned, you stood in place, eyes wide as dinner plates and instantly your skin was set alight with a mixture of shame and embarrassment, unable to do much to remove yourself.
That was until he came, his load shooting up and onto his own chest while he bucked up into his fist, exclaiming your whole name with a breathy lilt.
You shouted back ‘Midoriya!?’ and he nearly rolled right onto the floor with how he scrambled to put himself away, stammering unintelligibly.

The limit of what you could handle was far breached, legs carrying you away from his doorway in a very brisk walk-run to avoid sprinting.
Once back in your own room, door shut firmly and locked, you let yourself freak out.

What! Why! How!
Not at any point did you think he masturbated, much less to you!
Maybe you misheard him? Mind playing tricks on you?
It was wishful thinking at best, you knew full well what you heard, it was clear as day!

How could you ever face him again? Be in the same room? Talk to him??
No offense to the boy but you’d never thought of him in that context…
He was such a sweetheart! Dedicated hero-in-training! You’d never even heard him swear!
But all the same he was a boy, and they tended to be animals when left alone.

The image of him fully enjoying himself was burned into your head, printed on the back of your eyelids it seemed.
It didn’t haunt you per say but it made it hard to focus on just about anything.
For the next few days, you did everything to avoid contact with him.
Avoiding him in class by never looking in his general direction, in combat you stayed as far away as physically possible, at lunch you sat at a different table, it didn’t prove to be very difficult.

However, you couldn’t avoid fate.
Four days into your ‘social distancing’, Aizawa decided to cut it short.
He announced the days training session would be centered around 1v1 sparring and rattled out the pairings.
Of course, why not, he paired you with Midoriya.

You two were near the very bottom of the list so you had time to think about this, and whether it was worth it to just dislocate an arm and call it a day in recovery girls office.
It wouldn’t be hard, you were in the wooded area near UA, just one good sideways run into a tree could do sufficient damage.
Just letting him win to get it over with wasn’t much of an option, you didn’t want him to touch you.

He approached you with a wide grin, cheerfully saying your name.
Internally, it made you shiver, just a reminder of what you witnessed anymore.
“Hey! So, we have a bit until it’s our turn! Is there anything you wanna try specifically or anything I should know about?”

“I didn’t forget. I know you didn’t either.”
That sure dropped a brick on his gleeful exterior, shock and then panic passing through him in an obvious way.
“I-I am so sorry! I just thought it’d be best to ignore it! Move on, you know!”

With a frustrated sigh you grab his wrist, taking a glance around before you lead him away from the rest of the group, letting the current match of Bakugou and Todoroki take everyone else's attention away.

He remained silent the entire time you tugged him along, only speaking once you let go, now distant enough from the class that you could barely hear Bakugou raging out.
“I understand if you’re-”

“Move on? Move on!? After that, you want me to just move on! What the fuck Midoriya!”
You throw your arms up in exasperation, both angered and confused he’d try to pass that by.

“It’s just a misunderstanding I swear!”

“A misunderstanding of what! I heard my name, and you were fucking your hand while saying it! What could I possibly of missed!”

He stammered aimlessly, maybe getting two words out in a row before he decided on something else.
You just stood there, arms crossed, eyebrows narrowed, watching his excuses crumble.
After some time he stopped, head hung in shame.
“I am so sorry… That was disgusting of me and I shouldn’t of done it…”

He spoke low and it was just dripping with pure shame.
It was hard to look at him and not see a dog with a tail between its legs.
With another sigh you relax your stance, waving away the awkward air that’d built up.

“It’s fine I guess, if I didn’t catch you it’s not as if it’d end in real consequence. I guess if anything I’m more or less wondering about why you’d of picked me?”
He looked back up, hands shaking from side to side, “I swear to god I’m not stalking you or something! I-I just happen to like how you’re shaped and you’re always nice to me but you’re super sarcastic which I guess is a turn on you seem like kind of a dominatrix in a way not that I like that stuff I promise I’m not a creep I just-!”

“Slow down! Hey I can’t-!”

“You’re very pretty and I think about your thighs a lot!”
He’d just said a lot, most of which you didn’t really process since he talks a mile per minute but that last sentence really caught your attention.
Quickly, your disgust had faded to confusion, briefly to reluctance, and now you were amused with this whole situation.
Midoriya, golden boy of 1-A, All Might’s favorite, mister ‘#1 hero’, was firmly wrapped around your finger.

You smiled and huffed out a laugh, tilting your head to the side as you looked him up and down.
The nervous energy pouring off him did nothing but further your enthusiasm to mess with him.
Okay, maybe you were just a slight dom. But you knew you mostly enjoyed making him nervous.

“So, do you want a thigh job?”

“A-A what?”

“I asked if you want to fuck my thighs. A simple yes or no will do.”

He laughed with some hesitance, more than ready to laugh off the joke you didn’t tell.
But you stayed in the same position and stared him down.
“... Yes?”

A smirk crossed your face, all embarrassment from the earlier incident all but erased from you.
It felt wildly different to be in complete control, and you loved it.

To know someone was turned on by you and that someone was near painfully cute did things to you.
The tree right behind you seemed a suitable surface, placing your palms flat against the trunk as you bent over, making sure to keep your legs closed.
You looked over your shoulder at him, licking the inside of your teeth when you caught him staring.

“C’mon, pull your prick out and rut against me! We haven’t got all day, unless you want to push our luck and get us caught..?”

That got him busy, stumbling over his feet to get close to you, fumbling with his belt.
You giggled at the show of neediness, leaning your ass back against his crotch for fun.
He sucked a breath in, allowing you to rub against the growing bulge.

When he had enough he pushed you forward just enough to free his cock, spitting into his hand to slick himself up.
You watched while biting down on your ring finger, making sure to keep quiet despite the constant urge to giggle at every little action.
Without asking he slotted himself just below your core, sinking in quickly.

You felt him throb as he choked back a groan, grabbing your hips with both hands to pull you closer.
Right away he started pace satisfying for him and kept at it, even through the material of your suit you still felt the stirs of pleasure in your stomach.
The position of staying bent over with nothing beneath you was already uncomfortable, so you straighten out, caught off guard when his arm hooks under your chest to bring you against his own.

You don’t stop him, if anything turned on by it, placing both your hands on top of his, one below your right breast and the other on your left hip.
To know he was getting so much out of this only because you let him, and to know he was probably thinking of something extremely similar when you caught him, did nothing but add to it.

His hot pants and even hotter noises sounded right next to your ear, his forehead pressed against the side of your head.
You chewed the inside of your cheek to keep from making any sound at all, wanting to appear casual even as he was using you like this.
Part of you was surprised he was managing to keep so quiet and wondered if he was using restraint or if this was his natural volume, and the other half started to drift off into what he’d be doing if you two weren’t outside, maybe somewhere secluded and dark.

That was all quickly shoved aside when he started to thrust faster against you, harder too.
His hips came flush to your ass with enough force for a light ‘pap’ to start sounding, his grip on you getting tighter as the urgency in his movements only skyrocketed.
A few whimpers couldn’t help but be released from you, this feeling way too good even with your clothes still on.
Maybe twenty or thirty seconds of humping you like a rabbit, and he was spent, his seed messily spilling out onto the grass and some even on the tree in front of you as he slammed against you a few more times.

You nearly missed the low groan of your name, followed by the few kisses he peppered along your exposed neck, but he decided to grab onto your breast and squeeze right before he came, sharpening your senses enough up to pick up on all of that.

Even still, you let him recover, maybe liking the feel of his body head and the way you two fit together.
He peeled himself off you when he felt like he could, tucking himself back into his pants.

You were busy sliding a finger against the inside of your thigh, catching a decent mix of his spit and pre-cum, curiously popping the digit into your mouth.
When you flicked your eyes over to see what he was doing, he was watching you with a look on his face you couldn’t quite read.
Feral? Horny? Excited? All three really.

So with a smile you pull it back out, shrugging.
“Not so bad! Maybe next time I’ll get to sample from the source!”

Chapter Text

“You are such a stupid brat! Shut the hell up and fuckin’ listen to me!”

With a shy nod you recoil against the wall he’d trapped you against.
Not that he was all that close, but with how he was yelling he might as well of been.

“That sure was a fuckin’ stunt you pulled! Embarrassing me like that in front of all those people like that! You say it wasn’t intentional, so why don’t I fuckin’ believe you, huh!?”

He snarls, baring his teeth as he glares you down.
You refuse to look anywhere near him, fidgeting with the hem of your shirt.

“Look at me.”

No part of you wants too, so you don’t.

“I said look at me.”

You shake your head no, the last warning he gives is a dangerously quiet utterance of your name. Still, you don’t do what he’s asked.

Each step he takes closer to you shakes something inside you, everything getting way too silent when he’s right in front of you.
The moment he stands there, doing nothing, feels like an eternity.
You yelp when he suddenly yanks your hair back, forcing you to look at him.

He looks mean. Truly mean, in every sense of the word.
If he wasn’t a pro-hero, you really believe he’d do something drastic.
You release the air in your lungs you weren’t aware you’d held in, staring up with wide eyes.

Upon instinct you grab his wrist to try and alleviate some of the soreness coming from the angle he’s got your neck at but he doesn’t budge.

“Dumb bitches like you always fold when it comes down to actual confrontation. You’re about to fuckin’ break and I haven’t done a thing to you.”

Your entire body feels so warm now that he’s up close, not that the pulsating ache between your thighs wasn’t doing enough on its own.
He shouts ‘hey’ loudly to make you jump, chuckling cruelly when you do.

“Pathetic! Like a deer in fucking headlights! What, nothing to say to me now?”

His free hand cups around his ear in a mocking ask for you to speak up, which you don’t.
At first you’d argue back, even yelling at times, though now it seemed impossible.
You swallow the dry lump in your throat, unconsciously pressing your thighs together.
Being degraded like this and having absolutely no control in what could happen to you…
Simply put, it turned you on like nothing else.
Even if it did upset you, it was overpowered by how hot you found it.

Unfortunately he seemed to catch on.
The way you were chewing on your bottom lip, your shuffling in place to keep your legs moving against each other, the cute pink across your face, all of it signaled one thing.

“You like this, don’t you?”

Now you meet his eyes, shaking your head ‘no’ as much as you were allowed.
He smirked at the obvious lie and you failed to avoid swooning.
The man could pull your spine out and you’d probably still think he was handsome.

“Ohhhh yes you do. Tell me, what about this is so interesting to you? Hm?”

His hand let go of your hair, now firmly locking onto your chin to make completely sure you stayed looking at him.
When you tried to wiggle out, he proved that wasn’t an option.

“You’re one of those dirty bitches, aren’t you? Getting off on being called a whore, while being a whore? Are you really so desperate to be a cocksleeve?”

The embarrassment of being called out made you avert your eyes to the side, but he just moved his head so he was still taking up your vision.

“Nope, don’t even fuckin’ think about it. Disobey me again and find out what that earns you. I promise, no matter what you think you’re into, you won’t enjoy it.”

You take that serious, proving it by giving him direct eye contact.
Before now it’d been fleeting at best.

“If you like my bark, you are gonna fucking love my bite. Open your mouth.”

The second of hesitation isn’t one he’s willing to wait through, forcing it open and sliding his thumb over your tongue.
On instinct you writhe the wet muscle over his digit, nervous over the amusement he expresses over it.

“Tell me, have you sucked cock before?”

There’s no will to lie or even pretend, so you nod yes.
When he removes his thumb you close your mouth, but the sharp look he gives you tells you to open it back up.
As he takes his hand off your jaw, he points down.
That seems obvious enough so you sink down to your knees, still keeping your eyes trained on him.

“Prove it.”

You reach out to undo his belt, but he stops you with ‘Ah!’.
Remembering what he said, you have to try extra hard to keep looking at him with all these distractions.
By feel and sound you manage to get his pants down, his cock coming free when you do the same with his boxers.
You wrap your fingers around the hard length and start stroking with a light grip, estimating how far you’ll be able to take him comfortably, knowing it won’t be very much.

The hand placed at the back of your head urges you forward, and you don’t fight, prodding the head of his cock against the flat of your tongue which was now colder than the rest of your mouth.
His nose scrunches as he keeps any reaction down, not allowing you to tease by using more force.
You open your mouth as much as possible, knowing he’ll need the space and then some.
He closes his eyes and lets his head fall back as you push further down, the drool that’d pooled in the back of your mouth easing this process.

Soon he’s at the back of your throat, making you gag by reflex.
It’s nothing bad until he tries to go deeper, your eyes water and nose burn.
You slap a hand on his calf and all he does is chuckle again, “You know you like it, whores don’t get to complain.”

Hearing that makes you swallow around him as your body tingles at the insult, earning a short groan from him.
The victory is just as short, ended when he grabs your hair once more and uses it to control the pace at which he uses you.
All you can do is brace your hands on his knees and hope he doesn’t suffocate you.

Though, he is right, you are liking it.

He’s merciful enough to go moderately slow the first few push and pulls, but once he’s sure you won’t vomit on him he doesn’t show much restraint.
You make sure to hollow your cheeks and keep the suction from breaking, every shallow pant or hum of approval shooting straight between your legs.

“Fucking look at me.”

You almost flinch, doing as he says, the way he’s looking down at you certainly a reward.
He’s very pleased with himself and the way you’re responding to him, on your way to being ruined by him.
Enough by this point to have mascara down your cheeks from a few stray tears, and lines of drool from your mouth due to the overflow from his cock.

“What a dirty slut, not even in a bedroom and you’re doing this. This means you’re up for being used anywhere, doesn’t it?”

Honestly it hadn’t occurred to you that you were in his living room, not that it mattered from your perspective.
You took a split second glance to the couch as you internally wondered if that’s where he was going to take you when he was done with you here.
A thrust of his hips to force his cock farther into your throat made you choke, and reminded you of where you were supposed to look.

“Don’t get your hopes up, that’s too nice for you. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I won’t use all your holes.”

You make a small keening noise, excited at the mention.
The vibration around him makes him slam a hand against the wall behind you, using it to keep him up.
A gritted ‘fuck’ slips out under his breath, the way you’re sucking on him like a lollipop paired with how you’re letting him do this to you making it hard to go on for much longer.
Signaled by the way he pulled out to shallowly thrust into your mouth, you could tell he was close.
So you laved over the head of his cock, swiping away the pre that leaked out of him, while your hand pumped on the rest of him as fast as you could manage.
Within a minute he was undone, hot cum flooding in.

His hand didn’t leave you but there wasn’t anything keeping it there, allowing you to pull back after swallowing what he’d given you.
He shivered when you lapped up the remnants of his release, sensitive but not dumb enough to give up the sight.

“Shit… You really are a dirty bitch aren’t you.”

You consider nodding your head yes for fun, but he doesn’t seem to be in that type of mood.
He bends down and picks you up, forcing your back against the wall and your legs around his waist, the way he does it without any strain exciting you further.
The feeling of his fingers rubbing the outside of your panties shouldn’t make your knees as weak as it does but you can’t help it, your ears going hot knowing that it’s far from dry down there.

“You enjoyed spit-shining me that much? Really? I haven’t paid any attention to you and you’re fucking drenched. Maybe you do like being used.”

Hearing that only serves to make you wetter, the arousal and shame coursing through you intensifying every word.
There’s no time wasted with disrobing you, a simple slide of your panties and he’s got all the space he needs, the skirt you’re wearing no obstacle.
Two digits press against your entrance, then slide upwards, only barely brushing against your clit, that almost being enough to make you pout.
He brings them back up and you open your mouth, the taste of your own slick mixing with his cum as he shoves them in.
They teeter on the edge of making you gag, only actually doing it when he pulls them out quicker than you expected.

He reaches back down with the sole intent of pinching your clit, the pain and pleasure equaling out in such a way that you can’t help but squirm.
When he does it a second time you whine, it starts to hurt more than you want.
Though he doesn’t seem to register the intent behind this noise he does stop, shoving three fingers inside of you.
The intrusion isn’t all too pleasant, the immediate stretch burns, and with no way to move your hips there’s nothing you can do.

“C’mon, don’t sluts like you have loose ones? I bet you’d let anyone stick it in you. Hah, I bet you fuckin’ have.”

You may have gotten in over your head, that remark making your stomach sink.
That evaporates when he starts finger fucking you with vigor, still not accustomed enough to really like it, forcing you to chew your lip to avoid voicing it, hoping it’d get better.

“Aw, trying to keep the volume down? Trying to save my reputation? Keeping your caterwauling down so nobody has to know I’ve sunk down to fucking you?”

That’s your limit.
Your eyes automatically close as hot tears flow freely, head hitting the wall as you give up.
“Red! Red! Red!”, is all you can manage to cry out, helplessly slapping at his shoulders.
Immediately he stops, face dropping all of the confidence to flood with upmost concern.
Carefully, he slides his fingers out, crudely wiping the wet all over them off before he cups your face with both hands.

“Baby I am so sorry, are you okay? Too far? Do you want to stop?”

Nodding is all you can do since the nature of crying removes your ability to speak.
He kicks his pants off to avoid tripping and tugs his boxers back up before wrapping his arms around you while you do the same, carrying you to your shared bedroom, sitting on it with you in his lap.
You’ve managed to stop crying but you bury your face into the crook of his neck, allowing him to bathe you in whispered apologies and soothing pets all over your back.

“I didn’t mean a word of it princess, all of that was just smoke and mirrors, I promise it was.”
He says that as he nuzzles into the side of your head, hoping that what he’s saying does anything for you.

“Do you mean that…”, you mumble, tightening your hold on him.

“Of course! One hundred percent baby, you know you are the most precious thing in the world to me. I am so fucking proud to call you mine, show you off to all the losers who wish they had someone like you, you know I don’t lie.”
He speaks in a hushed yet strong tone, upset with himself that he let things go too far.
Sure, he’s a bit of a sadistic fuck but he should’ve never shown any degree of that to you, even if you asked.

You bring your face up to his and kiss him lovingly, very happy with that answer.
He reciprocates instantly, mindful to keep himself restrained.
“Please... can we keep going?”, you speak against his lips, fingertips trailing the line of his jaw.

“Anything for you princess, I won’t be a brute unless that’s what you want.”
You lose your composure when he wiggles his eyebrows, hiding the urge to laugh under a faked heavy sigh.
But that doesn’t work when he teases his hands along your sides, surprising you since you had no idea when he got under your shirt, knowing full well you’re ticklish, furthering it by smothering any area he can get to with an array of kisses.
It’s hard to push him away since he doesn’t let you, laughing too hard to reserve any proper strength anyways.
“Ka-! Katsu! Suki!”, you force out amidst the giggles stealing air from you, all he does is hum while continuing to assault you.

When he’s close enough you kiss him again, relieved when he stops tickling you to focus on the new activity.
You shifted your legs around a bit, wanting to sit on your knees so you were straddling him.
Though your attention was stolen by the way he deepened the kiss, one hand cradling your face while the other grabbed onto yours, squeezing reassuringly.

His thumb stuttered across the dried tear tracks a few times before they smoothed out, making you feel bad.

He’d always been one to better represent himself with actions rather than words, and you knew there was nothing in this world that would make him intentionally do something you didn’t like.

The thought of him potentially holding onto this longer than necessary weighed on you, so you pulled away to say something.
He was faster.

“I love you, so much.”

Whatever you had thought up was forgotten as your heart swelled.
It wasn’t as if you didn’t know that, but he wasn’t the type to say it often.

“I love you too.”

He gently pushes you to lay down, taking his place on top of you as he places a searing kiss to the side of your neck, surely leaving a mark that’ll darken considerably.
You knew him well enough to know that what was to come would be the real apology.

Chapter Text

It had gone better than you could’ve expected!
Another hero agency merged with Ground Zero, the addition sure to boost important stats and guarantee a surge in growth!
To celebrate properly you’d arranged some things, mainly buying out a club so it’d be free of anyone besides those invited and then maybe tossing some more money on so the security cam footage wouldn’t go anywhere.
You’d been Bakugou’s manager for at least three years now so curbing scandals brought on by his temper became second nature.
Letting him unwind in such a public venue came with risks but making the new partners feel welcome was necessary.

So far into the night, things were going well.
You watched him from a distance, nursing a soda while the music shook the floor beneath your heels.
The club scene hadn’t really ever been yours but it was hard to say you weren’t enjoying yourself, but you became increasingly worried as whoever decided to chat Bakugou up was smothering him with attention he didn’t want.
To anyone else it’d seem as if he was passively nodding along but the short fuse of his patience was very close to being lit.

While you sat your drink down you did a scan for Kirishima, the only person you’d seen able to reduce his anger by any amount, spotting the mane of red hair easily.
Making your way across the sea of half-drunk party goers wasn’t as easy, but thankfully he noticed you right as you came close.
To cut the time needed to scream over the music, you just pointed over in the direction of the building conflict, and he understood instantly.

You followed after him since he parted the crowd with his wide frame, taking a peek around him to check on Bakugou only to grimace.
So close and yet so far, he’d started yelling.
Kirishima rolled his eyes, putting a hand on his shoulder to catch his attention.

“Is this really necessary bro? C’mon leave him be!”

His voice carried much better over the noise than you thought it would, but Bakugous was far louder.

“No! Fuck him, n’ fuck you too! He’s got a stupid fuckin’ point n’ I don’t fuckin’ agree! Don’t have to! New partner be damned I am not-!”

The rest of his words didn’t even reach you, dread pooling in your stomach.
Of course! Of course he’s arguing with the only reason you’re celebrating in the first place!
By the way he was slurring and swinging his empty glass around it was easy to assess this man had really taken advantage of the open bar.
Kirishima was also fairly far gone but he was trying his best, leaning on his friend while he pleaded with him to not do something stupid.
The new business partner stood with his arms crossed over his chest, looking very not pleased, saying something with a scowl.

“Dude you’re really gonna make a scene! Stop that!”

The urgent delivery of that brought you back to listening in, realizing a bit too late that whatever he’d said prompted Bakugou into taking a swing at him.
In a split second series of events you watched Kirishima grab his arm, Bakugou then elbowing him in the stomach, trying a second time to land a hit, only to get shoved away, making him shove back, Kirishima intervening by stepping between the two, Bakugou snarling as the other man threw his arms out in a ‘come get some’ manner.
Unfortunately, you were right in the way.
Innocently enough he just grazes you across your sternum.

You stare in horror at both Bakugou and Kirishima, who seem to be immediately upset by that.
Honestly you’d never seen the red head any sort of angry so this was something else.
They were pretty blasted but you knew full well he hadn’t meant to touch you.

“I didn’t see her so close!”
“Bullshit! You fuckin’ liar, just wantin’ to get your hands all over her don’t you?!”
"Hey wait he didn't-!"
“Totally not manly, you really think we wouldn’t notice that!?”

It was difficult to get a single word in, constantly drowned out by their own bickering.
Suddenly things escalated to more pushing, though this was much less a shove and more something to display aggression.

You tried to grab at Bakugou's arm but he shrugged you off, interjecting ‘hey’ and ‘stop’ to no avail.
Though the second grab earned you an elbow to your lower chest, but unlike Kirishima you crumpled.
All the air forced out of your lungs as you let out a wheeze, folding in half as you took a few shaky steps backwards.
When you found the ability to stand back up, you found both dumbasses looking at you.

You’d had quite enough, resorting to war crimes to get their asses out of here.
An expensive apology would be sent later, for now you took hold of both Bakugou and Kirishima’s ear and started walking.
They followed with complaints that went nowhere, continuing to pull them along until you reached one of the VIP lounges, firmly slamming the door shut behind you after releasing your grip.

“Well! Anything to say about that, huh! What in the actual fuck is going on!”
You finally let out a burst of anger, hands on your hips as you expectantly look at each of them.
Finding it to be a bit dark you flip the light switch, a red bulb illuminating the room just enough to how taken aback Kirishima looks.
Bakugou just seems like a toddler in time out.
It now occurs to you that you haven’t scolded him once in your time of knowing him, not that you care.

“Out with it! What was so vital that you had to say something! And, I thought you were the responsible one Kirishima! Why on earth did you join in!”
At least he has the decency to look ashamed, shrugging while he looks to the side.

“Bakugou! Hey, hey!”, you snap your fingers to get his attention, wondering why he was staring a hole into your midsection.
His eyes flick up to yours and he cocks his head to the side before he stomps over to you.
That very much gives off a threatening air so you back up into the wall by the door, raising an arm up, “No! Don’t you dare hit me! I swear I’ll-!”

Whatever lame threat you had planned never made it out, he hunkered down and yanked your shirt up.
It was just enough to rest below your bra but instantly didn’t like him being so close.

“Hasn’t bruised yet. Does it hurt?”
He asks that as he pokes a finger right about where he got you, making you wince.

“Yeah but it’s fine, you don’t need to worry about that.”
When you try to pull your shirt back down he doesn’t let you, instead mortifying you when he presses his lips to the spot, then patting it lightly with his hand.

“All better, right?”

He’s trying to give you an aneurysm.
To get him off, you nod in agreement, gingerly pushing at the top of his head.
But he leans into it, your fingers passing through his hair easily.
You’d always wondered if he gelled it to get it to stay like that but apparently it just exists like that, softer than you thought it’d be.

Entertained by the unusual behavior you continue to pet him, flinching when he drops to his knees and lets his full weight rest against you, turning his head to the side as he lays it against your stomach.

Honestly, it was kinda cute, he seemed very pleased by this.
Kirishima plopped down on the lounge seat a while ago to watch, arms across his knees as he slightly swayed back and forth.

“Do you want pets too?”, you ask as a joke.

Within a few seconds you find yourself petting two pro heroes like golden retrievers as they lay against you, mussing up Kirishima’s hair until it returned to its natural downward arch.
Their combined body heat was much appreciated by you, not expecting the place to be an ice box when you dressed for the occasion.

You couldn’t find it within you to complain, you’d wanted them to calm down and if this was how you did it then so be it.
It was rare to see the bastard smile anyways and it did your heart some good to see it.
But the more you thought about comparing them to dogs the more it made you laugh since it just fit so damn well.

The stifled snickers didn’t slide under the radar forever, Kirishima looking up at you questioningly.

“Oh, nothing! It’s just, hah, I um, you guys really do act like puppies sometimes! It’s cute though so don’t worry, anytime you want some quality pets just come get me!”

His nose wrinkled as he let out a laugh, but you jumped when Bakugou licked you.
Following that was his hand, snaking up the back of your leg just slow enough to make you wonder what the fuck he’s doing.
Though its answered when he grabs your ass underneath your skirt, fingers pushed underneath any barrier so its purely skin to skin.

A bout of nervous giggles explode out of you, standing on your tip-toes to try and remove the intrusion as you lift the leg entirely to get some distance.
He grabs again with a smirk you really don’t trust, but that’s overshadowed by Kirishima nosing into the front of your panties, grabbing your other thigh and pinning it up.
Now, you’re very much at their mercy despite your squirming, the leg you had held up yourself being slid over Bakugou's shoulder.

Your throat clenches, dry and unable to produce any noise as you become overwhelmed.
Two very, very, very attractive men are running their hands all over your legs and currently mouthing at your cunt through a thin layer of fabric while the other watches.
Shakily you pull at Kirishima's hair, unsure of what the right move is here.
They’re drunk obviously but can it really be forcing yourself on them if they’re doing it like this?


“H-Hey now!”, you pull on his hair to get his face back, which he obeys, looking up at you with a smile that in any other situation would’ve been sweet.

Your attention shifts to Bakugou who leans in underneath you so he’s actually sitting somewhat behind you, leaving you to wobble uneasily on the leg he allows to connect with the floor.

While you’re occupied with balance he bites at the tender area where your ass meets your inner thigh, making you suck a breath in through your teeth.
He soothes it over with a kiss, massaging your rear with both hands somewhat roughly.
You’re struggling to gain control over them, Kirishima dipping his fingers into your panties and tugging them to the side.

Immediately your face turns bright pink, widening your eyes at being exposed so easily.
He takes a long look, and you stand there frozen in place.
If you were unsure what to do before then you weren’t sure what to call this.
His hand forces your leg up higher as he leans closer, drawing the flat of his tongue against the intimate area with enough force to part your lower lips.

You place a hand on his forehead, about to push him away while choking back any positive noises, when Bakugou spreads your ass apart and does much of the same.
A spark shoots up your spine, not used to anyone doing anything near the tight ring of muscle, much less with their mouth.
It feels surprisingly good, you’d been unaware until this moment that it was sensitive.

You jolt when Kirishima brushes over your clit, unable to conceal a whimper.
That does nothing but encourage him to double down, circling around the button and continuously repeat it.
It is becoming extremely hard to stay upright, dripping wet in no time from the focused stimulation.
Your whole body tenses when Bakugou laps at your slit from behind, hotly whining when he replaces the wet muscle with two of his fingers, pushing them in to find little resistance from all this build up.

That doesn’t continue for too long though, everything suddenly stopping.
Bakugou pins Kirishima down to the floor while the two engage in a very messy make out session, leaving you to stumble forward with only things holding you up gone within a second.
You just barely catch yourself, taking a few steps away to fully regain feeling in your legs, sure adjust your panties as well.

They really did look like they were having fun, more or less like teenagers who just figured out they can touch other people, but it was excusable under the circumstances.
You let them have at it for a while longer before clapping your hands together, “Alright, time to go! I gotta take your drunk asses home! Get up and wobble out to the car with me!”

At first you thought maybe you’d gotten through to them by the way they both looked at you, when they stood up it didn’t appear like they listened.
Now more in the center of the room, you had space between you and Bakugou as approached you this time.

“Nah, I don’t wanna do that. Aren’t you always askin’ me t’ be nicer to you anyways?”, he speaks with a soft tone that you can’t tell whether you like or not.

“It isn’t up to you, it’s up to me. Before we got here I told you if you were going to drink then I was taking you home.”
You stand your ground verbally, every step he took forwards meant you took one backwards.
It wasn’t like you didn’t enjoy what just happened, you did, but it felt uncomfortable to do something like that in a public place while both of them were way under the influence.

You’re stopped when your back meets Kirishima's front, he keeps you from going anywhere by locking his arms around your waist and pulling you real close.
“Yeah, all in good fun,” he whispers, right before teething at the shell of your ear.

Bakugou tries to kiss you on the mouth but you turn your head, “I-I said we’re leaving! You guys need to go to bed, l-listen to me dammit!”

Neither do, Bakugou going for your neck instead while Kirishima takes the opportunity to put his lips on yours.
You squeak and jerk away the best you can with the limited mobility you have right now.
Both chuckle in such a way that you’re both embarrassed and aroused, attempting to bark out another demand when Kirishima takes to the other side of your throat.
It’s hard to think straight with all the kisses and gentle bites constantly being given, all four hands wandering across you wherever they want.

“I’ll fuck you both if you let me take you home first!”

You have to force that out, eternally thankful when they both finally seem to acknowledge you’ve said anything.
When his arms remove themselves you step away from the red head, making your way towards the door before anything else can keep you from getting them home.
They followed you pretty much like puppies, right at your heels the entire walk to the car.

After an intense game of rock paper scissors, it was determined Bakugou would sit in the passenger seat, which he seemed very proud of.
The drive itself was thankfully uneventful besides the scream-singing you endured from both men, the payment for was now knowing Bakugou knew all the words to ‘truth hurts’ by lizzo.
Of course your own place was off limits for obvious reasons, and you didn’t know where Kirishima lived.
Over your years of working for the man you’d been to his house quite a few times so you could navigate it in the dark if needed, so that’s what you picked as the destination to dump them off at.

Getting them out of the car and into the goddamned house was a bigger struggle than you’d initially thought.
They both seemed so much more capable while arguing and fighting, now that they’ve relaxed it’s like they’ve become an anthropomorphic pot of noodles.
Very heavy ones at that.
In your head, all you needed to do was get both of them in separate beds and the rest would slide into place.

All of his bedrooms were upstairs, so you had to wait ten minutes for them, constantly reminding them to hurry up.
Once they were at the top along with you, you told Bakugou to go to bed.

“What about what you promised ey?”
Kirishima nodded along with him, crushing all your hopes that maybe they’d forgotten.

“How does tomorrow morning sound? Nice, doesn’t it?”
You shoved as much cheer into that as possible, wanting it to be appealing.
The light the moon provided illuminated them just enough for you to see how flat that fell.

Without much warning Bakugou scoops you up, holding you over his shoulder like a sack of flour.
Instantly you start struggling, not wanting to get dropped.
That earns you a slap on the ass, which manages to sting even with the padding of your skirt.

“Don’t worry! Hey, we’ll be gentler with you than that.”, Kirishima tries to reassure you with some kind words, rubbing over the soon to be hand-print to soothe it.

Bakugou laughs and shakes his head, “I won’t!”

It seemed completely useless to continue fighting, you just accepted that it was going to be a long night.

Chapter Text

It felt almost too good, eyes constantly wet with potential tears from all the sensations.
The way he roughly pounded so deeply into you, his strong fingers firmly digging into your cheek as the hand across your mouth was determined to keep you quiet, even the way he was looking at you while he had you held against the wall like you weighed nothing at all.

Things hadn’t always been so secretly intimate between you and him, you’d started working here as a secretary four or five months ago.
His manager would give you phone calls to make, papers to hand to him, little things that weren’t so important.
But you were around him quite often.
At first he made you so intently nervous, near constant scowling and a voice deep enough to shake the ground.

Over time you came to learn that’s just how he was and if he wanted to intimidate you, he’d make it widely known.
Your desk was right outside his office, the only thing really separating you from him was a few panes of glass besides the door, there were blinds but he never used them.
Sometimes you’d accidentally drift off, watching him do his own paperwork and marvel at how neat it was to be up close with such a powerful man.
When he did notice you staring you’d go right back to whatever you were supposed to be doing, heart racing and praying he didn’t actually catch you.

You were eighteen after all, when thinking about him it wasn’t always so clean.
To keep things fun you never looked into his personal life much if at all, anything you knew of him came from whatever passed through phone calls or faxes.
On the occasion, you’d learn things straight from his own mouth.
Not anything like his birthday but little tidbits, more like colors he preferred.

Though things were strictly professional you couldn’t help the way your cheeks tinged red whenever he complimented some aspect of your hair or what you were wearing.
It was rare at one point but it started to happen more often, subconsciously you started wearing the things he seemed to like best rather than anything else.
You never intentionally flirted with him due to your own nerves, and despite your excitable nature you tried to extinguish the thought he ever flirted with you.
What you thought to yourself was one thing but you weren’t going to risk losing your first job over some silly school girl crush.

But he didn’t help you get over it at all, if anything the way he treated you fed right into it.
Once you’d come into work after an accident at home where you’d cut your hand, wearing a bandage wrap around the wound.
You didn’t think much of it when you brought him some papers, letting him know something had been misplaced by pointing to it.
He grabbed your hand to inspect it, even asking you what happened.
You admitted your mistake of cutting something up too fast, telling him it didn’t hurt much anymore.
He told you to be more careful and you promised you would.

Truth be told you were clumsy, tripping over and falling off of things fairly often.
Usually they didn’t include such obvious consequences as that did, but you’d taken a couple spills in the office.
Most of them tended to happen when you went around his desk to directly show him something, tripping over the same computer wire every time.
He’d stand to catch you, you’d blush madly and apologize as you scrambled to keep a respectful distance from him.
It felt amazing to have his arms around you, the man was huge and radiated heat like a bear.

The most contact you’d get with him was when he spent late nights at the office since that meant he had a lot on his plate.
Which meant he’d need you to do things, which meant he’d be speaking with you.
He had such a commanding air whenever he spoke, even if you didn’t work for him you’d be hard pressed to say you wouldn’t do exactly as he said.

That was a huge part of your attraction to him, it was impossible to deny him anything.
Sometimes he’d ask for less traditional things from his secretary.
Nothing all that strange, he’d just ask you to get things off the floor for him, help him navigate his phone properly.

The first time things had gotten anything less than professional was when he called you in and asked you to turn the blinds closed.
You did as he said, confused but obedient.

“I’ve noticed you wear your blouses never fully buttoned up anymore. A young lady such as yourself should know better.”

It shocked you to hear that, feeling a sharp tinge of shame at what was the first negative comment he’d ever made towards you.
In all actuality you’d just managed to buy the newer shirts in the wrong size, if you buttoned them up all the way there were awkward gaps that seemed more exposing than leaving it undone in the first place.

“Y-Yes sir, I know how important your image is to you and even a smaller member of your staff should be proper.”, you offer with a slight shake in your voice, refusing to make an excuse for yourself.

He gestured for you to stand at the side of his desk, and you did so while managing to step over the wire you’d so often snagged.
You prepared yourself for more of a lecture but instead he corrected your shirt while remaining in his chair.
Much like you’d seen before, it looked much worse done all the way up.
It made you very nervous for him to be so close and to be doing something like this, so you accidentally let your shoulders tense too far back.
The first four buttons popped right off your shirt in an instant, clinking off different areas of his office.

“O-Oh! Oh my gosh I am so sorry sir!”, you reflexively say as you scan the room to try and find the little bits of plastic, unaware your shirt has fallen open enough to reveal the nice bra underneath.

He didn’t react beyond waiting a few seconds until you calmed some, allowing you to figure it out.
You turned the usual shade of red and sputtered about how unintentional that was and even more sorry you were.
Fortunately he didn’t write you up, just dismissing you back to your desk after you undid the blinds.
It’s hard to be sure, but you feel like you saw him looking during the day when you’d let it hang open to answer phone calls.

But the dam fell completely open just a few weeks ago.
You’d made a mistake, printing out the wrong forms for him and causing a problem down the line, he’d have to re-do just about all of them.
He called you in that day looking the least pleased you’d ever seen him.
From now on you understood if he asked you to close the blinds when you came in, then something was about to happen to you.

“Before you say anything, I do want you to know I take full responsibility, a-and I completely apologize sir.”

You wished you hadn’t watched him stand up, being reminded of how much bigger than you he was did nothing to calm your nerves.
Though you were confused when you watched him move everything around on his desk so one side was empty.
There wasn’t much time to ponder why longer than a few seconds, him roughly grabbing your arm and holding it down on the far side of the desk, forcing you to bend over it with your feet just barely on the ground.

“This is your punishment. Count them out, and I’ll decide when you’re sorry.”
His voice really did shake you, not daring to get up as you turned your head to see him undo his belt and pull it free.
A squeak left your lungs when he flipped your skirt up, letting your arm go and you immediately propped your upper half up to try and plead with him.

“I swear I mean it when I say I’m-AH!”

He doesn’t let you finish, meeting your eyes as he brings the folded belt down across your ass.
“Count.”, he says coldly, winding his arm back.

When he brings down another you hang your head forward, the immediate sting and burn hurting enough to make you cry out loudly before you can force the word ‘one’ out.
There’s really no gap between each painful strike until you reach number five.

Your body is shaking as you do everything to avoid crying, knuckles losing their color with how you’re gripping the edge of the desk.
He runs his fingers over the red marks left behind in almost a tender way, making you flinch a few times when he actually does touch you.
Despite how badly this hurts you can’t help the way your core throbs, whimpering when he yanks your panties up higher on your hips.

“Do you think you’ve done enough?”

It nearly goes over your head that he’s spoken, but you catch on and nod enthusiastically.
You hear the belt drop onto the desk next to you, somewhat relieved.
Both of his hands grab at the underside of your ass and spread it apart, his foot knocking against yours to force you to open your legs.
Your body feels like it’s on fire from the way you know hes staring at your most intimate area, even if it’s covered.
His thumb runs against your flower in a slow but firm way, unable to keep down a small whine.

“You’re enjoying this. Can’t really be called a punishment if you’re enjoying it.”
He gruffly comments as he continues the movement, watching you tense up at the prospect of what he’s just said.

“Please...”, you lick your lips and take a short pant of air, “P-Please, sir, I do mean that I’m sorry..”
It’s getting frustratingly hard to keep from pushing back against the very light stimulation and that’s evident in the way you go stiff as a board.

“I should fire you, really. Such an embarrassment that you’d be so careless.”

That panics you, shown by you lifting your head back up to look at him, much closer to crying.
“No! Oh gosh no! I promise that this won’t happen again! Lesson learned, for good! Sir I’ll do anything if you’ll just reconsider!”

Even in this completely unprofessional environment you try to have some semblance of awareness, that made easier when he quits teasing you.
This job does mean a lot to you.


“Pull your panties down.”

A very simple command, one you listen to instantly, tugging them down as far as you can get them, which is just mid-thigh.
He crouches down and out of your sight, surely getting a good view.
You jump when he spreads your lower lips open to continue his examination, the silence eating away at you.

“How many men have you had.”

“N-None!”, you answer honestly, keening when a finger prods at your entrance, pushing inside easily with all the lubrication.
You’d experimented by using your own before, but his were so much thicker.
It fit snugly, the roughness dragging against your inner walls delightfully.
He forces a second one in after about a minute of letting you adjust to the first, the stretch only making you slightly push back to quicken the tortuously slow pace he kept.

When he removes both you can’t help but pout as he stands back up, wiping that look right off your face when he pushes you to have your chest flat against the desk.

“I assume there’s nobody else coming in today.”



That’s all the warning you get before he’s already shoving his hard cock inside you.
It’s even thicker than his fingers and nearly three times as long, even still you’re grateful to have been worked up so you could take him this pleasurably.

His hands come to rest on both sides of you, keeping you down against the desk with his front to your back, as if you’d of tried either way.
There’s a slight sting that comes from being stretched so widely but you ignore it the best you can, sucking in a breath when he pulls back out only after going in half-way.

Now comfortably lubed up, he slams all the way in, making you wince when his hips meet your sore ass, causing you to tighten around him as the conflicting sensations overwhelm you.
There’s no more slow or even remotely soft anything’s as he truly begins to fuck you, the tops of your thighs getting irritated from the hard edge of the desk rubbing against them.

But that does nothing to diminish how much you’re getting out of this.
His cock is hitting so deeply into you so fast and so roughly it’s almost enough to make you cum on the spot, not doing very much to fight the oncoming orgasm.

You’re sure it’s only been about thirty seconds of him taking you that you come undone, hotly moaning out ‘sir’ as you lean up into his chest, arching your back reflexively.
He hooks an arm under your chest, keeping you in that position to pull you back onto him as he speeds up.

Unable to fully handle all of this at once you close your eyes, breathlessly begging him as your own slick trails down the back of your legs, enhancing the slapping that comes with skin connecting with skin.
It’s not long before the familiar build up reaches another breaking point, grabbing at the arm holding you up for further stability.

Shamelessly you cry out for him as often as you can get the breath into your lungs, almost in tears from how relentless he is with you, tensing up entirely when you climax a second time.
You can feel the groan vibrate in his chest as he picks up speed considerably.
His hold on you strengthens considerably before he pushes you back down, drilling into you with enough force to move the desk a few inches.

He paws at your hips to angle you just so, driving himself as deeply into you as he can get from this angle as he finishes.
The sensation of his hot seed flooding your walls makes you mewl lewdly, nails scratching at the wooden surface below you.
A good long while passes in mostly silence, excepting your panting, he doesn’t seem winded in the least.
But when he pulls his softening cock out you can’t help but whine at the strange emptiness it leaves.

You feel absolutely wrecked by him, noticing how you can just barely shuffle your legs around, turning to watch him put himself back in his pants.
Even if he isn’t at full mast and you just had him inside you, there’s still a rush of excitement from getting a peek.

“What you did gave me stress. This is a proper way to release it. Every time you cause me strain in any way, this will be your punishment.”
He speaks very matter of factly as he slides your panties up before any of his cum leaks out, pulling your skirt back over your ass.

Things quickly progressed from there in a number of ways.
Any slip up no matter how slight could count as ‘stressful’.
Being late with his coffee, giving him the wrong color pen, letting the phone ring too long, even wearing something he deemed provocative, it all counted.
Whenever he called you on it, there was no use arguing.
He never allowed you any control on the matter, taking you wherever and however he thought was best.

It wasn’t rare at all for him to just play with you, touch you in all the ways you liked without letting you cum, then sending you back to your computer.
Frequently he entirely undressed you and just left you in your heels, torturing you by making you sit on his lap while he worked for hours at a time.
You’ve never actually tried to initiate anything with him, too nervous to ask for or grab his attention.
Though the more you were around him, the more the idea became appealing.
Who knows, maybe he’ll let you kiss him.

Chapter Text

“Sure, I don’t mind! Nice and late right? So like seven or eight?”

He tilts his head in shock, a confused half smile on his face.
“Uh, seven?”

“Good! I’ll see you then! Hey wait, you have the proper stuff don’t you?”
You deeply enjoy how he seems almost like he’s in a daze at your response to his usual failed flirting, keeping a calm exterior despite how amused you really are.
He’d asked if you’d want to come to study in his room, mentioned that he was more of a visual learner, and when you asked what subject he told you anatomy.
So you said yes.


“Proper stuff, as in.. Well, I’ll just trust you to time yourself.”, you hop off the desk you’d been sitting on, grabbing his tie to pull him in for a kiss on the cheek, “See you at seven!”
Making sure to leave before he can fully respond, you internally prepare for your night.

It’d all been harmless fun, the way he spoke to you and the way you didn’t seem creeped out by it.
Most of the other girls in your class had made it a point to avoid him in that sense, dodging all the different pick-up lines like the plague.
However, you were enamoured by it.
There was something that got to you in how cute he looked when he tossed out something new and it actually got a positive reaction from you.
Needless to say you were endlessly curious about what he’d do if you gave him unlimited access.
Waiting for the hours to tick by was near torture, but at 6:45 you put on a nice outfit.
A pretty top you’d gotten a while back, it loosely hung off your shoulders and exposed the straps of your bra, which was also pretty.
Lacey and practically see-through.
Besides that you’d put on a pleated skirt, and thigh high socks that hugged you nicely.
Only that.

It seemed like the right move to be fashionably early, turning up to knock on his door at 6:50.
He let you inside with visible excitement, and you held in your comments about his decorating style.

“So!”, you clap your hands together, standing in the center of the room where he closely followed, “What’s first?”

“First? Oh, first! Um! Right, when it comes down to it I think it’s best to start with the top half, we can move downwards after that.”

You tug at his shirt, which he doesn’t seem to understand.

“I can’t exactly see anything with this on, silly! Take it off so I can see!”
He made a soft ‘oh’ noise and did as you asked, to which you immediately put a hand on his upper stomach, trailing lower.

“Mmm, so, what kind of anatomy are we studying here? Am I looking for bones? Muscles?”
You toy with the waistband of his sweatpants, pulling it back and letting it snap into place.
“Or, would you rather we go with organs?”

He chuckles like a dork, blinking a few times before he can manage to say anything.
“.... O-Organs, huh? We can use me as an example, but I do think you’ve got a better body.”

“What about both, that way we both get a turn. But you’re already halfway undressed so why not take everything else off, and we’ll get started!”

Without any hesitation he kicks off his pants, now just in his boxers.
You wait a moment for him to take those off as well but he stares at your chest unabashedly instead.

“Hows this, you sit on the bed, and I’ll take my top off so its somewhat even?”

He nods with enthusiasm, taking a seat on the edge of his bed, watching you like a hawk.
When your shirt comes off you’re somewhat sure you hear his breath hitch.
It does make you feel nice to know he likes what he sees, dropping to your knees in front of him to return the favor to the tent that's formed in his lap.

“So, what do you want to show me?”, you ask with a smile, loving the way he’s already turned bright red when you lightly draw a finger along the outline of his erection.
He swallows dryly, just continuing to watch as you idly make nonsensical patterns.

“I guess I’ll pick for myself!”, you stand up, taking a second to decide where’s a good place to start.
You place your hand right over his heart, pretending to be shocked when it’s thudding as quick as it can.
“Hearts right here, isn’t it? Wonder why it’s going so fast! Are you okay?”

He opens his mouth to say something but all he does is chuckle with a shrug.

“Do you want to take the lead? Touch me and have me do as you ask? Or would you rather I keep going?”
It’s asked plainly enough, but it takes him a moment to actually say something.
“I really didn’t mind you, um, what you were doing a minute ago!”

“Feeling your heartbeat?”

“No, before that.”

“What was I doing? I can’t remember, you have to be specific!”

He gestures to his crotch, and you tilt your head to the side.
“Which organ is that?”

“My personal favorite.”

It is very, very, VERY hard to suppress a laugh but you manage to remain neutral on the outside.
“Oh! Well, can I have a name and what it does?”

You’re not sure what caused it but he’s seemed to get a second wind of confidence.
“It gets big when around pretty girls, specifically so I can please them. It’s an essential part of the baby making process.”

While he’s speaking you get back down on your knees, getting a little curious about what his actual size is.
Though you don’t voice that.
“You still haven’t given me a name! And, how does the baby making process go again? Something between a boy and a girl, isn’t it?”

“I-I’ll tell you that later, but you’ve heard of sex right?”


“Yeah! Mines female!”

“No the act itself!”

“So it’s something you can do?”


“Show me!”

He chokes on his spit and you allow yourself a smirk.

“Uh… Get on the bed?”

You get up and sit right next to him, placing a hand on his thigh.
Before he can give any more instruction you turn him so he’s facing you, and kiss him.
The instant eagerness he radiates is super cute to you.

Playing dumb is fun but you want more from this now, sliding a hand underneath his boxers while he slides his tounge into your mouth.
You take his hard cock and wrap your fingers around it, stroking him at an average pace.
It’s slightly restricted by the confining fabric but he doesn’t seem to care.

But you do, wanting him to take them off.
You break away from the kiss to say something but he doesn’t let you, grabbing your shoulder to pull you back in.
It’s a gesture you can’t refuse, if anything turned on by it.

After a few minutes you both have to seperate to breathe, and he doesn’t waste any time pushing you to lie down on the bed so he can get on top of you, tugging your body upward so there’s plenty of space.

He kneels for a moment so he can free his cock, shoving the shorts down.
You pull your skirt up and spread your legs apart so you’re sure he can see everything, your calves against your thighs, glad you decided to leave your panties in your room.
All the teasing and build up has no doubt made you notably wet, impatiently testing your entrance, watching his face as you slowly finger yourself.

His eyes are wide and he’s staring like if he blinks you’ll disappear.
To egg him on into doing something you mewl for him, “Denki, please…”

He falls forward just a bit, placing a hand on the bed to catch himself, a choked groan escaping him as he balls the sheets beneath him, shooting his load all over your stomach.
You immediately pull your fingers out of yourself and cover your mouth with your clean hand, totally shocked that he came just by looking at you.

Honestly there’s a very nice compliment within that you know you’ll appreciate forever.
But for now you try to keep any reaction to yourself seeing as the moment he finishes climaxing he looks horrified.

Your sense of humor is too activated by this whole situation, unable to keep the giggles silent.
Now that the tension from before has been replaced by whatever this is, you close your legs and look the slightly impressive amount of semen on your belly.

“I-I swear this like never happens!”, he sputters out, whipping his head around to look for something to clean you with, getting off the bed to go grab a towel.

You hum in a ‘sure, okay’ tone, pulling your skirt back down while you wait for him to come back.
Like a gentleman he wipes the puddle off of you, making sure to leave nothing behind while he continuously rambles about how ‘this hasn’t ever happened before’.
Once he’s done you push him aside so you can get up, collecting your shirt and putting it on.

“Wait why are you-”

“I’m gonna go ahead and go, it’s late.”

“You can sleep over here, I wouldn’t mind!”

“Mm, but there’s a chance I’ll get caught by Aizawa in the morning. I’ll um, we’ll talk more about this after school tomorrow, okay?”
With that, you exit, leaving him to stand there and internally panic over who you might tell about this.

Chapter Text

Kaminari was haunted by the memory of last night.
Well more haunted by the last five minutes, the rest of it was very pleasant to relive.
But he wasn’t sure what to do about it either way.
You’d left in such a hurry and hadn’t so much as looked at him all day!
Now he was poking at his lunch, lost in thought on how he could possibly redeem himself.

“Hey uh, you alright dude?”
He broke out of his daze to look at Kirishima, who seemed concerned.

“Yeah! Well, not really. Kinda? It’s a lot to explain.”, he meagerly offers while continuing to poke around his bowl.

“You know I don’t mind helping out, not manly to leave a friend so upset!”

“Ah it’s kinda personal… I don’t wanna get into it in such a public place y’know?”

Kirishima nodded, Sero shrugging as he continued to eat.
Bakugou scowled and crossed his arms over his chest.

“So you’re going to sit here and fucking sulk the entire time. Is that it?”
His harsh tone makes Kaminari roll his eyes and sink back into his seat.

“Well I don’t know what to do! It’s not like I can just tell someone about this issue, I doubt anyone's gonna know the solution!”, he whines.

Bakugou makes a ‘tch’, standing and grabbing Kaminari by the collar, dragging him away despite his many protests.
Kirishima throws himself from his chair to follow, 90% sure he’s going to assault the poor guy.
After being drug into the boys bathroom, and locking the door, Bakugou lets him go.

“Alright dumbass, tell us what the fuck is up with you.”

“H-Hey! You can’t just pull me in here and expect me to have a good reaction!”

“I don’t care. You’re studying to become a pro hero, and they don’t let their problems stew. So fuckin’ tell us what’s wrong or-!”
Kirishima puts a hand on his chest as Bakugou takes a step forward, palms forward.
“What he means to say is as your friends and future heroes we want to help dude! I promise we won’t tell anyone about it if that isn’t the solution!”

Kaminari sighs, rubbing the back of his neck and avoiding any eye contact while he speaks.
“Its trouble with a girl I like, I messed up and while she did say she’d talk with me about it after school I don’t know how to make up for what I did. I wanna be ready to defuse any potential anger or whatever else but I can’t think of anything helpful.”

“The fuck did you say to her?”

“Well less talking and more physically messed up. I had her in my room last night and… She left right after I did it, so I know for sure what I did, not that I could’ve really prevented it.”

“Can you tell us what you did? Being vague isn’t gonna allow us to do much.”

He chuckles nervously, turning red as the embarrassment of admitting this bears down on him.
“I um… Are you sure you need more details?”

“Just get to the fucking point.”

“S-She… I, um… We were on the bed and uh, I was gonna, um… What she wanted to do was, ah, y’know, b-but she’d been touching me a lot a-and-”

“You came in your pants didn’t you.”

Kaminari nearly catches on fire, stuttering loudly as his instinct to defend himself rises.
“No! Well, I! Kinda, a little worse than that!”

“Oh god, you came inside her?”, Kirishima says with his nose scrunched up.

“Again! No!”

“Wait then what happened?”

Kaminari purses his lips as he wells up the strength to say it, having to blurt it out.
“She was touching herself and she said my name all sweetly so I came on her stomach before I could put it in or even touch her myself and she left like immediately after I did that!”

Kirishima's eyes widen at the confession, blushing himself from the second hand embarrassment.
Bakugou, however, begins to howl with laughter.
He nearly doubles over, having to put a hand on the wall to keep upright as he’s completely overwhelmed.

Over the noise Kirishima manages to ask who he had over, and when he says your name Bakugou somehow starts laughing even harder.
Between the barks and wheezes he shouts, “The one fucking girl that can stand your ass and you blow your load all over her just because she said your name! God I fuckin’ knew you were all talk and now she knows it too!”

Wishing the floor would swallow him, Kaminari groans and leans back against the stall wall behind him, allowing his head to bonk against the metal.
“I know! I just have to hope she hasn’t told anyone!”

“Actually she uh, she did tell Mina.”

“SHE TOLD MINA-”, Kaminaris voice heightens in pitch as he screams, going pale.

“Yeah! This morning she was telling people about how someone told her they had a boy over in their room and he nut just from looking at her! So thankfully your name has been left out of it!”
Kirishima smiles and gives a thumbs up, hoping that does something for him.

Bakugou calms down, wiping tears away as he straightens his back.
“Well I don’t think there’s much to do there, obviously she’s never going to give you that opportunity again and when she talks to you it’ll most likely be about how you shouldn’t feel bad. Which, despite that, you definitely should.”

“Bakugou that isn’t true! Kaminari you shouldn’t feel bad, you couldn’t help it! Maybe uh, don’t try to sleep with any more girls though.”

“Actually if you can, let her sit on your face.”

Both boys stare at Bakugou like he’s grown a second head, which doesn’t phase him.
“I said what I said. If you can make her cum a few times she might forgive you.”

“How do you know that? Do you really think so?”

“Bro are you really getting some?”, Kirishima asks with much amusement, thinking he’d sooner bite someone than let them touch him like that.

“You two idiots don’t know how to please women and it shows. Watch a fuckin’ video on it. I’m not giving you any fucking details but yes, I get more pussy than you.”

Unsure of whether to believe that or not, they’re impressed nonetheless.
Kaminari smiles as he nods, “Alright, so it’s not totally hopeless! Thank you!”

“You’re welcome!”

“Let us know if you actually do cum in your pants this time."

Chapter Text

“Why’d you even have me over if we weren’t gonna do anything?”
He whines yet again, flopping back on your bed.

“I said we could hang out when I’m done, you’ve been here ten minutes! Can’t you just be on your phone or something?”, you huff out a quick sigh, erasing the line you accidentally wrote when he shook the bed. You were lying on your stomach, binder open in front of you, legs up in the air.

He texted you, asking if he could come over, and you said that you were working on an assignment, he said he didn’t care.
Your boyfriend was needier than maybe anyone else on the planet.
While you usually didn’t mind, you had to get this done.

“I don’t wanna do that, I came here for you! We hardly spend any time together…”

“It’s not like I’m not here. I’m just a little busy, we can chat while I work just fine.”

He made a noise of general annoyance, the bed shifting as he moved around.
For a moment you thought that he was going to let you finish the assignment but then you felt his hands running up and down your thighs.
Your legs were made to part around him, you relented and let him get closer.
Sometimes he did enjoy touching you innocently so what’s the harm in letting him.

When he palmed your rear you set down your pen, sighing.
“Ei, what are you doing?”

You couldn’t see him but you knew he was shrugging, “Nothing, why?”

“I said I’ll be done soon, you just have to give me some time. Okay?”

He hummed but he didn’t stop for a good minute, moving on to slide his hands along your sides.
You decided to just ignore him, maybe your reactions are whats encouraging him.
Now you weren’t entirely sure when he’d taken his hands away, because you’d focused on the essay too long, but it was hard to ignore him as he bared down on you, pinning you to the bed.
But you took it as a challenge as much as he had, to see how much you’d let go to get your work done.

He pulled your hair to the side so he could give kisses along your neck, his crotch flush against you.
Suppressing a reaction at the bulge slotted against your ass proved to be very difficult.
Especially when he started rolling his hips forward, the thin shorts you wore doing nothing but making it worse on you.
He shoved an arm underneath your lower stomach, holding you up just enough to properly step up his grinding.
Instead of just your ass, he was rutting right along your core.

You blushed and made a fist around your pen, desperately avoiding giving any sign you were getting something out of this, that you couldn’t help.
The way he was going about this gave you a wedgie, both him and the fabric dragging against your clit, which felt stupidly good.

He applies a few bites along your sensitive skin before sucking a hickey at the base of your neck.
You wanted to complain since you were so embarrassed to be in public all marked up but you held it in.
He gave you two more before he moved on, you internally taking a sigh of relief.

That was before he took the waistband of your shorts and yanked up, making you yelp.
“H-Hey! Don’t do that, hey!”
You uselessly slapped back at his hand as he timed pulling the material with his hips.

“What?”, he says with a low tone right into your ear, “These are too tight? Maybe I should take them off you, that’d be helpful wouldn’t it?”

“Whatever you want, just don’t stretch these out!”
You used that as an excuse, searching the bed in front of you for where the pen ended up.

He backed off and removed his arm so he could take the article of clothing from you, whistling obnoxiously once it was obvious you weren’t wearing anything besides the shorts.
You were sure he could see the wet spot on them, which was embarrassing itself.

“Huh, no panties? Makes me think maybe you were planning to fool around.”
You can hear the smile in his voice, which just serves to make your face heat up even more.

With a roll of your eyes you attempt to close your legs, but he doesn’t let you, actually pushing them farther open.

“God you are so fucking hot, you know that? All nice and wet, makes me wanna do so many things to you baby~”

That’s really all the more any sane person can withstand.
You close your binder and shove it off the bed, turning so you’re on your back, taking off your shirt to show you weren’t wearing anything under that either.
He’s on you in an instant, hands and mouth reaching to anywhere he can get them.
It’s a little rough but you can’t say you don’t like it, proving that when he teases his sharp teeth around your nipple, making you whine pleasurably.

When he kisses you, you can’t help but smile, it was nice to be wanted so badly.
He pulls back, burying his face into the crook of your neck so he can place another hickey there while he blindly pulls his shorts down.
You slap at his back, “Ei! C’mon I told you to stop doing that! Makes it look-!”

“Look like you’re sleeping with someone? You are, you know that?”
It’s muffled against your skin but you can still hear him sassing you.

“You’re an animal.”

“An animal? Okay, sure, didn’t know you were into that!”

You giggle as he growls loudly and shoves his face into the side of yours so he can lick and nibble your ear.
He smiles as he toys around with you, so you pretend to try and push him away.
“Back! Back, beast! Oh dear someone help me before it bites me!”

He playfully shoves your head to the side, licking at a spot on your shoulder before biting down.
You flinch and squeak as the twinge of pain pulsates.

“Oh, oh shit! Oh fuck I am so sorry!”, he stammers as he pulls away, looking panicked.

You, on the other hand, prod a few fingers at the mark, wincing but feeling… Well it wasn’t all pain.
More than anything he scared you by actually doing that but you kinda liked how it felt.

“Ei! Hey, hey!”, you call out to him, tilting his chin so he’d pay attention.
He opens his mouth to vomit more apologies out but you speak first.
“Do it again?”

“.... Didn’t that hurt? What?”

“Well, yeah but… I-I want you to do it again, please baby?”
You give him the best doe like eyes you can, watching the conflict play out across his face, but he really can’t resist when you’re looking at him like that.

So he does as you ask, biting down again a few inches away from the other mark.
Now that you know it’s coming you don’t jump, sighing hotly at the mix of pleasure and pain.
You hook your legs around him and coax him closer, a shiver running up your back at the sensation that comes from him soothing over the bite with his tongue.

He takes initiative, running the head of his cock over your entrance a few times before pushing in, groaning at the familiar feeling of your warm velvet insides.
You force his head back up so you can kiss him, extremely turned on and wanting even more stimulation.
It’s messy at best, being so comfortable with him that you don’t mind the lazy way you lick at each other while he keeps his pace slow, wanting you to adjust properly since he didn’t have the chance to do it earlier.

Still, you’re so wet you’re nearly dripping onto the bed, tugging at his hair as you press your heels into his back.
That signal is well received as he takes the permission to speed up considerably, disconnecting the kiss so he can latch onto the unmarked side of your neck, teasing half-pressured bites.
Now it’s much harder to keep from being loud, softly moaning out sweet praises or nicknames that are barely coherent.

He suddenly bites down a little harder than he had before, your back arching as you roll your hips into his, closing your eyes as he moves on to do it again in a different place.
Each time he does it you have the same reaction, and you can tell he absolutely loves it from how he thrusts deeper rather than faster.

Your neck and shoulders isn’t the only place he decides to go after, abusing the tender skin on the underside of your breasts.
There’s not as much force behind those bites but its more than enough to make you squirm and tighten around his cock.
Chewing on your bottom lip does a suitable job helping you keep quiet, as the closer you get the less control you have on the noise levels.

“C’mon babe,” he huskily whispers as he presses a trail of wet kisses up the hollow of your throat, nipping at your ear, “let me hear you, you like this don’t you?”

You whimper and turn your head to the side, submissively exposing the vulnerable area to him entirely and reacting vibrantly when he takes advantage of that.
Nearly every inch of skin he can get to he worships with his mouth and teeth, getting rougher with each passing moment as the urge to cum overpowers his usual gentleness.

His hips start to slam into the back of your thighs, the lewd sound only amplified by your own panted out moans and pleas.
You thread your fingers through his hair just to hold, body tensing.

Nearing his end, he finds a nice spot right where your neck connects with your shoulder, and bites down.
It doesn’t take him much effort to break the skin, too lost in his own lust to register the taste of blood.

Your eyes nearly roll into the back of your head, mouth wide as you let out a full bodied moan, the surge of pain and adrenaline pushing you into the most intense climax you’ve ever had.
Kirishima growls against you, taking on a punishing pace while you constrict around his cock and cry out just for him.

Soon he can’t take anymore, cumming inside of you while giving a last few good thrusts, coating your insides thoroughly.
The over-stimulation makes you squirm a bit despite how much you like it, keeping your legs firmly locked around him even as he comes to a stop, smothering you in small yet somehow still needy kisses.

Between pants you giggle and allow him to do so, fully relaxed while simultaneously exhausted.
Once he comes down from his own high he notices the very angry looking bite in the crook of your neck.

“Oh, dude! Why didn’t you say anything! Jeeze that looks gnarly, gah does it hurt?”
He prods it with a finger and jumps when you do, swatting his hand away.

“Well, yeah! I-I’m pretty sure I need to disinfect that b-but, it felt really good in the moment! If uh, if you don’t mind, I think I’d like you to do that more often…”

The look on his face tells you he’s conflicted between being extremely turned on and continuing to worry.
But he can’t help the way he feels about you looking like this, covered in signs you belong to him while you’re asking him for even more.

“Anything for you princess, as long as you tell anyone who asks just where you got those decorations on your skin.”

Chapter Text

Working with the league of villains wasn’t without its drawbacks, as many would guess.
You were the one who put them back together after missions gone wrong, and missions gone right.
Being their healer meant you were vital, and you needed to know some very personal information about them.
How your quirk worked was you applied one hand to the injured area, and another to the thing you were taking life from.
It worked quickly and without fail, especially since you could easily use plants and fish instead of more outwardly protesting creatures.

Though, despite being a part of the most despised and ruthless group of people in all of japan, you had a very timid nature.
When you knew you were safe you tended to be introverted, meek even.
Most didn’t mind or even acknowledge it, Twice being the nicest to you out of them all.
But there was one member who repeatedly pushed your buttons over and over.

You weren’t sure exactly why, but knew it had everything to do with your inability to keep a straight face.
What didn’t help was how seriously attractive he was, even with all the scars.
So you suffered whenever he needed help or found himself near you.

Not once had he ever hurt you!
But he went with some light bullying confusingly mixed with what you assumed to be flirting.
He was literally evil, it made sense he’d like poking fun at someone like you.

Lately things had gotten more intense, he quit making comments about how quiet you were and moved on to less innocent things.
He made no attempt to pretend he was eyeing you up and even pointed it out.
The outfit you regularly wore wasn’t promiscuous in the least, you wore a turtleneck sweater paired with a knee length skirt and stockings.
You looked less like a criminal mastermind and more like a librarian.
Though, this didn’t do much to prevent him from saying the things he did.

This morning you’d come in early, hoping to get some research done before anyone needed something from you, as they often did.
After making sure you were the only one there, you took a seat on the couch.
The rare quiet atmosphere of the place allowed you to read in peace, enough time passing for you to become totally absorbed in your book.
When you felt a hand on your shoulder you about jumped out of your skin, scrambling to your feet and turning on your heels to see a very entertained Dabi.

“Ah calm down, its just me. Any reason you’re here right now? It’ll be hours before anyone else shows up.”

You try to calm your heart down, smoothing your skirt back down.
“I-I just wanted to catch up on a few things I’ve been looking into recently. Why are you here?”

“I was gonna set something up that’d upset Shigaraki later, but, I’ve got a different plan now.”

“And what’s that?”
Instantly, you regret asking him, seeing him smirk like that never lead to anything good.

“Well we are all alone. What comes to mind for you?”

When you take a few steps backwards, nervously wringing your hands, he comes around the couch to stand much closer than you’d like.
You continue to keep backing up until you meet the wall, he casually cages you in by placing a hand near your head, leaning on it.

“C’mon, nothing? You gotta have more than that for me, does it help if I tell you I’ve got a tongue piercing?”

You blink a few times, watching him prove he has one by smiling with his mouth open.

“That must’ve hurt…”, you comment absentmindedly.

“Nah not really, besides, it makes a lot of things so much better. You know, I think I can bet real money I’m better at oral than any loser who's been lucky enough to get into your pants.”

The way he says that makes your face heat up, now avoiding looking at him and instead staring a hole into the floor.

“Tell me, how many have you had? Let me guess, three?”

Immediately you shake your head, listening to him ‘hmph’ in response.

“I promise I won’t share if you give me an honest answer, how many other men have had the privilege of knowing what you taste like?”

“T-This is inappropriate for a work setting, w-we shouldn’t-”

He grabs your jaw and forces your head up, reflexively your eyes meet his and you find yourself unable to look away.
There’s no trace of anger on his face, but he does look like he’s deeply enjoying how scared you are.


“Honey, today I’m most likely going out to kill people. I hardly think discussing how many tongues you’ve had in your cunt is going to shock or disturb anyone. You know who I am, what I’m capable of, what I can get away with.”

It’s unfair how just that veiled threat makes your knees so incredibly weak, your breath catching as he shifts his grip to your throat.
You grab at his wrist and pray he can’t feel your racing heart.
His smile only widens as the panic really sets in for you, his fingers squeezing against the vital area.

“We’re alone too, and we will be for a while. You don’t have to be so shy. Though, it makes me so fucking hard when you play innocent. You pretend to be fragile but I’m willing to bet you really enjoy being treated like you’re not.”
He squeezes again but it’s much harder, making you gasp.
Urgently you try to tug his hand away but he doesn’t budge.

Your feet slide uselessly against the hardwood floor as you start to feel light headed, all attempts to make him stop failing miserably.
While you beg him with your eyes, he slides a hand up your skirt to rub two fingers against you, unfortunately applying pressure to your clit near instantly.
The way your mouth opens and your eyes go half lidded tell him what he needs to know, continuing to toy with you.
Still, you slap at the intrusion with your free hand, trying to close your legs.
All he has to do is apply a real grip to your throat enough to make you wheeze, gritting your teeth in light pain, and you relent.

“Good girl, you just gotta let me do my thing and I’ll make you feel really good.”
He coos and stops withholding oxygen from your lungs and blood to your brain, everything spinning for a moment as your body floods with adrenaline.
His hand remains there as a threat, the other tearing a hole in your stockings.
Even now you’re compelled to keep eye contact with him, totally unsure on how you feel about this.

It’s hard to think when he grinds his whole palm up into you, a whimper escaping you as he closes the gap by pressing a kiss to your temple.
He chuckles at the pathetic noise, repeating the motion so you make it again.
Uncomfortably you try to stand on your tip-toes to get out of range, but when his fingers tighten down you stop.

“You’re learning, smart. This’ll be better if you just relax, okay? I promise this won’t hurt unless you want it too.”

The urge to argue is swept away when he drops to his knees, hooking his arms around your thighs and hauling your legs over his shoulders.
Your eyes widen and you struggle as he bunches your skirt up at your waist.

“N-No! Hey!”
You cover yourself with one hand reflexively even if he’s got his own underneath it, rolling the heel of his hand against you almost expertly.
A hot exhale puffs out of your lungs, keening into the action despite every other alarm bell going off in your head.

He slaps your thigh with no restraint, the heat simmering in his palm warning to leave a mark.
You yelp at the pain and hold both hands away from anywhere near him, not wanting to invoke another strike.
“You’re making this hard on yourself, sweetheart I wanna make you cum on my face. Why wouldn’t you want that?”

The way he says that highlights his annoyance more than his scowl, and you start to feel bad.
Without taking his eyes off you he takes the tender flesh of your inner thigh between his teeth and bites down.
It’s not enough to break the skin but you harshly cry out, balling up your sweater to busy your hands and avoid touching him.

“That’s what brats get. If I wanted too I’d just be fucking you right now but I’m doing you a favor. Is that what you want? No prep? Do you want me to make it hurt? Do you enjoy that?”

You shake your head no with gusto, shivering when he runs a thumb up and down your thinly clothed pussy.
The light stimulation makes you very subtly part your legs open.

“No? Then why don’t you start acting like it. I don’t wanna see you cry baby, okay? Now, I’m going to ask you again, how many other guys have been between your legs like this?”

“... N-None…”

He gets a smarmy grin, using the digit to hook under and tug the material to the side, completely exposing you.
But, he doesn’t look just yet, somehow that makes heat rush straight to your core for him to be so disinterested.

“I’m the first, huh? Too shy to let anyone see the intimate area?”
While he muses to himself he does take a peek, working his thumb over a bit so he can spread you open completely.
The light amount of wet that’d collected chills from his breaths fanning over you.

“Pretty and pink just like I thought, such a tight looking pussy too. God, I am so going to enjoy ruining you.”

Chapter Text

A few weeks ago, you’d met a guy in a group chat you’d joined out of boredom.
You’d learned he was from overseas, and started to have some fun.
Flirting was harmless like this since really there were no consequences.
Both of you engaged with each other and things grew from there.

Around him you acted totally unlike your usual self, which was more reserved if not shy at moments.
But, you’d never meet him, and he’d never have to know what you actually did in situations of intimacy.
So when he brought up the idea of sending nudes you accepted in a heartbeat.

The first you sent made your body tingle with excitement, you’d never shared something so private and scandalous before!
Though over time it got less exhilarating, but it never lost its charm.
You liked seeing him, and he liked seeing you.

Right now you’d just finished taking an excellently angled photo of your body, only wearing panties just to tease him.
He opened the photo, and sent back a message.
‘You look so sexy rn, why not play with yourself for me hot stuff? ;)’

Why not indeed.
Getting on your back just right was a learned skill, aiming to make yourself look as good as possible was something you took pride in.
You tug your panties off and lift the phone up, opening your legs and sliding a hand down your stomach.

Letting out an especially effeminate noise, you part your lower lips with two fingers and tease at your clit, going slow.
Then you dip them right into your slit, moaning softly when they slide in to the knuckle easily.

That seems like enough, taking your thumb off the recording button to review the video.
It cuts off at your neck, everything below that visible, which was just how you liked it since you didn’t have to look at your own face.
Watching the clip made you giggle in excitement, knowing it’d rile him up a decent amount.

You highlight what looks like his name and hit send.
It’s maybe three seconds afterwards that you realize you picked the one above it instead, as shown by the username coming to the top of your conversation list.
Panic and dread consumes and extinguishes any amount of positive emotions you’d been feeling.

You sent a video of you playing with yourself to Midoriya Izuku.
Someone you very much doubt could handle holding hands with a girl.

‘DON’T OPEN THIS CHAT’ you frantically text him immediately, falling off your bed in your mad dash to find clothes to put on.
Once you’re dressed in shorts and a hoodie you fly out the door, near sprinting across the dorms, ignoring anyone who says something in your direction.

The instant you’re at his door you pound on it, “Hey! Hey please don’t open the message I sent you! Please, we gotta talk real quick!”
From the force you use, it just opens after a few hits, almost letting you fall over.

He’s got his phone in hand, entirely red and staring at you when you barge in, watching you cringe at the very obvious sound of your own voice.

“I-I didn’t see the second message, you sent it after I’d opened it already…”

To enact some damage control, you shut the door behind you and clasp your hands together.
“Please don’t show anybody! Send that to anybody, just, even talk about it with anybody!”

Midoriya turns his phone off and sets it down, standing up off his bed to nervously stammer back at you.
“I-I! I won’t! Not in the least, I-I’d never! D-Don’t worry!”

A sigh of relief leaves you at that, laughing awkwardly as you pretend you didn’t glance downward at the large tent in his pants.

“I’ll just delete our chat, that way it’s gone and we can just pretend it never happened!”
He nods fervently, as if he’s saying that more for himself than for you.

“Ah I um, I don’t think we can really do that. N-Not that I wouldn’t want too! But ah, you’ve already seen it and I know you can’t unsee certain things about people. You’re the one who I um, flashed so to speak, what would work best for you?”

“Would it work if you also saw me?”
He blurts that out, and is almost instantly trying to cram it back in.
“Wait! I! I didn’t mean that! J-Just the first thing that came into my head!”

You’re already beyond any reasonable shot at redemption, so you lean into the suggestion with a blush of your own at the idea.
“S-Sure, it’s only fair, right?”

The air feels like it’s been sucked out of the room, him standing there with an unbelievably nervous aura while you wait for him to process what you said.
He nods in agreement, but then nothing happens.
Both of you wait for the other to do something, making split second eye contact at the most.

You go to say something but it’s jumbled when he does the same, sharing a polite ‘no you’ silence.
Though, when he doesn’t use it for anything, you do.

“If this isn’t what you want I can just-”
“No! I uh,” he clears his throat, not meaning to be so loud, “I do. I-I just don’t know what to do.”
He admits with a chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck.

With some forced determination you make the first move, reaching for his waistband and pulling back to look inside.
His erection is strained underneath his boxers, so you pull those back as well.
You tug both layers down just enough to fully expose him, observing with interest since you’ve never seen one in person.

From looking you can tell he is bigger than the guy you’ve been flirting with, nice and thick too.
Honestly, no shade on him, but you just expected Midoriya to be smaller.
Without thinking you ghost your fingers along the underside of him, flinching when it twitches.
“O-Oh! I’m sorry!”

“It’s okay! You can um, i-if you want too, you can touch me..!”
He speaks with thinly veiled enthusiasm, which convinces you to do so.

Very carefully you repeat the action with a single finger, actually making contact this time.
Internally you think about how warm and stiff the flesh is and how different it is from how you imagined it, and how much you prefer this.
It twitches again but you’re more fascinated this time, taking him fully into your hand, pumping upwards.

Your eyes shoot upwards when he chokes back a whimper, the tips of your ears going hot at the sound.
His gaze is fixated on your hand, so you continue on just to watch as he chews on his bottom lip.
As you go on, a bead of pre gathers, familiar with that particular part of this, you use your thumb to swipe over it and spread it.
The following hotly exhaled noise he makes as he lightly bucks his hips up encourages you to get on your knees.

Curious about the taste, you hold him still at the base and slide the flat of your tongue over the most sensitive area, not exactly liking it but not hating it either.
He reflexively puts a hand on the top of your head, not pushing you but still running his fingers through your hair.
It feels quite nice, so you reward him by popping the tip into your mouth to fully swirl the wet muscle around him.

Now he grabs your hair for stability, groaning unrestrained as he lets his head tilt back.
You grind down into your calves for some sense of friction, continuing to stroke him while you lave over the first inch.
When your tongue gets tired you remove your mouth, using the spit behind to slick up the rest of him, which allows your hand to glide faster along his length.

He’s not overly vocal like you would’ve expected, but any noise he makes just adds to the growing fire in your belly, somehow finding him adorable and hot at the same time.
It doesn’t help when he looks down at you with such an affectionate expression, petting you while you jerk off his hard cock.

You switch hands after a few minutes, tightening just slightly, but it’s enough to make him groan as he starts to lazily hump into your grip.
Unconsciously you match the pace he takes as you rut against yourself, but quickly get impatient, shoving your free hand into your shorts, sucking on his tip while you lick at his slit.

He tenses at that, trying to not pull on your hair but getting close to it, quietly breathing out your name along with a few expletives.
Hearing him swear is a very new and very exciting thing to you, whimpering as your deft fingers swirl around your clit faster.
When he catches sight that you’re touching yourself to get off while you’re doing this he bucks his hips involuntarily, forcing his cock further into your mouth.

At first he goes to apologise but anything besides a sweet call of your name is erased from his vocabulary, you taking the hint on what he wants.
Your jaw has to stretch some and you gag when he pokes at the back of your throat but the way he’s tugging on your hair so desperately and throbbing from the warm and tight space of your mouth does a very fine job of making you endure.

Both of your hands brace on his knees, and you hope he doesn’t notice the wet fingers, but he’d be hard pressed to notice something catching on fire when you pull back with the perfect amount of suction.
He grits his teeth when you sink back down on him, swallowing when he’s as deep in as you can get.

The muscles underneath your digits flex at every little thing you do, whether that’s running your tongue against the bottom half of his cock smoothly or making your own reactionary noises to the praise he spouts.

Despite the odd situation to be doing it in, he makes it a point to be respectful.
You can tell he’s doing everything in his power to avoid fucking your mouth and you appreciate it greatly, letting him urge you on to a faster pace when he places both of his hands on the back of your head.

It’s not long after that he pulls you off him entirely, barely able to get out, “I-I’m gonna” before you wrap a hand around his cock and stroke as fast as you can, mouth open with the head of his cock against your bottom lip.

With the most passionate use of your name yet, he climaxes right into where you’d aimed him.
The first few shots actually manage to hit your throat, the rest pooling in the front where the unusual taste fills your senses.
You don’t stop until he’s got no more seed to be milked out of him, angling your head back and showing him the collected release before you swallow it all, lapping up the small amount he had on him, ignoring the flinch but being careful since he’s sensitive.

He gives you a very heated look and you can’t help but feel like you’re going to melt.
It’s only fair that you let him touch you back, right?

Chapter Text

All day you’d been avoiding him, keeping from even looking in his direction.
Every time you thought about last night you cringed a black hole into your brain.
The second hand embarrassment was so vivid that it carried over into the next day.

It was still hard for you to believe he did that, you’d never even heard of a guy doing that hands free like that.
Though, you knew whatever you were feeling, he was going through much worse.
He almost constantly bragged about his ‘sexual prowess’ and when you gave him the chance to prove himself he failed as hard as possible.

But you in no way wanted him to feel bad about it!
It really looked like he couldn’t help it, you’re sure he would’ve held back if he could.
So when it came down to it, you were going to use the talk you said you’d have with him to patch things up and reassure him that there wasn’t any hate coming from you!
Although you did deeply regret texting Mina about it immediately afterwards.
Sitting there while she vaguely gave away some personal business of yours was a harsh lesson to learn.

You didn’t give him a specific time, just saying ‘after school’ and leaving it at that.
It seemed more appropriate to wait an hour afterwards just so he’d have a bit more space to cool down in.
As you made your way over to his dorm room, your stomach began to fill with butterflies.
Being so intimate with him made you realize that you did have some real feelings for him, you’re even considering asking him out.
Even if he pretends to be such a ladies man he’s still genuinely charming, such a sweet guy underneath all the layers he puts on to win favor with you which he’s had since day one.

When you got there you lifted your hand to knock but heard some muffled, yet distinct noise.
Kirishima's, Bakugou's and Kaminari’s voices were definitely a part of it but you couldn’t quite understand what the rest of it was.
Knowing they were all inside and most likely watching a movie made you nervous to announce your presence, not wanting to interrupt.
But, you heard your own name and that gave you enough curiosity to open the door.

You froze in place at the sight before you, unnoticed by the three as they were more occupied with the video playing on the laptop sitting in front of them, backs facing you.
Plainly put it was of a lady sitting atop a gentleman's face.
The noises made sense now, she was sounding off like a prostitute.
How you didn’t compute that before now was beyond you, though you had bigger problems.

“Okay, but again, how am I supposed to breathe? I don’t mind dying that way but I’m like at least 80% sure she’d be bothered by that.”, Kaminari says while gesturing to the screen.

Bakugou sits up from his relaxed position to smack the back of his head.
“You fuckin’ idiot just watch it! See how she’s sitting just high enough that he can pull back a bit? That’s how!”

“Ow! Hey! You keep saying that but I just don’t see it!”
He complains as he rubs the sore spot, muttering about how he’s sure it’d be better if he had you lie down so he had more control over the situation.

“Fuckhead this isn’t about your own control, girls like doing shit like this! If you want her to stick around, or not avoid you until the end of time, do it right!”

“He’s right dude,” Kirishima reluctantly speaks, patting him on the shoulder, “the least you can do is make it up to her!”

“Are you guys sure this is the right video to use here? Hers doesn’t look like this lady’s, if I’m being honest it’s prettier.”

Bakugou rolls his eyes and pulls the laptop closer, backing to the search page.
“Fine. I don’t think it’ll make a fuckin’ difference but knock yourself out if it’ll get you to listen.”

“Well doesn’t it?”

“I guess I don’t understand what you mean by ‘different’?”
Kirishima says as he squints at the screen, watching as Kaminari scrolls past many videos of other women sitting on other faces, some more explicit than others.

“Less like an arbys sandwich and more like what you see in hentai if that makes sense.” He absentmindedly answers, hearing him include your name provides even more shock to you that he’s so openly discussing that part of you with his friends.

Kirishma says your name with confusion, “Her? She has a ‘hentai’ pussy? No wonder you creamed yourself dude!”

Bakugou lowers his head and huffs, “You’re a waste on her honestly.”

“Oh like you’d do so much better! I don’t even believe you when you say you’ve had more than like one girl in your room dude.”

“It’d be easy for me to get into her pants if I fuckin’ wanted too! If she’s so willing to have someone like you shove it in her then what’s in the way of someone like me!”
He gets heated, both boys reacting with some distaste.

“Dude not cool, she’s still our friend y’know?” Kirishima says with a sigh.

“Yeah! And I’m a prize too! You’re just jealous!”

“Shut the fuck up! I didn’t say she was a whore, just easily impressed. If anything she’s probably messing with you, just seeing what you’d do in a situation like that. I seriously fuckin’ doubt she was enamored with your dumbass.”

“Ugh, see it’s this whole personality bit that’s getting in your way, if you learned to charm women maybe you’d get somewhere!”

“I have a bigger dick than you, so, eat shit.”

Kaminari laughs at that, “You really think that huh? There’s a reason she’d rather fuck me dude, women have a sixth sense about small dicks.”

That makes Kirishima laugh, which Bakugou makes a heavily annoyed noise at.
“What-fuckin-ever. You’re still the one who came on her early enough that she had to flee.”

“Hey! Several times I’ve said there was stuff happening before that! Like, thirty minutes of build up dude!”

“That’s not very long to girls, if you’d ever been with one you’d know that.”

“She must’ve been sucking on you like a vacuum cleaner or something to put you on edge like that!”
Hearing Kirishima say something so crude makes you briefly consider what all he says around his guy friends.

“Kinda? She just used her hands but she was stupid good at it.”

Bakugou snorts and laughs himself, though it’s got a cruel tone.
“You’re such a loser, I can’t believe someone like her would waste a perfectly good hand job on you. Maybe I will talk to her since you’ve messed up so greatly, I’m sure she’d love to be with someone who can actually make her cum.”

“Please don’t do that dude! You’re seriously gonna mess with my game!”

“Why? If she was in my room she’d get more than two of her own fingers stuffed in her, you’re just afraid she’ll love getting fucked by me.”

They both continue to argue with each other, but the laptop times out from going so long without any activity, long forgotten at this point.
When the screen goes back, Kirishima catches a glimpse of you in the reflection, turning around to see you standing there.
You’ve been rendered speechless ever since you opened the door and this doesn’t change that.
His eyes widen and he goes as red as his hair, grabbing Kaminari’s shoulder and shaking to get his attention so he stops talking about you.

“What?” He says with much irritation, only until he follows the line of sight directly to you, going white as a sheet.
While he can’t tell how long you’ve been there, he certainly knows you’ve heard a lot.

Bakugou doesn’t catch on just yet, confidently following up whatever Kaminari had said with, “Well next time I see her I’ll just ask her if she’s so willing to spread her legs for someone that matters huh?”

“Dude!” Kirishima shouts, giving him a look that screams ‘PLEASE stop!’.
That works, still going to say something snarky, but his face zeros out when he notices you.
None of them know what to say or do, essentially caught with their collective pants down.

It’s a standoff between whether they can calm you down first, or if you run off.
You know what your strongest instinct is since your sight turns blurry as the urge to cry rises.
It’s part of having disturbing insight to this kinda talking they do, most likely having done with multiple girls, and feeling so exposed since he’s told them everything.
The whole overwhelming realization that they probably think you’re a slut, hangs like lead in your belly.

You clamp a hand over your mouth to mask the broken sob that bubbles up out of your lungs as you take a shaky step backwards, making eye contact with each of them before you can’t stand to look at them and run off.

Chapter Text

You’d known Tokoyami quite a while now, the two of you holding somewhat of an unspoken bond.
Never did he directly claim you were his best friend, neither did you.
But constantly you were around each other and anyone who didn’t know better straight up assumed you were dating.

He did nothing to deny that, and neither did you.

A lot of your shared time was spent in silence, reading or studying together.
This didn’t stop when you were both accepted into UA, if anything it grew considerably.
Most down time periods were spent exactly like what you were doing right now, sitting in his darkened room, pouring through some type of book between checking your phone.

Though, you’d been thinking about something you’d never considered before.
In all your time of knowing him it’d just never crossed your mind until about a week ago.
He had a bird's head, but human hands, and a seemingly human body.
Did he have any other bird-like parts to him?

A few times you’d tried to gather up the courage to ask him something like that.
But each time the words got knotted up in your throat and you caved.
On the fifth attempt, you managed to get somewhere.

“Hey, Fumi, can I ask you something kinda personal?”

He tilted to look in your direction, putting his book down, “Of course. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah! Ah, so you have a head that's not human, is um, your body is mostly human but do - is any other part of you more bird?”
The jumbled mess falls out of you but it is just coherent enough to serve its purpose.

“I don’t have any organs that only birds do.”

You shake your head, nervously tucking your hair behind your ear when it shakes loose.
“But, what about body parts?”

“What? Well you can clearly see my arms and legs, what body part do you mean?”

This is making you way more anxious than you’d initially anticipated, comfortable enough to ask but still stumbling over your words.
“Y’know! The uh, your… Thing? I-I don’t want to say it directly…”

He seems even more confused for a moment before his feathers fluff out in embarrassment, catching onto what you mean.
“...? Oh! Oh.” he dryly coughs to clear his throat, “No. It’s human. All human.”

You nod with over exaggeration, “Okay! I was just curious, is all!”

“What made you curious?”

If you hadn’t been blushing before, you could feel the fire beneath your skin.
In no way shape or form were you about to admit you’d spent the past few days staring at his crotch trying to determine what he had down there until you decided to ask.
You weren’t developing a crush on him! It was just a purely scientific curiosity.
That’s what you kept telling yourself anyways.

“Just wondering! Y’know! C-Can’t really tell through all the clothes haha!”
You laugh just a bit too loud and slap yourself internally for it.
The last thing you wanted to do was further your own embarrassment.

“Huh. Alright.”
And with that, he returned to his book, feather still refusing to smooth down.

Your heart is beating like crazy, mind running wild with this confirmation.
Now you had a whole different racket of questions you wanted to ask him, but you had to draw the line somewhere if you were to maintain a friendship.

Why were you thinking of him in this way now?
It wasn’t something you could undo, stuck in a weird mixture of admiration and attraction for him.
On a few occasions you’d given him friendly kisses on his beak, which he seemed to appreciate.
That was really the extent of your outward affection for him though.
He didn’t extend any towards you.

But now you started to think on what maybe could count.
Often you took naps together, him spooning you, limbs tangled together.
Sometimes you’d wake up before him and just nuzzle closer into his chest and fall back asleep.
Could that count? Friends did that, right?

You’d hold his hand whenever you were walking around with him, he started doing that when you were kids because you had such a habit of running off to look at something that’d caught your interest and he liked keeping you nearby.
Neither of you commented on it, doing it naturally now.
Sometimes it proved beneficial since you still would attempt to wander away.
Though people hold hands all the time! That’s not really affection as it’s more caring.

Whenever you were alone with him like this, you’d sometimes sit in his lap while he’d hold a book out in front.
He read quick but you adapted and now it was easy to burn through a novel in just a few hours.
It was always nice to be close to him, his head resting on top of yours.
Everyone reads with someone at some point, that’s not really special.

You never really spent much alone time with anyone besides him so it was hard to tell what could be read into and what couldn’t.
A few times, he’d told you that he loved you.
It wasn’t ever a dire situation, like he needed to say it or anything, you’d just be relaxing with him and he’d say it quietly.
You’d return it and that’s when you’d kiss him.
But, yet again, he most likely saw you as just a friend and that was just how deeply your friendship went!

It did make your heart ache to think about him with anyone else but you just wanted him to pick someone that he’d really enjoy being with, and there wasn’t anyone compatible yet.
You knew almost everything about him so if anyone would know it’d be you.

As far as intimacy went there wasn’t anything at all to think of.
Maybe some tense moments but you could chalk that up to thinking too deeply into things.
Both of you could be very shy when it came to things like that so if the opportunity ever came up it was quickly shut down by the lack of eye contact or whatever coping mechanism was used.

You knew you did love him, through and through.
But was it really LOVE love?
What would that even mean?
Of course you wanted to spend every waking moment with him, and felt really sad when you had to spend more than a day apart, that was how having a best friend worked.
Despite not talking a lot you both knew so much about each other, personal things you’d never tell anyone else but him.

So why was it so hard to read this situation, why did it keep changing?
Why did it scare you this much?

“Hey, Hey,” he cooed to you, gently grabbing your hand, “are you feeling alright?”

When you came back out of your thoughts you realized you’d screwed your face up like you always did when something bothered you.
Quickly you offered him a smile, squeezing his hand reassuringly.

“Mhm! Just, thinking! About nothing in particular!”, you tacked on the last four words a bit stilted, hoping to wave away any weird vibes you’d put out.

“You know you can talk to me.”

That deflated your sense of false confidence, the familiar phrase pulling at your heart.
God it was stupid how good he was at reading you, unfair really.
It was impossible to hide things from him.

“I am, and I’m saying everything's fine! Just thinking about upcoming exams and stuff!”
Quickly you added another thought.
“Please don’t think this has anything to do with me asking about your, um, I swear that was just curiosity and I-I didn’t mean to bother you with it!”

“That’s not what’s bothering me, you’re acting off. Somethings wrong and while you don’t have to tell me, I want to help if I can.”
He tugs you closer and you follow the learned signal, crawling over to sit in his lap.
Even if the issue was directly tied to him it was still endlessly comforting to sit here.
It made you feel safe.

There’s a pause, but the silence isn’t uncomfortable in the least.
He’s giving you time to think and you’re making the most of it, resting the side of your face against his chest.

“Fumi…” you start, trailing off before you can say anything else.

He ‘hm’s in response, running a hand up and down your back in a soothing manner.
The way he could be so tender with you despite maintaining a cold exterior to most others always got to you and made you feel special.

“You ever considered having a girlfriend?”

When he chuckled you felt it as much as you heard it, your cheeks reheating as your mind ran to try and think of a way to make it a joke in case that’s how he took it.

“Sure, I’ve considered it.”

Your lips parted in a small ‘o’ as that small victory went straight to your diminished confidence.
It sounded mildly sarcastic but hey you took what you could get.

“Who would you pick? If you knew they’d say yes?”

He hummed in thought, weaving his fingers through your hair just how he knew you liked, the tingles making you smile and nearly purr.

“You know my tastes. Who do you think?”

That made your heart stop for a moment, being put on the spot tensing you while he seemed unfairly relaxed.
It was hard to come up with anyone to say that wouldn’t either make you upset or be unreasonable.
Thankfully he didn’t let you dwell long, gently pushing you back by your shoulders so he could look at you.

“You’re thinking too hard.”

“I-I’m in love with you Fumi.”

The breath in your lungs hitches as you realize you let that slip out, waiting for him to react in any other way that he does.
Which is to get that warm expression he does when he’s extra affectionate, cupping your face in his hands while he nuzzles against you, basically his own version of a kiss.

“That’s very cute, but what’s actually bothering you?”

Hearing him say that shatters the brief high you’d gotten, tilting your head in his hands.
“I just… I just said it? To be more clear, I um, I’d really like to be your girlfriend.”

He goes stiff and his feathers poof out fully, eyes wide.
“You weren’t already!?”

Immediately the humor of such a monumental miscommunication isn’t lost on you, leaning into his hold on you while you break down into laughter, holding onto his forearms.
Absolutely all the fear and hesitation that’d been drowning you evaporated into nothing.
Though he seemed to be heartily embarrassed.

“When did you first assume that! And why have you never said anything!”

“It seemed obvious to me! You said you loved me too so I just kinda went with it! I’m sorry!”

Usually he’s a master at keeping emotions hidden but you don’t think you’ve ever seen him so stirred up over something.
To help, you reach a hand out and pet along his head to smooth the feathers back down.
You lean forward to press a kiss to the front of his beak, hugging him close.

“It’s fine, you had me all to yourself way before this anyways.”

Chapter Text

The moment you left his sight he scrambled off the floor and took off after you.
He was thankful to find you’d slowed down once a decent distance away, calling out your name to get your attention.

You sniffle and turn to face him with a full scowl, stopping him dead in his tracks.
“What the fuck do you want!?”

“I-I’m sorry! We didn’t hear you come in, I would’ve never-!”

“Oh so you would’ve just kept all that shit to yourself! Kept making me…”
Your throat tightens enough to stifle the words you wanted to say, so completely overwhelmed with emotion.
To combat this you suck in a breath of air, pushing the heel of your hand into one eye to try and stop the flow of tears.
“What could you possibly have left to say to me?”

He hesitates to meet your searing gaze, stammering so heavily there’s no coherency to any of it until he manages to work past it.
“I just wanted to make it up to you!”

“Make what up to me! I wanted to come talk to you so I could tell you I didn’t fucking care about yesterday, but I knew you would! I wanted to spare your pride a-and even risk my own by admitting that I-!”
Again, you choke, a sob breaking through as your knees buckle.
“But that doesn’t fucking matter, does it!”

Being in the hallway while you raise your voice to him makes him incredibly nervous, forcing him to scan both directions every other second.
“W-We really shouldn’t be doing this here, can we just have a talk in like, another room?”

“No! If you’re so willing to blab about my ‘hentai pussy’ then I’ll do this wherever I please!”

He flinches and cringes at the same time, “Please don’t-!”

“What the fuck were you saying to convince Bakugou that I’m so easy to get into, huh!? There isn’t a goddamned thing wrong with liking what I do, my body my rules and the newest one is making sure you never fucking touch me again!”
Fully enraged, you turn to leave again, stopped when he grabs your arm.
You roughly yank out of his grasp and curl your nose up in disgust.
“Do that again and I will break your hand.”

“Please, please I promise that it wasn’t what it looked like! We say stupid shit to each other all the time and none of it means anything!”
He practically begs, eyes finally meeting yours with nothing but remorse.
It’s genuine but it does little to put out the fire he’d lit.

“Does it? Does it?? Has anything you’ve said to me meant anything? Does anything you say to anyone?”
You’ve stopped crying, though you feel like you might restart if you linger too long on this track of thought.
“I really did believe that…. Somehow, I could’ve meant more to you than something to fuck. I want to hear you out but how can I even be sure you aren’t lying to me just to get what you want?”
Quickly, your anger dies down into a low heat, the heavy sadness overtaking it.
Everything you’re saying just adds to the weight on your heart, yet you can’t stop yourself, staring off into the floor.
“Kaminari while it was fun to flirt and play around I got really attached to you. I wanted to come ask you out today, and retry yesterday, slower and with more purpose. Despite how you talked to all the other girls like you did with me I somehow let myself believe I wasn’t the same to you. Without realizing it, I fell in love with you. Like a fucking idiot I thought maybe you had too.”

The way he wasn’t responding fueled the sinking feeling eating you alive.
Being so vulnerable wasn’t the plan you’d had but you couldn’t take back what you’d said.
Digging past the anger of being exposed, it became apparent you were hurt.
You looked back up at him with the intention of asking why he was so quiet but it sucked the air out of your lungs to see the state he was in.

Seeing him cry without even blinking was something almost alien.
At this point you’d almost been convinced he wasn’t capable of crying to begin with.
In all the media you had consumed and breakdowns you’d witnessed, it’s hard to say you’ve ever seen someone look so completely destroyed.

It is so endlessly confusing to you.
What the fuck was going on between you two?
It’d evolved past what you could understand so you didn’t try.
Instead of following through on your instinct to run, you closed the gap and embraced him.

“I’m so fucking sorry, please, I’m sorry,” he nearly whispered as he tightened his arms around you, breath stuttering as he held back from falling apart any further.
On loop he repeated various ways of expressing that he was sorry, that he didn’t mean it, that he’d do anything if you’d forgive him.
While you weren’t sure if you would, you still relaxed into his hold, letting him try to fix things.

When you brought your head up to get another look at his face, he did the same, eyes pleading with you.
There’s another emotion you can’t quite read but it’s quickly explained when he kisses you.
Immediately you place both hands on his chest to shove him, though strangely you can’t bring yourself to do it.
As mad as you had been, and as confused as you are, it’s difficult to say you actually want him away from you.
He’s being incredibly soft and tender, so unlike how he’d kissed you last time.
It was obvious he wanted something else from you now.

Your heart picked up as you felt him pull back, actually so dazed you followed him for a moment.
His hand cups the side of your face, wiping the still wet tear lines away.

“I know you’re rightfully pissed at me, if you never want to talk to me again after this I would never blame you, but can I please let you know the truth first?”

You nod up at him, watching him swallow his highly prized pride.
“I’ve really been into you for a while, I liked the other girls too but you make me feel… Differently, to say the least. I kinda used them for target practice so I could use the most effective things on you, I wanted you to like me really badly. I-It all happened so fast, I thought I’d have more control, hearing you say my name like that…”

Your ears go red at the mention, unable to keep looking directly at him.

“I got so scared you’d want nothing to do with me, that you were gonna come talk to me about how creepy I am or whatever else. So, I asked my friends on what I could possibly do to keep you from hating me. Bakugou said that, um, it’d be helpful to make you feel good so to speak. I say stupid shit around them all the time just so I don’t look like an absolute loser.”

A thoughtful hum escapes you, processing what he’s said while trying to determine any lies.
Even if it’s a totally fucked situation you can’t avoid finding it cute that he’d of been trying so hard to prevent exactly what happened anyways.
It made sense, a lot of his behavior made sense when you thought about it this way.

“To cut the shit, and be fully honest… I'd definitely say yes to going out with you. I’m just stupid.”

You giggle at that, calming down considerably now that things started to clear up.
Such a confession was hard to deny, especially coming from him of all people.

“Kaminari, you’re very confusing to be around. I can’t tell if I want to hit you, or kiss you again.”

Chapter Text

When you were about two years old, your family made a huge move from America to Japan.
Your father found suitable hero work there so that’s where you stayed.
His quirk worked much like a wolfs, giving him heightened senses and much more mobility.
Naturally you inherited the physical aspects such as a tail and ears, though much of you remained human like your mother.

Growing up, you quickly bonded with your neighbor's son, Katsuki Bakugou.
Your fiery and determined attitude worked really well with him and he made for an excellent playmate since he could handle the roughness of wrestling around.
Sometimes you clashed somewhat violently because of that but hey it was infrequent enough that it wasn’t a permanent or urgent issue.

You two were inseparable, spending a near unhealthy amount of time with each other, this carried well into your schooling years.
Despite claiming you had your own intentions, you did follow him like a lost puppy.
Whatever he wanted to do was whatever you wanted to do.
Over time, it became obvious to everyone but you and him that you’d do anything for him.

You were dangerously defensive over him, snapping at people who questioned or pushed at him while you were around.
If he ever brought that up you’d deny it up and down.
It made you seriously upset when other people touched him or got to speak with him more than you, heavily sulking and pouting until either he called you out or someone else did.

When you had his attention all to yourself, you loved to spar with him more than anything else.
It wasn’t like it was a special activity but still it felt like something between you and him.
During training you had to work with other people, sure, but doing it alone with him was way different.

Currently you were waiting for him to come back to his room so you could ask him to do just that.
He entered, totally unperturbed you were already inside since you’d made a habit of coming in anytime you wanted.

“Hey! Lets go practice!”, you chirp as you hop off his bed.

“Nah, I just finished up doing that with Kirishima for the past hour.”

“Uh! What the fuck dude!”

“What!? Fucks your problem? I didn’t promise you anything today!”

You pout as you often do, heavily with your arms crossed, ears pointed downwards.
“Yeah but why would you go run off with him like that! I’m right here!”

He rolls his eyes and matches your stance with his standard snarl, coming to stand right in front of you.
The height difference did nothing to make you back down.
“I can do what I want. He asked me first. Either way I need to branch out and win against different people who actually provide a challenge.”

You scoff and throw your hands at your sides after balling them into fists, stomping your foot down to accent the display.
“I do provide a challenge, you don’t win every time you asshole! I bet he was really terrible at it, not nearly as fun as me!”

The way his face scrunches up a moment makes you narrow your eyes, not sure what he’s thinking about.
When a big grin breaks out you double down on looking angry with him.

“You’re jealous of him.”

That makes you nearly explode, snorting out a scoff and shaking your head.
“Not in your wildest fucking dreams! I am NOT jealous!”

“Yes, yes you are.”

“Stop talking so calmly!! I just said I’m not so I’m not! Shut the fuck up!”

He only smiles wide, leaning closer into your personal space, gently flicking your nose.
“You totally are, I can see it all over you.”

You swat at his hand and growl, tail bristling as you go fully defensive.
“I said shut the fuck up! There’s nothing jealous about me! I just don’t think you should be spending your time with such a loser!”

Easily he grabs your hand, tilting his head and speaking with such a mocking tone you have to keep down the urge to bite him.
“Oh? And, just who do you recommend replacing him? If not him, then who?”

With a harsh yank you get your hand back, pushing on his chest and getting even more frustrated when he doesn’t budge.
“Shut up! Shut up I said shut up!”

“Why should I? You’re the one freaking out.”

You scream, freaking out.

“It’s adorable that you get so upset just because I spent an hour with someone else, you’re all pink in the face over it. That’s jealousy if I’ve ever seen it.”

“I’m not upset and I’m not jealous! I just don’t like you accusing me of things that I’m not! You’re a fucking idiot!”

Despite how you look fit to maul him, he finds himself perfectly comfortable grabbing one of your ears, delicately massaging it between his fingers.
The action almost instantly starts working to calm you down, feeling so good you lean into it without realizing it.
Though you’re still pouting, the raging fire has simmered down greatly.

“I can’t only spar with you, I do need to improve my technique.”
He speaks as he continues, now using both hands for both ears.

You huff, “Well why can’t you do that with me? I can change my fighting style, do different things.”

“Why is this so important to you? We hang out a fuck ton outside of doing that so whats the difference.”
In his voice you can hear the annoyance, making you wince internally.

“Because he’s got his stupid hands all over you.”

“So you should be the only person allowed to touch me?”

You’d been lightly hypnotized by the way he’d fiddling with your ears, stomach sinking as you’ve trapped yourself in by saying that.
Still, you try to wiggle out of the implication.

“No! Just, that, well! Why’s it even matter, you’re not listening to me anyways! God is it too much to ask that you pay me a little attention from time to time!?”
You grab at his wrists and pull his hands away, tossing them away.

“You dumbass you’re already here! What do you call this!? You even sleep in here most nights, how the fuck can I possibly give you more attention! Do you wanna be attached at the fuckin hip!”

“S-Shut up! It’s just comfortable in here is all, not a crime to have preference! S-So what if I like to touch you a lot, there’s nothing wrong with that!”

“So you admit that you’re upset about me sparring with Kirishima because you like touching me!”

“Yea, whatever! So what!”, you shout as you throw your arms up, sitting back on his bed forcefully enough to bounce a few times, “Not a fucking crime is it! It’s contact, I’m part wolf you know, it’s personal!”

“You don’t get enough fuckin’ contact already!?”

“Maybe I just want your actual attention, not the passive ‘while-I-work’ bullshit!”

“I have to do other shit besides enable your needy ass, you should be grateful I allow you to do all the shit you do!”

“I’m not fucking needy!”

“That’s right, you’re needy AND jealous!”

You can’t handle anymore slander being tossed at you, lunging off the bed and tackling him to the floor with a loud growl.
He goes down but flips you underneath him the moment he makes full connection with the ground, holding your wrists together in one hand above your head.
Squirming around somewhat violently gets you free, pushing him by his chest so he returned to the original position, except now you were straddling him.
As you grab one of his arms to twist, he shoves you backwards hard enough that you tumble off.
That disorients you long enough for him to pin you down, his chest against your back and your face partially mashed into the floor.
You can’t reach him like this, so you get up on your knees before he’s able to hold your hips flat down, wiggling like before to see it you can escape.

But, it doesn’t work, all it does is make him grunt strangely as your tail awkwardly presses into his stomach.
To submit so he’ll get off, you relax, your rear settling against his crotch.
At first you have no idea what’s pressed between your ass, rolling up into it and nearly squeaking when he makes the same noise.
You go red as a tomato, staying still.

“Giving up? Say it, say you’re giving up!”
He says with the usual grit, tugging one of your arms backwards.

You yelp in pain, no longer willing to go gently into defeat.
“I’m not giving up, I just want your boner out of my ass!”

“Don’t distract and fuckin’ lie, say you’re done!”

Just to prove a point you resume rubbing up against him, definitely winning by the way he lets go of your arm and sits upright to grab at your hips, letting a soft ‘fuck’ slip past his lips.
You’ve already started crawling away when he shoves you forward, falling onto your face with zero grace.

“Hey! Asshole, don’t push me!”

“Serves you right!”

“Oh, for fucking what!”, you get back to your feet, seeing that he’s sat down on his bed.

“I’m not a perv, I didn’t have a hard on!”

“You're not the one who had it practically inside them! Yes, you did!”

He glares at you, pointedly gesturing to your outfit, “Like it’s my fucking fault even if I did!”

“What are you even talking about!?”, knowing full well you’re wearing your normal outfit of shorts and a t-shirt you can’t humor that it’s somehow provocative.

“Those things have your ass hanging out of them! It’s like you want guys to stare!”

For a moment, you’re so mad you can’t even speak.
“.... Don’t shift the blame like that, christ! If you’re so confident that you don’t then just lay down! If there’s nothing there, then there wasn’t to begin with!”
You put your hands on your hips, waiting expectantly.

“I don’t have to prove shit to you!”

“Then that means you’re admitting you’re guilty!”

He nearly jumps up, getting right in your face to try and make you back down.
“No the fuck it does not! Shut your fuckin’ mouth!”

You don’t fold in the least, if anything leaning in close enough that your nose bumps into his.
“Fuck you, I will not! You just know I’m right!”

“Jealous bitch!”

“Stuck up bastard!”

The staring contest you’re having is intense, full of tension that threatens to explode if you so much as blink.
Suddenly, there’s a shift in the energy, gaze softening for just a split second before he mashes his mouth onto yours.
He grabs you by the upper arms and you brace your hands on his chest, no part of you fighting the change in expressing the shared aggression.

You only part from him once you’re out of breath, mouth left parted open lazily as you open your eyes, unsure of when you’d closed them.
Bakugou was actually blushing, looking at you as if he’s having a hard time with something.
Which did scare you a bit since he was always so sure of himself.

“You’re fucking stupid, but I know you’re mine.”

“... What..?”

He grimaces and collects himself for a moment before speaking through gritted teeth.
“I’m asking your dumbass to be my girlfriend.”

“That’s not really asking, you didn’t even phrase it as a question!”

“Well what’s your fucking answer!”

“Of course it’s yes, I’m not completely braindead,” you smile and kiss him on the cheek, very pleased to know he was a sucker for you and had been for probably some time, “only stipulation is that you tell me before you rub yourself all over another person. In return I’ll ignore all the boners you pop around me because I’m just that cute.”

You giggle while he rolls his eyes, enjoying his embarrassment.
“For one, fine, I’ll fuckin’ ask you. For two,”
He grabs your ass roughly and even lifts you up onto your tip toes, smirking at the surprised noise you make and the look on your face as you hold onto him.
“If you’re my girlfriend, you better pay attention.”

Chapter Text

It was late, irresponsibly late to be doing what you were doing.
Though it was hard to think about it when he’d been kissing you so passionately it was making your jaw sore and holding you close like if he let you go he’d lose you forever.
Innocently enough you were supposed to be sleeping with him in the usual sense but you couldn’t ever resist his advances.
He never took you suddenly, anytime he wanted to do something intimate he made sure to take his time.

“Babe,” you breathlessly call out once he gives you room to do so, looking up at your boyfriend as he trailed his hand along one of the legs hooked around him, “ S’ late…”

“Is it really? I guess I hadn’t noticed.”
The way he comments on your thought is almost like he hasn’t heard it at all, sucking a small mark onto your collarbone while he palms you through the fabric of your bra.

“Yes, it is, we should stop soon…”
The clock on your bedside table read 1:24AM, just looking at that made you tired.
Quickly you regain some energy when his teeth graze the underside of your breast, the cup pulled up so he can have access.

“Baby” you try to interject, drawing your fingers through his hair, “it’s already past one in the morning.”
He hums as if he didn’t have that go in one ear and out the other, the bulge hidden by his sweatpants that's pressing into you starts to make you consider changing your mind.
Without any strain he reaches a hand under you to undo the clasp on your bra, so practiced at doing it that it’s not an issue, taking it off you and tossing it away.

He pinches your nipple between his thumb and pointer finger just enough to have you tense the legs wrapped around him, whining pleasurably.
When his tongue drags over the other you arch your back, wanting more of the unique sensation.
Using just the right amount of suction when he takes it into his mouth makes you squirm, panting hotly between more whines and whimpers now that he’s started to slowly roll his hips down into yours.
Knowing he’s hard as a rock just from touching and kissing you gives you some pride, to have such an effect on such a perfect man was feeding directly into your love for him.

But the hazy fog that’d taken over your mind clears out with another glance to the clock, seeing that somehow half an hour had passed.
As you go to say something he presses another kiss to your lips, even in near pitch black he hasn’t missed any targets yet.
You tug on his hair when he uses a thumb to gently open your mouth, not wanting to get wrapped up in another hour-long make out session.

The moment you can speak, you do, as he’s already trying to kiss you again.
Hearing his own name is finally what makes him stop, so you continue.
“Angel, you’ve got things to do tomorrow, which is now technically today, I’m having fun but it’s late.”

He takes a look at the clock, and you can feel him shrug.
“I’ve got at least an hour before it becomes a problem, I’ve run on less sleep before.”

Again he cuts off something you try to say with another kiss, but this one is brief as he trails them from your jaw to down the side of your neck.
“If I promise you we can pick this back up tomorrow morning, would that work?”

A sharp nip makes you jolt and giggle reflexively, feeling him smile against your skin.
“Don’t you want to finish? If you’re even half as horny as me I know you do.”
It’s a murmur but you hear it clearly, blushing deeply from the wording.

His hand settles on your hip, tugging slightly on the waistband of your panties just as a silent question for permission as he peppers more affection onto you.
You put your hand over his and push down so he starts to slide them off, internally sighing as you wave goodbye to the standard seven hours of sleep a night.
But, on the bright side, he never fails to make you cum at least two times.

Chapter Text

A few weeks had passed since you and your now official boyfriend finally sorted things out.
Though, you still had an issue.
It wasn’t as if you’d become less willing to partake in physical affection or be near him, far from it, but there was an aspect of physical affection that you didn’t know how to approach.
You were sure that if you just asked him about it that he wouldn’t get angry or anything, but you couldn’t figure out how.

Even now, as you sat in his lap while pretending to read with him, though it wasn’t hard for your mind to drift when his shirtless chest was up against you, you tried to think of a way to voice the desire.
And how to react or handle it if he said no.
Part of you was just scared to lose your virginity, you’d heard so many things about how it hurts.
But it only has to hurt once, and it doesn’t last forever.

Maybe it’d be best to not start out straight at the top, there were quite a few steps below that you could suggest.
Did he even have a sex drive? Not once had you ever seen him do anything that’d suggest he did.
Only one way to find out.

“Can I ask you something? Before I do, know you can just give a yes or a no.”

He doesn’t respond but he closes the book, keeping his hand on the page, which you took as an agreement to answer.
It was way easier to ask when you didn’t have to look directly at him.

“Do you masturbate?”

Above you, he takes a second to either think or recover.
“... Yes.”

“Can I ask why?”

He shifts around so you’re sitting more on his legs, setting the book aside entirely.
“What do you mean by that?”

“Like, is it more of a health thing or is it something you like to do?”

“Something I like to do.”

“How often?”

“A few times a week at least.”


“I can’t even think of when you’d have the time, you’re so busy and I’m around in most of your spare time!”

“It just depends on if things line up properly.”

You think for a moment, deciding to try saying something risky, sliding out of his lap so you could sit on your knees in front of him, running a hand along his inner thigh.
“Just because I’m here doesn’t mean you can’t, Fumi.”

While he doesn’t say anything, he also doesn’t stop you, and you know he never does things he doesn’t want too.
So with excitement coursing through your body, you rest your hand at the seat of his pants and scoot closer, parting his legs further apart.

“What do you think about? What’s your favorite thing to fantasize about?”
You gently grab at the somewhat already firm package beneath his loose pants, maintaining an inflated sense of confidence to take the lead.

“Having sex with you.”

Such a blunt answer reminds you of just who you’re with, blushing and squeezing while meeting his eyes.
He lets out a low groan, you can feel him getting harder by the second.
When you remove your hand to see the newly formed bulge, he stuffs his own into his pants.
It’s difficult to tell exactly what he’s doing, but based on the way he’s breathing it feels really good.

You watch with interest, somehow blushing harder then he pulls his cock free of its confines, now fully erect.
It’s bigger than you thought it’d be and immediately you get nervous about fitting that inside you.
Though that’s quickly forgotten when he starts to stroke himself, leaning down a bit when you want a better look.
He stares down your shirt without you noticing since you’re occupied elsewhere, a drop of pre leaking out.

“... Fumi are you..?”
You’re not sure what that is, knowing no matter what it’s too early for anything to be coming out.

“It’s pre-cum,” he starts a sentence but stops when you run the flat of your tongue against the head of his cock, a very distinct yet light taste coming from the substance.

“Oh, I guess I should’ve asked! Sorry!”
The way he shudders is unreadable to you since this is such unfamiliar territory, so you close your mouth and sit back up.
Internally you’re praying he isn’t off-put by that, acting on impulse the more comfortable you get.

“Don’t, you’ve done nothing wrong.”
It’s very reassuring to hear him say that, recouping from your own awkwardness quickly.

“How long does it take you?”, you ask as he resumes stroking himself, playing with the fabric of your skirt subconsciously.

“That entirely depends on what I’m looking at or thinking about.”

“Do you… W-Would it help you if I…?”
You can barely ask but you hope the implication fills in any blanks, sitting up and lifting your skirt up.
Not really expecting to do this today, you wore light pink panties, your body heating up with embarrassment as you hope he doesn’t mind.
Though when his feathers lift ever so slightly it lets you know he either doesn’t care, or he’s into it.

“Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

“But what do you want..?”

“Show me how you please yourself.”

He says it so straightforwardly, almost commandingly.
Still you wonder how he’s keeping his cool so well.
The best position for this that you can think of is to lay down right in front of him, legs apart and on either side of his.
You hadn’t been paying attention to it until now but you’d gotten very wet from this, the dark spot on your panties giving it away now that you were so open.

“Can I take these off you?”, he asks politely, waiting until you nod to pull the pastel fabric off you, closing your legs so he doesn't stretch it.
Even though you’re nervous you open them back up, your knees by your sides, completely exposing your lower half to him.

The way his eyes widen and dilate at the sight is lost on you, unable to look away from his cock since being so vulnerable like this only heightened how much of a turn on it was to watch.
You began to do as he asked, running two fingers through the slick you’d made before drawing a circle around your clit, finally getting friction you didn’t realize you really wanted.

A whine escaped you as you pressed them against your entrance, sinking them in slowly.
That pace didn’t last, upgrading to match his own strokes once you could.
When your thighs started to quiver from being tensed you let them relax and fall completely open, once they were in range he grabbed at the tender inner flesh and squeezed.
You give a soft call of his name in response which only makes him do it again, trying to get your fingers in you as far in as you can.

It does appeal to you that he has both longer and thicker fingers than you, finding yourself staring at the hand on your thigh.
You pull out of yourself and use your other hand to take his, sliding it upward until his palm is flat against your heated core.
He gently kneads against you, the stimulation wildly different when it’s from someone else, biting on your lip.
The urge to roll up into his ministrations is too strong, allowing your eyes to close, holding his wrist.

When he stops you open them back up and whimper at the lack of contact, but it’s quickly fixed as you feel one of his fingers tentatively prod at your entrance.
The look on his face says he’s focused and you easily assess he’s worried about hurting you, with how wet you are right now that’s nearly impossible.
So since you’ve a grip on his wrist you help push him forward, sighing contentedly at the slightly strange feeling of something being inside you.
He lets you control how fast and how deep the digit reaches into you, and you’re not satisfied with just one.
You straighten out another that he’d curled into his hand, and add it in.
It feels so much better than your own, even more so when he starts to move on his own.
His thumb works against your clit at the same time, making your breath hitch.
The moment the word ‘faster’ falls from your lips he obeys, resting your head back onto the bed.

Within a couple minutes he’s gone from letting you slowly lead him along right into finger fucking you senseless.
The noises you’re making can’t be helped, keening into this entirely and with some restraint to not be too loud though when he presses up against a very sensitive spot within you it can’t be helped.
He picks up on that, after some trial and error he manages to figure out exactly what makes you clench down on his fingers like a vice.
You have to bite on the side of your own hand to keep from screaming, your eyes getting watery as the overwhelming amount of pleasure turns your brain into mush while your body stays tense.
“F-Fumi I-I!”, is all you can get out before you reach climax, crying out incoherently and starting to shake when he doesn’t stop.

He quits when you tug on his wrist, pulling his drenched hand away entirely while you catch your breath and come back down from the brief high.
Once you’re more collected you attempt to sit up, having to force your legs to cooperate.
While you recovered he’d started working on himself at full speed, using your own slick to ease and enhance the process.

When pleasuring himself he didn’t make a lot of noise, so when he harshly groaned out a small chain of ‘fuck’ while he thrusts up into his hand, it relights the blush you’d had earlier.
You’d never seen a boy cum before, watching with a mix of lust and curiosity as the pearl white fluid shot out and landed messily over his chest.
He continued to pump for a few seconds before letting go, flinching slightly when you draw your pointer finger across his stomach purely to put it in your mouth.

The taste is just a more intense version of what you’d tasted earlier, although it was something you were unused to it you didn’t find it all that bad.
It occurs to you that for the second time you didn’t ask, meeting his eyes to apologize.
Though, from the look he’s giving you, it’s very obvious you don’t need too.

Chapter Text

Quite honestly, you weren’t the biggest fan of sparring.
Of course that didn’t mean you’d say no to whenever he asked you.
Kind of aggressive at times but hey it proved to be fun whenever you won.

This time, he outsmarted you, and bound your feet to your wrists.
It happened so quickly you barely registered what happened, one moment about to lunge at him, the next you were on your back and entirely helpless.
For sure it was a strange position to be in, having to keep your legs open and up because of your arms.

“Ah goddamnit! I think that’s the fastest you’ve managed to do something like this.”, you comment as you tug on the new restraints, finding you can’t break the tape.
“Can you please get a knife or something?”

You look up at him when he doesn’t respond, to find him staring down at you, pink across his cheeks.
That is so very unusual it’s nearly unbelievable, you can’t understand what’s got him frozen in place.

“Hey?”, you try again but to no avail.

It takes a few minutes, his eyes flicking up to yours seeming to be what breaks his spell.
Without a word he grabs a pair of scissors from across the room and kneels down to cut you free.

“So, wanna explain that? Did you not expect to win? Did I do something wrong?”

“Huh? No! There’s nothing you did wrong! It’s fine!”, he gets defensive, avoiding looking at you for too long now.
That just confuses you further.

“Well what happened! You just stared at me for like five whole minutes while I was-!”
Suddenly, it all clicks into place.
Just for curiosity's sake you glance down at his crotch and immediately notice the hard on he’s sporting. How you missed it before this is a mystery.
Your face must show your realization, because he backs up and tugs his shirt down over it smoothly.

“Whatever you’re thinking, that isn’t it!”

“It totally is! Oh my god, Sero!”, you can’t help but giggle uncontrollably, not at all disgusted but rather fascinated and entertained.
“How long have you been into bondage, ey?”

“S-Shut up! I’m not!”

With both of you still being on the floor, it’s fairly easy to yank the shirt up, now having definite proof.
“You can lie but your body is doing a shit job dude.”

He slaps your hand away and grimaces as you continue to laugh.

“Oh c’mon! Don’t pout like that, I’m not gonna tell anyone! Besides, we’re in your room anyways, not like anyone even saw besides me. I’ll just take it as a compliment!”

“It’s embarrassing! Please, don’t tell anyone.”

You make a ‘psh’ and roll of your eyes.
“Totally! I wouldn’t ever! But, I will tell you this, I’ll let you tie me up anytime if you just make it worth my time, okay?”

It’s exciting to watch his reaction, which was mostly getting even redder.
While part of you was making a joke you were still interested to see what he’d say.
Though, that seemed to shut him down.
So you stepped on the gas.

You couldn’t help the giggles bubbling out as you laced your arms over his shoulders and pulled him closer, giving him the neediest look you could manage.
“Does that not sound like fun? Isn’t this a sign you want to have me at your mercy again?”
To punctuate the ‘this’, you draw a finger along his erection, feeling it twitch even through the layers of clothing.

Still, he can’t say anything, his mind drawing an obvious blank as his various attempts to speak fail.
Taking his not pushing you away as a sign, dipping your hand below the waistband of his pants to lightly grope him through the thin material of his boxers.
“Or, maybe, you’d like to be at mine?”, you say with a sweeter tone, using both hands to tug both layers down.
He watches as you take his cock and curl your fingers around it, a huff of air coming from him as you slowly start to pump.
At first he seems to really enjoy that, though after a solid minute passes, he gets impatient.

When he puts his hand over yours and tries to force you to go faster, you don’t let him.
Keeping the movement almost painfully slow is making him desperate quickly, obvious in the way his eyes are half lidded and he keeps bucking upwards.
Though whenever he lifts his hips you stop entirely for a few seconds as punishment, a nice little whine sounding each time.

You lean close to him and lick a long stripe up the side of his neck, playfully biting at his ear.
To further the tease you squeeze down a bit and speed up your stroking.
Hearing him moan so openly adds to the growing need between your legs, continuing to keep at that pace while you nip at his throat, the way his cock throbs signaling to you that he must be close, and that’s cemented when he really starts thrusting upwards.

The moment you let go he groans from the lack of contact, looking incredibly frustrated and almost upset.
But you don’t let him sit on it long, kissing him with a smile, though when he starts to move his lips against your own you pull away.

Still smiling, you get to your feet, leaving him sitting on the floor, cock out and miserably edged.
“You’ve got my number, right? Feel free to call me whenever you wanna talk!”

He tries to think of something to say but settles for a nod, which you return before promptly leaving.

Not even an hour passes before your phone rings.

Chapter Text

Knowing Toshinori since childhood came with a lot of perks.
Namely, having a spare key to All Might’s house.
You’d been close to him for pretty much your entire life, that didn’t change when he got serious about his hero training.
That meant you saw him less on average, though you always made time for each other.

Now that you were both young adults, living out on their own, balancing work with a social life, it became an unspoken ritual that every Saturday you’d go over to his place and have dinner with him.
Of course he’d text you beforehand if he had a shift or an emergency came up, but that rarely happened.

This week had been exceptionally tough on you in more than a few ways, so you were very much looking forward to unwinding with him.
Despite being so fun-loving and kind, he had a huge issue with completely relaxing.
It was understandable that a hero would want to be on guard but when he was entirely alone with you it did upset you a bit.

He wasn’t much of a drinker, neither were you, but that seemed to be the best option you had.
Anytime you brought over any variety of alcohol he wouldn’t have much of it, even though he was practically a giant it didn’t take much to get him sloshed and he knew that.
You weren’t sure if you had a higher tolerance than him since you never pushed that limit.

This time around, you brought two bottles of wine.
Just in case he didn’t like one type since you couldn’t remember his exact preferences.
Fortunately when you presented them to him there wasn’t any fuss, he liked them both.
A little too much.
Neither of you had been keeping track of the amount since both of you assumed the other was doing it.

Much like you’d hoped he was loosening up, but what you hadn’t anticipated was how playful he was.
Physically he’d never been overly touchy with you, not like he refused or anything but it was rare he’d share contact with anyone longer than a moment.
This changed entirely once he got drunk enough.

His affectionate nature shot through, nearly treating you like a teddy bear, which he could do even if you were rejecting it, he was terrifyingly strong.
Though, it felt very nice to have such things from him since you didn’t get it anywhere.
Currently you were sitting on his couch wrapped up in the best hug of your life, he had you in his lap and was practically nuzzling into you.
The rhythmic beat of his head and steady rise of his chest was putting you to sleep a bit, so comfortable you nearly did pass out.

“Toshi…”, you murmur as you lift your head up, grabbing onto his shoulders for leverage, “Toshi can I stay over? I’m a bit… I think I’m a bit drunk.”
You felt somewhat dizzy, but it was nice, it was easy to tell he felt much of the same way from the dopey grin he had.

“Sure, don’t mind. Wanna stay like this?”
He accents his sentence by tightening his arms for a second, making you ‘oh!’ since you didn’t expect it.

“Mmm, s’ the time?”
You look around for a clock, but you can’t really focus long enough to process much of what you’re looking at.

“Ahhh fuck, Tosh’, ‘m kinda messed up right now. But, I like saying your name!”, you boop him on the nose as gently as someone in your condition can.

“Would ya like to be screaming it?”

That’s so raunchy you snort before breaking down into laughter, slapping at his chest.
“God, don’t think that’s very heroic of you is it!”

He laughs with you, brushing your hair out of your face.
You’d closed your eyes but that makes you open them up, caught like a deer in headlights by the look he was giving you.
It was so… appreciative? Kind? Supporting?
There really wasn’t a proper word you could think of right now.

“You’re very pretty, y’know that?”
The quiet way he said that made your heart leap into your throat, caught off guard by the change in atmosphere.
Suddenly you felt like you were too close to him, leaning backwards and tugging on his arm to signal you wanted out.

“I-I think we should, um, bed go, go to it, where bed is,”, you stutter horribly but can’t break eye contact with him.

“Even cuter when you’re shy!”
He brings you back in close despite how red you’re getting, the side of his face pressed up against yours.
It was getting difficult to know how to respond to this, deeply enjoying being complimented but it was encouraging less than friendly feelings.

You’re still caught in thought when he pulls back and tilts your head up, yanked back to the present the moment he presses his lips to yours.
Now it feels like your heart might pop, entirely unsure of what to do.
Nothing about him says he's very affected by it, still ginning in the same way when he pulls back despite your nervous giggles.

Before you can say anything he goes back in for another, and this time you don’t stay motionless.
Things quickly heat up beyond anything resembling innocence once you open your mouth, him even lifting you higher in his lap so he can properly engage with you.
But with his chest so firmly pressed against yours, you run out of breath, forcing you to part after only about a minute.

He tries to pull you back in but you defend yourself by pushing against his shoulders.
“H-Hey! I, I jus’ need a second, m’kay?”

That works enough to free your lips but he moves on to attack the vulnerable area of your exposed cleavage, shirt hanging low from all the movement.
It’s all teasing nips and light hickeys, and you can’t be bothered to stop him even though when he finds his way up to your neck it’ll definitely be notable you’re around tomorrow.

You push at him again when he sucks much harder than you’re expecting, but you still when he makes a noise not dissimilar to a growl.
As much as you’d like to be offended, it’s a major turn on.
It makes your head spin when he paws at your ass with little restraint, arching your back to allow him as much as he’d like.

He latches onto the other side of your neck when you turn to watch him grope the tender area of the backs of your thighs, even further turned on to remember just how much bigger he is than you since you’re kneeling to maintain a proper height.

It takes some force but you manage to pry him away so you can kiss him again, body getting hot from the way he’s freely exploring your lower half.
When he slides a few fingers against your panty clad core you mewl into his mouth, causing him to repeat the action with more pressure.
Unabashedly you grind back into it, knowing full well he can feel the mess of slick from his own approving noise.

In a near flash of motion you find yourself on your back, having to blink a few times before you process where you are.
He’d laid you down on the couch, wedged between your legs, causing you to call out his name when he rolls his hips against yours, the large bulge providing a very satisfying thing to rub up against.

Where his and your own shirt had gone, you didn’t have the slightest idea, only noticing when he leaned down to kiss you and there wasn’t a barrier between the skin.
You weren’t sure if it was out of impatience or that he just cared that little, but the feeling of him tearing your panties to get them off you so he didn’t have to pull away made you whimper.

To help some you grabbed the front of your skirt and pulled it up to your stomach, immediately feeling the head of his cock prod against you after he finished fumbling with his pants.
Just from that, you could tell he was huge.
Part of you was thankful you weren’t entirely sober, being so soaked making everything so much easier since both of you were too horny to pause just to get lube.

You tense up incredibly when he pushes forward enough to have the first few inches of himself inside you, stretching you perfectly, bordering on too much, but his restraint keeps it comfortable.
Plus, it helped that he was peppering your face in kisses between praising you for ‘taking him so well’, ‘looking so pretty’, and ‘being so tight’.
If anything it only made you wetter, keening into all this positive and pleasurable attention.

For what you’d originally expected from someone so strong, he was being surprisingly gentle with you.

Though, you did hope as things progressed, he’d be less inclined to do so.

Chapter Text

It was supposed to be a simple sleepover at Todoroki’s house.
You, along with Izuku and Ochaco, had agreed it’d be fun to get out of the dorms and sleep a night at his place.
Aizawa only let you all because, really, where else could be safer?

But after everyone had gone to sleep you had a problem, wanting some water.
Todoroki was already knocked out so it felt really rude to ask him where the kitchen was.
So you decided to just use some detective skills and find it yourself.

In the dark, it was a confusing layout to you, especially since you didn’t want to wander into somewhere you weren’t supposed to be.
After what felt like an eternity of searching you finally found the promised land.
Quickly you made your way to the sink, only to realize you’d need something to drink out of.

After slightly opening one cabinet and hearing the near deafening creak, you think about just drinking out of your hands.
Everything was so damn silent right now that doing much besides walking around seemed like it made too much noise.

It wouldn’t be so bad to simply drink from the faucet, would it?
That seemed like a very strange thing to do in someone else's house, so you continued to overthink.
You’d ended up so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t even notice the man approach you.

“What are you doing.”

His voice rang loud and clear, making you practically jump out of your skin, turning to face him.
It was just his dad, Enji Todoroki, Endeavor, the new number one hero.
Almost immediately your heart started to thud from the close proximity to him, taking a small step backwards for your own sake.

“I-I! J-just, water! I um, cups!”, you can’t string any proper words together yet, gesturing to the sink like an idiot as you try to avoid gawking at him.

He gave off a wildly different energy when he was out of his hero suit and not on fire, casually dressed in a black t-shirt and plaid pajama pants.
Still, with that pointed stare, you were harshly impressed.

“You should be in bed. It’s late. Is everyone else up as well?”

“I-I know! And, I, I am sorry! It’s just me, they’re all asleep, sir.”

You tack on the ‘sir’ without even thinking about it, though it does help ease some of the tension you’re feeling.
He huffs and reaches above you, opening the cabinet to reveal the glass cups inside.

“They’re right here. Take what you want, and go back to bed.”

“Thank you! Sir!”

Continuing to ignore the tightness in your chest, you take a cup and fill it in the sink, awkwardly sipping at it while he continues to stand there and stare you down.
Part of you felt so starstruck by being in his presence, when you’d gotten here with your friends it hadn’t occurred to you just who Todoroki’s father was until now, he must’ve gotten home after you all did.
The other part felt very ashamed you’d meet such a high profile and important man dressed as you are, in a white tank top and shorts, even if he’s at the same level, you’d be more comfortable wearing a bra.
As your mind drifts into some threads about his personal life, you examine his natural state.
Either way he’s quite attractive, but there’s something about how casual this is that makes you even more on edge than if you had met him professionally.
He had such nicely sculpted arms, everything really, the dim lighting provided by the moon peering through the kitchen window was more than enough, you couldn’t help but curiously take a glance downward at his-

“What are you looking at.”

That makes your body tense, nearly choking on the water from knowing he watched you check him out.
“N-Nothing! Just, thinking! It’s so nice to meet you, sir! I really respect your work!”
You tried to avoid gushing but you couldn’t help yourself, excited to begin with.
Maybe excited in more ways than one.

“You have good taste. I expect that you respect me.”

“Oh of course! Without a doubt, sir! You have a very nice house, thank you for allowing us to stay over!”

“He didn’t ask.”

You make a small ‘oh’, awkwardly tapping your fingers against your glass.
Again you let your gaze wander over him because it is just so unusual to see a man like him in house garb.
From what you can tell, the pants ride lower on his hips, you’d give anything to touch that firm stomach, touch any part of him really.

“This doesn’t seem very respectful.”

A rush of warmth floods through you, releasing your bottom lip from between your teeth as you meet his eyes.
He’s so intimidating it’s hard to withstand it but you’re absolutely loving it, trying to be careful to not make future run-in’s weird.

“Ah, sorry! I space off sometimes, I’m sorry he didn’t say anything! I do hope you don’t mind, we haven’t been too loud have we?”

“No. I didn’t know he had any girls over.”

“Well, I promise I’m nice! Nothing going on besides friendly activities sir!”
You offer a smile to him to seal it in, wanting to leave an overall good impression.

“Hm, I would’ve thought otherwise from that outfit. You may be pretty but you aren’t a worthy distraction for my Shoto. He could only afford such distractions once he’s at the top.”

“Does that mean you can?”
Immediately you feel so shocked that you reflexively said that, nearly dropping your glass.
“O-Oh my god! I am so so sorry! I-I didn’t mean that! Please,”

He doesn’t let you finish, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Very bold of such a small girl to say something so crude. But, to answer you, yes, I do.”

Your cheeks go red hot, unsure of what the right reaction to that would be, stomach fluttering with butterflies.
“Uh… Do you really think I’m pretty?”
It feels stupid to ask but you couldn’t let go of that, almost getting dizzy when he smirks at you.

“Yes. Any problems with that?”

“N-Not at all! Thank you, sir!”

You completely forgot you were leaning against the counter, bumping into it when he takes a few steps closer to you, setting the glass down to avoid breaking it.

“What do you want to do?”

The question makes your brain stall, he’s so close you can feel his body heat, painfully tempted to reach forward.
He must sense this, seeing as he lifts up his shirt with one hand, chuckling while you stare.
You’d been right about the pants, they did hang awfully low.
It was difficult to decide on whether to remain locked onto the drool inducing muscles, or the near dangerous way he was smiling down at you.

“Well? Anything you can show me to interest me?”

The only thing you can think of is what you do, following his lead and lifting up your shirt, letting your breasts spill free.
Feeling his larger hands grope at you was somehow better than you imagined, keening right into it, the rough texture of his palms across your nipples causing you to subconsciously rub your legs together.

“Get on your knees.”

You listen without hesitance, doing as he says.
There’s barely any room between your face and his crotch, lifting a hand up to curiously pull his pants down, wanting to see the bulge underneath them.

“No hands. Put them in your lap, and keep them there.”

It just adds to the throb between your legs to be bossed around by him, tempted to disobey him to see what happens, but too shy to actually go through with it.
The curiosity you held is sated when he tugs his pants down enough to free his cock, already hard and unfortunately just as big as you had thought he’d be.


Hesitantly you open your up as much as you can, looking up at him while he runs the head of his cock over your lips, somehow managing to tease you in this scenario.
Some time ago you saw a tip online about squeezing your thumb into your hand to reduce your gag reflex, putting that to the test the moment he allows himself to enter your waiting mouth.

His size stretches you wider than you naturally could, the discomfort of that entirely overshadowed by everything else you were feeling.
Mercifully he’s taking it slowly, but he does put a hand on the back of your head to ensure he keeps pushing in.
When he prods at your throat you do gag, but find it to be tolerable, ecstatic that for once you weren’t lied to by the internet.

Though when he pushes past that, there’s a distinct burn and harsher gag you’ve never encountered before.
It makes your eyes water but you don’t struggle, letting him hold you there before he pulls back out.
Briefly you take a breath in before he’s already shoving himself back in.
This feels so different when he’s not pacing any of it out, even groaning lustfully whenever you gag around him.
Now you find it much harder to not use your hands, desperately wanting to brace them on his thighs, but you keep them in your lap like he said too.
You pay the price for not properly timing your intakes of breath, lungs burning from being cut off as he relentlessly bends you to his will.

Though the masochist in you is having a field day with this, rutting downwards against your panties to gain some friction.
The few whimpers you can’t stifle sound out pathetically along with the noises that come with getting used.
All the spit you're producing to overcompensate for the intrusion is smeared every time his hips brush against you.

Your jaw is starting to get sore, along with your abused throat, so you hope it means he’s getting close when he gets even rougher with you, pulling your hair tight and fucking your face.
It takes monumental effort to not want to yank away from him, the lack of oxygen starting to make the edges of your vision darken.

Suddenly, he tosses your head back, and you nearly let it knock into the counter behind you, leaving your mouth open with your tongue hanging out lewdly as you pant to catch your breath.
He fists his cock and rapidly jerks himself off, only needing to do so for a few seconds before he cums, releasing his load all over your chest, some of it managing to get on your face, a light amount on your tongue.
The taste isn’t something you’ve ever had before, but you’re too dazed to clean yourself up right now.
You’re sure you look like a mess, covered in his cum and your own spit, still willing to do anything for him.

“Come over again sometime.”, he says gruffly as he shoves himself back into his pants, leaving the kitchen.

After a few seconds, you close your mouth finally, turning your head to look for something to help you up.
You freeze when you lock eyes with Midoriya, who has most likely also come down for a cup of water.
Instead he finds you freshly used by Endeavor, maybe he even got to watch some of it.

Not willing to admit to any of it, you clear your throat and toss out the only thing you can think to say.
“It’s not what it looks like?”

Chapter Text

Every second you waited felt like an eternity, being helpless like this.
You were supposed to be training to become a hero for gods sake!
If you couldn’t free yourself from underneath this bed, how were you supposed to save anyone?
To be fair you weren’t exactly a front liner when it came to combat, having a quirk that healed others, but still, this was sad.

You’d dropped your phone and watched it bounce right underneath your bed, so like any rational person you went after it.
Successfully retrieving the device was the easy part, it was when you went to exit that you had a problem.
Somehow you’d gotten stuck.
The best you could do was get on your knees, bent down awkwardly with your chest down to the floor, one of the beams supporting the mattress holding you down.
It didn’t take long to figure out that you’d smushed your chest through, but now you couldn’t slide back out.
After maybe, oh, twenty minutes of thrashing around like a wild animal, you decide to call your boyfriend.
Not willing to sacrifice what remained of your pride, you left out the part where you got stuck.

Hearing him knock on the door perked you up, telling him to come on in.

“Hey! So,” he starts a thought but doesn’t finish it.

“I know, I know, don’t say anything. I need you to help me.”

You yelp when his hand connects with your ass, listening to him laugh with confidence he doesn’t deserve to have right now.
With the ability to see removed from you entirely, you quickly realize you should’ve called literally anyone else.
Bakugou would be more helpful and he’d probably just kill you to end your shame.

“This isn’t funny! Just, lift the bed up or something!”

“Nah.”, he punctuates with another swat, it’s not enough to hurt but it does scare you since you can’t see it coming.
If you had any way to sense this was coming, you wouldn’t have put on a skirt this morning.
He flips it up and wolf whistles comically enough that you have to fight back a laugh.

“Ha ha, yes very cute, now can you do something helpful?”
Right as you finish speaking he grabs your ass and squeezes, making you flinch.
Usually the best option for moments is to let him burn himself out and get bored so it makes sense to go silent, saying and doing nothing.
He gets down on his knees, nudging yours apart.

You prepare for another strike but it’s a nice surprise when instead he gently runs his hands across the back of your thighs, pressing gentle kisses along the inner area, it feels good enough that you relax and let your guard down.
Feather light, he draws his fingers along your flower through your panties, not putting enough pressure for anything beyond teasing.
Bit by bit your will begins to crumble, eroding away even faster when he massages your ass, licking and nipping at the skin right around where you’d like that most.

When he stops you nearly whine, having to close your legs some when he pulls your panties down, leaving them halfway around your thighs.
This time when he grabs your ass the purpose is to spread you open, shoving his face in with no warning.
Immediately he laps at your clit fervently, taking two of his fingers that he’d already slicked up with his own spit, and sinking them into your heat, which greedily sucks them in.
Not even a muzzle would’ve prevented you from calling out his name like you do, finding no shame in sounding so needy.

Being with him so long meant he knew exactly what worked you up best, and he manipulated all those things to get you dripping wet for him.
Usually, at this point he’d stop and get his dick out, which was what you were waiting for.

He kept going, curving the fingers just enough to rub along a very sensitive spot within you, shooting sparks up your spine every single time.
You’d never had such high stimulation for this long, crying out for him a second time when he closes his lips around your clit to apply a perfect amount of suction.
Without any real space to move you can only rock back into this slightly, making it more intense to be completely in his hands.

As you realize you’re about to climax you clamp a hand around your mouth, muffling the near scream of pure ecstasy that forces its way out of your lungs.
Your eyes well with tears as your legs shake, your whole body tensing as you’re wracked with pleasure.
He doesn’t stop until you go still, removing his fingers and yanking your panties back up into place.

Casually, he stands and comes around to the bed, lifting it up to let you out.
Despite still recovering from the orgasm, you still drag him to the ground the moment you can.
He doesn’t put up any sort of resistance, dropping the bed with neither of you caring about the loud thud.
You kiss him with all the pent up energy you got from being unable to do so earlier, turned on further by the way you can taste yourself on him.

At the start of the day you’d planned to go out to a park, maybe take a walk.
But, staying in seemed like a better idea now.

Chapter Text

There were some things he’d begrudgingly admit too, like his temper and occasionally his lack of ability to control his use of swears around children, but he’d be dead in his grave before he ever admitted to having a soft spot for you.
Even to himself.

But it was very obvious to everyone else it would seem, besides you.
Nobody dared to tell you for fear of the potential nuclear bomb going off.
Though that didn’t stop a select few from poking at him about it when you weren’t around.
He could scream at them all day and all it did was reinforce their point.

To them it was more confusing than anything, you both were so close anyways.
You kept him grounded when it was important and he was an excellent contrast to your bubbly demeanor.
Honestly out of anyone they’d ever seen you were a miracle worker, probably keeping him from murder more than once.
The way you acted around him was reasoning for their own murders if they so much as tried.
Hugs, sitting in his lap, holding his hand, he never initiated these things but never complained when they came from you.
They would wait until you’d gone away from him to bring all this up and tease him relentlessly.
While he would outright deny it every single time, his behavior never changed.

He’d been watching a movie in the commons room, halfway laying down on the couch, leaning against the armrest.
You’d come in looking for him, getting on the couch with him.
It was cozy and nice, wrapped up together, one of his feet on the floor to give you room.
Too cozy apparently, seeing as now you were dozing peacefully, arms around him with your head on his chest.
If anything he was really enjoying this, actually smiling while he was running his fingers through your hair, passively watching the final act.

What he failed to notice was Sero, who wandered upon the scene and immediately took some nice quality pictures, which was like a bat signal to the others.
Kaminari, Mina, and Kirishima joined him within five minutes, deciding to taunt him.
Mina pulled her phone out, taking a picture with the flash on, purely with the intent of drawing his attention.
Which does work, if looks could kill they would’ve instantly turned to ash.
But it's entirely empty with you asleep on him, so they all come closer.

“So,” Kaminari starts, gesturing vaguely, “this is pretty cute.”

“Keep your fucking voice down. Go away!” Bakugou whisper-hisses with a snarl.

“Why would we? And miss out on this? Kaminari is right, this IS pretty cute!”
Mina puts a hand on the blonds shoulder, both nodding in solidarity.

“Bro as long as we stay quieter than the movie she won’t wake up, don’t worry!”
Kirishima offers that with a nice smile and a thumbs up, doing nothing to calm him.

“I don’t care. Leave. You’ve seen everything there is to be seen.”

The bitterness radiating off his words only makes them smile wider, in turn making him angrier, the tell being the sweet smell filling the air.

“Are you guys dating already? I can’t believe you didn’t say anything!”
“I know! We’re your best friends I thought?”
Sero and Kirishima go after him in quick succession, holding back laughter in an obvious way.

“I!”, he quickly loses his cool, stopping in his tracks to force himself to lower the volume of his voice.
“I’m going to kill all of you. Fuck off.”

Mina shakes her head, “You’ve got it bad don’t you? Not even willing to yell at us right now! Such a softie for her, aren’t ya?”

“Oh he has to be! I mean look at them, all cuddled up, I might even go as far to say he’s got a crush on her!”

It’s when Kaminari chimes in that Bakugou can’t control himself, taking a swing at him since he happened to be closest.

“Woah!”, he just barely dodges, wagging a finger at Bakugou, “Now how can I be expected to be civil if you’re gonna do that?”

“Die. All of you die. I swear to fucking god the moment I can I’m going to-”
He’s speaking through his teeth, this wasn’t the angriest he’d ever been but it was getting there.
The rumble in his chest gave that away to you, something in your brain picking up on it.
When you lean up a slight amount he shuts up to make sure he didn’t wake you.

“S’ okay Suki baby,” you sleepily murmur, kissing him sweetly before nuzzling higher up on him, resting your face against the side of his neck, falling back asleep.

His entire face turns red when you do that, all the anger dropping away from how stunned he is.
Part of him isn’t even sure if that happened but from the way the gaggle of idiots surrounding him looks he can guess it did.
They all share the same shit eating grin, and he holds back on reacting violently just barely.

Once he’s done being shocked he moves on into being pissed, really wanting to be left alone.
He doesn’t stick around for the potential commentary nor does he want too, hooking his hands under your thighs so when he stands up you stay with him, your arms automatically tensing from the movement.
His brain is going into overdrive, enough so that he doesn’t even hear whatever they have to say as he takes his leave.
After a minute of walking he pushes you upwards to get a better grip, and you hum as you officially wake up, blinking owlishly as you try to process that he’s carrying you.

“Eh..? Movie over..? Where are we going..?”

“To my room. I want to talk with you about something.”

Chapter Text

Surprisingly, he was the one who couldn’t keep his hands off you.
Once the barrier had broken he got more confident doing it, it was impossible to think of a time when you found yourself alone with him and he wasn’t trying to touch you in some way.
It was very loving, often you let him pamper you affection as long as he wanted.
Though he was getting more daring.

It was hard to tell if he had a kink for it or if he genuinely liked you that much.
For someone so shy there really wasn’t a boundary to do with places.
All that mattered to him, was that there wasn’t anyone else around, then he’d act like a different person.

The first few times you’d been overly nervous, constantly checking and pushing him off you if you thought you heard something.
Now it was more or less expected.
So, being pinned to a desk, him rutting away into you, both of you fully clothed excepting your open button down shirt and the panties he’s got in his pocket, it all wasn’t out of the norm.
You’d been careful enough to make sure the classroom door was closed, it didn’t lock but since the school day was officially over it didn’t seem to matter.

A rough thrust makes you arch your back, tugging on his hair to bring him down so you could kiss him, now farther up on the desk than you would’ve liked, but at this moment in time it didn’t bother you.
You locked your legs around his waist to keep him closer, loving the feeling of his hands squeezing your hips.
When you needed to breathe you let your head hang down, your hands sliding down to loosely hold onto his shoulders.

“Fuck, Izu…”, you call out to him, enjoying the feeling of his mouth nipping and kissing at your exposed cleavage.
Briefly you consider taking off your bra to give him more access, but you just so happen to open your eyes, and all brain function goes towards panic.
Even upside down you immediately recognize who's standing in the doorway, about as stunned as you.

“Fuck! Izuku!”
Your voice tries to be as urgent as possible, every muscle in your body tensing as you try to shake his shoulders.
Though that is proving to be really difficult when he groans out your name so lustfully, teething at the space where your shoulder and neck meet as he starts fucking you harder.

“Yeah say my name like that, so fucking hot,” he speaks against your skin, shoving your bra upwards so he can lick and suck at the tender area.
You mewl hotly, not able to break the very intense eye contact with Bakugou, still attempting to get your boyfriend's attention.

“Izuku! Izuku please!”, whining, you do your best to hold back any outright moans, hoping your desperate tone signals when you want it too.
Of course, it fails miserably, his hand sliding down between you two so he can toy with your clit, interpreting that as a sign you want to finish.
That being totally unexpected, it catches you off guard, your thighs hiking up higher along his sides as you whimper loudly.

“B-Bakugou! Bakugou!!!”, you shout the best you can, pressing your palms into his chest to force him upwards.

That works near instantly, everything stopping so he can look down at you with a mixture of confusion and disgust.
“Did you just say ‘Bakugou’?”

You slap his chin just enough to get him to face forward, knowing he gets the point when he goes rigid.
All three of you remain uneasily silent and immobile.
It’s impossible for you to tell how long he’s been there, some part of you finding that unreasonably exciting, wondering what would’ve happened if you continued on as normal knowing he was watching.
Izuku uncomfortably shifts above you since the thought gets to you enough to tighten down around the cock buried inside you.

Suddenly Bakugou grins, switching his stare from you onto Izuku.
“I’m telling Aizawa.”

Chapter Text

He’d been silent after telling you he wanted to talk with you.
Not once had he ever said something like that when he didn’t feel like it was important.
It felt incredibly strange he’d not immediately follow up with what he wanted to say.

When he reached his room, he put you down on his bed and stood in front of you.
Over time you’d come to learn this was how he was most comfortable saying uncomfortable things, you didn’t mind letting him have the ‘high ground’.

“... What’s going on?”, you let your concern be known, reaching out to hold his hand.
He wasn’t looking at you but he grabbed back, letting you know he was at least listening.

“When you were asleep earlier, you woke up to do something. Do you remember what it was?”, his cheeks tinge pink and he squeezes your hand.

“Huh? No, why do you ask?”
You’re utterly confused about where this came from, assuming something must’ve happened and hoping you didn’t say something weird or hit him.

“Can I sit with you?”

“Sure! Here,” you scoot back on his bed, patting the spot across you, “anytime!”

“I know I can, just asking for you.”, using his normal abrasive tone, he sits where you directed.

He cups your face, bringing your forward and a little upwards, you didn’t find it unusual since sometimes he liked to be close.
You’ve always thought he’s so pretty when he isn’t outwardly upset, making relaxed eye contact, drawing one of your hands through his spiky yet soft hair.

“I like it when you look at me like this, Suki. You’re so handsome, you know that?”, you smile and feel warm on the inside when he does the same, that smile he takes only enhancing his best features.

“I’m in love with you.”

It’s a simple enough statement but the meaning instantly makes you blush, unable to mask how starstruck you must look right now. You’d felt it in every moment spent with him but you never thought he’d outright say it.

“Me too.”

He leans in for a kiss and you meet him halfway, so many emotions coursing through you from hearing that admission that it’d be impossible to say no.
When you break away he grabs your hips and moves you into his lap, giving you another the moment he can.
Much to the reverse of your previous opinion, he’s being very gentle with you.
Nothing about this would suggest he’s usually so harsh or even violent, the way his lips move against your own completely delicate.
Though the innocence that comes from such a situation dies down as you open your mouth for him, upgrading the intimacy considerably.

Your smile fades away, sensually returning his ministrations in a way that doesn’t remove his dominance, knowing it’s important to him.
Not that you mind letting him take the lead, if anything it’s a turn on.

It’s hard to tell how long its been, your lips and tongue getting sore but neither of you are willing to part for longer than a second, which is purely used to breathe.
But you’re brought back to earth when he slides his hands up your shirt, tingling as the rough texture of his palms slides across your smoother skin, muscles twitching when he comes into contact with your stomach.
He doesn’t directly touch anywhere deliberately sensitive, instead choosing to go with areas right next to where it’d feel best.

This time when you pull back from him to breathe, you take your shirt off and undo the front clasp holding your bra together, watching as he instantly squeezes your breasts, thumbs swiping over your nipples.
You shrug off the bra entirely, he waits until it’s on the floor to push you down onto the bed, staying upright so he can take his shirt off as well.
All this training has really sculpted his body nicely, the baggy t-shirt making you momentarily forget that.

What little hesitance you had turns to dust, tugging your shorts off but only getting them halfway before he removes them himself.
For some reason that sends a spark down your spine.
He shuffles out of his pants, your eyes locked onto the tent in his boxers for as long as you can see it, the view blocked when he takes his place over top of you, pressing a brief kiss to your lips before he latches onto the side of your neck.

Once he’s done leaving the hickey that’s sure to be large, he sits up so he can get your panties off, you lift your ass up to help.
Then he shoves his boxers down, allowing you to stare at how well endowed he is.
You’re already so worked up at this point, pulling the backs of your knees up into your sides to give him something to look at.
After a moment of shared horny inspired awe, you further it by using one hand to spread yourself all the way open for him, your own slick proving how much you liked this.

Suddenly there’s a knock at the door, the distinct voice of Mina calling for Bakugou through the wood.
You flinch and close your legs, nervously hoping she doesn’t try the handle.

“I’m busy fucking!”, he yells with his nose wrinkled up, shaking his head a bit before rephrasing, “I mean I’m fucking busy! Go away!”

“Awww, we just wanna know how it went!”
Hearing Kaminari makes you all the more anxious, wondering if you should gather your clothes up.

“I said go away! Fuck off! Take all your asses, and go to bed!”, despite his loud and angry tone he tries to soothe you by rubbing the outside of your thigh.

“But what’d she say! It's been two hours dude, either you botched it or you didn't!”
“Yeah! C’mon bro if you just answer us we’ll leave!”
There’s at least four people, counting the new additions of Sero and Kirishima, and while you’re mildly intrigued as to what they mean exactly, you really wish they weren’t doing this right now.

“I’m not telling you anything to begin with! Don’t make me come over there and blow all of you the fuck up!”

“We’re coming in!” Mina chirps as she opens the door, her and Kirishima getting an immediate eyeful since they're closest.

You freeze for a couple seconds, one arm rushing to go cover your breasts, the other hand over your mouth to muffle the embarrassed yelp, cheeks going just as red as theirs.

Bakugou doesn’t care in the least over his own undressed state, aiming his palms towards the door while they spark.
“I said go the FUCK away!”

That works quickly, the door slamming shut as they run off, laughing and saying things to one another that you can't understand, for that you're thankful.

“Fucking idiots.”, he huffs.

Now that the tension has gone down you giggle and sigh, relaxing a bit.
“It’s gonna be weird next time I see them, especially if you aren't with me. Hey, so, do you still wanna…?”
You tilt your head questioningly, hoping the implication is obvious.

He smirks and forces your legs to part, “I said I love you. Let me prove that by fucking your brains out.”

Chapter Text

“Huh!? What!”, you shout with confusion, your cup being taken away as a couple girls shove you into the closet, along with whoever got picked first.
Within a flash you went from joking with a friend to standing in a very small space with who was currently a stranger.

Internally you berated yourself for even listening to Mina, who begged and cried for you to come to this party.
‘You need to let loose! Relax!’ she said, ‘Not like anything bad will happen!’ she said.
After what had to have been four solid hours of asking you broke and said you’d come.
The moment you arrived they’d already been playing a game called Seven Minutes In Heaven.
Mina excitedly explained that how the game worked was you put your name on a piece of paper and put it into a bowl, the boys playing would do the same, and someone would draw a name for either bowl.
Then they’d be locked in a closet together for seven minutes, or as Mina put it ‘then you get to smooch like crazy!’.
To make sure you weren’t picked, you made your paper especially small so it’d get glossed over.
About an hour into chatting with your friends, that proved to be ineffective.

Inside the closet it was pitch black, the only light a present purple glow coming from under the door.
Everything outside carried on as normal, people chattering and fun music playing, both now considerably muffled.
Unfortunately, you didn’t get to see who was in here with you, but you could sense him in front of you.

“Uh, hi?”, you say with hesitance.

“H-Hi!” he says with the same amount of nerves.

“Who are you? It’s too dark for me to tell…”, you try squinting, but it doesn’t work.

“Midoriya,” he responds with a half chuckle, asking if you were who he thought you were.
He guessed correctly so you shake your head before remembering he can’t see.

“Yeah! I didn’t really think you’d be much for these kinds of games.”

“N-No! It’s not what you think! Kaminari put everyone's names in without asking! I swear I’m-!”

You cut him off by sighing with relief.
“Me too! Well, I got pressured by Mina. I’ll take it that you didn’t expect to get picked either?”

“Sort of? I was just going to turn it down but I barely registered that they were pushing me in here until the door closed…”

You hum in agreement, listening to the indistinct conversations going on while there was a pause between songs.
The anxious gap in speaking makes you squirm in place, only able to stand it for thirty seconds or so before you attempt to say something.
He does the same, both of you pausing to let the other say something, then talking over each other again.

Awkwardness is radiating off everything to do with this, part of you considering exiting early to escape the suffocating atmosphere.
But, before any plans can be made, he takes a step forward.
Immediately you react by taking one in reverse, your back connecting with the wall since you were near it already.

He closes the gap, leaning down so his head is level with yours.
Your pulse thuds in your ears, knowing he’s so close sending your head reeling.
His hand ghosts up along your arm so he can cup your face and properly figure out just how you’re positioned.
Remembering that he’s taller gives you some intimidation, despite his usual nature.
When his lips brush against your own you narrowly keep down a shocked noise, your heart hammering harshly from all the tension.
His other hand comes to rest above your head, effectively caging you in.

The air feels like it’s been sucked out, replaced with something thicker that’s making it harder for you to breathe.
You’re not sure what he’s waiting on or what’s keeping him from what he wants, every second that passes seeming like an eternity.
Even if you knew what to say there was no way your voice would cooperate.
So all there was to do was wait and be intoxicated by how pleasant he smells.

“Can… Can I kiss you..?”
He speaks nervously and quietly, just enough to be heard.

Much in the same way, you go ‘mhm’, that being all you can do.

When he finally does kiss you, your entire body feels a tinge of warmth from the excitement.
It’s just how you would imagine one from him would be like, innocent and light.
He presses another to your lips, and another, and another, each time there’s more time spent attached.

Both of you are experimenting since neither of you are very learned on how to properly do this, the shy attitude you usually hold preventing you from anything too special, avoiding apologizing every time you bump noses.

It’s hard to tell who opened their mouth first, but it's even harder to care, the dam of pent up energy breaking the moment his tongue meets yours.
You weave your fingers into his unruly sea of hair and gently nudge him forward.
He tastes sweet, like the soda he’d been drinking before getting locked in here.

His chest firmly presses into yours, keeping you in place while both of his hands settle on your waist.
The party music in the background is drowned out entirely by the needy breathing and the lewd sound of your messy make out session, any small noises you make quickly followed by one of his own.
When he forces you forward so he can palm your ass you immediately keen, mewling as you arch into his hands, any surprise you’d have over this unusually bold move lost on your hormones running wild.
He squeezes before he lifts you up, pinning you there while he runs his fingers along your thighs, legs instinctively wrapping around him.

You part from him to catch your breath, expecting him to wait a few moments before resuming.
Instead he makes another choice you didn’t expect, shoving his head under your shirt.
From the momentary pause you can tell he’s processing the lack of bra while you process the feeling of his face between your tits.
Some part of you hopes he doesn’t think less of you for not wearing one but it’s forgotten when he nips at the underside of your breasts.

It’s a much more tender area than you’d thought, whimpering lustfully as you roll your hips into his.
That reaction has him abusing the entirety of what he can get to, alternating between sucking hickeys on random spots and sucking at your nipples with less intensity.
Needing something to hold onto, you lift your shirt up over the front of your head, bunching it up behind your neck, pulling at his hair as soon as you can.
He stops only so he can kiss you again, the conflicting temperatures of his hot mouth and the cooling saliva on your chest driving your brain deeper into a haze.
Though he can’t keep his hands off you, one groping at your ass while the other gives the same treatment to your breast.

Suddenly the closet door swings open, the bright light and the loud sounds of the party stunning you both, making equally irritated noises at being interrupted.
You entirely forgot where you were, blinking as your eyes burn and it settles in that you’re in a public place.
Even though you can just barely see, you can tell there’s a lot of people staring, most of them your friends.
Whatever they're saying doesn't get through to you, still adjusting.

At first you’re annoyed anyone would care so much but then it dawns on you that you’re practically shirtless, frantically yanking the material down and flushing dark red when you catch a glimpse of the marks he’d left on you.

Midoriya panics and backs away from you entirely, only to have to catch you since your legs aren’t working right now.
Now that your feet are on the ground it’s easy to see the hard on barely restrained by his shorts, almost a comical reveal.
You don’t notice, caught up when you meet his eyes and share a silent exchange, ignoring any outside interaction.

He takes your hand and pulls you along through the people that’d gathered to either gawk or crudely comment.
Unsure of where he was leading you, excitement caused your core to ache, giggling at the thought of being able to continue behind a door that’ll stay closed.

Chapter Text

“Izu, I do have to get back to my dorm…”

You tried again to get him to let you go, grabbing at his arm to send the signal.
But for the tenth time tonight he didn’t pick up on it.
He had you by the waist, keeping you sitting in his lap while he lathered you in affection, mouth busy leaving pretty little marks at the base of your neck.

It’d been fun at first but with it getting later into the night you got increasingly afraid of being caught leaving his room in the morning.

Embarrassment washed over you at the mere thought of it, Kaminari even said ‘Heya Midoriya’ before he registered it was you.
Then he asked way too many personal and invading questions, you knew it was mostly teasing, though that did nothing to douse the awkwardness you felt.

You squirmed against him, pushing him away by his shoulders.
“Are you hearing me? I need to go, we can always hang out tomorrow, okay?”

An ungraceful ‘hmph’ escapes your lungs when he quickly changes positions, your back flat on the bed with his hands on either side of your head, effectively caging you in.
His eyes are darker than normal, pupils wide.
It was so unusual to see him with such a hungry expression, any more argument you may have had evaporating as you lay underneath him, completely starstruck by the rare show of dominance.

“You don’t need to go anywhere, you’re staying.”

Chapter Text

You’d always been the one in the relationship to keep things calm.
Whenever he flared up, you would be the most useful in reeling him back in.
But when you got the call from his agency that something had happened to him and you needed to come pick him up, you nearly ran over fifty people on the mad drive there.

Had he been knocked out? Was he in a coma? Was he seriously hurt? Did he break something?
Unfortunately your immediate panic caused you to remain unaware.
All that had gotten through was ‘Something unusual has happened with him, you need to pick him up early’, to which you yelled into the phone ‘GIVE ME FIVE MINUTES’ and hung up.

When the car had fully screeched to a halt you practically threw yourself out, uncaring of the unlocked wide open door you were leaving behind.
You’d abandoned your heels in the back seat, bare feet slapping against the linoleum floor of the building as you made your way directly to his office.

Just like you’d done with the entrance, you shoulder into the door and barge in.
“What happened! Where is he! I-!”

Initially you’d wanted to question more, but the scene before you laid you flat out, shocked beyond belief.

Deku was seated in your boyfriend's chair, and seated on the desk in front of him was a baby.
He gives you a very sympathetic look while it all processed.
From the frazzled explosion of platinum blond hair, the pointed red eyes, and the small skull on his tiny t-shirt, it became obvious to you why you needed to come get him.
With your eyebrows furrowed, you come closer and reach a hand forward, watching him eagerly grab at one of your fingers to wave around.

“The villain didn’t get away, he was brought into custody. This um, not before he got people.”

You were listening, trying to be so angry that something happened to him, but you were absolutely enamored with the baby version of your boyfriend.
Somehow you’d never thought about him in this form, such a fragile state for what would become the peak physical specimen.

“Stopwatch is someone we’d been trying to get for about two years now so there’s a lot of recordings of his quirk usage and its affects, we can’t be sure of how long Kacchan will be like this though since it depends on the person. I’ll come check in with you tomorrow if he’s still like that!”

A small ‘mhm’ is all you give in response, picking Bakugou up and marveling at how soft his tiny chubby body is.
No thoughts were had by you, everything focused on taking this in as well as accepting you’re still awake.

“Where’d you get the shirt?”, you ask absentmindedly.

“Oh! Mitsuki came by earlier, I nearly forgot to mention that! She’s got more stuff if you happen to need it, she said to call her if that becomes an issue.”

“Ah, thanks.”, Bakugou flexes his little hands in a forward motion, so you bring him in closer to balance him against your chest, only now looking at Midoriya, “Do I just… Take him home?”

“That was the plan. If you don’t want too I can find-”
“No need! Now that I’m thinking about it, I do have some questions. One, does he know who I am? Two, will he retain his memories? Three, when will he ‘age up’? Four, how does that even work?”

He takes a moment to think before answering, you have to switch Bakugou to your left side when he starts pulling on your hair.

“As far as I know yes for one and two, based on what I’ve seen it can be any time, and I don’t exactly know but I’d keep constricting clothes off him when you put him to bed.”

“Wait how do you know he recognizes us?”, you look down at Bakugou right as he tugs on your hair again, grabbing the strands with more strength than him to get them free.

“In other cases of being affected by this quirk, they do keep their memories, most of the time people have only been sent back into being teenagers so its easy to tell. That, and he kept slapping me when I carried him away from the conflict.”

You giggle as you imagine that, “Makes sense! I’ll take it he hasn’t done that with anyone else yet? But thank you so SO much for that! Gah, I’m kinda scared to think what would’ve happened if he was… He’s so vulnerable…”

It does get to you as you ponder all the ways that could’ve gone wrong, allowing him to play with your hair for a few seconds as some sort of reward for surviving.

“Mitsuki also left a car seat for you to use, here.”
He pulls it, standing as he brushes some dust off.

You set Bakugou down on the desk and round it to hug Deku tightly, coming down off the adrenaline and needing a buffer.
Since he had the thing in his hands he can’t exactly reciprocate, though it does feel nice when he pats your back.

“Don’t think about it, nobody there would’ve let anything go wrong.”

A sigh of relief brings you peace, going to respond when some very annoyed babbling sounds off.
Both of you turn to look at the source, and melt.

It’s obvious Bakugou doesn’t like you hugging him, his small arms crossed with the usual sneer plastered onto his fuller face.
While in his current age that might intimidate you, all this does is make you smile like a dope since this is comparable to the worlds angriest marshmallow.

You let go of Midoriya per the marshmallows request, picking him back up to press a kiss on his forehead.
“I just wanted to give a thank you, he saved your life you know! Can’t you say thank you?”

Bakugou puts his hand on your jaw and continues to babble, which you do take seriously, nodding like you understand any of it.

“Say thank you! ‘Thank you!’”, you take his arm and make him wave, holding him closer to Midoriya.
As you should’ve expected he uses all his tiny strength to slap at his face, landing two in a row before you have the sense to move him away.
After you’re both done laughing you express the utmost gratitude one more time and he tells you it isn’t necessary one more time.

The whole way to the exit you hold Bakugou carefully, suddenly terrified of dropping him since he wiggles around so much.
When you spot your car through the glass doors you pale, realizing you left the damn thing wide open with the keys still in.
You break into a light jog, internally screaming at yourself for doing that alongside being grateful it didn’t get stolen by the first thief to wander by.

Strapping him into the seat isn’t very complicated beyond making sure he sits still long enough to buckle.
The moment you sit in your own seat it fully hits you just how weird this whole situation is.
One foot away is a baby, Bakugou Katsuki, Ground Zero, as a baby.
You don’t even turn the radio on as you drive home, just listening to him coo freely.

Once you get back to your shared home, you take him inside, place him on the floor of your living room, and stare.
It’s oddly calming to watch him take in the scenery around him, interested in the various photos hung up.
He gets on his knees to crawl away when he’s had enough, unevenly wobbling about.
You continue to stare as he makes a circle, coming back to you so he can slap at your leg.


He slaps with more force, babbling loudly.

“What do you want?”
As you say that it sounds stupid, rolling your eyes as you stand up, taking him as with you.
Thinking he may be hungry you start towards the kitchen, knowing you made the right decision from the way he starts bouncing in place.

“Juice? Do you want juice?”, you ask him with a cheery tone, taking the frantic pulling of your shirt as a yes.
You slide him down so he’s at your hip, opening the fridge to poke through the selection of beverages, glad that you went on an organic kick recently enough to have something to give him.
When you pass over the apple juice he excitedly goes ‘ah!’, taking that bottle out before closing the door with your elbow.

Absentmindedly you set him down on the counter to grab a glass, keeping one hand on his tummy to make sure he doesn’t plummet to the floor while you fill the glass up halfway.
With no high chair or anything of the sort, you decide the best place to put him is just on the table.
He sits with his back straight, watching eagerly as you put the straw in and set the cup near him.

You pull a chair back to sit in front of him, holding the cup up so he can drink.
Whether it's a new or old instinct you can’t tell, but he tries to take it from you to tilt it back.

“No, no. Here,” you chide him, using your normal adult strength to keep him from doing that, tapping the straw.
He grabs the straw with his whole fist, opening his mouth all the way as he sticks it in, your quick reflexes saving him from gagging himself.
Within a minute he’s drained all that you’d given him, spitting the straw out.

You consider whether he can have more, taking the cup away so he doesn’t knock it over, letting him hold onto the straw.
Somewhat aggressively he swings it around, poking the table.
Instead of doing anything you choose to observe him playing around, seeing a few modern day mannerisms of his in the face he makes when he gets frustrated by it not bending the way he wants.

When he yawns playtime is over, scooping him up in your arms.
“Are you tired? Sleepy?”

He rests his head on you entirely, blinking slowly while he looks up at you.
You give him another kiss as you head towards the bedroom, having to hold back on giving him a million more.
It isn’t lost on you just how dangerously cute he is clinging to your shirt as he tries to get comfortable.
You close the door behind you, sitting on the bed before delicately removing him from your chest.
Unsure of how one goes about laying a baby down, you settle for on his back.

He seems to like that, squirming around a bit before relaxing onto the plush blanket beneath him.
It’s almost hypnotic the way his chest rises and falls, keeping your eyes glued to his sleepy form as he succumbs to the urge to nap.
You’d kept your hand by him, his smaller fingers all curled around your index finger, but once he seemed fully under you gently took it back.

All your life you swear you’ve never seen anything more adorable or more zen than this.
Since you lived with him there’d been many times you’d seen him asleep but this was otherworldly.
Nearly enough to make you cry, you had to pull yourself together before you got too carried away.
He was just so little, soft, pudgy, his little noisy exhales weakening your soul.

Suddenly it occurred to you that you’d never seen any baby pictures of him.
Not like he’d outright denied you access but it just never came up.
You weren’t one to waste opportunities.

Slowly, with care to not shift the bed, you get your phone out of your pocket and take a ridiculous amount of pictures.
The midday sun provides perfect glowy lighting, your heart nearly stopping when he rolls onto his side and sticks his thumb into his mouth.
It’s difficult but you manage to stop before you use up all the memory, considering if you could get away with posting a couple highlights.
Right now at least, there’s nothing he could do to stop you.

In the middle of your mental debate you can’t help a yawn, realizing you’re tired yourself.
An awful lot had taken place in the past few hours so it makes sense.
You’ve always been a light sleeper, if he wakes up before you then when he moves you’ll be able to tell.

With precision you place your phone on the nightstand and lay down on your stomach, knowing if you do so you’ll take away from the possibility of rolling over by accident.
Just a half hour is all you need, drifting away not long after you close your eyes.

You jolt awake when something hits your back, blinking away the haze of sleep as you make sure nothings gone wrong.
Bakugou is still fast asleep besides you, but he’s changed.
Apparently when he’d gotten larger his arm had swung out, that being what scared you.
First you give a contented sigh, then screw your face up as you fully wake and read into what just happened.

He wasn’t fully grown yet as noted by his height and muscle definition, but he looks strikingly like he did when you first met him, minus the clothing since the shorts and the shirt were now shredded.
You smile and think about it kindly, so much has changed since your first year of high school.

Then, the horror hits you full force.

If he wakes before he fully ages up, you’re trapped in a house with teenage Bakugou.
You’re not sure if the priority should be to put some pants on him or acquire a riot shield.

Chapter Text

One of the things you loved doing most was being able to sleep with your boyfriend.
In the most literal sense, all snuggled up with him, like you were now.
You found it hard to actually get any sleep, just wanting to soak up the way it felt to be so close to him.
Izuku had his face somewhat pressed into the back of your neck, arms wrapped around your lower chest.

He moves around enough to make you think he’d woken up, about to lean up so he could have his arm, but instead a heated breath fans out against your skin.
“Fuck… So pretty…”

The words brought a blush to your cheeks, especially when he bucks up into your ass, the bulge he's sporting impossible to miss.
You blinked a few times to make sure you were awake yourself, unsure of what to do as he began to really rut upwards, his hold on you tightening considerably.

“C’mon baby… Good girl…”, he groans out with a breathy yet husky voice, half mindedly digging his fingers into the tender flesh of your stomach.

Part of you finds it cute when he adds your name to the things he quietly calls out, but you have to hold back a gasp when he practically growls to punctuate a couple harder rolls of his hips.
You giggle to yourself, thinking that’s almost exactly the noise he makes when he cums, almost unable to recognize it when he isn’t inside you.

Then, you pale.

He happily sighs and settles back down, for a second you think maybe he didn’t do what you thought he did.
With an experimental push of your ass backwards, the distinct feeling of a semi thick fluid plastering his boxers to his skin tells you otherwise.

“Izuku! Hey!”, you whisper-yell, turning on your side to shove at his shoulders gently.
With a hum he starts to wake up, instinctively reaching down to grab at his package to get rid of the discomfort there, only to have his eyes blow open when he realizes why you’re getting him up.

“I-I’m so sorry! I gotta-! I didn't mean-! Sorry, sorry!”, he stammers wildly, throwing himself out of bed and tripping over his feet as he scrambles for the bathroom.

Chapter Text

Despite agreeing to this, there was a part of you that didn’t exactly like it.
It just made you nervous to be so vulnerable to someone whose identity was a mystery to you.

Your boyfriend had brought up the idea a few weeks ago, asking you if you’d be comfortable participating in a three-way.
With some thought you said yes, also mentioning you’d be more okay with it if you didn’t know who they were.
That’s when he said that’d be perfect, since he wanted you blindfolded.
Over and over he reassured you that the guy he’d be involving was incredibly trustworthy, that you had nothing to worry about.
And, you did believe him.

But it was different then, now that you were sitting in the middle of the bed on your knees, blindfolded and naked, your heart was racing.
You’d hoped you could peek a little bit through the blindfold but the material was too thick for that, flinching when the bed shifted on your left side.

“Relax baby, everything is fine,” Kirishima cooed, probably noticing your stiff posture.
His voice did help you feel better, calming down nearly entirely when he kisses you.
It’s slow and tender, something you’d come to love about the way he gave intimacy, almost teasing you.
When he pulls away you hold back a pout.

“Dude you can come closer.”, he chuckles as he gets up, the other male taking his place.

He cups the side of your face to bring you in close, almost hesitant to actually kiss you.
You understand why, feeling weird yourself to have your lips on someone other than your boyfriend.
Though it’s so exciting at the same time, tilting your head and opening up in the hopes he’ll do the same.

You don’t get to find out, he removes himself from you to stand at the edge of the bed, one of them pushing you to lay down.
Once you’re on your back your legs are instantly forced apart, a small anxious noise escaping you from the extremely exposing position.
Without the ability to see, every touch is so much more vibrant than usual, meaning the fingers experimentally sliding along your plump lower lips almost make you whine.

“Pretty, right?”, Kirishima says with a low voice right as you’re spread completely, only furthering the blush burning across your face.

A hand at the back of your knee pushes your leg up and to the side, confusing you momentarily before a tongue swipes out, causing you to whimper at the unexpected stimulation.
In no way does he give you room to adjust or close your legs, thighs tensing as he lavs over your clit, keeping his fingers on you so there’s nowhere he isn’t reaching.

All your shyness is abandoned as you get wracked with sparks of lust shooting down your spine, softly calling out praises and pleas while you avoid pulling at his hair, knowing Kirishima isn’t into that.
It doesn’t take long for your slick to nearly overflow, some leaking out with the added saliva.

You bite at the side of your hand when he makes sure to clean that up, tongue easily sliding into your entrance.
The intrusion is welcome, slightly lifting your hips upwards for more of that, not entirely surprised when you’re pushed back down.

He lightly suctions his lips around your clit between collecting the built up arousal, the lewd eating noises on top of it all making your body flood with warmth as you feel the edge of your orgasm approaching.

“Hah… Ah, ah! E-Eijiro!”, you cry out as white hot pleasure washes through you, stars peppering your blackened view while you buck up into the unrelenting mouth that’s continuing to work on you like you’re not cuming all over his face.

“Yes sweetheart?”
Kirishima’s voice comes from above your head, at some unknown point he’d sat down there.
Confusion paired with the stimulation is too much, attempting to close your legs so you can think.
The male between them relents only after making two last passes over your slit, greedily lapping up your release.
You’re left breathless, unable to do much so you don’t bother with closing your legs, recovering for a moment.

“Do you still want it?”, he asks once a solid minute has passed, the sound of fabric rustling filling the air when you shake your head in agreement.
It’d make you laugh if you weren’t so needy yourself.

Quickly you’re moved around so you’re on your hands and knees, unable to tell who is who just yet, though now you’re actually trying to figure it out.
Your wrist is taken, the palm of your hand meeting a stiff cock.
Instinctively you wrap your fingers around it, squeezing lightly when you feel the head of another cock press right into your heat, sinking in immediately.

The satisfying stretch takes up your attention, rolling your hips until they connect with the lap behind you.
Careful to avoid using a grip strong enough to hurt, your hair is collected and pulled, forcing the cock in front of you into your already open mouth.
Both males go mercifully slow, either testing the waters or giving you time to settle, up until the one burying himself inside you can’t wait any longer.

He changes pace over the course of a few thrusts, making sure you stay in position by lowering himself and hooking an arm around your waist.
Your back arches in response, wanting all he has to give you, attempting to suck properly but losing the ability due to the moans leaving you with every breath.

The grunts and groans sounding out from above you send twinges of excitement through your core, clenching down on both of them when the hand in your hair moves down to the back of your head, briefly forcing his cock into your throat.
You gag some, knowing Kirishima is the one in front of you from the way he so nicely says your name.

Understanding that he wants more of that from you, there’s more effort put into doing so, bracing a hand on his thigh so you have something to hold onto.
This whole situation is a serious turn on, the way you’re being driven into and used so eagerly while you can’t even see nearly making you shiver every time the thought passes you.
When your second orgasm of the night hits you, you pull away from Kirishima to let your head hang down for a moment, incoherently mewling.

He says something you don’t register, not fighting it when you’re flipped over onto your back, enjoying the different spots hit within you as there’s little time wasted before he’s resuming where he left off.
Now when he thrusts forward, you’re shoved up a slight amount, blindly reaching out for Kirishima, who helpfully directs you.
You take hold of his cock and get what you can into your mouth, running your tongue over his tip religiously while you stroke the rest of his length.

His praises get blocked out when the male fucking you into the mattress can’t stay upright anymore, removing his hands from your hips to place them on either side of your shoulders, nipping at the side of your neck.

Kirishima throbs noticeably, that with the taste of pre telling you that he’s close, doubling down on your efforts.
Not long after, he finally cums, painting your mouth with his load which causes you to choke a bit when it trickles down your throat unexpectedly.

It doesn’t bother you long, swallowing everything until he doesn’t give you any more, letting go in favor of clutching at the shoulders of the man on top of you.
Your dig your heels into his lower back, squeezing down on him and moaning sweetly when he aims for going deeper rather than faster.

He kisses at your jaw until he gets to your mouth, forcing a messy yet passionate kiss, which you reciprocate whole heartedly.
You can taste yourself on him, and you’re sure he can taste Kirishima, neither of you finding that anything besides insanely hot.
Suddenly he shoves his face into the side of your neck, thrusting harder and with less rhythm than before, a husky chant of ‘fuck’ punctuating every time he’s balls deep within you.

Being able to hear him so clearly gives away who he is, your walls tightening down around him when it dawns on you, which he makes many noises of approval for.
Honestly you’d always found him cute, you should’ve expected it’d be him, but it still surprises you, thighs beginning to shake with the promise of a third orgasm.
You can’t tell whether you’re thankful or not that he’s so perceptive, getting a hand between you so he can thumb swirls around your clit, teeth grazing the spot where your neck and shoulder meet.

It’s getting difficult to breathe, whimpering from the near overstimulation but never wanting him to stop, letting him do whatever he wants to you.
“Cum right on my cock princess, your pussy is so fuckin’ tight… C’mon beautiful I know you can go for a third…” Little phrases of praise slip past his lips, crude but still things that make your heart stutter since it’s the most you’ve heard from him so far.


“K-Katsuki! Fuck, fu-fuck Katsuki!”
You press your blunt nails into him helplessly while you practically scream for him, writhing as a weaker but still intense orgasm hits you, unable to miss the undeniably hot way he chuckles as he presses searing kisses at the base of your neck, at least one sure to leave some sort of mark.
Only a few seconds after you finish he pulls himself out, hips jutting forward slightly as he releases his load all over your stomach, just from feeling alone you can tell it’s a lot.

He’s far more out of breath than you are, having to sit back on his calves while he collects himself.
You’re fairly destroyed yourself, winding down from the high energy.

Kirishima crouches down at the side of the bed, kissing your temple while he unties the blindfold.
“You did so well, ah you’re the best baby, thank you so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself!”
When he takes the material off you, the dim light of the room is too much, having to blink and shield your eyes.

You hum in response since your voice will be out of commission for a while, taking a look at Bakugou once you can only to be met with his debauched smile.
Somehow even though you’re entirely naked with his cum on you, that manages to make you blush.

When Kirishima bends over you to clean you off, the eye contact is broken and you let out the air you’d held in, muttering a quiet ‘thank you’.
Bakugou gets off the bed to grab his shorts and put them back on, Kirishima already wearing his.
You can’t be bothered, so you just close your legs and sit up on your hip.

“So, you guys are interested in doing this again?”, Kirishima asks with a pleased expression, to which you nod and Bakugou barks out a chuckle.

“Are you joking? Of course. Who’d say no to that ass?”
He emphasizes the last word by swatting yours, making you yelp as they laugh.

You’re embarrassed, but already anticipating doing this again, while being able to see everything.

Chapter Text

You’d come to the conclusion that it’d be best to leave him alone, not staying in the bedroom beyond the minute it took to change into yoga pants and a shirt that wasn’t a button down.
Without meaning too you’d ended up sleeping way past an hour, your phone telling you it’s now 8pm.
Since you’d gotten plenty of rest you turned the kitchen light on and sat at the table, sipping a cup of tea as you sent out the cutest pictures to a couple friends, Mitsuki getting all of them regardless.

A muffled shout of ‘what the fuck’ nearly made you drop both things you were holding, only having time to set your cup down before the bedroom door slammed open.
Like a bull coming through a chute he stomped through the hall with enough speed that he had to catch himself on the other side of the entryway to the kitchen.

“What the fuck!?”, he repeated himself, fuming with both confusion and anger.

“That guy you were chasing down managed to use his quirk on you,”

“I fucking know! Obviously!”
He interrupts you with a huff, crossing his arms with emphasis.

“... If you knew then why did you ask?”

“Don’t question me! How long is this shit gonna last, I got things to do!”

Somehow you keep down the vibrant urge to roll your eyes, shrugging as your response.
He huffs a second time, yanking up his sagging pants so he can tie a knot with the drawstrings so they’d stay up.

“Do you remember anything from earlier?”

“I got hit by something and then I woke up here. The fuck is that gonna help with?”

“Nothing, but you were such an adorable baby Suki!”
You get up and walk over to him, intensely enjoying being taller than him.
It’s not by much but it’s notable immediately.

He sneers, “Whatever.”

“Oh come on, don’t pretend you didn’t know that! Gah, you’re even adorable right now!”
You muse as you ruffle his hair with one hand and pinch his cheek with the other.

With a slight growl he bats both off him, “Fuck off!”
His voice breaks loudly, you fail to hold back a giggle.
You know he’s absolutely furious but there’s very little he can do.

“Good boys don’t talk back to mommy, you know that don’t you?”, with another giggle you kiss the bridge of his nose, then all over because you can’t help yourself.

“Shut up! I’m not actually fourteen so stop it!”, he complains as he turns his head away from you and your sappy affection.

You hum sadly, dramatically sighing.
“I thought you liked my kisses! You’re usually always asking for them and here I am just giving them away…”, Once you’re done pretending to be upset you take his chin and angle him forwards, scrutinizing his features, “Also you’re right, I think you look more seventeen than anything. Eighteen? Sixteen? Somewhere in that gap.”

“And you look like you’re a million, let go!”, he pulls at your wrist so you relinquish, putting your hands on your hips instead.

“Hey no need to get rude! Midoriya said you’re just in a younger body so you can totally control-”

“When’d you talk to that shitty nerd about this! The fuck does he even know!”

“Calm down. He was the one who made sure you survived being a baby in the warzone, he was who delivered you to me. I should’ve gotten it on video, you seemed very upset when I gave him a hug!”

You giggle as you reminisce on his easier to control state, waiting for him to say something mean.
But he doesn’t and instead maintains silence for once in his life.
He’s staring directly at your chest, specifically your thinly veiled breasts.

“Katsuki Bakugou I am talking to you!”, snapping your fingers and lifting an eyebrow, you raise your voice.

That makes him look up to meet your eyes, cheeks fully flushed pink.
“I heard you! Blah blah you wanna fuck deku I got it!”
He crosses his arms and leans back on the wall, trying to gain some height as he straightens his spine.

“Oh I do not, don’t even say that! You’re just being such a brat right now, if I could put you in time out I would!”
You give a frustrated ‘eugh’ and press two fingers into your forehead, turning your head away for a moment.

A few seconds go by quietly, when you look at him again you notice something.
He’s staring again.
It now seems apparent that despite his current habits and developments, he’s essentially trapped in a hormonal cage while he’s like this.
Even still you suspect that he’s leaning into it.

“Did you ogle me this much then? I can’t believe I never picked up on it if you did it like this.”

He snarls, nearly squinting, “I didn’t and never have!”

“Somehow I doubt that. I just hope you get back to normal soon, Midoriya said he’d be over tomorrow to check in so he might have a solution if you’re still like this.”

“Tch, from what I’ve seen this won’t be forever. Doesn’t mean this isn’t annoying as fuck.”

You nod in agreement, “You are being annoying, yes.”

“Shut the fuck up! It’s not my fault you’re so bitchy today!”

Hearing that makes you widen your eyes, hands on your hips as you get right in his face.
“Did you really just say that?”

“You know I did!”
His voice breaks, which makes him immediately angrier, but it calms you down since it’s adorable.

“Awe! I can’t stay mad when you’re all angsty! I’ll cut you some slack for it, do you want something to eat? That might be contributing to the mood here.”
You walk over to the cabinet, opening it up to scan the shelves for something suitable.
Reflexively you glance over your shoulder to ask what he wants only to see he’s moved on to eyeing up your ass.

“I’m not sure where this boldness is coming from exactly,” you giggle underneath your words, pushing aside a box of triscuits to see what’s behind it, “I will take that as a compliment however.”

“Take what as a compliment?”

“You’re staring directly at me like I can’t see you doing so, do you like getting caught?”

His face turns red instantly, now focusing on the table, “Don’t flatter yourself! I was just spacing off!”
The way his cheeks puff out when he’s irritated is highlighted in the way he appears now.

“I’m your girlfriend, it’s okay to admit you like me! What’s got you so flustered mmm?”
He hasn’t directly asked so you give up on feeding him, leaning against the counter instead of getting closer to him so he has his space.

“Nothing! I’m not so get off my case!”

“Okay okay, I’ll stop. How's it feel to be you right now?”

“Horrible. I hate it.”

“That seems correct, do you miss being taller?”, you can’t help but taunt, smiling innocently at him.

“Yes. I also miss being confident I could throw anyone who annoyed me.”

You roll your eyes and wave at the notion, “Oh please, the most you’ve ever done is throw me onto a bed!”

He scowls, grumbling to himself.
Deciding to have more fun with him, you close the gap and invade his personal bubble, pressing your palms flat on his cheeks to smush them around.

“I kinda wish you could look like this more often, it’s so cute! Before you got all chiseled and built yknow? Even more so when you were smaller! Actually makes me want a baby! Though I’m not sure about that if they’ll have such an angsty phase as you.”
While thinking aloud and messing with his face, he gives in and lets you, wrinkling his nose up at that last part.

“Since when have you ever wanted that?”, his words are a bit muffled but the tone comes across more curious than anything else.

You shrug as you kiss him on the forehead, patting his hair.
“About a day or so now, I didn’t think you’d be interested? I thought you’d have a problem sharing my attention, since you’re so needy for it.”

He ‘hmph’s and rolls his eyes.
“I don’t have a problem with it.”

“We haven’t talked about it at all but I certainly wouldn’t be against it, I’ve almost gotten pregnant a few times anyways.”

With a shake of his head he frees himself, holding your wrists together.
“When have you almost gotten knocked up!?”

Giggling through your words, trying to avoid outright laughing, you pull one of your hands away so you can muss with his hair.
“Did you really forget the first time we had sex? Suki, you came into my brains. I wasn’t on any sort of pill yet, but I’ll call that a crime of passion, it's not like either of us were thinking forwardly.”

“Y-You said a few times, that’s a ridiculous example! You’re the one who wanted too anyways!”
He turns red quickly, barely avoiding outright yelling.

You remain perfectly unbothered amidst his tense energy.
“Mhm, the next couple times after that as well. Honestly I’m not sure how I avoided getting pregnant, maybe if we focus on it then something will change.”
It makes you smile to see how nervous he seems around this topic, sure his hormones are going apeshit on the inside.
“Oh!”, you tack on another thought before he can respond, “You can be a bit of a freak, it’d help if we left it in, even if you like to go down-”

“I get it! Yes! Okay!”, his eyes widen at the thing you were about to say, interrupting you before you can finish.
Somehow he’s even redder now.
The way he pouts is so adorable, in all the time you’ve known him he’s always done it the same way.

“Do you want anything to eat? I do mean it literally, like a sandwich or something? I asked you earlier but you were busy.”

“No, but busy with what?”

You just roll your eyes and turn away from him, wanting a snack for yourself.
“Ah nothing. Are you completely sure you don’t want anything?”

He doesn’t respond, but you hear a light snap behind you.
With an internal sigh you know it’s most likely him pulling at stray threads on his pants, you’ve told him a million times to not do that.
It’s not as if he’ll listen to you so you don’t say it.

Right as you go to open the cabinets he cages you in, crotch to ass, chest to back, his head on top of yours with his hands on the counter on either side of you.
It now sets in that the noise was the drawstring breaking with the sudden stretch of his wider waist.
Your heart picks up instantly, realizing he’s back to being a solid foot taller than you, way stronger than you, and probably back to his full confidence.

“So, you want me to put a baby in you, huh?”, he speaks lowly, the rumble in his chest making you shiver.

You have to mentally collect yourself, any thought process cut off when he forces your head to the side with his own, nosing into the side of your neck to kiss at the sensitive area.
“I, ah um, I-I… I’m still on the pill right now, you’ll have to wait at least four or so days b-before that's, um, possible…”

His teeth graze your throat which has you whimpering in response, keening into him when he rolls his hips forward, hard as steel and wanting you to feel it.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t practice, takes multiple attempts, you look so pretty stuffed full of my cum anyways,” he murmurs against your skin, hands gliding up your stomach to find purchase on your breasts, squeezing in a massage like way.

When you open your mouth to say something he bucks up into you with force, pushing you up higher for a moment.
All that comes out is a pleasured gasp, a meek call of his name following.
The way he darkly chuckles sends a bolt of excitement through you, knowing he’s getting so much out of reclaiming his dominance.
“I promise to have you screaming louder than you will delivering the brat, and I keep my promises.”

Chapter Text

Based on your quirk and how it was used, combat wasn’t your strong suit even if it was essential to being a hero.
Repeatedly you showed many weaknesses while sparring, and you just weren’t able to overcome the blindspots.
So, the genius idea to ask pro-hero All Might for help made perfect sense!

You’d approached him after class to beg him for one on one time, that was all you needed and you’d be improving in a flash!
Of course you made sure to fawn over his skills in case regular begging wasn’t enough.
After a good few minutes of making your case, he agreed to meet you in a smaller training room once classes were over today.

As to be expected with everyone who grew up in this age, you’d idolized All Might for your entire life.
But knowing him in environments like a school setting gave you different feelings about him.
Seeing as any sort of ‘relationship’ is either inappropriate or taboo you didn’t aim to get those, you set your goal to be something different.

It wasn’t easy to sneak around campus in this skin-tight number, only making you that much more excited.
The outfit you picked was a crop-top with a pair of short shorts, beyond that you only had on your socks and shoes.
He was already waiting for you there, announcing himself with the usual loud fanfare.
You then spent the next hour getting under his skin in every way possible.

It wasn’t like you weren’t listening to his advice, between your ministrations you were actively trying to improve.
Though every connection to the mat below triggered a noise from you that heavily bordered on the less innocent, your hands often wandered along his muscles in what you would call appreciation, breasts notably jiggling with most actions.
Over time you got bolder, touching less reasonable places like his lower stomach, even grazing his crotch whenever the opportunity presented itself.
You wanted to know if this had any effect on him but his casual outfit prevented you from knowing for sure, unable to feel him up directly or sufficiently enough to tell.

It was all fun and games until he had enough.
He went from gently pinning you down right into making you wheeze with the impact, not allowing you much room to do anything on your own.
Still, not sensing any real danger, you continued to tease him.

You’d gotten pinned down yet again, giggling at how easily he outgunned you.
"Ah you got me again! Not that I can't handle it but-"

You go silent when he reveals the handcuffs that you didn’t know he had, securing them onto your wrists before you could think to stop him.

“Uh, Sensei?”, you ask with unease.

Without a second spared he grabs the thin material of your shirt and tears it open, breasts spilling free into direct view.
You yelp and lower your arms to cover yourself, but he slams them above your head.

“Keep them here.”

His voice is low and threatening, immediately you nod in agreement.
Your whole body feels hot as he rips the straps holding the ruined garment to you, tossing it away the moment he can.
Flushed with a mixture of fear and shame, unsure of whats going on, you can’t look at him anymore, focusing on the ceiling.
But that leads you to the far left wall, which is made of mirrors.
It made your heart nearly explode to catch the sight of him about to grab the hem of your shorts.

Now you’re running on instinct, kicking at his arms while you try to get up on your side, the quirk canceling cuffs removing the option of further combat.
He isn’t phased in the least, just grabbing your calf, and squeezing.
The threat has you still instantly, knowing he wouldn’t seriously injure you but unaware of just how far he’s willing to go.

As he tugs the shorts off, you push your legs together, not preventing him from removing them.
It’s almost laughable how little effort it takes him to get them open, pushing your knees down towards the floor while lifting you up a few inches.
The pressure on your back is ignored in favor of the crippling wave of embarrassment coursing through you, exposed in every sense of the word to one of the world's most powerful men.

His hands are much bigger than yours, grabbing at your ass just to cruelly chuckle at the little noises you make.
You flinch when one of his thumbs drags along your puffy mound, meekly sucking in a breath when he uses both to press into the area where your thighs meet your groin, effectively spreading the lower lips.
Blushing hadn’t ever hurt before, in this moment it certainly did.
Unable to watch his reaction directly, you turn your head back to the reflection instead, the expression he’s making unreadable to you, though he is examining you closely.

“S-Sensei,” you start, but he interrupts you by opening his mouth to drag his wide tongue over your flower, meeting your eyes in the mirror.
You whimper loudly, thighs tensing as the reflex to close your legs and squirm away is suppressed by him keeping you stationary.
He hooks an arm around your hips and lifts you up higher, giving his mouth indefinite access.

It’s dizzying to almost be upside down while he quickly finds all your most sensitive spots, eating you with no restraint whatsoever.
The room is filled with the incredibly lewd slurping, your quiet pleas for him to stop turning into more middle grounded noises.
It does feel wrong, but also so good you don’t really want him to stop.

Each flick over your clit has you melting into his hold further and further, gently biting at your hand to muffle any approving sounds.
You’re unsure of when you started to rut your hips up into his face, or allowed your calves to rest over his shoulders.
The willingness to resist is getting thinner by the second, entirely dissipated when his free hand slides down your stomach to grope at your breast, pinching at your nipple with rough pressure.

All of this combined has you moaning honestly for him, relaxing with the confidence he’s not going to drop you.
But you tense enough to arch your back when he forces his fat tongue inside you, the unexpected action stretching your inner walls.
Feeling the wet muscle swirl around within you has your thighs clenching around his head, barely able to call out how you’re about to cum.

With that new information he takes the hand on your chest away, vigorously rubbing them against your swollen clit with speed that would be making you scream if you had any air left in your lungs.
Your nails dig into your palms as you climax intensely, writhing around as he removes his tongue from you, drinking up your juices with care to not let any go to waste.
During that you’d closed your eyes, one of your arms laying over both of them, panting lightly as you catch your breath.

He lowers you to the floor while you’re too zoned out to really notice, legs jelly and useless.
But the clinking of his belt garners your attention.

His signature smile means something different when he’s got his pants down, freely stroking at his large cock, with your slick on his mouth.

“You wasted an awful lot of my time teasing me young lady. Don’t worry, I won’t do the same.”

Chapter Text

His mouth felt somehow dryer than dry, watching while you ran your fingers up and down his bare chest.

“I’ve liked you for a long time, since I first spoke to you really, do you love me too?”, you ask in almost a whisper.

The way his heart is racing almost hurts, the confession being what he’s always wanted to hear, but severely underprepared for actually hearing it.
When you start to look hurt at his silence he forces himself to speak.

“Yeah! Of course, completely!”

You smile and giggle, contentedly giving him a brief kiss.
He doesn’t have the presence of mind to reciprocate but you don’t seem to care, moving on to pull his cock free of his boxers.

Surprisingly he hadn’t even noticed how hard he was, sucking a breath in through his teeth at the sensation of you touching it.
Though your hand doesn’t stay still for long, stroking him nicely enough to have him clutch at your arm, having to press his lips together to properly stifle his own moan.
Even when he applies more force than he thought would be necessary it does nothing to slow you down, if anything you go even faster than before.

It doesn’t take very long for his cock to start aching for release, all his fighting to last longer going nowhere.
You lick up the side of his jaw, nipping at the shell of his ear, using the closeness to make sure he hears all your words.

“Oh god Hanta, you’re so big… Do you wanna cum all over me..? Fuck me? Please, would you fuck me Hanta?”

This proves to be too effective at working him up, your sweet nothings only getting needier as you practically mewl for him while jerking him off exactly in tune with his tastes.

“I bet you’d feel so good inside me... I’d let you cum in me, I really want you too actually, please?”

That’s his limit, bucking up into your hand while you continue to beg for him to fill you up.


He snaps awake once he’s finished, slightly panting from all the excitement, his heart still speeding uncomfortably fast.
It nearly bursts when he realizes exactly what he’s just done.

Completely filled with horror, he tucks his quickly softening cock back into his pants, hesitating to lift up the back of your shirt, which is where he removed himself from.
You grumble in your sleep and shift around a bit, convincing him he needs to check before you do.

Once he does pull the fabric up, his eyes open as wide as humanly possible as he stares down what is possibly the biggest load he’s ever produced.

He’d invited you over to see a movie, you agreed, it was longer than either of you thought, so you asked to sleep over with him.
Guilt, shame, all those types of feelings pool like lead in his gut.
For a moment he just lays there and considers what kind of afterlife he’s going too for rutting up against his sleeping best friend and failing to do her the kindness of suppressing a pelvic sneeze.

The cooler air hitting the warm fluid causes a temperature difference that you notice, running your hand over the area in an attempt to smooth it out.
It’s his own bed, so there’s less disgust in knowing the hand you used is certainly getting on his blanket, but there’s not a word to describe the emotion that goes through him when he has to watch you smear his cum all over your skin.

Chapter Text

“Say you’ll be back soon.”, he gruffly commands into your ear, not bothering to pause his thrusting due to the barrier of his shorts muffling the contact of your ass against his hips.

“I-I’m fine! Give me a few minutes, don’t worry!”, you nearly let several moans pass through your words, but manage to keep them down, rewarded by smattering of kisses along your neck.

Shoto doesn’t say anything else, the sound of the door closing giving you some relief before Enji picks back up on the punishing pace he’d had before his son wanted to investigate.
Now that you knew you could be heard, you focused more energy on staying quiet, chewing on your bottom lip to contrast the heavenly feeling of his cock driving into you.

Your relationship with Enji wasn’t particularly anything you’d even outline.
It was just that every time you came over to hang out with Shoto, you’d go missing for about an hour at some random point, returning with a slight limp to say you’d be heading home.
While you hoped he was none the wiser there was a part of you that doubted that.

The first time you’d engaged with him was somewhat of an accident, you’d wandered into his study while he was drinking, he said some less than savory things, you took all of the compliments at face value, then he fucked you over his desk like an animal.
Now it was almost expected that if you were in his house, he was going to be in you.

Usually he’d carry you off to a bedroom or you’d be in some room farther away than this, but you’d been super horny long before you saw him, so against the wall by the stairs it was.
You couldn’t say it didn’t make you even more turned on with the added risk, he didn’t seem to care whatsoever.

Though he did help you out, mashing his mouth onto yours in what was a display of dominance that you used to avoid screaming out loud.
He grabbed the back of your thighs and pushed them up so he could shove himself in deeper, your walls clenching around him with the strain of being positioned like this, whining quietly as his pelvis rubbed against your puffy clit.

A few rougher seconds later and he was cumming, painting your walls with his seed.
His aggression died down as it always did, kissing you with a rare tenderness that made it seem like he did appreciate you beyond a fuck toy.
You remove your hands from his shoulders, flexing your fingers to regain the feeling in them since you’d been holding onto him like a lifeline, then laying them along the bottom of his face gently.
He allowed you to relax your legs around his waist, doing so gladly since you’d started to worry about the seams on your panties popping.

When he moved his head away so he could pull out of you, you held back a pout, a bit hazy from the recent events so much so that you didn't even close your mouth at first.
As per the usual he doesn’t let any of his cum leak out of you, instead sliding your panties back into place.
With some help you get to your feet, flattening your skirt down and making sure your bra is in place.

It’s not strange when he leaves the moment he can, it just makes the occasions he gives you aftercare more special.
Though, there’s something so attractive about being used that you can’t deny that this feels just as good.

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

Bakugou was far from a prude, even he would get pent up enough to feel the need to jerk off so he could release some of that energy.
Though there were limits to his understanding nature when it came to other people.

It didn’t start off consecutively, rarely did it happen two days in a row, the pattern wasn’t notable until it became every goddamned night.
Jerking off is awkward to begin with, especially talking about it with anyone else his age.
However this needed ending, he was losing sleep and it was pissing him off more and more.

His dorm was situated next to Kirishimas, at the end of the hall.
So he doubted anyone else was receiving the god awful punishment of having to listen to whatever skeezy porn he’d been looking up.
Thin walls and the complete lack of volume awareness paired up for an excellent sleep preventing atmosphere.
Usually he sat on his bed with his arms crossed and his face pinched up with disgust, anymore he was just desperate for it to stop.
This could go on for fucking hours sometimes, though thankfully there were occasions where it was brief.

Much to Bakugou's dismay it even sounded like the same girl every fucking time, he had to be obsessed with her or something.
He hated that he’d not only heard it enough to recognize that, but that after a while he found himself enjoying it in the back of his mind.

The night he realized that part of his brain was the last night he was willing to tolerate this continuing, he wasn’t going to let this get the better of him.
He wasn’t a pervert, and it’d make him a terrible friend if he didn’t complain loudly about this completely out of hand yet hand based habit that’d spiraled out of control.

Full of determination to either beat him up or yell at him, Bakugou got out of bed and exited his room swiftly.
Even if he was somewhat infamous for being stone faced in any situation, this still made him feel really awkward.
Literally he was about to lecture his best friend on porn addiction, the only way he’d be able to do it is if he bulldozed through it with no hesitation.

He didn’t think through any real talking points, just making his way to the door, and promptly kicking it open.

“Can you put in some fucking headphones!? Every night with this bullshit, don’t you get tired! For fucks sake I-!”
Though he had way more to say, it all turned to ash in his throat the moment he processed exactly what he’d been listening to.
His face zero’ed out, eyes wide and the rest of him frozen in place.

There was an entirely naked girl on Kirishima's bed, on her knees, making direct eye contact with him.
In all honesty his immediate reaction internally was to be extremely jealous that Kirishima had you in his room like this.
He was between your legs, the fingers of his right hand squeezing into your plush thighs to keep you seated on his face.
Your hands were busy gripping his hair, leaving your front half entirely exposed to him.

Kirishima was the first to make any movement, pushing you up to free himself.
Bakugou hadn’t yet shown any outside signs of reaction but seeing the strands of saliva and slick stretch between his mouth and your cunt had him turning bright pink.
You couldn’t help the little noise you make at the suction breaking, the audible pop louder than you were comfortable hearing right now, darkly red as the embarrassment of the situation consumed you.

“B-Bro!”, he started, stammering heavily as he couldn’t think of anything to say.

Finally you manage to break the staring contest with Bakugou, shyly crossing your arms to cover your chest while you try to find something to pretend was interesting until he left.
That was until you scanned across him again, noticing the outline of his erection through his sweatpants.

You squirm in place from the cool air replacing the warm mouth you’d been connected too, Kirishima’s half thought out words and nervous chuckles fanning out against the sensitive area enough for you to want to close your legs.
With his head right between them, that wasn’t an option, so you deal with the pleasurable discomfort.
They were both speaking but you didn’t process any of it, unable to look away from the hard on due to your own hornyness, having been interrupted right before you could cum.

Apparently that wasn’t just you either, knowing by the slight tensing of his left arm that he hadn’t stopped stroking himself.
To yourself you wondered if he was bigger than Bakugou, or the other way around, maybe they were the same size as well.
You’d always thought he was attractive to say the least, it did something to you to have such direct proof that the feeling was mutual.

It caught your attention when he nodded, taking a step backwards and closing the door with significantly less force than he’d used to open it.
A couple tense seconds passed by before you both let out a sigh of relief, attempting to lift up a leg so you can get off of him.
He doesn’t let you, grabbing your hips to still you.

There’s a lot swirling through your head right now, considering asking him a couple things before you pick up where you’d left off.
Before you actually say anything he kisses at your inner thigh, swiping his tongue over your core teasingly fast.
Your breath hitches, pushing all that to the side as you relax and sit back down.
It’d probably be easier to think after you came, and considering how Kirishima reacted to being caught, it won’t take much convincing to get what you want anyways.

Chapter Text

“This isn’t what I imagined when you said I could come hang out in your room…”

He grunts and makes a ‘tsk’, swiveling in his chair to stare you down once again.

“I said ‘feel free to come over while I’m working and not paying attention to you.’”

You sigh, “Ugh, that doesn’t mean you have to actually ignore me! C’mon, take a break!”

Without another word he turns around, resuming typing up his paper.
Boredom was really starting to eat at you since you’d been here an hour with minimal interaction.
Scrolling through instagram was proving ineffective at entertaining you, continuing to poke the bear becoming the more appealing way to pass time.

You get off of his bed and stand behind him, taking a peek at his essay.
It’s well structured but it looks like greek to you.
The plan to feign interest dies there, but you move on to something better.
Before he can question your proximity to him you climb under his arms and into his lap, not at all phased by the look he gives you.

“Hi baby,” you speak in a hushed voice, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips.
He doesn’t seem angry with you but he’s far from pleased, letting you give a few more before he stops you.

“Times up, get off.”

With a huff you shake your head, “Can’t you have an intermission? Five, maybe ten minutes?”

With that, he picks you up as he stands, giving you a rough smooch before he drops you on the bed.

That’s about what you’d expected, not any less frustrating than you expected either.
But you relent, going back on your phone to talk to someone who’ll respond.

It only takes twenty minutes of silence to have you circling back to your earlier boredom.
Based on what you’ve seen so far, he wants to finish his essay, if you don’t block his view then there really shouldn’t be an issue.
So, nonchalantly as possible, you wander over, about to suggest something to him, stopping upon seeing he’s completely absorbed into a wikipedia article.

Instead you get on the floor, avoiding bumping the chair as you crawl under the desk.
Once you’re situated in a comfortable position on your knees, you place your hands on his.
He flinches slightly, “Ah-! Hey, the fuck are you down there for?”

“No reason, don’t worry about it.”
Answering him with that doesn’t give him any peace but he doesn’t question you further.

You slide your fingertips along his thighs a few times, his baggy shorts providing ample room.
When you don’t reach the edge of where his boxers would usually be, you curiously keep going until you reach his hips, noting that he isn’t wearing any.
Not wanting to irritate him, you keep any comments about that to yourself.

You draw little patterns over the softer skin of his inner thighs, never passing into the space directly between his legs.
Over the span of a minute you abuse the various erogenous zones available to you, watching the fabric rise as he gets unconsciously excited.

Waiting until he’s at full potential to stop, you use some force to tug his shorts down off him, leaving them around his ankles.
You nudge his knees apart, getting in closer so you can properly continue.
He starts to type something, so he’s either ignoring you or playing this all off.

You trace your pointer finger along the front of his cock, holding back a giggle when it twitches.
Carefully you close your hand around his shaft, making sure that you’re not really touching him, feather light at best, just wanting the vaguest of contact with him.
Slowly, you start to pump, taking his balls into your other hand to give essentially the same treatment.

It doesn’t take very long for a bead of pre to appear, leaning in so you can swipe your tongue over the head, quick enough that it was more like a flick.
You hear him choke back a groan in response, his cock throbbing with want.
Part of you feels pity, the other part is enjoying teasing him so much more than you thought you would.

That wins out, removing your hands from him entirely, allowing it to flex back into his clothed stomach.
You place a kiss at the base of his cock, and another halfway up his shaft, ghosting three fingers along the opposite side.
The space under his desk is getting hotter by the second, playing with him is losing its appeal in contrast to other things.

Unable to help yourself, you curl your fingers around him, from what you can tell he’s so hard it has to ache, stroking him with an actual grip.
He hisses out a singular drawn out ‘fuck’, sitting back in his chair to give you all the room he can.

You are nearly salivating at this point, sucking the head of his cock into your mouth, running your tongue around it at the same time.
It doesn’t startle you when the chairs armrests creak loudly.

All his signs that point to him getting extremely close to climaxing come into view, and in a moment of cruelty, you make a choice.

You let go and remove yourself from him entirely, resting on your calves as you watch him buck up into nothing, the sound of him whining so openly turning you red.
For a moment you enjoy the vulnerability he’s showing, but then his chair scoots back and you realize he’s feeling the exact opposite.

He doesn’t even crouch down, only bending over enough to pull his shorts up and grab you by the arm to yank you out from under his desk, forcing you onto your feet.
Throat dry and mind going blank, you have nothing to say to him, the absolutely enraged expression he’s holding towards you has you practically cowering.

“Do you get something outta pissing me off? You’re a fucking professional at it.”
He’s speaking low and quiet, that’s always scared you more than his yelling.

“Look at me.”, he forces your chin towards him, and you obey with reluctance.

“I-I just want you… I get so needy because I can’t have fun by myself anymore, you set a standard that nothing else reaches…”
Your words are meek, but all in all truthful.
Inflating his already massive ego isn’t a responsible choice, you know that but you don’t care.

His confident smirk doesn’t dissolve any of the nervous energy you have, if anything it’s amplified.
A shiver runs through you at the feeling of his fingers threading through your hair smoothly, his other hand releasing your arm so he can place it at your waist.

“Well it’s pretty fuckin’ obvious you want my attention, but are you really hurting for me this badly? On a scale of one to a hundred, how strongly do you feel that way?”

“A hundred, of course!”, you answer him instantly, thinking you’d successfully weaseled out of any consequences.

He raises an eyebrow, “Are you sure? Entirely, no doubts?”

You shake your head enthusiastically, and he closes the gap to give you a passionate kiss.
It’s completely unexpected since you just ruined an orgasm for him but you don’t turn it down, cupping his face as you both open your mouths.
Despite your attempts to speed things up he keeps it slow and sensual, lacing your arms over his shoulders as you fall into a rhythm.

Suddenly his hold on your hair tightens, tugging you back harshly.
He takes you by your forearm over to the bed, sitting on it and bending you face-down over his lap, legs spread evenly enough to keep you supported.

You push at the bed in front of you and try to gain traction on the floor with the one foot that can reach it, a string of whimpered panicky ‘no’s flowing from you.
It’s pathetic how much your struggles don’t matter, all it takes to stop you is his palm letting a couple sparks pop off against the skin of your lower back, shirt lifted from your movements.
With little empathy for the stitches he breaks, he nearly tears your shorts off, panties following soon after.

“Count along with them, there’s going to be a hundred and I am not keeping track.”

“A hundred!? What are you crazy!?”, you complain loudly, realizing you sealed your own fate just a few minutes earlier.

There’s no verbal response from him, just a hard swat down on your unprotected ass.
Your entire body tenses as you yelp from the painful impact, as soon as you can say ‘one’ he’s already coming at you with another.

The blanket in front of you is balled up in your hands, head hanging down while your back arches the most it can.
At number thirty he gives you a break, eyeing up the forming handprints along your ass and the back of your thighs.
He grabs at the stinging flesh, sadistically chuckling to himself when you whimper and look over your shoulder to watch.

“Oh don’t be such a baby, I’ll cut this short if something happens.”

“Wh-What would have to happen then?”

“I’m not going to stop until you cry.”

Chapter Text

Being a mistress to one of the most powerful men in the word wasn’t as difficult as it would seem.
Especially since his wife didn’t even want anything to do with him in that way, you didn’t feel any particular way about the involvement you had in his life.
About a year ago this began when you’d ended up sleeping with him unintentionally.
Well, somewhat intentionally, you were both sloshed beyond the reasonable limit at a party held by mutual friends, waking up in bed curled up to Endeavor was certainly something you’d never forget but assumed he’d put behind him instantly.

Though much to your surprise, he didn’t.
You slipped out into the morning air to start your walk of shame to the Uber you’d called, going through your phone to find he’d given you his number at some point in the night.
Thinking it was either wildly inaccurate or not even his, you gave it a call only for him to be on the other end.

Naturally things progressed from there since your interest was sky high, to be enticing to someone like him was always a turn on.
It didn’t disappoint you in the least that he was just interest in fucking you senseless when he had time to spare, he had a direct line to your paypal account and kept you very well reimbursed.

If anything you felt less like a mistress, more of a sugar baby.
At no point did you get any sort of ‘maybe there’s deeper feelings’ vibe off the situation, and you didn’t put any out
Beyond sweet nothings given during moments of carnal engagement there wasn’t anything to suggest serious ties between you and him.

Though as time went on you did learn things about him, what he liked best, what made him pound into you harder and give you nice things as a reward.
As to be expected just from seeing him on interviews, he wasn’t a very affectionate.
Hell, he hadn’t even kissed you until a few months ago, and his mouth had been on practically every other part of your body.

What worked best was being generally needy for him.
It made sense, who didn’t like being lusted after?
You’d send him very explicit photos while he was out on patrol, voice messages of the same caliber as well.
On the occasion where you were extra bored you’d just give him a call, no real objective beyond seeing how he was doing.

Honestly you liked those calls more than you’d ever admit, you’d slip in some problematic details to your stories just so he’d lecture you about it.
What used to be a chat you used exclusively to get sex and money out of him evolved into an actual small bond, sending him dumb memes or whatever else seemed entertaining at the time to you.
There didn’t seem to be any consequence to doing so, he never voiced any objections.
Casual, to you this was casual, if he stopped speaking to you tomorrow you would be disappointed but not all that upset.

On the other hand, he hadn’t realized just how attached to you he’d become.
At first it was only a drunken fling with a friend-of-a-friend’s friend, someone he didn’t know and couldn’t bring himself to care about.
And, he really didn’t.
You calling him up that morning made him realize his mistake but at the same time he was convinced he’d use you for stress relief.
Despite your many attempts to give him even more stress by distracting him during work.

If you were any less pretty he would’ve cut you off the first time you called him just to chat about his day.
Well, maybe there was something else to it.
Truth be told, he wanted to be annoyed by you.
He wanted there to be something he could use to avoid getting wrapped up in you.

You were so pretty, so smart, funny and witty, things he couldn't help but be enamored with.
Mostly he kept any expression of that to himself.
But that didn't mean he wasn't smitten with every notification he got from you, smiling to himself when nobody was around.

Every moment he spent being with you only made things stickier and harder to fight.
He’s not sure exactly when it happened but he’d certainly become a sucker for you.
Money wasn’t an object, he got you whatever he thought would make you happy and actually liked knowing he’d pleased you.
You weren’t very clear on what this was to you, you talked to him like a boyfriend, sometimes more a father figure, though you never explicitly made a statement.
The things you’d say to him while he pounded you into the mattress didn’t help in the least, talking to him like he was the only man in the world you wanted.

When you texted him so frequently about anything that happened around you, he thought it was rather odd you never mentioned any other men in your life.
That did boost his pride, ego as well.
At no point did he needle into your personal life, far from it, he respected your privacy.

That was about to change.

Hawks had been chatting his ear off for the last half hour of their patrol, both of them knew the area was rarely active during this time of the day so being relaxed wasn’t a terrible thing.
Endeavor tuned out most of the blabbering, thinking about texting you to see if you would be free within the next couple days.

“She is just amazing, hot too. I’m gonna see her at my place tonight, so hopefully there’s no overtime because I’d hate to keep the lady waiting.”

He rolls his eyes at the smarmy and overconfident tone he held, wrinkling his nose up with a ‘hmph.’
“Talking like that about the woman you’re seeing is disrespectful.”

“I’m not 'seeing' her, it’s super low key. And I do respect her! Though she’s the type to enjoy the opposite if you know what I mean.”, Hawks smirks, winking at his less than impressed colleague.

Endeavor doesn’t dignify that with a response, the silence being taken up by a continuation on how great his night is to be.
While he planned on ignoring him, Hawks description of the woman he’d been seeing for the fourth time tonight caught his ear.
He was grateful for his mane of fire, sure that his ears had turned red as the suspicious coincidences rose.
The final nail in the coffin was Hawks showing off his new lockscreen, resorting to digging his nails into his palms to keep his reaction uninterested.
Outwardly he just shrugged it off, pretending that picture of you was someone else he didn't know.
On the inside, he was losing his fucking mind.

Four times, you’d been with someone else at the very least four times.
How many other men were you sleeping with?
Why didn’t you ever mention them?
Did you intentionally keep this from him?
Were you using him for money? Using all these different guys for money?

Are you just toying with him?
Intentionally manipulating his emotions to play with him?
You had to be, it doesn’t make sense to act that way in any other scenario.

After he finished going through shock, anger took its place.
Hawks is foolhardy at best, giving Endeavor a spare key to his apartment ‘should he ever need it’ would prove to be a mistake.
He’s going to see for himself what makes it worth whoring yourself out despite the fact that he provides you with everything you could possibly want.

Chapter Text

The last few dates you’d been on with Hawks, he’d taken you to the nicer bars in the area, tonight wasn’t any different.
He was careful to keep himself at capable levels since he had to drive, you managed to prevent overdoing it for the sake of really enjoying what was to come.

The moment his car stopped you were both already out of it, mouths mashed together with hands roaming around like two teenagers rather than young adults.
You were practically swept away by him, instinctively following him as he kept you too occupied to give anything any proper thought.
It’d been hours since the sun went down, making it hard for him to successfully unlock his apartment.
Thankfully it didn’t take enough effort for him to entirely part from you, pinning you against the door to close it.

Everything was happening so fast, it didn’t seem like it’d been more than a minute after you’d left the club and yet here you were, all the way back at his place, already in his bedroom.
Hawks made quick work of your clothes despite the near pitch black you found yourself in, tipsy giggles flowing from you at the way he groped at you so openly.

He pushes you onto bed, toppling over you after he shakes off his pants to resume the messy makeout session the second he could, all the while you felt up his arms.
Your ears perk up when you hear an indiscriminate noise, pushing at his chest so you can look in the direction it came from, no amount of squinting revealing anything too far from you.

“H-Hey, d’ya hear that?”, you ask, sensing something isn’t exactly right, but not sure as to what.

He pays it absolutely no mind, pulling your hips up into his so he can grind his boxer-clad erection into you, speaking with a husky half-minded tone.
“Nope,” he pauses to gently nip at the side of your neck, “I’d love to be hearing something very specific though, can you say my name for me baby, all pretty like you do?”

Before you can indulge him, suddenly someone steps into view, the pale moonlight filtering in from the window making it even scarier than it’d be normally.
You squeak, flinching as you smack up into him, grabbing at his shoulders as you pull him close.
That frightens the man above you enough for his wings to jut out, making a less than masculine noise when he sees what you had.

“So it is true, pathetic.”, the intruder's voice rings out with painful familiarity, recognizing it does nothing to slow your racing heart.

“What the fuck?! How’d you even-?”

“This is the kind of man you tangle yourself in when you’re not busy wasting my time then.”

Endeavor doesn’t let him finish his outburst, cutting him off with authority that seems to outweigh the adrenaline.
Panic is seeping into you fast, noticing that the door is closed accelerating your worries.

“I, I... Enji,” you try to calmly ease the tension laden atmosphere, mouth now uncomfortably dry.

“What would compel you to sleep with him? Or do you genuinely enjoy being such a massive whore.”

His tone is ice cold, unease settles like lead in your belly as he stares you down.
It’s exposing when Hawks sits up on his knees, your human shield now lifted from you.

“There’s really no need for this, I know you’re upset but this is-”

“Shut the fuck up. Do you think there’s any part of me that wishes to hear you drone on?”

Again, he doesn’t allow the other male to finish his thought.

Things come to a standstill, silence furthering the crushing awkwardness as he can’t think of a rebuttal to that.
You can’t string two thoughts together, the inside of your brain breaking apart as you try to figure out exactly what you’ve done so wrong to where he’d be this angry.
All you know for sure is you have no idea what his intentions are, you can’t defend yourself, and the only one who possibly could is half drunk.

After what feels like an eternity of your heart thudding in your ears while you avoid looking at Endeavor directly, you glance over when you hear an object shuffling.
He drags a chair from the corner of the room to just two or three feet away from the bed and sits down in it, arms crossed expectantly.

“Why don’t you show me what’s so enticing about him.”

Hawks guffaws reflexively, shaking his head, “Alright, alright, this has to be a joke,”

“It’s not.”

“Enji, please,”

“Did I fucking stutter? It’s this, or the other option.”

You want to continue your plea to have him calm down but you can’t force any words out, eyes widening at whatever the hell he’s got in store if you don’t comply.

“C’mon dude you’re gonna freak her out, this is going too far. Mind explaining to me what’s going on?”

Endeavor curls his upper lip at his oblivious attitude, the sight making you tug at the idiots shirt as you whisper-yell for him to stop.
Another bout of silence seems to let it sink in for him just how serious this is.

Stilted and hesitant, he gingerly places one hand on your waist and the other on your outer thigh, guiding it to rest above his hip, following suit with the other at the same time automatically.
Within a few seconds you’d entirely forgotten that he’d stripped you of all your clothing, reminded when he probes two fingers against your core, the earlier arousal allowing them to slide past your entrance with minimal effort.
Every lewd noise that comes with being fingered is amplified which adds to your embarrassment, you do your best to keep from looking at Endeavor, hoping to concentrate on Hawks prepping you.

His thumb connects with your clit to start slowly make small circles, your breath hitching as he gently scissors his fingers within you.
As he pulls his hand away you hold back an instinctive pout, sucking your bottom lip between your teeth.
Somehow, the more you think about the position you’re in, the more it appeals to you.
That doesn’t mean you aren’t intimidated heavily, but you can’t help the bolt of excitement that shoots through you at the thought of being judged like this.

With obvious nervousness he palms himself through his boxers, wiping away the leftover slick onto the material in the process.
He wets his lips and tugs the fabric down, for a few seconds at least, grimacing as he pulls it back up.

“Look, this is ridiculous, I-I really don’t think...”
Making the mistake of meeting Endeavor's gaze has his words caught in his throat, the scowl aimed his way stunning him momentarially.
It’s very subtle, but you feel him shiver.

He forces his sight away from the other man, removing his shirt and reclaiming his position above you.
You press a soft kiss to his lips, attempting to be reassuring in contrast to how turned on you are.
Quickly it dissolves into a mess of tongues, spurred on by the teasing way he runs the head of his cock along your slicked up core.

The heat coming off his face tells you he’s blushing, finding that cute up until he does something that isn’t, lightly pulling at his hair when he finally thrusts forward.
A small ‘pap’ sounds when his hips connect with yours, closing your eyes to properly immerse yourself in the way he’s filling you up, the drag of pleasure that sparks up your spine when he draws back only to thrust back in twice as forcefully.

Soon he has you mewling much like the whore you’d been accused of being, barely able to put much more effort into kissing him beyond listlessly keeping your mouth on his.
Though when he removes his own to pepper kisses on your neck, your volume increases considerably without being able to muffle yourself with him.
His teeth catch you enough to make you whine out ‘Takami!’, clenching down on his cock as your back arches into the bed, a low groan punctuation another restrained bite.
He huffs out a strained ‘fuck’ as he slams into you, relishing in the way you’re squeezing around him, chest to chest as he bears down on you.

You have to blink away some tears when he picks up the pace considerably, teething at the opposite side of your neck, sure to be leaving lasting marks as he goes.
When you turn so he can get to more of you, the fiery man watching all this take place re-enters your mind fully.

The look he’s giving you is one you can’t exactly understand and you don’t try, thighs tensing around your lover at the reminder of just what’s happening.
He’s sporting a hard on that’s impossible to miss, though you can’t focus on it for very long.
Part of you wishes he was the one taking you right now, he’s so much bigger and rougher with you, thinking about it has you nearly calling out the wrong name.

Your eyes are half lidded, pupils blown wide, whimpering and moaning pleasurably underneath the handsome yet smaller man who’s edging you close to climax.
Everything gets to be too overwhelming, rocking up into him for a few seconds as you feel the pressure that’d been building up drop, fingernails digging into his shoulders.

“A-Ah! K-Ke-Keigo, pl, please! O-oh fuck!”, you incoherently cry out, locking your ankles over his back to force him to keep his cock deep, constricting around him like a vice as you ride out the high.

He can’t and doesn’t hold anything back now that he’s chasing his own release, pace uneven but enough to have you continually keening.
With two last aggressive thrusts and a very blissed out noise, you feel his hot load release inside you, hotly sighing at the sensation as he grinds against you, lazily humping in time with the last few shots.
Upon noticing where your attention is directed he turns your head towards him so he can kiss you, sliding his tongue over yours when you open your mouth for him.

You’re not sure if it’s a surge of confidence for him or if he’s past the point of caring, all the same moaning excitedly when he takes a handful of your breast eagerly, pinching at your pert bud nice and hard, you rub your calf over his lower back as you tighten around his still hard cock, which has him responding with a few stunted grunts.

He pulls up to breathe, proudly taking in the condition you’re in now, from the flushed expression down to the darkening marks dotting your skin, appreciating the way you continue to play with your breasts while he stares lustfully.

Curiously you take a peek at your observer to see how he’s doing, caught off guard to see he’s slowly stroking himself, when he took himself out of his pants is a mystery to you.

“What?”, he doesn’t miss a beat, smirking darkly, “We’ve got all night, you two aren’t done yet.”

Chapter Text

At first it’d really just been something you thought about to fluster yourself, nothing you’d act on at any point.
It wasn’t like he’d even let you do that, he was such a dominant and controlling guy that it’d be practically impossible to mention it, much less get away with it.

Then, a perfect opportunity landed in your lap.

Four days ago he’d been flirting with you in his own way, when he took a coin out of his pocket.

“Call it. Heads or tails, winner gets to do whatever they want with the loser.”

He seemed so confident that you’d just assumed it was rigged to have both sides be the same, so you answered with a simple ‘I pick what you don’t’.

“Tails.”, he said right before popping it upwards, catching it and opening his hand to see it’d landed heads.

“Huh. Well, guess you win. Any idea as to what you want?”

It was mildly stunning that he’d respond like that when you expected him to ignore the results.
So you told him you’d come to him when you were ready, and you had.

Preparing for today was a lengthy process, acquiring what you needed took the least amount of time.
You felt bad about stealing a pair of cuffs but you needed them, aware his temperament may flare up.
After that you needed a proper execution for your plan, in your daydreams you didn’t think so hard about an actual setup, though it wasn’t so difficult, the internet did wonders for your anxiety in purchasing some items.

What absorbed the other three days was your own mind, not that you were afraid of anything happening besides your own shyness getting in the way when it came to sexual activities.
It was much easier when he initiated everything, hours went into thinking about how you’d start things out.
For a moment you considered ditching this idea but it was just too tempting for you.

Five minutes after your ‘I’m ready’ text, he was already in your room, scanning over the materials on the bed, largely the strap with the six inch dildo clipped in.

“I’m not letting you peg me.” He says with a flat tone.

“It’s not for you, don’t worry about it okay? I wouldn’t push any serious boundaries.”, you passively roll your eyes, picking the cuffs up, “These, however, are for you.”

“And what if I say no?”

With a huff you tilt your head to the side, “I thought you said that the winner could do whatever they wanted!”

He huffs back with more attitude, uncrossing his arms as a sign that he’s allowing it.
Quite happily you step around him, cuffing his wrists together behind his back.

Once you’re sure he can’t get out of them, you direct him over to a chair you got just for today, after testing some options you found one that doesn’t tip over and won’t scoot around when met with a specific kind of movement.
That, and it was wide enough for your idea.
All day you’d been thinking about this, seeing him in the chair like this has you tingling with nervous yet excited energy.

“You wanted to stare at me all day? Nah, I know you’ve got more for me.”
He sarcastically quips at you after a minute, spreading his legs apart to show off the erection tenting his pants.
“I’m more than ready for whatever you thought of.”

You stop your gawking to come closer to him, getting on your knees in front of him, tracing a few fingers over the outline.
“Already hard and I haven’t done anything, does it really do so much for you to be cuffed?”

His nose wrinkles up as he prepares to yell something at you, but you counter by unzipping his pants and freeing his cock, barely avoiding getting hit by it when it springs upwards.
That makes you giggle, a few escaping as you open your mouth, drawing a wet stripe up to the tip with your eyes on his own.
You do consider stopping there but that doesn’t seem fair by how he's looking at you, flattening your tongue down so you can take him in further, having to look away to avoid craning your neck.

He makes a pleased grunt, the cuffs clinking off the chair as he widens his legs, the room does make it easier for you to take him in deeper, another sound being your reward for doing so.
The pace you bob along him at is medium, just above teasing.
His hips flex upwards for more which forces his cock into your throat, surprising you.
Instinctively you stay in place, swallowing around him repeatedly until the urge goes down.

When you pull your head back he hisses a breath in through his teeth, his cock slipping past your lips with an audible pop.

“Fuck, why’d you stop?”, he shifts around in the chair, length twitching at the colder air annoyingly replacing the warmth it was just in.

“Because,” you stand up, pulling your skirt down and your shirt off to rid yourself of all the clothing you had on, “I wanna move on to the next part.”

He grins and eyes you up with no shame, which brings a slight blush to your cheeks.
But you move on for your own sake, taking the strap on over to him, shoving one end of the leather strip underneath his thighs, connecting it to the other snugly.
You’re only satisfied when the dildo is completely upright, a few inches below the real thing.

“Huh so you wanna stuff all your holes full?”, he asks with a playful tone, making you smile as you climb up onto the chair with him.

Your knees are on either side of him, carefully positioning yourself over the toy.
“Not exactly,”

Being so wet from the earlier thoughts and actions makes it easy to slide the toy inside, taking a seat down on his lap, pelvis far back enough to avoid touching him entirely, which is perfectly what you wanted.
All day you’d been waiting for this, rising up and lowering back down slowly, lacing your arms over his shoulders, giving him a contented look while he remained confused.

“So what the fuck is this?”
Just as you thought, he’s heavily irritated, though this is earlier than you thought it’d be.

You giggle and bite at your bottom lip, watching as his face pinched up.
Despite your poor reaction to most aggressive things directed at you, it was deliriously hot to you whenever he got angry, that signature scowl of his did things to you.
Honestly, whenever you touched yourself, you more often thought of that than anything else.
Your pace increases just a tad, mewling softly in response to his question.

He tries to tolerate it, staying quiet to ice you out in the hopes you’d get bored of his non-reaction.
But he couldn’t help himself, it could’ve only been about thirty seconds when he clicks his tongue against his teeth in frustration.

“Let me outta these fuckin’ cuffs.”

The intent had been to intimidate you, having no idea that he was feeding right into what you wanted.
He’d have handled this better if you weren’t making all those pretty noises, his neglected cock leaking pre as it throbbed, aching for any sort of contact.
You just shake your head with more giggles, now riding enough to make your breasts jiggle.
When he leans forward to give attention to the area, you simply push him back, each hand perched on his shoulders to make sure he stays there.

The cuffs make a decent amount of racket as he tries to yank them off, quickly reaching his limit.
Nothing comes of it though, they prove to be worth it when he fails to remove them.

“Ka-Katsuki,” you breathlessly call out for him, locking eyes with him as his heated glare works magic on you, only furthering how much you’re enjoying this.
While he does like how out of it you look, it infuriates him that he’s got nothing to do with it.

He says your name with a dangerously low voice, more like a threat than anything else.
But there’s not a thing that could make you stop, delicately cupping the side of his face, your thumb grazing his lips, which he does snap at.

“Close, I’m close, so close, fuck, fuck! Suki, fuck!”, the words pour out of you with little control, going as fast as you can manage, thighs trembling as you reach a hand down to grind against your clit, that added stimulation making it hard to avoid being too loud.

He watches like a hawk as you climax, practically snarling as he continues to violently struggle with the cuffs.
You seat yourself down one last time, shoving your face into his chest, crying out for him only like you do when you’re orgasming.

Cooly, you let out a big breath of air when you can straighten your back, shuddering somewhat when you pull off the toy, slightly embarrassed at the wet that’d soaked into his pants beneath the strap on.
He looks to have calmed down some, which you’d guess is from the lessened intensity, barely able to get on your feet enough to take the leather off him.

“Thank you, so much!”
You chirp happily, giving him a kiss which he doesn’t react to other than leaning in for it.

After you put the apparatus away, you take the key off your nightstand and kneel down behind the chair.

“I promise I didn’t forget about you, I’m gonna let you finish, as a reward I’ll even let you do it in my mouth, okay?”
He doesn’t say anything, which you take as a confirmation.

The instant the cuffs loosen, he’s already out of them.

Faster than you can react he’s got you up off the floor, and on your back on your bed, landing with a small ‘oof’ as he tosses both you and himself.
Almost greedily his hands run all over your body while he kisses several hickeys onto your neck, teeth coming down shortly afterwards.
You whimper and lift your legs around him, grabbing at his hair as he abuses the tender area for his own sadistic lust.

His cock prods your entrance, sinking in with little effort since you’re already beyond warmed up.
It feels so different from the toy, pulling at his shirt as you mewl, finding it hot that he didn't bother to undress besides yanking his pants down to his knees.
Once he’s in halfway, he lets go of any restraint and slams his hips into yours, starting a brutal pace.

Sensitive from your previous orgasm, all your muscles tense as you’re overwhelmed in the best possible way, your head pushing into the bed as your back arches, caught between it being too much and not having enough.
Usually he’d be mindful of the noise levels to avoid being lectured himself or keeping things from being awkward for you, but he couldn’t give less of a shit right now.

The sound of skin against skin is nearly as loud as your own uncontrollable moans, his fingers sure to leave bruises on your hips from the grip he’s got on you.
If anything, he wants everyone nearby to know he’s better at this than they’ll ever be.
His ego swells up when you start spouting his name like a prayer, smirking to himself while he’s busying himself with marking up your chest, sucking what’ll become nicely dark spots, sure to leave some in places your hero costume doesn’t cover.

You can’t handle this for much longer and you don’t try, desperately and incoherently begging for him.
Without slowing he reaches a hand down, two fingers on either side of the sensitive button to pinch at a careful pressure that treads the line between pleasure and pain.

Before you can scream he forces a searing kiss on you, feeling you clench down on him so tightly having him make his own noises of serious pleasure.
Your insides are so hot and wet, he can’t resist thrusting even harder, the bed creaking as he fucks you into it, this setting a new standard for what ‘rough’ means to you.

He breaks the kiss so he can breathe, huskily exhaling ‘fuck’ as he presses his forehead into yours, groaning between a loving call of your name, releasing inside you as deeply as he can, not pulling out more than halfway on the last thrusts he gives.

Both of you are completely spent, panting like you’ve run a marathon as he does the same, using most of his energy to avoid collapsing on top of you while he sweetly kisses you with the only gentleness he’s shown so far.

“Don’t tease me.”, he warns when he leans back, pulling out of you with a smug expression, totally satisfied with how ruined you are, covered in marks which most of which only he’d see with his cum stuffed inside you.

You just nod, voice totally shot, happy that everything went all according to your plan.

Chapter Text

Your throat was sore from the abuse, your jaw as well from being forced open this long.
But the absolutely sinful noises leaving Kaminari as he continued to thrust his fat cock into your mouth was more than enough to keep you going.

“Baby, angel, you are taking this so fucking well, so pretty for me on your knees like that,” he breathlessly praises you between low groans.

Despite your watery eyes you don’t look away from him, hands braced on his thighs with drool messily smeared across your skin, pushing forward against his momentum to get him in further.
He had his fingers weaved in your hair, tugging at will whenever you hollow your cheeks or swallowed around him.

You’d never directly admit it but this was one of the hottest things he would do with you, dragging you into empty classrooms to fool around with you.
Though right now you found yourself in a janitor's closet, head held against the wall while he used you.
Sucking him off was something that always turned you on, making him weak while allowing him to see you vulnerable in such a way you’d get soaking wet just thinking about it.

“Fuck, fuck, like that, please god just, fuck!”
His rhythm becomes harsh and fast, testing the limits of your gag reflex as he chases his own high, cock throbbing against your tongue.

A few tears run down your face from the bruising pace, fingernails sure to leave indents on his skin even through his pants, moaning softly from the combined abuse and low toned voice calling out your name.
He doesn’t last much longer, spearing the back of your throat with his cock three times in quick succession before pulling out, stroking himself as he paints the inside of your mouth along with some of your face with his hot cum.

You’re unable to do more than catch your breath, waiting for him to finish before swallowing what you could.
Lovingly, you smile up at him, knowing that has to look incredibly lewd from how disheveled you are.

He crouches down since you’re stuck on the floor for now, dragging a thumb across your chin to collect some of his release, watching with excitement as you lick it clean.

Chapter Text

Your quirk was quite simple, as expected ‘Phantom hands’ is exactly what it sounds like, you can project invisible hands that can manipulate things just like your real hands can.
Over the course of training you’d learned how to use them without having to move your actual hands to mimic what you wanted them to do, you could send out more than one at a time, and learned how to slide them through thin materials seamlessly!

While you did enjoy that triumph, what came with it was a whole new world of messing with your boyfriend.
On the outside you well maintained an image of being pure and innocent, but he knew better.

You sat at your own table for lunch, your group of friends not able to really withstand the sheer chaotic energy radiating off Bakugou.
It was understandable, plus that meant you got off scott free while you toyed with him since you were across the room.

Making sure to keep your eyes trained on his, you manifested a hand to delicately rub at his inner thigh.
Immediately he knew to stare you down, thought it didn’t phase you in the least, waving while blowing a kiss to him.

The signal he sent to you through that harsh scowl was ‘don’t you dare.’, something most would heed.
Instead of doing anything even remotely close to backing off, you slide the hand up into the seat of his pants, palming his package.

Kirishima says something to him, forcing him to quit focusing on you to answer him.
Watching his reaction set a fire in your blood, the tint of pink taking to his cheeks when you manifested two more hands to rub at his nipples and play with his growing cock, able to feel the flesh getting harder.
Carefully you managed to keep from ruffling his clothes, not wanting to give up what you were doing so easily.

You curl your fingers around his cock and delight as he shivers notably, chewing on your bottom lip as you start to stroke him at a medium pace, face getting redder as he suppresses any outward reactions.
Mina points out how he’s recoiled in on himself, the others expressing some concern over it, to which he snaps at them with some light sparks and choice expletives.

Right in the middle of him making a scene you pick up the speed tenfold, just to get your sadistic kicks out of the way his eyes widen and his voice breaks mid-sentence.
For the sake of his sanity you let go, allowing him to collect himself to berate the table while they erupt into laughter.

You knew when he got you alone later he’d be world endingly pissed but that was just part of it for you, already squeezing your legs together at the thought of what he would implement as a fitting punishment.

Chapter Text

He palmed himself through his shorts as he arched up into his hand, body desperate for some relief.
Being on video-chat with you was always fun but seeing you in such a thin tank top nearly killed him.
Thankfully when he couldn’t avoid staring it was much less noticeable than it would’ve been in person.

When you hung up his restraint turned to impatience, relaxing his posture as he finally got to acknowledge the problem you’d caused him.
Girls can wear whatever they want, in no way did he think you needed to cover up or deserving of this kind of reaction, but he couldn’t say he didn't immensely love the way your perky nipples showed through the material that hugged so closely to your tits in general.

It became all he could think about, freeing his aching erection to give it a firm tug, a low noise leaving him with a huff.
He leaned over slightly to spit down onto cock, the added lubrication enabling him to speed up.
With no patience to build up or prolong the self pleasure he tightened his grip and began at a jack-hammer pace.

“Fuck…”, he groaned out with a soft call of your name, the hand he’d placed on his bed to hold him upright mussing up his blankets.
Closing his eyes and imagining what you must look like without any layers served to make his cock throb with excitement, thinking back to the bathing suit you’d worn to the beach, the amount of skin showing burned into his mind.

Once he’d been sitting on the commons room couch, you on the floor in a circle with the others as they discussed whatever, he wasn’t paying attention.
However when you crawled over to him, the visual of you sat between his knees with that pleading look in your eyes was something he thought about more often than was healthy.
It didn’t matter if you were just doing that to sarcastically and overdramatically beg him to go grab your phone from the other room, hearing that ‘please’ almost made his heart pop, he’d practically do anything if it meant you’d do it again.

Another time you’d bent over a table to grab something farther across it than you’d estimated, having to extend yourself.
That made his body tingle, thinking about your skirt failing to hide those stupidly hot panties from staying out of sight, your plush ass and thighs free to be seen by anyone who wanted to look.
But, when you lifted a leg to help balance yourself, and he got an eyeful of your pussy tightly hugged by the pink striped fabric over it, that nearly gave him a nosebleed.

His hips bucked up involuntarily, a more husky and lustful use of your name following with a few expletives.
You were shy by nature, not that you weren’t able to light up any space with little effort, but you weren’t keen on being vulnerable with others in any sense, the privilege of being so close to you wasn’t lost on him.
Seeing you in such a state, hair undone, clothing minimal, not using a filter while talking to him, it all added up into something indescribably precious.
Either way, he thought you were cute beyond measure.

While he loved seeing you in your natural environment, his mind was on the less innocent possibilities.
How would you look when he was pounding into you?
What do you taste like, would you be shy about him attempting to find out?
Do you like sucking cock?
Have you had sex before? Ever cum with another person?

His own line of questioning got him closer with each possible answer, training meant he’d heard you make all kinds of noises so in that way there wasn’t any shortage in sounds to work with.

Maybe you were coy and had your own ideas of how things would go.
In no way did he want to give up having you beneath him, but he wouldn’t mind it in the least if you wanted to ride him like a show pony.

That was enough to push him over the edge, fucking up into his fist with a string of curses between a sprinkling chant of your name, ropes of his white seed shooting out over the course of about five seconds straight, decorating his chest along as his own hand continually kept feverishly working him.

Up until the sensitivity came in, forcing him to slow down and let go, length twitching as he let his head fall back with a satisfied purr of a groan, enjoying the rush of endorphins for a moment.

You’d been rendered speechless the instant he took his cock out, unable to tell him you hadn’t hung up and instead hit the button canceling your own chat window, meaning it just minimized the application.
Needless to say, you saw and heard absolutely everything.
To save his own embarrassment you didn’t say a word, snapping out of the daze watching him pleasure himself had put you in enough to hang up for real, praying he wouldn’t find out about this.

In your own room, you were blushing enough that it began to hurt somewhat, biting on the knuckle of your ring finger as you tried to process that he definitely used your name several times, slowly rolling down into your chair as the heat building between your legs begged for stimulation.
Meanwhile in his he heard the distinct sound of a call ending, his phone lighting up with the all too familiar notification alerting him that he was about to have an hour long panic attack.

Chapter Text

“Stay still.” he commanded as he yanked your hair to the side, sniffing at your scent gland like it wasn’t intensely invasive.
You did as told, knowing full well he wasn’t one to back down.

Since about the third grade you’d known Bakugou, your mother being friends with Mitsuki meant you spent a lot of time with him, along with Midoriya as well.
But he seemed to have less issues pushing you around, not like he didn’t do that with literally everyone, but he was more inclined to manhandle you.
He’d been doing this long before you’d presented as an omega and him an alpha, while you did hate that he treated you that way it wasn’t as if he hadn’t been doing it for nearly a decade.

This morning you’d woken up feeling just a tad strange, not thinking much of it until you happened to walk past Bakugou, who didn’t let you get more than five paces before grabbing your arm.
That’s how you got here, blushing furiously while he invaded your personal space.

When he let go, you assumed he was done so you turned to leave.
Doing so was an instant mistake since he used the positioning to shove you into the wall next to you, reflexively bracing your forearms against it so you don’t slam your face into it.

“Hey!”, you voice your instant disliking about to follow that up with ‘whats your problem’, but he silences you by pulling your hips towards him, shoving a hand into your lower back so it arches, and using his knee to push yours apart.

You turn your head to glare at him, but he’s nowhere to be seen.
Brief confusion swings into fear when he noses right into your core, making you yelp in surprise as you nearly scramble up the wall cartoonishly, regretting the skirt of choice you’d worn today.

“N-No! Don’t!”, with a shaky stammer you swat down behind you to try and get him away, getting up on the tips of your toes with your chest smushed up against the surface.
You can feel him sniffing, heavily alarmed since he’s never done anything like this before.

He takes hold of the hand you’d put near him, setting off some sparks to demonstrate how much he wants you to quit fussing.
Assuming this’ll all end soon if you don’t engage, you relinquish, shamefully resting your forehead on the wall to avoid looking at anyone who could be passing by the very public hallway.

With one hand he lifts one side of your ass apart and to the side, the other lets go of your wrist in favor of tugging your panties away, exposing you to him completely.
Predicting how you’d react, he doesn’t hesitate to lock his arms around your thighs and lift you up enough that your feet aren’t on the ground anymore, forcing your legs to stay open as he gets to look at and sniff at your flower.

Now you scan either side of the hall like a hawk, knowing he won’t let you go until he’s done that the least you can do damage-control wise is to make sure this isn’t witnessed.
But, when his tongue draws through your lower lips, collecting the small amount of wet, you squirm and yelp a second time.

“Stop! B-Baku-HEY”, you can’t see him, but you can feel him repeating the action, prompting you to get more serious.

A warmth begins to pool in your belly, even as you try to keep from letting him think this is remotely okay you still find yourself struggling far below the amount you should be.
Just because he’s an alpha doesn’t mean he has the right to treat you this way, he’s violating you!

For a moment you regain your fighting spirit, but it extinguishes entirely when he shoves his mouth in further to get at your very sensitive button, swiping it a few times before he lightly suckles at it, writhing his tongue over it.
You shiver at the rush of positive stimulation, relaxing into his hold to officially submit, chewing on your cheek to keep your volume down.

That would have continued on for hours if you had any choice in it, but it doesn’t.
He hears your quiet whine when he stops and he’d laugh if he could, other objectives on his mind heavily clouding his thoughts.
The wet muscle prods at your entrance until it can slip in, causing your thighs to tremble as you mewl for him, closing your eyes to focus solely on the way it feels when he slides it out only to go right back in.
A haze settles on you, fully taken over by the need to let the alpha do what he wants.

He’s essentially licking your insides, tongue pushing in low and pulling out higher, rubbing against every space within your walls that he can get too, face buried between your legs in his own desperation to taste all you have to offer.
When he hits a distinctly special spot within you, you buck down into him and whimper sharply, and he takes the signal exactly as you hoped.

One arm removes itself from around your legs to grab the underside of your thigh, shoving it up so he can get in closer, lapping at the area enough to practically make you tear up, bottom lip brushing over your clit in tune with his efforts.
Your nails dig into the wall, incoherently crying out as you cum on his face, rutting against him to get all you can from this, trembling all over as your vision dots with stars.

He doesn’t stop until you actually begin to cry, removing his head to let his jaw rest a bit, very happy with the slick and spit mixture smeared all over your core, some dripping down from your entrance.
He wipes the same fluid off his face with the back of his hand, tempted to lick it clean.
While you couldn’t walk if your life depended on it, he takes advantage of that, standing and hoisting you up bridal style.

Usually, you’d be fighting tooth and nail to make him put you down, but usually he’d be carrying you over his shoulder like a sack of flour.
No part of you wants to separate from him, leaning up to sniff at him, intoxicated by the stronger and more rich scent radiating off him.
He lets you brush up against him while you purr contently, attempting to scent him as a small claim while your primal state of mind is in control.

“Thank you… Alpha,” you say with a smile, tacking on the label when it feels wrong to not include it, “where are we going..?”
He’s trotting off with you, you’re too blissed out to understand by surroundings alone where he’s heading.

“My room.”, he responds plainly, flashing a quick snarl at Kaminari who made the mistake of attempting to greet the both of you from a good ten feet away.


“You smelled funny. Thought you were sick. Was just a pre-heat change in your scent. ‘M gonna force you into actual heat, n’ take care of you.”

That does sound immensely enjoyable, but the wording confuses you.
“What do you mean ‘take care of me’ alpha?”

"Claim my omega."

Somehow despite the recent events you blush all over again, kissing all over the skin you can get too, which only encourages him to confidently smirk.
“I’m gonna knot you, fuck you fat with my pups.”

Chapter Text

You were beyond drunk, he was 99% sure by morning you’d have no memory of tonight past about ten pm.
He wasn’t sure who exactly snuck the contraband alcohol into the dorms, but it didn’t take very long for the teenagers who drank it to feel the effects.
Bakugou refused to have any and said he’d be ‘watching out for the idiots’, though Mina called him a coward and he took it upon himself to chug an alarming amount.

Sero then took up the mantle of designated sober friend for the night.
He thought he’d have to walk everyone back to their respective dorms, but they were doing pretty okay for now.
You, on the other hand, obviously had gone overboard.

“Alright, you’re going to bed.”, he said decidedly as he helped you to a standing position, keeping a hand on your waist to make sure you stayed upright.

“Aweee where are you going!” Mina complained from her sprawled out spot on the floor, prompting Kaminari to do the same.

“I’m taking her back to her room, I’ll be back to make sure you’re all alive in like ten minutes.”

Kirishima chuckles and nods, “Makes sense, take care!”

Sero rolls his eyes and shrugs off Bakugous slurred ‘fuck off’ as he takes leave.
You leaned your head onto his chest, arms snugly wrapped around him, smiling up at him like a dope.
The sounds of laughter and chatter faded the farther away you got, leaving you to listen to his heartbeat.
If he was any less focused on making sure your feet landed each step he might’ve noticed your staring.

Ever since you first met him there was something that intrigued you about him, wanting to be around him as often as you could.
In your sloshed state, you really enjoyed being close to him, and wanted to make it known.

“Serooooooo,” you sing out, following it with, “did’ja know, I’ve, I, you’re, jus really cute, did you?”

He blinks a few times, looking down at you, one eyebrow raised.
“You're wasted, aren’t you? I don’t think I caught any of that, try again?”

With a second spared to think, you give it another shot.
“I said! That, you look, great!”

“Ah, well thank you. You also look great, beyond the fact I think you’re one sip of punch away from slipping into a coma.”

That makes you snort, lightly slapping at him.
In turn he can’t help a little smile, using the hand he has on you to force you up straighter when you nearly fold forwards.

Now you’re eye level with him, unabashedly admiring his angled eyes and pointed bangs.
Though, being inches away, you make note of his lips, mostly how much you like them.
With nothing to reasonably keep impulses at bay, you act on the first one, giving him a kiss.

He recoils and almost drops you, facing you to reprimand you, a nice shade of pink taking to his skin.
You don’t let him, grabbing his shirt to get him within range for another.
While he makes an attempt to prevent a third, he loses balance, stumbling back into the wall behind him with a rather loud thud.
Panic takes him for a moment as he dreads finding out who he woke up at this odd hour of the night, taking a breath of relief when he realizes it’s just Bakugous dorm behind him.

Though he sucks it back in when you don’t waste the opportunity presented with his unprotected neck, licking a wide stripe up it before pressing a kiss under his ear.

“You need to quit!”, he whisper-yells, hiking his shoulder up to block you off.
That doesn’t work, you move on to petting his stomach as you take the hand on your waist and move it lower, his fingers reflexively squeezing your ass, yanking away afterwards.

“I jus’ wanna kiss,” you stop to pout at his reaction, regaining your brighter expression when he sighs.

“One. You get one. And then you’re going to bed. Okay?”

You nod excitedly, meeting him halfway when he cups the side of your face to maintain control.
It makes your heart swell, placing your hand over his.
When you lick at his bottom lip you expect him to cease it there, instead he opens his mouth to further reciprocate.
A small step forward has your chest on his, lacing your arms over his shoulders, unable to keep from being uncoordinated and messy, though he doesn’t seem to mind.
He tastes like the soda he’d been drinking in place of alcohol, liking the sweetness of it.

What does make him push you away to disconnect is your hand on his crotch, feeling him up.

“No,” he stiffly says, removing your presence from the area.

But you can’t help yourself, humming in acknowledgement so he’ll let go, only to go in for another touch.
He uses a stronger grip this time, side stepping to get some space.

“You’re drunk, no. I promised you one kiss, and did more than you even asked for because I thought it'd sate you, you said you’d go to bed aft-”
Interrupting him with your quirk successfully, he’s paralyzed for ten seconds.

“Too worried! Ah I would wanna do this sober, I’m not so drunk anyhow, okay?”, you do your best to avoid slurring and properly enunciate your words, hoping that drives your point home.

“‘S wanna, make you, jus wanna touch you, a little bit,”
Muttering to yourself while you undo his belt, fumbling with it longer than you wanted before succeeding, able to get one grope through his boxers in before your quirk times out.

Immediately he gasps at the way your fingers curve around his balls, unsure of what he’s supposed to do, liking this more than he should.
He grabs at your wrist but he doesn’t put any pressure, allowing you to rub your palm against his shaft, both of you watching with half lidded eyes.
Attempting to swallow the lump in his throat does nothing to remove the tension, aiming his sight onto you, knowing he really shouldn’t be letting you do this even if you say you want too.

You pull the boxers open in the front to take a peek inside, his brain instantly knowing he doesn’t want you to do that, yanking your hand away as his heart catches on fire.
Since it worked earlier, you use your quirk again, freeing yourself easily before taking a seat on your knees in front of him.
Inside his brain he’s screaming, though on the outside he can only watch as you tug all layers out of the way.

The combined shame and conflict of the whole scenario had prevented him from getting hard, unbeknownst to you.
You tilt your head to the side, staring at his soft cock for a moment before bursting into giggles.
A hand over your mouth do little to muffle the noise, snorting a few times.

Even when the quirk times out he finds himself frozen in place, humiliation turning the pink on his face into a deep red.
He’d never done more than kiss a girl before, vastly inexperienced with this level of intimacy and now the rejection added to it.

“Ah ah, I’m, I can’t! Oh! It’s, It’s not you!”, between snickers you manage to speak, though it doesn’t make much sense.

He huffs out a shudder when you lean forward, determining whether he’s going to book it away from you and leave you to sleep on the floor or not, just wanting to remove the chance of more ridicule.
But, you calm down before he comes to a final decision, taking his flaccid cock into your hand to lick at the tip, sucking on it while running over the slit.

That stops his thought process in its tracks, widening his stance subconsciously, hips jerking slightly when you take it out of your mouth with an audible pop.
Making sure to look up at him you continue licking much like you would with a lollipop, swirling your tongue around it a couple times.
Then you open your mouth all the way, taking the squishy flesh in with ease.

You put your hands in your lap, immitating what the lady did in that one video you really like, giving him nice ‘fuck me’ eyes while you slowly begin to pull back.
Confused but not turning this down, he places a hand on the back of your head, petting your hair, really hoping this isn’t a precursor to you biting him.
Adding more suction has him hissing a suppressed exhale through his teeth, cock starting to fill out and stiffen.

For now you can comfortably have your nose meet his pelvis, swallowing around him every time, then hollowing your cheeks to maintain proper form when you pull away.
He can’t pick between looking at your mouth around him, or the way you’re looking back at him, switching frequently.
You figure you’re doing something right when he prods at your throat, trailing a few fingers along his inner thigh absentmindedly.

At full mast, it makes you gag strongly to take him all in, doing it anyways because of the spark of pleasure it sends into you, alongside seeing him react to it.
You’re drooling around him, bobbing your head along with some added speed, mewling softly whenever he throbs, running your tongue up into the underside of his cock in the hopes he’ll do it again.

Wanting more from him, you put your hand over his, pushing as you go down to show him what you want.
He takes the gesture instantly, bucking his hips forward in time with your mouth lowering, quietly groaning at the lewd noises that come with your gags and pleasured whines.

Gaining some confidence, he gets a hold of your hair, firmly using it as a handle, taking the way your eyes roll back and your relaxed muscles as the green light to do as he wished.
Not wanting to hurt you, but certainly wanting to get close to it, he forces you against him at a much harsher pace, giving you time to breathe whenever it seems like you need it.
Other than that, he’s using you as his toy.
Which excites you to no end, squirming down onto your calves to deal with the rising urge to touch yourself.

He can’t last more than two minutes of your mouth around him, shoving you down as far as you can go as he cums, shooting his load into your throat, uncaring of the way you choke while riding out the powerful orgasm, gritting his teeth with an aggressive grunt.

As soon as he’s done he lets go, and you pull off him to swallow and cough to clear your airway, somewhat disappointed you didn’t get to taste any of his release.
With a debauched grin you wipe the spit off your chin, giggling drunkenly.

There’s a lot of choices he can make.
At the front, the number one and most morally aligned, is to put himself back into his pants and take you to bed, never to speak of this again and pray you don’t remember a thing.
He hit the ‘fuck it’ point the second you got the head of his cock past your lips, so he does the least acceptable.

You giggle loudly when he forces you to get up, opening Bakugous door and kicking it shut once inside.
Without any thought towards the fury he’d be facing if the owner of the room knew, he knocks all the things placed on his dresser to the floor, having you take a seat on top of it.
There’s no lights on and his curtain does well enough to block out the pale moonlight, that doesn’t stop him from practically tearing your shirt off, buttons breaking off and bouncing off the floor.

He grabs your hips and pulls your forward until you’re positioned just how he wants, flipping your skirt up and delving two fingers under your panties to get a sense of how wet you are, kissing at the side of your neck while his other hand yanks your bra upwards, gently pinching your nipple.
You keen and whimper, already drenched with slick so much that your entrance provides no resistance.
That makes him almost painfully hard, removing his fingers to get your panties off you, lining his cock up with your pussy.

It greedily sucks him in, hot velvet walls tightly welcoming him in, causing him to groan into your ear, taking your hips to make sure he goes in all the way before pulling back out.
Your head hits the wall behind you with a dull thud, sighing out a call of ‘hanta’, locking your legs around him, your hands gripping his shoulders desperately.
He presses his forehead into the side of your face, thrusting back in just as deeply as before.

With absolutely no regard for the volume coming from either of you, it’s quite an obscene thing to hear.
You’re moaning and begging for him, he's doing a lower version of the same, his hips coming flush with your ass producing a constant smack anyone would recognize, and the dresser is rocking back into the wall with every forward motion.
Even with the door closed, the neighbors on either side can easily hear the activity taking place.

He knows this and he don’t care, if anything it only makes him fuck you harder when you say his name like that, maybe he’s getting some of his frustrations out by doing this as well.
The only thing that had kept him from cumming is that he did so not even ten minutes ago, thankful for the boost to his stamina.

But you have no reason to try to last any longer than you do, legs shaking as you come undone, an array of borderline slutty noises leaving you.
He thinks he hears you say a name that isn’t his, unable to tell who's if you did.
For the third time tonight you use your quirk on him, this being the first of which is unintentional, using your legs to make sure he stays balls deep, pussy constricting around him in pulsating waves as your body temperature rises.

With no way to pull out or even move away, he climaxes inside, the first few shots taking place while he’s under your control, the instant he’s back in control he mashes his mouth onto yours, pounding into you roughly until he finishes.

Both of you are out of breath, though that doesn’t stop him from affectionately peppering kisses along the side of your face between light pants.
You happily burst into yet another fit of giggles, gasping when you come to a realization.

“Did you cum in me?”

He nonchalantly ‘mhm’s in response, kneading your breasts while he nips at the spot where your shoulder meets your neck, mindful to avoid leaving any lasting marks.

“We’re gonna make such a cute baby Sero!”
You smile and press a kiss to his lips, the darkness of the room preventing you from seeing just how horrified his expression is.

Chapter Text

You’d been sleeping long enough that being woken by an outside force has you whining over the loss of contented unconsciousness.
With a huff you shake your leg to get rid of whatevers touching it, grumpy you have to deal with this.

Tokoyami still has his arms wrapped around your stomach, holding your back to his chest.
As you continue to wake up, you blink away the sleep from your eyes, blearily glancing down to see what's persistently bothering you.
Your eyes blow wide open when you see dark shadow, mindlessly trailing his large hands along your leg, rising up over your hip before gliding back down.
A quick peek behind you proves Tokoyami is far from awake, somewhat blowing your mind.

In all honesty you didn’t believe him when he said that dark shadow ‘had a mind of his own’, not that’d you call him a liar but you assumed there was a decent amount of puppetry.

That being said…
Why was he out? Touching you like this? It was notably intimate, like how Tokoyami does when he wants your attention in a less than innocent way.

It starts to make sense when his translucent yet ever turbid hand reaches up to your belly, fingers sliding underneath the waistband of your shorts.
You suck in a sharp breath, attempting to grab at the arm to pull it out, but it fades away wherever you try.
A single finger slowly runs over your core, parting you open when the pressure increases.

Tokoyami murmurs something you don’t quite catch, nuzzling into you while his arms draw you closer, hips bucking up to reveal the erection he’d either developed or already had.
You’re tempted to wake him up and tell him about this, but there’s a buzzing underneath your skin that makes you stay pliant, letting dark shadow do as he wanted for the time being.

He ruts up into you at a steady pace, about how he goes when he’s either teasing you or prolonging his stamina, biting on the inside of your cheek as you get increasingly turned on.
Curiosity does play into this, beyond the fact that you’re wet and wanting, you do wonder if your slick actually touches dark shadow or if he just pushes it around.
You’d been sleeping with Tokoyami for the better part of three months now and you’d never experienced anything like this, having to wonder if he was just toying with you.

A squeak escapes you when a finger finally pushes inside you, thankfully sized down somewhat so he isn’t splitting you in half, dark shadows other hand lifting your leg up some so he can work properly.
To keep from using any volume you clamp a hand around your mouth, letting your eyes close as the digit pumps into you steadily, the underside of it brushing your clit with just enough sensation to send warmth flowing through you.
When Tokoyami bucks up it’s hard to not make any noticeable noise, especially the way hes groaning so lustfully right into your ear, furthered by how dark shadow matches his movements.

Though a whimper does pass your lips every so often, unable to help yourself.
You don’t want to risk waking him up, but the rising pressure within you warns you that you’re probably about too.

A few more minutes of constant pleasure pushes you over your edge, a tense full body shiver making it so you can’t stay still, arching into him as you cum, just barely choking back an exclamation, nearly complaining when dark shadow removes himself from you.

After taking a deep breath you collect yourself, looking around for dark shadow only to notice he’s retreated for unknown reasons, Tokoyami contentedly hugging you with a flex of his arms.
You can still feel the boner pressing against you, so you feel like doing him a favor.
Ever so delicately you get out of his grasp, crawling down the bed so you’re sitting besides his waist before carefully pushing him to lay on his back.

Watching to make sure he doesn’t come too while you’re doing this, you pull his pants down, only enough to get at the area you wanted.
His cock slaps back into his stomach with a wet ‘pap’ sounding, the dim light of the room not preventing you from recognizing the distinct musk of cum.
You giggle to yourself, lifting the front of his pants up so you can see inside them, more accurately the mess he’d made inside them.

Chapter Text

His cheeks had been consumed by a raging blush for at least two hours now, face aching from it.
Though he didn’t concentrate on that in the least, staring down at his phone like he’d imagined the whole thing.
At first he thought maybe the notification was sent late or got delayed by slow internet.
But, deep down he knew that wasn’t the case.

How was he even supposed to approach you after this?
Be near you? See you? Have you know he exists??
He nearly felt like screaming from the frustration, knowing he’d potentially derailed the entire friendship by not waiting a few seconds to make sure you’d really disconnected from the call.
God even putting the phone somewhere else would’ve been a great help!

Nope, he had to be impatient, he had to jerk himself off in perfect view for the camera.
Might as well have confessed to you while doing it.
Hell there's a chance you don’t even know that wasn’t intentional by how quick he started! He grinds his teeth as he cringes, thinking of how you felt about it, only the extreme negatives coming to surface.

It was late, so thankfully he wouldn’t be forced to be around you until morning.
You hadn’t texted him at all yet, but you’d gone offline.
Or did you just mark your profile that way so he’d think you were offline?
Were you texting someone about it? Who would you even tell? Did you take screenshots? God forbid, screen record?? Were you sending someone any evidence he was a massive pervert?

Manliness be damned, there’s no recovering from this.
Was he supposed to text you? Apologize? How the hell does someone apologize for this!?
‘Sorry I fantasize about you when I touch myself’??

In the back of his mind, he did find it so incredibly hot you saw him like that, but he shoved it away to make room for the typhoon of shame.
It kept resurfacing, until an important note attached to it made him pause.
You did see, that much was obvious.
But why didn’t you say anything? Hang up any earlier than you did? Why did you wait for him to finish?

Assuming it stunned you that he’d do such a thing made sense, did it really hold you down for that long?
Maybe… You liked it..?
His cock had softened some time ago, but that sent a pulse through it.
Internally he berated himself for being so creepy but he couldn’t help himself, indulging in the one potentially non-damaging aspect of this situation.

What was he supposed to do!
He’d never even heard of this actually happening to someone, usually just a common fear that's unfounded since it never happens!
But, here he was, contemplating mailing himself to Cuba to avoid being confronted.

He’s raking his hand through his hair when there’s a knock at the door, the spook nearly making him rip some of it out.
One glance at his clock tells him it’s about 11:30pm, so there’s really only one person who’d come by this late.

“Gimme a second!” he says with some panic, swiping a towel off his desk to clean himself off.

After a once over he determines he can brave through this, opening the door with his body tensed, only to immediately exhale with relief.

“You didn’t remind me to give you my notes. Fuckin’ idiot, this is why you’re failing, you know that?” Bakugou says with much annoyance, shoving a notebook at Kirishima.

He takes it and nods, “Yeah yeah, sorry ‘bout that! I was, uh,”, he can’t bring himself to say your name right now or even admit he’d been speaking with you, chuckling awkwardly in its place.
Bakugou eyes him oddly, “If you want to hide something then you need to work on not being terrible at it. Thankfully for you I don’t give a fat shit.”

Kirishima nods again, shrugging.
“Ah y’know it’s late so I’m just tired, scrambled from a long day. I’ll get these back to you tomorrow before class!”

“You better. And, if you don’t improve on our next test, I’ll beat the shit out of you.”

That does make him genuinely laugh, knowing that’s completely true.
He opens his mouth to say something but the air is sucked out of his lungs when he spots you just arriving outside his door, avoiding eye contact with an obviously dampened demeanor.

“The fuck are you over here so late for?”, Bakugou asks standoffish like, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Just, to ah, talk with Kirishima, why do you ask?”
You speak so shy that it does make him feel even worse over this, knowing being around Bakugou when you’re anxious is like being set on fire.

“It’s past ten, which means its past curfew. I came here to give him notes so this dumbass doesn’t flunk, and my dorm is two doors down. Don’t bother him when he needs time to get his studies fixed.”

“I-I’m not imposing! It’ll be quick, I don’t think-”

“That’s right, you don’t think. If you did you wouldn’t be disobeying curfew for fun.”

His naturally dominant nature has you recoiling from the harsh tone, pursing your lips as you try to come up with a valid excuse, finding nothing.
“If you want to be a shit hero then go ahead and do whatever you want.”
He doesn’t stick around longer than it takes to finish his sentence, leaving you minorly stunned.

With the slam of his door he takes all the relaxed energy with him, meaning this is the most awkward you’ve ever felt in your entire life.
Silence eats at you, unable to do anything about it, stuck with a blank mind.

You know you have to say it, so you suddenly well up the courage to do so.

“I’m so sorry!”
“I’m sorry!”

But you both say it at the same time, making the other jump.

“Why are YOU sorry!?”
“Why are you apologizing?”

Again, the words almost comically overlap.

You shake your head and shoot him a wildly confused look.
“Hold on, what? There’s really no handling Bakugou so I ah, I don’t think you need to cover for him.”

He squints and unsuredly rubs at the back of his head, “So… You’re not here to scream at me?”

“No! Dear lord why would I do that?”, you guffaw at the absurdity of that.

He watches as you wring your hands together, still not looking directly at him.
“I ah… So, I… Kirishima, I um… C-Can you promise you won’t hit me if I tell you something?”

“Of course! Dude I’d never!”, he immediately reassures you full heartedly.

That does give you some poise you wouldn’t have otherwise, tersely smiling before you open your mouth to speak.
Nervously you brush your hair behind your shoulders, not wanting it to get in your way.
“So, we were on call, and I told you I hung up, because I uh,” you laugh out of place to deal with the awkwardness, face reddening, “because I had to go. But -and I mean I did have to go! It’s not that!- it ah, the program, I misclicked, it…”

You can’t bear to even look in his general direction, twiddling your thumbs together as your ears heat up, taking pause.
With his heart in his throat stopping him from doing much beyond continuing to watch, it allows you to keep going when you can.

“... I-It didn’t hang up, at all. I know you couldn’t see my screen or my camera, but I could see yours… I, I’m sorry!”

Truly weighed down with guilt and shame you manage to make your eyes lock onto face, trying to avoid bursting into tears.
“I-I didn’t-! I didn’t wanna just keep it to myself, I, I thought about it, not saying anything, b-but it only would’ve been so you didn’t hate me for it! Kirishima I am so sorry!”
You force a breath out of your lungs, shoving the words out before you can’t.
“I couldn’t be sure on whether you’d want to know or not and I couldn’t stand thinking I’d of just! Invaded your privacy like that! I, there's nothing wrong with what you did, it's all on me for just being such a perv! I won’t tell you how long I, uh, saw for, but please believe me that I feel terrible! It isn’t right to keep that from you, a-and I’d understand if you never wanted to talk to me again!”

Being focused on your rambling apology makes you blind to a few things, namely how he’s not paying any attention to it.
Once you’re done you go back to staring a hole into the carpet by your feet, anxiously awaiting his response.

But, he’s got a bad case of Teenage Boy syndrome.
The second you swiped your hair back he got a full view of your nice shapely chest, the tank top is even thinner in person.
You weren’t the type to wear only one layer in public in any situation, so this was incredibly rare.
At this point in time you could tell him you’re about to stab him, then actually stab him, and there’d be very little reaction.
Really he couldn’t help himself, already worked up from his earlier thoughts and now this.

Fidgeting helps ease your mind so you hold your hands and squeeze your arms together, stretching them out.
A side effect of doing so is your breasts rising up, smushed against the confining material, giving him more cleavage.
He takes in your full underdressed form, appreciating the lack of anything beyond the shirt and shorts.

Usually he’d gawk at the panty line not hidden by these shorts, whenever he hung out in your room you’d be wearing them to wind down, but he couldn’t see it, much to his disappointment.


Holy shit.

His eyes widen as he realizes you really are just wearing a shirt and shorts.
God, your thighs look so nice in them too, so smooth and he knew it’d be satisfying to grope one.
Your skin looked soft all around, your hero costume had your shoulders out for proper quirk usage, often he thought about how it’d feel to nuzzle into the crook of your neck.
To kiss there, leave little marks, try his teeth against your shoulder, hold you down when you find it ticklish but at the same time turned on by the abuse on the erogenous zone.

You steep in the silence he leaves you in poorly, sniffling as you get overwhelmed by the obvious conclusion you come too.
Which is that he’s shocked, he hates you, he never wants to be near you again, and he’s going to tell everyone what a terrible person you are.

On the other hand the noise brings him back to reality, breaking his zeroed out expression for a more friendly smile, briefly forgetting why you were even here.
“Ah whoops! Sorry, I kinda got stuck in my own thoughts! You- Hey are you okay..?”

The attitude breaks when he picks up on the wetness brimming on your eyes, taking a step closer as he lowers down to your level.
“Hey, hey,” he coos quietly, his caretaking instincts kicking in since he’d helped you down out of many emotional trees before, “calm down, everythings alright, okay?”

You shake him off, “N-no you shouldn’t!”
Having too much to say overwhelms you, pausing for a second before you make a very impulsive choice.

He scans your expression to try and understand, not expecting you to lean in and kiss him, instantly causing him to drop the notebook Bakugou had given him.
While you’ve closed your eyes he keeps his open, staring in bewilderment that you’re doing what you’re doing, unsure of how to react, hands reaching up to rest on your shoulders or maybe your forearms but he hesitates to actually make contact.
You don’t stay longer than a few seconds, pulling back with a shade of pink all over your face that he can’t help but adore.

“I-I!”, you stammer, taking his non-reciprocating as rejection, falling back on your heels so you can leave, brain screaming at you to stop making decisions and to just leave.

But, he doesn’t let you, firmly taking your hand in his to tug you forward, giving you a kiss of his own.
Instantly you accept it, his free hand to gently cup the side of your face.

This time when you two seperate he’s offering a smile that makes you melt, the eye contact conveying more than words could.
At least before he brought you back in for another kiss, and another after that, and another after that.

The tension of this whole situation becomes excitement that has your heart racing along with his, opening your mouth when his thumb presses your chin down so he can take things from soft to intimate.
While this isn’t what you expected to happen when you came down to speak with him you can’t say this isn’t far better than you could’ve hoped for, running your fingers through his hair, loving how silky it is when he hasn’t spiked it up.

He reaches downwards to squeeze your ass with both hands, making you mewl unexpectedly, breaking the kiss to look behind you to see what he’s doing, reflexively perching your hands on his shoulder for stability.
With a cue in the form of a ‘hup’ sound he makes, you jump up and lock your legs around him.
Holding you up is a greedy excuse to massage your ass, the tender flesh reacting to his grip just like he thought.

He goes to say something but he halts when he notices you already starting, appreciating the way your lips shine and how your entire face is tinged with heat.

“Can I spend the night with you..?”

That’s all the confirmation he needs, carrying you inside his room, closing the door by pinning you against it, leaving the notebook forgotten on the hallway floor.

Chapter Text

Things escalated quicker than you could keep up with, giving him full control over the situation since he seemed to know what he wanted.
Within a minute he’d gotten you completely undressed, not letting you have a moment to be self conscious or hesitant.
Add another two and he’d gotten you to cum on his fingers.

You caught your breath while he took his shorts off, laying on his bed somewhat impatiently, cupping your breasts in both hands to play with them much like he had been, not getting the same stimulation when you do it.
The shyness you usually held turned to nothing around him, in other moments it meant swearing, right now it held an entirely different freedom to act this way.
So, you mewl for him, overexaggerating the noise to get his attention, effeminate as you can get it.

He chuckles darkly while climbing onto the bed and over you, recapturing your sore lips with his own.
Fully calmed down from the earlier worries you had, you let yourself enjoy the way his hand feels against your side and the head of his cock testing at your entrance.
It sent a throb of pure white hot pride ridden lust through him to feel just how wet you were from the orgasm he’d given you earlier, having to separate from you to glance down between your bodies, wanting to make sure he stayed properly aligned as he started to push.
You whine softly, tying your arms around his neck to kiss him, needing the distraction from the slight burn of being stretched, which he enthusiastically returns.


Aizawa didn’t often do late night checks of the dorms but tonight was part of routine, mostly something he did once a month to see who’d attempted to sneak out or who was already gone.
Years of being on patrols had honed his senses, he didn’t have to open doors most of the time to know if there was another person on the other side.
It was definitely made easier by the snoring a majority of his students produced.

As he rounded a corner to pass through the last hallway, his ears prick as he picks up on something.
His face scrunches a bit while he tries to figure it out, noticing a notebook carelessly left in the middle of the hall, footsteps silent as he makes his way over to it.

The sounds are emanating from Kirishima's room, only listening in for a second or two before he determines it sounds like a muffled struggle.
He opens the door and takes a defensive stance, scarf lifted with his eyes focused, on edge from all the threats UA has faced within just a couple months.

Immediately this becomes a huge mistake, staring down the shotgun barrel of hormones tangled up in each other a few feet away.
Neither seem to even notice him, enveloped in the act.

Aizawa stiffens, totally caught off guard.
He’d yet to wander in on a student doing anything beyond lighting things on fire, so this was something else.

The red head stops the messy make out session to bite at your neck with teasing pressure, the lack of his mouth on yours allowing your needy whimpers to spill into the open air, grappling at his hair when he finds a sensitive spot to nip at.
With the barrier of the door removed, the sound of skin on skin becomes apparent, emphasized when Kirishima speeds his thrusting up, the bed rocking enough to be visible.
You cry out as your back arches, perky breasts coming into view when Kirishima lowers himself to suck at the pink bud closest while one of his arms hooks underneath you to keep you in the position.

His shock ends there, the louder noise reminding him that he’s watching two of his students copulate.
“Enough. You know this is against the rules, you’re not supposed to be out of your dorm this late to begin with.”

That makes both of you jump, Kirishima dropping you as he tries to think of anything he could say or do to help how much trouble he’d gotten you into.
You gasp and cover your chest, tensing as you recoil.
He can’t help a groan at the way you tighten down around his cock, embarrassment or not it feels insanely good.

“Sensei! It’s! She’s! I’m! God please don’t expel us!”, he begs with a desperate tone after trying to find his verbal footing.

“Are you two even using a condom?”

Kirishima closes his mouth and his eyebrows raise, so caught up in wanting to be in you that he didn’t even think about that.
He’d never even seen one in person, much less used one.

“I’ll be waiting outside,” he addresses you by your name, which has you wincing, not wishing to be acknowledged, “get dressed, you’re going to walk back to your dorm with me, where you’ll be staying. Kirishima, tomorrow you’re getting a censor installed above your door, it’ll tell me when you open and close it. If there’s anything past nine pm, you’ll have a suspension.”

Both of you nod vibrantly, agreeing to anything he says.

He turns to take his leave, pausing right before he shuts the door behind him to say one final thing.
“As for your punishment, Midnight gives a lesson on sexual education later in the year. You’ll be used as an example in her course.”

Chapter Text

It took a full month for you to feel like you could look at your teacher and not want to turn into ash.
A difficult, difficult, DIFFICULT month.
Thankfully he hadn’t told anyone about what he wandered in on seeing as it never came back to you, the most problematic thing to stem from the incident was Bakugou flipping his lid over the lost notebook that Aizawa confiscated.
The censor above Kirishima’s door was hardly detectable, you only knew about it because you directly heard about it.

All the same, there was a consequence in the form of being mostly locked off from your new boyfriend.
PDA wasn’t very smiled upon by the students, staff, and yourself, Kirishima’s affectionate yet manly nature betrayed your social anxiety.
The first time he kissed you in a public space you’d minorly lectured him about not doing that, not wanting anyone to know you were with him just yet.
Still, he liked to kiss you fairly often, you were always the one to pull away when he tried to get his tongue into your mouth.
It wasn’t very surprising that he complained very frequently about the seperation.

You were incredibly nervous anytime he got you alone, especially in places nobody would be for a while, since he was oddly quick to make a move on you.
Not that you hated it, soft touches and compliments were things you liked, it was getting caught again that you wanted to avoid, you never let him get past using hands, clothing at least halfway on.

When Midnight approached you during your free period you’d forgotten all about the punishment Aizawa had mentioned, assuming it to be some logical ruse to scare you, giving up on thinking about it maybe two weeks afterwards.

“Silly, you’re going to be late! I found your boy-toy first, don’t worry!”, she says with an overly confident smile, taking you by the wrist over to her classroom.
Two seconds before she shoved you inside and closed the door it all came flooding back, eyes opening so wide you thought they’d fall out.

“W-Wait! I-I don’t-!” you stammer, turning towards the door to consider bolting, but she doesn’t allow it, pulling you against your will to the side of her desk, Kirishima shamefully positioned besides you.

“Welcome 1-A to your introductory sexual education course!” she announces with pride, clicking the remote in her hand to begin her slideshow, which you didn’t dare turn around to see.
Briefly you glance over the room full of friends and classmates in front of you, but they’re all looking back so you turn your gaze to the floor where you’ll keep it until the end of time.

“Now, I do this every year, but, this time I’ve got special helpers your own age! Should make it more relatable, after all the point of this is to teach you about how to have sex safely and smartly!”

With another click she comes around to stand between you both with her hands on either of you, drumming her fingers along the upper side of your arms a few times.
“Alright, so, first things first, let me get the obligatory whatever's out of the way so we can move onto the fun stuff! These two,” she punctuates by squeezing, letting go so she can be closer to the screen displaying god knows what, “are here because they got caught doing, ‘something’, by Aizawa. He came to me and said he wanted me to involve them directly because then they’d be able to correct some mistakes he noticed! That is before he pulled you two apart, so these mistakes are completely accurate!”

Your stomach sinks into the pits of the earth, surely your whole body is red at this point.
If there was a choice you’d rather of just been expelled.
Maybe that’s not completely true but you were seriously thinking about it.
At least she’ll probably start with something like making sure to ask for consent or another insignificant detail that doesn’t directly give up the very private thing he just so happened to wander in on.
Perhaps you'd get a second to breathe, collect yourself, make it through this without being totally traumatized.

First there's a click from the remote, then a click from her heel as she repositions herself, and then a wave of quiet shocked noises from your classmates.
“Using condoms is super important! I can’t stress that enough, unless you’d like to drop out and raise a toddler you should really be prepared! While I know you can get excited so to speak, you can’t be careless! I understand that there really isn’t anywhere you can specifically get them so at the end of today I’ll be giving some out!”

Without even touching Kirishima you can sense how ram-rod stiff he is, the body heat radiating off him telling you he’s just as unhappy she started way at the top.

“You two especially, nothing wrong with intimacy but he said if he’d shown up any later you’d be pregnant already!”
She laughs, but you genuinely want to turn to dust, maybe come down with a rare disease.
Anything to not be here right now.

“But in all seriousness, which one of you would be the one putting the condom on?”

Reflexively you turn to look at her, horrified to see she’s holding a banana and an already opened condom, then to Kirishima whos smartly still avoiding looking at anything, equally if not more terrified of any interaction.

“Ah okay so,” she comments, coming back over to place the banana in your hand, which you hold onto, “seeing as you’re probably the dominant, pretend this is his cock,”

At that you flinch and clench your fingers around it, squishing it instantly.

“Penis, the correct word is penis, you get so used to saying one thing when you mean another yknow?”
Joking like she didn’t just say any of what she’s just said in a room full of teenagers only furthers your dread, relieved when she takes the ruined fruit away from you.

“Hey but this slip-up actually gives way to a better way to present this!”

You can hear her walking around out of your field of vision, wiping the pulp off onto your skirt to get it off you.
When she returns, she extends a dildo out in front of you for you to take, which you refuse with a solid shake of your head.

“What? Wrong? No? Oh! Wrong size, okay okay, you want accurate representation for him? Great! Okay so this is a five inch, down or up?”

She’s speaking too quickly for you, taking a second to process it.
Well, you’d seen it four times over the course of a month, so you can’t exactly say, all you know is it looked bigger and somewhat thicker.
Based on that size he has to be like what, seven? Six and a half? Two and a half to three inches wide?
Why does it even matter!

“It matters because this is education, do you really want something inaccurate to be taught to you and your friends?”

Her response has you almost fainting.
Jesus fucking christ you said that out loud!?
You clamp a hand over your mouth to keep anything else from flying free, so stressed you resorted to an old coping mechanism of speaking aloud to work through issues.

Midnight returns to your side, tapping you on the shoulder.
Looking up at her takes effort, still subduing that strong urge to run.
“Maybe we’ll skip this for now then, hm? Ah I’ll give you two a break! That’s a bit much for starting out isn’t it?”

You agree with a pointed nod, relaxing just the slightest amount when she nods back, clicking the remote to switch to the next slide, hopefully an entirely separate topic.
Internally you pray its just about how conception actually worked, some science to break up the intimacy.

“So!” She cheerfully prompts Kirishima by taking a step closer to him, “Aizawa said you made good use of nipple stimulation with your mouth during sex?”

Chapter Text

Being Midoriya’s omega really was just a field of roses, most alphas didn’t act like he did.
There was a lot of fetization pointed in your direction from the start, the fact that he didn’t impose that on you was a godsend.

More than that he was well aware of your affectionate nature and how you communicate your joys to your friends.
There was a lot of physical contact, hugs and kisses.
Nothing overboard, you just had a lot of love to give! And, he understood that!

For a while he didn’t care much, he knew you would keep yourself in line and would come to him if you were made uncomfortable, if anything it made him feel good to see you expressing so much happiness.
Over time, that changed drastically.

Right now you were in the last stages of pre-heat, you had maybe another 12 hours before you needed to take a suppressant and a day off school to ride it out.
But that was for later, currently you enjoyed the way he made you feel, straddling his lap while his hands ran over the expanse of your exposed thighs, engaging in what you could hardly call a kiss at this point.

In the past, you’d tried to talk to him about everything he’d been going through when it seemed like you should, attending UA brought a lot of situations into his life that nearly ended it.
Between getting held up by Shigaraki in a public place and watching his idol reach the end of his usefulness, you worried about how he was doing mentally.
On every occasion you brought it up, yesterday being the last time you’d given it a shot, he shrugged it off and smiled in such a way that it calmed you out of your concerns.

You broke away from him to breathe, staying out of range when he followed you.
He wraps his arms around your lower back and forces you in chest to chest as a result, pressing kisses along the side of your face.
With a contented hum you relax into his hold, giggling breathlessly at the ticklish way he continues to trail down your jaw.
It makes you jolt when he grazes your shoulder with his canines, a quiet lust tinged pant escaping you.

There’s no warning given before he pins you to the bed underneath him, teeth pointedly teasing into your skin.
From your point of view it doesn’t come off as serious, and you engage by playfully shoving at him another small burst of giggles bubbling up as you lean up to nip at his ear.

He couldn’t be exactly sure of when he started to feel more possessive of you, anymore it was all he could think about when it came to you.
There wasn’t any chance he’d take to policing you over everything you did, but god almighty did he want too.
It made his blood boil when you let another alpha do so much as make eye contact with you, it was almost painful to let them play with you or even touch you.
Suppressing the urge to get aggressive was something he had to learn quickly, preventing himself from making a scene.
None of his counter measures to in-the-moment issues erased all the build up.

Your own pheromones had just about replaced the oxygen in the room, revving up his inner chemistry to drive him closer to his rut than scheduled.
Despite all the civilized advances of society, his instincts were still just that.
His passive nature had a limit, and you found it.
All this pressure, the stress, the fear, it’d worn his patience down thin.
You were his omega, barely dressed in only your shorts and a t-shirt, practically begging to be mounted.

It was a simple mistake to read the shift in position as anything beyond what it was, which was a display of dominance over you that you blatantly challenged.

The growl rumbling out is so low you can feel it as much as you hear it, confused as to where its coming from since in all your time knowing him he’d never made the noise before.
But he doesn’t give you longer than a second to think, a hand closing around your throat to force your head down into the bed.
If you’d had any inkling this was coming then maybe you wouldn’t be so terrified, there wasn’t any word you could use to describe how seeing him bare his teeth like this made you feel.
He was snarling, still growling, waiting for you to act like a good omega, like his omega.

“... Izu-” you quietly start to say his name, punished by his grip tightening, not enough to completely cut off your air supply but enough to frighten you further.

His lip curls farther up, a primal state of mind blocking everything else out beyond your disobedience.
It’s only when you take your hands off him and looking at him for more than a glance that he’s satisfied, still not letting go and watching as your chest rises with some minor hyperventilation.
You looked scared, there was a twinge to comfort you.
But he couldn’t give up the rush of endorphins that came with knowing he’s the one who did this to you.

There was some residual anger swirled in with the sadism, along with things he’d wondered from the start of being intimate with you.
Of course he liked cuddling with you, all the gentle and tender things he could do.
That just wasn’t where his interests ended much like anyone who knew him would assume.
Most of his appearing innocent just came from not knowing the proper terminology of things, and the embarrassment of talking about delicate things in public view.
Alone, however, there was very little he was shy about.

You knew that he’d never really hurt you, though you now called that into question, flinching fearfully with a plaintive cry when he dips his head down to nose into the vulnerable spot where your neck meets your shoulder, only pulling his fingers back to give him direct contact with your scent gland.

Over and over you kept looping ‘he won’t actually hurt you’ in your head, trying to muffle the rampant anxiety that this is giving you, tentatively reaching up for his wrist, hoping maybe he’d let go.
He’s easily subdued by the familiar smell of you, reminded of how badly he loved you, ceasing his threatening display as his heart softens, unconsciously taking his hand off your throat to instead hold the side of your face.

His alpha instincts are off the charts now that he’s broken the barrier that’d been keeping him from acting how he wanted, seriously considering claiming you.
It send a pulse into his cock at the thought, everyone would know who you belong too, and they’d keep their fucking hands off.
You'd smell like him and they'd know better, they'd know just who gave it to you, how well he fucked you to keep such a beautiful omega to himself.
Though, at the same time, he got equally aroused by the possibility of you bearing his pups, all swollen and helpless, depending on him for everything while he provided for you like a proper alpha.
He knew you were aiming to be a hero but he could take care of you if you’d let him, soft fantasies mingling with how much he wanted to stuff you full of his cum.

You, unable to know any of this, are intensely confused at the swap in attitudes, one moment he’s holding you down like he’s going to maim you, the next he’s cuddling up to you and putting off a richer variant of his scent like he does when he’s trying to comfort you.
It does work, relaxing as your nerves drop away, huffing out a hesitant mewl when he lets the points of his teeth drag along different areas of your neck.

Soon you’re reduced into a submissive mess, your heat blossoming early as a result of his actions and pheromones.
He could tell by the way your slick had soaked through your shorts and his as well, the smell of it almost addicting to him.
For obvious reasons he had yet to be around you beyond your pre-heat stages, now he couldn’t imagine missing another.

Not willing to part from you, he yanks your shorts off you by lifting your legs up, hooking your knees over his shoulders once you are free of them.
You squirmed to adjust your spine, weaving your fingers through his hair as you brought him in for another kiss, licking at him with no care as to how messy and uncoordinated it is.

He had to shuffle around to let you straighten your back, another pulse sent to his achingly hard cock at the amount of control he had over you.
Helpless, you were helpless, entirely subject to his whims.
In the back of his mind he thought about how it’d be that way whether you wanted it or not, but he didn’t bother to delve anymore into that than he already had.

With one hand he pulls his shorts down to expose himself, cock lightly slapping against your core, exciting you enough to roll your hips upwards with a needy whimper.
There were some self doubts he had around you, but he would spend the next few hours proving you belonged to him.
You are his omega, you trust him immensely.
He was just reminding you of what he’s capable of, both in terms of dominance and pleasure you won’t get from anyone but your alpha.

Chapter Text

Maybe it was the alcohol buzzing within your veins that emboldened you beyond what you’d ever considered to be what you were capable of, but that didn’t matter.
What did matter was the way she was looking at you, how dangerously close to her you were, the hand you had on her hip and the other cradling her face.
Things were already hazy but the half lidded gaze she aimed your way somehow made your knees weak even though you were sitting, unable to pick between focusing on her eyes or her lips, which looked soft and inviting.

Earlier today she’d come to you excitedly whispering yelling about the alcohol she’d gotten her hands on, though she refused to tell you her dealer you still agreed to have some with her, curious more than you were cautious.
Honestly part of you was grateful seeing as you wouldn’t be in this situation otherwise.

She was usually so vibrantly expressive and loud, so it was strange to have her so quiet, sharing tense eye contact as neither of you really had the nerve to make a move.
It had to have been at least a solid minute of silently assessing the situation, the fact that you were in your own room with her giving you a confidence boost in the form of familiar territory.
You break and lean in, bumping noses with her as she does the same, she doesn’t care and you don’t either, mashing mouths together with the desperate need only two drunken teenagers can.

Her tongue swipes over your lips and you part them for her, noting how sweet she tastes from the flavored mixed drinks she shared with you, like fake strawberry, you’d mainly had the birthday cake variety.
A passioned huff leaves you as you wrap your arms around her, wanting to keep her as close as possible.

She pushes you to lay down by your shoulders, briefly disconnecting herself so she can run her hands along your stomach, lifting your shirt up as far as it’ll go before she resumes the spit swapping.
Your muscles twitch under the way she draws patterns all over your exposed skin, so feather light you almost wouldn’t be able to tell it’s happening.

With absolutely no coordination she undoes the buttons on your uniform, impatiently tugging when she can’t get it normally, breaking a few off in the process.
Yet, there is patience in the way she’s handling you, once your shirts open she delicately runs her fingers over the top of your chest, just above the cups of your bra, separating from your mouth to peck at the underside of your jaw.

You tense your thighs and rub them together, wanting more stimulation but not being able to voice it in any other way than hoping she’d give it to you.
She slowly trails open mouth wet kisses along your neck, settling down between the valley of your breasts while maintaining eye contact with you, cheeks pinker than they regularly were with a debauched smile, knowing she had you in the palm of her hand.
It was a bit embarrassing to be so vulnerable, but you found it enjoyable since she didn’t draw that aspect of this intimacy out.

Thankfully you’d worn a bra with a latch on the front today, she was easily able to undo it, watching your breasts spill free with interest.
You went to hold them but she was quicker than you, kissing at the tender and malleable flesh, her hand tending to the one her mouth couldn’t get too.

A quiet mewl sounds from you, squirming and biting your bottom lip, only able to spectate as she lavished her attention sparingly, her fingers groping aimlessly between toying with the sensitive peak, tongue briefly swirling around the other before she went back to sucking small marks into the surrounding area.
She giggled with some minor sadistic glee at the way you couldn’t bring yourself to verbally beg despite the signals your body was sending out, her own core pulsating with need that she could better ignore than you.

“M-Mina…”, you softly call out to her, pulling at her hair when she sucks at your nipple enough to have you hook your legs around her, hips bucking up.
Her teeth nip at the bud momentarily, you making another equally pleading noise in response.

She removes her hand from your breast to lower between your legs, fingers teasing at your flower over the fabric of your panties, the wet soaking through them not going unnoticed by her.
You whimper when she passes over your clit, both of you feeling it throb immediately.

What she’d planned was to extend her teasing for a bit longer, it was hard to continually deny you, shoving her hand under your panties to give you direct contact with the pad of a finger.
That sends a tingle down your spine, panting out a moan for her while she toyed with it.
Whether it’s to give you a visual or to play with you even more, you can’t tell, her tongue dragging over your nipple felt amazing but to see her open mouth salivating over you made your empty insides clench.

A sudden loud noise has both of you jumping internally, slowed reflexes limiting the outside reaction to turning your heads in the direction of it.

Earlier, when Mina approached you, you only agreed if there was a third party present to make sure there weren't any accidents, you’d heard about alcohol poisoning too many times to not be somewhat paranoid about it.
They’d been quickly forgotten, left behind in the background as your increasingly drunk and horny states took over.

Kirishima stood against the wall adjacent to your bed, eyes wide and face redder than his hair, the can of soda he’d been holding condensating enough to slide right out of his hand and onto the floor.
You wanted to be more embarrassed than you were, but being lower than eye level meant you first saw the strained outline of his erection pressed into his pants.

Mina passes you a glance, both of you getting the same idea.
She sits up on her knees, grabbing the back of your thigh to lift it up so he can see between your legs.

“Do you wanna touch her too, Kirishima-kun..?”, she asks innocently, sliding your panties to the side to expose your wet pussy, two fingers spreading the puffy lower lips open, while it makes your face heat up you do nothing to stop her, taking in his reaction.

His mouth opens as if he was to say something, though nothing comes out, instinctively palming his erection to relieve some of the ache as he stares in an equally stunned and aroused way.

“Well? I don’t mind having her all to myself,”
She lets the material go as she leans over to kiss you again, her slick coated fingers resting on your stomach.

He clears his throat, drawing the attention back onto him as he awkwardly rubs the back of his neck.
“Uh, i-if that’d be okay, I um, I really want too.”

Chapter Text

“Hey stop that!”, you huff as you slap his hand away, taking the newly formed wedgie out of your ass.

You’d invited him over to your room to ask him which of your bathing suits looked best, sending pictures didn’t seem like the right option since seeing them in person was more accurate in your opinion.
However, now that you realized all he would be doing was gawking and annoying you by yanking the bottom pieces up enough to give you a serious camel toe, it really wasn’t the best choice.

“But it’s a huge tease! It’s like you’re just in your underwear!”
He complains with a shrug, standing by your side to gesture over your scantily clad form, making eye contact by looking at you in the full length mirror leaning against the wall.

“That’s basically what swimsuits are to begin with, but that doesn’t mean- Oh dammit can you stop!”
Mid-lecture he tugs the string holding one of your bikini cups up, watching your breast jiggle in the reflection, laughing to himself when you slap his hand away yet again.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t help myself y'know?”, he says with a somewhat genuine tone, “Is that the last one or do you have more to show me?”

“Oh just one more, this one I’m eh on but it does have a cute bottom!”
Truly you did like it best but you didn’t want to outright say that in case he didn’t feel the same, untying the knot holding the top up as you turn towards your dresser.

“You’re a cute bottom!”

You don’t bother to suppress an unapproving ‘hmph’ at the awful joke.
Any shyness you would’ve had about undressing around him had subsided a good few months ago, removing both pieces and tossing them onto your bed with the others before opening the top drawer to retrieve the final set.

He scares you by coming up from behind silently, tightly locking his arms around your waist and shoving his face into the side of yours, kissing aimlessly at whatever he comes into contact with.
In reaction you jump and yelp, barely holding off on putting up a fight.
“You can’t just sneak up on me like that, nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Is this the suit then?”, he says while running his hands along your sides, grabbing your breasts in a honk like manner, “Because, if so, this one is my favorite.”

“You. Are. Ridiculous.”
Speaking through gritted teeth is the only way you keep a smile down, not wanting to encourage him.
However when he picks you up and starts towards your door, you can’t help it, yelling out giggle laced ‘no’s.

“I don’t see what your problem is, didn’t you wanna go swimming?”
He says that nonchalantly, putting you down.

“You're killing me, you’re killing your girlfriend,”

You turn to look at him, having more to say but you can’t even take the breath in to do so before he’s giving you a kiss, gentler than he usually goes for.
Not willing to turn his affections away when they’re not oversaturated you don’t stop him, very happy with this.
It only takes a moment until he’s ramped it up, tongue glossing over your lips as a signal for you to open your mouth, which you obey in the hopes of satiating him.

Of course that hasn’t ever worked and it doesn’t now, demonstrated by the way he palms your ass with a solid enough grip to force you onto your toes, bracing your hands on his chest with a quiet whimper you hope he doesn’t hear.
He wasn’t a rough lover most of the time, but there was something about that you really liked.
Still, you had at least wanted to show him the last suit you bought.

You pull your head back so you can speak, but he follows you and reconnects without hesitation.
On the second attempt you shoot him a look, which he understands.

“Is this stuff all you think about? I had you over to show you-”
The feeling of three fingers petting your core, the middle applying the most pressure, has you pausing with a slight flinch, unsure of when he took his hands off your ass since it was coming from your front.

“It’s not all I think about! There’s room for other stuff like school, but if you asked if that part of my brain was proportionate to anything else, then your answer would be no.”

It’s stupid how you find the way he talks to be charming, there’s no substance in what he says but you can’t say it doesn’t get to you anyways, it’s probably the way he smirks with such confidence all the time.
At least around you, you’ve seen the fear in his eyes when he crosses a line around Bakugou.

That thought almost has you laughing, but when he draws a finger directly over your slit, you snap out of it.
“Den-Denki! Are you even listening? I said-!”

“Why are you so wet, hm? Did you really get so much from showing off your body?”, he lowers his volume which somehow makes you listen rather than speak over him like you normally would, testing your entrance two times before sliding inside you.

While you didn’t like being confronted with it, there was some truth in that.
Though you’d be dead before you admitted anything.

He leans in to kiss you again, adding a second finger and curving both in a ‘come here’ motion.
You choke back another whimper and shake your head to refuse, trying to establish your control over the situation, this is only happening because you’re allowing it.

“I, I, can you, um…”, it’s harder to string your thoughts together than you had hoped it’d be, clutching his shoulders for stability while you stammer, expression dissolving from attempted intimidation into restrained enjoyment.
Every pump of his fingers sends a hot spark down your spine, adding to the growing heat between your legs.

He knows this, and one of the things that gets him hard as a rock is seeing your face slowly get redder and less serious as you give in to his advances.
There’s no chance he’d ever force himself on you, he knew he didn’t have too.

“I hear you baby, I really do, but I am almost painfully horny right now.”, he coos with a sly smile, “Open up.”

You do as told, and he knows he’s got you hook line and sinker.
His fingers brush your sweet spot once more before he removes them, placing them in your mouth, his cock throbbing at the way you immediately start to lick them.
The taste of yourself only serves to turn you on, writing the wet muscle between and over his digits to clean them for him, maintaining eye contact since you know he gets off on that.

He pulls them out and tilts your chin up to go in for a kiss, but the knock at the door spooks both of you, turning to look towards it.

“Yeah?”, you call out, stepping around Kaminari to block your nude body in case it opens.
He chuckles at that and you slap his arm, already embarrassed.

“We’re gonna leave for the beach! You weren’t answering your phone so I came to get you!”, Ochaco’s voice rings out and you internally release a sigh, knowing she won’t barge in.

“Oh, about that!”, you glance up at Kaminari and make a decision, almost swayed into leaving when he gives you a questioning look while shoving his pointer finger into a circle he’d made with his other hand, rolling your eyes at the crude gesture, “Ahh, I’m staying in today! I’m uh, busy! If you guys go out tomorrow I promise I’ll come with!”

She hums and you can almost see her nodding, “Okay! I’ll tell them that! See you tomorrow then! Enjoy your alone time with Kaminari!”

Your ears turn red and you can only hope she doesn’t tell anyone exactly why you’re not going, your boyfriend having no sense of shame doesn’t care at all, gleeful to have you to himself.
He does wait until she walks away to pick up where he left off, you catch a glimpse of his goofy smile before its pressed against your lips.

Chapter Text

Despite the flashy, intense, bright, and overall loud image heroes carried, you just didn’t.
There were some who kept to themselves more often than not but they were a rare breed.
Your quirk was powerful and useful, so you didn’t doubt you would do excellently.
But it was hard to find friends or even get the chance to make them when you were so quiet.
Honestly, no self deprecation intended, but you doubted you’d make any friends or even acquaintances while attending UA.

Getting into UA wasn’t easy, though the stilted awkwardness of finding someplace to sit at lunch proved to make your stomach churn more than any of those giant robots.
Everyone seemed to know where they placed, chatting amongst themselves and in general enjoying the social time.
You however…

In the back of the room you spotted a mostly empty table, only one other person sitting there.
You kept your head down and speed walked over, setting your tray down at the opposite end to give them their space.
This was the only table left that wasn’t flooded with people, relieved you could eat in peace, hoping it’d be this way tomorrow.

And, it was!
Thank the lord it was!
A safe haven for your introverted tendencies, though you hoped the other person didn’t mind it.

As school went on, you would come to find that stranger to be Koda.
You didn’t know a single word of sign language, confused by it at first when he’d use it in class.
Though you caught on to the key phrases, such as ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ since they were easy.

Every day you sat at his table, eating in silence, appreciating the distant company as you warmed up to him.
You couldn’t help but note he really seemed to like apples, sometimes having two during lunch.
Since your opinion on them was lukewarm at best, you got an idea.

One day, you took the one you’d gotten, and slid it down the table towards him.
It nearly rolled past but he caught it, looking over at you as he went to roll it back.
You shook your head, pointing at him, nonverbally telling him he could have it.
He offered you a shy smile in return and nodded, taking it.

That became a daily ritual.
You’d roll an apple down, and he ended up giving you something he noticed you liked.
While sliding things was some amount of fun, if the aim wasn’t right it’d be a waste when the food hit the floor.
To make things simpler you started sitting closer to him.

Eventually, an entire month came to pass, and you found yourself sitting directly across from him.
It was very casual, you’d place the fruit on his tray for him, he’d do the same, you’d say thanks, he’d do the same by signing.
Neither of you had actually said anything to each other beyond things like that, it wasn’t necessary so you didn’t mind.

Today you slipped up, taking your seat, watching him place down your extra cup of yogurt, then noticing you didn’t grab an apple for him.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry! I swear I thought I grabbed an apple but I must’ve forgotten! I-I think I can go back in to get one..?”
You fret, placing your hands on the table to stand, but stop when he signs what you understand as ‘its fine’.

“Ah, well, thank you!”, you sigh with some relief, you’d bring him an apology gift tomorrow, something for the rabbit he has that you heard about?

“You're welcome.”
He says it passively, not even looking up from his plate at you.

Minorly stunned, you open your mouth without having anything you can think of, you close it.
You can’t help a wide smile, heart clenching as you stir your food around.
Maybe making friends isn’t so hard.

Chapter Text

You knew it wasn’t fair to feel the way you had about this, but it didn’t stop you.
Sometimes bonds do in fact fade if you aren’t around the person as much as you used to be, you’d heard a lot of adults talk about how they don’t speak to nearly anyone they went to school with anymore.

But, it was supposed to be different for you and him.

It’d started in pre-school, the very first time you’d made the attempt.
Simply enough it was just a box of chocolates, store bought, his name scribbled in the margin of the tag, something you begged your mom to get so you could give it to him, a perfect valentines gift for your best friend.
She agreed because she thought it was cute, no idea she was starting something that’d last for so long.

You couldn’t do it when it came down to it, handing him the card that you’d picked for him out of the class set you’d gotten, the kind you’d be giving to everyone else.
While you were so relaxed around him, he made you incredibly nervous at times.
It’d be the second year of middle school you’d fully realize why.

Every year, every single year, you made the same mistake.
You buy the chocolates, the kind you know he likes without a doubt, and you fail to give it to him.
And every year you give yourself some excuse as to why, avoiding confronting your anxiety head on.

It was dizzying to think about it, what would happen if you went through with it.
Whether or not he thought it was a joke didn’t matter, if only you could’ve got the damn box into his hands then maybe it wouldn’t be like this.
That wasn’t true, you knew it wasn’t, but it didn’t have to make sense to hurt.

Ever since you met him you’d spoken to him at least once a day, whether that be in person or over text, it was an unspoken promise that there wouldn’t be radio silence.
Now it's officially been three months since you heard from him, left on seen.

You understood why perfectly, the moment he got accepted into UA, the school of his dreams, something he chattered about to you a lot, about how it was where All Might went and if he could he’d go there too, it dawned on you that things were about to change in a major way.
Initially he’d planned to go where you were, it was a non-hero school but still a great place.
He never gave up on being a hero, but at that point he was without a quirk and didn’t have much of a choice.

It was a complete mystery to you how he manifested one so late, especially since it was so powerful!
Though he’d always been a gentle person so you reasoned he hadn’t used it before because he rarely retaliated.
You were so excited for him! It was amazing something like that could happen to him, it was a miracle!

The entrance exam was really the only thing he went about in detail with you, from his nerves eating him alive over his lack of score to the near faint worthy excitement of finding out he got accepted.
None of it bothered you then, there was a lot of work involved in becoming a hero, training and knowledge of the criminal justice system was mandatory, just thinking about it exhausted you.
You’d probably fail to get back to someone so often between the hard work.
But… You missed him. You missed him, a lot.
You thought about him whenever you had a spare moment, even presently.
For gods sake there’d been a lot that’d happened over just his first year!
All the fighting and dangerous situations, the injuries you heard he’d gotten were ugly to think about.
Often you spoke with Inko about how he was doing to find things out, though you rarely did that anymore.

He’d been graduated for a good five years now, a pro hero who’s dominating the popularity charts.
You were happy for him! Proud, excited, even inspired at times.
He was busy, you understood that, there wasn’t any reason to dwell on it like it was either of your faults.
Still, the ‘what if’s of it all got to you at moments.

Occasionally he’d write you back, saying sorry for the time you waited on his response, giving you some vague update on his life.
They got shorter each time.

When valentines day came around last it left a pit in your stomach, as the boxes of chocolates lining the shelves reminded you of how little he interacted with you.
People drift apart, that’s natural, it happens.
But you thought you’d give it a shot.

You bought the same brand, same variety, and welled up the courage to go up to his hero agency, either to give it directly to him or to leave with someone to hand to him later, a little gift for him.
It’d be different now that you were adults, hopefully he’d have found it endearing if it’d gotten to him.
When the lady working his front desk told you he was no longer with their agency you were glad you’d kept the box in your purse, the only way the humiliation would’ve been furthered is having the reason you waltzed in obvious to the people around you.
He never bothered to tell you he’d moved on to another agency, whether he didn’t think it was important to say or didn’t care you don’t know.

This year valentines day has come around again.
You didn’t spare a glance to the themed isles, effortlessly passing them by when you went out.
Anymore, you just felt empty inside.

Chapter Text

Today's patrol had been somewhat boring, thankfully.
While he was incredibly strong and fiercely brave it did get tiresome to chase down petty thieves.
Throughout his training they never told him that’d be most of the crime he stopped while they ran drills that involved keeping a building from falling over.

That, and he was in his rut.
Being with you for so long meant his cycle synced up with yours, and that it came around just as often, which took some getting used too.
Before this he’d have a solid two weeks to prepare, buy proper things, call into work.
You didn’t win his genetic lottery, you got three days.
While your heat started tomorrow, his rut came earlier since it lasted longer.
Patrolling on day two was absolutely bad news for whatever villain crossed him, he didn’t care to have patience with them.
Unfortunately he had to reserve all of it for you.

As an alpha it’s important he treats his omega right, keeps them healthy and well, so very rarely did he even frown at you.
It wasn’t stressful for him to do so, the past twenty six days you were just a peach!
However he knew that had changed when he opened the door to the shared apartment, and the wave of pheromones hit him.

“Toshiiiiii!”, you loudly announce his presence, running over him to jump onto him, knowing he’ll catch you.

“Hey! Glad to see you too!”, he beams with pride over you, noting how you’re practically glowing.

You hum and take in his scent, pressing your forehead into his.
“Did you miss me?”

“Of course I missed you! Sorry you were by yourself all day, tomorrow I’m off duty!”, he mumbles ‘unless they call me in’ under his breath, which you ignore.

“It’s better now that you’re home! All alone with me,”
You kiss him with the intent of much more, but he keeps it brief, putting you down and striding past you into the kitchen.

“I’m thinking of making something pasta oriented, tortellini sound good? Do we even have any..?”
He muses aloud to himself, opening various cabinets as he uses cooking as a distraction.
His internal instincts are screaming at him to take you, bend you over a counter, take the omega and use her.
Though he kept it to himself, taking the restraint he flexed for not murdering some villains and using it here.

What you’d thought about all day was undressing him out of his hero costume, loving the reveal of his toned body, but he’d changed at the agency before returning to you.
No matter, you’d find another way to get what you want.

“I’m not sure, why don’t we just order out tonight?”

“No we shouldn’t, we’ve done that a lot this week and I need to keep in shape.”
Still turned around, he can hear you approaching, not surprised when you touch his back.

“It’s fine to have one more takeout! You’re ripped, how long does it take for this to go away? I seriously doubt it’ll vanish just because of some calories.”

He shrugs, allowing you to hug him from behind, though he’s suspicious of the way you feel up his abs.
“Eh you can never be too careful.”
With a grimace he knows he has to set the boundary, not wanting to upset you but needing to hold your safety above your emotions.
“Sweetheart… We can’t today, that’s for tomorrow, I’ll only hurt you right now. You know this.”

His voice is quiet, meaning every word and almost pained to deny you something he wanted too.
In the past he’d just stay away from your place during the high point of his rut and come around when it was safe, this was the first time he’d had one while living with you.
Needless to say, he was struggling.

“Can’t what?”

“Can’t have sex.”

You know you're toying with him by asking, giggling to yourself by the way he speaks through gritted teeth, the way his body is so tense is a tell on the effort he was putting forth.

“Why not? You won’t hurt me, I promise! I’ll tell you if it does, m’kay?”, you come around to be in front of him, hopping up on the counter so you’re eye level.

By your bare shoulders he knows you’ve taken your shirt off, refusing to look down because that’ll only make things worse.
“I don’t want to put you in that situation, I don’t know if I can stop myself. Just wait until tomorrow, it’s already nearly seven at night, you can wait a little longer.”

“I can’t wait, I’ve been waiting for you all day...”, you pout and grab his shirt, balling it up as you pull him close, locking your legs around him.
He’s very weak for anyone begging, more so when it’s you begging him for this.
But, he holds up, calmly addressing you.

“Listen to me, I promise if you can wait until tomorrow I will make it more worth your time. Okay?”

You ignore him, kissing at his jawline, hips flush with him in such a way that he can feel your soaked panties through his shirt, the smell of it alone is something to behold.
From how he’s standing your lower half is above his crotch, just barely skimming it, he stammers as he tries to think of a solution before this gets worse.

“I uh, okay! Here’s a middle road, you’ve got your toys today haven’t you?”

With a shake of your head you tell him ‘no’, taking his wrist to shove his plam against your core.
“Only for you, I don’t like using anything else. Toshi you know I only use them to practice sucking you off.”

The knuckles on his free hand pop as he makes a fist, the imagery of that paired with where you’ve got him touching you eroding his restraint slowly but surely.

You cut him off, raising the hand up to place it on your breast, smirking when he can’t suppress the want to grope.
“Imagine it, my tits all full, belly round with your pups…”

He doesn’t say anything, letting you continue.

Purring, you lick at the shell of his ear, whispering to him.
“Don’t you want that? … All Might?”, you tack on his hero name, correctly assuming its effectiveness when he shudders.

Suddenly he steps back from you, holding you still so your legs are forced to part, turning so he’s no longer facing you.
The obvious desperation to calm himself down feels like a victory in of itself.
After wiggling out of your panties, you hop off the counter and run past him, intentionally triggering his instinct to chase after you.

His footsteps slam into the floor behind you, but since you had a lead you get a solid second to position yourself how you want.
The door is wide open so the moment he’s reached it he locks onto you, his grip on the frame causing it to creak in reaction.

You’re presenting for him, legs stretched apart, dainty fingers playing with yourself, making the sweetest yet neediest noises you can manage.

“We can’t have sex, I really don’t want to hurt you!”, he barks, continuing to stare but not coming any closer.

You spread yourself open, showing him your pretty pink insides, uncaring of the slick dripping off you.
“Don’t have sex with me because that isn’t what I want! I don’t wanna have sex with Toshi… I wanna mate with my alpha… I need you to breed me…”
Teasing him is fun but you can’t stand the way you’re having to be around him without him doing what your biology is pleading for.

He can’t take it anymore, stomping over and climbing onto the bed.
Manhandling you, he places you how he wants, on your hands and knees, shoving you with one hand between your shoulders so you’re face down.
Not bothering to undress further than pushing his pants down, you rock into him when his hard cock slaps onto your ass.
At other times he might let you ease yourself onto him, this is not one of those times.

With a new bruising grip he stills your hips, slamming himself into your tight cunt in one go.
You nearly vibrate as you let out a call of pleasure, so happy he’s finally overtaken by carnal urges.
Each thrust knocks the air out of your lungs, caught between mewling like a proper omega or trying to catch your breath.

He doesn’t slow down even as he leans over you, both arms wrapping around your midsection to pull you back so he’s reaching as deep inside you as he can possibly get.
A growl reverberates from his chest, and you read the signal, relaxing your shoulders and tilting your head to the side, submitting to your alpha so he can nose into your neck, taking in your scent greedily.

You keen, breathlessly moaning when he manages to speed up, your body's sensitivity heightening how nice it feels to get used, squirming in his hold as you orgasm, incoherently stammering out broken words.
The messy noise of your slick overflowing onto him is nearly as arousing as the way your soft and hot insides clench around him.
He groans pleasurably, his teeth testing different pressures along your shoulder, mind too lost in the haze of breeding to be concerned with you beyond using you as a cocksleeve.

The noises he’s forcing out of you feed the fire of his aggression, hips now snapping into you roughly and fervently.
You pitifully cry out from the punishing pace, pulling at the sheets in front of you desperately as you’re entirely overwhelmed.
It’s too much, you’re at his mercy and he’s refusing you any break, relentlessly chasing his own high.
Tears flow from you freely, the overstimulation beyond what you’ve ever experienced before, made much worse when you climax a second time, shaking as you nearly scream.

To him, hearing all this tells him he’s doing things right, nearing his own end when you vibrantly tighten around him even more than before, successfully attempting to milk his cock.
He bites down with the most strength he can use without seriously injuring you, only drawing blood as he breaks the skin, fucking you deeply rather than quickly, blindly chasing the want to finish.

You bury your face into the bed, the pain of being marked blending in with everything else happening, stifling your pathetic whine.
He removes his teeth to lick at the new sign of ownership as he slams into you as far as he can possibly get, shooting his cum into you with a loud string of praise tied with plenty of expletives.
“Fuck, fuck, so good, pretty, good, princess, fuck,”

To avoid suffocating you he places his hands on either side of you to hold himself up, panting as he recoops, coming down from the primal alpha instincts that had possessed him.
You’re panting like you’ve just run eight marathons, limp against the bed, the bite pulsating.

When he pulls out you suck a breath, just barely able to wiggle your hips as the discomfort of oversensitivity calls for it.
He moans lowly at the beautiful sight, his cum slowly starting to leak out, cock staying hard at the visual.

He’s nearly sucked back into the sirens call of fucking you into the mattress but there's concern when he notices how red your ass is, the back of your thighs as well, he can't help but feel guilty.
When he gently lays his hand on the area you whimper and recoil, which has him fully realizing how much he's ruined you.

“... I did warn you."

Chapter Text

Bakugou wasn’t much of an avid gamer but he did like to play from time to time as a stress reliever, you didn’t mind letting him do so when you were hanging out with him.
He’d silently play whatever he wanted, you usually climbing onto his chair and sitting in his lap, facing the opposite way while playing around on your phone.
You’d fallen asleep in that position and he didn’t bother waking you up, deciding to do the same once he was done.

A few hours later you’re awoken by the sound of his heavy breathing, blinking slowly as you come too.
He’s not panting but it’s certainly labored, gyrating his hips up into you, erection pressed into your front.
Confusion takes you for a moment as you figure things out, blushing darkly when the situation fully dawns on you.

His arms had been loose around you, now tightening considerably, keeping you secured against him.
You had heard of people having these sorts of dreams but you hadn’t ever had one yourself, much less witnessed another person, unsure if it’d be wise to wake him.
It does seem to feel good, judging by the way he’s reacting to his own efforts.
So you allow it, watching his focused expression flicker between concentrated and contented, a rare unrestrained smile making you absolutely melt.

Filled with affection you lean in and pepper kisses along his neck, continuing along his jaw until he bucks up with much more force, jostling you upwards.
He groans with a soft exhaled ‘fuck’, repeating the action two more times.
You grab onto his shoulders and hold back on making any sounds yourself, immensely turned on to hear your own name intermingled in his somewhat incoherent mutterings.

After a moment of quick rutting while tightening his hold on you even more, he relaxes, releasing a pleasured noise that seems loud compared to the lower volume he’d been using.

That’s the final straw for you, gently shaking him while whispering his name, seeing his face cinch up into an annoyed grimace as he’s brought to the waking world.

“Mmm..? What, what..?”
With obvious irritation he responds, though it doesn’t put out any of your excitement.

“I wanna get into bed with you, can we do that?”
You ask sweetly, hoping that he’s open to other ideas following that.

“Why? Go back to sleep, we can just stay here.”, he doesn’t even open his eyes, settling back into a comfortable position.

Not willing to give up that easily, you press an open mouth kiss at the base of his jaw, rolling your hips down into his, knowing you’re winning when he’s still hard and lets out a groan very similar to earlier.

“Katsuki,” you whine before kissing downwards, shuffling backwards so you can reach a hand into his pants, grabbing his cock with the intent to stroke him.
But you pause, making a questioning noise at the large amount of wet substance all over him and the fabric around him.
He’s convinced full swing already, smirking at your proactiveness before he brushes your hair away so he can tease a bite at the side of your neck, raising up into your hand for more.
Though you pull it away to take a look, needing a second to process the new information.

“Why’d you stop?”, he complains with a huff.

“Did… Did you cum in your pants?”

“No? Why the fuck-?”
He shoves you back somewhat so he can take a peek himself, holding the hem of his pants up to get a full view.
You can feel the body heat radiating off of him before you see he’s blushing, giggling as he actually looks caught off guard, always enjoying it whenever he’s nervous around you.

“Awe, that’s okay! Happens sometimes, can’t do much about it now”, you continue to giggle through your words, preventing his explosive response with a kiss, pulling away when he calms down.
“Just means I have to clean you up, right? I’m sure it’s a mess down there, but I’ll be thorough.”

Chapter Text

He crouched in front of you, chuckling to himself as he flicked your nose, making you scrunch up your face with even more distain than was already there.

“Don’t you ever fuckin’ learn? You can look at me like that all you want but it doesn’t mean shit. All this time chasing your dumbass down, and you get caught by a weak spot in the floor. Let me guess, you wanted to jump through the window, so you took a running start, the pressure of which caused this old worthless floor to give?”

You grumble to yourself, not looking at him and instead focusing on the window you had indeed been running towards.
It would’ve been the perfect escape too!
Now you’re here, trapped while Ground Zero taunts you, arms pinned to your sides, the size of the hole you’re in allowing your top half to stay above as your legs dangle uselessly below.
Your quirk doesn’t work in close range combat so even if you could manage to do anything it’d just serve to piss him off.
Unfortunately, you were entirely caught with no reasonable way out.

“Well? Gonna give me an answer? Or is your smart mouth suddenly shut.”, he grabs your chin to tilt your head towards him, staring you down with a look somewhere between playful and something you don’t recognize, but know isn’t good.

Acting on reflex to his treatment, you spit at him, hitting him in the face.
Instantly you’re aware that was a very bad idea.

“Oh god I didn’t mean it” you spout, eyes widening as he shoves you back and stands up to wipe it away.

“Here I was playing nice. Scum like you really don’t take any gifts pointed your way, just bastards all the way around.”
His words are quiet, as if he’s speaking to himself more than anything.

“I take gifts! Oh, all the gifts you give me! You just spooked me by doing that is all! I swear, I’m not even gonna fight, you can take me to jail!”, you say with a vibrant smile, shaking your head as if that’ll sway him.
The fear of his retaliation grows by the second.
You’re very aware of how alone you are with him, how most likely nobody knows where he is, how it's most likely the same for him, and you’re aware of how violent he can be in general.
While he’s never outright murdered anyone or done worse than break a bone during a struggle, you aren’t completely sure of what he does with people that are helpless to begin with.

“You take gifts, huh? Open your mouth.”

You laugh awkwardly, “I ah, what?”

He squats down, raising an eyebrow at the lack of obedience.
A few sparks pop off in his palm, just a demonstration of what's potentially to come.
With no other choice beyond enduring pain, you open your mouth like he asked.

“Bite down, and I’ll break your jaw.”, he comments half mindedly, pulling his gauntlets off and setting them aside, then removing one of his gloves, dragging one of his thumbs across your tongue.

“Tch. Dry as fuck. Don’t tell me after all your fireworks and shit-talking you’re scared right now?”
Amusement laced in his voice, he lightly slaps the side of your face before yanking your hair back, causing you to yelp at the sudden pain.
Before you can think of just why he did that, he spits.
You make a face and close your mouth, going to dispose of the excess saliva, but hesitating when it occurs to you he wouldn’t want that.
So you just wait for further instruction, turning red as the humiliation of being in this position sweeps over you like a tidal wave of shame.

His grip on your hair weakens, two fingers pressing into your chin to open you back up.
You’d already partially swallowed, the rest of it spread around your now halfway wet mouth.
He spits again, making sure he sees it slide down into your throat.

“Hah,” he barks out a laugh from feeling you shiver, “like a human garbage can. That’s what you are, you know that? Better get used to that treatment because that’s all you’re gonna get where you’re going. ... Hm, I will say, you are pretty. Too bad you couldn’t avoid being a villain, what a waste.”

Ignoring the rising urge to say something bitter, you collect yourself enough to calmly speak.
“Are you going to turn me in now? I’m not gonna struggle if you try to cuff me, I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Wheres the money first.”

“Below me, I dropped the bag when I fell.”

“I assume your crew would’ve arrived by now if there was one, I take it that it really is just you on your own.”

You press your lips into a hard line, struggling to withstand the instinct to be a smartass.
“No, I do. They just aren’t here because I went out on my own. But they aren’t coming, they don't know I’m here.”

He rolls his eyes, standing up, readying to call the police to send by a car for pickup.
But, he stops, noticing how your height levels out perfectly like this.
You don’t notice the assessment until his hand is at the back of your head, mushing you into his crotch, laughing at the way you try to maneuver out of the way.

“Cmon, don’t villains like depraved shit, hm? You’re a fuckin’ messed up dirty group of people, don’t tell me you haven’t sucked dick before.”
Almost intimately he brushes his fingers through your hair while allowing you to rear back, his other hand unbuckling the belt on his hero costume.

“N-no! Hey! Look, if you want some of the money in the bag I can say I dropped some or-or something! This isn’t necessary, I’ve learned my lesson!”, you’re desperate to find an alternative to what you know is about to happen, shifting your gaze from his now unzipped pants to his very entertained face.

While you’re busy trying to plead with him using your eyes, his cock slaps into your face, making you take a sharp inhale as you recoil as much as you can.
He takes hold of it and taps it against your lips, “Open wide. If you bite or use any teeth, the same threat from earlier applies here.”

You aren’t sure how he got hard this quickly, internally disgusted by how excited he had to be.
Welling up some resolve, you refuse to do what he says.
That doesn’t last long, letting go of himself so he can pinch your nose shut.

After a surprisingly long time of holding your breath you can’t do it anymore, but the moment you have your mouth open he shoves his cock in halfway, getting a firm hold on your to use as a handle.
You violently try to get away, pushing your tongue out in some effort to remove him, all that does is give him more room to work with.

He lets you collect your gulp of air by letting go of your nose, a gesture you don’t appreciate at all since he doesn’t wait very long before forcing your head down on the rest of him, causing you to gag harshly.
The way your throat constricts around him has him grinding into your face briefly before pulling you off.

“Fuck, guess I finally discovered a good use for you huh?”, he says to cruelly tease you, licking his teeth while grinning in a way found unfairly attractive.

There’s no response from you, only a fearful noise when he thrusts forward, making you gag just as harshly.
He doesn’t take anymore pauses, going as fast as he can without suffocating you, uncaring of the tears running down your cheeks as your body responds to the intrusion by flooding you with adrenaline.
Fortunately it isn’t too long before you also start to salivate to make things easier, his rough pace smearing it around your mouth and dribbling it down your chin.

The lewd sounds coming from you are loud enough to echo off the walls of the empty room around you, unable to conceal your panicked whimpers as the ever present blacked out edges of your vision grow to nearly consume your sight entirely, occasionally he’d heed the only form of begging you’re capable of and give you a split second to inhale.
Your lungs burn, your jaw aches, your throat feels like it’s going to be bruised by the end of this, it’s inhumane abuse to use you like this.

And yet… You’re squeezing your thighs together to try and get some friction, getting off on it.
Once you stop struggling he doesn’t hold onto your hair so tightly, too caught up in chasing his own pleasure to notice you working with him.
So badly do you want to brace your hands on his knees, wondering on the inside of your mind if that’d help any, though it made your body warm up to be unable to do so.

Your enjoyment meets a crossroads when he really starts bucking into you, keeping his cock deep in, the way he’s throbbing signalling he’s close.
What sends him over the edge is you reflexively sucking around him to get rid of the extra spit, groaning out a harsh ‘fuck’ as he holds you still, nose against his pelvis as he releases his load directly down your throat, causing you to choke, swallowing repeatedly in response.
Oversensitivity is the only thing that makes him pull out all the way, watching through half lidded eyes as you greedily take in full breaths, tongue still out as you don’t have the presence of mind to look like you didn’t just have your face fucked.
You barely even process he’s back down to your level until the collar he put on you snaps shut, the confusion evident on your face making him smirk.

“See, sometimes quirk diffusing handcuffs aren’t effective if they can just dislocate a thumb to slide out, so they make collars too. I’m gonna pull you out of this hole, and you’re going to behave yourself. If you’re good enough, I might let you go when I’m done.”

Chapter Text

Waking up wasn’t always the most pleasant experience but on average it was way better than this.
Immediately you wince and lay an arm over your eyes to block out the light filtering through the window, head pounding annoyingly.
After a solid moment of suffering you find the will to sit up, rubbing the sides of your neck and shoulders to alleviate some of the soreness you found there by moving.
Your eyes stay firmly shut, discovering that much of your body feels sore, much like you’d been in a goddamned car wreck.

Assuming that’s from dehydration seems likely, mouth drier than comfortable.
With a long exhale through your nose you arch your back, popping it in a few places.
Now you’re more ready to deal with your massive hangover.

You go to swing your legs out over the side of your bed so you can stand up but instead they hit the wall, prompting you to open your eyes.
It’s incredibly disorentating to not recognize a single thing, squinting heavily up as you take a look around, sight still blurry from sleep.
Once you spot a bottle of water on the nightstand near the bed you take it, swiftly emptying it before putting it back where you found it.
Fully satisfied with the rejuvenation from having something other than sand in your stomach, you can properly examine your surroundings, coming to realize you’re in Kirishima’s dorm rather than your own when you see him face down beside you.

He’s been pretty silent this whole time, though you’re not sure how that wasn’t the first thing you noticed.
While you’re confused, but not altogether doubtful of how you got here.
Underage drinking is an issue, overdoing it is rather easy if you haven’t discovered your limits.
If anything you’re finding it sweet to think he probably let you sleep here since it’s closer than wandering all the way across the building.
Absentmindedly you sweep your fingers through his hair, loving the way it looks when it isn’t styled up.

You look downwards to pull the blanket away so you can get up but instead find that you’re entirely topless, and for the second time, you’re not sure how this went unnoticed until now.
Your breasts are littered with marks, the sight of which flusters you incredibly, pulse racing as you realize you’re not wearing anything at all, the less wholesome reason you woke up here dawning on you.
He’s still snoozing away, but you have no idea what kind of movement will change that, deciding to figure out where literally all of your clothes are.

With much disappointment you spot your panties just a few inches from the side of the bed, they’re torn, rendering them unwearable.
Ignoring the implications of that is the only way you can avoid a heart attack, but beyond that you can only see your skirt, which is by the door.
His boxers and pants are next to your ruined underwear, shirt tossed over his computer desk.
Your shoes, your shirt, and your bra are all missing from what you can tell.

The various thoughts you have center mostly around trying to think of what all happened last night, brought back to the present when he rolls over, keeping an arm over his eyes much like you had.
He settles into place, and after a few seconds of waiting, he doesn’t wake up.

You can’t help but stare at his defined arms, chest as well, blanket coming up to cover him up to the middle of his stomach.
Not so far from there, you wander down to his crotch, able to tell there’s a bulge but nothing distinct.
It’s okay to take a peek if he doesn’t know, right? What could be wrong about that, it’s not as if you didn’t see it last night anyways.
Carefully glancing over to make sure he isn’t disturbed by it, you lift the blanket up to take a look.

Before you can actually do so he starts to wake up, recoiling so your back is to the wall as he startles you.
He moves his arm and grimaces at the daylight filling the room, forcing himself to sit up with a yawn.

You bite your cheek, unsure if you should say something, maybe move, get up?
If you didn’t know you were here at first, is he aware that there’s another person in his bed?
Remembering that you’re topless has you crossing your arms over your chest, hands up to add extra coverage.

He rubs his face and blinks a few times, the corner of his vision picking up on something, turning his head to look at you, eyes widening.

“... Hi..?”, awkwardly you say something once you can ignore your heart thundering in your chest, so much more nervous now that he’s conscious, it does not go unnoticed when he scans over all of you that he can see.
You can’t tell what he’s thinking, taking his lack of verbal response as him processing things just like you had too.

There isn’t any real evidence he spent the night with someone on his own end, no scratches down his back or anything of the sort.
You, however, were covered with it.

Lips puffy from overuse, along your neck and shoulders were plenty of hickeys, a few bite marks as well.
He could see some of the ones on your chest but you’d covered most of them.
With more than enough context clues he could get some memories out of the haze last night was, the vague recalling of how your legs felt locked over his back alongside other things coming to him.
He’d had a crush on you for a while now, he didn’t think he’d end up sleeping with you and he was upset it happened this way.
Partly because it was entirely not manly to do so, granted he wasn’t able minded but you weren’t either, he was worried you hadn’t consented to him being what appears to be entirely too rough for someone like you.
And the other part was simply because he couldn’t remember most of it, just little snippets of talking with you which turned into flirting, then straight into having you underneath him.

“I, um,” you clear your throat to help you be louder, the noise yanking him out of his thoughts, “I don’t really know what to say…”
Admitting that is near painfully awkward but you really have no idea what the appropriate way to go about this is.
There’s a shared uncomfortable silence, too inexperienced to know what to do.

Suddenly his phone goes off with a message notification, causing you both to jump as it takes you out of the tense atmosphere.
He leans out of bed to grab his phone, removing it from his pocket since the noise came from his pants.
You can’t see very well from where you’re at, scooting a safe distance closer so you can snoop.

The first thing you notice is that it’s just turned 8AM, the second is that his lockscreen is flooded with missed messages, coming from what looks like everyone on the face of the planet.
Confusingly enough the most recent and the only one you can see from the notification bar is Bakugou, dutifully nicknamed Bakubro.
The confusing part being the actual message which is ‘Not even a real hero yet and you’ve managed to land a scandal. Congratulations.’

He unlocks his phone and scrolls through the barrage of text messages, not opening any of them just yet.
They’re all something along the lines of a keysmash, various phrases of encouragement, and asking if he’d seen Kaminari’s snapchat story yet.
But Mina’s is the first one he comes across that he opens, not giving you enough time to read the notification itself but you can see all of them now.

‘OK, see you there!!’ - 9:45AM, in response to him telling Mina that he was going to come to the party, changing his mind.
‘DKSGFK!! that’s cool you got with her tho! Aaaaaaaa finally!!’ - 10:02PM
The next message is just a huge keysmash ended by ‘KIRISHIMAAAAAAAA’, a decent amount of crying emojis following that. Sent at 10:20PM.
‘Dude chheck Kamis snapptchay whn u can!!! LMAOOOOOOOOO’ - 10:34PM

Alright, so there’s certainly a tell to when things happened time wise.
There is a sense of dread swirling in your stomach, knowing that while drunk and blind to your surrounding something happened.
Most likely he caught you swapping spit either at the party or somewhere equally not secluded.
Kaminari is surprisingly popular on snapchat, you can’t be sure whether it's to do with people having a ‘eh sure why not’ attitude or not, but if whatever happened got around to Bakugou this early in the day then that did not bode well.

He doesn’t respond to that, closing the app to boot up snapchat, placing a leg on the floor so he can bounce it in place, a hand over his mouth.
When it opens he swipes away from the camera, having to scroll past a decent amount of chats before he gets to Kaminaris, thumb hovering over the circle besides his name.
It’s evident in the way his eyebrows are pointed down, he’s nervous but he’s also scared, very unsure of what’s going on.
You want to console him despite feeling the same way, reaching out to pat at his arm so you can say something.

But you stop just short of making contact, his screen changing color telling you he made the choice.
The first two slides are pretty normal, selfies centering him in front of mutual friends, everyone looking like they’re having a great time, smartly hiding away any alcohol.
Then there’s the later events, small clips of people dancing with really no coordination, which does make you scrunch your nose up to avoid laughing, knowing this isn’t the time.

You can hear his breath hitch when he comes across what seems to be the source of the issue.
He’s got you up against a wall, one hand besides your head and the other lifting your chin up, the music combined with other people talking blocking out whatever he’s saying, though it’s obvious he’s sweet-talking you from how starstruck you look versus how confident he is.

On the recording you nod enthusiastically, and he kisses you, to which you bring him close by tugging on his shirt.
Kaminari is very excitedly hyping him from a distance, calling out ‘fuck it UP dude! get it!’.
That’s a bit underwhelming for the reaction he received, though it is highschool and things are always blown out of proportion.
On the inside you feel a very warm affection grow, that being something you can remember happening.
He'd asked you out and you said yes, that being forgotten until now.
You let the pent up air out of your lungs now that you’ve seen the supposed scandal, both of you now content to watch whatever other embarrassing things Kaminari put up on his story.
There’s a plentiful surplus to do with people falling over and more of what you hesitate to call dancing.

A video starts away from all the noise, camera pointed down at his feet while he's walking, intriguing you since you can hear Mina and Sero in the background.

‘I don’t even think they went this way, can’t we jus’ go back! Like I’m curious too sure but cmonnnn!’, Sero complains while still following him anyways.

‘It’s fine!’ Mina says with a decent slur to her words, ‘I-’
Kaminari loudly shh’s her, all three of them poorly stifling their laughter after the brief silence reveals some distant but distinctly carnal sounds, cutting them off as it ends.

Just as the color drains from your body, a wave of nausea hits you, unable to look away, even moving up so you’re arm to arm with Kirishima, praying this isn’t going where you think it is.

The next clip starts with Kaminari quietly shh-ing them, Mina repeatedly chanting ‘oh my god’, both waiting on Sero who’s taking a peek around the corner.
He looks back at them with a nod, ‘Dude no it’s them! Holy shit they’re just kinda! Yknow!’, not managing to finish his sentence just gestures for them to look, and they do.

Kaminari gasps and says something in reaction, muffled by what must be his hand over his mouth.
Though even if it wasn’t you doubt you would’ve heard it, entirely overridden by what's on screen.
From what you can tell with the only real lighting being the flash coming from Kaminari’s phone, it looks like you made it as far to Kirishima’s dorm.

But there apparently wasn’t enough patience to go inside, seeing as he has you up against the wall, your legs around his waist being what blocks out the directly explicit, but the way his hips are moving paired with the noises you’re making don’t hide that he’s fucking you in a public hallway.
The mystery of where your shirt and bra went is solved, they’re most likely still on the floor outside.
His chest is on yours, his own pants lowered to his thighs, your skirt being on tells you that he just shoved your panties aside, so at the least you have the scrap of dignity that comes with no real public nudity per say.

The next video starts before you’ve even halfway ingested the last, Kaminari being about a foot away.
Kirishima doesn’t even seem to notice anything outside of his current activity, still hammering away as if there’s nothing going on, sucking hickeys onto your shoulder.
You’re just coherent enough to pay attention to Kaminari but without any common sense, each thrust driving you up the wall.

‘So, enjoying yourself?’, he asks, tilting his empty hand that he’s pretending has a microphone in it towards you.

‘Uh-huh!’, you answer with a huge smile, the signature pattern of redness on your face really showing just how trashed you are.

‘Are you guys gonna keep this up out here all night? Because his room is like, literally right there.’
He points to the door inches away, laughing when you shake your head ‘no’.

‘I-It’s not my, it’s not,’ you pause to let out a needy whine, urging Kirishima up by taking his head in your hands, starting a kiss with both of your mouths already open.
He takes a hand off your hip to grope your breast, you sweetly humming in approval as you lock your ankles over his back.

You’re not sure of how much more of this you can take, not able to find it funny when the next slide is a blurry photo of Kaminari dabbing with neon print reading out ‘when ur friends clappin cheeks in the hallway but they aint chrisitian so its cool’.
The silence sends a chill up your spine, watching the timer count down to the next horrifically embarrassing thing.

Once again you’re listening to your own pleasured noises, this time accompanied with the distinct sound of skin on skin.

‘This is like national geographic honestly,’ Kaminari says without a hint of sarcasm, posing with a peace sign and a dumb grin that shows he's three-ish drinks from being as wasted as you, ‘say Spring Break!’

He holds his phone up a bit higher to get your face in frame, but in doing so he captures a solid view of Kirishima’s cock ramming into you, at some point your skirt had been lifted up.

Your entire body tenses at the sight, your panties still covering you mostly but it is indescribable how you feel watching this.

Suddenly Kirishima picks up his pace, harshly bucking forward while moaning out lustfully for you, the sound of which turns both your past and current selfs ears red.
He doesn’t stay inside you, pulling out and holding his cock up so he can see the small rush of cum begin to leak out, your upright position making it faster than it’d usually take.

Kaminari does a double take, stepping away while snorting a chuckle, ‘Did you-!? Dude! Dude!!’

Kirishima only watches for a short second, dropping to his knees so he can hook yours over his shoulders, burying his face into your pussy.

That is precisely the amount that Kirishima himself can take, quirk taking effect immediately and accidentally breaking his phone, shattering it.
You’re grateful to not see whatever else is on there, and hateful of the silence that sucks the air out of the room, both you and him shell shocked.
Bakugou was right, this is definetly a scandal.

Chapter Text

He hadn’t shown it, but he was very angry with you.
An inordinate amount yet there wasn’t any drive to do very much about it.
Your quirk wasn’t something he didn’t notice, it was manipulative and sneaky.
For someone who wanted to be a hero, you had a sadistic sense of humor.
The quirk was certainly notable in that he’d never heard of it before that point, someone producing pheromones to influence the people around them accordingly was a powerful thing to have on your side.

He didn’t notice it at first but now it was becoming a problem.
Obviously, you were toying with him.
The reason? He couldn’t say, there wasn’t any discernible gain beyond embarrassing him.
In the span of two months he’d gone from refusing to memorize any names, to knowing your schedule like the back of his hand.
That wasn’t intentional, he just made mental notes whenever he saw you somewhere regularly.

He spent a lot of time trying to recall if he’d known you in the past, why you would torture him like this.
Now he was nervous whenever he saw you, rarely saying a thing if it wasn’t something he was directing at multiple people.
When possible he followed you like a lost puppy, ending up wherever you went during your free periods just so he’d know where you were.
Not like he wanted to protect you or stalk you, he just wanted too.
He didn’t have to have a reason, it’s his free period as well.

It was getting unmanageable, wasting his time thinking about your dumbass when he was supposed to be focusing on his studies or counting the number of pushups he was doing.
He genuinely enjoyed being around you even though most of his energy would go into making it seem like he was impartial at best.
Anymore you’d been messing with him enough that he thought about you when you weren’t around, or even a relevant topic.
It’d just happen and the twinge of emotion he got every time made him furious.
You acted like you didn’t even know him while doing this to him, rarely looking in his direction.

He was losing control of his already out of check impulsivity, getting visibly upset whenever Kaminari said a single thing about you, blaming it on just hating his lack of self awareness, like you’d ever go so far as to give him a minute of your time.
Things were getting messy for him, blurry and confusing, which wasn’t anything he’d experienced thus far.
You were single handedly ruining his mind with your stupid quirk.

So, the moment he knew for sure you’d be in your dorm, he came down and kicked the door open.
You yelp and nearly jump off your bed, the combination of being scared like that and seeing whos responsible nearly ejecting your soul out of your body.

“I’m sick and tired of your fuckin’ bullshit!”
He stomps inside, kicking the door a second time to close it.

Well now you feel like he’s going to kill you, scrambling backwards until your back hits the wall, hands up as you try to turn the intensity down.
“Wait wait! Hey now! Whatever you think I did, I swear I didn’t, if you’ll let me-”

“Shut the fuck up! There’s no hypotheticals here, you’re fucking with me for fun and if you don’t stop it right now I’m gonna kill you!”, he curls his lip up, sparks lighting up in his palms as he tries to look his most threatening.

“... What?”
You’re completely lost, letting your confusion show.

“Don’t you ‘what’ me! Keep playing ignorant and see where that gets you!”, he raises his voice up another notch, taking a step forward.
“I’m not an idiot like the rest of those extras, I see what you’re doing! You really think someone as smart as me wouldn’t notice!?”

“I never said you were an idiot! But I swear to god I have no idea what you’re talking about!”
You are totally sincere, pulling your knees into your chest to be further away from him since he’s already got you cornered.

He just rolls his eyes, closing the gap between him and the edge of your bed.
“Oh so now you act all pathetic when I call you out on it to try and get me to feel bad? It isn’t gonna work! I-!”
When he inhales he catches onto the smell in the air, eyebrows knitting together as he feels an instant calming effect from it.
“... The fuck is this?”

“That’s my quirk, that’s what it smells like,” you shakily explain, still holding your hands out like you’re going to have to push him away, sending out as much relaxation pheromones as physically possible.

His shoulders roll back and he stops snarling, face zeroed out in a way you’ve only seen once or twice when he gets sucked into whatever he’s doing enough to forget his surroundings.
It’s cute, but right now it's more of a sign he’s no longer about to throttle you.

“It has a smell? Huh, didn’t notice that. Or wait… No, no yeah this is familiar in a way, when we’re in training I think.”
For once he’s using an inside voice, which feels oddly personal since you’ve only heard him screaming.
“How do you mask it so I didn’t pick up on this earlier?”

“Mask it? I kinda can’t, the point is that people breathe it in, if they can’t smell it then it doesn’t really work.”
Explaining it as objectively as possible, you ease off the output, not wanting to knock him out, which you’ve accidentally done before.

“No you have to be, doesn’t make any sense otherwise.”
The way he’s speaking is working to calm you down too, though it doesn’t erase the wild amounts of not understanding.
“Obviously you’re doing something or I wouldn’t be feeling this way. Don’t bother lying to me, I’ve already caught you.”

You give an exasperated huff, “Feeling what way!”

“If you have nothing to do with this then why would I actually miss you when you’re gone? Give any amount of a fuck about you? You’re a fuckin’ clutz and always end up leaving some amounts of your pens or papers behind when you switch classes, if you weren’t doing anything then why on earth would I bother returning those things to you so you don’t whine about it later?”
He starts to settle back into the usual angry demeanor, arms crossing over his chest.

That's much more than you expected him to say, a light pink dusting across the bridge of your nose at the confession he may have unintentionally given you.
“I-I can’t remember a single time you’ve done that,” is all you can think to say.

He clicks his tongue against his teeth, tilting his head to the side like this is obvious and you’re dumb for not knowing it.
“You don’t ever sit the fuck down when class starts so I just put it all down before you come back to your desk. I’m not your lackey, brainwash someone else if you want an underling. You barely even look at me, so don’t act like you’d have any reason to not fuck with me.”

“Bakugou I’ve never done that to you, I wouldn’t!”, you stammer for a half second, making a judgement call on how you should handle this, and deciding to take a leap.
“I actually really like you…. I-I respect your work ethic, how strong you are, confident as well, I wanted to gain your attention through the right ways! If I wanted you drooling on my shoes then you would be, but I wanted to get noticed by you more than I wanted to chance annoying you as a first impression!”

“Well that’s stupid you’d go about it that way. I can’t afford to have these kinds of distractions.”
He’s nearly hesitating on some words.
But he pulls himself together, staring you down for a moment.
“So I’m done with this. I’m not doing this anymore.”

You can’t understand the logic here.
He comes barging into your room, demanding you stop making him like you against his will, and when he finds out it’s organic plus you feel the same way, he somehow manages to reject you?
It does sting, a lot.

“Yes or no.”, he sternly interrupts your quickly spiraling thoughts.

“Yes or no?”

“I’m not asking again.”

“But what are you asking yes or no for?”
You unsuredly squint at him, waiting for him to say something along the lines of ‘Yes to dying or no to living’.

“Are we dating or not! It’s like you’re doing this shit on purpose, yes or no goddamnit!”
He’s blushing brighter than you at this point, eyes pointed to various places in your room where you aren’t, shifting in place uncomfortably.
Even after hearing your returned confession he doesn’t think you’ll say yes, but he has to ask.

You surprise him with a kiss, having made your way over to him without his noticing easily when he’s so distracted with doing his best to look like he’s not nervous.
He jolts and you giggle, pulling back to give your answer.

“Yes, only if you agree to hold my hand in public places.”

“... I’d be proud too.”

Chapter Text

How are you supposed to react to that?
What are you supposed to say?
Something? You can’t just keep sitting here with him!
There has to be something you can do or say or think of that’ll fix this.

You have no idea how long you’ve been in a shared horrified silence with him but you’re doubtful it’s even hit 9AM yet, there’s gotta be time to do some damage control.
If you can find your phone, you can text Kaminari! You can remove snapchat stories right?
You’ll just ask him to take it down, and if he says no then you can threaten him with incredible and unrestrained violence.

No, no that isn’t an option.
You don’t have the slightest clue as to where you left the damn thing, you didn’t have any pockets so you’d just been carrying it around, and at no point in those clips did you see you holding it.

Even if you did know… You’d have to exit the room.
With no panties.
And no shirt.
Or, wearing one of his, to grab your shirt and your bra, which are still probably out there.
Unless someone took them, which is equally terrible.

You sigh loudly, laughing quietly.
This is ridiculous and the entirety of this couldn’t be worse if you tried.
Well, you could’ve shit your pants.
That makes you laugh more.

“This is pretty bad,”, you have to pause to collect yourself, shrugging with a chuckle, “like, really bad. I know I said earlier that I didn’t know what to say but this time I mean it.”

He's almost painfully guilty, not looking at you and instead focusing on his broken phone.

“Hey” with a soothing tone you try to give some comfort, covering your chest with one arm so you can use the other to sit up straighter, spine hurting from slouching so long, “It-”

“I’m sorry.”
He says genuinely, turning his head to meet your eyes.
It’s hard to not look away, so unused to the fragile sensitivity he’s showing.
“I mean that, I’m sorry. This is… I don’t know if you remember but, I asked you out last night, earlier on.”

You ‘mhm’, offering him a light smile while you place your hand on top of his, “My answers still the same.”

His mood improves instantly, smiling in return, his sight pointed somewhere else so he can say what he wants too.
“I, ah, I don’t think I intended to be so rough with you… Does anything hurt?”

“No! Not really, more or less sore, but no! You’re okay, right?”

He nods affirmatively, brushing your hair out of the way so he can examine you better, disgruntled at the bites littered at random, knowing they most likely appeared when he took you inside.
When he runs a finger over one of them, you shiver, the tingling sensation coming off the still healing punctures paired with him touching you being a new sensation.

You can see him hesitate so you put a hand to the side of his face to get his attention, “It’s fine, just a little touchy, if anything I like it.”

This feels almost natural, but you’re reminded of everything surrounding this moment, heart accelerating as you take your other arm off your chest, rationalizing that if he’s to be your boyfriend there’s really no point.
Even with last night and the evidence of it easily accessible, it still makes you blush that he stares.

He’s thinking about the logistics having sex with you, how he’d be able to navigate it without hurting you.
The downstairs of your anatomy had to have taken some damage so it’d probably be much worse off than the rest of you.

“... How’s your pussy feeling?”, he asks absentmindedly, meaning to be less crude but occupied with other things.

That comes out of left field for you, needing a second to understand what he’s just said.
“I… I don’t know…? It’s not like I’ve been able to look or really uh, done anything that’d tell me? Why?”

“I promise I’m not a brute, it’s super unmanly of me to have been so rough with you. Will you let me prove I can be gentle?”
He speaks with a strange amount of coolness, nearly like he hadn’t been anxious to begin with.

“What do you mean by that? I-I trust you! I really do! But, what are you asking me for?”, you take your hand away, having a slight idea as to where this is going.

“Permission to touch you.”

You nod, about to give vocal confirmation but cut off when he leans in to kiss you, getting a rush of adrenaline from the suddenness.
Though you don’t pull away or sit still, getting up on your knees so you’re level with him, only for him to glide a hand along your side, opening your mouth to reflexively say ‘oh’, but again he cuts you off, taking advantage of that to kiss you deeper.

With some pushing he directs you to lay down, you follow his lead, tangling your fingers in his hair to keep him close, making appreciative noises when he spreads your legs around him.
Faintly, you think you hear something, though you don’t pay attention long, distracted when he cups your core, index teasing with slight pressure.
You take his wrist and show him how much he can use, already somewhat wet.

He understands, angling up a bit so he’s pressing into the more sensitive part of you, rubbing a circular pattern at a medium pace, but it’s enough to make you whine and tug on his hair.
You can feel him smiling even with his lips on yours, that just adding to how good this feels.
The sound goes off a second time, you’re sure you heard it now, able to focus better when he starts kissing at your neck and jaw.

“K-Kirishima,” you say with a breathy lilt, wanting to ask if he heard it too, but he takes it as praise, nipping at you before speeding up.
That has your eyes closing as you mewl for him, rolling your hips into his hand.
Familiar, the sound was very familiar to you, yet you can’t think clearly so you can’t figure out where it’s from.

“Oh, oh fuck! Hey, hey!”, it hits you like a bolt of lightning, slapping at his chest to get him to stop, which he does immediately.

“What? What I’d do?”, he says nervously, looking you up and down to see where he hurt you.

“No! I’m fine, my phone is in here somewhere! I-I think I had you carry it for me! I heard it,”, in the middle of you explaining it goes off again, that small chime for sure being the notification for your messages.

He turns towards his pants, where the noise came from, “Huh, cool!”
Without hesitation he goes back to what he was doing, kissing you briefly before you push him back by his shoulders.

“Please, can you get it for me? I thought about it earlier, I have Kaminari’s number! If I can just ask him to take his story down then maybe not as many people will see it!”
You give him a kiss to convince him, and you can really tell it takes effort for him to not go for more than that.
Out of everyone in your class you honestly expected him to be the least horny, but this makes sense too.
“Look if we do this now then there’s a chance it won’t be as bad as it could be! Also if you do me this favor I’ll suck you off later.”

“I mean I was going to get it either way but that’s very nice of you,” he says while getting on his knees so he can reach for his pants, staying like that while he reads your lock screen notifications.
You can’t help but ogle him, mostly his cock, which he doesn’t seem to care about being out in the open.
He’s hard, length pointed upwards.
Maybe blowing him wouldn’t be too bad, as of right now you wanted to lick it anyways, though you’re not sure where the instinct comes from.

“Not sure who ‘cabbage patch bitch’ is, but they hope you’re not pregnant.”, commenting idly, he pretends to not notice your staring, appreciating it all the same.

He scoots closer, giving your phone to you.
Much like with his, you’ve got a lot of messages and missed calls.
Unlocking the device, opening your texts is all you care to do for now, from the outside of the chats you can see that most of them have to do with giving you compliments, snarky or not you take them, deserving some praise at this moment in time.
Unsurprisingly Kaminari is one of the few who didn’t have anything to say.
Deciding whether to call him first or text him is difficult, you want him to see it as soon as possible but you’re also anxious to speak to him.

He looks at your phone, then the expression on your face, “Y’know if you don’t wanna talk to him directly I can call for you. My phone is uh, broken, but I don’t think it’d be that weird if I was using yours.”

“I-I think I’d prefer that. If you don’t mind?”
You extend it to him and he takes it, hitting the call icon and holding it up to his ear when it starts to ring.

“... Hey! Dude you gotta take down your snapchat story.”

Excitedly you smile and feel some relief at the fact Kaminari answered, things might go your way!

“Does it even matter why I’m using her phone? Just do it! … Then google it! Why would I know how to do that, I barely use it!”

Or maybe not, he’s an idiot.
Kirishima pinches the bridge of his nose and rolls his eyes, which you feel on a spiritual level.

“I really don’t care if it’s ‘doing mad numbers’, take it down! Delete it or something, anything! How is that even allowed in the first place, if we flag it for inappropriate content will that work?”
He pauses to listen, getting a very flustered and angry face at whatever he hears.
“For one that’s not porn, it’s just an invasion of privacy! Secondly, why does anyone post porn on snapchat to begin with!?”

Clearly, you can hear Kaminaris response, which is ‘Why did you expect privacy when you were out in an open hallway’.

“That’s beyond the point, just take it down!”

He emphasises his words by gesturing like Iida, something you do find cute even though you’re just as frustrated as him.
“Listen to me! Take! It! Down! How many times do I have to ask! I don’t care if it’s evidence I got laid, that isn’t exactly a good reason to let strangers see my dick!”
Saying that makes his eyes widen, realizing something else.
“We’re both minors, I’m pretty sure keeping that up is illegal even if you’re underage too! I know for a fact you’ve got adults on your friends list and you don’t have to know someone to see their story anyways!”

By the tone in Kaminaris voice you can tell he’s trying to ease Kirishima into submission, though you can’t tell what he’s saying since it isn’t as loud.
Kirishima inhales in such a way that you can sense he’s about to start yelling, taking the phone from him to give it a shot.

“Hi Kami! Can we please talk about this, me and you?”, you use a very sweet voice, knowing he’s a huge weakling for female attention however it may come to him.

“Sure, are you also going to scream at me about the story?”

Oh my god it is so hard to now instantly match the way Kirishima was getting with him, forcing yourself to stay leveled out.
“Not really, I did say talk for a reason. But, yes, I really want you to take it down. It’s super embarrassing and honestly I agree with his points. What would it take to have you remove it, hm?”
Fully aware of the suggestive nature of that, you lean into it.
“And I’ll do pretty much anything, as long as it’s nothing recorded of course, that’d be just as messy.”

“Well, I do have a few things I’d ask for. A small thing, and a big thing, but I won’t take it down unless you completely agree.”

Your heart picks up, seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.
So you seal the deal, giggling like you’re into this.
“Oh do tell, I won’t say no.”

Kirishima gives you a sideways look and you shake your head to get across that you’re placating Kaminari.
But upon hearing his demands your cheeks heat up.
“.... Can I see your notes? For history I mean, I swear to god I’m about to fail that and you do so well, I just assume they have something to do with it! Secondly, I wanna touch your boobs.”

“Sure thing! Remove the story, and once I know it’s down I’ll come by your dorm, okay?”
You agree even though that’s the last thing you’d ever want to do, not willing to risk losing your chance.

“Alright, come by in half an hour!”, after he finishes speaking he promptly hangs up.

“So… Is that a yes? What just happened?” Kirishima asks once you lower the phone.

“He did agree to take it down, but in return I gotta let him touch me.”
You push your palms into your eyes and sigh, “And, I gotta go over in half an hour. Do you think you can come with me..?”

“Wait, you said you’d be coming over after he deleted it, right?”

“Yeah, why?”

Kirishima shrugs objectively, “Well if it’s already down before then, you can just not go over. He’s pretty much blackmailing you so I’d say that’s fair.”

A laugh escapes you since you find it really stupid you didn’t think of that, hugging him in thanks for being a genius.
“Excellent idea! I’ll check in like twenty minutes then.”

Momentarily there’s some peace to be had, while you still had to deal with everyone who saw it and everyone who’s going to hear about it, the evidence would be gone and that’s all you cared about.

Though, you have a thought, exiting your messages to open snapchat.
“We stopped watching before we saw the end of it, I’ll be honest, I’m kinda curious. You don’t have too if you don’t want to, but if there’s any more of it to do with us then I at least want to know.”

“He’s taking it down anyways, no harm in it now.” He muses, taking a seat next to you.

You find Kaminari’s story and skip through everything you’ve seen, careful to not go over too far.
Unfortunately recognizing the last one you got to witness, you pass it, the next one something that made you wish you’d kept watching earlier.

Kaminari is being drug along by Bakugou, who has him by his ankle, uncaring of his whining and rampant slurring.
Overlaying the whole thing in the top left corner is the text ‘#BakugoIsOverParty’

‘You are just, the worst! Why didn’t you go for anyone else! Hm?? This, is, biphobia! You bigot!’
He writhes to try and get out of his grip, and is completely unsuccessful.
‘Do you hate bi people, huh? You big dumb, dumb, stupid! Imna show e’rebody on snapchat! Answer for yourself, lest ye be canceled!’

Bakugou turns his head to glare down at him, scoffing loudly.
‘You fuckin’ dumbass, I’M bisexual!’

‘Yer dodging the question! Minus three points!’

‘When did points become a part of this!? Shut the fuck up, I’m taking you to your dorm. And, you’re here in the first place because they ditched you! If anything shouldn’t you be mad at them?!’

‘No! Sero told me he thinks judge judy isn’t a real judge and I respect that about him!’
He doesn’t tolerate anymore of that, walking faster and ignoring the way Kaminari complains about his shirt riding up.

That’s the last part of his story, once it finishes it brings you back to your chat list.
Maybe it’d have made the impact less sharp if you’d gotten to see that then, but you still watched him cum inside you and then most likely eat it out of you.

You turn to ask him something but you forget when he’s staring at your tits so unabashedly, scoffing as you push him.

“What?” he laughs, catching himself with one arm and holding the other up to defend himself from more pushes, “They’re nice! Isn’t it a compliment that I wanna look? You were taking a nice long look at me earlier and I didn’t say anything!”

“Pft”, you roll your eyes, “as if! You’re so self absorbed sometimes, I could’ve been looking at anything!”

“Really? Is that so? Alright, I’ll take you at your word.”

You hum and set your phone down, “So what do we do now?”

“Well, we can keep doing what we’d been doing earlier,” he suggests as he leans in close, slowly pressing kisses along the side of your neck, careful to avoid the bite mark near the base.

“As much as I’d love too, don’t we have more important things to do though?”
He doesn’t respond, nudging your side, wanting you to lay down.

“Kirishima,” you start, but he doesn’t let you finish.

“You can call me Eijiro, if anything I want you too.”.

“Fine, Eijiro I don’t think there’s time for this, my shirt is probably still outside and I really don’t wanna leave it out there longer than it has to be.”
Some of your nerves from earlier hit you, remembering how many people you’re going to have to deal with, knowing it’d be best to wear your own clothes when you eventually went back to your dorm.

“Can’t you just borrow one of mine? Besides, you look better like this anyhow, you’re very pretty, you know that?”, he tilts your head towards him to kiss you directly and you don’t resist, giving in a slight amount.
His hand skims up your stomach to grope one of your breasts, idly playing with the tender area, pinching your nipple with just enough force to make you place your hand over his, encouraging that.
This time when he wants you to lay down, you do, thinking it’s not so bad if you spend just a little more time with him.

Chapter Text

As far as casual fucking could go, he didn’t leave much room to desire anything he couldn’t give.
He liked it in the same ways that you usually did, which was hard, fast, and full of energy.
There was a lot of stress in his life and this was one of the ways he got the tension out.

But, you had stress too.
This week had really beaten you down, between several incidents at work you never wanted to think about again and some less than favorable interactions with who you thought was your friend, you were just exhausted.

Of course, he picked today to stop by.
You knew it from the moment you opened the door, it was impossible to not notice his presence.

“Took you long enough.”
His voice had always been something to excite you, but right now you really didn’t care.

“I’m not in the mood, you gotta go home.”, you say blandly, letting your purse slide onto the floor and shuffling past him, going to your room so you can lay face down on your bed.

The door closes, and you think he’s left, letting out a long sigh as you continue to lay still, considering just passing out in your work clothes.
Why should you even bother, not like you’re dirty or anything.

“... Is everything okay?”

You push yourself up and turn your head, very surprised he’s still here.
Though you sense it’s to get between your legs, not impressed in the least.
“I said you have to go home, I don’t wanna mess around right now.”

“Never said I wanted to do that. You didn’t answer my question.”
He folds his arms in that iconic stance he’s always doing in pictures, taking a few steps closer so he can better observe how miserable you are.

“Sure, you’re so openly concerned about me and my needs. It won’t change anything if you leave, if anything I’d appreciate it.”
With that you drop back into position, waiting for him to go so you can finally unwind.
But he doesn’t, the bed dipping besides you as he sits.
You roll over onto your back and give him a pointedly ‘really?’ look, knowing he won’t force you into anything and he isn’t one to beg.

“If things have been rough for you… I.. Hope they improve. Sooner rather than later.”
It’s stiff and entirely unnatural for the man to say something like that, but he forces it out, trying to be comforting.

You’re somewhat stunned by that, it’d be a shitty attempt at soothing if it came from anyone else, but from him that was absolutely precious.
Honestly it does revive you a bit, sitting up so you can lean against him, calmly enjoying being around him.
There’d always been pressure to be someone else around him, he’d fuck you occasionally and that was it, made sense you’d exaggerate some aspects of your personality to suit the environment that created.

But this felt different.
Like something changed.
And, it wasn’t a bad change either.
This was nice, unusual, but nice.

“That’s sweet,”, you say after a moment passes, smiling when he runs a hand along your arm in a reassuring way.
He could be so aggressive during sex that you’d forgotten he’s even capable of being this way.

You get up on your knees so you can reach him, turning him so you can give him a kiss.
“I do mean that, it’s very thoughtful of you!”

When he tries to follow that up with another, you back away, still smiling.
“Mm-mm, I’m up for this but that’s about it, okay?”

“If that’s what you want,” he murmurs before cradling the back of your head, successfully kissing you.
It’s light, but there’s a serious heat behind it.
So you relinquish your hesitations and crawl over to sit in his lap, just barely able to stay level with the massive man.

“Honestly, what are you even here for now?”, you ask as you pull away, curiously sizing his intentions up.
It really didn’t make much sense, even if he said what he did, this was very out of the normal for him.

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m here because I want to be, because you’re here.”

That makes your heart thud a bit faster, he’s never been one to lie at any rate.
You can’t think of a way to respond that’d be nearly as meaningful as you want it to be, so you just say what’s on your mind.

“I just mean, not to discredit you, that I straight up told you we aren’t gonna fuck, so you get why I’d be confused as to why you wanna stick around. I’m very aware that you don’t do things out of sheer politeness if you don’t want to do them but…”, your thoughts get bunched up, unable to finish the sentence you’d started, pointedly looking through him as you figure out the best way to piece it together.

He doesn’t let you think long, tilting your chin upwards so you meet his eyes.
Doing as he wants, you break out of the cluster of incomplete phrases swirling around in your head for him.
“You’re right, I don’t do things I don’t want to do. I don’t hide any of my opinions. So, knowing that, why are you still looking for an underlying motive?”

That has you feeling bad in a lot of ways, knowing your trust issues are yet again intervening in places it doesn’t have too.
Being vulnerable is hard but if he’s doing it for you then you should for him.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I’ve been having a shit week and it’s just reflex to take anything at its worst anymore…”
You huff and let all your weight rest against him, face against his chest.

He hums in response and you can feel the vibration more than you hear it, fully melting when he runs his hand over your back, digits firmly smoothing over your sore muscles.
A good few minutes pass by, the peace of his presence actually managing to undo a lot of your pent up angst.
You can hear his heartbeat rhythmically thudding away, almost hypnotized by it.
It’s as if he’s ever smelled terrible but there’s something about him today that has you noticing how nice and masculine he smells today, comfortable in partially smothering yourself for it.

You can’t be sure when you had fallen asleep, but you open your eyes and it’s pitch black, now lying on your back.
Disappointment has you grimacing, realizing you passed out on him and he most likely left right after.
As you go to sit up so you can change into some proper sleep wear, you notice a few things.
First, he’s still here, one arm slung over your waist.
Secondly he undressed you down to your panties, which you find sweet that he’d consider sleeping in a bra is hardly comfortable.
Third, he’s out cold next to you, but radiating heat like a furnace, something you appreciate with your lack of clothing.

While you couldn’t tell what time it was, this was still highly unusual, not like any of this was, but he would leave within an hour after finishing, saying he had somewhere to be, sending you some kind of gift the following day.
But here he was, snoozing away.
You don’t have a clue as to what inspired this behavior but that doesn’t mean you don’t embrace it full heartedly, cuddling up close to him.
When he tightens his arm around you to pull you in close, you can’t help but smile.

Chapter Text

Every day, there wasn’t a question as to whether everything would be okay.
It always would be, because you had him.
Never was there a second that passed unfaithfully.
He was a childhood friend of yours that you’d been in love with seemingly forever, you couldn't remember living a day without him and you never considered that as a possibility.

For the first time in your life, that fell apart.
Everyone was standing around the TV with a hand over their mouth, on edge and afraid, staring down the massive hole that’d been made by Ryukyu, able to see but unable to hear anything.
Where was he? You knew he went with them, you could see practically everyone else, where was he?
He wasn’t the kind of person to ever leave before the finish, so where was he?
You knew watching was just furthering the worst of your anxieties but you couldn’t help yourself, camera angles held no relief for you as he never appeared.

Once the news got to you that pro hero Sir Nighteye was in critical condition, you practically fainted.
Though the following information of Mirio being at the same hospital was like an adrenaline shot.
Worrying nonstop had completely taken you apart, wanting to ask anyone about his own condition but not wanting an answer.

So, you tried to avoid having a panic attack in your uber, and appropriately asked various doctors and nurses where his room was, lying to some of them by saying you were a direct family member so you could get access.
You’d barely been able to process anything about what was public knowledge of the confrontation with Overhaul, only taking in what was relevant to you, which was anything about him.

Upon sighting his door number you up your pace from nervous pacing to running, throwing it open with enough force that you have to catch yourself on the doorframe.
Thus far you’d somehow avoided crying, but you couldn’t hold back once you saw him.

He was alive, and that’s all you cared about.
Bandaged, disheveled, but alive.

“I,”, is all you manage to say before your throat tightens and your sight blurs with tears, guilt hitting you hard that you’d be the one so upset right now, instead of him.
You try to collect yourself, shoving your forearm into your face to clear away the waterworks, lungs stuttering to catch any air without instantly letting it go.

It almost makes you jump to feel him wrap his arms around you, hesitating to touch him as you tilt your head up.
“Y-You’re injured, I, rest, you should be resting!”

He doesn’t say anything, giving you that familiar smile as he brushes the hair away from your eyes.
That has you break down harder, full on crying as you do your best to avoid putting any pressure on him, unsure of where all his injuries lie.

“Togata,” you start, choking back more silent sobs, reaching up to cradle the side of his face, which he leans into, “I love you, so much.”

When he hugs you tighter you tense, still afraid of hurting him, knowing he can push his boundaries just for the sake of it sometimes.

“Hey! Togata, be careful!”, with a scolding tone you balance on your tiptoes, dangerously close to being lifted off your feet altogether.

“I love you too!”
Just like everything else he says around you, it’s confident and maybe a touch too loud, unsurely placing your hands on his shoulders.
You want to say something but he interrupts you with a kiss, the energy behind it sending a volt of electricity through you.
There’s still a few tears running down your cheeks, but he swipes them away with his thumbs, bringing you in even closer.

Even in moments like these he still kept you sure that you’d never be without him.

Chapter Text

He knew you weren’t his omega, and that you had an alpha.
Despite looping that in his head he couldn’t fight his rising instincts.

You were in the middle of your heat, coming across him by accident on your way to the nurse.
Being in the dorms meant there was a 50/50 chance you would’ve made it there unimpeded, he just so happened to be coming back from taking a shower.

Unable to help yourself, you got up close and personal with him, rubbing up against him to let him scent you while you felt up his chest, partially ignoring all of his stammered warnings.
He knew you had an alpha, and he did wonder why you weren’t with him right now, but he was losing track of anything beyond the way your body felt pressed up against him.
You smelled better than anything he’d ever experienced, it did more to convince him than anything else.

It wasn’t difficult to get you to his room, you were near it anyways.
The whole time he was taking your clothing off he knew it was wrong, he shouldn’t be doing this, he needs to stop and take you to the nurse so you can get a suppressant.
But you were begging him, and he had to peel your panties off you rather than take them off, pretty cunt all prepared for him to use.

That was his breaking point entirely, no longer feeling bad about your hazed out state since he was lost as well.
He mounted you like an alpha should, leaning down to nose into where your scent was strongest, allowing you to settle your knees at his sides before he sharply thrusted into your tight and wet insides.
What he wanted to do was give you a moment to adjust but he couldn’t stop himself from continuing immediately, the hormonal alpha within him red hot with the desire to breed.

Each snap of his hips into yours had you crying out so beautifully for him, the sloppy mess of your near overflowing amount of slick only adding to the lewd noises taking up the air in the room.
It only made him go harder to know he was satisfying you so well, half tempted to claim you himself already.
Though he had enough rationality even now to know that was a terrible idea.

You felt so good around him, insides soft and gripping onto his cock like a vice, the smell of sex and your aluring heat induced scent was almost too indulgent for him.
He could barely coherently murmur out little strings of praise, which he doubt you understood beyond the gentle tone he used, more receptive to the small growls or gritted expletives.

Muscles tensing and cock throbbing, he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, leaning up enough to put more strength into fucking you, also enjoying the way your breasts jiggle with every upward motion.
You looked completely out of it, a band of pink blush stretched across your cheeks, eyes half lidded but full of affection, smiling even as you moaned like a whore for him.
Suddenly you arch your back and let out a near sinful call of ‘Izuku’, grabbing at his forearms as you shudder, pussy clenching down on him in constricting waves, milking him effectively.

He reaches his end with a drawn out responding groan of your name, bucking into you roughly as his release spills inside you, punctuating each shot with a thrust until he’s got nothing left to give.
Even though you look tired you still pull him down, peppering kisses and licks all over his face and neck, purring with near extreme happiness.
Some of his senses come back to him but he’s still enjoying the afterglow of successfully breeding an omega and being pampered by one.

He’d deal with Bakugou and most likely the ensuing fight to come later, for now he was hard as a rock and busy determining if you’d withstand another round.

Chapter Text

You were drooling, unable to keep any semblance of sense in your head, your heat having consumed you at this point.
During the second round he got braver with touching you, fondling your breasts and using your hips to pull you into his thrusts, but he kept a far distance from kissing you.
Somehow that felt like it was crossing an unspoken line, even if you’d been kissing him with no restraint.

Truly this was the exact opposite behavior both of you expressed at any other time, shyness and politeness giving way to pure animalistic style breeding.
He might’ve had a chance to turn you down properly if he wasn’t so inexperienced with being around an omega in such a state.

For the time being he was following every dark his body conjured up, not giving you much of a chance to recover before starting a third round.
You don’t complain whatsoever, if anything desperate for more.

While you would never ever abandon Bakugou for another alpha, you weren’t thinking clearly right now.
So you tug Midoriya as close as he can be, teething at his shoulder, testing different spots to bite.
He registers this and doesn’t do anything at first, though when you start applying pressure he hutches his shoulders up to get them away from you.


He wanted to be passive about your disappearance, he knew you could take care of yourself.
At the same time he was worried something had happened, feeling stupid for letting you wander off.
You’d had many heats before, that was the main fact you used to convince him you’d be fine.
However neither of you had considered that you were in an entirely different situation now, living in a dorm filled with mostly alphas.

He wasn’t dumb enough to believe you’d be taken advantage of, these were heroes in training, you couldn’t be safer in that regard.
No, what he was worried about was your heat worsening, leaving you to suffer from all the different scents in the air.
His knowledge on omegas in general wasn’t extensive, he just knew what he did because it came from taking care of you.

An hour passed, and he knew he had to go find you.
It’d be easy, you’d been with him long enough to form a bond, he was much more receptive to your scents than anyone else.
He was going to be pissed if you stopped to get a soda or something equally dumb, why you couldn’t ever text him instead of explaining yourself later, he’d never know.

Over many years of blasting off explosions next to his ears, his hearing had become less in tune than it should be.
But he could easily pick up on the sounds once he turned the corner, met with a combination of smells, some of which he knows only come from you, and instantly pieces together exactly where you’ve been.

Uncaring of whatever attention it’d likely draw, he kicks the door open.
He’d tried to prepare himself for what he’d find but there was an unimaginable amount of fury coursing through him at the sight.

To keep you from biting, which you had successfully gotten his hand, he had to force you on your knees, one of his hands on the back of your head to make sure you didn’t get in a second one.
He was pounding into you with vigor, ceasing everything when Bakugou nearly knocks the door off its hinges.

The look in his eyes has Midoriya take his hands off you, stuttering as he blanks on any possible excuse he could use, very aware he’s in the wrong.
You, on the opposite end of the spectrum, excitedly chirp for him, waving like you’re not ass up and naked.

Bakugou doesn’t waste breath on saying a word, fists balled to keep from turning the entire room to ash, growling so effectively that Midoriya freezes up and you whine shamefully, not understanding why he’s mad at you.
That distinct noise causes him to stop, slamming the door shut before closing the gap between and the bed, shoving Midoriya away with so much force he tumbles off the bed and into his desk, items knocking over and clattering to the ground.

He’s so angry he might pop a blood vessel, but he can tell you’re completely out of sorts, pupils blacked out as far as they can go, a dopey grin across your face.
You reach out for him and he crouches down to let you ruffle his hair, brushing your own out of the way while he calmly accesses your condition.
The bastard didn’t mark you so there’s that, wanting to get a better look at you but polarized by your purring and overly affectionate nature.

“You.”, he says with a frightening amount of restraint, “Did you cum in her.”

Midoriya blinks a few times, shaking his head as he jumbles every word he tries to say, flinching when Bakugou snaps his fingers.

“Yes or no. Answer me, or I will break your goddamn neck.”

“.... Y.. Yes…”

Bakugou scrunches his nose up, but only briefly to avoid spooking you again, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“Clean her up.”

He nods and scrambles to his feet, grabbing his shorts to cover his shame while he scans around for something, anything he could use.

“Did I fucking say you could put that on? Get the fuck over here and do what I said. I wasn’t asking.”
With much irritation, he uses all his restraint to not shout.

“I-I, I can’t, towel, don’t know where any towels are,”

“I didn’t fucking ask you to speak! Now get over here!”, he barks, turning to stare the lesser male into submission.

Avoiding eye contact, Midoriya does as told, hands over his lap while he stands besides him.

“Why are you over here? Clean her up.”

“Uh,” Midoriya glances over to you and then to Bakugou, “I don’t have anything I could use,”

Bakugou cuts him off with a snarl, “Take a fucking guess as to what I want you to do. Waste any more of my time and I’ll just bend you over and take that as my apology.”

“But I… W-What do I use?”, Midoriya asks with severe confusion, not having any idea what he wants.

His heart nearly pops when Bakugou stands, posturing to display that he’s very much a threat.
Bakugou grabs him by the chin, squishing the puffy flesh of his cheeks a few times before he throws Midoriya to the floor.
“Mouth, dumbass! Ask me again, I fuckin’ dare you!”

Nodding and forcing himself to sit up, he crawls on his knees over to you, tentatively placing a hand on your ass.
“Wait,” Bakugou says, moving you so you’re laying on your back, wanting you to be your most comfortable, “two rules. Don’t touch her. And, don’t swallow anything unless you show me first.”

In your lust blown mind you can understand that he’s between your legs, hooking them over his shoulders to bring him in, recognizing the implication.
Midoriya hesitates to begin, taking in your pink cunt that has his cum seeping out of it, an amazing visual in of itself.

When Bakugou takes a breath in to berate him some more, he gives in, licking a fat stripe to collect what’s already on the outside of you.
The taste is strange, making a slight face at it since it’s unlike anything he’s had before.

It’s difficult for him to not put his hands on your thighs, but he knows better than to disobey.
On the next lick he shoves his tongue inside you, curving carefully so he can get as much as possible, wanting to get this over with quickly.
You mewl at the intrusion, spreading wider in the hopes of more.

His loads weren’t so massive, halfway done already, not able to get anymore in his mouth without some leaking out.
Much to his surprise he doesn’t hate it as much as he assumed he would, though he doesn’t like it either.

His face is burning with embarrassment, continuing to not look directly at Bakugou, but following the rules by opening his mouth wide for him.

“Eyes forward.”

Midoriya cringes, a few seconds passing before he sees what he suspected was already there, that proud sadistic grin.
He knew he had rights to enjoy himself, neither of them would argue he didn’t.

Bakugou lets him endure the searing humiliation for a while longer before he nods, Midoriya closing his mouth so he can swallow his own seed.

As he goes back in to get the rest, he flinches when Bakugou yanks his hair to tilt his head up, “Don’t look away. Keep your eyes on me.”
With no other option, he buries the part of him that doesn’t want to, lazily licking at you in repeated small strokes while all his focus is on the other male, glad the bed is blocking him from seeing how achingly hard he is.
Or at least he thinks, if Bakugou can see from his standing position, he isn’t saying anything.

You bite down on two fingers and giggle, every so often releasing a soft moan when he swipes over your clit.
Though when he stops you whine in protest, pouting from the loss of stimulation.

“Show me.”

It’s a simple command but Midoriya’s blood runs cold, realizing he already swallowed automatically.

Bakugou senses that from the way he reacts, clicking his tongue against his teeth as he undoes his belt.
“Of course you’d fuck up something so simple.”

“I-I!”, Midoriya watches as he unzips his pants, coming to stand next to him while he tugs his cock out through the hole in his boxers.
As he expected it’s bigger than his, both thicker and longer.

“Quit your bellyaching, I’m not going to fuck your face.”
At that, he does relax a tiny amount, ignoring the way his body responds excitedly, cock throbbing just from being in this position.

Bakugou takes a handful of his hair with a firm grip, chuckling cruelly.
“You’re gonna do this willingly.”

Chapter Text

While it bothered most people to be late bloomers, it didn’t get to you at all.
If anything it was a good thing, being unconfirmed meant less paperwork and less judgement all around.
Both your parents were late as well so it wasn’t as if this was unprecedented to begin with.
Your doctor reassured you that you’d present sometime within the next three years or so, you guessed it’d be in the later half.

Unsurprisingly class 1-A was made of mostly alphas, accepting Uraraka, Koda, Mineta, and Aoyama, Uraraka and Aoyama being omegas and the other two betas.
Despite your nonchalance towards it in general, you did secretly hope you were an alpha like your mother.
You still had a scent of course, but it was faded, easily covered up.

So when it was much more vibrant than usual it didn’t go unnoticed by those around you.
Kaminari, Sero, Kirishima and Bakugou had been playing Super Smash Bros while you watched from your perch on Kaminari’s bed.
All day you’d been feeling strange, you couldn’t describe it since it was completely foreign, so you buried it, turning down playing with them because focusing wasn’t in the cards for you.

When the current round ends, Bakugou being the winner and telling the others to eat shit, they begin to pick up on it.
Blind to it yourself, you continue scrolling through twitter while they suss it out.

Kirishima says your name, and you put your phone down to listen, all of them turned to look at you from their seats on the floor.
“Dude is that coming from you?”

“Is what coming from me?”

“Well it’s definitely coming from you if you can’t tell.”, Kaminari says decisively.

For some unknown reason having all their focus like this is making you nervous, unable to meet their eyes for longer than a second.
“If it’s too bothersome then I can go.”, you offer with a shrug, considering leaving either way.

“Nah it’s fine, just odd, not bad odd, you smell sweeter than usual and I can tell from here.”
Kirishima shrugs it off, noticing the unusual awkwardness you’re sporting.

“Yeah, kinda like the way omegas are when they’re in the first stages of heat or something, y'know? Alphas can tell through smell so maybe that's it.”, Sero comments half mindedly.

Bakugou tsks, “Blank slate over there hasn’t presented yet, if anything this is just a preliminary to it. Besides, omegas don’t go into heat until a year after that.”

“No? Dude that’s how they present, they have a heat immediately, alphas are the ones who have to wait a year.”, Sero corrects him, not acknowledging the way Bakugou shoots him a look.

“Have any of us actually been around one in any stage though?”, Kirishima asks to punctuate Sero, all three of them shaking their heads except for Bakugou.

“I have a cousin who’s an omega.”

“So you’ve been able to tell?”, Kirishima says curiously.

“Even if I hadn’t, a real alpha can tell no matter what.”, Bakugou confidently states as he stands up, sitting on the edge of the bed.
The proximity makes you even more nervous, back already pressed up to the wall with no real way to distance yourself.

“What are you doing?”
Sero and Kirishima ask the same question, also standing up.

“I’m gonna see if you losers are right.”, he then turns towards you, “Come here.”

You try to laugh to ease the tension you feel, “Aha, uh, no I’m good! I-I think I’m fine, don’t you guys wanna keep playing?”

“Can’t with you stinking up the room, now come here.”, he speaks with clear authority, patting the space next to him to point out where he wants you.

“It’s not stinky!”, Kirishima corrects, Sero nodding in agreement to help dissuade the way you visibly cringe.

“Whatever. Either get over here or I’m coming to you.”
Bakugou gives you an ultimatum that you can’t win, his eyebrows pinching together when you shake your head.

“I said I’m fine!”

“Dude you’re scaring her.”, Kirishima sighs, “Why can’t you tell from where you’re at? What are you even looking for?”

With a scoff Bakugou folds his arms over his chest, “I can’t tell from here because I need her to be close, that is a huge part of knowing. Secondly, it’s the source of the scent that matters. If it’s not coming directly from her scent gland then she’s in heat. I'm just checking, calm the fuck down.”

“Where else would it come from?” Kaminari asks reflexively, to which Bakugou huffs.

“Where do you think!”

All five of you get some red to your faces, understanding the implication perfectly.

“This is stupid, I can’t see anything so wrong with this.”, you give in to avoid provoking him any further, crawling over to sit on your knees next to him.

He mutters ‘fuckin finally’ as he sweeps your hair over your shoulder, leaning in.
Just barely you dodge the urge to squeak when he puts a hand on your hip to scoot you in closer.
Your heart picks up and you stiffen, body knowing he’s invading your personal space around a vulnerable area, tilting your head to the side and chewing the inside of your cheek while you listen to his sniffing.

“Well?”, Kirishima asks after a few moments, sensing that he’d go on for a while otherwise.

Bakugou makes a displeased ‘hmph’, scanning you over before speaking.
“Not sure why but I can’t tell directly. You’d have to check both areas to know for sure.”

Your pulse quickens another notch at the mere thought of one of them doing that, shaking the idea out of your head, but failing as it resurfaces due to how appealing it sounds.
“If I am presenting… I kinda need to know…”, you state meekly, truthfully admitting the importance and significance if it’s happening.

“Lay down.”, Bakugou commands, standing to give you room.

“Wait, I don’t think you should do it.”, Kaminari says as he joins the rest of the group in being on their feet, gesturing to you, “Look at her! You’re intimidating her, you shouldn’t be the one to do it.”

“Oh and let me guess, you should? You don’t even know what’d count!”, he argues back with a sneer.

“I do gotta say that he’s right, not manly to make her uncomfortable if she’s an omega!”, Kirishima points out with some reluctance, tacking on a ‘and even if you’re not’ at the end.

“Like she’d pick anyone else, she's smart and knows I’ve got the best judgement!”
With a nauseous amount of confidence he turns to look at you, expecting an answer.
They all do, the rest with less demanding expressions.

Thankfully they do give you time to think, even Bakugou patiently letting you determine your choice.

“I…”, you briefly glance up at them, getting even redder as a result, “Y-You can all… Um… Check, I guess… Di-Different points of view might be helpful… I don’t mind, I trust you guys…”
While you hope that doesn’t come off as pathetic, each one of them find it endlessly adorable, somewhat affected by the pheromones you’re putting off.

“Who first?” Bakugou asks, still expecting to be the obvious answer.

Instead you go with a neutral start, “Sero, if uh, would you…?”

“Yeah! Yeah, sure!”, he says with almost too much acceptance, stepping forward much to the others disappointment.

It takes a lot of courage but you manage to swell up enough of it to get on your back, you can sense he’s already on his knees by the time you’re situated.

“I ah, can you, uh?”, he doesn’t ask directly but from the way he’s got his hands on the backs of your thighs, you can guess as to what he wants.

With an ‘mhm’ you spread your legs open, now blushing darkly at knowing all of them can see your panties.
But what you don’t know is the amount of slick you’ve produced has turned the thin fabric clear and suctioned it to you, giving a good view of your puffy mound.
Nothing hiding it anymore, the powerful scent coming off the area makes it very obvious what's going on with you.
Since you’re staring at the ceiling you don’t see their reactions, which is to have two parts of their bodies almost pop as they stare.

Still, he doesn’t waste his opportunity, keeping a respectful inch away as he takes in the delicious smell, having to take his hands off you before he loses complete control of himself.

“W-What do you think?”, you ask when you feel he’s had time to determine, knowing he’s moved away when cooler temperature washes over you.

He takes a split second to gauge everyone else's thoughts, all coming to a silent understanding.
“Can’t exactly tell since I’m not used to it, sorry.”

It’s embarrassing that you’ll have to let another take a try, at the same time finding it exciting.
“Okay… Kirishima do you think you’d know?”

“Maybe, do you want me to give it a shot?”

“If you wouldn’t mind…”

“Not at all.”, he says warmly, giving you a boost of confidence, flinching slightly when he touches you to let you know he’s near.
He goes to apologize but that’s overridden by his instant enamorment, seriously wondering how Sero didn’t end up doing something stupid.

The air from his exhales is a nice sensation, choking back small noises inspired by each one, praying that he doesn’t notice how you’re getting turned on by it.
He does, though there’s absolutely nothing he doesn’t love about it.

You let him go much longer before you remind yourself you need to maintain composure.

Regretfully he stands back up, stifling the disappointment in his voice, “Sorry, I can’t tell either. You’re being super cool about this though!”

“Ready for a real alpha to give you an answer?” Bakugou puffs his chest out, his competitive nature heightening.

“Actually… Kaminari first, if that's alright?”

“Totally!”, with no care given to his tone he lets his eagerness show, no nuance whatsoever.

It startles you a bit that he wastes no time in getting his fill, taking things a step up by pushing your legs wider apart, holding them there.
You make a surprised noise, not able to do much from your position.

“Don’t be such a fuckin’ degenerate.” Bakugou huffs as he grabs Kaminari by the collar of his shirt, yanking him away from you, to which he complains but doesn’t outright fight back, disgruntled as he gets off the floor.

He takes Kaminaris' place, rolling his eyes at the lack of common sense displayed there.
Though he understands once he takes a breath in, the literal heat coming off your core makes him dizzy.

Without intending too he follows his instincts, which the first of is to swipe his tongue out to get a taste, jolting you since the area is harshly sensitive right now.
To make sure you don’t get out of range he grabs your hips, not willing to part yet.

You let out a soft ‘oh’, unsure of how to react, knowing that you shouldn’t be letting him.
Any protest you may have put up crumbles when he does it again, and again, and again.

He tenses when he pulls back and sees how much of a mess you’re making, running a thumb over your thinly covered slit, causing you to subtly whine, something only he notices.

“Can you present for us?”, he asks watching you sit up a bit so you can look at him.

“I-Is this not it? What do you mean? I thought that meant-”

“On your hands and knees, there’s two definitions of the word. If you do it correctly then that’s a sure tell.”

There’s some hesitation within you, this is already humiliating but they’ll all be able to see so much with you like that.
“.... Are you sure that’ll work?”

All of them give some form of affirmation, Bakugou going back to where he was before but staying closest to you.

It doesn’t get past you that there’s four alphas alone with you, pupils dilated and attention solely on every little thing you do.
Nodding before you get up and turn over, you’re compelled to listen to them, your usual upfront fighting spirit snuffed out, sensing that it’s more natural to have your chest to the bed with your arms cushioning your head, back dipped and knees parted.

The flimsy skirt you’re wearing was already bunched, flipping over so it’s draped over your back instead of over your ass, which makes you notice how your panties have ridden up as well.
You don’t have energy to fix them, waiting on any reaction, the silence making you self conscious.

“This helps, doesn’t it..? C-Can you tell now?”, you ask timidly, wanting them to say something.

One of them takes your panties and tugs them down, frozen in place from the sharp tinge of shame that you get from having no more cover.
They need you to lift your knees up so they can take them off entirely, but you still try reaching behind you to grab and keep them on.
“I-I don’t think that’s necessary,”

That goes nowhere, someone else removing your hand and a third lifting your legs for you, taking the chance to get your skirt off you as well.
Things officially go too far for you when you're pushed farther apart, ass grabbed at one side to spread you open for their viewing, pretty dripping pink cunt along with the tight hole above it exposed completely.
As much as you want to look at who's doing what, you can’t.

You squirm, extremely uncomfortable even if your core aches with a pang of lust.
“Please,”, you start to speak but can’t finish, choking on your spit when the familiar sensation of sniffing dusts along your core, at least three of them at the same time.
The cooler temperature makes you squirm, trying to shuffle forward to get out of range, but you’re held in place by several hands.
All the vulnerability of this is insanely degrading, being observed and examined by four strong alphas has you both panicked and strangely aware of how safe you are.

You bury your face into your arms, relaxing your previously taut form in a show of total submission, hoping that’ll appease them into giving your skirt back.
Unsurprisingly this doesn’t work, breath hitching when a different pair of hands grabs at your ass to open you even more, pushing the limits of the pliable flesh.
Soon after, one of them licks you, collecting the essence already leaking out, a second joining in shortly.

This feels wildly different from what Bakugou did earlier, a firework of pleasure rocketing down your spine, suppressing any reactionary noises out of embarrassment.
You weren’t supposed to enjoy this, were you? It’s just a simple check to see if you’re in heat, Bakugou did something similar so you assume this is part of it.
Natural, this is natural.

It takes extreme effort to stay quiet when the muscle slips inside you, freely rubbing over your walls as much as possible before pulling back so the other may have his turn.

A broken exhale escapes you when a third joins in from below, testing at a different area of your flower, namely the highly sensitive nub none of them have touched until now.
Whoever it is seems to have an understanding of female anatomy, a thumb pressing into the area right above to get the hood out of the way, suctioning his lips around you.

It’s too much for you to hide that you like it, making you fuss with a huffed keen, muffled but it’d be impossible for that to go unnoticed.
The two attending to your slit are all over each other in their efforts to taste as much of you as possible
Now you wish you’d been able to see who was who when you could’ve a few minutes ago, still curious, making guesses based on little details when you’re not blinded with desire.

To properly breathe you turn your head to the side instead of remaining face down, taking a peek over your shoulder to see if you can get any visuals.
You are actually caught off guard to see Kaminari is still standing where he had been previously, watching the others with wide eyes.
He’d always been handsome to you, unabashedly appreciating how he looks flustered.

A series of flicks over your clit has you softly humming, arching higher for more of whatever they’ll give you, losing the remaining shred of resistance.
Without warning you’re turned over so you’re laying on your back, drug to the very edge of the bed with your legs forced as wide as they’ll go.
Not a second wasted, they return to what they’d been doing, Bakugou and Kirishima being the ones eating you out like they can’t get enough.
Sero takes himself out of the mix because there’s no room, taking a step back to watch while he gropes his hard on through his pants, Kaminari still having his mind blown there’s a half naked omega on his bed.

You watch them attend to you fervently with half lidded eyes, Kirishima firmly sucking on your clit forcing a mewl out of you.
The buildup is reaching its peak for you, rolling your hips forward as you cross your arms over your eyes, getting off on the way they seem to not care.
Bakugou pulls away to rest his jaw, pushing two fingers inside you, which sink in with little resistance, pumping at a medium pace.
Kirishima notices this and uses one of his own to run circles around your pleasure button, both getting a pulse straight to their cocks at the way you tense and moan openly.

You can’t take anymore even though you want to, crying out as you climax harshly, bucking into their ministrations while you’re nearly gushing with slick.
They only stop when you recoil due to the overstimulation, something you’re very grateful for momentarily as the sudden rush of warmth through you has you uncomfortable.

Though it’s temporarily fixed when Sero comes around to your side, taking your shirt off you and impatiently getting your bra off you by pulling it over your head.

What undoes the small relief is when you’re swarmed by all four of them getting on the bed with you, ending up in Bakugous lap with your back to his chest and knees on either side of him as he sits with his legs crossed, the other three starting their assault on your now naked front.

It’s difficult to care when everything feels this good, skin tingling in the wake of all their wandering touches, positive pheromones radiating off you in response to the way you’re being taken care of.
They’re nearly drunk off it, and you’re overwhelmed in the best of ways by their combined masculine scents.
You can barely keep track of all their activities, all playing with your body any way they want, neutral on sharing you for now.

Most occupying your attention is a tie between Sero and Kirishima, Sero at your left side with three fingers rubbing over your cunt since he noticed you react nicely to clitoral stimulation, from your position you can’t move in any way beyond petting Bakugou and Kirishima’s hair.
Kirishima’s at your direct front, taking your lips with his own, opening your mouth by pushing on your chin and invading the space with his tongue, your own juices prominently introduced.
Kaminari is to your right, sucking at your right breast experimentally, figuring out what he likes the most, toying with the left by groping the squishy globe, pinching the perky bud every so often.
Taking the least perverse route would be Bakugou, stilling your lower half by pinning you against him at his lower stomach, hands massaging the area where your thighs connect to your hips with an intimate slowness, nosing into your scent gland and kissing at the expanse of your neck.

You couldn’t see a thing wrong or off about this, they’re just checking after all.
Likely, they'd have to breed you to be sure.

Chapter Text

Your muffled whimpers spur him on greatly, his cock hitting deeply into you with every forward thrust, his large hand held over your mouth to avoid getting caught despite how much he loved hearing you sing for him.
The noises filling the air were sinful enough at low volume, his grunts and choked out sentiments of praise making your body flood with warmth.

He had you bent over a desk, tears taking up half your vision as you kept your sight on the door like he asked.
Three orgasms in and you were overstimulated beyond your known limits, pleasurable tingling all over your core and up through your belly, barely paying attention to anything besides the stretch of your inner walls.

Suddenly his grip on you increases enough to make you whine, slamming into you hard from behind, the desk underneath you creaking as it slides forward from the force used.
The sensation of his hot cum flooding into you has never been anything beyond amazing to you.

Now that things are winding down he takes his hand off you, placing both on either side of you as he catches his breath, murmuring with a sweet tone as he kisses at your neck.
“Pretty little thing, you took this so well. You like being stuffed full of me don’t you?”

“Y-Yes sensei, thank you All Might, I love it when you fuck me,”, you arch your back when he pulls out, his release beginning to seep out.
It makes your legs twitch when he drags a thumb through your lower lips and pushes the digit in you to tease, tugging your panties up right after.

“If you’re a good girl tomorrow I’ll make sure you cum on my face at least once, doesn’t that sound nice?”

Chapter Text

He was absolutely fuming.
Whatever had rotted your brain to the point of acting like you do was something he often pondered.
Just who the fuck do you think you are?

He’s the best student in the whole school, and yet you act like you’ve got rights to say anything about him.
And, you do, often.
It seems like anytime he’s putting someone in their place or he’s correcting someone, you have to step in.

Even worse is that you’d gotten used to him.
You didn’t flinch when he tried to scare you, didn’t even react when he yelled at you in ways that’d make anyone cry if they weren’t so stuck up.
Most of the time you went about your day after stating your bullshit opinions, unbothered.

Things only got worse once everyone had to live in the dorms, now he could see you in your natural element.
It was just poor taste if anything, he could tell you were a slut even without the skimpy outfits.
The one you were wearing today was a new one, pushing his limits.

While you often sported crop tops, you weren’t wearing a bra, nipples showing through obscenely, the shorts you wore looked like they were painted on you rather than an actual article of clothing.
Obviously this was just a ploy to tease him on top of everything.

It was like you were challenging him, bending over to grab things when he was the only one who could see up your skirt, stretching every time he was around so he could see the underside of your chest, it wasn’t significant but it added up.
You want his attention? He’ll give it to you.

That was how you ended up in his room, being drug there by him, giving no resistance since it was a saturday night and you didn’t have any plans, curious to see what he could possibly want with you.
Your interactions with him were limited, mostly you intervening when he was verbally stomping on someone who didn’t deserve it.
That didn’t mean you hated him, if anything you understood where that urge came from since you had to hold back on doing it yourself.
Even further, you found him to be very attractive, though the attitude was a drawback.

Despite how scary he could be you weren’t afraid of him, he was dangerous but he was also a massive nerd.
Goes to bed at eight, studies near religiously, wouldn’t break a school rule for all the money in the world.
Honestly once you figured that last one out it was the end of you being scared of him whatsoever.

You’d been on your way to grab a soda from the dorms kitchen, now cornered inside his room, back against the wall next to his door, plainly waiting for him to announce why this was necessary.

“So, just what the fuck is your problem, huh!?”, he yells, starting at a ten.

“My problem?”, you ask with confusion.

“Oh don’t act innocent! I know what you’re up too and I’m calling your bluff.”

With a shake of your head and some giggles you dismiss that entirely, “Alright alright, whatever I did, and I have no idea what you’re talking about, but let's say that yes I’m guilty, what bluff are you calling? What’s the threat here?”

The second you’re finished speaking he takes your throat and pins you to the wall, head thudding against it.
It would’ve been fine if he was just holding you but he applies pressure, squeezing enough to get a reaction out of you.

Immediately you realize the noise you made wasn’t any sort of appropriate, grabbing at his wrist as panic makes your heart race and turns your face pink.
His attitude of pure intimidation turns into shock, then quickly into smugness, releasing and squeezing higher up to see if you’ll do that again.
Unfortunately, you do, having to listen to him chuckle while you’re forced to stand taller.

“And here I’d thought you’d be some kinda dominatrix I’d have to break, but you’re just a kitten, aren’t you?”, he asks mockingly, drumming his fingers along your neck, “You’re not fighting this so hard, does that mean you like it?”


“Shut up.”
He doesn’t let you continue, ego swelling at the way you obey, rewarding you by letting go so you can take full breaths.
“Now I’ll give you a choice. I already know you’re a whore, so you can either prove it by showing me your tits, or you can get on your knees for me.”

You wish you want to act offended, slap him and storm out, anything beyond what you actually want.
A flood of warmth rushes into your core at the sound of both options, unnerved by the way he’s making eye contact with you so intently.

With patience you didn’t know he had, he waits on you, partially expecting you to hit him and leave, raising his eyebrows when you reach for your crop top and pull up to the neckline, going with the first.
He unabashedly stares with interest, taking a step away from you to properly get a full view.

“Take that off, and play with them.”, he asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

It takes you a moment to collect yourself, doing as told, abandoning the top and taking two handfuls of your breasts, massaging them neatly, unsure of what he wants.
You tug at your nipples lightly, keeping down any more noises for the time being, knowing that he’s watching adding to the growing fire in your belly.

When he sits on his bed you pause, the way he’s got his legs open with the outline of his hard on clearly visible brightening your blush.

He wolfishly smirks, getting off on that enough to let you go on for a minute before he points to the floor between his knees.
Understanding what that means, you come over and sit there, not doing anything until given further instruction.
“Do you wanna see it, sweetheart?”

You shake your head ‘yes’, not sure which part of him you want to look at more.
With a small laugh he hooks his thumb into his waistband to free his cock, shoving his shorts down to get them out of the way, placing a hand on the back of your head to push you closer, rubbing himself on your face, embarrassing you with the brash action.

“If you can make me cum then I’ll think about fucking you.”

Once he sees you open up he takes your hair to use as a handle, not giving you any control as he forces the first half of his length into your mouth, hotly sighing as he bobs your head along evenly.
“C’mon you should know to actually suck, aren’t tramps like you supposed to be good at this?”

There’s even more embarrassment in poorly performing, taking his advice and sucking around him, making him hiss a breath through his teeth as he pulls you up.

“Fuck, fuck that’s what I wanted. Shit that’s good.”, he praises you as he changes up his pace, using you faster and pushing you deeper.
The tip of his cock touching your throat makes you gag, which makes him shudder, gripping your hair tighter so he can make you do that again.

Spit leaks out around him as the saliva building up has nowhere else to go, a few stray tears adding to the messy appearance you’re developing, which would make him harder if that was possible.
You brace your hands on his calves, gagging frequently as he cares less and less over your comfort, spearing you so you take all of it, his head leaned back as the rising urge to cum takes hold of him.

His hips move up when you reflexively swallow around him, making you gag harsher than you had at any point before this, the noise on top of the feeling making his cock throb inside your mouth.
He mutters something incoherently but you know it’s more praise, thighs rubbing together to try for some friction.

With a gritted delivery of your name he shoves you down all the way and holds you there a few seconds, nose to his pelvis as several shots of his release go down your throat.
You swallow several times to make sure it doesn’t choke you, which earns you a breathy ‘good girl’.

Once he finally releases his grip you let his cock slide out of your mouth, keeping it open to take in as much air as you can.
He sits up straight and goes to say something snarky but he’s caught by how insanely attractive you look.
Eyes dilated and watery, hair mussed, spit down your chin, cheeks tinted red, as lewd as it was, his heart did pick up.

“That was decent for a slut. Do you want me to use the second best hole on your body?”, he says coolly, hiding his own excitement when you agree.
When you go to stand he grabs you and places you on his bed face up, spreading your legs so he can kneel between them, removing your shorts.

Everything happens too quick for you to do anything beyond watch, glowering somewhat when he barks out a laugh.
Though you revive when he slides your panties to the side and runs two fingers over your flower, marveling at the amount of wet you worked up.
“Hah! You really like sucking me off that much? I thought I was gonna have to do something extra but you really are just a massive whore aren’t you?”

You want to argue but you’re stifled by the way he only teases at the most sensitive area between your legs, preferring to start preparing you for something larger.

“I’ll say you’ve got a really cute pussy. Tell me, have you ever thought about me while you shove your fingers into it?”, he absentmindedly comments while he toys with you.

“I-I…”, you begin and huff when he brushes up against your clit, suppressing the vibrant urge to touch yourself, “Yes,”

The admission sends a sharp tinge of lust rocketing through him, expecting you to lie or say anything else.
Now he abandons the plan to tease you until you cry, not able to make himself wait that long.

He cages you in and takes his place on top of you, using one hand to angle himself properly, the tip of his cock pressed at your entrance making both your bodys tingle in anticipation.
Briefly, there’s a small break in his dominant persona, silently asking you if you want this, unwilling to continue otherwise.
You register that and decide to answer by leaning up to kiss him.

Though he doesn’t let you, pressing a hand to your mouth and shoving your head back down onto the bed.
“I didn’t say you were allowed to kiss me.”

Even if he can’t see it, you pout, quickly forgetting why you’re upset when he sinks inside of you, putting your hand over his for comfort, the slight sting of being penetrated making you wince subtly.
It doesn’t last long and gets outweighed by everything else when he eases into thrusting regularly, the submissive way you hug your thighs onto him and hesitate to grab his upper arm going right to his ego yet again.

He takes his hand away to get into a more comfortable position and to hear you.
Much to his distaste you’re keeping yourself quiet by chewing on your cheek, ending that by making you open your mouth, his body tensing when you immediately mewl, unable to help yourself with no barrier.

In response he says your name in a husky tone, nosing into the side of your neck to nip at the area, in turn somewhat embarrassed of his own noises.
You card your fingers through his hair with one hand, the other placed his bicep, holding onto him for comfort and stability.

Having you tangled up with him like this is better than he imagined it, pistoning harder to make you whine for him, leaving hickeys behind wherever he wants.

“B-Baku, Bakugou!”, you get out with urgency, “Slow, slow down! Please, please! Please!”

He can’t suppress a smirk, licking up the hollow of your throat to teethe at the shell of your ear, “Katsuki, call me Katsuki. I don’t think you really want me to slow down, do you?”

“Hah, ah, please! Don’t, you have, next to your room! They’re gonna, it’s too loud!”, you beg with all the presence of mind you can, critically near losing the ability to speak at all.

It’s a bit jumbled but he can understand you, finding it adorable you’d think about that right now.
“I don’t care.”

With that he speeds up, hitting as deep into you as he can, muffling his groan into your shoulder, cock twitching as you demonstrate just how loud you were worried about being.
Your insides are snugly constricting around him, hot and slick enveloping him each time his hips come flush with yours, the sensation something he knows has ruined jerking off alone, now that’ll never be nearly as satisfying.

Being given permission, you say his name as often as you can get air between your whimpers and keening, giving him drive to pound you even rougher, testing unevenly pressured bites over your lower neck, shaking the bed with his efforts to please you.
He gets greedy, wanting as much as you’ll give him, reaching down to rub three fingers into your clit in a side to side motion.

The buildup has gotten you to your peak, back arching as you tug at his hair and let out a full unrestrained moan, intermingled with a call of 'Katsuki' lustful enough to turn his ears red, locking your legs over his back.
You tighten on his cock in little fluttering waves as you ride out your orgasm, he does everything he can think of to not blow his load on the spot, a chain of absolutely filthy praise flowing out from him.

When he leans up to put more strain on his body, he makes the mistake of fully taking in your completely ruined appearance.
Totally disheveled, practically drooling, breasts bouncing with every thrust, but it’s the way you’re looking at him that he likes the most.
He can’t resist it anymore, mashing his lips onto yours for a heated and untamed kiss, animalistically forcing his tongue into your mouth.
You enthusiastically return the favor, holding each side of his face to keep him close.

Just barely he avoids biting you, pushing your legs apart and up by the back of your thighs so he can climax in you with his entire cock buried inside you, cum filling you as he gives a few forward humps, breaking the kiss to pant and give a nice heated moan of your name.

A few minutes are spent recovering, breaths intermingling as he stays close, affectionately peppering kisses as he wishes, finally pressing another to your lips once he’s done.
You’re better able to reciprocate now, wrapping your arms around his neck to stop him from pulling away.
That encourages him to let go of your legs and focus on this, gently trailing his hand along your side.
For some reason this feels more personal to you than the literal sex you just had with him, the slow intimacy making your heart palpitate.

The second time he moves away, you let him, knowing he’s most likely going to make you leave so you can wobble-walk back to your dorm.
He sits up and softly groans as he pulls himself out of you, feeling himself start to stiffen up from the way you cunt looks, puffy from abuse, cum surely going to leak out soon.

While he considers watching that he decides it’ll just be a mess he doesn’t want to deal with, closing your legs and getting off the bed.
You watch with wild confusion as he puts his shorts on and leaves.
The fact that he didn’t slam the door means he’s not mad but you’re left to wonder as to where he went and if he’d be coming back.

Before you can determine what’s going on he comes back with a towel, returning to sit in front of you, parting your legs.
You’ll admit it’s very odd to be treated like a doll but you don’t stop him either, realizing he went to get that so he could clean you up.

It makes you twitch when the towel is discovered to be both cold and wet when it comes into contact with you, jolting somewhat.
He doesn’t pause, wiping away the combination of fluids with a carefulness to not overstimulate you.

The last thing you ever expected from him was this kind of sentiment, allowing him to do so with no question, if anything you’re enamored with his more peaceful expression, something you’d really only seen when he was reading something long enough to zero out.

“You can borrow a shirt. I don’t know if my shorts will fit you.”
His speaking snaps you out of your thoughts, humming to ask what he means.
“Your ass is huge.”

That makes you snicker, a smirk briefly taking to his features from the reaction.
“But why would I need to borrow any? It’s kinda gross but I don’t mind walking back in mine, not like I won’t be changing anyways.”

“Except you’re not walking back, so you can borrow a shirt.”, he responds plainly, borderline annoyed.

“Uh… What?”

He clicks his tongue against his teeth and looks up to meet your eyes, “I hardly doubt you can make the walk across the building to get to the girls dorms and I’m not coming with you to help because you’re staying here. Keep playing dumb and I’ll make you sleep in nothing at all.”

You open your mouth to say something but you can’t come up with anything, smiling to yourself as you realize the implication.
Once you’re done being mushy over it and he’s done toweling you off you sit up and give him another kiss.

“Cool! I would prefer a shirt, yes!”

He grunts with a nod and gets up to go through his drawers, tossing you a black t-shirt, which you put on and find some entertainment in how it fits you totally different than it does on him.
It’s a bit baggy, hugging your chest but curving in at your waist, coming down to the tops of your thighs.

You tug it into place so it covers you appropriately, giggling when you look up and notice he’s blushing, finding it pretty funny that out of everything this is what got him.
“Is everything alright?”

He quits staring to narrow his eyes and snarl, “Yes, it is!”

“I don’t mean anything by it, gonna come lay down?”, you stifle any further laughing, patting the spot next to you.

After switching off his lights he takes his spot and waits until you’re laying down to do the same, hooking an arm around your waist to have you back to chest with him, secretly enjoying the girly smell of your hair.
He really did think things were going to go entirely different, mostly in that he was going to fuck you and then use that as leverage to get you to stop bothering him.
Though this was far favorable to that, processing his actual feelings for you changed his plans.

“Katsuki?”, you turn slightly, hearing the ‘hm?’ behind you.
“Is it alright if I ask what this is? Or do you wanna leave it undefined? I-I’m okay with this being, like, casual, but-”

“You’re my girlfriend. Shut the fuck up and go to sleep.”
With the usual bluntness he cuts you off, though it’s difficult to be out of sorts over it, happily snuggling up to him.


He wakes up at seven naturally despite his alarm being off, the routine upholding itself.
It takes him a moment to remember why you’re in his bed cuddled up with him, getting a rush of endorphins from seeing all the purple splotches decorating your neck, the ones that weren’t covered by his shirt anyways.

As much as he’d like to spend all morning staring at your blissfully asleep face he knows he needs to get some water, getting up in direct defiance of your groggy protests, those ceasing when he stuffs a pillow into your arms, which you contentedly hug and fall back into full unconsciousness.
It seriously annoyed him that he could be jealous of an inanimate object.

Mindful to be quiet, he shuts the door like a normal human being, stretching his back and arms with a yawn once in the hallway, nervous the pops of his joints would disturb you.

“Hey!”, Kirishima calls out to him, having just exited his room as well.

Bakugou turns and nods in acknowledgement, noting the anxious way his friend laughs and rubs the back of his neck.

“I uh, I think it’s cool that you’re up to, ah, manly ‘activities’, but, um,”

“Get to the fuckin’ point.” Bakugou interrupts him with a wave of his hand, crossing his arms over his chest in a standoffish way.

“You’re kinda loud with your lady friend dude. Do uh, do you think next time you could keep it down..?”
He’s very hesitant to say it, giving an uneasy grimace as he speaks.


Chapter Text

All the color has paled from his face, gaze wandering to different parts of you, mainly your breasts which have a considerable amount of the number one hero’s semen all over them.

The charade of maybe being able to pretend like he didn’t see anything falls flat for you, standing up so you can properly address him.

“Okay I know this seems bad, but please don’t tell anyone!”, you whisper-yell to him as you hurriedly trot over, “I don’t know where anything is in here, do you know where any towels are?”

Despite his awkwardness, he nods and moves past you, opening a drawer by the sink to take out a dish towel.

You follow him, gratefully about to take it from him but he instead turns the sink on and wets it with some warm water.
Without hesitation he turns to you, and begins wiping you off.

For a second you’re stunned, though you do let him, watching as he passes over every area he notices needs it.
He seems focused, no longer gawking or really all that shocked, going about this as if it’s entirely normal.

When he runs the textured surface over the sensitive peak on your left breast you let out a quiet ‘oh’, which snaps him back into reality.
He’d gone into autopilot to deal with this appropriately, now fully registering what he’s doing.

Going bright red and stammering, he takes his hands off you and raises them up, panicked that he’s seriously overstepped.
You don’t let him freak out long, taking the hand holding the towel and lowering it, using it to clean your face.

“Thank you, Midoriya. I do appreciate this!” you offer with reassurance, smiling calmly.

While he doesn’t blush any less, he does relax some.
“A-Ah, right! I just, I wanted to help, and that seemed best! I-I didn’t mean to touch your uh…”

It’s somewhere between a turn on and cute how he looks down at your chest and seems to have his attention entirely stolen.
So, as a reward, you discard the towel entirely and place both hands on you, unable to keep a giggle down at the way his eyes widen.
“It’s okay! I promise it’s okay, it feels good yknow?”

His lips press into a flat line, just rolling his palms in a kneading fashion in an attempt to replicate how you had him touch you.
Though that isn’t what you want so you show him otherwise, forcing him to squeeze.
You somewhat expect him to explode into another mess of incoherent rambling but instead he takes initiative, groping firmly.

Now that he’s got a handle on it you let him go, entertained with his facial expressions while he plays with you, nearly able to see the notes he’s taking inside his brain.
When he gingerly pinches at one of your nipples you suck a breath in, straightening your spine to push into it.

Without telling him directly he understands that’s a positive reaction, repeating it with both hands, which makes you keen.
You grab at his forearms just to hold, looking down at his ministrations while he watches the way you react to more force, his pants getting tighter by the second.

When you whine audibly he quits and blurts out ‘Sorry!’, but you’re too horny to go for a peaceful diffusion.

“Do you know how to finger a girl?”

He shakes his head no, at the same time saying “I can learn!”
Earlier you’d had to use the bathroom so you knew where it was, grabbing his hand and taking him there, still able to find it funny that he seems disappointed to let go of your chest.

Once the door is shut you make sure to lock it, tugging the front of your shorts open to jam his hand in, unintentionally bringing him in closer than he was comfortable with.
He gasps at the feeling of his fingers coming into contact with your wet cunt, eyes focused on your tits while he writhes them around.

Accidentally, two slip inside.
You shove your face into the crook of his neck and muffle another whine, stopping him from removing them and instead firing him up to get them into the knuckle.
The way your pussy tightly envelops the digits makes him shiver and his cock throb, slowly pumping them into your core, his palm rubbing your clit in sync.
It feels good but you want more, a small utterance of ‘faster’ getting him to do just that, but you quickly realize exactly what you want.

“Do you wanna have sex with me?”, you say quieter than you meant, though he obviously hears you.

He takes his hand away and pulls your shorts down, picking you up to pin you against the wall, impatiently hooking your knees over his shoulders instead of taking them off entirely.
Any shyness he had melts away under the white hot explosion of hormones both of you have coursing through you, him yanking his own shorts down just enough to get his cock out while you tug at his hair to kiss him, neither of you caring that you taste like Endeavor.

Momentarily he’s distracted by the way you pass over his tongue with your own, though when the underside of his length brushes up against your core he lets out a near sinful groan.
Even if you could look down you wouldn’t be able to see very well since you never turned the lights on, only guided by a window over the sink that allows the dim moonlight to pour in.
With a surprising lack of hesitance he pushes himself into you, the size of him being unexpected for you, mewling from the way he’s perfectly stretching you.

He stills when he’s fully sheathed, clutching onto your waist as he’s concentrating on not climaxing immediately, eyebrows knitting together in focus.
The urge dies down after a moment, when he knows he can without risking it he pulls his hips back and begins to rut into you, unsure of what he’s supposed to do so he just chases his own pleasure and hopes you’re getting some too.

You separate from his mouth to catch your breath, both of you panting for a few seconds before reconnecting to continue licking at each other like teenagers do.
Every so often he thrusts with more force than usual, driving your ass into the wall with a dull thud since you make space by bucking up to try and get him in deeper, slap of skin on skin mostly prevented by his shorts covering his thighs.
Beyond that, occupying the air in the room is your combined muffled pleasured noises paired with the lewd suctioned and distinctly passionate sounds of making out with no regards to decency.

He can’t control himself despite his trying, unable to slow down to give you any breaks, constantly pounding into you with increasing roughness.
More than anything you’re absolutely desperate for all he’s doing to you, whimpering loudly as you get close to your release, digging your blunt fingernails into his shoulders.
You can’t continue to kiss him and breathe, leaning your head against the wall to fervently chant out ‘yes, Izuku don’t stop,’ on loop.

That unfairly gets him too excited, cock throbbing almost painfully as he tries to hold back, failing to resist his body's response to your pretty sounds.
He brings your hips close and slams himself into you as he shoots his load inside you calling out your name with a commendable amount of effort put into being quiet, proven by the little stitches of green light sparking up.
The new sensation of being came into pushes you over your own edge, arching your back as you greedily rock up into his final few thrusts, cunt milking him for all he’s got.

You’re buzzing with the afterglow of an orgasm, glad he’s holding you up because you know you’d have collapsed by now.

Giggling, you pat his cheek and sigh, “Don’t tell anyone I’m a slut for heroes, m’kay?”

Chapter Text

It annoyed you endlessly that your quirk rendered you so completely…
Well, cute.
How it worked was you altered the perception of how others see you, not directly through emotions, but rather your features altered to what they’d feel the most uncomfortable attacking.

That didn’t mean you turned into their mother or loved one, you just shaped up to their specific type, the most that could happen is you took some of their features such as eye color or hair length.
If they didn’t project what they were scared of hurting or being hurt by, it was whatever they’d rather engage with in another manner.
Easily things bordered on the sexual anytime you used it.
You weren’t sure how it worked exactly, but you could get an inkling to which direction things were going.

Since you had medium control over it at this point, it could be hours before you revert back to your original state.
Very often you wished it wasn’t a mutation quirk, if you just made people hallucinate then it’d be so much easier.

Though it was entertaining to figure out what certain people valued in a person's appearance.
For your mental health, you outright refused to spar with Mineta if there was any quirk usage involved.

You’d only used it on four people in your class so far, that being Midoriya, Ochaco, Ojiro, and Aoyama.
Midoriya was the most surprising so far, honestly he’s the last person in your class who you thought would have such an interest in breasts, it was funny enough that you let the slight back issues slide.
Ocacho altered you with more detail, broader shoulders, set jaw, muscle definition upped, and a nice smattering of freckles across the bridge of your nose and cheeks.
Ojiro’s preference had you get a few inches shorter, eyes somewhat bigger, basically he just turned you into a child.
That one irritated you in a lot of ways but you still managed to get the pin, so whatever.
Aoyama basically did what Ochaco did, except to a ten, giving you a good three more feet in height and way bigger muscles.
Unfortunately the changes to your physical appearance didn’t stick in the way most assumed, you still had your regular strength and agility even if you looked like a #1 wrestler who ate three of his colleagues.
You’d never tell anyone he was really into that.

Today held serious interest for you.
Yesterday Aizawa said there would be another day of quirk training involving sparring, giving a list of the rotations.
First up for you was Kirishima, you both respected and somewhat adored him.
That made for endless curiosity on the effect his mind would go with when it came to your alteration.

Despite everyone else being able to wear their gym clothes, you still had to wear your hero costume.
The incident with Aoyama and his choice in change proved to be a bit too expansive, this was to protect what remained of your modesty.

What you fully expected and prepared for was something challenging for him, maybe something wolfish or even bear like.
So, as you stepped onto the opposite side of the mat, you prepared for that type of combat style.

“Ready?”, you call out to him, watching him crack his knuckles and harden up.

“For sure!”, he cheers back, lightly jumping in place to rev himself up.

The moment he makes full eye contact, you use your quirk, adapting to the form he subconsciously chose for you.
With no mirrors nearby you can’t tell what he’s changed, a bit disappointed there’s no added height or width since that would’ve been useful.
Your gut tells you this is a combination, fear of hurting and a heaping amount of sexual interest.

So, you plan to use that to your advantage.

He charges you and you let him take you down, yelping with an added pathetic tone as you connect with the mat.
That makes him hesitate, letting go to ask if you’re alright.
You take the opportunity to elbow him in the chest and flip him over your shoulder, creating some distance by taking some backwards steps while he gets up.

Typically the way to win was either knock your opponent off the mat, or pin them too it for a count of three.
Aizawa was perfectly fair in how he counted down but it always felt like it took ten years.
Last night you took some time to consider the best way to go at it with Kirishima, since he’s such a defensive person it’d probably be impossible to get him pinned.

Using a tactic you thought up while brainstorming, you wait for him to get close again, barely dodging a swipe from his hardened forearm, grabbing him by the waist to pick up and huck him over your shouler.
He’s made uneasy by being lifted, instead of grappling he flails to find a center of gravity.
Ducking your head down, you flip him around, and drop him through your looped arms so you can catch him at his waist, planning on pile driving him.

However you didn’t consider the height difference, his hands easily coming out to balance himself well enough to buck back into you and knock you down.
You land on your ass with an ‘oof’, momentarily paralyzed as a spark shoots up your spine from being slammed onto your tailbone.
On reflex his knee comes around to bash into your head, knocking you over flat.
This time when you yelp pathetically it’s entirely sincere.

Again his instincts get the better of him, leaning down to check on you, babbling tangle of apologies, gently holding your face up and turning it around so he can make sure he didn’t dislocate your jaw.
While you could’ve and should’ve immediately taken the vulnerable moment to do something with no risk of retaliation, you let him examine you for a few moments.

Though you think of the potential down-mark in grade from taking too long to win and resume fighting, taking total advantage of knowing there’s some sexual attachment to whatever he’s done with you.
You grab him by the collar and kiss him, making sure to be delicate to further the stunning it should put him through.
It works like a charm, separating from him by pushing his chest forward, tumbling him off the mat.

“Thirty seven seconds,” Aizawa calls out, announcing you the winner as you stand, grinning victoriously before you force it into something regular to be sportsmanlike, swiveling on your heel to help Kirishima up.

He’s already standing, rubbing the back of his neck with an awkward smile and a light pink dusted over his cheeks.
“Ah, shouldn’t underestimate you like that! Damn, next time I’ll do better!”

You nod and shrug it off, “Don’t worry! Everyone needs to adjust to the sorta things that come with fighting me, I’m super sure now that you’ve experienced it you’ll have me for sure if we get paired up again!”

“Yknow, I guess I’m just a little embarrassed since you didn’t even have to use your quirk that much!”, he thinks out loud with a returned shrug, both of you noticing that Mina and Todoroki are stepping up for their match.

Respectfully, you carry the conversation over by the wall, voicing your confusion along the way.
“Wait, what? No I used it, like, within the first few seconds. What do you mean by ‘that much’?”

He tilts his head and squints a bit, “Don’t you make people feel certain ways? As in like making them feel bad about punching you?”

“Well kinda, but that’s not how it works at all. I change physically, it’s a mutation quirk, I don’t have any real ability to actually mess with your emotions beyond what you’d naturally feel looking at me in this form, which, I can pick up on the intent.”


You ‘mhm’, not minding explaining how things work, if anything you love any chance to talk about how useful it is, whether or not this is to patch up your sickly ego or justify your usefulness isn’t the point.
“Sorry to expose you but yeah, I can tell exactly how you feel about this.”, you pause to giggle, seeing the nerves he’s feeling intensify, “I can’t tell what’s changed since there’s nothing too obvious, maybe some slight alterations to my thighs and hips? It’d be so slight I have no way to know, I’m assuming it mostly has to do with my face.”

“T-That doesn’t necessarily mean- Hold on, I thought about what you'd be changing into the whole time! How did you get past that!”

With another giggle you roll your eyes, “It doesn’t work like that! It takes your subconscious wants, and cherry picks the favorites! Whether that being things you’re afraid of hurting, being hurt by, or things you wanna take to bed. Anymore I don’t take any feelings along with that last part, everyone has a type! Though I gotta say I really wanna find a mirror, I just gotta see what you’re into!”
You glance around for the locker room entrance and head straight for it, not willing to stand around until everyone's gone through their match.

He follows closely behind, chattering with the most failed attempt at being casual you’d ever heard.
“Hey! No, uh! You don’t need to do that right now hah, shouldn’t we just watch the others? Take notes, that kinda stuff? You should wait, I think you should wait.”

“Nah, don’t wanna.”, you let it all slide off you, not at all taken by surprise when he follows you inside the women's changing room.

“Please, then! I-I, there’s nothing wrong! Not like I care about you seeing, I obviously don’t,”

Just for a slight tease you confirm that aspect of it, taking a left into the showers.

“So we should go back out!”
He takes hold of your arm and points to the door, voice not conveying nearly as much anxiety as eyes pleading with you.
Which, much to his dismay, just makes you all the more inquisitive.

“Oh it’ll be super quick! Just a peek! You don’t have to be here, I don’t have an issue with you going out to watch while I do this!”, you pat his hand before removing it from you, continuing on your way.

You can sense he’s reaching out for you again so you break into a jog, knowing you’re right when he does the same.
But there’s nothing to be done, you reach the sinks adjacent to the showers and grab onto it to properly halt you, finally able to see your face.

What you find has both of you frozen in place, this is quite literally the last thing you expected from him.

There’s nothing there that wasn’t always there.
It’s just you, as you naturally are.

Your heart skips a beat once you can say with totality there’s nothing different, meeting eyes with him through his reflection, neither of you having anything to say.

Chapter Text

“C’mon, it’s two words I know you know, if you say them then I’ll let you take your panties off.”, he says with a smirk, rolling his palm into your thinly covered core.

“I-I don’t know them… Please, please just let me…”, you beg even though it goes nowhere every time you do it, really having no other option at this point.

It felt like he’d been doing this for years now, not once giving you any hints beyond that.
Compared to how things started this was torture for you.
He’d pinned you to the wall, capturing his lips with your own before picking you up and carrying you off to the bed where he took every piece of clothing off of you except your panties.
You’d tried to pull them down but he wouldn’t let you, telling you that you had to say the magic words first.

That was half an hour ago, with an amount of patience you didn’t know he had he stayed kneeling on the floor, taking in your desperation greedily.
It was easy to keep you from doing much to stop you, not only did you listen to him regardless but he had you face down from the start, ass in the air for him.
Usually if you mentioned you wanted to fool around with him, he was on you in an instant.
But for now he was toying with you, slick nearly pouring out of you in anticipation.
He’d denied you three orgasms now and that solidified how stubborn he was going to be about this.

“I won’t until you say it, once you figure it out I know you’ll be mad at yourself, it’s so easy to figure out. Just think sweetheart, what would I come up with?”
The innocence he speaks with is overshadowed by the way he circles his thumb around the sensitive button perched at the top of your flower, not bothering to hold back a chuckle at the way your legs tense as you suck in a sharp breath.

“I-I don’t, please! Dabi, god, please! I’ll do anything if you’ll!”, you can barely manage to speak, the speed he rises too while you’re talking rendering you speechless.
In fear he may stop if you move too much, you use all your worldly strength to stay as still as possible, biting down on your knuckle to help deal with this.
You know you shouldn’t trust this whatsoever but it feels too good to care, urgently wanting anything he’d give.
All this buildup has done a lot to unwind you, nearing release much faster than you regularly would, whining loudly as your body goes hot.

Suddenly, he stops, leaving you to whimper pathetically at the loss of stimulation, instinctively reaching to continue yourself but thwarted by him grabbing your wrist.
“I didn’t say you could do that. Princess, listen to me, okay?”

You ‘mhm’ with a nod, heart racing from your forth denial tonight.

“It’s a very popular phrase, you probably hear and see it at least one time a day whether you want too or not.”, he pauses to kiss at your inner thigh, going from near your knees right to where the area connects with your rear, “You’re really being unfair for making me wait like this, you know that?”
He takes two handfuls of ass and squeezes, loving the way your back arches into his grasp.
“Think on it some more, I’m gonna give you a reward for being so patient.”

You open your mouth to speak but instead let out a mewl, feeling him pull your panties to the side so he can drag the flat of his tongue over the entirety of your core.
After two passes he locks you in place by hooking his arms underneath your thighs and over your hips, clasping his hands together.
Immediately he suctions his mouth over your pussy, forcing his face in as close as he can to eat you like a man starved, using all the little tricks he learned about you over the time he’s spent doing this to make you squirm.

Your nails dig at the bed and pull at the sheets, a pleasured cry escaping you, abandoning any thoughts beyond hoping the reward is him letting you release.
Truly your stamina has worn down to nothing, this much energy being excellent at getting you close within a minute or two, unable to restrain yourself from bucking back into him as you finally topple over the edge, the way he flicks his tongue over your clit making you keen as much as humanly possible.

As you should’ve expected, there’s a punishment attached.
He doesn’t let you recover, continuing to lick and suck, quickly overstimulating you.
Now you understand why he made sure to give you no way to move.

The wet muscle slides in and out of you with ease, going further in than you thought it could reach, that being easier to deal with than the direct attention to your clit.
Unfortunately he senses you relaxing and goes back to it, tears brimming in your eyes from the way it wracks your body with electric pulses from everything swipe.

Just when you think you can’t handle anymore, it comes to you, biting back more noises in favor of almost screaming ‘plus ultra!’
That makes him cease, pulling back with a ‘pop’ from the suction releasing, which makes you jolt a bit.

“Good girl,” he says as he pats your leg, standing up, “now you can have your real reward.”

You hear him undo his pants, stammering for a moment as you try to figure out what you want to say.
“I-I’m a little sensitive, right now anyways, c-can we wait a minute?”

The head of his cock prods at your entrance, both hands grabbing your hips to hold you steady.
“You can do that when I’m done.”

Chapter Text

Originally you didn't even think you'd get a lot of time to speak with him, absolutely enamored with him from the moment you saw him.
Four months in and you finally managed to get somewhere, Aizawa setting up some sparring sessions with him since you had lackluster abilities.
Things quickly grew from there, especially when you felt his erection press against you, calling him on it.
As to be expected he wasn't so embarrassed but found it cute that you were, that day was the first time you slept with him.

Mirio wasn’t the type to hide anything about himself, whether that be his determined attitude or his feelings towards certain people.
However, this he kept between you and him, being surprisingly good about not mentioning it outwardly.
It was only because you asked, if it was outed you were with him then there might be backlash since you’re a first year.

That didn’t stop you from being somewhat reckless with him anyways.

Something that always excited you was fooling around in places you could be caught, empty classrooms being a popular one.
Though this time you were with him in a supply closet, pinned against the wall with your legs snaked around his waist and your fingers loosely carding through his hair.

Being that everyone else was having lunch right now you felt more relaxed to enjoy this, each of his thrusts driving a small mewl from you, the leisurely pace he was working you at still making your core ache with warmth.

It was impossible to tell whether he’d be interested in drawing things out or getting right to the action, you’d call this a mix of the two.
He’d unbuttoned your shirt halfway so he could see your chest, mainly watching it bounce, leaving your bra on out of impatience.
The base of your neck was mark-free, though you could tell he really wanted to have it otherwise, your previous lectures about doing that having stuck.

Nearly lost in the haze of lovemaking, your ears perk, picking up on something you don’t process all the way, pushing his forehead back so he’s forced to separate his mouth from yours.
“Senpai, I,”, you murmur, trying to alert him and listen at the same time.

He pouts but stops when he notices that you’re looking towards the door.
“It’s alright, I think there’s at least ten minutes before they let out the mess hall, don’t worry about it,” he reassures you, not slowing his hips whatsoever.

You squeeze at his shoulders and shake your head, “N-No I really think I hear something… Can you- Mmn Togata!”
Instead of letting you finish he speeds up just to make you melt in his arms, pressing a line of kisses along your neck while he grabs at the underside of your thighs.

Laughter bubbles up within your needy moans, content to let yourself be distracted by him, tilting his head back up so you can continue to make out with him as you’d been before, not following through once you see how he’s smiling at you.
There’s certainly a lot of lust, but it’s a beaming reminder that he’s happy to be here with you.
He meets your eyes, a surge of appreciation for him rushing through your body, pressing your lips to his with a lighter intent.

Everything comes to a halt when the door opens, your heart dropping as you turn to look at whoever was responsible.

Uraraka stands there with her bright pink face stretched in shock, maybe even more embarrassed than you.

“What are you needing to grab? Give us a moment, and we’ll bring it out for you!”, Mirio says with an extraordinary amount of self control, breaking the tension by speaking normally.

“T-Two stacks of paper!”, she’s lost control of her volume, practically yelling that before swinging the door closed.

Immediately he pulls out of you and helps you to your feet, stuffing himself into his pants and redoing his belt before buttoning up your shirt. You attempt to fix his hair back up into it’s signature style, face burning with shame as you mentally prepare to explain what she saw in any way besides giving up the truth.

“Hey,” he coos to bring you out of your panic, cupping your chin in both hands, “this is fine, alright?”

With a huff you put a hand on his, “I knew I should’ve made you lock it…”

“There isn’t one, I told you that and you said-”

You shush him by pressing a finger to his lips, “I know what I said, can you let me pretend I was right?”

He nods and you giggle, stepping away to flatten your skirt down and check to make sure he got the buttons right, Mirio making an ‘oh’ to catch your attention, taking your panties out of his pocket.
“Want these back or?”

“And why would you keep them?”, you say as you take them from him, putting them on while he shrugs.

“Thought I’d ask is all.”, he muses, taking two packages of paper off the shelf behind him.
You roll your eyes and click your tongue against your teeth, to which he shrugs a second time.

Thankfully he doesn’t give you time to hesitate, opening the door and stepping outside to greet your classmate, handing her the supplies she’d come to get.

“T-Thank you, Senpai!”, nervously she nods her head, taking them and holding them to her chest.

“No problem! Lunch ends soon so I’ll see you two later!”
He waves and turns on his heel, Uraraka giving him a goodbye.

You don’t, trying to suppress your anxiety and think of things to talk about on what is surely going to be a very awkward walk back to class.

Chapter Text

You looked so gorgeous underneath him, eyes hazed over with lust and your lips parted to let the pleasured whimpers and moans flow out.
Despite how dark the room is he can still sense the adorable pink dusted across the bridge of your nose, that being the cherry on top of everything else, a surge of desire washing over him to know he was the one doing all of this to you.

Unable to see a reason to not, he leans down to tenderly press kisses along the hollow of your throat, coming down to your shoulder to tease a bite, rewarded by the way you tense and mewl his name.

Being inside you was near overwhelmingly amazing, hot velvet walls fit snugly around him, he almost wanted to stop for a moment just to savor it.
In no way could he bring himself to actually do it, much more interested in keeping your breasts jiggling with every thrust.
Hearing you call out his name like a prayer while the lewd sounds of skin hitting skin was getting to him, that familiar rising pressure in his body told him that he won't last much longer.


A sharp sting of pain instantly rockets you out of unconsciousness, yelping loudly while you try to figure out whats happening.
Though you can’t move much, the arms locked around your waist holding you to the bed.
Barely you register the way his hips gyrate against you, more taken by the teeth digging into the skin of your shoulder.

“K-Kirishima!”, you call out in the hopes he’ll stop.

Unfortunately that seems to spur him on as he responds by clenching further and humping into your ass like an animal.
You grab at his hands in an attempt to escape that way but he’s got you snugly locked in place.
It doesn’t last much longer, after a good ten seconds of struggling he finally stills, not before letting out a groan that nearly has you making a similar noise in reply.

Finally, the reality of the situation dawns on you entirely.
Now that you can think and put the pieces together, it makes sense.
He’d had a ‘special’ dream.
Despite your sudden awakening, he was soundly asleep, relaxing his jaw and shifting his head back to lay against the bed.

Before it’s possible to lean out of range he presses a kiss beneath your ear.
“So pretty…” he mumbles, edging on being incoherent, “Tight pussy, fuck…”

You cover your mouth with a hand, blushing darkly as you process everything that’s just happened.
The shoulder he bit pulsates with a dull ache, your shirt now having some small holes torn in it.
It’d been maybe a week since you started to go out with him, so you’re entirely overwhelmed by this.

Part of you considers pretending this never happened, and the other half wonders what’ll happen if you wake him up.

Chapter Text

“You can stay here when we’re done, nobody will know,”, he says with his lips against your cheek, moving on to pepper kisses along your jaw through his words, “Be a good girl for me, won’t you?”

Your blush only worsens, trying to gather the strength to push at his shoulders, just holding onto them instead.
He has one hand on the side of your thigh, both of your legs hooked over his waist, letting him know you weren’t completely unwilling.

Continuing to erode your hesitance, he slowly grinds his hips down against yours, eliciting a quiet but very noticeable mewl from you.
Your panties are absolutely soaked, the drag of his shorts and the sheer heat radiating off the area more than enough of a tell.
Now you’re completely won over, a very pleasured whine leaving you when he breaks away for air.

You beg quietly, tangling your fingers in his hair while you give your best efforts to maintain eye-conact.
It made his cock throb with want every single time you made that face, all that innocence fueling his desire to take you.
He smirks, sliding a hand under your shirt to palm your breast, squeezing eagerly.


Suddenly he’s snapped out of his dream, blinking while he tries to understand what’s going on.
The first thing he sees is you, staring back at him with wide eyes and a largely embarrassed expression.
Following that is him noticing you’re not pointing your attention at his face, meeting your downward pointed line of sight to discover what the issue is.

Everything comes back to him in a flash, mainly that you aren’t his girlfriend, just a regular friend who was sleeping over at his room like she had many times before.
This all would have been normal if it wasn’t for the placement of his hands.
One was down his pants, still holding onto his cock.
The other was up your shirt, your own hand holding him at the wrist.

He yanks both away as he scrambles to sit upright, chuckling nervously as he stammers, blanking as he tries to come up with some kind of excuse.

You sit up as well, turning away while you speak.
“... Do you want to finish..?”

Even now he finds your sheepish nature endlessly attractive, swallowing the lump in his throat as the surprise of your response paralyzes him for a moment.
Once he collects himself he nods, not wanting to scare you with how excited that got him.

Chapter Text

He flexed his hips upward into his hand as he stroked himself, an arm slung over his eyes as he let the memory he was obsessing over play on repeat in his mind.
Anytime he saw you, about anything to do with you in general, that took over any thoughts he was having.

Two days ago he’d been in the shower room on the boys side of the dorm, he’d been training later than usual so he decided he’d wash up before he went to bed.
It had to have been past midnight by the time he got there, surprised to hear one already running.
That didn’t mean he cared who was in there, waltzing in with his bag without pause.

He froze up entirely when he came around the corner and finally saw who was already in there with him, suddenly caring a fuck ton about who was in there.
You liked to hang around Kaminari an awful lot, probably deciding to shower over here before walking back to the girls side of the dorm.

Still, even now he still didn’t understand why you were doing what you were.
Most likely you were under the impression that you’d be entirely alone since it was late, applying a small amount of caution by keeping yourself relatively quiet.
He could only see you because you decided to use the first stall, one leg balanced on the corner seat, left hand groping at your breasts while the right routinely pumped two fingers into your cunt.

Quickly he stumbled back into the changing room, heart thudding away so loudly he really thought it might pop.
Before he could apply any rational thinking, he peeked inside again, face turning beet red as he confirms you were actually in there, the only reason he didn’t leave entirely was you keeping your eyes closed.
As the shock wore off his hearing came back, your little whimpers stirring up his own arousal.

You rolled your hips downwards, grinding against your palm while a medium volume moan sounded from you.
All the noises were beautiful to him, taking in your form while you played with yourself.
He didn’t even realize he’d stuck a hand down his pants until he had to stifle his own noises, blood going hot when you removed your fingers to give yourself a break.

All he could think about is how tight your hole looked despite you stretching it out, how it’d feel for him to stuff his cock into it and pound you into the wall.
You’d probably love it, begging for more while he pleasured you.

Unfortunately it didn’t last long, he decided to hightail it out when you stood up straight, not willing to be caught and not wanting to embarrass you.
The next 48 hours he couldn’t help but obsess over how hot that was, how cute you are, how much he wanted to fuck you.
He was thinking about that now, unable to keep the dirty fantasies from bubbling up while he was with his friends, giving some vague excuse to go lock himself up in his room.

With a muffled call of your name he reached his finish, giving a few last strengthened tugs before his balls emptied onto his hand and partially onto the hardwood floor.
He let go to catch his breath, trying to clear his head now that he can calm himself.

It’d only been two days so he couldn’t say this was entirely an issue, but he knew he’d have to slow down.
While he didn’t believe them, he had heard rumors that you weren’t exactly an innocent girl, doing various things with various people.
And, you were his friend, maybe if he just asked you’d let him have an up close look.

Chapter Text

It’d been nearly a week since he’d broken both of his arms from ‘the incident’, still in hospital until they heal up.
You almost found it comical how they had them bound up and forcibly held upright via wires from the ceiling.

After getting over the initial annoyance from him breaking his promise to be more careful, you enjoyed visiting your boyfriend.
Mostly you retold the going-ons of his classmates or delivered him assorted gifts and cards.

Today had been especially hot, the moment school ended you ran straight to the dorms so you could put on something you wouldn’t sweat to death in.
That’d be a tank top and shorts, not unusual for you to wear.

But he couldn’t avoid staring despite his greatest attempts.
As the afternoon turned to evening, which turned to dusk, his resolve crumbled into nothing.
Your bra showed in several places, your chest in general exposed to him, and it stole his attention.

It took you a few moments to notice how he wasn’t even listening to you, following his line of sight to realize what he was captivated with.
No part of you was offended, if anything you were a little sad for him.
Poor guy can’t scratch an itch on his nose, and you could sense he wanted more than that.

By now it was late, you very much doubted there would be any other visitors coming in today.
Secure with that knowledge, you decide you’ll do him a favor.

“So,” you say with a smile, laying a hand over his thigh, “it seems like you’re more distracted than usual today.”

From both the action and the way your breasts squeeze together from leaning over the bedside rail, he sucks in a breath, just barely registering that you said something.
“I-I, yeah, y-you could say that.”

You pull back the thin blanket covering his lap, unable to hold in a giggle at the very obvious boner tenting the sheer blue hospital pants he was sporting.
He opens his mouth to spout some sort of apology, only a heated sigh escaping at the very satisfying feeling of your hand running over the length of it.
Even through the material, it was more than he’d gotten his entire stay here.

You do that a few times before your teasing edges into cruelty, tugging his waistband down enough to free his cock.
Without wasting a second you begin pumping along at a standard pace, absolutely loving the face he makes trying to keep quiet.
While you hadn’t been intimate with him so much to know exactly how he preferred this type of thing, he was far from complaining about your technique.

“So, you like this? Am I doing it right?”, you ask with innocence laced in your words, not pausing in your ministrations to allow him to really think before speaking.

“Y-Yeah, I, you’re doing great..!”
His voice is hushed and almost distant, eyes focused solely on the hand jerking him off.
“Please don’t stop, please..!”

You nod, “Of course I wouldn’t! But, I am sorry this is all I can offer you for now. Honestly I was considering riding you instead but that’s more likely to get us caught.”

His cock pulses in time to his responding groan, squeezing his eyes shut in concentration to avoid getting loud.
So, you keep talking.

“You like that idea? Maybe if you get moved to a farther room or something, either way I’ve missed having you inside me. Can you promise to fuck me when you’re all better, Izuku?”
He’s blushing just as much as you are as the sweet way you say his name is a perfect cherry on top.
Unable to suppress the urge any longer, he bucks his hips up into your hand, a few breathy expletives giving you a proper warning that he’s nearing his end.

Not wanting to make a mess, you stand up and lean over the bed rail, licking over the tip of his cock before removing your hand entirely so you can fit the first half of him into your mouth.
You’re mindful enough to brush your hair out of the way so he can see the way your cheeks hollow as you bob your head.

The way his cock throbs against your tongue makes you mewl, turned on by him being so turned on.
It doesn’t take long for him to rut upwards again, shoving himself further in to prod at your throat, his head leaning back as he finally releases.

You’d heard that guys have larger loads if they space out how often they cum and this is definitive proof, his seed nearly leaking out as you struggle before either that happens or you choke.
But you’re able to swallow all of it just fine, giving two last passes over with your tongue to clean the rest off him.

He looks exceedingly happy with this, smiling dreamily at you while you tuck his softening cock back into his pants.
You glance at the clock and raise your eyebrows in surprise over how much time had passed, sighing through your nose.

“Ah I know it’s kinda rude to leave after something like that but I gotta go. Aizawa gave me an extended curfew but I’ve only got about fifteen minutes until that’s up.”
With a shrug you lean down to press a kiss to his forehead, petting his hair.

“No I totally understand! Uh, thank you! For that!”, he awkwardly chuckles and regains a light blush, squirming a bit as he probably tries to avoid getting hard again, “I really look forward to seeing you tomorrow!”