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Heart of Stone

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You sighed as you stared at the teacher, who was talking about the backstory of a poet named Edgar Allan Poe. Today was turning out to be a very boring school day, more so than most. Queen of Hearts, as if to comfort you in your boredom, ran its fingers through your hair. It helped to relax you and you left your daze to listen to the teacher's lecture.

However, you felt a pair of eyes on you. They felt cold and harsh, as if the person was glaring at you. You turned while the teacher answered a call. In the back of the class, there was a male. He was big and muscular, a very intimidating person. He looked old, like in his twenties. However, you assured yourself that he was most likely your age. He was wearing a strange hat that covered one of his aqua blue eyes. You would have thought he was handsome, had his face not looked like he was permanently scowling. He was sending a menacing glare, eyes moving between your's... and Queen's. Your eyes widened in shock and horror. You turned back around as fast as you could, your stomach in knots.

Queen of Hearts disappeared and you felt nauseous from anxiety. You raised your hand, the appendage shaking to show your nervousness. The teacher, who had finished his call, answered,

"Yes, Ms. (L/N)?"

He sounded bored and annoyed.

"Can... Can I go to the nurse's office? I'm not feeling well," you inquired, putting your hand back down.

He sighed and nodded. "Be sure to get notes from a classmate," he added.

You packed your things and stood up, your body feeling ice cold and hot at the same time. You glanced behind you to see that he was still glaring. You turned back around and left the classroom in a hurry. As you closed the door, you breathed a sigh of relief. You were safe from the harsh eyes of that weird guy. You made your way to the nurse's office, unaware that he had followed you out of the classroom after threatening the teacher.

You made your way in, seeing two boys, presumably delinquents trying to skip class, whining to the nurse. You sat down on your usual bed and rubbed your aching head. You were developing a headache from your rising stress. The nurse paused her conversation with them to check on you. You were pretty good friends. You tended to get bad headaches and often hung out in her office.

"What seems to be wrong?" she asked. "A headache?"

You nodded and added, "And a little bit of nausea." She nodded and went to the medicine cabinet.

Queen came out once more, trying to comfort you by petting your head again. You were grateful for it. Despite its feminine appearance and appendages, you weren't sure if the ghost-thing had a gender. You weren't sure what exactly it was in the first place. You only knew that one could see it and that it had powers.

The nurse came back, and she handed you a few pills and a cup of water. You nodded as thanks and she went back to tending to the boys. You took the pills and drank a sip of water, almost spit it out as a speedy green tentacle flew into the nurse. You swallowed hard.

"What the hell was that?" you whispered.

In an instant, she acted like she had rabies. She was foaming at the mouth and attacked the boys with a pen, managing to stab it into the eyes of one of the boys. Fearing for your life, Queen floated beside you, poised to attack or defend you.

As if on cue, the boy from earlier slammed the door open. The two delinquent boys fled the room. He had... followed you? He summoned a purple ghost-thing, which was very similar to Queen in the sense that they both looked like ghosts of some sort.

"Ah... Two Stand users? In the same school? It must be my lucky day," said a masculine voice.

A boy, about your age, emerged from the shadows. He had cherry red hair and violet eyes.

"My stand, Hierophant Green, is currently possessing this woman to do whatever I want," he said, smirking in triumph.

A Stand? Is that what Queen was? It seemed like that was the reason the other boy from my class was glaring at me and Queen at that time.

"Jotaro Kujo and (Y/N) (L/N)," he said, looking at both of us.

Your eyes widened in shock at the fact that he knew your name. However, you also knew, now, that the other guy's name was Jotaro.

"Kakyoin... What the hell are you doing?" he asked, sending a dark glare at the other male.

"Trying to kill you both... I thought that was rather obvious," Kakyoin answered.

As if on cue, the lady ran toward Jotaro, arm pulled back to the extreme.

"Royal Jewels," you whispered.

Queen of Hearts launched a rope made of a gold necklace toward her, wrapping her up to subdue her. She writhed, screaming bloody murder. Jotaro grabbed her head and forced her mouth open, showing a pair of golden eyes in the dark. His stand grabbed the head and began to pull it out.

"I wouldn't-" Kakyoin started, but it was too late.

Jotaro pulled out a writhing, snake-like creature, which you assumed to be Hierophant Green. It caused blood to spew out of the nurse's body and she was most likely dying. You called for Queen to release her. It obeyed and the rope-necklace disappeared. You raced over and checked her pulse. It was still present, but if you didn't act now... You put my hands over her chest, Queen's hands on mine. A pink glow radiated from your hands and the wounds healed. Now, you were in a state of vulnerability. It had taken up a lot of energy to do that since she was so close to death. However, it wasn't close enough to be unhealable by Queen. You were drenched in sweat from the overuse of power, panting as your heart raced.

Kakyoin and Hierophant Green poised for attack and aimed at you. You prepared to be hit, clenching your eyes shut.

"Emerald Splash!" he exclaimed as a blast of emeralds and green water flew in my direction.

Time seemed to slow as Jotaro's purple man pulled you toward him with extreme strength, yet it was a comforting grasp. It was as if he didn't want to hurt you. You were pulled into Jotaro's chest as the attack missed.

"What?! No one can dodge Emerald Smash! That's impossible!" he yelled, face scrunched up in anger and fear.

Jotaro only grinned darkly. He pointed at Kakyoin and the purple man began to punch him, yelling out a string of "Ora's." The damage was so great that it was too much for him, and Kakyoin passed out with a spurt of blood.

Both Queen and the purple man disappeared. You looked up at Jotaro, realizing how short you were compared to him. You blushed as you remembered that he was still holding you. You pushed him away before he could do it. He seemed surprised by your force and that you managed to beat him at seeing who would push the other off first.

"Thanks, Jotaro..." you said, using your hair to hide your blush.

He sighed and whispered, "Yare yare daze..."

He lifted Kakyoin over his shoulder, and you realized that he destroyed the room.

You put the nurse in a safe place to be found, and you turned to see that Jotaro was motioning for you to follow him out of the window. You obeyed and jumped out. You didn't know where you were going, but you were sure that you would find out soon enough.