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Heart of Stone

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You sighed as you watched the men talk, Avdol driving the submarine. It felt nice to be able to relax for once. A lot had been going on in just a little over a month, which also meant your journey was (hopefully) coming to an end.

Still, you felt slightly on edge. This all felt too good to be true, like a Stand user would just pop up suddenly… That would be a very scary situation considering how deep you all were underwater. You decided to push those thoughts away to live in the moment. Hell, you even managed to crack a smile as they talked about your situation.

“So this is a submarine, huh?” Kakyoin said as he looked around. You shrugged.

“I never thought it’d be so… big. There are so many dials and stuff, and it all looks really complicated,” you responded. Joseph smiled.

“Rich folk typically use vessels like these when they wanna get away for a while and explore the seafloor for pleasure,” he responded with his hands on his hips.

You looked over at Jotaro and noticed that he was staring out of the small windows at all of the sea life. It brought a smile to your face, and it reminded you of the first time you’d met.

“You really do like the ocean and stuff, huh?” you said quietly.

You saw him blush before he immediately pulled down his hat.

“... Kinda,” he responded. You chuckled.

“Kinda? You had an entire shelf with plushies and pictures of sea animals, specifically dolphins,” you reminded as you gently elbowed him in the side.

“Yare yare… I thought you’d forgotten,” he said, staring out the window.

You tilted your head with a confused expression.

“Why would I forget something like that?” you asked quietly.

He looked over at you with slight surprise. You blushed in embarrassment.

“I-I mean… You almost attacked me when I touched that big dolphin plush at the top of your shelf,” you added, making up an excuse.

In actuality, you remembered it because it was cute to know that Jotaro was so interested in sea life… Even so, you forgot how much you liked him because of everything that had been going on. There was so much to worry about that you completely forgot about your gigantic crush on the stoic teen, and now it had hit you like a ton of bricks as you stared at his peaceful expression. You swore you never saw him that relaxed. In fact, you had completely zoned out of the conversation until you heard Joseph talking on the phone.

You looked over and tried to listen in on the conversation. It seemed as though he was talking to his wife. You hadn’t heard much about her, but you knew that she was a kind woman. Avdol, Kakyoin, and Polnareff stood next to you and Jotaro.

“So this is what he meant by a delicate matter?” Polnareff asked quietly. Avdol nodded.

“Indeed. She doesn't know anything about this trip other than the fact that Joseph was going to Japan. He checks in every once in a while to make sure she stays oblivious and doesn’t try to visit Mrs. Holly,” he answered.

The rest of you looked surprised, except for Jotaro of course.

“So she has no idea?” Kakyoin asked.

Avdol shook his head. You sighed. That’s right… Holly…

“Damn. That’s so sad… I think she should know, but I know he’s doing it to protect her. Knowing that your daughter, or mother in Jotaro’s case, is dying is not something that you should have to hear,” you said as Joseph hung up.

“I agree… Don’t worry, Mr. Joestar! We’re right behind you!” Polnareff exclaimed.

Joseph sighed, turning to face you all again.

“Thanks you guys,” he replied with a small smile.
While Polnareff was having the time of his life driving the submarine and wrecking it into rocks and such, something much more concerning happened. There was a sound that seemed to have come from outside of the sub.

Your eyebrows furrowed as you tensed, immediately convinced it was a Stand attack. Everyone else seemed to be convinced that it was Polnareff since he was still at the wheel.

“I had nothing to do with that, Avdol! You’ve gotta believe me!” he responded with an anxious look…

Nothing happened after that.

Polnareff was taken off of the wheel and he had been sitting with you, Kakyoin, Jotaro, and Avdol. Joseph joined soon after, making sure that they could drive on autopilot without running into anything. Polnareff yawned as he stretched out in the chair.

“I’m soooo tired,” he whined. Kakyoin hummed as he walked over to the coffee maker, pulling out a drawer.

“One, two, three, four, five, six… There are exactly six cups,” he said as he examined them. Polnareff groaned.

“C’mon and make the coffee already! I want some,” he whined. Kakyoin tensed.

“Why don’t you make some yourself!” he responded harshly. You shook your head.

“Polnareff, stop being so needy,” you teased, pinching his ear with a snicker.

He yelped, pulling your hand off with surprising gentleness. You only grinned. He did have a point, though. You were exhausted, and it was early morning, meaning that you all stayed up the entire night. Avdol stood up and walked over to the periscope, taking a look above the surface. He made a surprised sound.

“I see land! We’ll be there soon!” he said before putting everything back to how it was.

He pulled out a map and explained where you were going to surface.

“We finally made it,” Joseph said with a smile. Polnareff smiled.

“It took long enough!” he said.

“So this is Egypt,” Jotaro said, Kakyoin nodding.

“It is. We’ve arrived,” Avdol responded.

“Great! That means we can get a hotel and get some sleep!” you said with a grin.

Polnareff chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” you asked, leaning on your hand.

“Nothing… I’m just feeling sort of happy is all. It’s been a while since the six of us were all together." Polnareff spoke with a soft, fond tone.

Not long later, everyone had their own cup of coffee and you were all relaxing. It wouldn’t be long until you all got to the surface. Jotaro made a sound of confusion.

“Hey, Kakyoin. Why’d you grab seven cups for six people?” he asked.

“Huh?” he said looking at the cups on the table.

“That’s strange… I guess I didn’t notice,” he said with a confused expression.

Suddenly, it dawned on you what might be happening. As you opened your mouth to explain your theory, Joseph picked up a cup,... which immediately shifted into a sword that cut off his prosthetic hand. You all gasped, and the Stand cut off the fingers of the hand, sending them into Joseph’s throat. He fell to the ground, not moving.

“Shit! I knew it! Ever since that weird noise earlier, I suspected a Stand was after us!” you exclaimed as the Stand landed on the table, knocking off all of the cups which shattered on the ground.

You all stepped away from it.

“I don’t know how, but it managed to sneak aboard!" You exclaimed in sharp tone, eyeing Joesph as you try to figure out how to reach him in time, in case he was seriously injured from the metal. Star Platinum was summoned, and it punched the stand. It dodged, however, before melting into the interior of the submarine.

“It’s disappeared!” Polnareff exclaimed.

“No, it transformed! It disguised itself as one of the gages! Just like the coffee cup!” Avdol responded.

“Damn it! We were only a few hundred meters until we reached Egypt!” Polnareff exclaimed again as he examined the radar and such. This was not looking good at all…