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Strange world

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Thunder and lightning had been assaulting the sky above Green Hills for the past couple of days. Forest streams and rivers were overflowing, and the towns folk were practically quarantined in their homes while ducks swam in the flooded streets.

Sonic watched out the living room window, doing his best impression of an ornament since he barely seemed to leave that spot after the storm began.

At first Sonic laughed at the rain, how all that wet water couldn’t get him now that he had a holeless roof over his head. However, as the days went on, his legs were practically vibrating with unused energy while he begged Chaos that the weather would clear up.


Chaos seemed to have other plans.

Groaning, Sonic rolled over onto the floor, muttering into the carpet “Boardddd...”

He stayed there for an hour, Maddie and Tom still had to work, “It was a crime to work while it was wet outside!” Sonic had complained.

They argued that people still needed their generators jump started, and birds still needed help after falling out of trees, so Sonic was left alone.

With a defiant huff, the hedgehog rushed to the closet.

“Fine clouds, ya wanna challenge the o’l hedgehog, eh? Well, bring it on!”

He jumped out of the closet buried in Jojo’s forgotten rain coats and mismatching rainboots before taking off for the forest.

No matter how hard Sonic tried, he just couldn’t manage to run between the raindrops, though it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Sonic huffed again from under the evergreen he had decided to use for shelter.

“Stupid water, stupid work, stupid mega muck on my boots.” Sonic knocked his head against the trees stump, arms crossed, and resigned to suffering in silence.





Sonics ears twitched.


His ears swivled around.


In an instant, Sonic forgot about his annoyance and darted around in search for the source of the noises.

They sounded like a kid. Stuck in the storm? Where even are they?

Sonic rushed around, playing red light green light with the soft whimpers and squeaks that accompanied every flash of lightning and clap of thunder.

A scraping sound of claws digging into bark and then a yelp made Sonic realize that he should have been looking up all along.

In the exact tree he was resting under, was a rotten hole that he could just barely see from the forest floor.

Carefully, no longer caring about how drenched he was getting, he climbed up the waterlogged tree until he reached the hollowed out portion. Crawling inside, Sonic froze.

It had been 10 years, 10 years since he had seen any other Mobian, and here one was.

Pressed up in the hollow, was a tiny, drenched Mobian fox, pulling desperately on a gloved hand that had gotten its claws stuck in the wood. Their fur was heavy and saggy, making distinct features impossible to make out, but they were so small.

Sonic took a tentative step forward, and the fox finally noticed him.

Large, weeping baby blue eyes stared at Sonic in terror. The tugging on their hand became even more aggressive while Sonic continued to stumble forward.

“H-Hey.” Sonic whispered. “You look like you could use some-“ A heavy clap of thunder shook the tree, leaving the fox trembling and sobbing outright while they desperately tried to free their hand and get away from the hedgehog. “-help.”

Sonic hesitated, unsure of what to do, but then a tiny bit of crimson on the tip of the trapped glove caught his eye and he threw all reservations out the window.

The fox screamed when Sonic zipped impossibly fast towards them.

Sonic grabbed the foxes hand and trapped them between his chest and the tree bark.

“Ok, Ok calm down bud. I’ve accidentally torn off a few claws before and I know it’s no fun. but we need to get you out of there before more of them break, ok? On three both of us pull, alright. One, two, three-“

Whether the tiny fox liked it or not, Sonic took control and helped them pull their paw out of the tree. Just as Sonic suspected, a claw had completely broken off into the trunk, and two others had been shattered down to the nails quick, covering the glove in blood.

Sonic wasted no time pulling the fox into his arms and rushing down the tree and straight to Maddie and Toms house.