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When Yoongi first meets Seokjin, he doesn't know Seokjin is the older one. Granted, it's only by a couple of months, but it's still enough to separate them in the social structure of their society. Seokjin's still a hyung , and with that comes certain social obligations and expectations from both Seokjin's and, as the younger, Yoongi's part. But that's all only relevant once their ages have been established, and for Yoongi, it takes him quite a while before he figures out that Seokjin is, in fact, a '92 liner and not, as he had first assumed, a '95 liner along with Jimin and Taehyung. 

To be fair, it's not a totally unfounded assumption. Seokjin's brought into their group of friends by Taehyung, the most social butterfly out of all of them, and he's equal parts awkwardly shy as he's boisterously silly. He fits in well with the brats, taking to Namjoon's little brother Jungkook almost immediately. Yoongi keeps him at a distance as he does everyone new in the beginning, and they barely exchange words for quite a while. 

It's embarrassing, but Yoongi assumes Seokjin's being a disrespectful brat because of his lack of formal speech, and it's one of the reasons why Yoongi keeps his distance despite Jimin and Taehyung's obvious disappointment. Another reason is that he's just way too pretty, and not in the way Taehyung and Jimin are. He makes Yoongi want to do things that he really shouldn't. But Seokjin's just got an annoyingly fresh, youthful beauty about him, and the stupid way he laughs and the silly way his ears turn red constantly just adds to the image of someone innocent. Someone much too innocent for the thoughts Yoongi keeps having, anyway.

Yoongi blames his preoccupation with keeping himself away from Seokjin for not confronting everyone but Jungkook for calling Seokjin hyung. He assumes they're mocking Seokjin, in a way, for his lack of formal speech towards what Yoongi assumes are still the oldest ones in their group of friends. He gets that Hoseok and Namjoon have never been overly concerned about the age-based social hierarchy, but in retrospect he knows he should've caught on way earlier. Or at least been decent enough to talk to Seokjin and actually find out his actual age rather than making assumptions about him. 

And Yoongi made quite a few assumptions, in the beginning.

What starts to shatter Yoongi's well-built denial of reality is when Yoongi catches sight of Seokjin ordering a beer as they're all out eating together, and no one bats an eye. Hoseok is keeping an eye on Jimin, who's only a few months away from being legal but is also known for sneaking a drink anyway, while Namjoon watches over Jungkook in case he gets any ideas. Taehyung took a sip of soju once, and no one worries he's ever going to overindulge in alcohol even when he does become old enough. 

That leaves Seokjin, however, who's seated on the opposite end of the table as far away as Yoongi could get him. It's the middle of the day and it's the first full group outing with Seokjin that Yoongi's agreed to come to, and he's a bit disturbed that neither Hoseok nor Namjoon are making a fuss about baby-faced Seokjin, the newcomer, gulping half a beer down in one go like he's been doing it for sport. Unwilling to make a scene though, because he's fully aware that he's been a bit of a dick lately, Yoongi chooses to keep his mouth shut and focus on the food instead.

The next clue he gets is an overheard conversation between Jungkook and Taehyung. Taehyung goes to University for acting, presumably where he met Seokjin if Yoongi remembers correctly, and he's talking to Jungkook about the different options available that most parents won't willingly let their children know exists. But Jungkook is an immensely creative and talented soul, already having quite a lot of interests that lean towards song, dance, art and photography. He's only seventeen, but he's been talking to each and every one in their group of friends about the future, about what options he has, and this time it's Taehyung's turn. Yoongi just so happens to be in the room.

"Seokjin-hyung was scouted, you know. They've got him signed up for singing classes now as well," Taehyung says, smiling proudly. "He's gotten several offers from agencies, but he said he's gonna say yes to one of them once he graduates this year. Isn't it amazing? He deserves it, our hard-working hyung! I'm just annoyed he won't tell me which agency he's gonna choose."

Jungkook looks suitably impressed, but he's also laughing and poking Taehyung's side. "You just wanna know so you can pester the agency to let you in as well."

Pouting, Taehyung tries to slap Jungkook's hands away to no success. "So what if I wanna follow hyung, huh? You're not one to talk, Kookie, the number one Namjoon-hyung fan in the world. Brother complex, much?"

The two dissolve into bickering, and Yoongi tunes them out as he frowns. Taehyung and Jimin are years away from graduation. Yoongi remembers hearing somewhere that Seokjin got in on an early admission (another thing to add to the list of annoying things about perfect Kim goddamn Seokjin), but surely not that early. Not even Namjoon, super genius (and super klutz), would've managed that feat. 

The cogs start to turn, but Yoongi gets distracted by a flailing mess of limbs hurtling his way, amongst peals of laughter and screaming. He barely avoids getting nailed in the head by Jungkook's hand, but ends up with Taehyung half-sprawled out on his lap and a very sharp elbow digging into his thigh.

It's not until much later, when the dust has settled and he's scolded the two brats into submission, when Hoseok and Namjoon come home to the apartment the three of them share, that Yoongi starts to really actually think about it. 




"I will kill you dead, Namjoon, if this leaves the room," Yoongi says as he watches, gloomily, while his friend is splayed out in his chair in their studio with tears of laughter streaming down his red, stupid face.

Yoongi's first order of business had been to gather some vitally important missing information. Such as Seokjin's actual age. That would mean admitting to his very embarrassing and somewhat willing ignorance, however. The list of people Yoongi's willing to admit a fault like this to is very, very short. Enduring Namjoon's hilarity at Yoongi's expense is painful but also fair, and he knows once his friend has calmed down he'll actually contribute with some helpful advice and information.

"Okay, okay, oh my God, okay," Namjoon gasps, wiping his eyes and attempting to calm his breathing. It appears to be working, as he's slowly straightening up in his seat and looking over at Yoongi with a smirk. "You're utterly ridiculous sometimes, hyung. You've got no one to blame but yourself, but I'll get to that. Yeah, Seokjin-hyung isn't same-age friends with Tae and Jimin. Seokjin-hyung is your hyung. He's a '92-liner."

Yoongi feels his cheeks heat up and hides his face in his hands, groaning. He slumps into himself and almost slides out of his own chair.

"Fuck me," he swears because, fuck. He'd hoped to hear Seokjin would be a fellow '93 liner, or even a '94 liner with Namjoon and Hoseok. It's slightly mortifying to realize he's been doing what he's been annoyed at Seokjin- hyung for doing. Well, thought he was doing. Which was willfully neglecting honorifics because he was being a rude little brat.

Yoongi hates being wrong, but he also doesn't shy away from admitting to it when he is.

"You should probably talk to him, hyung," Namjoon begins, resting an elbow on the table and propping his chin up on his hand. "You've been a bit of a dick to him, and he doesn't know why. I've tried to explain that you're always stand-offish towards new people, especially in our group of friends. He gets that, but he's also not stupid or unobservant. He's noticed you've been avoiding him and singling him out. I think you owe him an explanation. And I know it's not about honorifics, hyung."

Groaning, Yoongi feels his cheeks heat up and curses his fair complexion. He's already dreading the conversation he knows he's going to have with Seokjin-hyung, and it sucks, but in retrospect Yoongi really has gone out of his way to avoid the man, to the point where he's been straight up ignoring as much as he could about him. He knows close to nothing about Seokjin-hyung, despite how well he seems to have integrated into Yoongi's small social circle, and he knows that's not actually okay.

"I'm an asshole," Yoongi sighs. "He just...rubbed me the wrong way. He hasn't actually done anything. I know I need to apologise."

Namjoon lets out a loud, unattractive snort. "I think that it's just that he hasn't rubbed you at all. It's okay, hyung, you're not the first nor the last person to be attracted to Seokjin-hyung. It's a bit juvenile to give him shit about it, though. He can't exactly help that he gives you a boner by simply existing."

Shoving hard at Namjoon's chair with his foot, Yoongi makes him roll away and causes him to flail at the unexpected movement.

"Shut the fuck up, you dick," Yoongi mutters, mortified but also unable to dispute it. He realizes his attraction to Seokjin caused him to act out in denial, and it's unfair, and he's dreading having to face up to it and what that will mean for future interactions with Seokjin-hyung. What's Yoongi going to do with all this when he can no longer ignore Seokjin-hyung and hope that his attraction to him will go away? Damnit. It's just going to escalate .

"What? He's just your type, ticks all the fucking boxes. Just you wait until you actually get to know him, you're going to really regret not doing it earlier," Namjoon grins as he shuffles his chair closer again. "He cooks, he cleans, he plays video games. He likes to wear sweaters that are way too big and he's thoughtful. He can read the mood of a room really well, you know. He's really boisterous with the kids, with me and Hobi too sometimes, but he's also a very quiet and intelligent person. Hard-working and responsible. And shy, Yoongi, he's shy. His ears turn red when you compliment him sincerely. It's adorable ."

Yoongi gulps. Well, shit. He can already imagine Seokjin-hyung in one of those soft sweaters he's seen him in, dwarfed, smiling bashfully in a way that makes his cheeks do that squishy thing , and those ears turning red, and Yoongi can already see where this is going.

"Also, you should come with us to the gym next time. His shoulders are wide, yeah, but his waist is tiny. He's like, your walking wet dream, hyung."

Yoongi really hates his life, sometimes. 




Seokjin-hyung turns out to be wonderful, of course, because as much as Yoongi hates his life, life hates Yoongi more.

He's a complete little bratty shit about Yoongi's mistake. He laughs in his face, and takes obvious joy in making Yoongi call him hyung. Yoongi is fucking endeared . Who in their right mind is attracted to pettiness? Clearly, Yoongi is insane.

"You have so much to make up for, oh my God," Seokjin-hyung tells him gleefully. "You're taking me to the arcade and I'm going to give you my full introduction course to Kim Seokjin and all my excellence."

Turns out learning more about Seokjin-hyung is really fun, even if it's completely unhelpful for Yoongi's sanity, so he doesn't protest when Seokjin-hyung offers everything up voluntarily. He's taken Yoongi's apology in stride, recognizing its sincerity, and he's not holding a grudge. Instead he seems eager to finally befriend him, and Yoongi is helplessly thankful and charmed. 

Seokjin-hyung's also shit at arcade games, but so is Yoongi, so it's a good match. They make a good match.





Seokjin-hyung invites them all over for dinner, a week after Yoongi made his apologies. It's Saturday and apparently hyung comes from a rich family because his apartment is spacious and in a good neighbourhood, entirely unexpected of a university student majoring as an actor.

"Would you come by earlier? I could use an extra pair of hands, and I hear you're a great cook," Seokjin-hyung had asked him, and Yoongi quickly learned that he finds it exceptionally difficult to deny his hyung anything. Besides, Yoongi finds cooking relaxing and he finds being alone with Seokjin-hyung peaceful. Surely doing both must be the best combination.

He's entirely right.

"Are you done with these?" Seokjin-hyung asks, having cleaned up after Yoongi as he works, keeping the kitchen clear of clutter as they do a number of different dishes. It's efficient, and practical, and Yoongi takes great enjoyment in how well they work together. Cooking is fun, Yoongi's having fun. He even likes the way Seokjin-hyung uses a knife, and Yoongi's usually the first to take over any type of cutting if one of the other brats tries to help because he has a way of cutting things and when people cut it differently he gets anxious

"Yeah, could you get me the salt too?" Yoongi replies, distracted as he keeps vigilant watch over the boiling pot before him. Seokjin-hyung hums in agreement, bustles around him, and things go so smoothly that by the time Jimin arrives (fifteen minutes late compared to everyone else), everything is done and plated. The kitchen is clean, everything is put away, and all seven of them sit around Seokjin-hyung's table making a ruckus and laughing. 

Yoongi feels surprisingly light, and he realizes he hasn't felt this way for a long, long time. He looks over to Seokjin-hyung and he can't stop grinning like a complete doofus. He doesn't even care when Hoseok teases him about it, or when Taehyung keeps making flirty jokes about Yoongi and Seokjin-hyung that hyung laughs and blushes about. He's entirely content.

Later, after everyone has crashed and gone to bed in different places of the apartment (Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook squeeze together on Seokjin-hyung's massive pull-out couch, while Namjoon and Hoseok sleep on a double futon on the floor next to the couch. Seokjin-hyung drags Yoongi into his large, fluffy bed and it's embarrassing but also really exciting), dread starts to settle in the pit of Yoongi's stomach. 

If he's feeling this good now, how the hell is he going to manage when it all starts to unravel and fall apart?

He falls asleep uneasy. On the one hand, he's snuggled into soft sheets that smell of Seokjin-hyung, while said hyung lies curled up next to him looking like a dream, but on the other hand… Yoongi knows he's falling and he's falling deep . And that's bad, because what's a guy like Kim Seokjin supposed to want with a guy like Min Yoongi?




"You've been acting like a dick again," Seokjin-hyung observes, having invaded his studio with a bag of food and a huge takeaway cup of coffee. "It's been making the little ones twitchy."

Yoongi glares. "When I gave you my password to the door it was not an open invitation to ambush me at any time, hyung."

In typical fashion, he's ignored. Not that he actually minds. In fact, the headache that had been building for the past hour seems to recede and the tight stretch of his shoulders have relaxed upon noticing just who had dared to enter his realm. 

Being around Seokjin-hyung makes him happy. It kinda pisses him off, sometimes.

"I don't think I can take much more of Jungkook's quietly wounded puppy eyes, and Taehyung's been asking me if it's something he's done. Even Jimin's been sulking. They're walking on eggshells around you and it's high time for an intervention," Seokjin-hyung explains, putting away the food and drink on a table and taking the extra chair to sit down next to Yoongi. He pauses, looking him over, and the playfully scolding look on his face melts into something soft and sincere.

"Are you okay, Yoongichi?" he asks, voice low and calm while his dark eyes look warm and inviting. Yoongi practically melts

"Just...I've just had a few bad days, that's all," he mutters, unwilling to disclose how big of an idiot he's been. He's been snapping at his friends, irritable because he's struggling to come to terms with his own feelings. He's aware he's been acting childish again, been getting stuck in his own head and been letting those dark thoughts spill over and onto those around him. 

It's just... he's been feeling so good lately. He's been practically delirious with giddy excitement over getting closer with Seokjin-hyung. He's been enjoying all the bad jokes he gets to complain about. He's been looking forward to being teased for his height because it means Seokjin-hyung will drape himself over his back and engulf him in his arms to showcase the difference in size. He's been embarrassingly excited about cooking together, about moving around each other in the kitchen as they attempt to feed five other hungry boys. He's been greatly inspired by the way Seokjin-hyung reacts so well to the music he creates, the way he listens to it and hums along and marvels over the lyrics. It's just all been so different from what Yoongi is used to, and once that thought struck so did the realization that what he feels for Seokjin-hyung isn't just a little crush . It's so much more, and the thought of that had his hackles rising and before he knew it, he's acting like a moody teenager all over again.

Truly, it's embarrassing, how emotionally constipated he found himself. No wonder Namjoon's been rolling his eyes so aggressively at him the last couple of days.

Seokjin-hyung hums thoughtfully, interrupting Yoongi's thoughts. 

"I can tell you're not ready to talk about it. I just thought you needed to know I'm aware something's up, and that I'm ready and willing to listen whenever you feel you're ready to talk," Seokjin-hyung begins, pausing to pat Yoongi's knee and smile, all radiant and lovely. "I brought you some food and coffee, that I hope you'll consume. I know work is important to you, but your well-being is very important to me - to us - and it would mean a lot if you would take a moment to eat."

Yoongi gulps, fighting the urge to hide his face in his hands and swear at the injustice. How is he supposed to resist this man? Why is he even trying to? 

"I...I, well. Thank you, hyung," he says, lame and stupid and awkward. "I'll eat. And I'll talk to you about...this...later. I promise. Just gotta get my head on straight. Been a bad couple of days, like I said."

Seokjin-hyung grins, leans over, and hugs him. He smells clean , like soap and fabric softener and shampoo and lotions and Seokjin

"Maybe today," Seokjin-hyung begins, pausing to quickly lean in further and press a soft kiss to Yoongi's cheek before withdrawing from him completely with a smile on his face. His ears are red, but his eyes sparkle. "Will be a better day."

Yoongi gapes. The skin where Seokjin-hyung's lips had touched feels warm and tingly, and he can't stop the urge to touch it with his fingers. His head feels like it's going to explode from the amount of blood rushing to it and he's sure he looks like a blotchy, ugly tomato with a dumb, startled look on his face.

He stares at his hyung, trying to find words that aren't 'please do that again' or 'again, but on the lips, hyung' (or 'you missed' combined with taking hold of that soft sweater and dragging him close for a proper goddamn kiss, tongue and all). 

Seokjin-hyung merely smiles, that cute one where his cheeks do that squishy thing . He ruffles Yoongi's hair and then he stands and turns and then he leaves.

The door to Yoongi's studio clicks shut and he can only stare for a moment before he slides off his chair and onto the floor, knees aching at the impact. 

"Jesus fucking Christ," he swears, collapsing further in mortification at his own behavior and ending up on his back, staring at the ceiling. "I'm fucking stupid. "




It takes Yoongi an agonizing thirty-six odd hours to get his shit together. It mostly involves a long conversation with Hoseok and a few pointed looks from Namjoon, followed by a long stretch of silence in his own bedroom staring blankly at the ceiling and trying not to freak the fuck out. 

Next thing he knows he's sitting on their couch, absolutely frazzled but completely determined, typing furiously on his phone as he asks - demands - for Seokjin-hyung to come over and end his misery.

Predictably, Seokjin-hyung's response is equally dramatic and exaggerated, but he still ends up knocking on Yoongi's door only a few hours later (traffic was bad, he said, sounding guilty and apologetic, as if him showing up at all after Yoongi's sketchy text wasn't amazing as it is). 

"I really like you," Yoongi blurts out, sitting in the corner of the couch and staring wildly at Seokjin-hyung where he's just settled down next to him. "I mean, I really fucking like you. I want to date you. I'm sorry."

Seokjin-hyung blinks, processing. His ears are red, his cheeks look flushed, and his eyes are wide. He looks so pretty, with messy hair and his big, fluffy, baby blue sweater. He's got those old, worn jeans on too, that are soft and scuffed and hugs his thighs. Yoongi still hasn't seen him without a shirt, or anything tight-fitting, but he's hugged him and gripped at his waist and he's just suddenly thinking about the way Seokjin-hyung feels when he's in his arms and it's not doing anything to help him right now, fucking---

"Why on Earth are you apologising?" Seokjin-hyung says, smiling softly and leaning in to knock his head against Yoongi's in an affectionate gesture that has Yoongi's heart tripping in his chest. "I'm actually really happy about it. It works out great for me, you see, because I like you too, you little grump. Really a lot."

Yoongi's breath catches in his throat. It feels like someone has sucker-punched him, because he's dazed and it's taking way too long to process just what Seokjin-hyung is saying. His hyung is patient with him, though, because he waits and he smiles and he looks a little nervous but also very happy and shy and it's pushing at a lot of Yoongi's buttons. His good buttons. 

A little hesitant, Yoongi reaches out and tugs at the sleeve of Seokjin-hyung's sweater. His hyung shuffles closer, pliant and expectant, and Yoongi can't help but smile.

"Can I take you on a date then?" Yoongi asks, quiet and trying to sound calm and collected. Seokjin-hyung is so close now, the heat of his body warming Yoongi up as their legs press together and Seokjin-hyung's hand ends up in Yoongi's.

"I would love that," Seokjin-hyung replies without hesitation, voice soft and shy, and he looks so appealing and hopeful that Yoongi swallows a tortured groan before he leans in to kiss a flushed, rosy cheek and enjoys the way Seokjin-hyung squirms in delight, giggling.

"Can I kiss you? More?" Yoongi asks, dying to feel those plump, pink lips against his own. Seokjin-hyung giggles, his laugh awkward and cute, and nods before he moves in quick to peck the tip of Yoongi's nose. 

"Please," Seokjin-hyung breathes, quiet and a little desperate, and it makes Yoongi curious about what Seokjin-hyung has been thinking. Has he also longed for this? Thought about Yoongi's kisses, Yoongi's touch? God, he fucking hopes so. And he's suddenly anxious to live up to, if not surpass, those potential expectations. 

He cups Seokjin-hyung's cheek with the hand that isn't holding onto hyung's hand, and he gently guides him towards himself until their noses brush and they're breathing the same air. For a moment, Yoongi simply looks into Seokjin-hyung's dazed eyes, before he pushes forward and presses their lips together.

It's soft, a little dry, but warm and so, so good. Yoongi breathes out heavily through his nose and almost combusts at the weak, helpless noise of pleasure that escapes Seokjin-hyung. They both press in closer, Yoongi's tongue slipping out the trace hyung's lower lip. It causes Seokjin-hyung to open his mouth, lips parting and breath hitching. He completely melts into him as Yoongi deepens the kiss, licking into his hot mouth and taking control of the kiss. Yoongi takes both of his hands and sneaks them down to Seokjin-hyung's pretty little waist, taking hold of him and tugging until he's got Seokjin-hyung scrambling to straddle his lap and wrap his arms around Yoongi's neck.

"God, finally, Jesus," Seokjin-hyung gasps, once Yoongi allows him to break away from the kiss. He only does it to allow himself to explore the soft, smooth skin along Seokjin-hyung's jaw, his slender neck, and the patches exposed by the wide gap of his sweater's collar. "Why did this take so long, why didn't you do anything, I saw the way you looked at me even back when you hated me."

Yoongi nips at the tendon of his neck, eliciting a choked moan, and he runs his hands up and down Seokjin-hyung's sides.

"I never hated you," Yoongi confesses with a grumble, licking at a collarbone and contemplating the taste of clean skin together with the scent of his hyung that engulfs him. "Now shut up, I need to kiss you more."

Seokjin-hyung laughs, breaking off into moans as Yoongi sucks on the skin of his neck, working his way back up to his lips.

"Gosh, you're such a brat," Seokjin-hyung bemoans, but it's easily disregarded because in the next breath he's pressing in against Yoongi and letting him kiss him, deep and slow and hot.

Seokjin-hyung is so wonderfully pliant and responsive, it's driving Yoongi mad with want and a strange sense of pride. He loses the concept of time, and finds himself startled when he finally pulls away to admire his handiwork. Seokjin-hyung's lips are swollen and a shocking red, shiny with spit. Parted to allow his hyung to pant, open mouthed, it looks obscenely good. The glassy look in his dark eyes, the mess of his hair, the rosy flush on his cheeks….Yoongi's insanely aroused and the fact that Seokjin-hyung's bottom is pressing against his hard dick isn't exactly helping. Especially not when Seokjin-hyung keeps squirming. 

"Perhaps," Yoongi begins, voice hoarse and breathless, "I should at least take you out for dinner before we move any further."

Seokjin-hyung shivers, biting his lower lip and stifling a whimper at the sensation. His lips must be throbbing, sensitive from Yoongi's loving abuse, and it sends a hot jolt of arousal straight to Yoongi's gut. 

"How about I eat you up instead? Good enough?" Seokjin-hyung breathes out, sounding playful but also very hopeful. It's a bad joke, it's a kind of joke Yoongi normally hates, but now all he can think about is pushing Seokjin-hyung down to the floor on his knees, getting Yoongi's dick out and fucking into hyung's sweet, hot fucking amazing mouth.

He groans. He hates himself for what he's about to do, but he also really needs to talk about this, and fucking Seokjin-hyung's brains out right in this moment would derail him completely. 

"This isn't a one time thing, for me," Yoongi manages to say, voice rough and hands clenching at Seokjin-hyung's waist, fighting the urge to grind up against his ass. 

Seokjin-hyung groans, but also seems to deflate a bit and relax into Yoongi's hold. His fingers run through the hair at the back of Yoongi's head, scratching, and it feels so good that Yoongi can't help but shiver and make a small, involuntary noise of pleasure.

"Figures you'd be a gentleman behind all that sarcasm and with that foul mouth of yours," hyung sighs, sounding fond and amused. Yoongi kind of wants to kiss him again. A lot.

"Shut up," he grumbles, blushing. His hands won't stop kneading at the lovely curve of Seokjin-hyung's waist and hips, relentless, and he really wants to push up the sweater and just see him. 

"Shut up or talk, which one is it?" Seokjin-hyung asks, laughing as he traces a finger down the bridge of Yoongi's nose, bopping the end of it gently. He looks really at home, planted on Yoongi's lap all well-kissed and pliant, good humour shining in his eyes and ears flushed a dark red.

Glaring, completely insincerely, Yoongi reaches up to pinch one of those soft, rosy cheeks. "Both, you brat."

Seokjin-hyung gasps, faux annoyed, hand to his chest and brows furrowed.

"How rude!" he says, but he quickly dissolves into giggles, collapsing onto Yoongi with his arms around him, nuzzling his nose against the crook of Yoongi's neck. "But okay, I get it. Just give me a few moments. I gotta calm down. Can we cuddle?"

Yoongi prays for strength, and wraps his arms around his hyung for a tight, desperate hug. "Yes, please."




Their first official date goes off without a hitch.

Yoongi takes Seokjin-hyung to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves his favorite lamb skewers. He even pays, and he can tell how obviously pleased and extremely shy that makes Seokjin-hyung. He thinks his hyung likes to be spoiled, but is too humble and self-conscious to ever wish or ask for it. Yoongi promises himself to take good care of him, from now on, because Seokjin-hyung has been so generous and thoughtful towards all of them before and Yoongi finds the idea of pampering him quite pleasing. 

"I had a great time," Seokjin-hyung says, sincere and pleased, a soft smile on his face. "Thank you for tonight."

Yoongi is extremely pleased with himself. He took his hyung out, treated him to food he liked, paid for it, and kept up a steady stream of fun and entertaining conversation during the whole thing. Even the stretches of silence between them had been pleasant rather than awkward. Yoongi's proud , okay? 

"Can I kiss you again?" he blurts out, immediately mortified because he was supposed to let Seokjin-hyung know he felt similarly happy about the way the night had played out. Instead, he can't stop staring at Seokjin-hyung's mouth and wishing he could wreck him again.

Seokjin-hyung laughs, startled, and leans into Yoongi's side. They're outside Seokjin-hyung's apartment, because Yoongi is a gentleman and insisted on taking his hyung home. He easily wraps an arm around Seokjin-hyung's waist, supporting him and trying not to squirm with excitement at how Seokjin-hyung nuzzles his nose into his neck.

"You can kiss me any time, Yoongichi," Seokjin-hyung whispers, sneaking his hands around Yoongi's shoulders and bringing his face up to Yoongi's. "Also, you don't have to go home tonight. If you don't want to sleep in my bed you can take the couch. I don't like the thought of you going home this late, but it's up to you. But if it's any incentive, I promise to make you breakfast tomorrow if you stay the night."

As if Yoongi needs any persuading to stay at hyung's place, much less his bed , Jesus Christ.

"It's a deal."




Namjoon was right. Yoongi really does wish he would have done this from the beginning. But that's in the past. Right now, in the present, Yoongi's just very glad and thankful for what he does have now.

Seokjin doesn't really mind if Yoongi drops honorifics, now. He never really did, but he milked it a lot in the aftermath of Yoongi admitting he'd thought Seokjin was much younger than he is and that he was being deliberately rude.

"It's funny," Seokjin says, grinning. "I've never really been a hyung before. I'm the youngest in my family, so I didn't really notice or care that you skipped the honorific."

It's still very embarrassing. Yoongi hides his face in his boyfriend's shoulder and wishes for the heat in his cheeks to recede.

"Can we stop talking about it? I'm trying to enjoy the afterglow and you're ruining it with talking," he grumbles, not at all annoyed to be honest. He feels too good. Limbs relaxed, completely sated from having his fill of a lovely, pliant Seokjin. He's still a bit red in the face, a healthy flush, with dark eyes glazed over with that certain satisfied look he gets when he's been well-fucked. It's Yoongi's favorite look on him, lips red and swollen, neck covered in lovebites and waist littered in marks left by Yoongi's greedy fingers. It always leaves something burning in the pit of his stomach, and Yoongi doesn't resist running his hands all over the naked body next to him. 

"Yoongi," Seokjin-hyung whines, all high and needy and a little petulant. He does nothing to stop Yoongi's fingers from slipping between his legs, in fact, he spreads them wider and moans when Yoongi probes at his swollen, wet hole. Yoongi bites down on Seokjin's shoulder and growls, slipping a finger inside that intense heat. He's so wet, from spunk and lube. The soft, swollen rim of his hole is relaxed and offers no resistance when he slips another finger inside. Instead, it flutters around his digits, always so hungry, so greedy, and it's making Yoongi's dick twitch in interest.

"Fuck," Yoongi pants, rolling over until he's kneeling between Seokjin's pretty legs, propping himself up on his elbow while he fingers his pretty, pretty boyfriend slow and gentle. "Can you go again, baby?"

Seokjin moans, he's always so loud, and squirms. His brows are furrowed, but he's swallowing down a whine and jerking his hips down onto Yoongi's fingers like he can't help himself. God, it's so hot.

"Maybe," he breathes, voice shaking as he looks up at Yoongi with his mouth hanging open like an invitation. Yoongi leans down, takes the swollen bottom lip between his teeth, sucks it in until he can work it over and have Seokjin go cross-eyed trying to keep eye contact. When Yoongi releases him with a pop, a string of saliva connects them until Seokjin licks it up with a groan.

"Yes, yes," Seokjin manages between pants, squirming as Yoongi scissors his fingers and plays with the mess of lube and spunk that's dripping out of him. He's scooping it up and fucking it back inside, wanting it all to stay inside. He should've plugged Seokjin the moment they finished, that way less would have spilled out, but that's for next time.

"Can you though? Can you take my cock again?" Yoongi presses, teasing at his rim with a third finger and grinning at the way Seokjin spreads his legs ever wider (so damn flexible ). He doesn't want to hurt him, but he's responded well to overstimulation in the past. 

"Fuck," the swear word sounds especially filthy coming from his proper hyung, who speaks with the inflection of a middle-aged man using the polished language of a privileged, well-educated person. Getting him to swear is a delight. "Yes, Yoongi, please. God."

Yoongi beams at the permission, leaning down to trail hot kisses from Seokjin's throat to his nipples, biting and licking until they're swollen and sensitive.

"You're so beautiful," Yoongi mumbles, rubbing a thumb behind Seokjin's balls and crooking the fingers inside of him, searching. The combination of his praise and the stimulation of his sensitive hole has Seokjin arching up all lovely and flushed, letting out an obscene moan as he hides his face in his hands.

The man is rightfully self-confident, both with his looks and his abilities, and yet any sincere, heartfelt praise - especially like this, fucked out and sweaty - has him acting all shy and bashful. Yoongi loves it, loves whispering praise and watching his hyung squirm and whine and absolutely adore the attention. 

It doesn't take much before Yoongi's hard enough to replace his fingers with his cock, not when Seokjin has taken the lube from him and proceeded to coat him thoroughly, tugging him to an aching hardness. Yoongi doesn't even mind when that sticky hand buries into his hair, desperate, because he's too focused on sliding his dick into Seokjin's hot, gripping hole. His hyung swallows him down to the root in one smooth thrust, muscles lax and hole dripping with lube and spunk. It's hot, and tight, and Seokjin's trembling beneath him. 

"I love you like this, hyung," Yoongi confesses, thrusting slowly and deeply, knees firmly planted on the mattress for leverage and one hand holding him above Seokjin. His free hand is running up and down Seokjin's side, counting ribs, before sneaking up to pinch a pert nipple. "You look so well fucked, shit. Can't get enough, can you? So pretty. Wanna fuck you in front of the mirror in the dance studio. Thought about it, last time, when we went to pick up Jimin and Hoseok."

Seokjin lets out a few garbled, embarrassed noises, shaking his head but blushing so prettily and clenching down hard on Yoongi's cock. 

"You like that?" Yoongi pants, leaning down to lick at his nipple, rolling the other between his fingers and tugging, all the while keeping up a slow, steady pace that has Seokjin's rim clinging to his cock trying to keep him in. "You like the sound of that, hyung? Seeing yourself getting fucked. Because you're so pretty, honey, so pretty. Especially when you're taking my cock."

Seokjin whines, hands buried in Yoongi's hair, and shyly nods his head. He's flushed red all over, his nipples pert and swollen from abuse, lips parted and shiny from spit. Yoongi pulls away, straightening up so he's kneeling upright, needing to take in the view of his hyung sprawled beneath him.

"Y-yeah," Seokjin pants brokenly, thighs trembling on either side of Yoongi's steadily moving hips. "I w-want it."

Yoongi groans, harshly gripping Seokjin's hips and pulling him further into his lap and further onto his cock, bracing himself before he pulls out and fucks right back in with a hard, unforgiving thrust. It's got Seokjin's hiccuping on a moan, breath punched out of him, and he doesn't really get a chance to get it back before Yoongi sets a fast and brutal pace. 

"Yoongi!" Seokjin wails, tears in his eyes, because the angle is just right. Yoongi can tell, because as Seokjin's pretty, red dick slaps against his own stomach for each thrust, it twitches and leaks steadily from the constant abuse of his prostate. It's enough to create a little puddle of precum on his hyung's flat stomach, wet and nasty and so fucking hot. Yoongi's reminded of all the times he's spent fingering his hyung, massaging his prostate and milking him through untouched orgasms until he's crying and twitching and prettily overstimulated. 

"P-please," Seokjin begs him, eyes misty with tears, hands reaching up to tug at his own hair, thighs twitching against Yoongi's waist. "Gods, please, Yoongi it feels so good. "

The wet squelch of lube and spunk getting fucked out of hyung, the sight of his own cock moving in and out of him, a shiny layer of slick covering it... it's a lot. Seokjin's tight and hot around him, a writhing mess on the soft sheets beneath him, all smooth, rosy skin and plump, parted lips that let moans and words and pleas escape. Yoongi can feel his balls draw up, tightening, as something hot twists low in his gut. He's going to cum, but not because he's got his hyung falling apart properly.

From the looks and sounds of it, it won't take long.

"Play with your nipples, pretty," Yoongi grunts, shaking his sweaty hair out of his eyes, panting. He keeps the angle, but goes from short and fast stabs of his cock to deep and hard thrusts that move Seokjin's whole body up and down the sheets. The irregular change of pace has Seokjin crying out, his sweet cock drooling, but he's still alert enough to hear Yoongi's demand and to blindly follow it.

From there it doesn't take much. Seokjin comes with a shout, cock untouched, shooting sticky white all over his pretty stomach. Yoongi swears, thrusting hard as his pace falters, Seokjin's hole clenching down hard on him and dragging his orgasms out of him. He buries himself deep, grinding desperately into his hyung, filling him up and adding to the mess of lube inside. He groans, falling down, burning his face in Seokjin's sweaty neck, biting down on the soft skin there.

He's a bit lost, for a while, but Seokjin's arms around him grounds him. 

"If you ask me to go again within the next 24 hours, I'm gonna kick your ass," Seokjin groans, overdramatic and fucked out. Yoongi snorts, placing soft kisses along his hyung's neck, before weakly pushing himself up and letting his softening cock slip out.

It's sticky, wet, and hot. Yoongi gathers what energy he's got left and shimmies down, spreading Seokjin's legs and pushing at the back of his thighs until he's got a good view of his fucked-out hole.

The rim is puffy, swollen, and leaking. Globs of spunk trickles out, diluted by lube. Yoongi groans, feeling hot and slightly unhinged, listening to Seokjin's weak grumbles. His hyung doesn't do anything to stop him, pliant and willing, and as Yoongi lets his legs go and sits up on his knees he sees Seokjin is cupping his own cheeks, flushed red from their fucking and Yoongi's inspection. He meets Yoongi's eyes and shivers at what he sees, biting his lower lip and making a quiet, cute little noise. He's so shy, even as he's sprawled out before Yoongi all filthy and sated, cock soft and wet on his stomach. It's adorable.

"How about 25 hours?" Yoongi blurts out, grinning when it makes Seokjin's mouth fall open in disbelief. There's a moment of nothing, before Seokjin picks his leg up and kicks at Yoongi's hip.

"I hate you," Seokjin whines.

Yoongi laughs, because it's a blatant lie, and Yoongi couldn't be any happier about that fact.