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Reciprocation Proclamation

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“That’s curious. Didn’t I tell you to quit smoking?”

Jotaro stiffens before looking over his shoulder at his older self leaning against the balcony doors, a bemused expression on his face, the sleeves of his purple coat crinkled over crossed arms.

“The hell’s it to you, Kujo?” he snaps out, resolutely facing the view in front of him again, hand rising to grip the balcony’s railing. Shit. He didn’t think Kujo would be home so soon. Didn’t he say he had another lecture or whatever the hell to give? Jotaro had thought he’d be able to sneak in a smoke before his older self returned home, and it certainly sours his mood now, knowing that he’s been caught red-handed. He puffs in deeply, hoping that another hit of nicotine will fulfill its duty and calm his nerves. Somehow he’s always on edge around Kujo...not just because he’s older, but something about the way his future self is so composed and tenacious against his own overly aggressive attitude just sets him off. It’s irritating. He never knows how to act around Kujo, despite them being the same person...supposedly. Jotaro is still confused by how this situation is even possible where two versions of him are existing at the same time, in the same world, in the same room. But then again, Jotaro has simply learned to not question the universe. Crazy things happen all the time, and crazier things can happen still.

“Now, now...what’s with that attitude? Is that how you should be addressing me?” Kujo sighs, the glass door sliding shut behind him with a clank. Within the next moment, he’s by Jotaro’s side. “And, should I remind you that smoking is bad for you? I don’t want your lungs turning grey and collapsing.”

“Tch. Like I said. What’s it to you, Dr. Kujo?” Jotaro draws out the title and honorific, flicking the ashes of his cig over the railing, refusing to look at him. God, he’s slowly losing his brazenness. He can’t stand having Kujo this close to him, it’s totally unnerving how much composure he has.

Kujo tsks but doesn’t rise to the bait. After all, this is himself - Jotaro at a ripe, angsty, feisty 19 years old, still wearing his beloved uniform while newly attending college and treating his professors and classmates with the same brash temperament. His authority issues were shot through the damn roof. In fact, the standards of said authority issues had to be raised to match his performative aggression.

Jotaro startles slightly when Kujo yanks the cigarette out from between his lips and crushes it underneath his snakeskin-booted heel in one smooth, precise movement. He curses himself silently for not being able to react quick enough, but then pauses when he catches sight of Kujo’s smirk. Before he can question it though, Kujo turns away wordlessly and slides open the balcony doors, looking over his shoulder once in a silent command for Jotaro to follow him, before stepping inside.

What the...does his older self really think he’ll just take orders and follow along? Jotaro grips the railing once more before releasing it entirely, clapping his hand along the outer layer of his uniform to rid his skin of any lingering ashes from the cigarette. Well, he didn’t get a full smoke in but hey, maybe now the bossy older man won’t treat him like some street punk that needed rules enforced on him...or so he can hope against all hope. Still, something about Kujo’s dominant personality makes Jotaro want to obey him, to please him...maybe even be good for him. He sighs, jaw clenched in annoyance. Lately, his mind has been preoccupied with these embarrassing thoughts, especially when he’s trying his best to get a good night’s sleep before classes. Just knowing that Kujo is next door, sleeping in his own bed, is somehow unbearable. He doesn’t know what the hell is wrong with him, or why his recent desires are so constant. As much as he’s actually enjoying university so far (minus all the morons and demanding professors with stupid god-complexes), it’s become a bit difficult to concentrate in classes. And unlike in high school, he actually cares - to an extent. That’s why he needed a cigarette so badly today, Jotaro had hoped that he could take some alone time to calm his nerves and return to a semblance of normalcy without Kujo around. It’s not like he asked for all this to happen. Jotaro grits his teeth, shaking his head as though he can physically force those thoughts to disperse before heading inside too.

“C’mon, Jotaro-kun, come here,” Kujo pats the space next to him on the couch. His legs in those ridiculous snakeskin pants are crossed at the ankles, but his body is entirely relaxed and that light smirk is still on his face. If Jotaro wants to play and misbehave, then sure - two can play this game. He knows exactly what to say and do in order to get his younger self to melt into his touch. It’s all about a fine balance between command and understanding which, with his age and wisdom, he can certainly offer to the recalcitrant youth standing before him.

“Tch. I told you not to call me that,” Jotaro snarls, yanking up the collar of his uniform even higher, as though that would somehow block Kujo’s words and increasingly persistent advances.

“Hm? Call you what? Jotaro-kun? Or what about...Jotaro-chan?” Kujo teases back, feigning innocence and his eyes twinkling when Jotaro starts to blush at the nickname, crossing his arms over his chest in an overly defensive stance. Ah, how cute...he knows that Jotaro craves the guidance of his hand though, despite his guarded demeanor. Kujo smiles, anticipating how rewarding it will be to break Jotaro down. He just needs to get Jotaro to open up a bit...

“I’m not going over there, you damn old man,” Jotaro mutters out, pulling his hat lower over his eyes. He’s frozen in place, eyes trained on the immaculate hardwood floor as though it would somehow offer him answers. The dominant energy emanating off his older self is getting to be thick and cloying...and Jotaro isn’t sure how much longer he can keep up his defensive poise, despite having been practicing this aloof disposition for years. Whereas school teachers failed at getting Jotaro to care and slip outside of his apathetic, defensive nature, Kujo seems to know the right buttons to push. And he’s pushing hard.

“Yare little brat.”

At those damning words, Jotaro sucks in a quick, stilted breath. Fuck. What the fuck. It’s not that he likes being called a brat or whatever, damn it, but the way Kujo said it was just...incredibly hot. He swallows and prays against all hope that his hat somehow hides his blush. Nothing seems to escape Kujo’s vigilant eyes, though, and his knowing smirk returns full force upon Jotaro’s obvious embarrassment.

“Oh?” Kujo stands and pulls Jotaro down towards his lap before Jotaro can even utter out any form of a protest. The fuck? How is he so fast at 42 years old? But of course, he supposes that he shouldn’t be underestimating himself, no matter the age. Once Kujo is seated again, Jotaro is now draped over him, his ass pressed against Kujo’s thighs and knees digging into the plush sofa. Kujo wastes no time, his rough, calloused hands petting Jotaro's sides as though he’s a wild, untrained animal that needs to be comforted and disciplined. Jotaro can’t control the shudder that runs through him, his arms reluctantly coming up to rest around Kujo’s neck. The point is that he’s trying to resist, alright? Doesn’t matter that he’s slowly and steadily losing this race. He meets Kujo’s intense gaze, biting back a flustered growl as Kujo continues to stroke his side, even sliding one of his hands underneath his shirt to splay over the plane of his toned stomach. He trembles, short breaths puffing out as that hand slowly travels further up until it rests over his chest, squeezing lightly. What the hell is his older self up to…?

“Oi—” he bites out, and Kujo doesn’t break their gaze as he rubs at Jotaro’s nipple, hardening under his gentle ministrations. Jotaro jolts in his lap, a small moan ripping through him before he can even think to stop it. He huffs, feeling his tough demeanor crack as pleasure seeps into the edges of his cloudy mind. He shouldn’t be enjoying this, dammit, he’s supposed to be angry at Kujo for not letting him smoke...he should be resisting the charms of his older self...but he can’t control his body as he presses his chest into Kujo’s hand, wanting more. His body seems to be moving of its own accord, and in the back of his mind, Jotaro realizes that this is a game he wouldn’t mind losing, especially if he gets to feel this good in the process, competitive spirits be damned. Though the admittance is reluctant, his surging desire to get utterly wrecked by the gruff, smirking Dr. Kujo is anything but.

“Awh, Jotaro...” Kujo coos, leaning forward and pressing kisses to Jotaro’s shoulder, his fingers continuing to toy with Jotaro’s nipple. “Don’t you want to be good for Daddy?”

Jotaro stills, feeling like the breath has been punched out of him, leaving him completely whiplashed. Fuck, he hates to admit it, but he does. He really, really wants to be a good boy. Still, that doesn’t quell his instinct to act defensive against such provocative remarks.

“W-wha- what do you mean-” he sputters out, face heating impossibly. Control, control, he needs to get himself under control, fuck. “I never - I never said anything like that—!”

“Oh please, Jotaro-kun. You’re terrible at hiding your emotions, despite what you think. I know you want me. I know you want Daddy to treat you well...don’t think I haven’t heard you pleasuring yourself on school nights when you’re supposed to be asleep,” Kujo clucks his tongue at Jotaro’s startled look, shifting to pull Jotaro even further into his lap by the lapels of his black uniform. “The walls are stupidly thin, you know that? You’re not discreet at all, sweet boy. But hey...I sure didn’t mind hearing your moans. But now I want to confirm that I’m the cause of your shameful little jerkoff sessions. I’m here to treat you well...and I know you’re going to let me. Aren’t you, Jotaro-kun?” Kujo’s smile is genuine and comforting as he smoothes a hand over his hip, rubbing gently to dispel the slight tremors of Jotaro’s body at having been exposed so easily. Not that he would have been allowed to keep up his cover for long anyway, but Kujo relishes in Jotaro’s embarrassed expression.

Jotaro swallows thickly, unable to turn or hide his flushed face in this compromising position. He’s utterly exposed, god. He’s beyond saving face now, and decides, with all the aggressive and tactless caliber that his youth allows him, to simply give in to his desires and go for what he wants. But not without a bit of bite first. He is, after all, known for being a feisty little bastard, as all members of the university population and the streets within a 200-mile radius can attest to. He briefly considers denying everything, but Kujo’s hands continue to pet at his sides, and the gesture is at once so tender and soothing that Jotaro suddenly finds himself unable to remain defensive. Skin tingling under Kujo’s fingers, he ruts forward so that he’s pressed entirely against Kujo, shoving his feverish face into the crook of Kujo’s neck and hands grasping weakly at his crumpled coat. He wants this. He needs this. He needs Kujo.

“Ah...D-Daddy...” he mutters out, the word sticking to the back of his throat as he tries saying it aloud for the first time. Oh, god. This is nerve-wracking. And Kujo Jotaro does not get nervous. Except now, faced with the incredible and overwhelming dominance of his sexy, dilfy, older self. Fuck. He can barely understand what’s happening right now - but he knows, without an ounce of doubt, that his mind and body are desperately craving Kujo’s touch. As much as he hates to give in and appear weak, he knows that Kujo will take care of him beyond all that he desires.

Kujo chuckles, an arm encircling Jotaro and holding him tight, his other hand removing Jotaro’s hat swiftly, before settling in his hair and petting through the mess of curls, smoothing down some of the baby hairs that are stuck to his now sweaty forehead.

“Ah-ah, you’re so cute, Jotaro…I want to hear you call me that again.”

Jotaro huffs, pushing against Kujo’s chest to look up at him before his eyes flit away almost immediately, mouth in a tight line and suddenly clamming up. Hmm.

“C’mon, Jotaro,” Kujo wheedles, gently tipping Jotaro’s chin upwards so that he’s forced to look at him. His thumb rubs lightly at Jotaro’s bottom lip, and the puff of breath that meets his skin is feverishly hot, much like the face that is attempting to glare at him. Adorable. “Don’t you want to be good for me? Don’t you want Daddy to make you feel good?” Rubbing at Jotaro’s hardened nipple again to emphasize his point, Kujo looks expectantly at the squirming boy in his lap.

“Daddy…” Jotaro breathes out, finally past the point of bluffing and pressing his chest forward in an attempt to chase the fingers that are offering him such distinct pleasure. “Kujo...Daddy...please! I- I want to feel good...I want you to make me feel good, Daddy, please...”

Inhaling sharply, Kujo nods in approval, guiding Jotaro’s face forward so that their noses are touching. He could listen to the short puffs of breaths coming from Jotaro all day, but decides to not tease him any longer — otherwise, the needy youth might just combust altogether in his lap. Smoothing a thumb over Jotaro’s lip again, Kujo leans in entirely to seal his own mouth over Jotaro’s, capturing him in a kiss so tender that he almost considers going easy on Jotaro. Almost. Kujo licks into Jotaro’s mouth, smirking when he whines, obviously wanting more. Holding Jotaro securely by his waist, Kujo continues to layer kisses into Jotaro, tongue darting in to swipe over Jotaro’s own, breathing in all of his whimpers. When he finally releases Jotaro with a wet pop, a light trail of saliva connecting their lips, it is with complete satisfaction and pride that he realizes how utterly wrecked Jotaro already looks, despite not having done much, yet. He did that. He made his younger self, the most aloof and recalcitrant delinquent around town, look like the very picture of debauchery. And oh, he’s positively proud of that, knowing without a doubt that he’s going to deliver even more.

“Nhnnm, Daddy...” Jotaro gasps out, his fingers rubbing at his own plump and flushed lips, looking completely dazed. He shifts in Kujo’s lap, gazing shyly at him with overblown pupils, tongue darting out to swipe over his damp, freshly kissed lips.

An idea settles in Kujo’s mind, and he motions for Jotaro to raise his arms. When Jotaro obeys quickly and without question, Kujo leans in again to reward him with a small kiss, smiling against Jotaro’s mouth. He pushes Jotaro’s shirt upwards until it’s bunched up underneath his neck and arms, leaving his chest entirely exposed. Not breaking eye contact with Jotaro, Kujo dips his head down and seals his mouth over one of Jotaro’s nipples.

“Ah—wha-what, nn-!” Jotaro’s breath stutters in his chest at the feeling of wet heat engulfing his nipple as he digs his hand into Kujo’s hair and hangs on for dear life. Kujo’s lips knead at the flesh, Jotaro’s nipple perking up to a rounded nub in his mouth. He groans, relishing the taste of clean, salty skin and rolls the nub around in his mouth. When Jotaro gasps and doesn’t tell him to stop, Kujo bites lightly at his nipple, soothing it immediately after with soft, gentle licks.

“Oh-oh, Daddy...Daddy! That feels so, ah, feels so good...nhnm...” Hands shaking, Jotaro releases Kujo’s hair and loops both arms around his neck instead, relying on Kujo to support his weight. “Ah, more...please?” Nudging his chest forward, he pouts, an expression that seems foreign on his generally stoney face, until Kujo releases his nipple and turns his attention to the other. Latching on with his lips and kneading softly with increasing vigor, Kujo chuckles at Jotaro’s flustered expression and rubs the other, pinching and rolling it between his fingers. With both of Jotaro’s nipples erect and so easily pulling needy sounds from Jotaro, Kujo feels immensely satisfied at how he’s successfully taking his boy apart, especially one that is so defiantly inclined to disobedience and scathing language. Now, though, Jotaro is entirely wordless and without protest — mouth falling open around his stuttered moans. He continues to suck, hard, dragging endless whines and whimpers from Jotaro, who seems to be completely oblivious to the way he’s humping downwards and grinding himself against Kujo’s thigh in frantic little movements. Ah, how cute…

Releasing Jotaro’s nipple and raising his head, Kujo smiles and presses more kisses to Jotaro’s flushed face, unable to help himself when the younger boy is being so desperate.

“See, Jotaro. I told you I’d make you feel good, didn’t I?”

Arms still looped tightly around Kujo’s neck, Jotaro nods, breathing hard, his chest glistening with spit following all the attention placed on his hardened nipples. God, he never realized so much pleasure could be derived from simply having his nipples toyed with and now he wants nothing more than for Kujo to continue sucking on them. Chest still tingling and craving the attention of a soft mouth and wet tongue, Jotaro’s whines in confusion when Kujo urges him to stand, gently pushing him off his lap until he’s upright and towering over the older man on the couch.

“Wha- what are you doing…?” Jotaro asks when Kujo’s hands reach out to tug at his two-part looped belt. Seeing how adorably confused Jotaro looks, Kujo almost doesn’t want to break the news to him. But hey, he has to admit to himself that breaking Jotaro down even further will be completely worth it, even if his boy is almost acting cute enough to escape appropriate punishment. Almost, but not not nearly enough - Kujo realizes that actually, he doesn’t quite feel sorry. He wants to utterly destroy and degrade Jotaro and see all the parts of him that no one else is privy to.

“Oh, Jotaro...did you think you’d get away with all that attitude without a bit of punishment? Yare yare...I didn’t know you’d be so naive,” Kujo scolds affectionately, raising his eyebrows and clicking his tongue when Jotaro’s mouth nearly drops open in latent dismay. “After all, bratty boys have to be punished, right? And you’ve certainly been very disobedient. I made you feel good, like I promised, and before you get to enjoy yourself any further, you still need to learn your lesson, baby boy.”

At Jotaro’s betrayed expression, Kujo chuckles lightly, shaking his head as his fingers deftly undo Jotaro’s belts, slipping the patterned fabric out of the loops with a soft clink.

“There’s no need to be nervous, Jotaro...I promise you’ll like this too.” After all, this is himself - and he knows that Jotaro will certainly enjoy being spanked. He grins when Jotaro shuffles his feet, moving closer so that Kujo has easier access, his hands settling on the broad shoulders before him for support. Well, he seemed to get over that slight betrayal rather quickly, when faced with the promise of more pleasure, which is entirely fitting.

“By the way,” Kujo says, easing Jotaro’s lighter out of his uniform pants pocket and leaning over to set it on the coffee table, next to his discarded belts. “I’m confiscating this until you learn to behave.” When Jotaro huffs but doesn’t protest further, he grins and smoothes his hand down Jotaro’s flank, rubbing softly. “Already eager to obey me, aren’t you, my sweet little Jotaro?”

Jotaro nods slowly, biting at his lips and cheeks flushed as his hair flops into his eyes. He shimmies, allowing Kujo to pull his pants off, feeling touched when Kujo folds them before setting them down neatly next to all the other items. Huh. So Kujo remembers how much Jotaro loves his uniform and even in such a moment, that small action really shows Jotaro how much he cares. God...if Kujo continues to act in such a way, Jotaro may just have to suck him off to show his deep appreciation. Not that he has any experience, but if there’s ever a first time for anything, he’d want it to be with Kujo.

Brought back to the moment at hand when Kujo brushes a finger over the bulge of his boxer briefs, Jotaro jolts, fingers digging into Kujo’s shoulders. He looks at the older man curiously, doing his best to stand still and awaiting further instructions.

“Alright Jotaro, be a good boy for me and lie down over my lap.”

Curiously obedient and silent for the moment, Jotaro shuffles forward and arranges himself until he’s sprawled over Kujo’s spread thighs, head angled towards the couch that they’re on. He fixes his eyes on the worn leather, breathing in deeply through his nose. He’s never been spanked before...not even as a little kid who messed up sometimes, as kids were prone to do. Now, though, he finds himself desperate for Kujo’s touch, in any form possible, even if there’s a little pain involved. He trusts the older man, with all his confident experience, to take care of him and make him feel comforted even in a somewhat uncomfortable situation.



“If any of this becomes too much, at any point, tell me and we’ll stop, okay? I won’t force you to do anything you don’t like.”

Jotaro cranes his neck to look up at his older self and nods, eyes clear for a moment. Satisfied with the answer, Kujo leans over and presses a soft kiss to Jotaro’s star birthmark, the lightly purpled skin warm under his lips.

Settling a hand over Jotaro’s upper back, Kujo’s other hand flips the ends of Jotaro’s uniform jacket over his back and pushes his tight ocean blue boxer briefs downwards. Scrunching the material snugly under his balls so that Jotaro’s dick is trapped against this thigh, restrained, with limited movement in his crotch, he admires the sight beneath him. Such a perfect ass, truly. Soft and supple and rounded in the best way, it’s a shame that it’s always hidden behind Jotaro’s dark uniform. Jotaro squirms in anticipation, waiting for Kujo to punish him accordingly.

Without warning, the first solid smack lands in the center of Jotaro’s right cheek, wringing a surprised grunt out of him. He shifts, skin stinging from the solidness of Kujo’s weighty hand.


Kujo smacks him again, this time on his left cheek, equally as centered as before. His propensity for precision is no joke, and at such a moment as this, his skill makes itself distinctly known.


The older man rubs at Jotaro’s shoulder blades, a soothing anchor as he delivers solid smacks to Jotaro’s increasingly reddening ass, alternating between both cheeks. At the tenth hit, Jotaro, teeth gritted and trying his best to be good, digs his fingers into the meat of Kujo’s thigh, his head thumping forwards against the couch. God, his ass is stinging, but it feels pleasant, and his skin is so warm, and he feels like he’s tingling everywhere….

“You’re doing good, Jotaro.”

The praise is a welcome trade-off to the physical beating that he’s receiving, and Kujo bears down on him, spanking him even harder than before. With each smack, Jotaro jolts against Kujo’s lap, the stinging sensation so intense that tears spring to his eyes, his chest and face feeling just as heated from such harsh treatment. He never cries, he prides himself on that - but in this moment, he’s unable to stop his tears. He’s been beaten much worse than this, in the streets and during fights with others but this - this is totally different. This feels good. All of this, as painful as his ass feels so good to be punished in such a way. Oh god, oh god...Jotaro, crying softly, can’t do much except gasp out stuttered breaths, hands clenched tightly in the material of the older man’s pants.

At twenty-five smacks, Jotaro is an absolute mess. He whimpers, skin buzzing with the tremendous effort of staying still. Fist tight against the couch, he squirms, feeling his abused skin being tugged in the process, the pain spreading all over his heated flesh but unable to do anything about it. Kujo shushes him, smoothing a hand over the flushed, raised skin of Jotaro’s ass.

“Daddy…ow...please...” he manages to mumble out, turning his tear-stained face to look up at Kujo, totally dazed. He doesn’t know what he’s begging for, but he knows he needs Kujo. Kujo gently swipes at the corner of his eyes, brushing away some stray tears.

“Shh shh, sweet can endure some more, can’t you? Daddy just wants you to learn your lesson...I know you can be a good boy for me, isn’t that right, Jotaro?”

He nods slowly, incrementally shoving his face against the plush fabric of the couch, hands clenched in front of him. Kujo rubs at the deep blush spreading over the back of Jotaro’s neck before cupping it again in a soothing, non-restrictive gesture. The order, though unspoken, is loud and clear: Stay still.

He spanks Jotaro with increased vigor, his own hand starting to sting with the harshness of his hits. When a solid smack lands on a particularly sore spot, Jotaro lurches forward, gasping out wetly, but soon relaxes again, obediently staying still just like Kujo had commanded. The pleasure that’s slowly seeping in between the hot flashes of pain soon makes Jotaro hard and needy. He whines, mindlessly humping downwards and grinding himself against Kujo’s thigh. Totally overwhelmed, he pants as his dick, trapped in his underwear, chases delicious friction against the older man’s solid leg.

“Awh..Jotaro, how cute. Go ahead. Hump my leg, baby boy. Make yourself feel good.”

He places a soft kiss to the side of Jotaros head, before yanking him up backwards by his uniform’s chunky chain as he humps more fervently, held still by Kujo’s hand on his ass and the lightly restricting hold he has over his upper body. Fuck, fuck, he feels so good, he feels like he’s being completely dominated, and he realizes, somewhere in the deep recess of his mind, through the hazy mix of pain and pleasure, that he loves this - he loves being dominated, disciplined, completely taken care of. He doesn’t have to think for himself, and it’s an unexpected yet great relief to just...give himself over to Kujo, to trust in him. As he whimpers, Kujo continues to spank him, watching with immense satisfaction as Jotaro’s ass turns a deep, lovely shade of red, the skin absolutely hot to the touch.

“...Hnngh, Daddy, ahh, ow…!” The tears tracking down Jotaro’s face attest to how he’s reaching the breaking point, caught in an intense tug-of-war between stinging soreness and sweet pleasure. He’s so close, he’s so fucking close - if he gets to feel this good all the time, he’d let Kujo spank him whenever he wants, god…

He hiccups, tears dotting his cheeks as Kujo runs his hand over Jotaro’s ass, petting down his thighs and up to his back again in a smooth, lulling motion.

“Hurts...” he mumbles out, straining slightly against Kujo’s tightening grip. His hips continue to rut forward with the speed of the smacks, the material of his boxer briefs and Kujo’s snakeskin pants offering a combination of confusing, delightful friction.

“I know, baby,” the older man coos, “But you’re doing so good for me. Are you sorry yet, Jotaro? Daddy needs to know, baby…I just want you to learn to behave...” He accompanies the questioning remark by bringing his hand down several times, harder and harder, rocking Jotaro forward with the force of each hit.

“I’m sorry - Daddy, I’m sorry-!” Jotaro gasps out, tears slipping into his open mouth at the abrupt apology. “I promise I’ll, nnnhn, behave - Daddy, please, Daddy…!” His entire body is shaking, trembling from being spanked and from the sparks of his impending orgasm. So good, everything feels so damn good.

“There you go, that’s my boy, my good boy, Jotaro…”

He bears down on Jotaro again, spanking him with great force, straddling the fine line between too much and just right. He knows exactly how much Jotaro can take and he’s right there - caught in a state of sweet agony, flesh sore and burning hot, cock hard and trapped against a thick thigh. Jotaro squirms against him, flushed ass jiggling as he humps, grinding his stiff dick downwards in frenzied little pumps, mouthing faintly at the sofa beneath him and wetting the fabric.

The final smack lands solidly right between both tender cheeks, rocking him forward. Jotaro cums with a stilted whimper, teary eyes squeezed shut and hips humping down against Kujo’s thigh without stopping, uncaring that his intense release messes up his favorite marine-themed underwear.

“...and that’s fifty. Good job, Jotaro.”

Kujo releases the hold he has on Jotaro, leaning backwards on the couch and allowing him some space. Ah, what a beautiful sight he is, freshly disciplined and sweaty, face tear-stained and blushing.

Following his orgasm and the end of his punishment, Jotaro stills, slumped over Kujo’s lap, brain seeming to have short-circuited for the moment. He relaxes, all the muscles that were strung tight as he got spanked now loosened, letting Kujo pet him all over. After a short while, he seems to be on the verge of dozing off - he feels like he’s on a boat ride, being lulled to contentment by the weight of Kujo’s fingers, the scritch-scritch over his feverish skin. Jotaro’s willingness to submit to the charismatic older man isn’t entirely out of the left-field — he’s just finally been shown what being taken care of properly is like, and he wants more. It’s all that he wants, now.

“Awh, Jotaro...have you learned your lesson? I have to reward good boys, don’t I?” At Jotaro’s quick nod, Kujo chuckles, a rich and hearty sound that excites him further as he’s pulled back to the moment. He lets Kujo slowly pull him upwards so that he’s once again sitting in his lap, though he shifts so that the weight is kept off his sore, bruised ass. Kujo smiles, licking the tears off of Jotaro’s face and pressing soft kisses over his wet eyelashes as Jotaro whimpers, completely overwhelmed and feeling good beyond words.

“Ah, what a mess you’ve made over my thigh, Jotaro…” Kujo tsks, wagging his finger good-naturedly, simply looking to tease him further. Not only did Jotaro cum messily, his underwear wasn’t even able to contain all of his release — much of it had seeped out onto Kujo’s snakeskin pants.

Within the next moment though, Kujo’s eyebrows nearly shoot into his hairline when Jotaro drops to his knees in one clunky movement and dips his head down, wordless and blushing. Pink little tongue darting out and laving over the textured snakeskin material, he laps at the messy cum, even swallowing it down without being asked to, leaving Kujo’s pants glistening. When he successfully cleans Kujo off, he licks his lips and looks up again, leaning his head against Kujo’s thigh. Kujo sucks in a deep breath, slammed with an intense want and need at the incredible sight before him.

“Did I..did I do a good job, Daddy?” he asks, voice husky and obviously referencing his good deed.

Kujo groans, overcome by how absolutely adorable Jotaro is acting. Fuck, yes, of course he did a good job. This is the Jotaro he’s been dying to see. This is the Jotaro that he has been dreaming of, the sweet and submissive and adorably needy Jotaro that’s been waiting to come out and play underneath that tough shell.

“You did an excellent job, Jotaro. I’d create a whole new category of grading beyond an A++ just for you, my sweet, sweet boy…now come here.” He stands and pulls Jotaro upwards, letting him latch on, securing him in a comforting hold. As Kujo carries him to the bedroom, Jotaro can’t help but feel safe and overwhelmed in the best way, head thumping against the older man’s shoulder, legs crossed tightly over his toned waist.

With a soft thud, Kujo sets Jotaro down on the bed, the deep navy comforter now scrunched up around him. He smirks at how Jotaro’s attention is completely trained on him, totally captivated and eager.

“You want your reward, Jotaro? You took the spanking so well, I’m so proud of you, you’re such a good boy…” Kujo trails off, shedding his purple coat and shirt in one smooth motion. His iconic purple hat somehow manages to stay put. The way Jotaro’s eyes immediately shoot to his crotch as Kujo undoes his looped belt doesn’t go unnoticed. He may as well be salivating. Kujo drops the belt to the floor, but doesn’t take off his pants just yet. That can wait. Right now, he has a reward to give.

“Get on your hands and knees for me, baby boy. Yes, good...ass out a little more, Jotaro.”

Despite his questioning whine, Jotaro is quick to obey, settling in the correct position with his hands splayed out in front of him and leaning most of his weight into his upper half. Like this, he’s unable to see Kujo behind him, but he trusts his older self entirely.

The bed dips with their combined weight as Kujo settles onto the bed behind him, a comforting hand rubbing along Jotaro’s freshly spanked ass, the skin still sore.

“Comfortable?” Kujo asks, referring to the position that he’s in. Jotaro nods, eyes trained below him. He’s completely naked, having shed his uniform jacket and stained underwear as soon he got onto the bed. Kujo continues to rub at his cheeks, soothing the tender skin. Slowly, he spreads Jotaro open to peer at his tight hole. Jotaro clenches in surprise, fingers now digging into the plush mattress and scrunching up the sheets as he cranes his head backward, attempting to catch the older man’s eyes. Before he can utter out a question though, Kujo leans forward and, without breaking their slanted eye contact, seals his lips over Jotaro’s virgin hole, kissing and licking softly.

“Nnnhmmf—!” Jotaro’s surprised grunt is muffled slightly when he thuds his face against the bed, scrabbling for some kind of purchase amidst such a shocking and pleasant sensation. He’s immediately hard again, dick jutting out between his legs despite having cum just a short while ago. Ah, such is the non-existent refractory period of youths…

Jotaro mouths at the sheets, nibbling through short puffs of breath, moaning as Kujo eats his ass with astonishing skill and precision, as aptly expected of the nurturing man who prides himself on having an incredible work ethic. And he treats this task with the same care and attention - by rigorously and patiently licking Jotaro open.

Jotaro humps back against Kujo’s tongue, uncaring for how he might look, his dick rubbing against the bed and offering him such sweet, delicious friction. All sense of restraint has not only gone out the window - it has taken to the bleachers, now doublefisting popcorn and slurping soda, watching in delight as Jotaro gets completely wrecked beyond words. When Kujo points his tongue and wiggles it against the loosening stretch of muscle, Jotaro’s spine goes ramrod straight for a fraction of a second, before he relaxes with a shaky moan, fingers twisting in the bedsheets. Noting this with a smirk pressed to Jotaro’s hole, Kujo wraps both hands around Jotaro’s thighs, petting him softly as he’s viciously tongue-fucked. The contrast in feeling is at once incredible and overwhelming for Jotaro - he doesn’t know what to even focus on - from the dexterous tongue that’s wriggling and licking at his innermost parts, or the wet smack of Kujo’s mouth against his hole as he alternates between licking and sucking, or how his calloused hands are rubbing up and down Jotaro’s thighs to comfort him through tremors, or how good he feels humping against the sheets. It’s all too much. He’s getting treated and taken care of in such a way that’s entirely unprecedented, and Jotaro’s mind goes hazy through the onslaught of pleasure, hips pumping erratically downwards as Kujo’s tongue laps at his hole. The action drags his dick across the bed while moving him backwards so that Kujo has complete access and never stops rimming him and eating him out.

“Ah - wait, Daddy, I’m, ah, I’m gonna- hnngh-!” Jotaro releases the bedsheets from his mouth long enough to cry out, shocks of pleasure electrifying his senses. He scrabbles for purchase against the bed, shoving his face into the sheets as he cums, back arching for a tense moment as the intensity of his orgasm robs him of speech. He slumps forward, dick still pulsating, wetness soaking into the sheets.

Kujo slides a thumb into Jotaro’s puffy hole, rubbing along the rim and admiring his work. Jotaro is absolutely slick and dripping, and if his orgasm is anything to judge by, he’s more than ready to get properly fucked, as soon as he’s loosened up some more. Kujo presses one last kiss to his spasming hole before moving to settle on the bed, reclining with his back flush against the headboard. He gently hoists Jotaro’s slackened body upwards so that he’s comfortably curled around him - upper half in Kujo’s lap, face pressed to his thighs and huffing out strained breaths.

“Ahh, cute. You came from me eating your ass. Felt really good, didn’t it?” Kujo rubs at Jotaro’s back as slight tremors continue to wrack his body, noting how blissed out he looks. “Your body is so honest,’re such a good, honest boy for Daddy.” Kujo runs his fingers through Jotaro’s hair, smoothing back the thick strands as Jotaro nods, eyes blinking blearily, not protesting at all. Really, there’s nothing to protest. He is a good boy for Kujo.

Jotaro shifts, nuzzling into Kujo’s crotch, where his hard-on is straining against the tight snakeskin material of his pants. He meets Kujo’s eyes, intention clear despite his pleasure-slackened expression as he shoves his nose against the hardness, inhaling deeply. Kujo smells good.

“Ah….you want this, baby? You wanna suck Daddy’s cock?”

Jotaro nods, tugging the zipper down with his teeth. Kujo brushes his hair back as Jotaro gazes up at him eagerly, cheek still resting on his thigh, mouth opening in obvious invitation. Pulling his cock out of his underwear, Kujo grips himself and helps Jotaro out by guiding it into the heat of his mouth. Once the tip of his fat cockhead settles in, he waits for Jotaro to adjust to it. When Jotaro gives a slow, languid suck, lips wrapped tight around his weighty cock, Kujo groans, the fingers petting at Jotaro’s hair pausing momentarily.

“Mhmm, just like that, baby Daddy what you can do with that mouth.”

Jotaro sucks slowly, gently, almost trapped in a state of reverence, as though the only thing that matters in his life is the thick, heavy cock in his mouth. He breathes deeply, getting used to the weight and texture, before he inches forward. His tongue swipes at the slit, tasting salty, pleasant precum, and he moans, the sound sending vibrations down Kujo’s length. Mature, musky - the scent hits Jotaro’s nose all at once, and he starts salivating, slicking Kujo’s cock more and nostrils flaring. Never has Jotaro craved the taste of cock like right now.

“Good boy, Jotaro...try to move your tongue around more, yes, just like that. Breathe, baby...hollow out your cheeks - ahhh, good boy, mhm, you’re doing so good...”

Pleased and spurred on by the praise, Jotaro sucks eagerly, lapping at the crown of Kujo’s cock, pulling off to press kisses down the length. The more breathless praises he pulls out of Kujo’s mouth, the harder Jotaro works, uncaring that salty precum is swiped over his lips and his cheeks as he messily blows Kujo. Kujo rubs at where his cock is bulging against the inside of Jotaro’s cheek, swiping his thumb against the tender, flushed skin. The heat of Jotaro’s mouth is incredible, and a fitting reward for his discipline. With more praise and encouragement from Kujo, Jotaro puts his mouth to work, aided by an intensity that he usually only dedicates to his favorite pastimes - such as observing the sea creatures at his local aquarium, or watching the ocean waves every weekend, alone and silently content. Now, though, he can happily add sucking cock to his short list of hobbies, even putting it near the top of his priorities.

Jotaro seems to be obsessed with suckling on the tip, pleased little noises escaping his tight lips. Eyelashes fluttering prettily against his cheeks, Jotaro’s eyes flit shut, focusing only on the weight of Kujo’s cock in his mouth. There’s nothing else for him to worry about at this moment, all he cares about is the taste of cock and the pleasant tugging of Kujo’s hand in his hair. So maybe sometimes he wants to be treated a little rough...maybe it feels good to be shown his place. And right now, he belongs here - naked and draped over Kujo’s lap, ass still smarting from his earlier punishment, hole slick and clenching around nothing, his Daddy’s cock shoved deep into his stretched, eager mouth and rendering him verbally incoherent, save for the desperate little whines that escape as he bobs his head up and down.

Distracted and focused on sucking Kujo off, Jotaro doesn’t notice him reaching over him with lube-slicked fingers. Circling Jotaro’s entrance, he slides two thick fingers in with ease and pumps slowly, letting Jotaro get used to it. Already loosened and slick from Kujo’s tongue earlier, Jotaro relaxes incrementally, welcoming his fingers and rocking back against him, not once letting the cock in his mouth slip out. He breathes deeply, feeling utterly caught as he’s fucked and stretched open from both ends. Kujo diligently opens Jotaro up, until he’s pumping four fingers in and out with ease, loosening him even further. Concentrated and eyes shut, Jotaro whines around the mouthful of cock, spittle dotting his lips and cheeks, making him look utterly debauched.

“Mmnnffh-!” Jotaro’s eyes roll back as Kujo’s fingers grip his hair, tugging gently before he fucks his mouth, pumping forward and pulling back as soon as Jotaro seems ready to gag. He never reaches the point of actually gagging, though. Kujo intuitively knows how much he can take, and he always stops right on the threshold, pulling back and allowing Jotaro to breathe properly before dipping back in, his thick cockhead wet and slippery from the heat of Jotaro’s pretty little mouth. God, his boy looks totally blissed out, it’s like he was made to suck cock.

Running his hands through Jotaro’s hair, Kujo fucks his mouth for a few more blissful, thrilling seconds and then pulls him off before he can cum, wanting to save that for when he fucks Jotaro for the first time. Peeved at having his dedicated task disrupted, Jotaro whines, attempting to chase Kujo’s cock, who lets him suckle lightly at the wet tip again before pulling away, smacking it against his pinkened cheek in the process, leaving behind a messy trail of precum and spit.

“You liked that, huh baby? Such a dirty little cockslut for me, Jotaro.”

Jotaro doesn’t protest and instead opens his mouth, sticking his tongue out and showing Kujo all the precum that’s gathered, how wet his mouth is, lips totally slick and glistening. Kujo groans, finally shucking off his pants and moving so that Jotaro is now nearer to the headboard, obediently awaiting his instructions, for him to be touched again. Unable to help himself, he stops by the edge of the bed, admiring Jotaro’s youthful physique and the gorgeous musculature of his toned body. Such a beautiful, handsome boy, and all his. In a surprising move that nearly steals Kujo’s breath away, Jotaro positions himself the same way as when Kujo ate his ass, huffing out excited breaths, still waiting and quickly losing patience.

“O-oi, h-hurry it up, old man-” he attempts to bark out weakly, traces of his defiant and youthful impatience returning, as his fingers tremble where he’s holding himself open, craning his neck to glare back at Kujo. The dim glare is without any heat though, and Kujo sees that really, Jotaro is about to completely lose it if he doesn’t get a cock inside of him now. If Jotaro wants to be fucked until he can’t think anymore, until he’s totally incoherent - then, well, that’s exactly what Kujo promised to do and can surely deliver to such a needy brat.

“Hey now, what happened to the good attitude we established?” Kujo palms himself, pointedly staying put and not moving forward the way Jotaro wants him to. “Come on, Jotaro, beg for my cock like a good boy.” He won’t budge, giving his cock a few slow strokes. Jotaro’s eyes widen, and if he seems truly close to drooling, mouth open and still remembering the distinct, salty taste.

If Jotaro were anyone else, Kujo would be worried about the blush that seems to be permanently etched across his face, even dusting over his neck and shoulders. Now though, faced with the appropriately and extremely hard decision of submitting further and giving in, Jotaro can only do one thing. He begs. He begs like the goodest body to ever exist, immediately dropping any trace of disobedience and falling into a jumbled litany of pleads.

“...P-please, please, Daddy, I want you to fuck me, I- hnng, I want you to fill me up, please Daddy..?” He flips himself over and settles comfortably onto his back, hooking an arm over his thigh so that his leg is raised in the air, a hand prodding at his own slick entrance and spreading it open with two fingers. It spasms, twitching — obviously craving Kujo’s cock.

“Please...Daddy, I want you, I need you to - to make me feel good, I want you to fuck me until I cry, please, nhnn - I want Daddy to show me who’s ah, who’s in charge….Daddy please—!”

Kujo pushes forward, cradling Jotaro’s face like he’s the most precious and rarest marine animal in the world, shushing his cries with soft praises and sweet nothings. How could he refuse his boy? With all the discipline and punishment that has shaped him, Jotaro surely deserves a reward. The biggest, rawest reward.

“Shh, shh, I’ve got you.” He slicks himself with some lube, tugging lightly on his cock. “Unnfh, Jotaro, baby, don’t be so impatient.”

This, lads, is what you call irony: Kujo prides himself on being a patient man, as proven by his diligent discipline of a certain not-so-juvenile delinquent. But when it comes to Jotaro, especially this beautifully wrecked boy in front of him...well, Kujo certainly can’t blame himself for feeling impatient too as Jotaro begs him to fuck him open. He fumbles for the box of condoms on the nightstand, dropping it on the bed, one hand slicking himself with another generous slather of lube, pumping slightly.

“Don’t need it,” Jotaro huffs out, kicking the box of condoms off the bed with a swift swipe of his leg, the desire to get wrecked sending a surge of energy through his body. “Just fuck me. Wanna feel you. Please, Daddy, hurry, hurry, I wanna get fucked, please please Daddy—”

Well, then. What can Kujo do except give his sweet boy exactly what he wants? He’s certainly not one to turn Jotaro away, especially not after he’s proven himself to be utterly tenacious when it comes to craving his cock, precum now drying on his cheeks and lips, leaving a slight sheen over his skin. Not to mention, he’s begging so earnestly, too...

Draping himself over Jotaro, he pushes forward, hard cock in hand and lining himself up with Jotaro’s slick entrance. His hole flutters around Kujo in anticipation, and as he slides in, Jotaro sobs out, breath stilling for a moment as he clenches around the intrusion.

“Shhh, baby boy, relax for me, just like that…”

The fit is snug, and Jotaro does his best to relax his body, breathing through the tension. He’s loosened enough from Kujo’s tongue and fingers, but he’s never been fucked, he’s never even tried putting anything in himself. Besides, Kujo is big - maybe even bigger than himself, somehow. Though slightly uncomfortable at first, it doesn’t hurt, truly attesting to how Kujo has loosened him with such care and precision earlier. Kujo inches forward, slowly and carefully, petting down Jotaro’s flank and over his trembling stomach, diligently watching for any signs of genuine pain. There’s none. Instead, Jotaro sighs, the pressure of Kujo’s cock inside him sparking pleasure all along his body, nerves flaring and going into overdrive.

“Jotaro-kuuuuun,” Kujo drags out the nickname, a teasing lilt on his lips. “Ah, my sweet little Jotaro-kun…You’re taking me so, so well.” He inches forward some more, thrusting in as slowly as he can. Jotaro’s hole clenches around him for a moment, before he relaxes as Kujo bottoms out.

Arms framed on either side of Jotaro’s flushed face and suspended above him, Kujo rakes his eyes all over Jotaro’s body, taking in the tremors racing across skin, the sweat settling across his stomach, in the curves of his angular hips. Beautiful. When Jotaro’s eyes meet his, so open and so eager without any trace of discomfort - he understands, the silent plea clear. Kujo moves, grinding his cock in slowly, swiveling his hips. With a wet smack, his balls flush against Jotaro’s ass, Kujo pitches forward, cock pulsing in and out gradually.

“Aahh, nnnhm…!” Jotaro pants, face reddening as he cranes his neck to look down at where they’re deeply connected. The fat tip of Kujo’s cock rubs at his entrance, catching on the puffy rim before dipping in again, stopping halfway minutely, before slamming in all the way, drawing a deep moan out of Jotaro.

“Look at you, such a lewd little brat.”

“No…” Jotaro protests, rubbing his face into the thick of Kujo’s forearm framed around him, sweaty strands of hair flopping into his eyes. “I’m a good boy, I’m a good boy for you, Daddy, hnnngh…”

“Ahhh, you’re right Jotaro, I’m sorry’re Daddy’s good boy,” he coos in understanding, “Making such a mess for me, I love seeing you like this, sweet boy. Feeling so good, that’s right, just like that, baby.” He snaps his hips forward, driving his cock in deep. When he angles upwards and hits Jotaro’s prostate, Jotaro jolts against him, hands coming up to dig into his arms as an anchor, crying out in soft gasps.

“Mnnnfh-! Ah, ah, that feels, ahh, feels so good—!”

Kujo grins freely, fucking him harder, each thrust pushing Jotaro further up against the rumpled bed. The slickness of Jotaro’s hole, the wet slide each time Kujo thrusts into’s almost too much, the friction incredibly delightful, satisfying in the most insane way. Despite his slight chatter before, Jotaro seems embarrassed and attempts to hide his moans behind his hand, eyes sliding shut for a moment, cheek turned against the pillow under his head.

“Don’t bite your hand, Jotaro. I want to hear you.”

He allows Kujo to pull his hand away reluctantly, latently bashful and glancing shyly to the side, mouthing instead at Kujo’s own hand that’s now tenderly framing his face.

“Oh, baby...want me to give you something to suck?” Kujo slides his thumb into Jotaro’s mouth, so that he can use it as an anchor, letting him latch on in comfort. Index and middle fingers coming to caress Jotaro’s face as he sucks, Kujo rocks forward more, fucking into him harder and harder, contrasting immediately with their gentle contact. If he had known Jotaro was going to get an oral fixation from sucking his cock...well then, Dr. Kujo is surely an unprecedented, accidental genius. Of course, Kujo’s finger doesn’t quite compare to his cock, but it’s enough for now to satisfy Jotaro’s oral craving, confirmed by how he sucks vigorously, little noises escaping along with his halting puffs of breath.

“Ah...what would people say if they saw you like this? On your back and stretched open for me, begging for me to fuck you harder? The town's notorious little delinquent....making such a lewd face for his beloved Daddy.....” Kujo presses a teasing kiss against the corner of Jotaro’s mouth as he tries to grumble in protest, stopped by the finger he’s sucking on. God, he really wishes he could suck Kujo’s cock at the same time while getting fucked...if only his cock could be in two places at once, that would be perfect.

“Just kidding. I’d never let anybody see you like this. You’re mine, Jotaro. All mine.”

Spittle coating his soft lips, Jotaro suckles his finger harder and ruts down against Kujo, pulling a deep groan out of him. He releases Kujo’s thumb from his mouth, glancing up at him from beneath long, wet lashes.

“Yours, yours, only yours, Daddy, please—” The mantra shoots directly to Kujo’s dick, a hot pulse of blood filling it even more, thickening the length. Jotaro’s own cock is rigid and leaking against his stomach, bouncing with each forceful thrust between them and leaving sticky dots of precum along his skin.

“That’s right, Jotaro, you’re mine, all mine. You’re doing so good, ahh, just like that.” Seeing that Jotaro responds so well to praise while grinding down against him, Kujo decides to turn up the stakes and give him what he wants, the praises now pouring out as he alternates between slow thrusts and quick, hard snaps of his hips.

“My - ah, my chest…” Jotaro tugs Kujo’s other hand forward, the grip on his wrist slippery and urgent. Kujo gets the cue, dipping his head down to suckle at Jotaro’s nipple, deft fingers flicking and rubbing the other one. Both his nipples harden almost immediately, rounding to cute, perky nubs. Obscene slurps seem to be the primary sound passing through both their ears - well, that, and Jotaro’s huffy, stilted whimpers as Kujo fucks into him with incredible intensity, going as rough as he can manage without ever hurting Jotaro, mouth working diligently across his chest.

“You like this, don’t you baby? You like when I play with your nipples...ah, such a lewd face you’re making, Jotaro. So good for me...that’s right, show Daddy how good he makes you feel.”

Jotaro mewls, huffing out wet sobs as Kujo continues to suckle on his nipple, lips kneading hard and hips snapping forward even harder. He’s completely overtaken by pleasure at this point, fucked so roughly and held so softly at the same time, feeling safe and protected and overwhelmed in the most astonishing way. Only Kujo can do this to him — only Kujo can make him feel so good in every possible sense.

“Daddy, Daddy, nnnnhn…” he chants, seemingly unable to utter any word besides that, as though “Daddy” is what makes up his entire vocabulary now. That, and needy little whimpers.

“Ah, Jotaro...such a cute and honest boy, my good boy. Gonna reward you, baby. You’re so good for me….such a good boy for Daddy. Just let go, Jotaro...mhm, just like that. Let yourself feel good. I’m gonna take care of you, baby boy…Come on, cum for Daddy, Jotaro.”

At those words, combined with Kujo’s rough, precise thrusts, Jotaro’s orgasm slams over him as though time is simultaneously stopping and accelerating, going beyond human comprehension. Whining frantically and eyes shooting open, his entire body is wracked by wet sobs as he cums, clenching tight, so impossibly tight around Kujo, his own cock jolting and painting his stomach with hot splashes of milky white. Thick ropes of cum coat his trembling skin as he goes taut.

“Aaahhh, ahnnn - Daddy, Daddy, hnngh, Daddy, nnnmh—!” Jotaro mewls wetly, writhing as he keeps cumming, while Kujo continues to pump his hips, hitting his prostate at the exact right angle and urging him through his intense orgasm. He bucks against Kujo, tightening even more as wave after wave of pleasure strikes him, his entire body being brought further to some sort of orgasmic ascension, a sort of transcendence that leaves him feeling utterly fucked out and satisfied in a way that he’s never felt before. He knows, with some small amount of clarity cutting through his release, that only Kujo could make him feel this way.

Kujo huffs out a groan in return, relishing in how Jotaro is cumming so beautifully for him, committing the sight to his impeccable memory. Fuck, and Jotaro’s gripping him so tight, hole fluttering around him and clenching around his thickness.

“Oh, baby boy. Feels good, huh? Daddy loves making you feel good, I’m so proud of you, my perfect, sweet boy...” Kujo trails his fingers over Jotaro’s open mouth, whose tongue swipes eagerly over the calloused digits, suckling softly again. Man, Kujo’s really going to test the limits of Jotaro’s oral fixation sometime - lucky for them, they have plenty of opportunities to do more debauched things, and Kujo is very much looking forward to each of them. Jotaro nods at the question, head heavy and clouded by a distinct, buzzing pleasure. He ruts down again, whining at how hard Kujo’s cock remains inside him. He could stay here forever, in this position, wrapped safely in Kujo’s arms, his hard, weighty cock fucking him open again and again relentlessly.

Kujo leans forward and licks a trail up Jotaro’s throat, sucking lightly on his Adam's apple and placing a hickey right underneath it. It’s just high enough that his uniform won’t be able to cover the hickey, and everytime Jotaro looks at himself in the mirror, he’d be reminded of who he belongs to. Pressing kisses all over Jotaro’s neck, he then smooches each cheek before sealing his lips over Jotaro’s own, kneading softly and inhaling his cute, breathy whines as they kiss.

With Jotaro being so needy and hopelessly adorable, Kujo is also close to coming. He doesn’t want to hold back anymore. Thrusting forward in short, direct movements that brush against Jotaro’s prostate each time, he glances down at where they’re connected, at how Jotaro is stretched so perfectly open for him, taking his cock so unbelievably well. One hand laced with Jotaro’s own and the other rubbing soothing circles into his angular hip, thumb swiping across his trembling waist, Kujo grins at Jotaro, who looks at him with all the adoration in the universe while grinding himself down in time with Kujo’s thrusts. They’re so together. So innately connected. When he pumps his hips again and moves to pull out though, he’s immediately stopped by Jotaro clenching down around him and clamping his thighs tight around his back.



With a quick, defiant nod, Jotaro grinds downwards, pulling a ready and shaky groan from Kujo. Jotaro is pouting adorably, cheeks seeming to be a permanent, dusky pink from blushing so much for so long. Just what is he trying to do..?

“I want you to cum inside me...c’mon, Daddy...give it to me. Fill me with your cum...Daddy, please, nnhm...”

What a devious boy. Kujo is impressed with his tenacity, especially after he already came three times and now, he wants this, of all things. He’s so hopelessly insatiable. Even with his incredible stamina, Kujo can’t seem to last long. He groans at Jotaro’s pleading request, wanting to give Jotaro everything he desires in the universe and more beyond that.

“Oh? So that’s what you want, baby? Say it again, Jotaro. Tell Daddy exactly what you want.”

He puncuates his remark with a sharp thrust, hips pumping in and out even more fervently. He knows he probably shouldn’t tease Jotaro further, having had his fair share of teasing already, but he can’t seem to help himself. Jotaro is just so incredibly cute. Kujo snaps his hips forward harshly, rocking Jotaro with each deep, perfectly angled thrust.

“Please, Daddy, please...I want you to cum inside me, nnhm, want you to ah, make me yours...please, my hole is yours...fill me up, Daddy, ahh…!”

Spurred on by Jotaro’s earnest pleas and the slick warmth wrapped around his cock, Kujo goes taut, skin thrumming, all the tension seeping out of him in one go as he cums deep inside Jotaro. He ruts forward, leaning over Jotaro and cradling him, pressing kisses all over his heated face.

“Ah Jotaro, good boy..! Such a good boy for me, fuck, mhm, my Jotaro, ahhhn…”

Hot cum floods Jotaro’s insides and he mewls, clamping down on Kujo, not wanting to waste a single drop. He wants his Daddy’s cum inside him forever, marking Jotaro as his, his boy, his Jotaro, only his. He belongs to Kujo. He keens, feeling so full and feverish all over, brought to closure in so many ways with Kujo spurting hot cum inside him. Breath stuttering, he feels suspended in the moment as Kujo comes down from the peak of his own orgasm, thrusting in a few more times - softly, just to feel how slick and wet he made Jotaro with the thick load of his intense release.

When Kujo moves to pull out, Jotaro finally lets him, unclamping his thighs and sliding his legs to rest against the bed again, limp and satisfied. Even at his age, Kujo still let out an impressive load. He rubs a finger along Jotaro’s slightly swollen hole, now painted a milky white, filled to the brim with Kujo’s cum. Eyes devious and a light smirk on his lips, Jotaro holds Kujo’s gaze and clenches down, hole fluttering as a small drop of cum oozes out, sliding down the curve of his ass. Kujo inhales sharply, captivated by the sight. Damn it, if Jotaro keeps acting like this, Kujo may have to discipline him some more…For now, though, he wants to cuddle Jotaro.

Kujo sinks back down into bed besides Jotaro, wrapping both arms around him, kissing his boy through the aftershocks, heart full and inhaling the sweaty scent between them.

“Starry-eyed boy,” Kujo murmurs, “You’re so, so good for me, hmm? My good boy, Jotaro. Mine.”

Jotaro nods slowly, looking sleepy. But of course - they’ve done so much today, and he deserves some rest, especially after being so well-behaved.

“Yours,” Jotaro agrees, “I’m all yours, Daddy.”

Kujo chuckles at that, ruffling Jotaro’s hair as he presses further into his side. He peppers Jotaro’s face with endless kisses, smoothing the divot of his dimples with his own lips, just breathing in the skin of the sweet, pliant boy in his arms.

“Well now, it seems that all I needed to do to get you to behave was to give you a good dicking, huh?”

Jotaro grunts softly, eyes still shut and too soothed by the fingers gently digging into his scalp to care about the teasing remark. Besides, he thoroughly enjoyed being dicked down, and by extension, getting disciplined felt...good. Incredible, truly. Although he is certainly loath to admit it anytime soon. But Kujo probably already knows. Scratch that - he most certainly knows. Such is a dilf’s intuition, it seems.

Jotaro sniffles and cracks an eye open to peer up at Kujo, who meets his gaze with a knowing wink.

“...So, can I get my lighter back?”

“Yare yare daze...don’t push your luck, my little Jotaro-kun.”