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The Beatifically Violent Art of Villainy

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The night was abuzz with sirens and flashing nights. It was loud and busy but if you listened close enough you would be able to hear someone laughing.

Hidden in the shadows thanks to a quirk that wasn’t originally his, Izuku Midoryia watched as the heroes ran past him.

Idiots, you would think that a task force of heroes headed by none other than his own father would think of the possibility of someone being able to hide in the shadows, especially someone like him. Granted they didn’t know it was him.

Once he was sure there were no heroes left he deactivated the quirk and zipped up his hoodie hiding the blood stains on his shirt. It would be a pain in the ass to clean but the adrenaline rush was more than worth it. He walked down the street, no one batting an eye even with how late it was. No one would guess that he was the reason 6 people took their last breaths.

As he walked he accidentally bumped into a rather slim but tall yellow haired man. No seeing the point to waste a good pick pocketing opportunity he stole the man’s wallet.

“I’m so sorry sir. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” he said, the mask of his usual nervous persona slipped on effortlessly.

“No it’s fine my boy. I also should have been paying attention.” the man smiled not noticing the disappearance of his wallet. “Should you be out this late? Your parents will get worried.” oh well looks like he found someone who would at least pretend to be worried about him.

“Oh I’m just heading home. Had a really late practice” he lied through his teeth. He put on his most unassuming smile and waved bye before hurrying home. He slipped through the front door of the apartment og him and his boyfriend. He threw his bloody clothes into the laundry bin and put on a baggy shirt before slipping into bed. Almost immediately he was grabbed by both a warm and cold arm, pulling him close to his boyfriend.

“Hey Sho, I thought you were asleep.” Shoto Todoroki, the youngest of four kids born to the current number 2 villain Endeavor.

“I was.”

“Sorry to wake you.”

“No, I want to hold you.” he buried his face into Midoryia’s untamable green hair. They just laid in comfortable silence and soon enough they both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Izuku was out picking up some groceries. As he was walking from aisle to aisle he could feel someone watching and following him. He made sure not to look behind him instead pulling out his phone as if checking his text messages when he was really looking into the screen to see the reflection of his stalker.

Nothing. There was absolutely no one behind him.

Midoryia trusted his gut seeing as it’s gotten him this far. He didn’t let his surprise show as he continued shopping. He checked out and started walking home the feeling of being followed never leaving him. He slipped into an alley with a dead end and activated the shadow quirk and melted into the shadows. Not a moment sooner the yellow haired man from last night came walking into the alleyway. He seemed confused when he saw the alley empty. He passed Midoriya without a second thought. He took physical form again and quietly grabbed a knife with many quirks flowing to the surface, ready to be called on at a moment’s notice.

“Ah, I was wondering where you ran off to.” the man said without even turning around.

“Why were you stalking me? You a pedo or something?” he asked, his grip on the knife tightening.

“No no my boy.I was just wondering if you would have my wallet. I appear to have lost it.”

“Why would I have it? Even if I did that gives you no right to stalk me.”

“Please don’t play dumb with me young man. I know you took it. I just want it back.”

“Or what? You’ll call the cops?” he knew he shouldn’t risk it seeing as the man has a clear view of his face and his dad would more than likely be able to tell it was him.

“Oh no.”then he watched this unassuming man grow muscles that could crush a watermelon with.that’s when it hit him exactly who he had stolen the wallet from.

“All Might.” oh he had royally fucked up. He not only stole from the most notorious villain but he had also gotten snarky with him. He was completely and utterly fucked.

But then again he had heard that his dad had fought a villain and both were injured. Only one man was strong enough to go toe to toe with All for One and have it all end in a draw.

Midoriya just smiled and got ready for the fight and obviously knew it was going to happen.

“You want to fight me child?”

“Do I have a choice?” that earned a laugh from All Might.

“You’re a smart kid.” he charged at Midoriya. He missed by a hair and Midoriya countered with an attack of his own. His fist was alight as he somehow managed to punch All Might. He was knocked back a bit, most likely due to the amount of force Izuku put behind it.

“You’re damn good, kid. I’ll give you that.” he lost his muscle form and was back to his skinny form, Small Might if you will. “But I got what I wanted.” he held up his hand which was holding his wallet.

“I should have guessed.” of course the rush was a fake out.

“Now if you don’t mind me asking. Why does a child like you have more than one quirk?”

“If you're asking if I’m one of All For One’s attack dogs I’m not. I think it’s pretty obvious I’m not some mindless monster.”

“You’re his son aren’t you. There’s no other way for you to be able to have more then one quirk and not be a nomu.”

“What of it? Are you going to kill me as an act of revenge for your master and your injury?” All Might looked at him curiously.

“The fact I have an injury was never made public, neither the fact I had a master.”

“You can learn a lot if you simply think about things logically.”

Small Might smiled “tell me Young…”

“Izuku Midoriya.”

“Well tell me young Midoriya. How would you like to gain my quirk and become my successor?”

Midoriya couldn’t say yes fast enough.