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the main game was nearly there, but kai had something to do. the kitchen was open by now, so he could do what was needed. the cards were already planted, and him and joe were .. prepared. the main game would not be fun, but there wasn't much else they could do.

entering the kitchen, kai closed the door behind him and sighed, laptop in hand. he had to be quick about this. with quick and precise movements, he made his way through the tunnel up to the third floor. go, go, go ..

he couldn't help but let out another sigh once he was in that room, this time of relief. he should be safe here, though the floor masters had to be getting prepared by now, so he couldn't be careless.

nearly directly after he said that, he felt his foot hit something, and immediately looked toward where he knew where the door was. with a deep breath, he placed the laptop where it should be, but froze for a moment.

voices. he could hear voices.

" hm ? what in the world was that sound ? "

" sound ? gashu, are you hearing things ? "

no. no no no. gashu would be a floor master on this level ? and he couldn't even do anything to help the others .. but who was the owner of that other voice ? it was so, so familiar.

" no, i believe i heard something hit another thing nearby. "

" gashu, there's not even any way for a participant to be up here. lets not waste our time on it, yeah ? "

there was a moment of silence before he could faintly hear a sigh. kai took in a deep breath, attempting to calm himself. the panic running through him would be what got him killed early.

" fine, but check that room. ensure that nothing has been changed. "

" i will. "

kai took another moment to calm himself, but when he heard the footsteps of what he assumed was the doll gashu had just been talking to, he quickly made his way into the passage and all the way through it, hiding in the drop down section to ensure he wasn't heard.

" .. whoever it was in here, stay safe. and don't do this again. at least survive till the main game. "

and then the voice was gone and he could hear the sound of that passage being closed. what .. ?

he dropped back into the kitchen almost immediately after, sitting there for a moment. he had to both take in what all had just happened, and calm himself. who even was that ? and why was gashu at least one of the floor masters up there ? that could royally screw everyone else over.

it didn't matter now. if the others noticed he was gone, they'd get suspicious. so, as quietly and swiftly as possible, he made his way out of the kitchen and towards the others, though his mind stayed stuck on that mysterious voice.



it wouldn't be until later, when he was being forced to watch joe's death with everyone else and preparing for his own escape, that he realised who he had heard. it had been his brother. not his biological brother, of course, but the one he had been raised with. rio ranger.

he had managed to remember the boy not long after he returned from setting the laptop and had to take a moment alone, having cried so hard in that moment he felt completely drained. it made the main game so much easier to handle up until the moment he knew was coming.

but as he stood there, arms up with the blood already flowing and rio in his mind, he nearly cried again. the others would get to meet his brother, even if he had no clue of their relation.

but .. he just had to pray they all got to meet the brother he remembered.