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A Different Kind Of Fairytale

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David had just turned seven years old when his father had told him at the dinner table that he was marrying a woman named Cora. David didn’t remember much about his mother, only that she was kind-hearted and had taught him to always do the right thing and follow his heart, no matter what the universe might throw at him.

David hadn’t liked the woman named Cora, he had overheard some of the kitchen-workers whispering about how all she wanted was to become queen and didn’t care about his father. This didn’t concern David at the time, since he didn’t care a lot for his father himself.

When Cora first arrived at the castle, there was a young girl, only a couple of years older than David, walking beside her. At first, David didn’t like her very much either. His father crouched down in front of her and offered her a smile and told her he was so excited for them to be a family, something David never could have imagine his father doing for him.

When they were formally introduced, David told her he didn’t want her there. The young girl girl, Regina, had pushed him to the ground. David had spent the rest of his day sulking in his room after his father had yelled at him. It wasn’t until he had peeked through the window after hearing someone crying, and noticed Cora reprehending Regina in a much harsher way, that David figured the girl might just have been scared.

The week of the wedding between Cora and King George, Prince Phillip and his family had come to visit and take part in the celebrations. David and Phillip had gotten into a stupid fight and Phillip had managed to knock him to the ground. Later, during dinner, Regina had discreetly tripped him so he fell into the dessert table. David had looked a little startled at Regina, who had only smiled at him. Realizing that Regina had taken the chance of her mother finding out what she had done, only to protect David, made David realize that siblings were supposed to look out for each other.

Ten years later, David still stood by that as he sat down next to Regina in the stables. When she realized he was there, she quickly wiped away her tears and turned her head.

“Shouldn’t you be training with the knights?” She asked a little sternly, if there was one thing David had learned it was that Regina hated anyone seeing her vulnerable.

“You can’t let what Cora says, get to you.” David said “You are more than good enough.”

She scoffed “I never will be, not to her.”

“Well, you are to me.” David said “And when I am king, she can eat her words.”

Regina smiled at him then, and leaned over and kissed his cheek before standing up “I should go, mother wants to speak to me before dinner and you really need to get to practice.”

“Yes, you’re probably right.” David said “Let’s go for a ride tonight, okay?”

Regina nodded “I’d like that.” She said, as David got up from his seat and was about to leave, Regina grabbed his arm. “Oh, and David.” She said “Please try to be nice to princess Abigail and prince Arthur, they are our guests.”

“They are so pompous, thinking they are better than you.” David said on a groan.

“Technically they are better than me.” Regina said “Status-wise.”

David patted her shoulder “They wish.” He said “And what’s with that old goat hanging around here?”

“David!” Regina said and hit him in the arm, he wasn’t going to confess that it actually hurt “King Leopold is a friend of my mother’s and also our guest and we should act polite… Even if he is an old goat.”

David laughed “I’ll see you tonight.”

“Have fun at practice; try not to knock them around too much.” She said.

“Where’s the fun in that?”

David hadn’t seen Regina the rest of the day, and was wondering if Cora had given her some bad news. She usually came around to watch practice with the knights when she didn’t have any classes. He still had a grin of victory from sparring with Graham when his father summoned him to The Great Hall.

“Hello, father.” He greeted when he saw the king’s stern face. He often wondered if it was the only facial expression his father had.

“Son.” He answered as David went to stand next to his father who seemed to be in deep conversation with king Midas, the father of Arthur and Abigail.

“Your majesty.” David said and gave a small bow to the other king. There were so many kingdoms and royalties in the enchanted forest that he sometimes got confused as to who ruled where, and who was alliances with who. Regina often said that he should spend less time goofing around with the knights and more time studying maps and politics. No matter what his father told him, there was no way he was going to rule this kingdom without Regina by his side.

“Let’s get down to his then, shall we?” His father asked and David looked at him in confusion, had he missed something?

“Forgive me, but was there something I should have prepared for, father?” he asked, raising his eyebrows and looked from his father to king Midas.

Before any of them could answer, Princess Abigail entered the room alongside her brother and both of them had a very serious expression on their face.

As Arthur gave a low bow to everyone in the room before standing a few feet away, Abigail went to stand by her father.

“Prince David.” King Midas said “I offer you my daughter’s hand in marriage.”

The rest of that encounter was like a blur of wedding plans and promises of alliances. David’s head was still spinning when he practically ran through the castle on his way to Regina’s chamber. When he burst through the doors without knocking, he was about to break the news when he noticed Regina looked just as distraught as he was.

“So, when is your wedding date?” She asked and David let out a deep breath, oh, so that was how it was. “How could they do this?”

“No warning, no nothing.” David said as he slumped down on the edge of Regina’s bed, she quickly followed to sit down next to him. “Wait, I thought Prince Arthur was already married.”

“He is.” Regina answered, her voice on the edge of breaking, but as usual she tried to stay strong for her little brother.

“Oh, god.” David said once he caught up and scooted closer to his sister “The goat?”

Regina nodded “Lucky me.” She said on a breath before turning to face her brother “So answer my question.”

“What question?”

“Your date.” Regina said.

“Oh.” David said, trying to remember what Midas and his father had talked about while Abigail had just looked at him, if looks could kill. “I have to turn eighteen first.”

Regina scoffed “That should give you enough time to find that mystery pirate you keep dreaming about.”

David groaned and laid down on the bed, Regina quickly followed. He never should have thought Regina about his very realistic dreams about a pirate breaking into the castle and taking him away on his ship. Regina had teased him for days, even though David had sworn it was just his wish to get away from this place. The weight of becoming a king someday, often crushed him, and the thought of the upcoming marriage didn’t help.

“At least I’m not marrying a goat.” David said and Regina slapped him across his chest.

“You’re getting married soon then?” David asked and Regina sighed again, and since David knew her so well he gave her the pillow behind his head and she pushed it over her face and screamed. “That would be a yes, wouldn’t it?”

“Three weeks.”

“Wow.” David said “Wait, does this mean you’ll be leaving?”

Regina didn’t answer, just turned her head and letting her expression speak for herself. Getting married to someone who clearly didn’t want him, and that he wasn’t in love with was terrible. Losing Regina to another kingdom would be intolerable.

“Hopefully Cora will stay here.” Regina said “Now that she’s accomplished what she wanted with me.”

David wanted to be supportive and tell Regina she was wrong and her mother loved him, but since they were both in the same boat, he decided to just take Regina’s hand in his and squeezed it. “If it’s any consolation, you are going to be a wonderful queen.”

“I know.” Regina said “But what on earth are you going to do without me?”

David knew she was teasing, but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t right.