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In Which Soldier Teaches Scout about War and Wrong Things Happen

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Scout isn't afraid. He likes to think he doesn't know how to be afraid anymore, and if he does, he sure as hell isn't going to let it show in front of his teammate.

Red Soldier, it's the understatement of the century to say he's batshit insane, but he knows things, and Scout ain't ever seen him afraid of anything.

Soldier's seen a lot of things, Soldier's done a lot of things Scout probably doesn't want to know about, but he thinks he probably needs to know. If he's going to stay here, risking his ass for intel he doesn't even get to see, shitty pieces of desert and run-down buildings, Scout sure as hell isn't just going to sit on the sidelines and watch while his team hogs all the fun.

He isn't stupid. He knows fighting doesn't stop when the winning team is announced.

Once a team is declared winner, what's left of the other is usually scattered or sent to re-spawn, often by Scout's own barrel or bat, and he's been killed plenty of times himself during humiliation round.

There's nothing to do but run or kill after a match and he figures that's what most of his teammates do, but Scout isn't stupid, and Scout sees a lot too.

Sometimes, at the end of the week, he sees Soldier stroll off with another teammate, often Medic, into Blu territory after a match and not come back for hours. And that's kinda strange, isn't it? Not just the 'not coming back for hours' thing, but Soldier voluntarily spending time alone with the team's Medic?

Yeah, it's pretty fucking suspicious if you ask Scout. Especially the huge smile Soldier has on his face when they return, the way he slaps the others' back and laughs. Sometimes they both laugh, and Scout once noticed Sniper seeing it too and staring down into his beer with a sour face before trotting off with a quiet 'wankers', and he doesn't know what to make of that and it pisses him off.

So when battle ends and Red is declared the winner for the day, Scout tightens his hand around his bat, puffs his chest out, and tells Soldier what's what.

He's not a freaking kid. He's not stupid, he's not afraid. He knows something fishy is going on, and if they think they can keep secrets from him they have to be fuckin' idiots.

And to his surprise, his teammate doesn't laugh or tell him to fuck off. He tips his helmet up with a thumb to look at Scout, glaring down at him for a second, before his face breaks into a big smile and his brick of a hand comes down on Scout's back hard enough to almost topple him over.

“This is why I like you, Private, you speak up. Straight to the point. None of that tip-toeing, sissified bullshit they teach you in school these days.”

Scout nods, because yeah, that's right. He fucking speaks up, and he rests his bat on his shoulder and points to the battlefield. “So, we doing this or what?”

It earns him an 'affirmative' before Soldier pats his back again and leads the way towards the point.

And now, as his reward for "speaking up", Scout is trotting along with Soldier via the muddy tracks running through the battle location known as Sawmill. It's stopped raining. The traces from the fight have all gone, blood and corpses, vanished through re-spawn. There's only grass and mud now, old logs and wooden sheds left behind from whatever sawmill company who used to do their business here.

If there ever was a sawmill company...

Now that Scout thinks about it, it wouldn't surprise him at all if the buildings, logs and equipment were part of some elaborate cover-up for whatever it is they're supposed to be doing here.

There's probably a giant-ass death-missile or something hiding beneath the point.

Yeah. He's got them figured out.

After a while of walking, with no sight of any Blus or suspicious activity, Scout focuses his attention on his teammate.

“So... Why you out here with the Doc after battle all the time?”

The older man frowns and halts in his steps. His voice is low and hushed once he speaks as if he thinks the grass might be listening, and Scout is sure his eyes are wide and looking in all directions, all paranoid-like from under the helmet while he leans in with a hand on Scout's shoulder.

“Take it from me, son, the man is a Nazi, not right in the head.” He points to his own and spins his finger in a spiraling motion.”But the kraut knows his field of expertise.”

Scout isn't really sure what Soldier is on about. Red Medic is a freak alright, but he seems okay to Scout most of the time, so he just shrugs and waits for Soldier to explain further.


Soldier nods, grim in the face when he tightens his hand on Scout's shoulder.

“Have you ever been in a war?”

His teammate looks so fucking serious as he says it, and Scout thinks 'no, of course I frickin' ain't! What do I look, 40?', but just shrugs again.

“You tellin' me this isn't war?”

Soldier shakes his head,

“A fight without casualties is no war, Son.”

When Scout makes a face at that, Soldier's breaks into a smile one might even consider fatherly if he hadn't been the one making it.

“Tell me, Private, what are you supposed to do with an enemy you find after a battle?

That’s easy.

Scout pats his bat and sends Soldier his own smile right back at him.

“Kill em'.”

“That's one way to look at it.” Soldier's face darkens again, and he's so close now Scout can see the small twitch underneath his right eye when he makes a dramatic pause before continuing his sentence.

“But see, here's the thing; that Blu coward you just battered to smithereens. He's not dead. You gave him a free ride to re-spawn, let him wake up with no scars, all safe and sound in his base to come back the next day and punish each and every soldier on your team for it!"

The hand on Scout's shoulder is grabbing it so hard he winces, and Soldier's voice lowers.

“That's the problem, Son. No consequences for being a coward in these places.”

He looks almost pained, like he's the one being squeezed by a riled-up teammate twice his size when he spits out his next words of wisdom.

“It's a sissy's game.”

Scout's never thought about it like that, and for a moment, he feels pretty goddamn stupid, because Soldier's on to something. He's not sure what exactly, but it sounds right.

Soldier turns silent and suddenly removes his hand, and Scout feels all kinds of relief run through him when he stops being the focus of the man's attention.

It's about time something happened around here anyways.


Soldier puts a finger to his mouth without a sound and points his shovel at the muddy road before them, and when Scout follows the direction of the weapon he sees it too, a small trail of blood leading towards the rocky formations by the nearby lake. It's fresh and still there, meaning the owner is yet to return to re-spawn.

Soldier performs a series of motions with his hands directed at Scout which he figures means 'follow me and stay quiet' in Military land or wherever the fuck Soldier really comes from, and they both walk along the trail in silence, stealthy in a way he didn't know his teammate would ever bother to be.

The older man is tense, grip tight around his preferred melee weapon as he scans the ground for further traces of activity, and Scout can't keep from wondering what exactly it is he's planning to do if they run into an enemy.

Something pretty bad he figures.

Darn it!

The lowly uttered curse sounds far off to their right from behind a wooden fence, and Soldier whips his head up like a fucking dog who's gotten the whiff of some animal and addresses Scout without looking in his direction.

“You wouldn't have happened to see Engie go this way after the battle, would you, Private?”

Scout shakes his head. The team's hardhat is always too busy packing up and hauling his stuff back to base to care about the scattered Blus', let alone take time out to go find and kill them.

"Nah, he was headin' back last time I saw him." 

Soldier's teeth shine at him when the older man smiles and his hand tightens even harder around the rusty shovel handle as he motions for Scout to follow.

“We've got ourselves an intruder then.”

And sure enough, once they poke their heads out from behind the fence, Soldier leaning heavily on Scout with an elbow in his face, they spot the other team's stocky Texan a few good meters ahead of them, alone and missing his trademark hardhat and goggles.

He must've gotten separated from his team and escaped a humiliating death by either hiding or sheer luck.

The man has his back to them, dragging along his toolbox with painstakingly slow steps across the slippery ground. The cause of the nice little trail he's made, a deep saw wound in his right thigh, is still dripping with fresh blood and obviously causing him trouble if his constant cursing and snail speed is anything to go by.

The Blu hasn't noticed them yet, even though he keeps turning his head around every fifth second to check for enemies while heading for the tunnel built into the rock formations by the muddy lake.

"Dammit dagnabit-"

As if on cue, the Engineer stops in his tracks and stiffens up, and Scout decides this is about the time when they made themselves known.

"Hey, asswipe! You lost or somethin'?"

Soldier is sporting a snarl when he steps out from behind the fence next to Scout. The Engineer doesn’t even turn to count the number of Reds who've snuck up on him. He drops the toolbox and bolts without a word, and Scout rests his weight on the back of his heels for a second and laughs to himself, savoring the moment, because this is the best part of his job, running after those defenseless losers and beating their heads in.

It's especially great when they think they can outrun him.

Blu engineer runs pretty goddamn fast for a guy who's had his leg sawed to ribbons, but he doesn't run as fast as Scout. Duh.

He's next to the man in a matter of seconds, and the Blu only manages to turn his upper body slightly before the bat hits him across the back and topples him over.

Scout lifts it again, high above his head, completely caught up in the moment when a hand grabs hold of the back of his shirt and hauls him backwards and away from the Blu.

"Hold it right there, Stringbean! You won't be killing anyone before I give the word!"

He's pissed off and confused for a second, cause why the fuck not? The Engineer is right there! And Scout was the one who caught him and this was his moment of-

Scout stops himself from retorting. He isn't going to fuck up now and give Soldier a reason to decide he doesn't want Scout along after all. Instead, so he does as he's ordered to and stands back.

"Yeah yeah. Re-spawn is a favor and for pussies. I got it."

Soldier nods and advances on the fallen Engineer.

"Damn right it is."

The Blu scrambles backwards and up, steadying himself against the rocky wall with a trembling hand as he tightens his jaw and tilts his head back to look properly at the two Reds leering down at him.

"I ain't telling you nothin'."

Soldier chuckles and takes another step forwards, and he doesn't look like he's out for anything the Engineer has to say at all.

"So, you might as well spare all of us the time an' off me now."

The man's voice sounds a bit louder, uncertain, and Scout is sure he's noticed the look on Soldier too.

Weaponless and against two enemies, there's nothing for the Engineer to do but back up against the rock wall as Soldier closes in on him.

Scout stays where he is, watching with anticipation.

Blu Engineer really is a fucking pain in the ass. He deserves it, whatever it is his teammate is going to do to him. Scout can't count how many times he's had a good kill-streak run ruined by sentry bullets, enough times for the Texan to make it on the higher end of his shit-list,

Soldier is probably just going to beat him around, threaten him till he spills beans on his team or the intel. Scout knows the higher-ups running Red tells their hardhats a lot of stuff – stuff they don't tell Scout or anyone else, and he figures the same thing goes for Blu. And besides that, the Engineers always sit on crucial information; teleport and intel locations, weapon upgrades, the outlay of the next point and base.

Drilling for information is a break of the rules, but who has ever given a dick about that? And Scout figures Soldier knows what he's doing.

Sort of...

The Engineer's hands fumble at the rocks behind him when his back hits the wall, like he's hoping some sort of magical lever or switch will appear, which it actually might, knowing how good the crafty fucker is at making escape routes. Scout almost laughs to himself at that. Nah.

Something is off though, and it stops him from saying anything smart.

Something about the way his teammate's fists clench and unclench when he advances on their captive, the pitch of the Engineer's voice and his panicked stance - the way Soldier's face had changed when he'd grasped Scout's shoulder and asked him about war, tells Scout this isn't just going to be an everyday interrogation.

The Texan jerks back when Soldier takes hold of the front of his shirt,

"I'm tellin' ya, you ain't gonna get any-"

His sentence is abruptly cut short by Soldier's fist in his face, and the Blu's head snaps back with the force of the blow, speckles of blood landing on the ground beneath them as Soldier hauls him up by his shirt again with a snarl.

"Spoken like a true coward! Always hiding behind your pansy-ass machines and guard-dog arsonist!"

His other hand shoots down and, out of the world of complete what the flipping fuck, grabs the Engineer between the legs and squeezes while Soldier sneers down at him.

"Well, what are you going to do when your faggot friends aren't here to save you?"

Everything stops for a moment, nothing but tense, dead air between the three of them.

"Woah! Whu- what the fuck?!"

Scout drops his bat and takes a step back, suddenly feeling very unsure about following Soldier anywhere in the first place.

The Engineer has turned pale, opening and closing his mouth in numb shock as Soldier tightens the grip on his groin - both ignoring Scout, and no fucking way is he going to join in on his.

"I ain’t a fag, man."

His voice is a little shaky and he's turned bright red in the face, but it isn't every day he sees shit like this.

Soldier stops and tilts his head, and Scout's hands are suddenly really, really sweaty. Did he just call Soldier a fag? Shit shit shit shit, double-fuck on a horse frickin' SHIT!

Engineer is looking at him from behind the Red's shoulder, wide-eyed, silently begging Scout to do something.

He mostly wants to run. Go back to base and pretend like he hasn't seen what's he's seeing right now.

But this is his fucking teammate and Scout asked to come along himself, and he is even less of a coward than he is a fag, so he stays

Soldier doesn't move to beat him to a bloody pulp, the crazy fuck actually smiles, and Scout can feel the hairs on his neck stand up when the man laughs and turns himself and the frozen Blu away from the rocks so they both face Scout.

"Faggots make love, Private. This here sure as hell isn't about love."

The Engineer chokes and tries to twist out of the grip when Soldier's free arm closes over his neck and pulls his head back, ignoring the man's feeble attempts at getting away as the hand on his crotch tightens.

"But you would know all about that, wouldn't you?" Soldier turns his focus completely on his captive again, half-throttling the struggling Engineer while Scout stares and fidgets and thinks 'it ain't right, it ain't fucking right'  without doing dick about it.

"You sad piece of shit excuse for an American! I bet you have more practice sucking cock than fighting on the battlefield!"

Engineer stops clawing at the arm across his throat and throws a gloved fist into Soldier's sneering face, nearly succeeding in toppling his helmet to the ground. The Blu's aim is off, badly, but Scout is pretty sure he's hit Soldier right in the fucking eye and he doesn't know if he wants to shout for the Engineer to run or for Soldier to fuck him up - to keep going.

See, while Scout knows it ain't right to touch another man like that, and while Scout thinks homos are fuckin' gross, he still kind of wants to know where Soldier is going with this.

It's why he came, right? It's why he spoke up. And if he leaves now, Scout is with no doubt in for a beating with a face-full of shouting thrown in once his teammate realizes he's run off like a coward.

One closefisted blow to the face and the Engineer goes down with a yelp as Soldier towers over him, violence written into every part of his stance and expression, crackling his bloodied knuckles and baring his teeth while the Blu moves a hand up to cover his newly broken nose, 

At the sight of the blood, Scout licks his lower lip nervously and shifts his weight from foot to foot.

Should he join in? Will Soldier think he's afraid if he doesn't?

He's not afraid, he's just not a goddamned fag and- and... Scout thinks he needs to do something, but no one's told him to do anything yet and Engineer is staring at him from his spot on the ground, blood bubbling out between his fingers when Soldier's steel-toed boot buries itself in his middle and he begins wheezing for air.

Soldier snarls and kicks him again, this time in the groin, and the Engineer howls and curls up in an attempt at shielding himself from the violent assault.

It doesn't work.

Scout's pretty sure Red Heavy is the only one who can stop Soldier when he's out for blood. He's also pretty sure Soldier is going to beat the man on the ground to re-spawn in a rage-fueled fit.

For a while, there's nothing but the sound of tightly balled up fists and military boots hitting flesh and bones.

Soldier is like a man possessed once he gets going, completely focused on the task of punishing the Engineer for attempting to defend himself. There are no words or threats, only the mission he's created in his head, which apparently includes beating the Blu to kingdom come.

Throughout the whole thing, the Engineer keeps shooting desperate looks in Scout's direction whenever possible, like he's going to step in and help him if he stares hard enough.

Scout isn't and he doesn't. Scout just stands there, locked into place while Soldier throws another punch into the man's face, watching as his eyes begin to roll uncontrollably like he's having some sort of seizure, only for the Red to pull him up by his overalls and slap him harshly across the face.

"Stay alert, Soldier!"

Scout thinks the hard-hat might pass out. He's seen tons of Blu's on the receiving end of Soldier's fists. Most don't last past the minute mark, but Engineer manages to snap out of it, blinking several times before fixing his red eyes on Scout again.

His voice is barely there when he moves his bloodied lips to form words.

The small 'please' still reaches Scout and makes his stomach flip.


Soldier shows his teeth again and kneels, and his hand is back between the man's legs, causing both Scout and the Engineer's breaths to hitch for entirely different reasons.

"I want you to remember this, Sally. I want you to wake up tomorrow, surrounded by your sissy toys, and remember how it felt to finally be fucked by a real man." He squeezes again, and there's no question about what's going to happen now, what Soldier is going to do - has planned to do all along. Shit. This is what he's been doing after battle the whole time?

Scout guesses it explains things pretty well. And this should probably be the moment where he got the fuck out and never looked back. But he doesn't. He waits. He can't leave now.

Scout stays where he is and Scout keeps his eyes on the Blu's face as the initial fear turns into full-blown panic.

Engineer's a smart guy, he's known for some time Scout figures, but his eyes still widen at Soldier's words, filling with the kind of terror you don't even get to see from a man who knows he's about to have his brains blown out, and Scout gets it then.

"You sick - get off me! No! GIT OFF!"

The desperate pitch in the Texan's voice sends a jolt of excitement through his groin.

This is wrong. This is so frickin' wrong. Scout likes girls - girls with perky tits who chew gum and twirl their hair between nail-polish spotted fingers. Blu Engineer is definitely not a girl, and it's true, Scout is no fag, but this... Soldier was right.

He understands. He finally gets it.

Engineer is shoving frantically at his teammate's hands and kicking out at the ground, doing a terrible job at getting himself free - whatever combat training he's had completely thrown out of the window.

This isn't about love, or getting off, or what Scout thinks he should and shouldn't like.

It's about inflicting hurt that can't be removed by re-spawn or the fumes of the medigun - true dominance, and even though he knows he probably should, Scout just can't fucking look away.

He likes it, he realizes. He likes watching the Engineer struggle and scramble at Soldier's massive fists when they pull him up from the ground by his overall straps, and he feels something stir in his own pants when Soldier tears the blue-tinted denim without breaking a sweat, pulling the worn fabric downwards and out of the Engineer's flailing hands.

"STOP! I’ll tell! I'll - whatever you want!  Please-" 

The begging is cut off by a stifled sob this time, and Scout finds he kinda likes that too.

So does Soldier apparently, because he stops pulling at the man's overalls for a moment and laughs, a hoarse, grating sound Scout isn't really sure he's ever found that menacing before.

"I knew it! This is a real live example, Son." He turns to Scout as he says it, all smiles and holding the terrified Engineer down as his other hand moves up to grasp the man's jaw, squeezing harshly as pure, sadistic glee bleeds into every part of his voice.

"A yellow-bellied coward and a traitor to boot! The worst those Blu cocksuckers have to offer."

He shakes the Blu for good measure, shoving his own face right up in the Engineer's badly bruised one. The smaller man is sporting two black eyes and a bloody pulp of a nose, the left side of his face and mouth is already swelling and turning different shades of purple. Scout spots a few loose teeth on the ground beneath them, swirling around in the Engineer's blood.

Soldier's face has darkened, his voice low and spiteful when he addresses his captive again, sending a chill through Scout's body even though the words aren't directed at him.

"And if there's anything I hate more than a coward, it's a traitor." He makes a face as he spits the word out, like he's just taken a swig of one of Sniper's piss jars, and the Engineer is looking smaller and smaller by the minute, shrinking beneath Soldier's hands while something in his eyes seems to die out with each of the man's words.

"Hell, you wouldn't hesitate to spill every single piece of information you have right here and now if you thought it'd do you any good. AIN'T THAT RIGHT, PRIVATE TWINKLE-TOES!?"

Engineer is shaking so hard his words come out in a panicked stutter, and Scout has to strain his ears to hear it.

"Sweet Jesus,  don't-"

So he steps closer when it turns into a whisper. Just a bit. He wants to hear it.

"Don't do this to me, please God, I-."

"I. AM. YOUR. GOD!" Soldier's free hand goes for his discarded shovel on the ground as the Engineer tries to cower away, trapped by the fist digging into the front of his shirt while the weapon is waved in his face.

"And I command you to stop sniveling like a goddamned pansy and take it like a man! Or I will be using this gardening tool right here to hack off that worm you call your dick and make you choke on it! THAT IS A PROMISE!!"

The Engineer begins shaking even worse at that, but he shuts up, and Scout can't blame him. Soldier isn't joking. They both know he isn't. He'll fucking do it if he feels he has to.

So Engineer stops bawling and begging, but he doesn't stop his attempts at preventing his tormentor from getting him on his stomach.

The Blu can still kick, and he gives Soldier everything he has when the Red tries to position him, aiming blindly at the man's crotch and middle while shoving himself further into the ground - which basically does nothing, and apart from a few uttered 'oomphs' and 'magget' the Engineer's panicked struggling doesn't seem to faze Soldier at all.

He just grits his teeth and clasps both of his hands around the smaller man's throat, abruptly cutting off his air, and Engineer's eyes look like they're gonna pop right out of his skull for a second, sending Scout uncomfortable flashbacks of the lazy-eyed kid who used to live three apartments away when he was still living with ma'. Jimmy, who would squeeze his pet hamster too much with his small grubby hands and laugh like a retard when its eyes bulged in their sockets.

And Scout almost thinks Soldier is going to do it then, choke the life out of Blu Engineer and watch with manic glee as his eyes pop, but his teammate lessens his grip when the body below him begins to go limp.

Once he has his captive pressed belly-down into the ground, one broad hand wrapped securely around his neck, overalls and underwear tangling around the Blu's knees, Soldier flattens his free palm and slams it down on the man's exposed backside with a laugh.

He's bleeding from a cut in his lip, seemingly the only damage he's gotten out of grappling with the Engineer, and the blood stains his teeth menacingly red when he clenches them together and squeezes the man's throat again.

Engineer is spluttering. His face is almost the same color as Soldier's uniform, his hands are clawing at the mud and his eyes are blown freakishly wide, and Scout can't stop thinking about the frickin' hamster. The hamster he should have fucking killed because it would've been better off then, in gerbil heaven or whatever, free from being squeezed by Jimmy day in and day out.

Scout is just standing there, thinking of a dead hamster, silent and blushing like a stupid moron when Soldier shoves two of his sausage-sized fingers up into Blu Engineer, drawing out a pained gasp and a long animal-like whine from the man trapped beneath him.

He can't see exactly what his teammate is doing, but it has to hurt like hell judging by the Engineer's expression and barely held back sounds.

Scout doesn't know much about fags and what they do to get off, but he's pretty sure there's usually some kind of lube involved.

The Blu is wheezing and prying at the fingers around his throat, flinging himself forwards in an attempt at getting out of the chokehold. Soldier just snarls and twists his wrist, and he obviously knows what he's doing because the man beneath him immediately lets go with a high-pitched cry.

There's fresh blood on Soldier's fingers when he moves them back. Engineer has gone white as a sheet in the face like he might be sick, and Scout doesn't know how, but the man manages to hold it in as he's pushed further into the ground by Soldier's bulk.

“Batter up, cupcake!

Another vicious slap to the Blu's behind before Soldier unbuckles and begins to lower his pants.

Scout isn’t going to look away, but he isn’t going to stare at his teammates' dick either. Instead, he moves a few steps to the side, unconsciously, to get a better view of the Engineer’s face pressed against the wet grass.

There are tears now, mingling with the blood and snot from his busted nose. His mouth is swollen and tightly clasped around another pained sound when Soldier nudges at him from behind, and his glove-less hand is balled up so tight on the ground the knuckles have turned white from the strain.

Once Soldier pushes in, there's no way for the Blu to keep quiet.

“Holy shit.”

Scout mutters it mostly to himself. Soldier doesn't notice.

It's a mystery why anyone hasn't come running yet, but he guesses they've all gone back to their respective bases.

The Engineer is screaming from the top of his lungs now.

Scout winces, cause that's gotta be hurting both of them, isn't it? If his teammate's hands and general body size is anything to go by, Soldier is packing a fucking beast, and going by the sounds the Engineer is making, he fucks exactly like he fights.

Scout isn't surprised. Soldier doesn't seem like the romantic type, and even if he was, it'd probably only be with a lady. And you definitely don't fuck a lady like Soldier is fucking into Engineer right now.

Scout has seen Soldier when he's in a mood. He's seen him bash so many brains in with his bare fists he doesn't have a count. He's seen him force the handle of his shovel down Blu Spy's throat and press until something in the back broke and the Frenchie slowly choked to death on his own blood and cartilage - screaming like a little girl the whole way, and shit, Scout still smiles when he thinks about it.

Scout hurts people for a living. He's seen so many Blus die in horrible ways and return it has stopped fazing him in any way whatsoever.

He's never seen anything like this.

The Engineer is practically being crushed beneath Soldier, clawing ineffectually at the mud and grass, screaming his head off while he's pushed further into the ground. 

When Soldier holds still, it's only to tip his helmet back to leer down and spew more derogatory names at his wailing captive; to loudly inform the Blu he would have been better off as a sperm stain on his mommy's cheek, that he's a namby-pamby intellectual who doesn't have any other place on the battlefield but on his knees at the end of a real soldier's weapon - a prissy girl who cries snot and pisses her bloomers in the face of war, a waste of air and an insult to America and humanity as a whole, before he tightens his hand around the man's throat and starts pounding him into the dirt again.

The Blu's eyes are tightly closed. He isn't using them to beg Scout for help anymore. He's stopped yelling for Soldier to stop or get off of him. The sounds coming out of his mouth aren't really words, and they completely stop sounding human once Soldier picks up his pace.

He sounds like the dying roadkill Scout wouldn't hesitate to beat in with his bat because it ain't ever right to leave an animal alive like that.

It makes him think of the fucking hamster again and being a stupid kid who couldn't do what was right because he was a pussy and Jimmy the lazy-eyed freak would've beaten his brains in.

It makes him think of a part of some speech the hardhat on his team blabbered out on a late ceasefire evening, during what Scout guesses would have been a deep conversation if he'd actually listened. "I reckon there's a lot worse you can do to a man than killing him, Son."  And he feels like both puking and laughing at the same time when he thinks of how fucked up this is - that he's basically watching the same man he talks and works with every day getting his ass plowed by Soldier; and he's gotten hard in the process.

He's gotten fucking hard watching Soldier of all people, beat and humiliate the enemy team's Engineer, and he hasn't left yet.

He knows he should. He knows his teammate will expect him to participate sooner or later, but he can't leave.

He tells himself it's because he's a sap who doesn't want to leave the Engineer completely alone with Soldier. Some part of him wants to stop it, or at least tell Soldier he thinks the hard-hat has had enough, but Scout already knows what that kind of talk would lead to.

A fist in the face and probably worse.

Soldier doesn't give a fuck about rules, or morals it seems like. He doesn't give a rat's ass about 'not hitting your teammates' and he probably doesn't give one about 'not feeding them their own dick and balls' either.

But Scout doesn't stay just because he's kind of scared of his teammate at the moment, or because he can't help but feel bad for the Blu. He stays because a part of him knows now, he knows Soldier was right. Just from the look he saw in the Engineer's eyes, Scout knows.

This sure as fuck isn't a sissy's game anymore.

Soldier's thrusting speeds up, and it's pretty goddamn incredible he can even keep up the kind of pace he does. Scout considers himself limber, in and out of the bedroom, but this whole thing - doing this to the Engineer, really has to rile the older man up.

Though he has to admit, just from standing there and watching, it's doing something to him too.

Sure, he keeps thinking about stopping it - or at least say something about it, but he doesn't. Oh, and yeah, he still has a fucking hard-on.

Engineer is gurgling, and he must've bitten his tongue cause there's fresh blood on his lips when he opens his mouth to shout again, eyes shooting open as Soldier spits out another slur and pistons into him with renewed force.

And Scout. He can't- he can't fucking help himself. His hand begins to fidget as the scene before him unfolds, and he finds his dick through his pants, uncomfortably hard against the fabric and begging him to do something about it.

He keeps his eyes on Engineer's face, trying to ignore Soldier and failing at ignoring the horrible sounds coming from the Blu's throat,

This is probably the worst thing he's ever seen or participated in, but it's also made him hotter below than he's ever gotten just watching a girl and he doesn't know what to make of that. Does that make him a fag? Is it gay if you don't focus on the dick and just the face? He doesn't know. He doesn't give a fuck.

The pressure of his palm against his groin is enough to make his legs buckle, and Scout bites his lip with a low curse and keeps his eyes on the scene while rubbing himself through his pants like some toddler watching their parents go at it, too self-conscious to whip his dick out and stroke it like he really wants to.

The screaming dies down at some point, making way for the nauseating sounds of Soldier burying himself in the blood-slicked passage, only obstructed by the occasional gasp or choked retch from the man trapped beneath him. 

Scout is still achingly hard when Soldier finishes with a low grunt, thrusting wildly into the wheezing Engineer and landing another round of blows to his bruised backside before he finally stills and removes his other hand from the man's neck.

The Blu is completely limp, eyes glassy and still leaking tears, and Scout is so focused on them and his own erection he doesn't notice when Soldier pulls out.

It's only when he hears the sound of a belt being buckled and a hoarse laugh he realizes he's got an audience, and he quickly moves his hand away and averts his eyes from the Engineer to his smugly smiling teammate who’s already up and fully clothed again.

"I knew you weren't as stupid as you look."

Soldier steps back and moves to sit on a piece of log near the fallen Engineer, leaning back with that same smug, shit-eating grin on his face.

Scout can't see them beneath the shadow of the helmet, but he knows his teammate's eyes are pointed straight at him as his bloodstained fingers fish for a half-smoked cigar in his upper breast pocket.

His own palms have gone back to being uncomfortably sweaty, and he's always been kinda nervous with people staring at him - especially when it's Soldier and Scout's dick is in the middle of setting up a tent.

He swallows and waits for some kind of command, dreading what he knows he is going to do as the cigar is lit and the thick smoke reaches his nose and makes it itch.

"Go on, Son."

Scout's eyes follow the light of the cigar when the older man gestures to the beaten Engineer a few steps in front of him. There's red all over him now, caked into his remaining clothes, smeared in dark streaks down his legs and across his face, seeping into the wet ground.

The man is still conscious, and he makes a small twitch and tenses up when Soldier talks again.  

"Show this Blu pansy how it's done."

The Engineer's breathing speeds up - wheezes of constricted air that cuts through the silence following Soldier's command. The look of terror in his glazed-over eyes is almost enough to make Scout turn around. 

He wants to run and forget what he's seen, Soldier, Blu Engineer. All of it.

Scout is no fag and Scout is no coward. Scout is pretty fucking sick of himself and Soldier, but he's also hard and- he doesn't really have a choice, does he? He knows he's going to do it. He's going to fuck the Engineer while Soldier watches, and he's probably going to enjoy it.

Engineer knows it too. He doesn't try to get away or even push himself up. He just lies there and stares in Scout's direction when he advances. He's still crying; a small, nearly unnoticeable, hiccuping sound that seems completely off coming from the Texan, and Scout can't decide if he still likes it or not.

He'll be quick about it, he decides as he fumbles with getting his half-hard cock out, giving it a tug while Engineer murmurs something Scout can't make out into the ground.

It's stopped being about revenge.

The man in front of him isn't the same as the one who shot Scout point-blank in the face with a shotgun a few hours ago.

Not anymore.


It doesn't take long.

Engineer is mostly silent, but he never fully stops crying or making those small, pained whimpering sounds that makes Scout feel even more like an asshole than he thought was possible.

He comes with a stifled moan, clenching his hands on the man's hips as he shoots his load.

Engineer's throat emits a faint whine and his body tightens around Scout in a way that makes him feel so fucking good he just can't- he has to do something. So, he moves one hand down, not really thinking about it, and reaches around the Blu to rub his palm against the man's thigh.

He just wants to make him feel better, like Scout is right now, maybe even show him he's sorry, but the way Engineer's crying picks up at the touch, "No, pleas- kill me... m' not- I won't tell any- please.", the way his broken throat struggles with the effort to get the words out while his left hand flops uselessly against the ground in an attempt to get away, makes Scout stop and pull back in defeat. 

Aw jeez...

Engineer stops making any sounds then, stops doing anything altogether and proceeds to lie there while Scout hurries with getting his pants back on, wincing at the clammy, wet sensation of blood sticking to his underwear.     

He gets the honor of ending the Blu's misery once he's done, and Soldier barks something about 'commies' and 'getting what's coming to them' from his log as Scout lowers his pistol after shooting a neat hole through the man's temple.

The corpse lies in a crumpled, bloody heap for a few seconds, its wide eyes simultaneously staring at Scout and nothing at all, before it disappears without a trace, already in the process of being restored in Blu base by the re-spawn system.

"You did good, Private. Real good."

Soldier stands up then, and Scout follows in what feels like a trance when his shoulder is clasped and he's led away from the site, uncontrollably trembling and feeling younger than he's ever done since joining Red.

The animal-like sounds the Engineer had made follows Scout the whole way back to base.


He goes straight to his room and stays there once they return.

He doesn't want to come down and celebrate the victory. He doesn't want to look at Soldier, and he really doesn't want to accidentally run into his own team's Engineer.

He wants to just sleep and pretend he didn't see and do what he did.

It's over. Done. Stop being a pussy about it. 

But he can't stop thinking.

Scout can't stop fucking thinking about Blu Engineer and his stupid eyes - the way he'd curled up on the ground, silently awaiting the mercy of the bullet.

And he can't stop wondering if Blu Engineer is friends with the Scout on his team. If he plays cards with him during the evenings and lets him have one of his shitty hillbilly beers when he's in a good mood and plays guitar and fuck -

Scout lies awake in the dark and thinks about Blu Engineer's eyes and how he'd begged for death.

He sees the tears on the man's face from behind his eyelids when he closes them - the Blu's rattling breath and pained howling, blending in with Soldier's yells and Scout's own badly stifled groans as the sounds keep replaying in his head.

Soldier says only cowards and cocksuckers cry, and Scout has always figured that's about right.

He wonders if he'd have cried too.


Scout imagines he probably would have.