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A Different Kind Of Fairytale

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Killian was a pirate. He might have been something more a long time ago, but the life he knew, the one that Killian was pretty sure he was born to lead, was on the sea, reckless and free. Then he had met the love of his life and everything had changed. Killian had lost him once and the thought of doing so again had scared him more than anything. He had spent so many years looking for him that some days he couldn’t even remember the smell of the ocean anymore.

David was his whole world now. He’d stood beside him through vindictive fathers, curses, wars and rebuilding his kingdom. Now Killian stood beside him as his husband was finally made the king he was born to be.

All their friends and family was cheering happily, it was a long time coming. Everything had changed. Everything.

David entwined his fingers with Killian’s as they made their way through the cheering crowd. It was still an unfamiliar feeling for Killian, the one of being wanted, appreciated. Some days he still couldn’t believe it was all real.

Villains weren’t supposed to get happy endings.

“Uncle David!”

That kid grew way too fast for Killian’s liking, it made him feel old, and he already had too many years behind him.

“Hi, Henry!” David said as he threw his arm around Henry’s shoulder and squeezed him tight. “Nice tights.”

“Mom made me wear them.” He said, clearly not happy about the outfit he was given. “I don’t see what’s wrong with jeans.”

David nodded in agreement, as he felt his own clothing start to itch around the collar. “Yeah, me neither, kid.”

“Stop complaining.” Regina said as she and Emma made their way towards the three of them. “At least you’re not wearing a corset.”

“Touché.” Killian answered. He didn’t really dress up as often as his husband, but the few times the occasion called for it, he couldn’t help but think he looked rather handsome. Ruggedly handsome of course, there was no way he was getting rid of his beard, even though he was married to the king.

“I’m glad you could make it.” David said. “You sure Storybrooke can survive without you for a little while longer?”

“It’s only for the summer, David.” Regina argued. “I’m sure Graham and Belle has everything under control while we’re here. Besides, he knows where to find us.”

“He finally found someone.” David answered. “Good for him.”

“Grace and Henry sure are lucky.” Emma replied. “Not everyone gets to spend their vacation in a fairytale land.”

Henry turned and raised his eyebrows at his new step-mom. “Becky’s going to Disneyland.”

Emma rolled her eyes at Regina who only shrugged in response.

Luckily for them, Jefferson had found a way to combine his knowledge of the realms with what he knew about magic and portals to show Emma and Regina how to make a permanent link between the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke. Those with enough focused magic and knowledge about the town was able to travel through it without much fuss. After the war between the kingdoms had ended, they had been able to form a contract of an alliance between all of them. Leopold was gone, as well as Cora and George. Abigail, or Kathryn, David still wasn’t sure what to call her, had taken over her father’s kingdom, and David and Regina had merged theirs into one.

It was a good thing after all, since Regina and Emma decided to stay in Storybrooke with Henry. Regina was needed as the mayor, and Henry had friends and school there. And Emma… She really didn’t want to give up her camera or her iPhone.

They didn’t see each other as often as David might have preferred, but he knew it was for the best. They did what was best for the people they were meant to be protecting, and they were happy. They got their happy endings after all, who would have thought?

“David, I expect one grand wedding present, seeing as you missed the ceremony.” Emma said teasingly as she furrowed her brows at him.

“Worst Maid of honor, ever.” Regina commented.

“Stupid ogres.” Killian muttered under his breath.

“How about a stunning vacation home in the form of a castle?” David asked. “Or some gold, you could use some gold right? A unicorn? We’ve got two now.”

“Hey, that was our wedding present.” Killian argued.

“You hate the unicorns.” David said as he squeezed Killian’s hand.

“True.” Killian agreed.

“I’m sure we can think of something.” Emma answered on a laugh. “Dad has been teaching Henry how to swing a sword around, he’ll have you beat in no time.”

Killian laughed. “Yeah, I wish that was a great accomplishment.” He said, as he ignored how offended David looked. “Take a few more lessons and then we can see if you can take me on, mate.” Killian said as he winked at Henry who started laughing.

“You are so rude.” David said. “That’s not how a king should act.”

“I’m not a king, love.” Killian answered with a smirk before he brought their entwined fingers to his lips and kissed the back of David’s hand. “I only married one.”

“You could be if you’d just let me-“

“No coronation.” Killian argued as he held up a hand. “As long as I can get food whenever I want and get to park my ship with the royal navy, I am good, thank you.”

“You are a simple man to please, Killian.” Emma said, and Killian shrugged in agreement with a small smirk around his lips.

“Besides, look at that crown.” Killian said as he nodded towards David once again. “His head is way too small for that thing, I don’t want to walk around like that.”

“Okay, you know what.” David said as he withdrew his hand from Killian. “You’re not allowed to be king, and I’m confiscating your ship.”

“You could try, love.” Killian answered with a wink.

“Please, he’s got you wrapped around your finger, little brother.” Regina answered. “You couldn’t even threaten to take away his lunch money.”

David puffed in annoyance, but everyone knew that Regina was right.

“Who’s lunch money are we stealing?” Robin’s voice suddenly chimed in as he put a strong hand on Killian’s shoulder.

“No one’s.” Both Regina and David said at once. With David being married to a pirate and a thief, and Regina being married to the daughter of an outlaw and a bandit, they somehow ended up in a lot of unconventional situations for a king and a mayor.

“Congratulations, your majesty.” Snow said as David kissed her hand. “Guess you’re promoted to King Charming now.”

“Oy, what does that make me?” Robin asked, and Snow rolled her eyes at him, before her husband made his way over to Emma and kissed the top of her head. It was hard for them, being away from Emma as much as they were, knowing that they had already missed so much time together. Still, at least they had been able to see their daughter get happily married, to see her have a family, to have a life she loved.

“Come on, pouty.” Killian said as he grabbed David’s hand once again. “Dance with me.”

“You sure I won’t just step on your feet? Maybe my small head will mess up my coordination.”

Killian grinned as he leaned in and gave David a chaste kiss on his mouth, smiling as he felt David melt instantly. “We have forever, love.” He said “Just get used to me.”

David rolled his eyes at him before he let himself be dragged across the room and onto the dancefloor. It was surreal. Killian actually belonged somewhere.

“Come on, little prince.” Snow said as she nudged Henry along. “Your grandfather can teach you how to swing a sword around, but I’ll get to teach you how to dance.”

“Mom!” Henry complained, but both of his mothers just gave him a stern look. Henry sighed before he followed after Snow.

Robin grinned as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, and the three of them took in the sight in front of them. Henry was clumsily trying not to step on Snow’s feet, while she only laughed and tried to guide him the best she could. Killian and David were swaying along to the music, clearly not even listening as they were completely off beat. They didn’t seem to care though, too wrapped up in finally getting to be together.

Emma was the first one to speak. “Do you guys ever think that you’re actually crazy and is just tucked away in a mental institution somewhere?”