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Someone asked me about the cataloging scheme in The Reverb in These Holy Halls, so! I’m gonna share here. (i spent so long trying to figure it out and talked to like three different library science people to work out a system)

Statement/case numbers in Reverb follow this format:

Entity.Year of event.Date of statement(year/month/day).Relevant topics

Technically there are 15 categories. 01-14 correspond with the Entities and 00 is for ambiguous or multiple Entity statements. And they’re numbered in the order Jon first encountered them.

01. The Web
02. The Eye
03. The Corruption
04. The Stranger
05. The Spiral
06. The Desolation
07. The Vast
08. The Hunt
09. The End
10. The Slaughter
11. The Flesh
12. The Buried
13. The Dark
14. The Lonely

Relevant topics (that i’ve thought of because there was a point where i just needed to stop and be satisfied with what i had) are:

A - avatar/fear-aligned person
B - Leitner (books, not man)
C - religion
E - taken from correspondence 
I - recorded from subject
L - location
M - monster
N - non-avatar notable person
O - object/artefact
R - resolved
U - unresolved

(obviously pretty much all statements are gonna have a U, but whatever)

So, episode 1: Statement 0122204
The Stranger. Happened in 2010. Statement given April 22, 2012. About the “anglerfish”


episode 9: Statement 0020312
The Dark. Happened between 1990-1995. Statement given December 3, 2002. Robert Montauk sacrificing people for the Dark. Given by Julia Montauk.


episode 81: Statement  0171802-A
The Web. Happened (roughly) 1995. Statement given February 18, 2017. Jon recording his statement about A Guest for Mr. Spider

01.1995.2017/02/18.B/I/U (argument could also be made for A, since it’s Jon)

And there you have it.


How to file discredited statements:

However Sasha feels like it because Jon doesn’t care. They all get typed up with digital recordings, so they don’t take up as much space. And if you ask Jon he’ll just tell you to throw them all in a box in one of the back rooms. Eventually Sasha just decides to use the same system with XX. as the primary category.