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The Beatifically Violent Art of Villainy

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Midoriya was walking around downtown Mutsufasu just as planned when the first bomb went off. He ended up getting pushed into a building by the panicked crowd. He found a little girl no older than 6 absolutely terrified and he decided that he would play the part of a good samaritan and comfort her. So he went up to her and introduced himself and asked if he could sit by her. She nodded and he sat. When the next bomb went off she screamed and buried her face into her knees and Izuku pulled her to him as if to protect her, which wasn’t internally false. When the third bomb shook the ground she buried her face into Izuku’s chest as he tried to calm her down. She held onto him for dear life. The fourth bomb was too close to him. The front of the building exploded and Izuku covered the little girl's body with his and got a piece of concrete hitting him in the head for his troubles. He felt the blood running down his face and getting stuck in his hair. Almost everyone had already ran out by then. God his head was killing him. Fuck he got a concussion. Just great. He heard the kid scream, which didn’t do anything for his head, as she looked up. He followed her gaze and saw the exact moment the ceiling gave way. He covered the girl so she wouldn’t immediately die as he activated a minor hardaning quirk so his back wouldn’t break from the concrete. He felt rebar piercing and digging into his skin but missed anywhere vital as far as he could tell.
Good news: the girl is unhurt.
Bad news: he’s now stuck and is on the verge of passing out.
He hears her crying. He hears another’s voice. Male he thinks and he hears the girl say something. He can’t tell what’s being said, everything's kinda foggy. The kid runs away probably to safety while the other person gets closer and asks him something. When Midoriya doesn’t respond he curses and takes something on his hands off, gloves probably. After a bit the weight on his back vanishes. The next thing he knows he’s being carried out and put into an ambulance. Then he passes out.
He wakes up from his unwanted nap in a panic. He opens his eyes and he’s somewhere unfamiliar and he doesn't like it. It takes him a good minute to calm down his heart as he remembers why he’s here. He just sighs at his own jumpiness. His head still hurt but it was more of a normal stress headache than the throb of a concussion. After a bit a doctor came in to check up on him and to ask questions. They were standard, asking if he felt pain were, how he was feeling, if he remembered how he got there.
“Okay that’s good, one last question. What’s your name. We couldn’t find any ID on you.” Fuck an ID. How could he have overlooked something like that. Sure he was supposed to get hurt but what if he had fallen into a coma because of his head injury. Well that doesn’t matter now.
“Oh um, my name is Izuku Midoriya.”
“Okay, and what are your parents' names?”
“Inko Midoriya and Hisashi Shigaraki.” he knew that the doctor would probably not recognize either name. For one his mom kept her name under wraps and wasn’t released to the public. The only people who knew who she was and knew her name were her son, All For One, Tomura, the people who guard her in Tartarus, and more likely than not the head of the hero commission. 
As for his father. Well for one, he kept his name under wraps. Most probably don’t realize that Tomura and him share a last name. In fact Inko didn’t know Hisashi and All For One were the same person until their son was 5.the only reason Midoriya himself found out was because his mom told him to hack into the hero commission files. Second, he hid the fact he had a child even harder than his name. He feared All Might kidnapping him and using him as a hostage.
Oh the irony.
The doctor nodded her head before she left. Probably to call Hisashi. It’s going to be quite the surprise when the number one hero shows up at this no name hospital. He sat up and looked out the window. It was dark out so he was probably out for a while. He watched people pass by and cars rushing to get to their destination. It was calming, letting him clear his mind of everything that happened today.
He was broken from his calm mindset by the door to his room nearly being ripped from its hinges. He turned to look at who disturbed him when he saw All For One and Tomura.