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The Beatifically Violent Art of Villainy

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The night was abuzz with sirens and flashing nights. It was loud and busy but if you listened close enough you would be able to hear someone laughing.

Hidden in the shadows thanks to a quirk that wasn’t originally his, Izuku Midoryia watched as the heroes ran past him.

Idiots, you would think that a task force of heroes headed by none other than his own father would think of the possibility of someone being able to hide in the shadows, especially someone like him. Granted they didn’t know it was him.

Once he was sure there were no heroes left he deactivated the quirk and zipped up his hoodie hiding the blood stains on his shirt. It would be a pain in the ass to clean but the adrenaline rush was more than worth it. He walked down the street, no one batting an eye even with how late it was. No one would guess that he was the reason 6 people took their last breaths.

As he walked he accidentally bumped into a rather slim but tall yellow haired man. No seeing the point to waste a good pick pocketing opportunity he stole the man’s wallet.

“I’m so sorry sir. I wasn’t looking where I was going.” he said, the mask of his usual nervous persona slipped on effortlessly.

“No it’s fine my boy. I also should have been paying attention.” the man smiled not noticing the disappearance of his wallet. “Should you be out this late? Your parents will get worried.” oh well looks like he found someone who would at least pretend to be worried about him.

“Oh I’m just heading home. Had a really late practice” he lied through his teeth. He put on his most unassuming smile and waved bye before hurrying home. He slipped through the front door of the apartment og him and his boyfriend. He threw his bloody clothes into the laundry bin and put on a baggy shirt before slipping into bed. Almost immediately he was grabbed by both a warm and cold arm, pulling him close to his boyfriend.

“Hey Sho, I thought you were asleep.” Shoto Todoroki, the youngest of four kids born to the current number 2 villain Endeavor.

“I was.”

“Sorry to wake you.”

“No, I want to hold you.” he buried his face into Midoryia’s untamable green hair. They just laid in comfortable silence and soon enough they both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Izuku was out picking up some groceries. As he was walking from aisle to aisle he could feel someone watching and following him. He made sure not to look behind him instead pulling out his phone as if checking his text messages when he was really looking into the screen to see the reflection of his stalker.

Nothing. There was absolutely no one behind him.

Midoryia trusted his gut seeing as it’s gotten him this far. He didn’t let his surprise show as he continued shopping. He checked out and started walking home the feeling of being followed never leaving him. He slipped into an alley with a dead end and activated the shadow quirk and melted into the shadows. Not a moment sooner the yellow haired man from last night came walking into the alleyway. He seemed confused when he saw the alley empty. He passed Midoriya without a second thought. He took physical form again and quietly grabbed a knife with many quirks flowing to the surface, ready to be called on at a moment’s notice.

“Ah, I was wondering where you ran off to.” the man said without even turning around.

“Why were you stalking me? You a pedo or something?” he asked, his grip on the knife tightening.

“No no my boy.I was just wondering if you would have my wallet. I appear to have lost it.”

“Why would I have it? Even if I did that gives you no right to stalk me.”

“Please don’t play dumb with me young man. I know you took it. I just want it back.”

“Or what? You’ll call the cops?” he knew he shouldn’t risk it seeing as the man has a clear view of his face and his dad would more than likely be able to tell it was him.

“Oh no.”then he watched this unassuming man grow muscles that could crush a watermelon with.that’s when it hit him exactly who he had stolen the wallet from.

“All Might.” oh he had royally fucked up. He not only stole from the most notorious villain but he had also gotten snarky with him. He was completely and utterly fucked.

But then again he had heard that his dad had fought a villain and both were injured. Only one man was strong enough to go toe to toe with All for One and have it all end in a draw.

Midoriya just smiled and got ready for the fight and obviously knew it was going to happen.

“You want to fight me child?”

“Do I have a choice?” that earned a laugh from All Might.

“You’re a smart kid.” he charged at Midoriya. He missed by a hair and Midoriya countered with an attack of his own. His fist was alight as he somehow managed to punch All Might. He was knocked back a bit, most likely due to the amount of force Izuku put behind it.

“You’re damn good, kid. I’ll give you that.” he lost his muscle form and was back to his skinny form, Small Might if you will. “But I got what I wanted.” he held up his hand which was holding his wallet.

“I should have guessed.” of course the rush was a fake out.

“Now if you don’t mind me asking. Why does a child like you have more than one quirk?”

“If you're asking if I’m one of All For One’s attack dogs I’m not. I think it’s pretty obvious I’m not some mindless monster.”

“You’re his son aren’t you. There’s no other way for you to be able to have more then one quirk and not be a nomu.”

“What of it? Are you going to kill me as an act of revenge for your master and your injury?” All Might looked at him curiously.

“The fact I have an injury was never made public, neither the fact I had a master.”

“You can learn a lot if you simply think about things logically.”

Small Might smiled “tell me Young…”

“Izuku Midoriya.”

“Well tell me young Midoriya. How would you like to gain my quirk and become my successor?”

Midoriya couldn’t say yes fast enough.

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The months that followed was hell on earth for Midoriya. All Might was brutal with his teaching and more often than not he would leave him bruised and sore if not broken. But god damn it if it didn’t get results. He quickly got better at dodging and built up lean muscles that Shoto loved to run his over. It also helped his already sharp mind think quicker and on the fly against an opponent who was impossibly fast. When he finally got the quirk All Might called One For All (he couldn’t help but see the parallels between that and All For One.) he training kicked up a notch. At first all he could do was use it once before the limb broke completely. After many broken legs, arms and fingers he finally found what he was looking for. He was treating One For All like it wasn’t just another quirk. Letting go of that was tough in the beginning but once he finally stopped seeing it as this godly power he was able to contain and control it. It couldn’t go all out yet lest he break something again. After 10 months of that hell he can use upwards of 8% of One For All’s power. All Might deemed him fit enough to be sent on his way and released him of his training with the offer of additional training if he wanted some time in the future.

But for now he had to go meet some people.

In a conference room in Mutsufasu, a group of heroes gather ready to discuss the rise in villains in the recent months.

“Alright we’re all here. Let us begin.” Rikiya Yotsubashi, the head of the Hero Commission, said looking at the group.

“What could be so important that you felt the need to gather all of us?” Tomura Shigaraki asked. “I mean I can understand some of us but you brought in All For One.”

“We have reason to believe that someone’s gathering villains together to form some kind of group.” Hisashi Shigaraki, or as others knew him All For One, said.

“Are you for real? Villains rarely work together and when they do it’s only in small groups. Right?” Twice asked.

“Another yakuza group?” Magne suggested.

“Unlikely. From what we’ve seen they’re not involved with the Yakuza.” Yotsubashi said. “There are profiles of everyone we believe could be connected to this group.” he handed out folders to everyone there.

“Most of these are kids.” Compress said.

“Yeah they’re only a year younger than me.” Himiko Toga, a second year hero course student currently interning under Tomura, said. She always hated fighting people close to her age because she knows that she would have ended up like them if it weren’t for Dabi introducing her to Tomura.

“Yes they’re teenagers but we have reason to believe they are highly dangerous.”

“Wait hold on a sec. You think Endeavor’s kid is a part of this?” Dabi asked.

Not much was known about the son of the number 2 hero, there wasn't even a picture of him, just a vague description that seems to contradict itself. Hell there wasn’t even a quirk listed.

“It’s highly likely. I wouldn’t put it past him to use his son as a weapon.” Going noticed by everyone Dabi’s eye twitched at the idea.

“We need to plan for the chance that they are joining forces. We also need to find whoever the master mind is in this.

Elsewhere in a cafe stuffed between two tall buildings, Izuku Midoriya sneezed.

“You okay?” Shoto asked, sitting next to him.

“I’m fine Sho. we need to focus on getting this guy to help us.” he said as he sipped on his coffee. He looked around to see that it was only the owner, Shoto, and him in the cafe.

“Will that be all kids?” the owner said.

“Actually I wanted to ask for a favor, Eraserhead.” that made the owner stop. Eraserhead was an underground villain, so the fact that this kid knew of him was impressive. It was terrifying that this kid knew he was Eraserhead. He had taken great lengths to make sure he wouldn’t be connected to his villain persona.

“What do you want.” his tone immediately changed. He wasn’t going to play nice to this little shit anymore.

“Easy now. I’m not looking to turn you in. You see I plan to bring together a group of villains to overthrow this society. All I need is a front and what do you know you have a perfectly good one right here.”

“You want the cafe?”

“Well yes but I don’t plan to take it from you. I just need a base of operations. You’ll be compensated for your trouble of course.”

“And why should I trust you? You’re just some kid.”

“Because I may be the only person who can take down All For One.” Izuku smiles as if he didn’t just admit that he not only thinks he could take on the number one hero, but that he actually plans to fight him.

“Your cockiness will get you killed, kid.”

“Maybe, but I’ve gotten this far. I don’t see why I should stop.”

“You’re a problem child, you know that?” that gets Midoriya to laugh.

“Oh you don’t know the half of it. Anyways you are in or not.”

“Fine. what’s your names anyways?”

“Izuku Midoriya.”

“Shoto Todoroki”

“Alright, I’m Shota Aizawa. Let’s see how far you can go with this down right crazy plan of yours.” he held out his hand for him to shake.

“You won’t regret this Aizawa.” Midriya took his hand and they shook.

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Midoriya and Shoto’s search for members began the day after they made their deal with Eraserhead, who’s given name they learned was Shota Aizawa, that they started their search for other members.

Some they found.


Midoriya had been walking around in the back alley for a couple nights waiting for her to strike. Finally on his third night he caught her in action.

“Alien Queen?” he said looking at the girl who couldn’t be more than a year older than him as she stood in front of a body as it disintegrated. 

“Hm? Who are you? You don’t look like a hero.” that got a laugh from him.

“I’m far from it. I’m creating a league of villains. I was wondering if you would join us.” 


Shoto watched as the jewelry store in front of him was being robbed by two young women both Midoriya and he had thought would be good to get on their side. He watched them escape without being seen by anyone but him. He followed them until they were far enough away.

“Impressive stuff you got there, strong quirks but more importantly valuable skills.” he said drawing their attention to him.

“What do you want?” one girl, Momo he believes, said standing up and forming a Bo staff.

“I am here to give you an offer. Join us in our gathering of villains.”


He was fast, he definitely lived up to the Iida name. Unfortunately for him Midoriya knows how to corner fast opponents and One For All only helps him catch up faster. A well placed kick to the gut later and the youngest Iida was done with his little game of chase that he dragged Midoriya into.

“I got you. Now will you join my league?”


Others found them.


“Hey!” Ochako said, finally catching up with the green headed villain. She knew this was dangerous but he didn’t care. She needed to do this. If not for herself then her parents. She didn’t care if this drove her into an early grave, they needed money and this was one of the fastest ways without selling her body.

“Can I help you?” he looked at her suspiciously, assessing her,  seeing if she was a threat.

“Please let me join you! I swear I won’t cause any trouble. Please just let me help my family


Midorya was dodging explosion after explosion, which wount’s be so hard if he also didn’t have to dodge rock like fists on top of it. The two that challenged him were a great pair. They knew the others' fighting style and worked around it. The blond pomeranian didn’t even need to worry about hurting his partner when blasting because he could take it without damage. Their downfall was that they got cocky.

One Air Cannon later and they were both on the ground.

“Are you done? I entertained you enough. So are you going to join or not.” he smiled as he said that which earned a scoff from the blond.


“Hey scar face.” a nasally voice called out to Shoto. “I heard you’re part of some villain group. I want in. Shoto looked down and saw a teen with what looks like enlarged grapes on his head. He just sighs. He doesn’t feel like this will end well.


Some were brought in by others.


“Hey Green bean! I brought a friend who’s looking for work!” Mina called as she entered the cafe. Behind her was a floating set of clothes filled in with something no one could see, or to put it plainly, Mina brought someone with an invisibility quirk.


“I’m sorry for intruding like this.” A young man with a tail said after Tooru dragged him to the cafe to have him join.


“Wow, this place is sick. You’d never know this is just a front for a villain organization.” a yellowed hair teen said when he walked into the cafe having been led there by both Tooru and Mina.


Tsuyu came to Ochako much like she came to Midoryia and she took pity and took in the girl and brought her to the cafe. Where she could join them.


Others were saved.


How long has Hitoshi been here? It felt like centuries. His own mother sold him to some rich pervert. He hated the man he got sold to, he hated her for selling her own flesh and blood. He hated everything. Why hadn’t anyone saved him? Was he really that forgettable?

He heard a commotion outside of the room he was chained up in. He heard the man who bought him yelling something. Then the door opens and he can finally hear clearly what’s going on outside.

“Here just take him!” he said. Oh god was he being sold again? He can’t go through that again.

“Thank you. Sho.” a large piece of ice stabbed the man in the chest as a boy with hair just as untameable as his own and a bit younger than him stepped in grabbing a set of keys  from the dead body and unlocked his chains.

“You’re safe now.”



Hell Aizawa even got some experienced pros that could help out from time to time..


If there honestly wasn’t much that Midoriya expected at this point but this definitely isn’t wasn’t what he expected. Sitting at the counter are Present Mic and Midnight. Both chatting with Aizawa.

“There you are. I have taken the liberty of letting these two in. they won’t be joining but they're more than willing to help out as contact workers.” Aizawa said when he saw that Midoriya had walked in.

“That’s acceptable.” he nodded before looking at the two other pros “I look forward to our partnerships.”


All in all Midoriya was happy with the group that he helped bring together. There were some… mishaps but nothing he couldn’t handle. It’s not his fault that grape wannabe rapist thought it would be a good idea to harass the girls. So what if he ended up in space to die cold and alone when he slapped Uraraka’s butt. He just gave her a not so stern talking to about coming to him first before she decides to sentence another member to death.

And if he slipped her some money for taking care of the problem, well no one else was there.

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It had only been four months since the first meeting between the heroes in regards to the potential rise of a villain organization. Now they all sit in a conference room with a single file in front of them.

“Thank you all for coming, I know that for some it was quite the challenge to make it.” Yotsubashi said with his usual smile. “In the four months since our last meeting we have gathered enough evidence to confirm that someone is gathering villains to form some kind of group. In those files are everything we have gathered on suspected members.”

Everyone opened the file and read over the first profile.

Name: Zero

Quirk: Zero Gravity- can remove the effects of gravity on anything she touches

Crimes: Robbery

“Her current motive is unknown. We believe she got in contact with a member of the group and joined for financial gain based on her crimes.” the head chairman said after everyone read the file.

“She looks like she should be a first year in high school.” Magne said.

“Age doesn’t matter, anyone can be a villain. Now moving on we have a pair of robbers.”

Name: Creati

Quirk: Creation- can make anything non living as long as she knows the chemical makeup of it.

Crimes: Robbery


Name: Jack

Quirk: Earphone Jack- has earphone jacks for earlobes that can blast her heart beat in plugged into a speaker.

Crimes: Robbery

“They used to only hit smaller targets and only stole around five hundred dollars but now they seem more bold, hit more big targets and steal more. Creai seems to be able to get into any thief prevention the stores and banks have in place. Now we’re moving on to the more serious profiles.”

Name: King

Quirk: Explosion- sweats a nitroglycerin like substance that can make powerful explosions

Crimes: Murder, Assault, Destruction of property, Arson


Name: Red Riot

Quirk: Hardening- can turn his body into a hard, rock like material 

Crimes: Assault, Destruction of property

“These two are a duo that know the ins and outs of each other’s quirks and know how to best help the other improve both of their fighting power. The one self dubbed ‘King’ is violet and will attack if provoked.” There are pictures of what the two had done to the buildings and to people. Most people unlucky enough to encounter the pair are barely recognizable whether it’s from exive burns or from having their face destroyed from multiple hard punches.

Name: Alien Queen

Quirk: Acid- can secrete highly destructive acid able to melt skin

Crimes: Murder

“We have no known motive for her either. She’s childish and the specifics of how corrosive her acid is but you should avoid the acid if possible.”

Name: Marathon

Quirk: Engine- has engines in his legs letting him run at high speeds deliver devastating kicks.

Crimes: Murder, Robbery, Extortion, Blackmail

“He is most likely from the Iida family based on his quirk. We should try to capture him to try to gain information on his family and this villain group if he really is a part of it.”

Name: Freeze

Quirk: Ice- Can generate and control ice as well as create glaciers capable of encasing people. They have been shown to display signs of frostbite with extended use of their quirk

Crimes: Murder

“Here we have one of our more troubling profiles. We have next to nothing on them. Hell we don’t even know their gender. All we know is that they are powerful and should be avoided if possible.”


Quirk: Unknown

Crimes: None

“Sir why is nothing listed?” Toga asked as she looked at the nearly blank sheet of paper.

“Because we have absolutely nothing on them but it’s likely that there is a mastermind behind all of this chaos. The most likely quirk for them to have is some sort of intelligence and that’s why there’s nothing on them.” Yotsubashi said simply. “Now we come to our last profile.”

Name: Minoru Mineta

Quirk: Pop Off- He has Purple balls in place of hair. These balls are incredibly sticky and he can rip them off to trap people.

Crimes: Harassment, Sexual harassment

“Mineta went missing on May 23 20XX, a good two weeks after our last meeting and around the early stages of this group forming and there’s been no signs of him. Normally we would just rule this out as another run of the mill missing person case but due to his criminal record and his quirk we think he was either kidnapped or joined this vilain group.”

“We should look into all of these. We should look and catch these kids as well as confirm the existence of this mystery mastermind.” All For One said as he closed his file. Everyone nodded and they were all dismissed.


Midoriya was sitting at a table looking at his cards before observing his opponents. He set his down.

“Royal flush, I win.”

“Damn it Izu.” Shoto said as he set down his cards.

“Nice work young Midoriya.” All Might, or Toshinari Yagi as he insisted to be called outside of his villain work, said with a smile. He had come over to have dinner with his successor and his boyfriend like he did most saturday nights. At first it was strange if not downright terrifying to have the number one villain in their apartment but they got used to it. He was actually quite nice company.

“So I was thinking. My league kills Endeawhore, I take his quirk and set the whole place ablaze. Obviously we’d make sure your siblings are out and safe before then.”

“Sounds like a plan. We just need to make sure of the specifics before we do anything lest we lose someone to his rage.” Shoto said as he took a drink of his water.

“Also I was thinking about going to live with Hisashi.” Midoriya said simply as if he was just stating the weather, not saying he, a villain leading a villain gang, would be leaving to live with his father, the most powerful hero.

Shoto spit out his drink and Yagi coughed up some blood.

“Are you crazy?!”

“My boy, are you sure that’s smart?”

“Think about it. I’ll have near constant access to the number one hero and all of his cases, not to mention he’s probably going to put me in UA so I’ll have access to all of that information on top of it. Plus it’s a great cover story. No one would suspect the all great and powerful All for One’s ‘quirkless’ son to be a villain let alone be leading the League.”

“Wait he doesn’t know you share his quirk?” Shoto asked.

“Yeah, the doctor misdiagnosed me and my mom divorced him when I was 7 and took me because he signed off custody and had cut all contact with him by the time we figured it out. All For One has no idea there's someone else with the same quirk as him.”

“That is the best and worst plan I’ve ever heard.” Yagi said.

"Why thank you"

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For most, planning a murder and planning one’s return to their family to spy and get information from the heroes on top of the usual stress of running a villain league would break them. Not Midoriya. Though Izuku Midoriya is far from “most people”. Sure it was stressful as all hell but it wouldn’t break him. The only question was how would he reunite with his dad.

Which is how he ended up in a meeting with Aizawa, Yagi, and Shoto.

“Alright, we discussed you going to live with All For One. while I’m hesitant I do see the benefits and that overall it is your choice to make.” Yagi said as he crossed his arms.

“Now we just need to come up with a reason for me to go back to him that’s not too suspicious.” Midoriya said.

“A villain attack. It’s perfect you could get a minor injury and when police find out who you are they’ll call your father and he’ll take you home.” Aizawa suggested.

“That’s perfect, it will draw attention away from me and more on the villain. We just need to find the right way to carry this out.” thus started the three day long planning of this attack but they were finally able to get everything together.

It was a mild August afternoon as hundreds of heroes patrolled around Japan. Tomura was currently walking around, while he was a somewhat underground hero he did still have a public presence so he was used to the odd person recognizing him thanks to the dust mask he uses. Toga was currently talking his ear off about boys in her class like she did every time.

That peace was cut short by a call over the radio.

“All Pro Heroes in the Mutsufasu area with advanced first aid knowledge please go to the New Town Market. There has been a villain attack and the paramedics wouldn’t be able to make it in time to save the injured.” Tomura immediately took off knowing Toga would be able to keep up. When they arrived at the market they thought that they were looking at a war zone. The villain attack looked to be a series of bombs that went off. There were kids screaming and crying. There were chunks of buildings scattered everywhere. The bodies of the dead and injured littered the ground. The handful of heroes who arrived before them were gathering and making a station for the injured while others were carefully carrying the ones who were already dead.

“Toga, help with gathering the wounded and blood transfusions if needed. I’ll go look for any more victims.” he ordered before turning to go into the wreckage. He was able to save two people who were trapped under rubble. He helped them out and to the med tent before going in to see if he missed anyone. He heard sniffles and followed them into a more unstable looking area.

“Hello! Who’s in here?” he called trying to at least get a response. “I’m a hero.I need to know if someone’s injured.” he went in deeper and saw a dark red headed young man seemingly shielding a young child from the concrete and rebar of the building.

“A hero? A hero!” the kid’s face lit up with relief as she wiped tears from her eyes, she turned to the man. “The heroes are here! They can help you!”

“Kid can you walk?” he saw her nod. “I need to come out from under him and go to the entrance. I’ll help him get out as soon as you do.” he watched her get out and run past him and out to where the other heroes were as Tomura approached the young man. That’s when he realized that the young man’s red hair was his hair dyed that crude color by his own blood

“Hey can you hear me?” he didn’t get a response. “Shit.” he grumbled as he undid the latch to the one finger gloves he used. He grabbed the metal and concrete that prevented the young man from moving. Once he cleared everything he grabbed him, careful about his fingers, and ran out. It was a god send that the EMT and paramedics arrived soon after and took over the situation. All of the injured were looked over and the more serious cases were quickly taken to the hospital.

That night he was having dinner with his adopted dad when the man’s phone went off. He excused himself and left to take it in the other room. Unfortunately the were thin so Tomura could hear bits and pieces of the conversation.

“What do you mean? He should be”

 “oh I see”

 “how bad is it?” 

“no that’s great to hear. Thank you for calling me. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

He came back into the room looking shell shocked.

“What was that about?” he dared to ask.

“That was the hospital. They called because they found Izuku among the injured from the attack. They found him.” that shocked him. They had been looking for him ever since Inko turned herself into the police 3 years ago. They had nothing which meant either she hid or locked him up somewhere they couldn’t find or he was dead. As the weeks turned into months turned into years they were slowly losing hope they would find him alive.

But here they are running to the hospital to make sure it was true. To see him with their own eyes. They ran to the room he was in and All For One nearly ripped the door of it’s hinges as he opened the door. The noise caught the attention of the sole occupant in the room. Fluffy green hair framed a freckled face with lingering baby fat. Deep green eyes looked at them for a moment before he finally spoke.


Chapter Text

Midoriya was walking around downtown Mutsufasu just as planned when the first bomb went off. He ended up getting pushed into a building by the panicked crowd. He found a little girl no older than 6 absolutely terrified and he decided that he would play the part of a good samaritan and comfort her. So he went up to her and introduced himself and asked if he could sit by her. She nodded and he sat. When the next bomb went off she screamed and buried her face into her knees and Izuku pulled her to him as if to protect her, which wasn’t internally false. When the third bomb shook the ground she buried her face into Izuku’s chest as he tried to calm her down. She held onto him for dear life. The fourth bomb was too close to him. The front of the building exploded and Izuku covered the little girl's body with his and got a piece of concrete hitting him in the head for his troubles. He felt the blood running down his face and getting stuck in his hair. Almost everyone had already ran out by then. God his head was killing him. Fuck he got a concussion. Just great. He heard the kid scream, which didn’t do anything for his head, as she looked up. He followed her gaze and saw the exact moment the ceiling gave way. He covered the girl so she wouldn’t immediately die as he activated a minor hardaning quirk so his back wouldn’t break from the concrete. He felt rebar piercing and digging into his skin but missed anywhere vital as far as he could tell.
Good news: the girl is unhurt.
Bad news: he’s now stuck and is on the verge of passing out.
He hears her crying. He hears another’s voice. Male he thinks and he hears the girl say something. He can’t tell what’s being said, everything's kinda foggy. The kid runs away probably to safety while the other person gets closer and asks him something. When Midoriya doesn’t respond he curses and takes something on his hands off, gloves probably. After a bit the weight on his back vanishes. The next thing he knows he’s being carried out and put into an ambulance. Then he passes out.
He wakes up from his unwanted nap in a panic. He opens his eyes and he’s somewhere unfamiliar and he doesn't like it. It takes him a good minute to calm down his heart as he remembers why he’s here. He just sighs at his own jumpiness. His head still hurt but it was more of a normal stress headache than the throb of a concussion. After a bit a doctor came in to check up on him and to ask questions. They were standard, asking if he felt pain were, how he was feeling, if he remembered how he got there.
“Okay that’s good, one last question. What’s your name. We couldn’t find any ID on you.” Fuck an ID. How could he have overlooked something like that. Sure he was supposed to get hurt but what if he had fallen into a coma because of his head injury. Well that doesn’t matter now.
“Oh um, my name is Izuku Midoriya.”
“Okay, and what are your parents' names?”
“Inko Midoriya and Hisashi Shigaraki.” he knew that the doctor would probably not recognize either name. For one his mom kept her name under wraps and wasn’t released to the public. The only people who knew who she was and knew her name were her son, All For One, Tomura, the people who guard her in Tartarus, and more likely than not the head of the hero commission. 
As for his father. Well for one, he kept his name under wraps. Most probably don’t realize that Tomura and him share a last name. In fact Inko didn’t know Hisashi and All For One were the same person until their son was 5.the only reason Midoriya himself found out was because his mom told him to hack into the hero commission files. Second, he hid the fact he had a child even harder than his name. He feared All Might kidnapping him and using him as a hostage.
Oh the irony.
The doctor nodded her head before she left. Probably to call Hisashi. It’s going to be quite the surprise when the number one hero shows up at this no name hospital. He sat up and looked out the window. It was dark out so he was probably out for a while. He watched people pass by and cars rushing to get to their destination. It was calming, letting him clear his mind of everything that happened today.
He was broken from his calm mindset by the door to his room nearly being ripped from its hinges. He turned to look at who disturbed him when he saw All For One and Tomura.

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Midoryia could see that his father was on the verge of tears. It was both pitiful and amusing to see. Here the number one hero was about to cry because he gets to see the kid he abandoned all for the sake of “protection”.
Before he knew it he was brought into a hug. He was light, like he was fragile, he was thankful considering how his back seemed to hurt from even that.
“I thought I lost you. We tried to find you after- but we couldn’t.” and for good reason. He didn’t really want to be found. Sure he thought about returning from time to time, especially when he became homeless for a bit because he got booted from the apartment his mom paid off because ‘he wasn’t cleaning properly’. They both knew it was because the old hag thought he was quirkless because he never made a show about his quirk. He learned a lot of things during his stay on the streets. While he hated it when he was still in that situation, he wouldn’t be half as good with his quirk or in his fighting, nor would he have met his boyfriend.
It’s honestly funny how quickly people turn on you when you say you’re quirkless. He can’t tell you the number of times he’s been hit with things when begging for money when people assume he’s quirkless.
“I’m here now dad.” God he felt so strange to call him that. “Can we go home now?” He wanted out of this hospital as soon as possible. He wanted to leave so he could call Shoto and tell him he’s fine. Knowing him he’s probably a nervous wreck.
“We just need to wait for the doctor's word of approval and we can go.” Tomura said. Midoriya never really liked Tomura, he didn’t hate him per say but he would rather not be in his company for long. He always felt like Hisashi paid more attention to Tomura than him when he was growing up. It also didn’t help that Hisashi chose to give him up but kept Tomura around even when his mom offered to take him in during the divorce when Hisashi explained why he didn’t want custody of his own son. He felt like Tomura took away his chance for a relationship with his father.
“Okay.” he said simply. Hisashi had yet to let him go, as if he would disappear again. After a bit of time and catching up, mostly Tomura and his father asking where he’d been and what he was doing. He told them the bare minimum leaving out anything incriminating. He said his life was normal until his mom turned herself in. He said that he lived on the streets for a good 2 months when he was 13 before he found a homeless shelter for teens that was accepting of Quirkless people. He talked about how he stayed there for a good 11 months before it shut down. He talked about how he found his current boyfriend and they have been rooming for a bit now and that he has a small time job (if you only coin all the pickpocketing and not the fact he’s running a villain organization)  to help pay for things. Neither of them probed as to why he never went to the police or to a hero, probably afraid of what he’d say. He was grateful for that because he didn’t want to speak badly of his mom.
Eventually the doctor came and released him with a prescription of mild pain meds that thankfully wouldn’t limit his cognitive abilities. They sent him off after giving them their things and the trio got into a car and drove off. Midoriya watches as the city passes him by. It’s almost surreal to see the blurs of people as the car drives. Watching all these people who are none the wiser to his plan.
All so trusting of their government and the hero commission. Not that he can fault them. They don’t know any better. They didn’t have to grow up keeping your quirk quiet because you fear that you will be forced to be a hero when you want to be anything but. He sometimes wishes he had that kind of ignorance. So sweet and now completely unobtainable.
“Hey you alright?” Tomura says as he looks at Midoriya with a ting of concern and pity.
“What? Yeah I’m fine, just got caught up in my head.”he explains. He really doesn’t want to talk and thankfully he takes the hint and leaves him be. After an unknown time they arrive. They all get out and head inside. All For One gives him some of his smaller clothes to wear since all of his things are at Shoto and his apartment. He was led to a guest room and was told it was his room now since apparently he agreed to now live with him (yes he was going to live here anyways but they didn’t even ask him). He put on the borrowed clothes and laid down on the bed. He pulled out his phone from the hidden pocket in his pants and opened up his message app.
YOU: hey Sho. just got to my dad’s place.
EYECANDY: good. Make sure to call me in the morning.
YOU: Will do.

Then he opened up the encrypted chat.

YOU: Made it safe and sound. Not complications from the unexpectedly severe injuries. Continue as usual.

He closed his phone and hid it under his pillow and went to bed.

Chapter Text

Hisashi Shigaraki walked down the halls of Tartarus. He already knew where to go and the guards knew better then to come with him for visits like this. Hell he’s pretty sure they turn off the audio. He opens the cell door and enters.
“Hello Hisashi.”
“Hello Inko.” before him, strapped to a metal chair with a straight jacket on, sat his ex wife. The woman who at one point was the love of his life.
“What brings you all the way to my cell.”
“We found Izuku.” Inko looked unphased.
“You say that like I was hiding him from you.” she stated simply. “Before I turned myself in I told him that if he wanted to go back to you he was more free to. If he didn’t then that was up to him.”
“Then why couldn’t we find him.”
“That speaks more about you hero’s incompetence than anything.” he could tell that if her arms were free she would be crossing them.
“Who’s to say. All that matters is that he’s back with his family.”
“You abandoned him.” she accused.
“I did no such thing. I wouldn’t dream of doing that to him.”
“You signed over custody without a thought. I would have understood if you also asked me to take care of Tomura but no. You kept Tomura, all while saying you didn’t want to let an innocent child have a target on their back as your reasoning for not wanting Izuku. Is it because Izuku doesn’t have a quirk?”
“You know it’s not like that.”
“Oh really? Then why did you keep Tomura while giving up on your own son!”
“Because I was scared! I was scared I would break him. I knew Tomura was already a bit messed up, nothing I or therapy couldn’t help with. Nothing I could do would mess him up more. But Izuku wasn’t like that. He was just an innocent kid who doesn't deserve someone like me. Every time I saw him I saw my brother, I didn't want to make the same mistakes I did with him. And unfortunately the best way to do that was to remove myself from his life.”
Inko looks skeptical, as if she was judging him. “But now you want him back?”
“You know how hard the world is on Quirkless people. Inko, the only reason I found him was because he got caught up in a villain attack and ended up in the hospital. I wasn’t about to let him go into the foster care system. I won’t let him get abused. I’m not going to abandon him.”
“How is he?”
“He’s doing fine. He was still sleeping when I left. I’m going to talk to him some more when I get back.”
“Keep him safe. If I find out something happened to him because you were being an idiot there will be hell to pay.” in that moment he knew that she wasn’t bluffing. If Izuku got hurt, or god forbid died, she would kill him herself.