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Heart of Stone

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You sighed as you stared at the teacher, who was talking about the backstory of a poet named Edgar Allan Poe. Today was turning out to be a very boring school day, more so than most. Queen of Hearts, as if to comfort you in your boredom, ran its fingers through your hair. It helped to relax you and you left your daze to listen to the teacher's lecture.

However, you felt a pair of eyes on you. They felt cold and harsh, as if the person was glaring at you. You turned while the teacher answered a call. In the back of the class, there was a male. He was big and muscular, a very intimidating person. He looked old, like in his twenties. However, you assured yourself that he was most likely your age. He was wearing a strange hat that covered one of his aqua blue eyes. You would have thought he was handsome, had his face not looked like he was permanently scowling. He was sending a menacing glare, eyes moving between your's... and Queen's. Your eyes widened in shock and horror. You turned back around as fast as you could, your stomach in knots.

Queen of Hearts disappeared and you felt nauseous from anxiety. You raised your hand, the appendage shaking to show your nervousness. The teacher, who had finished his call, answered,

"Yes, Ms. (L/N)?"

He sounded bored and annoyed.

"Can... Can I go to the nurse's office? I'm not feeling well," you inquired, putting your hand back down.

He sighed and nodded. "Be sure to get notes from a classmate," he added.

You packed your things and stood up, your body feeling ice cold and hot at the same time. You glanced behind you to see that he was still glaring. You turned back around and left the classroom in a hurry. As you closed the door, you breathed a sigh of relief. You were safe from the harsh eyes of that weird guy. You made your way to the nurse's office, unaware that he had followed you out of the classroom after threatening the teacher.

You made your way in, seeing two boys, presumably delinquents trying to skip class, whining to the nurse. You sat down on your usual bed and rubbed your aching head. You were developing a headache from your rising stress. The nurse paused her conversation with them to check on you. You were pretty good friends. You tended to get bad headaches and often hung out in her office.

"What seems to be wrong?" she asked. "A headache?"

You nodded and added, "And a little bit of nausea." She nodded and went to the medicine cabinet.

Queen came out once more, trying to comfort you by petting your head again. You were grateful for it. Despite its feminine appearance and appendages, you weren't sure if the ghost-thing had a gender. You weren't sure what exactly it was in the first place. You only knew that one could see it and that it had powers.

The nurse came back, and she handed you a few pills and a cup of water. You nodded as thanks and she went back to tending to the boys. You took the pills and drank a sip of water, almost spit it out as a speedy green tentacle flew into the nurse. You swallowed hard.

"What the hell was that?" you whispered.

In an instant, she acted like she had rabies. She was foaming at the mouth and attacked the boys with a pen, managing to stab it into the eyes of one of the boys. Fearing for your life, Queen floated beside you, poised to attack or defend you.

As if on cue, the boy from earlier slammed the door open. The two delinquent boys fled the room. He had... followed you? He summoned a purple ghost-thing, which was very similar to Queen in the sense that they both looked like ghosts of some sort.

"Ah... Two Stand users? In the same school? It must be my lucky day," said a masculine voice.

A boy, about your age, emerged from the shadows. He had cherry red hair and violet eyes.

"My stand, Hierophant Green, is currently possessing this woman to do whatever I want," he said, smirking in triumph.

A Stand? Is that what Queen was? It seemed like that was the reason the other boy from my class was glaring at me and Queen at that time.

"Jotaro Kujo and (Y/N) (L/N)," he said, looking at both of us.

Your eyes widened in shock at the fact that he knew your name. However, you also knew, now, that the other guy's name was Jotaro.

"Kakyoin... What the hell are you doing?" he asked, sending a dark glare at the other male.

"Trying to kill you both... I thought that was rather obvious," Kakyoin answered.

As if on cue, the lady ran toward Jotaro, arm pulled back to the extreme.

"Royal Jewels," you whispered.

Queen of Hearts launched a rope made of a gold necklace toward her, wrapping her up to subdue her. She writhed, screaming bloody murder. Jotaro grabbed her head and forced her mouth open, showing a pair of golden eyes in the dark. His stand grabbed the head and began to pull it out.

"I wouldn't-" Kakyoin started, but it was too late.

Jotaro pulled out a writhing, snake-like creature, which you assumed to be Hierophant Green. It caused blood to spew out of the nurse's body and she was most likely dying. You called for Queen to release her. It obeyed and the rope-necklace disappeared. You raced over and checked her pulse. It was still present, but if you didn't act now... You put my hands over her chest, Queen's hands on mine. A pink glow radiated from your hands and the wounds healed. Now, you were in a state of vulnerability. It had taken up a lot of energy to do that since she was so close to death. However, it wasn't close enough to be unhealable by Queen. You were drenched in sweat from the overuse of power, panting as your heart raced.

Kakyoin and Hierophant Green poised for attack and aimed at you. You prepared to be hit, clenching your eyes shut.

"Emerald Splash!" he exclaimed as a blast of emeralds and green water flew in my direction.

Time seemed to slow as Jotaro's purple man pulled you toward him with extreme strength, yet it was a comforting grasp. It was as if he didn't want to hurt you. You were pulled into Jotaro's chest as the attack missed.

"What?! No one can dodge Emerald Smash! That's impossible!" he yelled, face scrunched up in anger and fear.

Jotaro only grinned darkly. He pointed at Kakyoin and the purple man began to punch him, yelling out a string of "Ora's." The damage was so great that it was too much for him, and Kakyoin passed out with a spurt of blood.

Both Queen and the purple man disappeared. You looked up at Jotaro, realizing how short you were compared to him. You blushed as you remembered that he was still holding you. You pushed him away before he could do it. He seemed surprised by your force and that you managed to beat him at seeing who would push the other off first.

"Thanks, Jotaro..." you said, using your hair to hide your blush.

He sighed and whispered, "Yare yare daze..."

He lifted Kakyoin over his shoulder, and you realized that he destroyed the room.

You put the nurse in a safe place to be found, and you turned to see that Jotaro was motioning for you to follow him out of the window. You obeyed and jumped out. You didn't know where you were going, but you were sure that you would find out soon enough.

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After quite a while of running, you found yourself in front of a large, and rather nice, home. You wanted to question Jotaro about why you were here, but he casually opened the door and walked in.

You were shocked that this house belonged to him. You quickly followed him inside, taking off your shoes at the door to be polite. You ran to catch up with him. A pretty blonde woman appeared from around the corner. Her eyes widened in shock.

“JoJo, darling! What are you doing at home? What about school?” she asked.

He only scoffed. “Shut up, bitch,” he grumbled.

You puckered your lips. He was pretty rude to his mother.

She only smiled and replied, “Okay.”

You shook your head, and she finally noticed your presence.

“Oh! Are you his girlfriend? You’ll be a really good influence on him, I can tell!” she exclaimed.

You blushed a dark shade and Jotaro quickly hid his face. He walked away with a “Yare yare daze.”

“N-No, no, no. I’m just a new… um… acquaintance. He probably doesn’t see me as a friend. He’s just that kind of person I guess… I’m (Y/N) (L/N),” you corrected, watching him walk down the open hallway.

She smiled at you still.

“Well, come along. I’m going to make tea. I think Jotaro is heading toward the tea room to meet his grandfather and his friend,” she said, starting to walk away.

You followed after her.

“Um… Could I have coffee instead? I-If you don’t mind, that is,” you asked shyly.

She giggled as if you said something funny.

“Sure! I don’t mind! My name is Holly, by the way. The room is the first on the right around that corner,” she exclaimed.

You bowed politely and walked to the room.

Inside, Jotaro, an old guy, and an Egyptian guy stood around Kakyoin, discussing something. They immediately stared at you as you opened the door. The old man laughed and walked up.

“Oh! You must be Jotaro’s… ‘friend’ he told us about. My name is Joseph Joestar. I must say he found a rather beautiful girl,” the old man said.

He picked up your hand and pressed a light kiss to your knuckles. Your face flushed in embarrassment. You always got flustered when someone complimented you.

“Haha… I’m (Y/N) (L/N),” you introduced with a nervous laugh.

Jotaro rolled his eyes at the actions of his grandfather and looked almost... jealous.

“I’m Mohammed Avdol. It is very nice to meet you, fellow Stand user,” the Egyptian man introduced.

You were taken aback.

“What’s a Stand?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

Mr. Joseph stepped back in confusion and they all shared that expression. They looked at one another.

“I thought you said she had a Stand?” questioned Avdol.

“She does, but I guess she didn’t know what it was called until now,” Jotaro answered through clenched teeth.

“Are you guys talking about…” you trailed off as you quietly summoned Queen.

They stepped back a bit, Joseph’s cheeks flushed.

“Your stand is… rather busty,” he commented.

Jotaro punched him in the shoulder and the old man flinched.

“I won’t deny that, but you could have used different words… Anyway, Ms. (L/N), do you have a name for your Stand?” Avdol inquired.

You nodded and pointed to her crown. “I named her Queen of Hearts,” was your simple answer.

They all nodded, and you all collectively jumped when Kakyoin stirred in his unconsciousness.

“We need to get that flesh bud out of him… But we can’t do that without killing him,” Mr. Joseph said.

Jotaro whispered, "Yare yare daze." and he knelt down next to our classmate. He summoned his purple man and they put their fingers on the flesh bud. With careful precision, he began to pull it out. However, it crawled into Jotaro’s skin. You winced. But he managed to pull it out a few seconds after Kakyoin woke up. He pulled it out of his skin with a spurt of blood and tore it in half with his Stand. That was the end of that and both had pretty bad wounds.

You knelt next to Kakyoin and put a hand over his forehead. A pink glow emanated from your hand and his wound was healed. You moved away, and he put a hand on his forehead in disbelief and wonder.

You stood and made your way over to Jotaro. He stepped back, but you forcefully grabbed his hand. He grumbled something inaudible, hiding his face with his hat. You rolled your eyes, pink light appearing again and healing his hand.

“You big baby,” you scolded playfully.

He only grunted and, almost hesitantly, pulled his hand away. “Whatever,” he growled.

“I made tea and the coffee for (Y/N)!”

Ms. Holly said as she arrived in the room, holding a platter with four teacups and a mug for you. She carefully placed it down on the chabudai and took the cups off. Everyone grabbed their respective cups and began to drink calmly as they sat around the small table. Ms. Holly nodded in approval and left.

“So… you guys have Stands as well? I already know Kakyoin’s is Hierophant Green… Do you guys have similar names for yours?” you asked, happy for the warmth coming from the mug.

They all nodded and Mr. Joseph was the first to show his. It was simply a big, purple thorn vine named Hermit Purple.

“It can take pictures of anything I want to see. It’s called Spirit Photography,” he explained.

Avdol summoned a phoenix man who was named Magician’s Red. He explained that it had fire powers. Finally, Jotaro summoned his purple man, who was named Star Platinum. It was precise, extremely fast, and extremely strong. Its most notable power was its punches, which you had already witnessed. You nodded through each explanation, committing everything to memory. Finally, it was your turn to explain. You summoned Queen again.

“Its name is Queen of Hearts. It, or she, can heal and can wrap or trap opponents with necklaces and jewelry. I named the ability Royal Jewels,” you explained.

They nodded and Queen disappeared once more.

After a while of going into a lengthy backstory of the Joestar family, it was time for dinner. Holly arrived with food and you all ate, like one big family, at the table. You had never felt so… complete before. Sure, you had a good relationship with your mom, but it was only the two of you… Having so many people around and acting like a family made you realize how incomplete and lonely you felt. You paused from eating, feeling your cheeks flush as a few tears fell. Everyone else seemed to pause and looked surprised.

“You alright?” Jotaro asked in his gravelly voice.

You were now blushing in embarrassment as you rubbed away the tears.

“Y-Yeah… I was thinking about… something,” you answered, not keen on giving the full truth.

Mr. Joseph put a hand on your shoulder, and you looked up at him. He said nothing, only smiling down at you with a huge grin. One thing you learned from Jotaro’s grandfather was that his smile was contagious, and you couldn’t help but smile back. We resumed dinner, and you made a call to my mother, informing her that you would be spending the night at a friend’s house. She was happy that her daughter managed to make a new friend and encouraged you to stay as long as you felt necessary… Now to find pajamas for the night…

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“I’m sorry… It seems like all of my clothes won’t fit you. I’m sure Jotaro can help?”

Ms. Holly suggested this as she put all of the folded clothes back in after finding that none would fit you. You sighed, feeling a little down. She noticed and rubbed your shoulder. She handed you a (F/C) bra.

“Thankfully, this will fit you. I hope you don’t mind boxers,” she said with a smile.

You looked up and smiled back.

“No, actually. I wear them every now and again,” you said.

She nodded, and you left her room. Now, it was time for the hard part… You had to get clothes from Jotaro.

You stood before his door, your anxiety building. You put your arm up to knock, but you couldn’t bring your hand to actually do it. You groaned.

“C’mon. It’s not that hard. Just knock!” you whispered, scolding your own anxiety.

No matter how much willpower you had, your brain refused to comply. You ran your free hand through your hair.

“I can’t do this… Why can’t I- '' you whispered, but you were cut off by the door opening.

You stood stock still, eyes meeting a clothed chest. You slowly raised your head to look up at the person behind the door. You quickly hid the undergarment in your hands behind your back. He had already seen it, and he hid his face with his hat.

“What do you want, woman?” he grumbled.

You laughed awkwardly, a dark blush spread across your cheeks. “That’s… That’s actually a funny story. Ya see… Ineedclothes,” you explained, mumbling the last part while saying it quickly.

“Speak up, (Y/N). Tell me what you want,” he growled.

You shuddered, obviously flustered by his words. You tried to maintain your composure, but it was hard. You swore you saw a smirk on his lips.You blamed the blush on embarrassment.

“I… I need clothes,” you said, a bit louder. “Why didn’t you just say that?” he asked, turning around.

You stayed where you were, gripping the undergarment behind your back. Your heart was beating so fast that you were sure he could hear it. Was it echoing in the halls?

He came back with a t-shirt and boxers.

“Here… Figured you wouldn’t fit in any of that woman’s things except what you’ve got behind your back… You don’t have to bring it back either. They don’t fit anymore,” he grumbled, handing you the clothes.

You nodded quickly.

“Thank you, Jotaro…” you said.

He only nodded back and quickly closed the door. You breathed out a sigh of relief.

“The bathroom is right next door,” he added from behind the door.

You nodded, even though he couldn’t see, and walked to the room across from his. Inside was a rather extravagant bathroom with a tub as big, if not bigger, than you. You closed the door, eyes wide in surprise. You walked to the tub, coming out of your trance, and turned on the water. You placed the clothes on the granite counter and undressed. You climbed inside, the warm water creating a blanket around you. You sighed in content. You began washing yourself.

You hummed the melody of a song before singing it.

“Put your head on my shoulder/Hold me in your arms, baby/Squeeze me oh-so-tight/Show me that you love me too,” you sang, lathering the soap on your body.

“Put your lips next to mine, dear/Won't you kiss me once, baby?/Just a kiss goodnight, maybe/You and I will fall in love,” you finished, washing off the soap and draining the tub’s water.

You sighed and dried off, stepping out of the tub to do so. After you put on the clothes given to you, you realized that Jotaro gave you no pants. Your cheeks flushed a dark color as you also realized that the shirt was just your size and hardly covered your bottom.

“Oh... How nice,” you mumbled.

You sighed and opened the door, fully planning on banging on his door now that you were slightly annoyed.

“You have a nice voice,” a voice said.

You froze mid-way out of the door. You looked up and saw that the bastard was leaning against his door. Your cheeks were still dark and would have darkened if it were possible.

“Jotaro, you pervert! First, you’re standing outside the door, listening to me. Next, you didn't even give me a pair of pants!” you exclaimed, obviously very flustered and annoyed.

He looked down, pulling his hat down immediately.

“Whatever... I was waiting for you to finish… You didn’t seem like someone who took a really long time to bathe… You can borrow mine,” he grumbled, and you realized that he was holding clothes for him to wear after a bath.

He pulled out the pants from the bottom and handed them to you, trying to hide his face. You took them and put them on immediately.

“Thank you. I’m sorry for yelling and stuff,” you apologized.

He only nodded and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

“Ever the charmer, eh?” a male voice said.

You turned to see that Mr. Joseph had just turned the corner. You rolled your eyes.

“If you mean constant growling like he’s got a stick up his ass, then yes. He is,” you joked, crossing your arms.

He gave a hearty laugh.

“Give him a chance. He’s terrible at expressing his feelings… I’m sure he actually cares about you… At least he treats you better than my daughter,” he said, rubbing your shoulder in a side hug.

It was comforting.

“Hey, Mr. Joseph?” you asked, looking up at the older man.

He hummed, urging you to continue.

“You’re pretty cool for an old fart,” you said, trying your hardest not to laugh.

However, you both burst out, your laughter ringing throughout the hallways.

“Oh my god!... You’re funny, (Y/N),” he said, wiping away tears of joy and you did the same.

“Thanks. I pride myself on my horrible humor,” you exclaimed, giving a smirk of triumph.

“Anyway, Holly told me to let you know that there are, unfortunately, no more guest rooms… She said that she fully trusts that you and Jotaro will be up to no funny business… But I won’t tell her if you don’t,” he whispered with a wink.

You blushed a dark red, to which he laughed.

“N-No, no, no! You’ve got us all wrong. We’re only friends. He probably hates me,” you exclaimed, waving your hands around.

“Anyway, does he know?” you added. He nodded.

“Yeah. Holly told him after you left to bathe. He only said, ‘Whatever, bitch.’ After that, he sulked away,” he added.

You sighed, rubbing your cheeks.

“Thanks, Mr. Joseph,” you said with a small bow.

“Just call me Joseph… Grandpa is fine, too,” he said before he left.

You sighed, rubbing the back of your neck.

You walked into Jotaro’s room for the first time, immediately noticing that the walls were painted like the ocean. Your eyes widened in surprise as you saw an entire shelf dedicated to various plushies of sea animals, most of which were dolphins. You couldn't help but giggle. He may be a ball of constant anger and aggression, but imagining him laying in bed with all of the plushies was enough to make you realize that his attitude was a facade. You walked closer to the shelf and stared at the biggest dolphin, which had its own place at the top. You reached out to touch it, only for your hand to be grabbed. You instinctively summoned Queen, who wrapped the attacker up in necklaces. You turned to see that Jotaro had been the one to grab your hand.

You let out a sigh of relief, rubbing the bridge of your nose with two fingers.

“Jotaro, why the hell did you scare me like that? I probably would have hurt you,” you questioned in a monotonous voice.

“Don’t touch my dolphin,” he answered with a dark glare.

You blinked and reached for it again.

“(Y/N), don’t touch it,” he commanded in a growl.

Your eyes widened in surprise as a weird feeling filled your stomach.

“Says the one who hasn’t tried to get out of the necklaces yet,” you pointed out, trying not to give a smug expression.

“Don’t touch the dolphin and let me go,” he said, looking downward.

You realized that he wasn’t wearing his hat, which had fallen to the ground, and that he had no pants. He probably hadn’t expected you to be here when he came. You sighed and reluctantly released him.

“Fine, fine. I won’t touch your dolphin… Does that mean that-” you started.

“No. You can’t touch any of them,” he growled, cutting you off.

You pouted and crossed your arms.

“You’re such an ass, Jotaro,” you grumbled, turning away from him.

He put on a pair of pants, and you both laid down on his bed.

Despite being exhausted, you couldn’t fall asleep. However, Jotaro had managed to, for he was letting out soft snores. You sighed quietly. You jumped when an arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer. You blushed a dark shade as Jotaro whispered something about loving the dolphin like it was his best friend. You soon fell asleep, oddly comforted by the heavy arm around your waist.

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You were awakened by a hand pushing you away. Suddenly, you were flung off of the bed, causing you to hit your head on the corner of the nightstand before hitting the ground. A warm liquid flowed from the wound, and you cursed. You turned to see a slightly terrified Jotaro.

“What the hell, man?” you growled, pulling your hand away.

It was covered in blood.

“Sorry,” he grumbled.

“You better be! I just cut open my head and I’m gonna bleed to death!” you exclaimed, showing him your hand. You had to close an eye so that blood wouldn’t get in it.

“Can’t you heal yourself?” he asked with a nonchalant expression.

“No, you idiot! I would have done so already!” you yelled.

The door opened, showing a tired-looking Kakyoin. He looked surprised as he saw the blood. He raced out, and you sighed.

“Why did you push me out of the bed? Was it because you were cuddling me in your sleep?” you asked, holding your wound again.

He looked away, giving you the answer you were looking for. You sighed, shaking your head.

“You shouldn’t be ashamed of it. It’s fine and I wasn't bothered by it,” you said, looking up at him.

He looked like he wanted to say something, but he was cut off by Avdol entering with Kakyoin and Joseph. He was carrying a first-aid kit and knelt down next to you. You showed him the wound by removing your hand. He cleaned up the blood and wrapped your forehead with gauze.

“Thanks,” you said with a smile.

He nodded and stood.

“Anyway, Holly said that breakfast would be-” Joseph started, but was cut off by a loud crash.

The sound had come from the kitchen, which was a few doors down. You all rushed to the kitchen, shock and fear spreading among the group. Holly was on the ground with broken plates scattered around her, seemingly unconscious. After investigating, Joseph found that she had developed her own Stand, which would kill her due to her lack of fighting spirit. They had fifty days to find DIO before her Stand killed her. You gathered in the tea room after moving Holly to her room to rest, looking at the photo of DIO that Joseph had taken with his Stand. Upon further inspection, you realized that there was a small thing on the image. Jotaro, using his stand, sketched a picture of it. You all stared at the paper as his Stand’s hand scribbled away. It finally finished and you stared.

“That’s a fly,” you said, though it was pretty obvious.

“Jotaro, do you have an encyclopedia anywhere?” Avdol asked.

He nodded and added, “Yeah. We have a library a few doors down.”

The Egyptian man nodded, took the sketch, and raced out of the room. It was just the four of you now, the air thick with tension. You played with your thumbs, trying to find the words to say.

“Well, at least we're on the right track to finding DIO,” you finally said.

The men nodded slowly. “Yeah… I just hope the trip won’t be too hectic… Knowing DIO, he probably will send as many Stand users as he can muster up,” Joseph commented.

You all nodded to that as well.

“Either way, we better start packing soon. This will be a very long trip,” Kakyoin stated.

“I don’t even want to know what my mom would say…” you trailed off.

Joseph smiled and put an arm around your shoulders. Your eyes widened in surprise as he laughed his signature hearty laugh.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure your mother will understand! We'll try to make up a cover story for why you’ll be gone for a month or so,” he explained, ruffling your hair.

You laughed and tried to wrestle him away. He teased you, and it felt weird to have someone who was basically acting as a father for the moment. You both laughed as you tumbled around, and Kakyoin had even joined in. Jotaro only shook his head, but clearly wanted to join in.

“Yare yare daze,” he mumbled.

Avdol rushed in, looking determined. However, you and Joseph were still locked in battle, freezing when the man opened the door. You blinked and broke apart.

“Joseph, are you trying to make her be like you?” Avdol asked.

“Pfft- Me? This old fart’s mini-self? Never!” you exclaimed.

While it was nice to have a fatherly figure in your life, it was only for this short amount of time. The men laughed, except for Jotaro. He only tipped his hat to hide his face.

“Anyway, I found out what type of fly it was. It’s a fly native to Egypt,” Avdol said.

You had never been anywhere other than America and Japan, for you were born in America.

“Egypt? That’s so far away…” you trailed off, fixing your clothes after the play-fight.

“Exactly. That’s why we have to leave as soon as we can,” Jotaro grumbled.

You all nodded in agreement. “Well, looks like we need to take a trip to my place,” you said with a shrug.

Chapter Text

“So… You’re telling me,” your mother began, running a hand through her hair, “that my precious baby has to go to Egypt for a… project of some sort?” 

You rolled your eyes at the nickname, and you blushed in embarrassment. 

“Um… Yes?” Joseph said, but it sounded more like he was asking. 

She sighed, pacing the floor in our apartment. “That’s so far away… That’s so long… But if it’s for school… But she’s the only girl,” she whispered, most likely thinking aloud. 

She tended to do that. 

“Ms. Eliza, I assure you that she is in good hands. Kakyoin and Jotaro are also going. They are students in her class, and they alone have been assigned to do this by the headmaster. It’s for a… government project,” Avdol stated, sounding more convincing than Joseph.

 Leave it to Avdol to convince your mother. She stopped pacing and turned to him. She sighed. 

“Alright… I’ll allow it. If anything happens to her, it will be the end of you. I swear it,” your mother threatened. 

You sighed. “Mom, relax. I’ll be fine,” you reassured, standing up from your seat on the couch.

 “Okay… Take care of yourself out there. Beat someone up if you have to,” she said, giving you a hug. 

You smiled gently and hugged back. She released you, and you walked to your room to pack your things. You didn't pack much, for you didn't want to take up a lot of room if you had to drive anywhere. You hugged your mother one last time before the three of you walked out of the apartment. Jotaro and Kakyoin were waiting by the car. Jotaro let out a scoff. 

“Took you guys long enough,” he growled.

 You rolled your eyes.

 “I’ll have you know that it was my mom who kept us. She didn't want me to go to Egypt for an entire month or more,” you retorted, crossing your arms with a huff.

 He shook his head, and you all got into the car. You were heading to the airport to take a plane to Egypt, or to a stop along the way to board another plane. Joseph had an entire plan for transportation, and you tried your best to pay attention. However, you were anxious, and it was distracting you. You were about to travel a really long way away from home. You knew there’d be danger and near-death experiences, and that didn’t make you feel any better. A hand was placed on your shoulder, and you jolted. Kaykoin looked concerned. 

“Are you alright, (Y/N)?” he whispered. You sighed. “Nervous,” you whispered. 

He rubbed your shoulder to comfort you, which helped. “You’ll be okay. You have four big men taking care of you. We’re a team. We protect each other,” he whispered. 

You gave him a small smile and a nod. He nodded back with his own smile and pulled his hand away. Finally, you had all arrived at the airport and boarded the plane. The flight went by like normal, only it was a strange experience. You hadn't been on a plane since you left America nine years ago. It was nerve-wracking at first, but the view was beautiful. Eventually, the sun faded under the horizon and the moon was high in the sky. Your seat was a bit uncomfortable, for you got skittish when sitting for too long. You looked out of the window, hearing the soft snores of Jotaro beside you. You turned to look at him. The light from the moon gave him an ethereal glow, and you blushed slightly. This was also the calmest he had ever looked. You turned away and froze when you heard a buzzing sound. You looked around and saw a stag beetle that seemed to be staring at you. You slowly elbowed Jotaro, and he woke up. The beetle took flight again, the sound waking up the rest of our group. 

“What the hell? You woke me up for a bug?” he grumbled with a tired glare.

 “No!... Well, yes, but the thing was staring at me… Mr. Avdol, could that… be a Stand?” you said. 

Avdol observed it before his eyes widened, and his face contorted in horror. “That’s Tower of Gray! It’s a Stand who massacres people and makes it look like accidents!” he exclaimed. 

A bone-chilling laugh erupted from the beetle. “That’s right! I’m Tower of Gray! And I’m not letting you leave this plane alive!” it said.

 Jotaro summoned Star Platinum, the being letting out a string of “ora’s” as it tried to punch it. However, it was faster than him. It’s tongue extended and Jotaro barely dodged, causing him to get a scratch on his arm. That wasn’t it, though, for the tongue headed toward you. Your eyes widened, and you summoned Queen of Hearts. She barely caught the thing before it attacked you. A strand of hair moved to show a glowing yellow eye that glared at the beetle with unnerving coldness. She threw it around like a whip and the beetle smashed against a wall, it’s tongue retracting. Your heart was pounding from that near-death experience. The beetle was flying again. It’s tongue extended, killing an entire row of sleeping passengers. You winced and watched in horror as it wrote on the wall with a tongue and blood. It spelled “Massacre” before giving another awful laugh. 

“Shit… This isn’t good. We can’t use Star Platinum, Magician’s Red (unless you want to blow up the plane), Hermit Purple, or my own Stand. I can trap it if I get an opening, though, but it’s too slow for a normal attack,” you said, your eyebrows twitching in stress and frustration.

 “We still have Hierophant,” Kakyoin pointed out. Your eyebrows twitched more. 

“Yeah… Yeah, that could work,” you whispered, forming a plan in your head. 

“What? What could work?” Joseph asked, sweating a bit from the dangerous situation. 

“We use Hierophant to distract him with a few Emerald Splashes while I make a trap,” you whispered. 

They nodded in agreement, and you all froze when an old man sat up. He was mumbling about something right next to us. Kakyoin knocked him out with a small punch. You didn’t want him raising the alarm. Kakyoin faced the beetle as it laughed some more. He summoned Hierophant and used an Emerald Splash. I summoned Queen once again and made a trap that spread out under the seats. The strands of necklaces slowly made their way to surround Gray. The beetle laughed. 

“You can’t hit me! You’re too slow, boy!” it announced with another laugh as it dodged. 

The attack finished and Kakyoin smirked. The perfect opening. 

“Now! Royal Jewels: Trap Card!” you exclaimed. 
The jewelry shot up and gripped the beetle in a full-body bind. It struggled as Queen slowly ripped it apart. With one final tug, the beetle was torn in half, and the old man from before began bleeding from fatal wounds. You gave a fist bump to Queen with a smile. She smiled back before disappearing along with Hierophant. You made your way into the cockpit, only to find that the pilots had been killed by Gray. 

“Don’t worry, I've flown many planes in my lifetime!” Joseph exclaimed, taking hold of the piloting.

 “Old man, you’ve only ever flown one plane,” Jotaro corrected, tilting his hat down. 

He turned to you, only showing one eye. 

“I’m sorry about before. I didn't realize you’d be right in it’s aim,” he whispered only loud enough for you to hear. 

You blushed lightly and smiled, waving your hands.

 “No, no, no. Don’t worry about it,” you said. 

His eyes widened by a small fraction. 

“You’re bleeding,” he said, looking at your hand. 

You looked as well, eyes wide in shock. It must have happened when Queen caught Gray. 

“Oh… Well, I’ll have a cool scar on my hand,” you said with a grin.

 He rolled his eyes with a “yare yare daze.” He found a first-aid kit and wrapped some gauze around your hand. You huffed. 

“I could have done that by myself,” you grumbled. He only grunted.

While you managed to escape the clutches of death, you still had a long way to go before you reached Egypt. Joseph landed the plane off the coast of Hong Kong, and you saved from the wreckage. You had already encountered a Stand user working for DIO, so you wondered how many more would be after you. You were closer to Egypt, but how much damage would you all receive from DIO’s goons?

While they managed to escape the clutches of death, they still had a long way to go before they reached Egypt. They landed the plane off the coast of Hong Kong and were saved from the wreckage. They had already encountered a Stand user working for DIO, so they wondered how many more would be after them. They were closer to Egypt, but how much damage would they receive from DIO’s goons?

Chapter Text

You flopped down at the table with a sigh. You were exhausted, for you hadn’t slept a wink the night before. You were sure you looked terrible, despite fixing your appearance to make yourself look presentable.

 “(Y/N), are you alright?” Avdol asked, taking note of your posture and expression.

 “Just tired,” you said, waving a bandaged hand. 

He nodded, and you looked down at your menu. A waitress came along asking for drinks.

 “A coffee, please. And if you could, could you bring sugar and milk?” you said. 

She nodded with a smile. You decided on what you wanted in the meantime, which was just some noodles with teriyaki chicken. Joseph ordered some random stuff for the rest of them. The drinks came a while later, and you never felt more relieved in your life. You had been dozing off for the past few minutes. You poured the sugar and milk into the cup, stirring it until it made a milky-brown color. You took a sip, the liquid waking you up a little more. You were in your own world, the mens’ conversation a soft hum. 

“Since going by plane is too dangerous for us and civilians, we’re going to take a ship. I’ve contacted the Foundation and they’re doing everything in their power to set this up for us,” Joseph explained.

 You committed this to memory. Soon, the food came, and you were thrown out of your idle daydreaming. You began eating and noticed a few carrots. You pointed them out to Jotaro, a silent beg for one of them. He sighed and gave you one with his chopsticks. It was shaped like a star, which you found adorable. You popped it into your mouth with some noodles and a smile. Jotaro tipped his hat over his face before eating again. A man walked over and stood beside you, and you paused to look up at him with a neutral expression. 

“Why! Quelle belle fille tu es! You must be American! I can tell you aren’t Japanese or Chinese by that beautiful face,” he purred. 

You blushed a dark red, not saying anything. ‘(Y/N), you just got a compliment from this French guy!’ your thoughts squealed with excitement. 

Jotaro growled under his breath, glaring at the man. He was pretty attractive, but his outfit choice and hair made you think differently. Nevertheless, you didn’t take compliments like normal people.

 “Do you mind if I sit with you guys?” he asked politely.

 Joseph smiled and said, “Sure! Feel free!” He nodded with a “merci” before sitting down right next to you. You shifted closer to Jotaro. He introduced himself as Jean-Pierre Polnareff and began eating with us, idly chatting with the men and giving you compliments here and there. You felt a hand slip around your waist possessively. You glanced down, realizing it was Jotaro. You blushed a little darker, dipping your head to look down at your food as you ate. 

“Say,” started Polnareff, lifting up a star-shaped carrot with his chopsticks. 


“I know a man who has a birthmark just like this.” Fear tensed the air around you, and you were sure you had stopped breathing. 

“W-What?” you whimpered meekly. 

He stood up, and you all did the same. He summoned his Stand with an evil grin. Said being looked like a knight, and it was wielding a fence. Its green eyes glowed with coldness. 

“This is Silver Chariot… And I’ve been sent here to kill you, Joestars,” he explained. 

He attacked, and Avdol blocked it with his Magician’s Red. They began fighting and causing a ruckus inside of the restaurant. 

“STOP!” you exclaimed, the two men immediately pausing.

 “I would prefer not to destroy a damn restaurant with people inside. Outside, now. Then, you can solve this problem, Avdol,” you suggested, crossing your arms with a whisper of “men.” 

Polnareff huffed, and they paid before you all left the restaurant. You made your way to a strange park of sorts that had statues upon statues of animals. It was a strange place. Kakyoin, Joseph, and Jotaro stood beside you as you watched from the sidelines. The men were equally matched in power, but Avdol was smarter. At some point, you actually thought he died, only for it to be ruse. Needless to say, Avdol outwitted Polnareff and defeated him easily after that. With Polnareff defeated and burning alive, Avdol threw him a silver knife, telling him to end his own life. You didn’t, personally, like the idea. 

After a while of silence as Avdol walked toward you, Polnareff refused the opportunity to end his own life, admitting his defeat and resigning himself to be killed by the flames. Avdol paused, for he must have recognized the man's chivalry. He turned back and released him from the flames. You stepped over and looked at his forehead. Under his hair, there was a flesh bud, meaning that he wasn’t going to actually attack you in an ordinary circumstance. Jotaro went through the grueling process of removing the flesh bud, and Polnareff was free from DIO’s control. He apologized for attacking your group and you went your separate ways. You found a phone booth, and Joseph dialed the Foundation. They told him that they had a ship that was docked in the nearby dock. So, you set out. As you walked, you decided to strike up a conversation with Jotaro. 

“That Polnareff sure was something,” you said. He snorted. 

“Are you saying that because he called you beau-”

“No!... I wouldn’t like a man like him even if I tried. He seems like a… casanova… But partially because of… that,” you said, your eyebrows furrowing as your face contorted into a strange expression. 

“Why?” he asked quietly.

 A pained look crossed over your face. 

“Long story,” you answered shortly. “I have time,” he said. 

You scowled and responded, “Later.” 

He knew not to push it further and patted your shoulder softly. You sighed, trying to calm yourself. You didn’t want to remember that now. Finally, you arrived at the docks, and you never felt more relieved. You were glad that there had been no more interruptions. Suddenly, white hair popped out from around the corner and you grunted. Polnareff ran up to you. 

“I’ve decided that I want to join you guys. My ultimate goal is finding the man with two right hands that killed my sister years ago. There’s a chance he’s working for DIO, so I've decided to come along. Plus, I couldn’t stay away from this beautiful woman any longer,” he exclaimed.

 He took one of your hands and brought a knuckle to his lips. He was surprisingly gentle and your cheeks flushed. You pulled my hand away and pulled your hood over your head to hide your face, the equivalent of Jotaro tipping his hat. He only laughed. 

“If this keeps up, I might have to kill him,” you whispered to Jotaro and Kakyoin.

They both stifled a laugh. You all walked over to the boat and stepped on. Finally, you set sail for Singapore, the next stop. However, it was a strange experience for you once again. The expanse of sea before you was beautiful, but you had never been on a boat before. You gripped the railing, letting the wind whip through your hair. The air smelled like salt, and it was oddly enchanting. You felt a presence beside you and turned your head. Jotaro was smoking a cigarette as he leaned on the railing. He looked calm, and it made you smile. Maybe this trip would have its nice moments. You shifted closer to him and his expression wavered slightly. Your smile only brightened.

Chapter Text

The ride was calming, mostly because Jotaro wasn’t giving off his normal aura of tenseness and anger. Everything was normal… Then, you heard yelling from behind a door. You both turned quickly to see the door slam open. The captain was holding a kid by his collar, and he was wriggling around. 


“We found a stowaway on our ship. How did you get here, boy?” the captain growled.


 You stepped up, puffing out your chest. 


“Hey! He’s just a damn kid!” you exclaimed with a deep scowl. 


“He could be a spy!” he retorted. 


“Really? A kid? A spy for DIO? That’s pretty hard to believe,” you disagreed. 


The kid used the distraction to rip himself free and jump overboard. Your eyes widened in horror, and you raced back to the railing. As soon as you summoned your Stand, the fin of a shark rose to the surface. You began shaking in fear, for the boy was out of your range. You took a deep breath and climbed over the railing to jump in, Jotaro almost catching your hand to stop you. You dove in and swam toward him. The waves were rougher than you expected, and you struggled to swim toward him. As you got closer, you found that the hat that was on his hair previously had fallen off to reveal the long, dark hair of a girl. She was in range. A long necklace wrapped around the girl, and you quickly pulled her toward you before swimming back to the boat with the same amount of effort you used to get there. You used the necklace to make a rope that wrapped around the railing. You pulled the two of you on board, panting from the effort. You shivered in the cold, and your jacket was sopping wet. You pulled it off for the first time since this trip started, and you threw it aside. You laid on the deck, eyes closed in fatigue. You felt a comfortable warmth on top of you and opened your eyes slightly. The girl and Jotaro stood over you, his jacket draped over your body. You smiled weakly. 


“Didn’t think I’d be swimming today. I didn’t wear the right outfit,” you joked.


You hadn't actually expected the sea to be that rough when you jumped in. You had used a lot of energy swimming to the girl, swimming back, and climbing back on the ship. He scoffed. 


“Whatever. You could have died by that shark,” he grunted. “But I didn’t,” you pointed out. 


He growled, gripping the front of your shirt. Your eyes widened and your smile faded, not expecting the harshness. 


“But you could have. That’s the point. I don’t… I don’t want you dying... just yet,” he said, clearly hiding something. 


He released your wet shirt and grumbled an apology. You smiled again. 


“You’re right. I was a bit reckless,” you agreed. 


He shook his head and lifted you up, placing you on one of the beach chairs. You laid there comfortably, trying to stay awake. However, you failed and your consciousness faded.




You awoke to fire, explosions, and someone shaking you frantically. You were still groggy and had only been asleep for a few minutes. What the hell happened? The figure lifted you up, and he jumped down into a boat that contained your things and the rest of the group. You curled up on that person’s lap, not really caring who it belonged to. It was dry and comfortable, so you were happy. Your consciousness faded once again.




Kakyoin stared down at (Y/N)'s sleeping form, her head resting on his lap as she passed out again. He was still trying to process what just happened. The captain was a stand user, Jotaro defeated him after nearly drowning, and explosions went off inside of the ship. Luckily, their things hadn’t been destroyed. He sighed, moving his bangs away from his eyes. He felt like he was being watched, so he looked up. Jotaro’s head suddenly flicked to the side, and Kakyoin’s eyes narrowed in confusion. That was weird. He only shook his head, diverting his attention to the sea ahead of them. How did everything go to hell so fast? Anne looked uncomfortable in the silence. 


“So… Who are you guys, anyway?” she questioned.


 After a simple introduction, she knew all of them. She looked at (Y/N) and everyone followed her gaze. She was still wearing Jotaro’s jacket, which was at least five sizes too big for her. However, she was asleep, and didn't seem to mind. 


“When she wakes up, I’m gonna thank her for saving me… I probably shouldn’t have jumped off of the boat,” she said.


 Kakyoin smiled. “She’s got a heart of gold, that's for sure. She reminds me of Ms. Holly if she were stubborn and a little mean,” he said, half-joking. 


The group laughed. Everything seemed right. They were a team with great dynamics. They were powerful and strong-willed. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work. He sighed in content. They’d be able to make it through this…

Chapter Text

You awoke to someone shaking your shoulders again. You groggily lifted your head to see a face framed in darkness and black. It took a moment for your half-asleep mind to comprehend that it was Jotaro. 


“Sorry if we woke you up earlier. Kakyoin said his legs were getting tired,” he whispered. 


You didn’t ever remember being moved, so you shrugged, the movement sluggish from sleep. You sat up, realizing that the salt water had made your skin sticky and uncomfortable. You looked up to realize that the lifeboats had docked near a huge freighter. You stood up and watched as the crew from the other lifeboat and the men from the group climbed up. You and Jotaro followed, with you still wearing his jacket and having your small bag of clothes strung across your shoulder. You stood on the deck, looking around. It looked pretty abandoned, which was strange. How was a freighter out in the middle of the sea with no crew? You heard a creak and the gush of liquid. You whipped around to see that one of the hooks had moved and impaled one of the crew members from the last ship in the face. You gagged and looked away, face turning a slight shade of green. 


“Kakyoin, use Hierophant and search for any signs of life on this boat,” Joseph ordered. 


Kakyoin nodded nervously and obeyed. After a moment of silence, Kakyoin shook his head.


 “Nothing. There’s no one here,” he said. “Yare yare daze…” Jotaro mumbled. 


“Great. It’s probably a haunted ship,” you whispered. 


The men decided to split up and search the ship, leaving you and the girl alone. You decided to do a bit of exploring yourselves. As you walked, you talked about girl things, and she introduced herself as Anne, explaining that she was trying to find her father. 


“It sucks you got dragged into this… This must be horrible to deal with,” you sympathized.


 She smiled meekly. 


“It is pretty scary. All I’m seeing are big, buff men yelling at each other while wounds appear on them… Do they have ghosts possessing them?... You have one, too, right?” she said. You nodded slowly. 


“It’s… complicated to explain, and it’s also supposed to be top secret. I would explain if I were allowed tooooo- What the hell is that?”


You had just entered a room, and you were shocked to find an orangutan in a cage… Why the hell was there an orangutan on the ship? Seriously, there was a big ass orange monkey just sitting in a cage on an abandoned boat. What the hell? 


“It’s a monkey,” Anne answered.


 “I know it’s a damn monkey. I just wanna know what the hell the thing is doin’ here,” you retorted with a slight American accent. 


She looked visibly uncomfortable under its watchful gaze. 


“Let’s go… This thing is freaking me out,” Anne said, making her way into the hallway. 


You walked down and came upon a shower room. You never felt more relieved in your life. You both agreed a shower wouldn’t hurt, seeing as the salt-water made your skins uncomfortable. You both undressed, and you were a bit hesitant. However, she didn’t seem to mind your body and you chatted as you stood under the warm water. 


Jotaro had found himself walking alone down the halls of the dark ship. It was a bit unnerving, even for himself. As he passed in front of a room, he watched from the corner of his eye, a flash of red. He stopped and turned, scowling. The entire crew from the last ship had been killed in a rather gruesome-looking fashion. In an adjacent room, a cage had been ripped open by something strong. Then, he heard two screams coming from a room a few doors down. His feet pounding on steel as he raced down the hall, finding (Y/N) and Anne backed against a wall as an orangutan slowly waddled toward them. It was wearing a captain’s jacket and matching hat. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, (Y/N) looked… strangely beautiful being hardly wrapped in a towel. The scowl deepened and he immediately pushed that thought away. She was a woman, and women were annoying. ‘But not her,’ a small voice said. Jotaro growled and summoned Star Platinum, which punched the orangutan away. (Y/N)'s knees nearly gave out as she breathed a sigh of relief. 


“Thank the gods!” she exclaimed, wrapping me in a hug.


 Jotaro’s face flushed lightly and he tipped his hat immediately to hide it. ‘Not now,’ his thought. He didn’t hug back. She released him, and both immediately noticed that the orangutan was making his way toward them from the hallway from where he had been punched through the wall. Jotaro turned to the girls.


 “Put on some clothes and get out of here. Find the old man and stay with him,” Jotaro ordered with a growl. 


They nodded and he quickly turned away, climbing through the wall, on a mission to kill this damn monkey for nearly taking advantage of the girls. That pissed him off to no end. The ape took out a book and opened it. He pointed to a word “Forever” before pointing at himself. Then, he flipped and showed him another word. “Strength.” He was a Stand user who possessed the name of the Strength card. But what was his power? Suddenly, Jotaro was pulled into the wall of the ship. The orangutan made a noise that sounded like laughter. He struggled to move, scowl deepening even more. Suddenly, Jotaro had a revelation. His Stand… was the ship itself. He smirked with a “tch.” 


“You’re Stand is this puny ship? How pathetic,” Jotaro taunted. 


He seemed angered by this. 


“You’re angry? Gonna slap you chest and bare your teeth? You’re not scared, ya damn ape. You’re weak,” Jotaro taunted more. 


The orangutan looked pissed. Using the distraction to flick a button at him with Star Platinum. The wound caused him to hold his head in pain, and he deactivated his Stand’s hold on me. Jotaro made my way over and let Star Platinum do the work, giving the ape a heavy beat down. Soon, the ape laid dead and the ship rumbled as it slowly started to disappear. Rushing back to the last room through the shrinking hole in the wall, he grabbed the things the girls and the others left behind and joined them on one of the lifeboats. They quickly sailed away, watching the freighter sink. Heaving a sigh,  Jotaro took his hat off to run a hand through his hair.


“Never in my life would I have ever thought I’d nearly get taken advantage of by a monkey… Jotaro, you’ve saved my life twice already. Any more and I’ll have to save your life or somethin’, which would be hard considering how much stronger you are than me,” you said with a grin. 


Everyone laughed and Jotaro gave the smallest smile a person could make. 


“It’s no problem. I wasn’t about to let you die on me both times,” he said with a shrug. 


You smiled warmly at him. 


“That’s still twice… Are you guys injured?” you asked, looking around.


Jotaro pulled up his sleeves to show bruises from when he was trapped in the wall. You gently placed your hands over both wrists, Queen appearing beside you and putting her hands over your's. The familiar warmth and pink glow radiated from your hands, healing his bruises. Even after seeing it before, he still seemed surprised. You had just escaped the ship from hell and made your way to the shore of Singapore.

Chapter Text

After a rather eventful conversation with a police officer about Polnereff’s bag, you all made our way to a rather nice hotel. Surprisingly, despite moving around Japan a lot because of my mom’s job, you had never been inside a hotel. Your jaw practically dropped to the ground as you stood inside the really fancy hotel. You honestly felt bad that Joseph was spending so much money. By the time you snapped out of your daze, everyone was already at the front desk. You closed your mouth and hurried over.

“Jotaro and I can share a room since we’re both high school students,” Kakyoin suggested.

Joseph nodded. “I’ll share a room with Avdol, (Y/N) and Anne will share a room, Polnareff will have his own,” he said, before explaining it to the lady at the front desk.

You held the strap of your bag rather tightly. You took a deep breath. This place was so nice that you continued to feel guilty, but you would rather it over a cheap hotel that smelled bad. You tried to ignore the feeling as you made your way to your rooms. Each had a small distance from the other, which you thought was kind of… strange. You had the possibility of being attacked here, so it would be hard to get help quickly… Maybe you were overthinking? You sighed quietly as you sat down on your bed. Anne closed the door to the room and looked over at you in concern.

“Are you okay?” she asked, sitting down next to you.

“Just… overthinking,” you answered.

You dug in your bag and pulled out a hair pin. You pinned your bangs behind your ear.

“Overthinking?” she questioned. You nodded.

“Just… This place is so nice, and I feel guilty that Joseph has spent so much money for this trip only for everything to go to shit… Then, the rooms are kind of far apart; if one of us gets hurt by an enemy, it’ll be hard to get help,” you responded, crossing your arms over your chest as your stomach churned with anxiety.

She nodded slowly, comprehending what you said. Suddenly, she hugged you, your eyes widening in shock.

“I’m sure he doesn’t mind… I think everything is going to be fine, (Y/N),” she reassured as she looked up at you with a smile.

You internally groaned. This kid had grown on you already. You hugged back with a small smile.

“Thanks, Anne… I needed that,” you whispered.

She patted your back before releasing you. Your small smile grew into a grin, and she copied your expression. A knock came to the door.

“Who is it?” you asked. “Jotaro,” the person answered in his gruff voice.

You stood up and opened the door, Anne following behind. Jotaro stood with a neutral expression, hands in the pockets of his pants. Kakyoin stood behind him, but he didn’t seem… like himself. He had this darkness in his eyes that sent a chill down your spine. No one else seemed to notice, so you figured it was just your exhausted mind playing tricks on you. You had fallen asleep, sure, but you were still mentally tired.

“Oh. What’s up, boys?” you asked, casually leaning against the doorway with a smirk of interest.

“We’re going out,” Jotaro said, adjusting his hat.

“Is that an invitation?” you asked with a mischievous smile.

He scowled. “Sure,” he grumbled, tipping his hat down to hide his face.

You only laughed. “Aww. I appreciate it,” you responded, eye bright.

You were starting to forget all that nervousness and anxiety from overthinking. You all left the hotel and explored Singapore. You had to be honest, it was rather nice and pretty. After a bit of exploring, you came across a merchant selling ice cream and various other treats to eat in the heat. Speaking of which, you had taken off your hoodie some time ago and wrapped it around your waist. It was pretty hot. Anne ran up to the stand, asking for an ice cream. The rest of you followed behind more slowly.

“Sure! But these babies are way better! Coconut juice is the best!” he said, cutting one open for her.

Jotaro sighed, “I guess we can take four.” You shook my head, placing a hand on his arm.

“I um… Can I get a popsicle instead?” you hesitantly asked, whispering it to him. He looked down at your pleading eyes and gave in with a sigh.

“Make it three and a popsicle,” he corrected. The man nodded with a grin.

“That’ll be twelve for the coconuts and two for the popsicle,” he said. Kakyoin stepped up, holding his wallet.

“I’ll pay for it,” he insisted. He gave the merchant fourteen dollars and he gave you all the items.

“Enjoy!” the man exclaimed exclaimed.

You tore off the paper on the red popsicle and threw the trash away. You heard running and a swiping noise, and you turned to see what had happened. Kakyoin’s wallet had been taken. Before Kakyoin could react, Queen was summoned and trapped the man’s foot, causing him to trip and fall. You scowled, biting off a chunk out of your popsicle. You immediately regretted it and covered your mouth. Anne put a hand on your shoulder to comfort you. Kakyoin had crossed the distance from his previous position to the man who stole his wallet in the meantime.

“So, you worthless piece of shit, who the hell do you think you are?” he said darkly.

This was so unusual for Kakyoin, and you knew your suspicions had been confirmed. Something was up with him.

“I’ll make you wish you were never born!” he exclaimed, taking the man’s face and ramming his knee into it.

You eyes widened in horror as you watched the scene unfold. “Kakyoin, stop it!” you exclaimed using Queen’s Royal Jewels to subdue him.

“H-Here! Just have it back!” the man cried, throwing the wallet before running off with a bloody nose. You walked over and released him, face dark. You gave him a hard backhand that seemed to echo throughout the town.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” you growled. He calmly picked up his wallet.

“That hurt, ya know. You didn’t have to-”

“Yes I did! Hopefully, it knocked some sense into ya’, ya’ dick!”

“He stole my wallet. He was committing a crime,” he retorted.

“So? You could have gotten the wallet and threatened to call the police!” you responded, your temper slowing boiling over.

“The look in your eyes is awfully hostile, (Y/N). What’s wrong? Why are you so upset? You’re acting like I’ve done something unforgivable,” he said with his calm expression, though there was a hint of venom in his words.

You stormed off, clutching the popsicle in a vice-like grip. Your body radiated with rage, white-hot and burning. Before you knew it, you had headed toward the guy from before.

“Hey! Come here!” you called.

The thief nervously turned around, holding his bleeding nose. You walked over.

“Sorry about my friend. He doesn’t usually act like that… Well, I guess it’s a lesson to never pickpocket. Let me help,” you said, summoning Queen.

You touched his nose, the familiar pink glow radiating from it. He couldn’t see it, of course. Just like that, his broken nose was healed. He looked dumbfounded. You merely sucked on your melting popsicle.

“How did you…” he trailed off, holding his nose with wide eyes. You smiled.

“With a little bit of magic,” you said with a wink.

He looked like he wanted to retort that magic wasn’t real, but he only gave his thanks before running off around the corner of an alley.

“(Y/N)!” called a voice.

You turned, still suckling the popsicle to calm your rage. Jotaro, a nervous-looking Anne, and Kakyoin ran toward you. You had a neutral expression, despite the inner turmoil raging inside you.

“What?” you grunted. “Don’t run off like that,” Jotaro scolded.

“Okay, Mom,” you responded with the roll of your eyes.

He only sighed and responded, “Good freakin’ grief.” You all headed toward a cable car building, and Jotaro got an ice cream with a cherry on top at some point. As you looked down at the city below, Anne whispered to you,

“I saw Kakyoin eat a beetle… Do you think it could be one of the enemy people you guys are always fighting?” You looked down at her with a thoughtful and dark expression.

“I… I’m starting to think so,” you agreed in a whisper.

“What are you guys whispering about?” Jotaro grumbled.

“Theories,” was your simple answer. He raised an eyebrow. “About what?” he asked, sounding slightly curious.

“About Kak-” you whispered. “Hey, Jotaro. Are you eating that cherry?” Kakyoin unknowingly interrupted, making his way over.

‘Damn… Why hadn’t I thought about asking?’ you thought.

You liked cherries to some extent. If someone gave you a cherry in a drink or just in general, you'd eat it. Jotaro gave you a sideways glance before answering, “Here.”

Kakyoin nabbed it before pushing Jotaro over the railing with an “oops.” You and Anne let out a cry of horror and you grabbed him with Queen’s Royal Jewels. With your help, Jotaro hopped back onto solid ground. Kakyoin laughed.

“I’m only playing with you!” he exclaimed. He finally popped the cherry into his mouth and did this… weird tongue thing with it, which freaked you out. You suddenly wished you had asked for the cherry yourself. At least your eyes would have been saved from that nightmare-inducing scene. The cherry flew out of his mouth and landed on the ground with a soft splat. All of this seemed to confirm what you had been thinking… This was an imposter. An enemy Stand user had the ability to disguise as another person and even copy their voice. That scared you more than anything. If this was an imposter, where was the real Kakyoin? Was he hurt or even… dead? You didn’t want to think about that, but it was a possibility. You glared at him and saw Jotaro did the same.

“That hurt, ya know. You didn’t have to-”

“Yes I did! Hopefully, it knocked some sense into ya’, ya’ dick!”

“He stole my wallet. He was committing a crime,” he retorted. “So? You could have gotten the wallet and threatened to call the police!” you responded, your temper slowing boiling over. “The look in your eyes is awfully hostile, (Y/N). What’s wrong? Why are you so upset? You’re acting like I’ve done something unforgivable,” he said with his calm expression, though there was a hint of venom in his words. You stormed off, clutching the popsicle in a vice-like grip. Your body radiated with rage, white-hot and burning. Before you knew it, you had headed toward the guy from before. “Hey! Come here!” you called. The thief nervously turned around, holding his bleeding nose. You walked over. “Sorry about my friend. He doesn’t usually act like that… Well, I guess it’s a lesson to never pickpocket. Let me help,” you said, summoning Queen. You touched his nose, the familiar pink glow radiating from it. He couldn’t see it, of course. Just like that, his broken nose was healed. He looked dumbfounded. You merely sucked on your melting popsicle. “How did you…” he trailed off, holding his nose with wide eyes. You smiled. “With a little bit of magic,” you said with a wink. He looked like he wanted to retort that magic wasn’t real, but he only gave his thanks before running off around the corner of an alley. “(Y/N)!” called a voice. You turned, still suckling the popsicle to calm your rage. Jotaro, a nervous-looking Anne, and Kakyoin ran toward you. You had a neutral expression, despite the inner turmoil raging inside you. “What?” you grunted. “Don’t run off like that,” Jotaro scolded. “Okay, Mom,” you responded with the roll of your eyes. He only sighed and responded, “Good freakin’ grief.” You all headed toward a cable car building, and Jotaro got an ice cream with a cherry on top at some point. As you looked down at the city below, Anne whispered to you, “I saw Kakyoin eat a beetle… Do you think it could be one of the enemy people you guys are always fighting?” You looked down at her with a thoughtful and dark expression. “I… I’m starting to think so,” you agreed in a whisper. “What are you guys whispering about?” Jotaro grumbled. “Theories,” was your simple answer. He raised an eyebrow. “About what?” he asked, sounding slightly curious. “About Kak-” you whispered. “Hey, Jotaro. Are you eating that cherry?” Kakyoin unknowingly interrupted, making his way over. ‘Damn… Why hadn’t I thought about asking?’ you thought. You liked cherries to some extent. If someone gave you a cherry in a drink or just in general, you'd eat it. Jotaro gave you a sideways glance before answering, “Here.” Kakyoin nabbed it before pushing Jotaro over the railing with an “oops.” You and Anne let out a cry of horror and you grabbed him with Queen’s Royal Jewels. With your help, Jotaro hopped back onto solid ground. Kakyoin laughed. “I’m only playing with you!” he exclaimed. He finally popped the cherry into his mouth and did this… weird tongue thing with it, which freaked you out. You suddenly wished you had asked for the cherry yourself. At least your eyes would have been saved from that nightmare-inducing scene. The cherry flew out of his mouth and landed on the ground with a soft splat. All of this seemed to confirm what you had been thinking… This was an imposter. An enemy Stand user had the ability to disguise as another person and even copy their voice. That scared you more than anything. If this was an imposter, where was the real Kakyoin? Was he hurt or even… dead? You didn’t want to think about that, but it was a possibility. You glared at him and saw Jotaro did the same. “Those looks. What’s with all of this hard-core glaring, you two? Have you lost your sense of humor?” Kakyoin said, sounding almost like he was… teasing. He bent over and picked up the cherry, finally eating it. This was not Kakyoin…

Chapter Text

As Kakyoin chewed on the cherry, he grew bigger, which was only further proving your theory. As a chair lift parked at the stop, Jotaro said, “Get in, Kakyoin.”

Kakyoin’s glare was cold and hard, and it gave you chills. He didn't respond.

“The cable car just got here,” Jotaro said, clenching his fist.

“Now, I told you to get in. See? I’ve got your ticket right here,” he added, bringing his fist up, his aquamarine eyes holding a certain darkness in them.

“I’m gonna knock your crooked, possessed ass into that cable car.” Kakyoin’s eyes widened in surprise, and Jotaro swung his fist, blood flying through the air.

Kakyoin flew into the air, and you almost gagged. His jaw looked unhinged, like the skin on that side of his face had been cut in half.

“What that…” Jotaro trailed off. Anne screamed.

“What the hell?” you exclaimed.

That was one of the most disturbing things you ever had to witness. Jotaro stepped into the cable car as “Kakyoin” laughed.

“You’re a bit off. Possessed isn’t the word. Wanna give it another try?” he said darkly.

“Wait… This isn’t Kakyoin,” Jotaro realized with wide eyes.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!” you responded. “If my theory is correct, he is a Stand user with the ability to disguise himself as other people using his Stand!”

With that, the door to the cable car closed, leaving you and Anne alone.

“C’mon! We have to get back to the hotel and get help!” you exclaimed. Anne nodded and took your hand. You left the cable car building and ran back to the hotel. Your lungs and legs burned, but the adrenaline pushed you forward. You stopped in an alleyway, summoning your Stand.

“Anne, hold on to me and don’t let go,” you instructed.

She nodded and clung to you. Using your Stand’s power, you hauled the two of you up to the roof of a building and used Royal Jewels to swing you forward to the next building. You felt like a superhero as you swung over buildings, the wind whipping through your hair. It was exhilarating, and you almost forgot why you were doing it in the first place. Finally, you made it back to the hotel with a dramatic swing into the pool area. You both panted from the combined effort.

“That was… oddly fun,” she said between pants. You nodded in agreement.

“(Y/N)? Anne?” a voice asked.

You looked up to see Kakyoin casually lounging on a chair. You felt so relieved in that moment that your burning legs ran toward him and pulled him into a bone-crushing hug.

“Oh my gods! I’m so glad you’re okay!” you exclaimed. “(Y/N), you’re… crushing me,” he wheezed.

You released him quickly.

“What do you mean by ‘okay’? I’ve been here this entire time,” he said with a confused expression.

“There was an enemy Stand user that had the ability to transform into other people. He turned into you, and all I could think about was that you were hurt or… or even dead,” you explained, putting a hand over your beating heart.

He blinked in surprise. “What about Jotaro?” he asked.

“He’s fighting him as we speak. I hope he can beat this guy on his own… He’s strong, but…” you trailed off, not sure what to continue with.

“You’re worried about him?” he asked.

“Yes! I don’t want him to… to die and I’m not there to heal him!” you responded.

Kakyoin smiled, as if he just realized something you didn’t.

“I’m sure he’ll be just fine on his own,” he said.

“Yeah… You’re right… Well, we should go to Joseph’s room. We need to tell him what’s going on,” you said.

He nodded and the three of you walked into the hotel. The elevator ride up was filled with an explanation of what had happened at the building you were previously at. It was a short and sweet retelling. You stepped out and made your way into his room. You knocked on the hard wooden door of Joseph's room.

“Hey. It’s (Y/N),” you said, loud enough for him and Avdol to hear.

“Come in!” one of them said.

You opened the door and the three of you stepped inside. You were met with a surprising sight. Polnareff was hurt. Anne closed the door behind us, and Avdol and Joseph stared at Kakyoin.

“What the hell happened?” you asked, kneeling down in front of Pol.

“There are actually two parts to this story,” Avdol said.

“Three,” you corrected.

He nodded, and Pol started his as you heal his injuries. He had been attacked by the Stand User Devo the Cursed and his Stand Ebony Devil, which was a crazy fast and crazy strong doll. He had gotten stuck under the bed as the Stand tried to crush him, adding that he surely would have died if he hadn’t thought of the mirror technique he used. Joseph explained that he had used Hermit Purple to get some more information on DIO’s whereabouts using a TV.

“The screen said, ‘Kakyoin. Beware of him.’ Then, DIO taunted us before the television exploded…” Joseph said, still glancing at Kakyoin.

“It said to beware of him because one of DIO’s assassins came after us disguised as Kakyoin,” you explained, patting Pol on the shoulder after you finished healing him.

You explained to them what had happened, and they seemed to understand.

“Well, we’ve got to help him out, right?” Polnareff said. Joseph sighed.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine on his own,” Joseph answered, though he looked concerned. It was about twenty minutes of waiting before Jotaro burst through the door, his right hand bleeding.

“Jotaro!” you exclaimed, jumping up and pulling him into a hug.

“I’m so glad you’re okay!” He only rolled his eyes, hiding his face with his hat.

“I was going to be okay anyway… His name was Rubber Soul and his Stand was Yellow Temperance,” Jotaro said.

You pulled away, not wanting to make him uncomfortable. You held his wrist gently as you healed his finger.

“I could get used to this. Hopefully healing this much makes me stronger,” you half-joked.

He chuckled. After that, Joseph paid for all of the damage caused and you all left the hotel. You boarded the train to India after giving a heartfelt goodbye to Anne, who had become one of your dearest friends in the short time you had known each other. You stared out of the window as Jotaro explained what Rubber Soul had told him. You weren't paying much attention. The only thing that kept you from falling asleep was Jotaro’s presence next to you. It was distracting in some odd way.

“Hey, Jotaro, are you going to eat those cherries? Not to be greedy, but they are my favorite,” Kakyoin asked, pointing to the dish in front of him.

In all honesty, you had been glancing at them. Jotaro noticed. He gave one to Kakyoin and one to you. You gave a look of surprise.

“Oh… Thank you,” you said with a small smile.

He gave the smallest smile possible back.

“Thanks, Jotaro,” Kakyoin said. He pulled off the stem and… did the weird licking thing Rubber Soul did.

You and Jotaro looked at each other with the same look.

‘He copied him down to his… odd behavior with cherries,’ you thought, and you were sure he thought it, too, by the look in his eyes.

“Oh, good grief,” Jotaro mumbled.

You laughed and pulled off the stem of your own cherry. You ate it, spit out the pit into a napkin, and proceeded to put the stem into your mouth. You poked out your tongue, showing a tied stem.

“Woah! That’s so cool!” Kakyoin exclaimed. You only laughed.

Chapter Text

You stared out at the foggy sea through the window, anxious to be on a boat with all that has happened on the last two you had been on. The men were talking about food and the possible culture shock, to which you only half listened. During the trip to your new destination, you managed to get some sleep in. Thankfully, nothing had happened, so you gained all of your energy back, charged and ready to go. You could see through the fog now. You were docking, and you felt a bit nervous. All of these countries were amazing and all, but it still didn't make you any less nervous about the crowds of people. Your eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“(Y/N), are you alright?” Avdol asked, putting a hand on your shoulder.

You looked up at him with a small smile.

“Just a bit nervous. That’s all,” you answered.

He hummed and nodded.

“I assure you that you’ll be just fine,” he responded with a smile of his own.

You nodded and grabbed your things. It was time to get off the ship. As soon as you did so, however, you were bombarded by citizens asking to do things for you. You hated this big crowd. It felt like it was suffocating you… Were you actually not breathing?… No, you were breathing, but really fast. Were you hyperventilating?… You were. You pushed through the crowd, eyes wide with fear and anxiety. You made it through and ran a short distance away, panting as your heart raced a million miles an hour. You hated the feeling of being surrounded. You weren't afraid of tight spaces, only being surrounded by people. Queen appeared as it sensed your discomfort, running a hand through your hair to calm you down.

‘Shhh… It’s alright,’ it seemed to whisper. You took a few deep breaths, your heart starting to slow. A hand was placed on your shoulder, and you jolted, running a few steps back. Polnareff looked surprised. You blinked before giving an awkward laugh.

“Sorry. You startled me,” you apologized. He smiled.

“No. It’s alright. I should have called out for you,” he responded as the rest of the group joined you. You walked to a really nice restaurant and got a table. You ordered a coffee with milk and sugar, and the men ordered chai tea. You wanted to try it, but you didn’t want an indirect kiss or something. When the drinks arrived, you happily drank your's.

“Finally, some peace,” Joseph exclaimed.

“Be patient with India,” Avdol said, taking a sip of his own tea. “Once you get used to it, you’ll see how wonderful this country is!”

You only half-listened to their conversation. You kind of had to agree with Joseph here. That big crowd gave you anxiety, and you didn’t like the fact that everyone had crowded around you and touched you. Some guy even offered to cut my hair to sell it. No way that was going to happen. That was one thing you loved about myself. Your hair was soft, and it got super wavy and poofy after you washed it.

“Ya know, I kind of like this place. It’s pretty cool,” Jotaro said, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Wait, really? I thought you, out of all of us, would hate it the most, considering that you don’t prefer to be around people,” you said with a confused expression.

He only shrugged. Polnareff sighed.

“It’s a hell of a lot of culture shock, though. Guess I’ll like it when I get used to it, huh?” he said, picking up his bag. He stood up.

“Well, I guess people adapt to their surroundings eventually,” he added before asking for directions to the bathroom.

As he walked away, Joseph said, “Aren’t you going to order something?”

Polnareff looked over his shoulder with a smirk.

“Pick something for me. It better be amazing. Something gorgeous and sophisticated that suits a Frenchman such as moi,” he answered before walking away.

“Which means it doesn’t matter. He’ll eat anything,” Kakyoin said.

You shook your head with a sigh.

“This place is so freakin’ lively… It kinda freaks me out, ya know? I’m not good with crowds,” you admitted after a while, taking a sip of coffee.

“Yeah. I noticed that you looked on the verge of a panic attack,” Kakyoin responded.

You choked on your coffee, coughing up a storm.

“P-Panic attack? No, no, no. That big crowd just kind of shocked me,” you retorted, putting your coffee cup down onto the table.

He didn’t seem to believe a word you said, but didn’t push it further.

“Well, I figured as much. Your mom told me you were a very reclusive person who didn’t have friends and didn’t really feel comfortable in social situations,” Joseph said.

You blushed a deep red and hid behind a wall of hair.

“Of course she said that. She always says too much,” you grumbled in embarrassment. He chuckled.

“That’s mothers for you,” he responded.

Once your blush cooled off, you took a sip of coffee. Your body was still warm with lingering awkwardness. Joseph ordered the food, and you chose curry. You had heard that it was a very delicious dish, and you wanted to try something new. You were traveling miles away from home to various countries, so it was kind of a must. After the waiter walked away, you heard a rather masculine scream. We didn’t question it.

“Polnareff probably found some dirt on the floor or something,” Jotaro mumbled.

Soon after, one of the workers walked out with an annoyed expression, so you assumed that everything was fine. Not long later, the food came and you began to eat, Polnareff still absent from the table. You heard a crash and paused. Polnareff came running out of the bathroom, looking distraught and afraid.

“A Stand! But where’s the user?” he exclaimed looking around at the guests in the restaurant.

His face contorted in frustration.

“Who is it? The man with two right hands?” he added.

He raced to the exit, pausing in the doorway to look around. Joseph quickly paid and apologized before you followed him out.

“What’s wrong, Polnareff?” you asked, eyebrows furrowed in concern.

“What is this about?” Avdol added behind me. Polnareff was quiet for a moment.

“If that was it… If that Stand belongs to who I think it does,… then that means I finally found him… Jotaro, the Stand user that uses the mirrors… he’s here,” he answered.

Jotaro’s eyebrows furrowed.

“The bastard that killed my sister… my angelic sister,” he said before explaining his sister’s death.

The story always made you tear up. You never had any siblings, and you went most of your life without your own father. You couldn’t imagine ever living if your mother died. You'd be more alone than you ever had been. You looked down at the ground, taking a deep breath.

“Are you absolutely sure it’s him?” Joseph asked. Polnareff didn’t answer.

He turned a little to look at you. “It’s settled… Mr. Joestar, I’ll be traveling on my own from here on out,” he finally said.

“What?” you said with a confused expression.

His eyes turned to your's and his eyes softened. “With my sister’s murderer finally within reach, I’ll be damned if I wait for him to come after me. I’m screwed if he gets the drop on me. It’s just not my style,” he said.

“I’ll find him first and kill him!” His eyes never left your's, and you tried to give him a look to convince him to stay.

You don’t know why. Maybe he had grown on you? You saw him as a good friend. You didn’t want him to do this by himself. There was no way he’d be able to do this on his own…

Chapter Text

Kakyoin was the first to speak up.


 “We don’t even know what he looks like or what his Stand is!” he responded. 


“He’s got two right hands. That’s enough for me. And don’t forget, he knows that I’m coming after him. That should put him on the defensive and give me the advantage,” Polnareff said, turning away from you. 


“See ya,” he said, walking away. Avdol took a step forward. 


“Tough talk for a man who’s digging his own grave,” he said. 


You could feel the tension rising. This wouldn’t end well if they decided to start an argument. Polnareff was stubborn, and Avdol knew it. Polnareff paused and turned his head toward the other. 


“And that means?” he questioned, clearly not wanting to talk anymore and get his business done. 


“Just as it sounds, my old friend,” Avdol answered. 


“Are you implying that I’m going to lose?” Polnareff asked, slowly walking toward him. 


“Yes! Can’t you see? The enemy attacked in order to isolate you. He’s exploiting your biggest weakness! I won’t let you go alone,” Avdol said, pointing at Polnareff. 


The man slapped the hand away and pointed at the other. 


“Listen up. I’m only gonna say this once. This whole time, I never once gave a damn about DIO. I told you in Hong Kong that I would go along with you to get my revenge,” he said, his voice rising a level. “Mr. Joestar and Jotaro already know this,” he added, taking a few steps back. 


You looked down at your feet. You had a really bad feeling about this… It felt wrong, like someone was going to get hurt or even killed. It’s that chill that rolls down your spine that tells your gut feeling that it’s better to run. 


“I’ve been alone from the beginning. I’ve always been fighting alone!” he said, pointing at himself with his thumb.


 Avdol walked up and grabbed his shirt.


 “You selfish fool! Did you forget that you were brainwashed by DIO? Are you so foolish that you forgot he was the root of all of this?” Avdol asked, his voice rising in level. 


“You have no idea how it feels to have your sister murdered, so shut the hell up!” Polnareff retorted. 


“SHUT IT!” you yelled without realizing. 


The men behind me took a few steps back in surprise, and Avdol and Polnareff’s eyes widened. You took a deep breath. 


“Let him go. If he dies, it’s his fault,” you said, crossing your arms. Avdol’s face showed immense surprise.




“No… Just let him go. He’s too stubborn to realize what he’s getting himself into.”


Avdol bowed his head and stepped away from Polnareff. Polnareff adjusted his bag before walking away. The citizens around you were whispering and slowly going back to their normal routine. You sighed, rubbing the bridge of my nose.


 “Jeez… It’s been a while since I lost my temper… Well, the whole Yellow Temperance thing was worse,” you said to myself. 


Joseph sighed, placing a hand on your shoulder. 


“C’mon. Let’s get a hotel for the night,” he said, starting to walk away. 


“Oh! Avdol, Kakyoin, you two go after him, but keep your distance. Avdol will leave first, Kakyoin will leave a few minutes after to not draw attention,” he instructed.


 The men nodded, and Avdol followed Polnareff. Kakyoin stayed around the area. The three of you found a nice hotel to stay in for the time being. After you put your things in your room, you went to Jotaro’s room, which was next door. You knocked, and his gruff voice called out for you to go in. You opened the door. He was sitting on one of the beds smoking a cigarette. He looked mildly surprised, but it quickly faded to show a slightly thoughtful look. You sat down next to him, not minding the smoke. 


“What do you want?” he asked, taking a drag.


 “I’m worried,” you answered, crossing your arms in front of your chest.


 He huffed. “They’ll be fine,” he said, looking down at you.


 You sighed. “I know, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m worried,” you responded, gripping your sleeves. 


He took another drag, careful not to blow in your direction. 


“So… about that thing in Hong Kong…” Jotaro trailed off. 


You winced. “You remembered that?” you asked, looking up at him. He shrugged. You sighed. Well, he deserved an answer… 




“Gosh, you’re so ugly and gross! No wonder no one likes you!” one of the kids said, shoving you harshly. 


You fell to the ground, tears pouring from your eyes. The kids surrounding you laughed like it was some joke you didn’t understand. 


“Not to mention fat! We should call her ‘Piggy’ instead of her actual name,” another added.  


“Like, seriously! What kind of a name is (Y/N)?” her “friend” said. 


All the kids surrounding you laughed again. This was normally a daily thing. You refused to tell your parents and always gave the excuse of falling during school. My mom and dad both believed you, giving you the cute and innocent pet name of “Clumsy.” That day, however, was turning out to be even more horrible. As soon as you got home, you saw your parents arguing and yelling, your mom holding up her wedding ring. She threw it on the ground, tears cascading down her cheeks. You quietly snuck to your room. You sat down on your bed, staring at your scarred hands and body. You sighed, wiping away the forming tears.




“Not long after, I found out my father had an affair, we moved to Japan to stay with my mom’s best friend, and I spent most of my life hopping between towns due to my mother’s job,” you finished, turning away subtly to wipe away tears.


 Jotaro grabbed your wrist, causing you to turn to face him. You could partially see the light reflecting on your tears. Without a word, he pulled you into a hug. Your face contorted into a surprised expression. Then, everything hit you at once. You stuffed your face into his shoulder, your body rocking with silent sobs. It felt so nice to be held like this. Your mother still had no idea about your past school life, and you never planned on telling her. Jotaro’s massive hand hesitantly rubbed your back, as if wondering if that was what he was supposed to do. 


“Um… It’s gonna be okay,” he grumbled hesitantly. “Well, that’s a lot of encouragement,” you said sarcastically, giving a small chuckle. 


“I’m trying, alright?” he growled. 


“I know, I know… I appreciate it,” you responded, rubbing his back.


 “Screw those kids… Honestly, they’re worse than me, which is pretty bad. Whatever shit they did is in the past… You’re not fat or ugly, and your name is… decent… You’re not an annoying bitch who fawns over me, and I’m sure that you’d leave me alone if said so,” he said, pulling away to pull his hat down. 


That was considered an enormous compliment in the Jotaro dictionary. You almost started crying again.


 “Please don’t,” he said, noticing the tears forming again. 


“Sorry,” you responded with a chuckle, wiping your eyes. He took hold of your wrist and looked at your hand. He softly rubbed the old scars, as if they were still as fresh as the day you got them…

Chapter Text

A fist flew through the air and was followed by the thud of a man hitting the ground. Jotaro pulled back his arm after punching the cowboy in the face. Polnareff and Kakyoin ran up to you.

“Mr. Joestar! Jotaro! Y/n!” Kakyoin exclaimed, like he hadn’t expected you to show up.

You waved slightly, giving an awkward smile. Joseph crossed his arms over his chest.

“We already know about Avdol. What a tragedy… We didn’t have a lot of time to do much for him, but we gave him a proper funeral,” he said.

He was a rather good liar. Avdol was close to death, yes, but the bullet only grazed his forehead, giving the impression that he had been shot directly. However, you couldn’t let Polnareff know. That was the deal you had made. Polnareff had such a big mouth, so you couldn't afford any of DIO’s minions finding out that Avdol was alive and recovering. You planned on telling Kakyoin as soon as you could. You all turned to the cowboy, who looked rather afraid.

“The one who stabbed Mr. Avdol in the back was the man with two right hands. The cause of death was Hol Horse’s bullet,” Kakyoin informed.

“What should we do with him?” Joseph asked.

You grinned evilly, cracking your knuckles.

“Can I please strangle him? I think he deserves a slow, painful death for killing Avdol,” you said, Queen appearing behind you.

Her hair had parted to reveal a sinister yellow eye that glared at the guy.

“Calm down, (Y/N). You’re scaring me, and I’m not even the one it’s directed at,” Polnareff said wearily.

You shrugged and stepped forward, fully ready to strangle him when something strange happened… Well, two strange things happened. First, as you tried to summon Royal Jewels, jewels in the shape of spikes or something levitated in the air, pointing at Hol Horse. Next, some random girl tackled you to the ground, causing both your Stand and the spikes to disappear.

“Please run, Sir Hol Horse! I’ll hold her off for you! I don’t know exactly what’s going on here, but I will always protect you!” she exclaimed, holding you down.

“Hey! Get off of me, woman!” you said, using your weight to flip the tables.

By the time you turned around, he was already gone, riding away on a stolen horse. You huffed and pushed her away, standing up and dusting yourself off. You turned to see that the men looked surprised. You raised an eyebrow.

“What?” you asked in confusion.

“You’ve never done that before. The jewel spikes,” Kakyoin answered.

You turned to Queen, searching for answers. Her face was as blank as ever, but she had the smallest smirk on her face.

“Huh… Well, I think she’s gotten stronger… I’m a person, and the person that I am can change. I guess you could say I’m looking forward now,” you said casually, giving a shrug.

Your moment with Jotaro earlier made you realize a few things. First, the stuff that happened to you as a kid should have made you stronger, not weaker. Second, all of that was in the past, and you needed to leave it there. Third, you needed to move on and live life from a new perspective. Of course, it would take a while to actually do the second and third, but that didn’t mean you wouldn’t try. You felt stronger now, like you could do a whole lot more damage to anyone who tried to pick a fight.

“Oh! You’re hurt,” Joseph suddenly said, walking over to the woman.

He was right. She had a pretty deep cut on her elbow. He tied a handkerchief around it. You sighed.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” you apologized, bowing at the woman.

“It’s alright,” she said with a small smile.

A bloody Polnareff put his hands on his hips.

“Alright. We continue onward to Egypt! Listen up!” he started, Joseph standing up after wrapping the woman’s arm.

“In order to defeat DIO, we have to fight as one. We can’t go off on our own or we’ll play right into the enemy’s hands. Got it?” he finished. You snorted.

“Says the one who just did that,” you pointed out, the other men stifling laughs.

His cheeks flushed and he looked away.

“Yeah, yeah! I know!” he exclaimed.

You laughed and put a hand on his shoulder (attempted to at least).

“It’s alright… I let my emotions get out of control like that, too, even though I try not to. At least you understand how important it is for us to stay together now,” you said with a grin.

“Now, let’s get a move on!” he quickly said, turning away.

You all began walking forward.

“Good grief,” Jotaro grumbled.

You turned to Kakyoin, pulling him to whisper in his ear.

“Do not panic… Avdol is alive, but he’s recovering. Do not tell Polnareff. Joseph will explain everything later,” you said.

He looked shocked, but nodded. You nodded back and smiled, pretending like it never happened.

Chapter Text

You stared out the window of the bus you were on, contemplating what had happened over the past few weeks. You had just left Calcutta, and you were heading to Varanasi.

“Listen up. I don’t usually get on a soap box like this, but stupid people are just that,” Polnareff said, making hand motions. “You could repeat something a million times over and they still won’t listen!”

That’s when you zoned out. You didn’t want to listen to Polnareff rambling about something or other that wasn't important to the mission. He was talking to the lady from before, Hol Horse’s girlfriend. She introduced herself as Nena. You sighed and watched the landscape fly by. Maybe I should take a nap or something, you thought, wrapping your arms around yourself. You closed your eyes, and not even Polnareff’s obnoxiously loud voice could keep you awake.


Soon enough, you were awoken by a buzzing should and a tap on your shoulder. You opened your eyes and looked over. Hierophant Green had its hand on your shoulder, looking down at you with a blank expression.

“We’re here,” Kakyoin said through it. You nodded, and the being shimmered out of existence.

“Man, this thing isn’t getting any better,” Joseph mumbled.

That’s right. He got some kind of bug bite. You looked over to see that it had grown exponentially, and it kind of looked like… a face. Your eyebrows furrowed as you looked around. That’s when your eyes locked onto Nena. She looked expressionless, but… there was a certain darkness in her eyes. She looked downright terrifying. Your eyes widened as you put two and two together. As you opened your mouth to say something, she locked eyes with you. You looked away immediately, making yourself look smaller. Soon enough, you stepped out of the bus. You stretched your limbs.

“Jeez, I really hate sitting down for so long. My ass is killing me,” you grumbled.

Kakyoin snorted softly, like he was stifling a laugh. You did the same, elbowing him lightly. Joseph had a faraway look in his eyes, as if he was trying to think of something.

“What’s wrong, old man? You don’t look well,” Jotaro said, voice laced with concern.

Your eyes widened by a fraction. Jotaro looked annoyed, but there was a spark of unease in his eyes. You guess he noticed, too, that Joseph wasn’t acting like himself.

“Looks like my bug bite got a lot worse. This thing must be infected,” he answered, holding his arm as he showed it to you. You winced.

“It’s definitely swollen. It would be best to have a doctor look at it before it gets worse,” Kakyoin said.

“Is it just me, or does it look like a face?” you pointed out, trying to give some subtle clues.

Polnareff leaned in. “Yeah. I agree with you on that one,” he responded.

“Stop kidding around, you two. That’s creepy,” Joseph responded, turning away from you partially. Your eyebrows twitched. He didn’t believe you. However, you knew that Polnareff had partially the same idea as you.

“Sorry about that,” you lied, giving an awkward laugh.

You could feel daggers glared at your back, making you feel as though you were ice cold. You didn’t have to look behind you to know who it was.

“Fine, fine. I’m going,” Joseph said, walking away to find a doctor’s office or hospital. You pulled Polnareff aside, away from the other boys and Nena. He let out a surprised cry.

“Hey, Polnareff! Why don’t we go see those stuffed animals over there? They’re super cute,” you exclaimed, bringing up a facade. He looked confused.

“Um… okay?” he said as you dragged him toward the place you saw.

“Sorry. I couldn’t let them know what’s going on,” you whispered, not daring to turn around.

“What do you mean?” he asked, raising a nonexistent eyebrow.

“You saw it, too, right? That bug bite looked like a face,” you answered.


“Yeah? What about it?” he responded.

“I think Nena is a Stand User. She’s been glaring at Joseph for a while, and she thinks I know what’s going on. And she started glaring at me,” you answered, pointing out a dolphin plushie to make it seem like we were talking about it.

His eyebrows would have furrowed if he had any.

“I kinda noticed that she had a creepy expression… Let’s keep an eye on her, alright?” he said, paying for the plushie as a final part of our act.

“Got it,” you agreed.

You walked back over, you giving a fake proud expression. Polnareff sighed and said, “I can’t believe you actually convinced me to buy that for you.”


You gave a satisfied hum.

“I have my ways, good sir,” you responded, hugging the dolphin.

You looked up to see Jotaro’s gaze flipping from you, to Polnareff, to the dolphin. His eyes lingered on the toy. You stifled a laugh, holding out to him.

“Do you want to hold it?” you asked, tilting your head.

He pulled his hat over his eyes and gently took the dolphin from your arms. You had a feeling he would. A few weeks ago, he had practically attacked you for trying to touch his plushies. You knew he had an interest in sea life, so it was kind of cute to see him like this. None of you said anything for fear of Jotaro killing you. And with that, you started making your way further into the city to find the hotel Joseph had mentioned on the bus ride. The entire time, Polnareff was keeping up his casanova personality in front of Nena. You were both keeping an eye on her. Nena must have seen something, so she pointed out a hotel run by a Japanese woman.

You swore you saw a flash of familiar grey hair, but it was gone as soon as it had come. That was weird. A while later, after Polnareff got something to eat. She must have spotted someone again, and distracted Polnareff once more. This time, you didn’t fall for it. You turned to see… Joseph? He had something on his arm. It looked like… a small person. You gave a signal to Polnareff and followed Joseph. He looked like he was trying to hide from someone or find something. Just then, a police car drove by. You snuck over and hid. You summoned your Stand. You concentrated on her, and you could see through her eyes.

“Joseph,” you said through her. He jumped nearly three feet in the air.

“Queen of Hearts?… Does that mean that-”

“Shh! That thing on your arm can’t know. Nena is the Stand user, and that is a part of her Stand’s ability I guess,” you said.

He looked surprised, and he nodded to show that he understood.

“I’ll be right behind you if you need healing or something,” you added. He nodded and continued on his way, Queen disappearing soon after.

You kept your distance and followed him, hiding as best as you could. Soon enough, he found a tub of black liquid and dipped his arm in. Soon, an arm came out and stabbed him in the neck with a rusty nail. You winced, but waited. Soon enough, the liquid started to harden. The being on his arm revealed that the liquid was coal tar. So that was his plan! He revealed that he found it by making a map with Hermit Purple. He wrapped his Stand around it and a bar, jumped up on the wall, and pulled. The thing was ripped into pieces. You ran over to inspect him. Nothing was particularly hard to heal, so you did so, breathing a sigh of relief.

Chapter Text

“Now, I wonder where that thing’s Stand User is,” Joseph said, crossing his arms over his chest.

You grinned and waved a hand, urging him to follow as you raced back to Polnareff. When you made it there, you saw a fat woman emerge from Nena’s body before dying in a dramatic spurt of blood. Polnareff looked downright horrified.

“So,… Nena was being possessed by this woman,” Joseph said.

You sighed, shaking your head and turning away from the gruesome scene. Polnareff jumped away with a strangled cry of disgust and fear.

“She’s nothing more than an ugly troll. She attached her Stand to me as a tumor with a face… You were careless, Polnareff. She played you like a damn fiddle,” Joseph added. You chucked.

“One, I like that saying. Two, Polnareff’s an idiot. Even after I told him to watch her for anything strange, she swept him off his feet,” you said, crossing your arms over your chest.


Nighttime, your favorite part of the day. Because of the light pollution at your temporary home, it was hard to see the stars. You sat in front of the river, staring up at the brilliant, starry sky. You smiled, reminiscing about old memories.

“Here I thought we would sleep in an actual bed tonight,” you heard Kakyoin say as Jotaro walked beside him.

Jotaro sat down at your left, Kakyoin sat down on your right.

“If the old man hadn’t screwed up, we wouldn’t be out here hiding from the cops,” Jotaro reminded, crossing his arms over his chest.

You chuckled. Jotaro finally looked down at you, and your eyes locked… Did his eyes always look that nice?… What?! Your cheeks flushed lightly, and your eyes stared back at the sky. Thankfully, it would be too dark to see the blush.

“Thinking about stuff?” he asked, laying down beside you.

Kakyoin did the same, making it so that all three of you were stargazing.

“Yeah… When I was younger and still lived in America, we lived in the middle of freakin’ nowhere. That meant that we could see all of the stars without worrying about light pollution,” you answered, putting my arms behind my head.

“Wait, you’re from America?” Kakyoin asked with surprise in his tone.

You chuckled. “What, you thought I was Japanese or something?” you responded.

“Well, your Japanese is spot-on. I thought you might have American parents who were born here,” he answered.

You shook your head.

“Nope. Born and partially raised in the United States,” you retorted. “What happened?” Kakyoin asked.

Jotaro already knew the story, but you didn’t mind repeating it, especially since you considered Kakyoin to be a really close friend.

“Well, when I was eight, I came home from school one day to see my parents fighting. My mother pulled off her wedding ring and threw it on the ground. I didn’t understand what had happened, and my mother took me away to live with some of her really close friends in Japan, Jeremy and his ‘friend’ Shurui. I didn’t find out until a few years ago what had happened. My father had been having an affair for nearly five years,” you answered, giving air quotes for “friend.”

They both looked confused. “What do you mean by that?” Jotaro asked.

“They were definitely a thing. A couple. Of course, people don’t really accept that sort of thing. Can’t tell you how many arguments I had with them. I probably punched a few,” you answered.

They both hummed.

“I don’t give a shit about it,” Jotaro grumbled with a shrug. Kakyoin smiled, like he knew something we didn’t. “Me neither,” he agreed. And with that, a comfortable silence washed over you.

“So all of that really happened?” Polnareff suddenly asked.

You jumped and sat up, looking over. Your face showed extreme surprise, and you asked, “You heard everything?”

He shrugged. “Sorry for snooping in on your conversation,” he apologized, looking down at the water.

You shrugged. “It’s fine… You’re my friend, too, so I don’t mind that you know,” you responded.

“Alright. I’ve got everything settled,” Joseph said, walking toward you. Kakyoin and Jotaro sat up.

“We can take this car. Polnareff, you’re on driving duty,” he added, throwing the keys to Polnareff.

He caught them, and the four of you stood up. Joseph chuckled.

“Doing some bonding?” he asked with a smile. You shrugged with a smile of your own.

“Sure. I love my big, strong, oddly tall boys,” you said, trying your best to pull the three of them into a hug.

You laughed, and even Jotaro managed a small chuckle. You released them.

“C’mon, folks! We have places to be, sights to see, a century-old vampire to kill!” you exclaimed, herding them to the car.

Polnareff got into the driver seat, Joseph in the passenger, and the rest of you in the back. Fortunately, you were in the middle, which meant warmth from the cool of the night and a nice place to rest your head. And, soon enough, you were on your way to your next destination.

Chapter Text

You awoke to the sound and motion of the car stopping. You yawned and stretched as best as you could with the two bodies beside you. You rubbed your eyes, and you blinked at the sound of a familiar voice.

“Anne?” you questioned in a sleepy voice.

“Yep!” she answered, hopping into the car with you.

Unfortunately, you didn’t have any more seats, so she had to sit on your lap. She sat there, and you continued forward. Soon, the conversation went in a totally weird direction.

“I mean, c’mon! I’m a girl! Soon, I’ll be doing girl things like wearing a bra and doing my nails to get the attention of boys. I’d look pathetic wandering around the world at that age,” Anne said. You scoffed.

“Girl stuff? It’s kind of annoying. I mean, painting your nails for boys? Really? Do it for yourself instead of trying to get attention. Do what makes you feel better about yourself. That’s why I wear this jacket all the time,” you responded.

“Wise words, mon chérie,” Polnareff said, glancing at you from the rearview mirror.

“Thank you. I pride myself on my vocabulary,” you joked with a smile.

You heard rumbling behind you, and Polnareff looked slightly annoyed in the rearview mirror. You saw, in the mirror, that there was a red car behind you. It was riding really close behind you, which you were sure wasn’t a good thing. As Anne rambled on about why she was “traveling the world,” Polnareff sped up. Not long after, the car was just as close as before. Your eyebrows furrowed in concern, and your gut feeling was telling you that this person meant trouble. Specifically, this person was a Stand user. The car began honking at you, which made confusion add on to your already growing concern. All of you, except for Polnareff, turned around to see what was going on.

“Hey. It’s that car we passed. Looks like he’s in a hurry,” Jotaro said.

“So you’ve seen him before? Must have been while I was asleep,” you said.

“Let him pass, Polnareff,” Joseph said.

Polnareff grumbled something and rolled down the window, giving a hand signal for them to pass you. The car passed you, and you could have sworn you saw purple smoke coming out of the windows. The car slowed down as soon as it got in front of you, causing Polnareff to let off the gas a bit.

“What the hell? Polnareff growled. Dust flew in from his open window, and you all coughed and covered your mouths.

“What’s he trying to do? I let him pass, so hurry up and go already!” Polnareff exclaimed, anger laced in his voice.

“I’m gettin’ a bad feelin’ about this,” you whispered with a slight American accent.

That had been happening a lot in the past few days.

“He’s probably mad about your maneuver, and these are the consequences,” Kakyoin said.

Jotaro leaned forward and put his hand on Polnareff’s seat.

“So… Did you get a look at the driver’s face?” he asked. “No. The windows were covered with thick dust. Couldn’t see a thing,” he answered.

Jotaro looked concerned. “Neither could I,” he agreed softly.

His expression darkened. “Could be…” he trailed off.

The atmosphere in the car changed drastically, the air tense enough to cut it with a knife. Anne just looked confused.

“Be very careful, Polnareff,” Joseph said, and you could hear the concern in his voice.

Suddenly, the person in the red car rolled down the window and gave the same hand signal Polnareff did. Polnareff let out a throaty sound of surprise. He chuckled.

“Now, he wants me to pass. Maybe he realized how shitty that piece of junk is. You should have stayed behind me in the first place, dumbass!” he said, passing him up.

You were still anxious, and you wanted to tell Polnareff not to say that. What would be the point? The guy couldn’t hear him, right? Suddenly, an eighteen-wheeler came chugging around the corner. Fear caused you to grip Anne a little too tightly.

“SHIT! MOVE!” you exclaimed, eyes wide in terror. However, there was nowhere to go.

“Can’t! Just hold on!” Kakyoin exclaimed. You held Anne down and protected her as you slammed head-on into the truck. You had never been in a car accident, and you sure as hell never wanted to again. You were sure that if your heart beat any faster, you’d die.

“Star Platinum!” you heard Jotaro yell.

He must have done something that prevented you from being killed. However, you weren’t so sure anymore because he had flipped the car into the air, and you were flying away. You landed somewhere with a hard crash. The car landed on the wheels, but you wouldn't have been surprised if an axle or something had been broken. Your stomach churned with nausea, and you covered your mouth, your face turning a slight shade of green.

“Damn. Remind me… Remind me to never ride in a car again,” you whimpered, sitting up. Anne looked slightly dazed.

“Are you okay?” you asked Anne, which was the same thing Jotaro asked you at the same time.

An awkward silence filled the car.

“I’m okay… I think,” Anne said.

“I’m fine… I feel like I might puke my guts out, though,” you said to Jotaro in a whimper.

He put a comforting hand on your back.

“What about you guys?” you asked.

They responded with, “Fine.” You were all shaken up by that.

“If it weren’t for Star Platinum, we wouldn have been crushed like a tin can!” Polnareff exclaimed with relief.

“Is anyone hurt?” you asked, figuring everyone that was next to the doors had at least some bruises.

“Now that the adrenaline has somewhat worn off, I think I might have bruised my arm,” Joseph said, rubbing his left arm.

A chorus of “me, too” filled the air. You sighed, smiling softly. “Well, it’s a good thing I’m here, right?” you said with a chuckle.

“What would you guys do without me?” They chuckled with you. “We’d probably be dead or bleeding to death right now,” Kakyoin answered.

Jotaro’s hand rubbed your back.

“Yeah… I’m glad you’re here,” Jotaro said quietly, pulling his hat down with his free hand. You blushed slightly.

“I’m… kinda happy to be here. I mean, you guys are my only friends, the only ones I’ve ever had,” you said with a grin. “Aww! Vous êtes si mignon!” Polnareff exclaimed.

“He’s gone! Where did that blasted car go?” Joseph said, looking around.

“Looks like it just kept going. I think the driver might have been… one of the Stand users,” Jotaro said. You sighed.

“You guys are slow. I figured that out already. Same with Nena,” you pointed out. They looked at you, dumbstruck.

“R-Really?” Kakyoin stuttered.

You nodded. “I saw weird purple smoke coming from the windows for a second, and what ordinary person would follow us like that?” you pointed out with a casual shrug.

“Another reason that I’m glad you’re here, mon chérie,” Polnareff responded.

You smiled softly.

“You guys… Stop. You’re making me feel. I don’t need that shit in my life,” you joked.

Joseph laughed and reached over to ruffle your hair. You swatted his hand away playfully, fixing your now ruffled hair.

“Anyway, we need to continue forward to Pakistan. If anyone comes for us, we’ll make them eat our dust,” Joseph said as Polnareff started the car.

“Let’s hope we can get a new car on the way,” you said, not really trusting your beat up car. And with that, you set off to your next destination.

Chapter Text

Placing your hand on Jotaro’s arm, a warm pink light started to radiate from your palm.

“Hey, (Y/N)... I just realized… I’ve never actually seen your Stand. When you heal someone, you can hardly see it behind you,” Polnareff said, glancing at you from the rearview mirror.

You blinked in surprise. “O-Oh… I guess I never realized that either,” you agreed with an awkward laugh.

He only shrugged and paid more attention to the road ahead. A short while later, youcame upon, what Joseph called, a road-side tea stand. Polnareff stopped there, and you all stepped out. You stretched stiff limbs as you walked beside them.

“A break would do us some good. If we take our time, we may avoid running into that crazy driver,” Joseph said as you walked inside the building.

A man was rolling some strange plant between an even stranger mechanism.

“What is that?” you asked curiously, leaning in to get a better look.

Liquid from the plant dripped into a cup, and it was a pretty green color.

“Sugar cane juice. Care for a glass?” he asked, finishing with the plant.

“Um… Sure, I guess,” you responded, glancing back at Joseph as if to ask if it was alright.

He only shrugged, giving you a warm smile. The man handed you the glass, squeezing out a few drops of lemon juice into the cup. You carefully took an experimental sip of the sugar cane juice… It didn’t taste half bad. You held the glass up to your face, turning it a bit. A reflection appeared in the glass, showing the guys and Anne behind you. Behind them, hiding beside a tree, was the… red car from before. Turning around rapidly, you pointed to it.

“It’s the car from earlier!” you exclaim loudly, the group turning around to follow your finger.

“I-It’s him! That car is here!” Polnareff yelled after.

Upon further inspection, you all realized that no one was in the driver’s seat. You carefully attempted to lean in to look around inside, stopped by Jotaro quickly pulling you away by the collar of your shirt.

“Don’t get so close. We still don’t know if the car itself is a Stand… Be careful,” he grumbled.

You shyly rubbed the back of your neck.

“Sorry. I was just trying to see if there was anything in there worth looking at,” you apologized, looking up at him.

He met your gaze, and you swore you saw a small, soft smile accompanied by a softer expression. It was gone as soon as you saw it, and he pulled down the bill of his hat. Rapidly looking away, your cheeks turned pink. As you chalked it up to the sweltering heat, Jotaro proceeded to turn around, looking at all of the present customers, your gaze carefully following his.

“You think one of them owns this car?” Kakyoin asked, putting a hand on your shoulder.

“Yeah,” Jotaro said, turning his head slightly to look at him.

He glanced at the other’s hand and turned away again. Not questioning it, you all walked back.

“Who is the owner of the red car parked over there? C’mon! Spill it!” Joseph called out, pointing to the car.


“Our driver isn’t just going to come out and announce it,” Kakyoin muttered, only loud enough for our group to hear.

“He’s messing with us!” Polnareff responded.

“Yeah. I guess that leaves us with only one option. Right, Jotaro?” Joseph added.

Jotaro had a wicked smile on his face. You began sweating nervously.

“Yeah. Poor innocent bastards,” he responded.

“What is that option, Jotaro?” You whimpered.

“We’ll beat them all down,” he answered, turned his head slightly to meet your gaze.

He still had that vicious grin on his lips, and you had to look away.

“W-Well, count me out. I’m not strong enough to-”

“Yes you are. Think about something that makes you really angry,” Jotaro cut you off, cracking his knuckles. To his evident surprise, you only shook your head.

“That won’t help… Um… Have fun?” you said, standing beside Anne; having decided to stay with her in case something happened.

His expression changed completely, as if contemplating what had been said. You didn’t recognize what emotion it was, but he immediately pulled his hat down before you could figure it out. Soon enough, the men were on them. Kakyoin was beside you, and it seemed like he didn’t like this idea either.

“Jotaro, this is crazy!” Kakyoin started.

Putting a hand on his shoulder, he turned to you with a worried expression. Only able to heave a sigh, you gave a silent look that told him that no amount of convincing would get them to stop. You heard a car door slam and the sound of a car starting up. The men paused, and you all turned. The red car was driving away! You all scrambled into the beat up car, driving after him as fast you could. Of course, you apologized to the beat up men on behalf of Polnareff, Jotaro, and Joseph. Sadly, you just didn't have time to heal them.

“Damn! For a piece of shit, that car can really go,” Polnareff said.

You huffed, crossing your arms. You were still slightly pissed off at them for beating up those innocent guys.

“Is it really the time for that, you dumbass?” you scoffed.

He said nothing, and the red car turned left at the diverging path. In front of you was a beat up sign, and the way to Pakistan was pointing to the right. Polnareff turned and followed the car. That sign seemed really suspicious.

Why did it look like a car had rammed into it?

“Huh. That’s strange. According to the map, we should be running parallel to some train tracks or something,” Kakyoin said, looking down at the map we had.

Looks like your suspicions had been correct. You weren’t going the right way, but you did want to get revenge on the driver for nearly killing you all.

“Who the hell cares? We’ll catch up soon anyway,” Polnareff growled. “I’m gonna nail him once we round this curve.”

The car was filled with gasps.

“A dead end! That’s impossible!” Polnareff exclaimed, hitting the brakes.

You slid and stopped right on the edge of the cliff. You were gripping Jotaro and Joseph’s arms tightly on impulse, taking deep breaths to calm your racing heart. Your body was shaking from adrenaline and pure terror.

“Where the hell did he go? He’s gone!” Joseph exclaimed, putting a hand over yours.

You are extremely thankful for the comfort. Jotaro gently pried your other hand off of his arm.

“Did he just drive off of the cliff?” Polnareff questioned.

You shook your head.

“His Stand probably allowed him to disappear or at least get away,” you rapidly retorted, moving your hand away from Joseph’s.

Your other hand gently grasped Jotaro’s, and his ginormous fingers wrapped around yours, holding them gently. There was the rev of a car before the other car hit yours from behind.

“It’s him! He’s pushing us!” Joseph yelled as the car kept backing up and hitting us.

You held onto Anne tightly with your free arm, while your other hand gripped Jotaro’s hand a little tighter. Polnareff put the car in reverse and hit the gas. The two cars pushed against each other. That only made you slide forward even further.

“Damn it! How much horsepower does that hunk of junk have?” Polnareff exclaimed through gritting teeth. “Hurry up and get out! We don’t stand a chance!” He began to unbuckle his seatbelt.

“Polnareff, what are you doing?! You can’t get out of the car until the rest of us are clear first! You have to hold down the break!” Kakyoin shouted.

That made the man pause, responding with a “huh?” And with that, the car slid over the edge, and you started to plummeted to the bottom of the chasm. They all let out a scream of terror, except for yourself. Everything was… oddly calm.

“QUEEN OF HEARTS! ROYAL JEWELS!” you called, the Stand manifesting within a blink of an eye.

A golden necklace with many jewels on it flew out of her hand and wrapped around something. Had… Had her range increased? No… Looking closer and saw that she had used Royal Jewels to wrap around the wench we had on our car and attached it to the red car.

“Good thinking!” you said breathlessly.

“Good thinking indeed! You used the wench and attached it to the car!” Joseph exclaimed.

It seemed as though Anne slipped out of your grasp, and Joseph was holding her now.

“Heh… Not bad, (Y/N). I’ve got a question for you… You like sumo?” Jotaro said with a grin, summoning Star Platinum.

He grabbed onto the wench’s rope and pulled it downward. The force propelled us upward as Jotaro spouted something about sumo wrestling, not being able to stop himself from grinning with excitement. With a powerful “ORA,” Star punched the other car, and your car landed where it had been before. The red car toppled off the cliff, the wench detaching from it. The fall was jolting, and it gave all of you a massive headache from the jarring motion. You groaned, holding your head.

“Eh… I’m not really a fan of sumo. I’ve never even seen a match… BUT THAT WAS HELLA AWESOME!” you exclaimed, punching Jotaro lightly in the shoulder.

He chuckled.

“Thank you,” he responded with a proud expression.

You stepped carefully out of the car and looked over the edge.

“Nothing here suggests that he used a Stand,” Joseph said, looking at the smoke billowing up from the deep drop below.

He dusted off his gloves and stood up straight.

“I think it’s safe to say he’s just some weirdo,” he added.

You nodded slowly.

“Yeah… Either way, he’s a goner after that fall. I guess what goes around comes around,” Polnareff agreed, his hands on his hips.

“Yeah, but I still wonder… How did it get behind us? It was like watching a magician or something. It’s so strange,” Anne asked, putting a finger to her lips with a thoughtful expression.

There was a static noise before a voice spoke.

“Actually, little girl, it’s not strange at all.”

Fear tensed the air around you, and it was thick enough to cut it with a knife.

“The radio! He’s coming in through there!” Polnareff exclaimed, turning around to point at the car.

“I was able to do that because it’s a part of my Stand’s power, Joestar!” the voice said.

“What? He knows my name, so that confirms it,” Joseph said with surprise.

“It’s one of DIO’s assholes!” you said darkly.

“Can he really be sending a signal from the car down there?” Kakoin asked, turning his head to look over his shoulder.

“No way! Do you see the wreck down there?” Polnareff retorted, posing in an odd way.

You turned around to look at the wreckage. There was no way that he could still be alive after that. He hit rock bottom… literally. No one could survive that fall unless they were invincible or made of some kind of unbreakable material.

“Remember the boat stand… I think it might be a repeat of that,” you cautiously theorized.

Everyone gasped.

“Behold the Wheel of Fortune! My Stand will lead you to your maker!” the Stand user exclaimed through the radio once more.

The ground rumbled below us, as though there was an earthquake.

“Everyone, get to the car now!” Joseph exclaimed.

“No! Don’t go anywhere near it!” Jotaro clashed.

You rapidly step back from the car, stumblingly a bit as the red car erupted from the ground under it. The force threw you all to the ground in an instant.

“I think it’s pretty damn obvious that the guy is a Stand user!” Polnareff yelled.

Suddenly, the beat up car fixed itself and transformed to have a more menacing appearance, and you gulped in fear.

“Uh, guys?... I don't think this is good,” you gently whimpered.

“It’s like it’s alive!” Joseph added.

The man revved the car’s engine before driving toward you. Jotaro stood up with a smirk and a small chuckle.

“If it’s a duel you want, I’m happy to oblige,” He growled.

“Don’t do it, Jotaro! Don’t fight it yet! Not until we know that his Stand’s power is!” you exclaimed, raising an arm to stop him.

The car flashed before twin holes appeared in Jotaro’s shoulders.

“Jotaro!” you all exclaimed.

“Impossible… I couldn't see it… What the hell did he shoot at me?” he grumbled with surprise.

The user laughed, the car bouncing with it.

“Don’t even know what hit you, eh? You’ll soon find out!... The moment you croak that is!” the guy said with another evil laugh.

Jotaro fell forward as the car flashed again; you rushed to catch him before he hit the ground, and the two of you were hit with whatever had hit Jotaro earlier. Jotaro got the blunt of it while you only got a few scratches. The car swerved around you both before stopping.

“Jotaro! (Y/N)!” Joseph exclaimed with fear.

“Damn! What is this? The wounds aren’t deep, but they sting like hell,” Jotaro growled, holding onto his bleeding shoulders.

“I can’t see it all. I thought the car threw something at us, but there’s nothing inside of your wounds. What the hell is going on here?” you added, inspecting the holes in his body.

“Are you two alright?” Joseph asked, appearing beside the two of you.

Jotaro stood up on his own.

“Don’t worry about me… I don’t know what the hell he’s hurling at us, but he’s got damn good aim,” Jotaro grunted.

The car began backing up toward us.

“I’ll pulverize your legs so you can’t move, and then run you over!” the user called out.

“Everyone, run between the boulders!” Joseph ordered.

You followed Joseph’s instruction and ran like hell.

Once you were there, you leaned against the wall, panting harshly. The car hit the rock wall.

“Stop running away, you cowards!” he said, his car clawing at the rocks and breaking them.

“What?” Kakyoin hissed breathlessly.

“What are you? Roaches?” he yelled, managing to fit his car between the boulders.

“Shit!” you yelped.

“Just keep running!” Jotaro grunted, and you took off in the opposite direction.

You heard a thump and turned. Anne had fallen.

“Wait! I can’t keep up!” she yelped with a scream. She cried out some nonsense as tears pooled in her eyes. You sighed and raced back, picking her up with ease. You were stronger than you looked, but she wasn't that heavy.

“Nigerundayo!” you exclaimed before running away again.

You released her to climb up the rocks and Jotaro pulled you over. You could only pant as you sat on the ground.

“Damn it, Anne! How many times do I have to save you?” you yelled, putting your face in your hands.

“I’m sorry,” she said, hugging you from behind.

Only sighing, your body slumped forward. The man laughed as his car drifted to a stop in front of the rock we were standing on.

“Go ahead and climb! There’s no path left for you to take! No way to escape, no way to survive, and last, but certainly not least, no future! Because Wheel of Fortune is going to grind you into mince meat and splatter you all over these boulders!” the user yelled, the tires of the car moving as spikes erupted from them.

With that monologue over, the car started driving up the wall.

“I’ll paint this mountain red with your guts!” he added.

“Well,... we’re screwed. Guess I’m dying a virgin and a loser,” you hiss as you quickly rush to stand on your own feet.

“Good grief. Shut up… Looks like the time to fight is now. The rest of you stay back. He’s mine. Once he climbs up here, the car’s underside will be bare. Then we’ll see just how strong this thing is,” Jotaro grumbled, a certain brightness in his eyes.

Your eyes widened as his gaze met yours, teal clashing with (E/C) in a spectacular battle of the mind. Stomach churning with some certain emotion you didn’t know the name of, all you could do was mutter,... “Be careful.”

He must have heard it because he nodded before turning back. Just as he turned back, the car lurched upward, it’s underside exposed. “ORA!” he exclaimed as he summoned Star.

“Woah! You’re pretty fast, Jotaro! However, you’re not too bright,” the man teased, waving his arm out of the window. Jotaro let out another yell.

“Your bodies reek and you haven’t even noticed! Try paying attention!” the man added with a laugh.

Jotaro paused, and his breath hitched. You smelled your own hand.

“What the… This smells like…” you thought. Your eyes widened in horror… Gasoline. Kakyoin sniffed you quickly.

“That’s what it was shooting. Gasoline! It was shooting small amounts of it at high speed like bullets!” Kakyoin explained.

“Jotaro, run!” you screamed.

Knowing this damn car, it could probably set him on fire! The car sent out another blast of the liquid, and Jotaro gained more wounds.

“Looks like you finally caught on, but it’s too late now! Now all you need is a little jolt!” the user said, pulling some wires out.

It sent down an electric spark, like lightning, right at Jotaro, who burst into flames. Horror overtook your body, causing your muscles to freeze up. Jotaro was on fire... He was dead… There was no way he could survive that. Your ears were ringing, and that was the only sound you heard… Why did you feel so… empty? Why were you so worked up about this? Sure, he was your friend, but even a friend wouldn't act like they just lost the love of their life!... Love? Was… Was that it? Was that the reason why you felt like that? Was that the reason why you hardly heard the people talking after your friend just burst into flames?... No. That’s not possible. You didn’t even know what romantic love felt like, so how did you know that’s how you felt about him? No… This wasn’t love. You were just upset that your friend has just died… Wait… How long had you been like this? The car had been beat to shit with its user a few feet away…

Jotaro was alive. He wasn’t dead? How did— You looked over to where Jotaro had been. So he survived because he went underground, and only his jacket caught on fire? His body had quite a few burn marks in addition to the holes from the gasoline bullets, meaning he didn’t get as lucky. Everyone else was gathered around the guy and laughing, even Jotaro managed a happy expression and big smile. That’s when… it hit you harshly, not having felt like this in quite a while. In that moment, Jotaro turned back to look at you, as if realizing you weren't laughing along with them. He walked over, his hands in the pockets of his pants. In a moment of impulse, you punched him in the shoulder.

“Dumbass! What were you thinking?! I told you to run! I knew he’d set you on fire or some shit, and you stayed! You could have died, Jotaro! Then what, huh?!” you yelled, not meaning to be so rude.

He just looked surprised that he had been faced with your terrible temper instead of an enemy Stand user.

“You’re crying,” he said plainly.

Jolting like you had just been scared, you turned away as quickly as Star Platinum could punch.

“Sh-Shut up,” you grumbled, vigorously wiping away the tears.

He put a hand on your shoulder, and you could feel your skin heating up with embarrassment.

“You were worried?” he asked, his question sounding more like a statement.

You slowly turned your head to look over your shoulder.

“Of course I was… Why wouldn’t I be?” you quietly answered with a sad look. Watching as he pulled his hat down to hide his expression, he softly whispered, “I’m sorry,” as he pulled his hand away like he had touched a hot stove.

You turned fully and gently grabbed his hand. He turned his head up, showing an eye that was wide with surprise.

As you softly sighed, you gently rubbed his wrist.

“It’s alright… I shouldn't have yelled at you,” you whispered back.

He turned his head down again, once again hiding his expression. you smiled.

“Now, let’s get those wounds healed,” you said, summoning Queen.

She placed a golden necklace against the biggest burn on his upper back. You could feel the coldness of it on your own hand. Queen placed her other hand over yours, and you began the process of healing his many wounds.

“You’re lucky I’m here… Good grief. You give me anxiety,” you said.

He had a lot of burns and cuts, and you were sure you would overuse your energy healing them all. You did it anyway, and he was free of wounds.

“HOLY SHIT!” Polnareff yelled.

You turned to see the silver haired man with an extreme blush on his cheeks as he stared directly at Queen.

“Oh… Queen, you can go. I don’t want him staring at you anymore. It’s creepy,” you said.

She placed a gentle hand on Jotaro’s cheek, giving him a soft smile before vanishing. You blushed a deep red and turned away. You were too tired for this. You climbed into the red car, which had transformed back into a more modest form. And with that over with, you fell asleep with your head on Jotaro’s arm. God knows you needed it after all of that…

Chapter Text

You watched as Jotaro slipped on his new jacket, which looked exactly like the one he had before. You smiled brightly at the sight as you watched him subtly pose in front of the mirror.

"Looks great, Jotaro!" You complimented, lightly pulling on the chain accessory.

"I'll say! In all my years, I've never gotten such a strange request for clothing! But the pleasure was mine, sir," the woman agreed with a smile as she clasped her hands together.

Jotaro pulled out a few bills of money with a completely straight face, which was basically his normal expression.

"Here. We've gotta go... Keep the change," he said.

The woman took the money and you walked out of the store.

"See ya," Jotaro said plainly.

You scoffed and waved at the woman.

"Thank you so much!" you exclaimed before quickly following Jotaro.


"Grr! Let go! Let go of me!" Anne cried as she struggled against Polnareff's grip.

She was adamant about staying with us, but you all knew how dangerous that was. She was a kid, and she didn't have a Stand. You didn't think you’d be able to live with yourself if she got hurt, or, even worse, killed.

"I don't wanna go! I want to stay with you guys!" she said, making a curious noise as Joseph put a gloved hand on her head.

"Listen, little miss. We're not vacationing here. My daughter, Jotaro's mother, is in grave danger at the moment. We're on this journey to save my daughter's life, not to put yours at risk," he said, softly rubbing her head.

He gave a sweet smile, like the one he gave you the first day you met, before continuing, "Forget this running away business and start heading home. I'm sure your parents are worried sick, wondering where you are."

She relaxed in Polnareff's grip and he released her.

"Fine. I suppose so... I'll make you look good this time, grandpa," she grumbled, making her way to the plane's steps.

She paused and started looking around.

"What's wrong?" You asked, your eyebrows furrowing.

She turned around to face you and pulled you into a tight hug. You wheezed as the air was partially knocked out of your lungs. The men chuckled, and you hugged her back.

"Thanks for saving my life, (Y/N). I'll never forget it," she whispered, only loud enough for me to hear. You chuckled.

"You're welcome, ya crazy kid. Now get on that damn plane before I throw you in," you said back.

She released you and walked up the steps.

"See ya! Life's just a bunch of goodbyes anyway!" she called out.

Soon, the plane took off, sending Anne back to her home. It was kind of bittersweet.

"I actually liked that damn brat... Too bad she isn't a Stand user," you said with a sigh.

Jotaro put an arm on your shoulder like an arm rest. You rolled your eyes playfully.

"Kinda understand. She was a brat, but she was... tolerable," he grumbled.

"Oh? Is that your way of saying she grew on you, Jojo?" you teased.

He immediately pulled his hat down over his face, which made you laugh.

"Alright, alright. If you wanna be all grumpy and stoic, be my guest. Don't complain when someone says you've got a stick up your ass," you said, doing an impression of him.

You saw his eye twitch a little.

"Are you trying to make fun of me?" he asked.

You scoffed, putting a hand on your chest.

"How dare you assume that I'm making fun of you... I just wanted you to know what you sound like," you retorted, crossing your arms over your chest.

"I don't sound like that," he responded, angling his head up slightly.

"Yes, you do."

"No, I don't."

You both went back and forth for a few moments before Polnaref jumped in.

"I'm gonna have to agree with (Y/N) here. You do sound like that," he said with an obnoxious laugh.

Jotaro growled something under his breath before his head bent down again.

"Whatever... Let's just get out of here," he said, crossing his arms over his chest.


You sighed as you watched the rocky mountains pass you by. You had a new car now, and you finally made it into Pakistan. This time, you chose to sit in the passenger seat in the front. You didn't feel like being stuck between Joseph and Joseph again. They gave off a lot of heat, but Kakyoin didn't seem to mind. Hell, he even offered before you had a chance to ask.

"I gotta say, Jotaro. I'm impressed you got a Japanese school uniform made here in Pakistan. The fit is perfect, too," Joseph said, looking at the uniform from across the car. Kakyoin was in between the two Joestars.

"It's 100 percent wool," he replied with the smallest smile.

"Hey, Polnareff," Kakyoin started, leaning forward a bit, "Are you okay driving right now? The fog in this area is getting quite thick."

You snorted softly, tempted to make a joke about your thighs. Polnareff noticed and let out his own soft snort, disguising it as a cough.

"These aren't exactly the safest conditions. It's one hell of a drop off the right side. There's no guard rail anywhere," he responded.

"The fog looks even thicker up ahead... Maybe as thick as Star's thighs," you joked.

Jotaro huffed.

"Why did you have to target him?" he asked with a slightly disgusted look.

"Well, it was either him or me... And I honestly think his are much thicker than mine," you answered.

Polnareff was laughing at this point, and even Kakyoin and Joseph chimed in.

"Why are we even talking about this?" Jotaro grumbled, pulling his hat down.

"Because of the fog... But all jokes aside. This fog is getting really thick. It's getting kind of hard to see through," you answered.

You had driven into an area that was very dark with fog. Joseph pulled out his pocket watch.

"It's not even three o'clock yet. We should head in. Let's find a place to stay in that town for the night," he said, glancing down at said place.

"You think they have nice hotels?" Polnareff asked.

"Nice hotel, huh?" Kakyoin questioned with a smile.

"I sure hope so," you responded.

"That's right. And it better have a decent bathroom. I... I just couldn't get used to the really strange toilets they have all over India and the Middle East," Polnareff said with a slightly disturbed expression.

You chuckled.

"Well, you gotta go when you gotta go... I just learned how to get used to it, despite the fact that it's slightly disturbing," you said with an awkward smile.

Jotaro suddenly made a noise of surprise. Your eyebrows furrowed in concern.

"What's wrong, Jotaro? You look like you've seen a ghost," you said, looking at him from the rear view mirror.

"Oh. Uh... It was nothing," he answered.

He hesitated a bit. Jotaro never hesitated. Whatever he had seen probably freaked him out. You only nodded. The rest of the ride was silent as you made your way down the mountain and into the town. It was eerily quiet in the town, not to mention it was dark, despite being early afternoon. Something wasn’t right with this town, and you were starting to get a bad feeling just from being there... Your gut told me to run.

Chapter Text

“Hey! This is a nice little town, don’t you think?” Joseph said with a small grin on his face.

You winced, feeling the dark, damp atmosphere closing in on you. It felt like it was a ghost town, and you felt like someone was watching you. You hated it.

“There must be at least a few thousand people living here,” he added shortly after.

Polnareff parked the car, and you climbed out with a sigh. Your eyes locked on a sign.

“Let’s ask about a hotel at that restaurant over there,” you suggested, pointing it out.

You just wanted to hide from the creepy atmosphere in a hotel, and take a good nap while you were there.

“There’s a weird quiet about this place. No matter where we’ve gone, every other place has been rowdy and congested,” Polnareff said, voicing his own thoughts.

“Maybe it’s because of the fog,” Kakyoin responded with a small shrug.

“Listen up, guys. In Pakistan and the rest of the Islamic world, this is how you greet people,” Joseph said with a rather confident tone of voice.

“First, you smile and say,” he started, turning around to face one of the citizens.

He called out a greeting in a foreign language to the guy in front of the restaurant. The guy was oddly silent, and his blank face made you even more uncomfortable. Joseph’s shoulders slowly tensed, showing his growing discomfort. The silent man quickly flipped the status sign to show “closed,” which made Joseph even more disturbed. You were already freaking out.

“Uh. No harm intended! No need to close up shop just for us. We just wanted to ask a question. Are there any hotels here in town?” Joseph said, giving a few awkward laughs as he held his hands up in a submissive gesture.

Again, the man was as silent as a mouse, and his blank stare made him look as if… he were dead. But, of course, that wasn’t possible. Maybe he just didn’t like foreigners? Finally, he spoke.

“I do not know. Have a good day,” he said, turning away to walk back into the restaurant.

“Hey! Wait a minute! What do you mean?” Joseph asked, taking a few steps forward.

He paused as if he saw something strange. He was in front of you, so you couldn’t see. Apparently, it freaked him out because he was as stiff as a board. Seeing the man, who was basically the father you never had, look so terrified made you extremely worried. You put a hand on his shoulder, stepping forward to stand by his side. He rubbed his eyes, like he couldn’t believe what he just saw, and then glanced at your small hand on his shoulder before placing a hand on top of yours. His other hand falls to his side with a defeated slap against his thigh.

“You okay, padre?” you whispered, not wanting the others to hear you calling him “father” in Italian.

It was just one of those words you knew because your mom’s old friends like to watch Italian-based movies. His eyes widened in surprise as he rapidly turned toward you, not letting go of your hand but holding your hand gently as it fell from his shoulder.

“Did you just call me dad in Italian?” he whispered back.

You gave your own look of surprise.

“How did you know that?” you asked, eyebrows furrowing.

He gave a sweet smile that almost seemed… sad.

“An old friend… That’s a story for another time, dear,” he answered, gently rubbing your knuckles.

That sent a warmth through your chest, and you couldn’t help but smile back.

“I’m fine… I just thought I saw something strange,” he said.

You nodded and pulled away.

“I’m sure he couldn’t understand you because your pronunciation was so bad. Let’s just go ask that guy over there,” Polnareff said, pointing behind him.

Polnareff walked over.

“Excuse me! Sorry, but we’re looking for a hotel around here, preferably a hotel with nice, clean bathrooms. Do you know any that- GAH!” Polnreff said.

He took a step back in surprise.

“Woah! Hey, you! What’s wrong?” he exclaimed, putting a hand on the man’s shoulder.

The man’s body creaked as he leaned back, showing us that he was actually… dead. Two lizards climbed out of his throat and scuttled away.

“What the hell?” you all exclaimed at the same time.

“He’s dead! With that look of fear on his face! What’s going on? Why is he lying dead on the road?” you asked, grabbing the sleeve of Jotaro’s jacket.

“What could have killed him? A heart attack? A stroke?” Polnareff added.

Jotaro gently pulled your hand away from his jacket.

“It’s possible,” he said, giving a worried glance to you before his face stoned again.

“Look. What we’ve got here is not ordinary heart failure,” he added as he stepped closer to the body.

“It’s… a gun!” Polnareff exclaimed, and you saw what they were talking about.

There was a gun in the dead man’s hand.

“Wait a minute! This guy’s holding a gun!” he added.

“You just noticed?” Kakyoin asked.

“I did, too… I was too worried about there being… I don’t know… a dead guy in the middle of the street!” you exclaimed.

“Look… It’s still smoking,” Jotaro added.

“He must have just fired it two to five minutes ago,” Joseph said, though that was obvious.

“Either way, he must have died right before we arrived in town,” he added as you all stepped away slightly.

As if things couldn’t get worse, you started developing a headache from all the yelling. You took a deep breath as you paced around, trying to distract yourself from the noise and the unfamiliarity of the situation. You only heard bits and pieces of the conversation. The dead guy had a bunch of holes in him, but no blood anywhere.

“Everyone, get in the car! We’re leaving this town now!” Joseph exclaimed.

You turned to see him… about to jump on a fence? Your eyes widened in horror. Queen summoned herself, wrapping a necklace around him and pulling him away.

“Wah?! What just happened? I was getting into the car!” he said, shrugging off the jewelry.

“No! You were about to jump on a fence! Look!” you said, pointing to where he was a moment before. He turned, and he looked pale as his face contorted in horror.

“But… The car was just there,” he whispered.

“Great. We have a possible Stand user who can use illusions. That’ll be fun,” you groaned, your head pounding even more.

There was a strange noise, like wood hitting concrete. You all turned to see a short, frail old woman slowly making her way over. She bowed to you, and you all bowed back.

“Well, hello, good sirs and ma’am. I see you are travelers. I’m afraid with this fog, it’s too dangerous to leave the town now. There are many cliffs, you know. I run my own bed and breakfast not far from here. If you’d like, why don't you stay there for the night? There’s enough room for everyone. I’ll even give you a healthy discount,” she said with a smile.

She kind of… put you on edge.

You couldn't explain how the woman made you feel, but it certainly wasn't a good feeling.

“Finally! We’ve actually met a normal person for once,” Polnareff said with a grin.

After the dead body was taken away by medical professionals, the woman led you to her place. It was a rather large building, and the interior was nice. It would be a welcoming break from all of the horrible shit you had been through, and the weird event outside where Jotaro asked the woman how she knew his name just added on to your stress.

“(Y/N), Kakyoin, don’t sign your real names… I don’t trust her,” Jotaro whispered as you walked to the sign-in book.

You trusted Jotaro and put your name down as “Yuri Valentine,” Jotaro put his as “Qtaro Kujo,” and Kakyoin put his as “Tenmei Kakyoin.” You didn’t question Jotaro’s, only accepted it. You made your way into your room, flopping down on the bed with a long sigh. Finally at peace, your body shut down and you fell into the deepest sleep you had since the trip started.
Polnareff heard a knock on the door of his room. His eyebrows furrowed in concern as he silently stood up. He crept toward the door and looked into the peephole. He sighed at his foolishness before opening the door.

“What do you want, Jotaro?” he asked, raising a nonexistent eyebrow.

“Can I talk to you?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

He looked… concerned. Polnareff sighed and stepped aside, Jotaro walking in immediately. The silver haired man shut the door softly and turned to Jotaro, crossing his arms over his chest.

“What do you want to talk about?” he asked the younger. Jotaro pulled his hat down to hide his eyes.

“I… think I’m in love?”

Chapter Text

“Can this day get any freaking better?” you asked sarcastically.

First, the old hag had been DIO’s second-in-command basically. Second, she gave both Jotaro and Polnareff some nasty wounds, which made you exhausted since they were so big. Third, the stupid town turned out to be a graveyard. Fourth, Hol Horse had been there, and he stole the car. Fifth, you were too tired to walk, but you didn’t really have a choice. Sixth, you took the old bitch with you. All of this together put you in a really bad mood.

“Look on the bright side! We--”

“There is no bright side, Polnareff.”

He huffed, crossing his arms.

“You’re in such a crabby mood,” he commented with a pout.

“You would be, too, if your healing made you exhausted the more you used it,” you sneered.

“Are you sure you’re okay with actually walking? I can carry you?” Joseph asked, placing a hand on your shoulder.

You looked up at him to see concern on his face.

“At least until we find a new car,” he added as he stopped walking, everyone else following shortly after.

You sighed, rubbing your temples.

“Your next words will be: Fine. Just don’t keel over if I’m too heavy,” he said, which didn’t really click since you were so tired.

“Fine,” you caved. “Just don’t keel over if I’m too-- Woah!” Joseph easily lifted you up and carried you bridal style.

“I hate it when you do that,” you grumbled, everyone else laughing happily.

“You know you love me.”

“I do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hate it.”

“Just go to sleep.”

You grumbled something under your breath before you closed your eyes.

———————— The group continued forward, the only sound being the soft breathing of their sleeping companion and the shuffle of shoes on the ground. “She sleeps a lot,” Kakyoin pointed out. Jotaro grunted, tearing his eyes away from her sleeping form. “She said why earlier. Her healing takes out of her energy. The bigger the wound, the more energy she uses. That’s why she’s always tired, or always seems tired,” he responded, pulling on the bill of his hat. Polnareff glanced over as he dragged the old, unconscious woman, wiggling his nonexistent eyebrows up and down. Jotaro scowled, making a hand motion telling him to stop. He rolled his eyes, making kissy faces before turning around to face the road ahead. Kakyoin looked on at both of them, wondering what was going on between them. He saw the kissy faces, and kind of figured it out. “Jotaro?” Kakyoin asked, giving a foxy smile. Jotaro glanced down at him. “What?” he responded, sensing something was up. Kakyoin glanced at (Y/N) and then back at him. “Do you have a crush on--” “Shut it, or I’ll have Star Ora you again.” “So you do?” “I said shut up.” Kakyoin was obviously trying not to laugh, which made Jotaro’s scowl deepen. “You tell anyone, and I will make good on my promise,” he growled. Kakyoin made an “x” over his chest, showing he would keep his promise.

———————— You awoke to the clopping hooves of horses… Horses? You cracked your eyes open, squinting in the bright sunlight. “You’re awake,” Joseph said. You noticed you were still curled up against his chest. There wasn’t anymore room for you to sit, the spot you would have been in taken by that damn old lady. You knew her name, but she deserved to be called a hag. Polnareff was driving the horse-operated carriage, and Kakyoin sat next to him. Jotaro sat next to you, and Enyaba was still unconscious next to him. You had just arrived into Karachi, and the smell of food wafted into your nose. You nearly drooled, realizing that it had been a while since you had eaten. “Look! A kabob place! We should stop to eat,” Joseph said. Polnareff stopped the horses on the side of the street, and Joseph placed you down on the seat before getting out of the carriage. He proceeded to bargain with the shop owner, which you tuned out. You turned to Jotaro, who looked like he had just turned to look at you. You chuckled at the convenience. “Hey… How long was I out?” you asked as you crossed your right leg over your left, your right ankle resting on your left thigh. “Just an hour or so,” he answered as you stretched. Finally, Joseph came back with a satisfied expression and handed you each a kabob. You chowed down on yours with a happy grin. It tasted amazing, and it was just what your empty stomach needed. You turned to see that… Enyaba was awake. You nearly jumped out of your own skin. “She’s awake!” you exclaimed as Joseph tried to climb back into the carriage. He jumped back as well, and everyone turned to look. She looked utterly terrified, and sweat streamed down her face as she stared at… the merchant from the kabob place? Your eyes narrowed in confusion, and your mind slowly theorized that the merchant was another one of DIO’s minions. She started mumbling some weird things under her breath. The man took off his glasses and headpiece, revealing the entire head of a young man. You heard a scream from beside you, and you turned to see weird worms coming out of the woman’s body. “Those are… flesh buds,” Jotaro said, his eyes wide. They destroyed the carriage, causing the horse to run off to God knows where. You jumped off in time, watching as the flesh buds slowly killed the old woman. “Lord Dio places his trust in no one, not even you, Enyaba,” the man from before said, slipping off the white cloth to reveal his actual attire. “That is why. And it’s my job to make sure you never speak again,” he added, dropping the cloth on the ground. “As for the rest of you, the only way you’re leaving is in pieces,” he said to you as he fixed his blue shirt. Finally, the old woman, in a dramatic spurt of blood, flopped out of the broken remains of the carriage and died. “You can call me Steely Dan. My Stand represents the one and only Lovers card. I will see to it that you suffer the same fate as that pathetic witch Enyaba,” he introduced, giving a weird pose that you’ve seen a lot of Stand users doing. It was like they had their own set of game sprites. You were pretty sure you were the only “normal” Stand user here. Now that you knew that Dan was an enemy, you just needed to figure out what his Stand did. That thought scared you. What would Lovers even do? You honestly did not want to find out. However, you would have to find out eventually if you wanted to beat him and continue forward. It was usually pretty easy to figure out, but this one gave you a deep feeling of concern…

Chapter Text

As it turned out, The Lovers connected Dan and his opponent. If Dan got hurt, the opponent also got hurt, which brewed a very deep feeling of concern and fear in you as you found that his Stand had entered Joseph. You found that out soon after Enyaba was killed. Dan was staring at you in a way that could only be described as primal hunger. You didn’t have enough time to step back to meet the group before he grabbed your arm and turned you, pulling your back flush against his chest as you faced the group. 

“After I kill the rest of you, I think I’ll keep her as a prize,” he purred, and you could almost feel the smirk on his face. 

“You bastard!” Jotaro growled, taking a step forward to beat his ass.

 “Ah, ah, ah,” Dan said in a teasing tone, causing Jotaro to pause as his face contorted in pure rage. 

“You don’t want me to hurt poor, old Mr. Joestar and this precious girl, do you?” he asked, tilting his head. 

Having enough of this bullshit, you elbowed Dan in the stomach, stepped on his foot (which caused him to let go of you), elbowed his nose, and nearly kicked him in the groin before you heard Joseph’s cries of pain. Dan, distracted by the pain, didn’t make an attempt to grab you again as you rushed to Joseph’s side. 

“That hurt like hell! What just happened?” he wheezed, holding his stomach with one hand and his nose with the other. 

“My Stand, The Lovers, has entered your body. If I get hurt, you will be hurt in the same way,” Dan answered in a wheeze of his own, slowly standing up straighter. 

Your eyes widened in horror, and you held Joseph’s arm as you helped him up. 

“Not to mention I’ve implanted one of Lord Dio’s flesh buds into your brain, which means you’ll die soon if you don’t get it out,” Dan added with a dark chuckle.

 “I’m sorry, padre. I didn’t know. I-” You started in a whisper, cut off by said man putting a finger over your mouth. 

“It’s alright. At least we know what his Stand does,” he responded in whisper, removing his gloved finger from your lips. 

“What do we do?” you asked desperately, your mind blank with shock and fear. 

“Play along until we can figure out how to defeat his Stand,” he answered. 

You nodded solemnly before stepping away. Jotaro stood beside you, as close as possible. You glared at Dan, giving off an aggressive aura as you took a defensive stance. He chuckled, like he knew something we didn’t.

 “I see, I see… This just made this ten times more enjoyable,” he purred, his eyes glinting with that hungry look once again. 

“Mr. Joestar, we should find a way to defeat his Stand. Polnareff and I will help, and (Y/N) and Jotaro can stay with him,” you heard Kakyoin say. 

Joseph nodded, and the three men ran off, presumably to find a television or something useful. 

“What’s your plan, eh? Follow me around until old Joseph keels over? Sounds like a blast,” Dan said smugly, sarcasm in voice during his last line.

 “I’ll make you pay for his, and it’s just a matter of when,” Jotaro grumbled with a dark look. 

“Can’t wait to kick you in the balls, pervert,” you added, crossing your arms over your chest as you turned away from the disgusting man.

 Dan put his hands on your shoulders, leaning his head close to yours. Jotaro bristled at the action, glaring so angrily at Dan that it sent shivers down your spine. 

“Don’t be like that, dear,” he said with mock sadness.

 “You two will follow my every order or your precious ‘padre’, grandfather in Jotaro’s case, will die,” Dan said, pulling away. 

Your eyebrows furrowed, and Jotaro gave you a look of confusion. You gave him a look that said, “I’ll tell you later.” 


“A drainage ditch? This could be fun,” Dan whispered to himself. He stepped up to the edge of the ditch. 

“I’d try to jump across, but what would happen if I fell and twisted my ankle?” he said in an almost teasing tone. 

“Jotaro, why don’t you make yourself useful and make yourself a bridge?” Dan ordered with a smug smirk. 

You looked around and spotted a bridge a few meters away. 

“Why don’t you just… walk over the bridge?” you responded, rolling your eyes.

 Dan scowled and raised his leg, ready to kick a nearby street lamp. 

“You will do as I say, and you will not defy me if you want Joseph to stay alive just a little while longer,” he growled.

 You scowled and said nothing. Jotaro grumbled something under his breath before turning himself into a bridge. You scoffed and used your Stand to get across. 

“Too bad you’re too stupid to use a damn bridge,” you mumbled when he was out of earshot. 

He crossed Jotaro, torturing him a bit more before stepping off of him. You helped him by wrapping him up with Royal Jewels and lifting him across. 

“Thank you,” he grumbled before you set off again. In your peripheral vision, you saw him write something in a small notepad.


You were relieved when you found that The Lovers had been defeated by Kakyoin and Polnareff. After being flirted with, watching Jotaro get his ass kicked by citizens after Dan made him steal some jewelry, and just dealing with Dan in general, it made kicking his ass more enjoyable. You kicked him straight in the groin, making him wheeze with pain as he hit the ground holding his crotch. Next, you kicked him a few more times, just so he could ache more. Finally, Jotaro lifted him up and pummeled him with Star Platinum, sending him flying into a nearby building. He tore off the page from his notepad, claiming it to be a receipt of all the things that slimy snake did to you both. You ruffled Star’s hair at his job well-done. He smiled brightly and yelled a happy

 “ORA!” Jotaro looked embarrassed, and he pulled down the bill of his hat. 

He willed Star to disappear back into his body to end the “torture.” You met up with the rest of the group, Polnareff looking a bit worse-for-wear. You healed up their wounds, giving each of them a hug.

 “So… About the padre thing…” Jotaro trailed off. Your cheeks flushed slightly.

 “W-Well, I see each of you as people who are very close to me… Polnareff is like a weird big brother and Joseph is… like a father to me,” you shyly explained, feeling slightly uncomfortable about telling them. 

Polnareff burst into obnoxious tears as he hugged you tightly.

 “Ma chère soeur! Je t'aime aussi!” he exclaimed, nuzzling his face into your hair. 

You sighed, and you tried your best to wrap an arm around his ginormous body to pat his back, which was a success. Kakyoin and Joseph were laughing, and Jotaro managed a small chuckle. Polnareff had lost his sister a few years ago, so his reaction was kind of expected. Still, it warmed your heart that he thought of you like his dear sister. While you didn’t know much French, you still managed to understand that he expressed his love to you. You smiled lovingly, even after he released you from the bear hug. It made you slightly guilty that you wouldn’t tell him about Avdol, but part of you realized that he wouldn’t be angry for very long… It was only a matter of time… 

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Chapter Text

Your eyes fluttered open, and you squinted in the light. Once they got used to it, you realized that you were in an… amusement park? 


“What the hell?” you gently muttered. 


First, you fought the sun. Next, you were in a freaking amusement park in your pajamas. You heard a bark and quickly turned to look behind yourself. There was a dog, a cute little mutt, who was wagging his tail at you, eyes shining with love. Smiling, you knelt down to pet him. He licked at your hands, and you giggled. 


“(Y/N)?” a voice asked. Jumping up, startled, you looking at the speaker. 


“Kakyoin?” you asked, confusion in your voice. The red-head looked like he had just woken up. Suddenly, there was a cry, as if there was a baby somewhere in the distance. 


“That crying… That’s what woke me up… Where are we?” he said, sitting up further. You looked over the wall of the ferris wheel compartment. 


“Looks like a theme park or something. What I’m wondering is how we even got here,” You responded, standing up and smoothing out your pajamas. 


It was really just a large t-shirt with shorts. Kakyoin followed, taking notice of the dog that was with you. He smiled and petted the brown stray, whose tail wagged at the attention. You looked out over the unknown place, and you jumped when balloons flew up from out of nowhere. What was strange about it was that there was a specific one that flew toward you. Kakyoin walked over as you grabbed the card that was attached. It was about as thick as a playing card, and it had a strange design on the back. Flipping it over, your eyebrows furrowed. Your eyes widened in both horror and surprise, and you heard Kakyoin’s breath hitch. It was the tarot card for… Death. 


“This card is… Death Thirteen,” he said as he looked over your shoulder. Letting go of the card out of fear, you saw that the picture began to… move. The scythe that the figure held emerged from the card, and you almost got hit. The blade scraped your jaw before it went straight into the head of the poor dog, spraying carnage around the seats. You both screamed, and you jolted upward in bed, a gloved hand on your shoulder. Your heart was beating a million miles an hour, feeling like a lump in your throat… Why were you afraid? 

“(Y/N), are you alright? You look pale,” Joseph asked, gently rubbing your shoulder as you took a few deep breaths. 


“Yeah… I think I had a bad dream or something,” you weakly answered, bringing a hand up to rub your face. 


Feeling something wet, you carefully pulled your hand away in confusion… Blood? 


“Oh my god! What happened? That’s a pretty deep cut!” the older man said, gently grabbing your face to inspect the wound.


 It was about two or three inches away from your chin, and it curved up toward your lips. You blinked in confusion. 


“I have no idea… I guess I fell over before you came in?” You replied with a shrug. 


He left for a moment, and you gently placed your hand over the wound with a wince, trying to at least control some of the bleeding. He came back with a bandage and a towel. He cleaned up the blood before carefully placing the bandage over the cut. 


“That should be good. Hopefully, we won’t have to worry about an infection, but please let me know if it starts to bother you… Anyway, we’ll be taking a plane to our next destination, so get ready. Jotaro and I are going to head there first. You, Polnareff, and Kakyoin will meet us there,” he said, ruffling your hair with a smile before leaving the room. 


You sighed, putting your face into your hand. That was so weird , you thought, sliding out of bed to get dressed. Why can’t I remember what I dreamed about? It must have been freaky if I woke up screaming. You finished dressing and packed up your things. You walked out of your room, locking the room back before giving the key back to the person at the desk. On the way out, you met up with Polnareff and Kakyoin. The redhead looked a little pale, and you noticed he had a small cut on his hand. 


“Good morning,” you greeted with a small smile.


 “ Bonjour ma soeur !” Polnareff said happily, running over to pull you into a hug while lifting your body off of the ground. 


Laughing, you hugged him back just as tight. He set you down after a bit, looking surprised as his eyes locked on the rather large bandage on your face. 


Ma chérie , What happened to your beautiful face?” he asked. You saw Kakyoin glance at the cut on his hand before looking back up at you. 


“I woke up with a big cut on my jaw. I think I might have scratched it on something before Joseph came to wake me up,” you answered, urging them to follow you outside.


He looked like he was about to say something, but you all heard a child crying. You followed the sound and found a boy crying… over the body of a dead dog. Something was so familiar about the poor animal, but you couldn't figure it out. 


“Dog… A dog… I could have sworn…” Kakyoin mumbled. 


There were just too many coincidences. How could the two of you both see the same dead dog and have scratches? You shook your head. “C’mon, Kakyoin. We’ve gotta go,” you said, putting a hand on his shoulder. He nodded, and the three of you began walking toward your destination.


“Hey, hey, hey! What do you mean you can’t sell us the plane?” Joseph asked with an annoyed expression. “I gave you the money last night!” 


The man awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. 


“You’ll get a full refund. We need to deal with a baby with a fever first,” he responded. 


Joseph looked confused. A woman left the building, holding a basket with a baby in it. You got a weird feeling from the child, though you didn't know why. 


“There are no doctors in this town, so we have to take the baby somewhere else to get help.”


“What about that plane over there?” Joseph asked, pointing behind him. 


“I’m sorry, but that one is broken,” the man replied. You sighed. 


“This is a pretty shitty situation,” You said, rubbing the back of your neck. 


“You’ve got that right,” Jotaro grumbled. 


“You’ll be able to use the plane as soon as it gets back tomorrow night,” the man added. 


“Tomorrow night? Our group has someone’s life on the line just like you guys do! We can’t afford staying here for two days!” Joseph exclaimed, grabbing the shorter man by the shirt.


 “So you’re saying you’d rather just let that baby die?” The man responded. Joseph’s eyes widened. 


“Why don’t we just take him with us? We can bring him to a hospital, and we can go where we need to go,” you said, splitting them up. Joseph didn’t look too happy about that, but he sighed, apparently giving in. 


“Fine. We’ll take the kid with us,” Joseph said, crossing his arms over his chest. 


“Ma’am, are you okay with having this baby with these people?” the owner asked. 


The woman only nodded. You climbed into the plane and tried to fit the baby in. You ended up in the back, Polnareff and Kakyoin at your sides with the baby in your lap. You weren't that comfortable with this strangely creepy baby in your lap, and you couldn’t believe that Kakyoin and Polnareff could fall asleep so easy. You only sighed and tried to take your mind off of the kid in your lap… And you swore you saw him smile… 

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Chapter Text

You groaned as you sat in front of the fire dejectedly. This was the second plane crash you had been in already, and this one wasn’t because of a Stand user. Kakyoin was having some kind of vivid nightmare and ended up kicking stuff around. The control wheel locked up, and it had been fixed by Hermit Purple. 


Then, Joseph crashed into a freaking tree. 


Kakyoin looked pretty bummed out after all of it. Joseph and Polnareff were talking about baby food nearby, but you blocked it out. You moved to sit next to Jotaro, mostly because you both hadn’t talked much during the journey. 


“How are you feeling?” you asked, leaning back against the rock he was sitting in front of. He shrugged. 


“I’m worried about Kakyoin,” he replied as he stared at the fire. 


Nodding slowly, you glanced at the boy. He was staring at the baby again, and you turned away with a grimace. 


“I hope he isn’t losing his mind… This whole situation has been pretty stressful, and I’m worried it might be too much for him,” you said quietly.


 Jotaro nodded, leaning back against the rock as well. 


“Mr. Joestar, Polnareff, did you see that? The baby just killed a scorpion with his safety pin! This baby isn’t normal!” the boy suddenly exclaimed. 


You rapidly glanced over at Jotaro before looking at Kakyoin again. 


“Nori, I think you might need some sleep. There’s no way a baby could just kill a scorpion,” you said gently. 


Maybe he really is losing it , you thought. 


“No! Come see for yourself! There should be a dead scorpion in there!” he said. 


You all went to look, but there was nothing to be found. Kakyoin looked confused. You gently placed a hand on his shoulder. 


“Maybe you should get some rest… I know you’re stressed out, so maybe some sleep could do you some good,” you said softly. 


He sighed, defeated. He stood up and walked over to the rock he had been previously occupying. He paused, glancing at his arm. 


He turned around before saying, “I know exactly how to convince you all that I’m not lying.” 


He pulled up his sleeve, showing wounds that were carved into his arms. They read, “Baby Stand.” You all gasped. 


“Oh my god,” Joseph said quietly. You mulled over it for a moment as they argued about the wounds. Baby… Stand…  Baby Stand… Wait… Could the baby-- the thought was cut off by Kakyoin being knocked out as he tried to attack the baby, his Stand fading out of existence. You winced as he landed, face first, on the ground. 


“Jeez! You just let him hit the ground!” You exclaimed, kneeling down to make sure his nose wasn’t broken. 


Thankfully, he wasn’t injured. After that, everyone else went back to what they were doing. You carefully healed Kakyoin’s arm before tucking him into his sleeping bag. You sighed, shaking your head before yawning. It was about time that you all got some rest. Soon enough, everyone settled down into their sleeping bags and fell asleep.


When you opened your eyes, you were… in an amusement park? Wait… This was familiar. Your eyes widened in shock. 


“The dream! The Grim Reaper Stand… Death 13!” you said to yourself as you looked around. 


You were on the teacup ride you had seen from the ferris wheel. Polnareff, Joseph, and Jotaro were all in sleeping bags beside you. It looked like you all had just woken up. 


“Joseph, Kakyoin wasn’t making everything up. The baby is the Stand user!” you said to him as you crawled out of your own sleeping bag. 


“Mon Dieu! She’s right! I was in here with Kakyoin during the plane ride!” Polnareff added as he looked around. 


Joseph huffed. “What are you two talking about? It’s only a dream,” he responded with a disappointed look. 


Polnareff glanced at you, silently telling you to explain it. 


“Listen, the baby’s Stand is Death 13. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. He has the power to kill us in our own dreams,” you explained. 


The other two men migrated off of the ride, followed by yourself and Polnareff. 


“Why did I have to knock Kakyoin out?... Wait, that means he’s already here! We’ve got to find him!” Polnareff exclaimed, running toward one of the arches before pausing and saying something to himself. 


Then, a strange thing happened… Polnareff’s hair grew and wrapped around the arch, Jotaro’s chain started strangling him, Joseph’s prosthetic hand grew to a ginormous size, and the drawstrings on your jacket wrapped around your own throat. No matter how much you tried to pull them off, they stayed there, slowly tightening as you choke out a whine, collapsing to your knees. When Jotaro summoned Star Platinum, it turned to him and started punching him. That was odd because Stand’s couldn’t be summoned in the dream world. A familiar voice giggled at the action. 


“Lali-ho!” the grim reaper sang as it revealed that he had pretended to be Star. 


“How about Lali-no?” you replied breathlessly. That seemed to annoy him. 


“No,” he replied, obviously miffed. 


“Worth a try,” you wheeze with a shrug. A familiar green hand placed itself on his shoulder. It was Hierophant Green. 


“Oh. It's just one of my clones. I thought it was the real one at fir-” he said, cut off by the Stand starting to choke him. He gasped wheezily. 


“Wh-What? That doesn’t make any sense! It doesn’t seem to be a fake!” he exclaimed. 


All of the weird effects that had happened to you all poofed out of existence in a comical cloud of smoke. Kakyoin was sitting in one of the teacups with a rather smug expression. 


“I guess it slipped your mind that I had already summoned my Stand before I got knocked out. It had to bury itself underground to avoid detection,” he said with a triumphant look. Death 13 started swinging his scythe around, trying to reach the Stand on his back. 


“If you don’t stop with this futile struggling…” he trailed off, gracefully hopping over the side of the ride. 


“I really don't care that you’re a baby. I’ll snap your neck like a twig!” he exclaimed. 


Pretty harsh, but the baby was an asshole! Suddenly, the clouds started merging together. 


“Kakyoin, if you don’t get your stand out of there-” Joseph started. 


The cloud formed a gigantic fist, which took the scythe from the Stand’s hands before slicing them both in half. The Stand laughed, thinking he had already won. Kakyoin had collapsed to sell the act. Then, he stood up again. 


“What?! How?!” Death 13 exclaimed, the fabric around its body falling away to reveal Hierophant unraveling itself and traveling inside his ear. 


“Do you really think that my Hierophant Green is that careless?” Kakyoin said smugly. More tentacles went inside of his other ear. 


Due to Hierophant possessing his body, he wasn't able to control his own arm, and the scythe was aimed to cut off his head, the rest of the stand entering his body. 


“Unless you want to be ripped from the inside out, I suggest that you stop trying to kill us. There will be consequences if you try to attack us again. I’d ask you to heal the cuts on my arm, but my friend here already helped me out,” He said, glancing at you. You smiled with a wink. 


The next morning, you felt like you had woken from a terrible dream. Joseph fed the baby, and Kakyoin acted like nothing had happened the night before. He was hiding something, but you didn’t push him for information. You were rescued shortly after, and the baby was brought to a town to be taken care of.

Chapter Text

You watched the water pass around the boat as you all made your way to a deserted island… Well, that’s what Polnareff thought. In actuality, you were going to get Avdol since he had finished recovering. All Joseph had told him was that we were going to visit a friend that would be important to the mission. You still felt conflicted about lying to the poor man, but there was no way you could have told him anyway.

You sighed, slouching against the railing. You heard the ruffle of clothing and felt the seat next to you be pressed down by someone’s weight. You looked over to see that Jotaro had taken a seat next to you, looking like his usual grumpy self. You smiled, your cheeks pink.

“Ya know… The last time I was on a boat, I jumped right off,” you said softly, trying to lighten the mood. He gave a small smile.

“And I hope that you never do that again,” he replied. You giggled.

“Me, too. I didn’t plan on it the first time, it just kinda… happened,” you said, looking out at the sea before you.

You saw him do the same. Soon enough, you had all landed on the shoreline, and you stretched as you stood on the sand.

“Phew! I’m glad that’s over,” you said, mostly to yourself.

Polnareff came up behind you, using your shoulder as an armrest. You rolled your eyes, but said nothing.

“Mr. Joestar, are you sure someone lives here? It looks deserted!” he exclaimed, putting his other pale hand on his hip.

“Yes, I’m sure he’s here somewhere. We just have to find him,” the old man replied, giving a charming smile.

It made you smile, too. Joseph was… just like that. He made you want to smile. You heard a soft ruffling in the leaves and such, and you perked up, looking toward it. Everyone else must have heard it as well because they looked at it as well. It was only a few seconds later that the figure emerged and turned tail. You felt Polnareff tense up, his arm sliding off of you. You turned to look up at him. His expression was that of disbelief.

“It can’t be,” he whispered before running after the figure.

“Polnareff, wait up!” Kakyoin exclaimed before you all started running after him.

You growled under your breath, annoyed by the abundance of leaves and such. Finally, you all emerged from the forest and stopped in a clearing. There was a quaint little fenced-in house there, and a guy was feeding his chickens. This guy was not Avdol’s father, but Avdol himself. He just… had some weird hair dye that made him look older.

“Go away! Everytime anyone comes here, they always have bad things to say!” he exclaimed harshly, not turning around to look at us.

You wondered why he just didn't say who he was yet, but you played along. You looked over at Polnareff again, and he looked upset and defeated, like he thought the man wasn’t Avdol.

“I’m gonna go take a walk,” he said, starting to walk away.

Your eyebrows furrowed with slight sadness for him.

“Be careful! We’ll try to talk to him in the meantime!” you replied, waving softly.

Once he was out of earshot, you sighed.

“Avdol, was that really necessary?” you asked, turning to face said man.

He magically had his hair color back. You didn’t question it. He sighed.

"I wasn’t quite ready to tell him yet,” he replied with a sigh of his own.

“Well, we can come up with a way to explain this before he gets back. Why don't we go inside and have a cup of tea?” Kakyoin stepped in, putting a hand on his chin thoughtfully.

Everyone agreed, and we stepped into Avdol’s home.
Avdol left a little while after sunset, for he had gotten worried about the man. So, we got everything packed up, and we waited for them at the boat. About 10 minutes later, a bloody Ppolnareff showed up looking rather excited.

“Jesus CHRIST, Polnareff! What the hell happened?!” you exclaimed, running over to him. Queen of Hearts appeared, healing up his wounds.

“Guys! You’ll never believe who I found out there in the woods!” he said happily.

Then, an also bloody Avdol emerged from the woods. There was silence for a moment.

“Good grief. You got Avdol mixed up in your misadventures, too? He just finished recovering!” you scolded, moving to start healing Avdol.

“Wait… What? You knew?” he responded, giving puppy dog eyes.

Kakyoin chuckled awkwardly.

“We all knew, we just… didn’t tell you.” he said with a small smile. Polnareff looked wounded.

“We didn’t want your big mouth running around and letting the enemy know that he wasn’t actually dead,” Jotaro said gruffly, pulling down the bill of his hat slightly.

Polnareff let out a groan.

“What about your father?” he asked. Avdol chuckled.

“That was just a disguise,” he replied.

Polnareff groaned, tears in his eyes. You put a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Polnareff… I didn’t think you’d be so upset,” you said, wiping away his tears.

He sniffled, hugging you tightly.

“If it makes you feel better, that wasn’t the only reason we kept it a secret. I had Avdol do some… shopping. We have a new mode of transportation,” Joseph said with a grin.

You stopped hugging Polnareff to look at Joseph with a raised eyebrow.

“But… what about the boat?” you asked in confusion. He smirked.

“Where we’re going we don’t need boats,” he responded.

Then, something started to emerge from the water… You gasped. It was… a submarine. A FREAKING SUBMARINE!

“Since we’ll be crossing the Red Sea, we needed something that would get us there faster. So, I had Avdol buy a submarine for us,” Joseph responded.

You couldn’t believe your eyes. The thing was absolutely ginormous!

“Well, let’s go! We don't have any time to waste!” he continued, herding all of us and our belongings into the submarine.

Chapter Text

You sighed as you watched the men talk, Avdol driving the submarine. It felt nice to be able to relax for once. A lot had been going on in just a little over a month, which also meant your journey was (hopefully) coming to an end.

Still, you felt slightly on edge. This all felt too good to be true, like a Stand user would just pop up suddenly… That would be a very scary situation considering how deep you all were underwater. You decided to push those thoughts away to live in the moment. Hell, you even managed to crack a smile as they talked about your situation.

“So this is a submarine, huh?” Kakyoin said as he looked around. You shrugged.

“I never thought it’d be so… big. There are so many dials and stuff, and it all looks really complicated,” you responded. Joseph smiled.

“Rich folk typically use vessels like these when they wanna get away for a while and explore the seafloor for pleasure,” he responded with his hands on his hips.

You looked over at Jotaro and noticed that he was staring out of the small windows at all of the sea life. It brought a smile to your face, and it reminded you of the first time you’d met.

“You really do like the ocean and stuff, huh?” you said quietly.

You saw him blush before he immediately pulled down his hat.

“... Kinda,” he responded. You chuckled.

“Kinda? You had an entire shelf with plushies and pictures of sea animals, specifically dolphins,” you reminded as you gently elbowed him in the side.

“Yare yare… I thought you’d forgotten,” he said, staring out the window.

You tilted your head with a confused expression.

“Why would I forget something like that?” you asked quietly.

He looked over at you with slight surprise. You blushed in embarrassment.

“I-I mean… You almost attacked me when I touched that big dolphin plush at the top of your shelf,” you added, making up an excuse.

In actuality, you remembered it because it was cute to know that Jotaro was so interested in sea life… Even so, you forgot how much you liked him because of everything that had been going on. There was so much to worry about that you completely forgot about your gigantic crush on the stoic teen, and now it had hit you like a ton of bricks as you stared at his peaceful expression. You swore you never saw him that relaxed. In fact, you had completely zoned out of the conversation until you heard Joseph talking on the phone.

You looked over and tried to listen in on the conversation. It seemed as though he was talking to his wife. You hadn’t heard much about her, but you knew that she was a kind woman. Avdol, Kakyoin, and Polnareff stood next to you and Jotaro.

“So this is what he meant by a delicate matter?” Polnareff asked quietly. Avdol nodded.

“Indeed. She doesn't know anything about this trip other than the fact that Joseph was going to Japan. He checks in every once in a while to make sure she stays oblivious and doesn’t try to visit Mrs. Holly,” he answered.

The rest of you looked surprised, except for Jotaro of course.

“So she has no idea?” Kakyoin asked.

Avdol shook his head. You sighed. That’s right… Holly…

“Damn. That’s so sad… I think she should know, but I know he’s doing it to protect her. Knowing that your daughter, or mother in Jotaro’s case, is dying is not something that you should have to hear,” you said as Joseph hung up.

“I agree… Don’t worry, Mr. Joestar! We’re right behind you!” Polnareff exclaimed.

Joseph sighed, turning to face you all again.

“Thanks you guys,” he replied with a small smile.
While Polnareff was having the time of his life driving the submarine and wrecking it into rocks and such, something much more concerning happened. There was a sound that seemed to have come from outside of the sub.

Your eyebrows furrowed as you tensed, immediately convinced it was a Stand attack. Everyone else seemed to be convinced that it was Polnareff since he was still at the wheel.

“I had nothing to do with that, Avdol! You’ve gotta believe me!” he responded with an anxious look…

Nothing happened after that.

Polnareff was taken off of the wheel and he had been sitting with you, Kakyoin, Jotaro, and Avdol. Joseph joined soon after, making sure that they could drive on autopilot without running into anything. Polnareff yawned as he stretched out in the chair.

“I’m soooo tired,” he whined. Kakyoin hummed as he walked over to the coffee maker, pulling out a drawer.

“One, two, three, four, five, six… There are exactly six cups,” he said as he examined them. Polnareff groaned.

“C’mon and make the coffee already! I want some,” he whined. Kakyoin tensed.

“Why don’t you make some yourself!” he responded harshly. You shook your head.

“Polnareff, stop being so needy,” you teased, pinching his ear with a snicker.

He yelped, pulling your hand off with surprising gentleness. You only grinned. He did have a point, though. You were exhausted, and it was early morning, meaning that you all stayed up the entire night. Avdol stood up and walked over to the periscope, taking a look above the surface. He made a surprised sound.

“I see land! We’ll be there soon!” he said before putting everything back to how it was.

He pulled out a map and explained where you were going to surface.

“We finally made it,” Joseph said with a smile. Polnareff smiled.

“It took long enough!” he said.

“So this is Egypt,” Jotaro said, Kakyoin nodding.

“It is. We’ve arrived,” Avdol responded.

“Great! That means we can get a hotel and get some sleep!” you said with a grin.

Polnareff chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” you asked, leaning on your hand.

“Nothing… I’m just feeling sort of happy is all. It’s been a while since the six of us were all together." Polnareff spoke with a soft, fond tone.

Not long later, everyone had their own cup of coffee and you were all relaxing. It wouldn’t be long until you all got to the surface. Jotaro made a sound of confusion.

“Hey, Kakyoin. Why’d you grab seven cups for six people?” he asked.

“Huh?” he said looking at the cups on the table.

“That’s strange… I guess I didn’t notice,” he said with a confused expression.

Suddenly, it dawned on you what might be happening. As you opened your mouth to explain your theory, Joseph picked up a cup,... which immediately shifted into a sword that cut off his prosthetic hand. You all gasped, and the Stand cut off the fingers of the hand, sending them into Joseph’s throat. He fell to the ground, not moving.

“Shit! I knew it! Ever since that weird noise earlier, I suspected a Stand was after us!” you exclaimed as the Stand landed on the table, knocking off all of the cups which shattered on the ground.

You all stepped away from it.

“I don’t know how, but it managed to sneak aboard!" You exclaimed in sharp tone, eyeing Joesph as you try to figure out how to reach him in time, in case he was seriously injured from the metal. Star Platinum was summoned, and it punched the stand. It dodged, however, before melting into the interior of the submarine.

“It’s disappeared!” Polnareff exclaimed.

“No, it transformed! It disguised itself as one of the gages! Just like the coffee cup!” Avdol responded.

“Damn it! We were only a few hundred meters until we reached Egypt!” Polnareff exclaimed again as he examined the radar and such. This was not looking good at all…

Chapter Text

Kakyoin breathed a sigh of relief as he carried Joseph on his back. “Thankfully, he was only knocked unconscious. The problem is his hand,” he said before the phone started ringing. You all looked toward it with surprise. “The phone? Who’d be calling at a time like this?” you exclaimed nervously.

Avdol’s face lit up with realization. “It’s the High Priestess! That’s the name of the enemy Stand we are currently facing,” he finally explained. “So,” Jotaro started, turning to the Egyptian, “how do we win?”

You saw Avdol’s eyebrows furrow. “By knowing the user,” he answered. “Her name is Rose, and she has the ability to control her Stand from far away. This means that she is mostly likely on land.” You softly groaned in annoyance.

“What’s its power?” Kakyoin asked. Avdol folded his hands over his chest, like he was thinking. “It has the ability to turn into almost any inanimate object as long as it’s made from minerals. Its transformations are perfect, which means there is no way to recognize the thing until it decides to attack,” he explained further.

You walked over to Kakyoin, helping the poor boy carry Joseph. He silently thanked you for the help.

“That’s so freaky! How did it climb aboard the submarine anyway?” Polnareff fearfully exclaimed. That’s when you realized something that had happened earlier. “Remember that noise that we couldn’t explain? The one they blamed on you?... I think that was her getting onto the ship,” you said, everyone’s breaths hitching.

Then, one of the dials flew off of the wall and water started pouring into the submarine, the lights going out and a red light replacing it. Alarms started blaring throughout the entire vehicle.

“I get it now… It cut a hole and moseyed on in!” Polnareff replied, scowling at the water pooling around his feet. Avdol looked over at more dials and complicated machinery. “The Stand found a way to damage the ballast tanks, which means we’re sinking even faster,” Avdol announced. You walked with Kakyoin to see what Avdol was looking at. After examining it for a bit, Kakyoin added, “We’re also losing oxygen quickly.”

You groaned again. “Looks like another shit show to me,” you grumbled. Kakyoin smiled slightly. “You’re starting to sound like Jotaro,” he said softly, trying to lighten your mood a little.

Then, the phone started ringing again. “Mon Dieu! Whoever is calling has horrible timing!” Polnareff yelped. You all gave a shocked expression as Jotaro picked up the phone. As Jotaro listened, he made a surprised noise himself, obviously not expecting who was on the phone.

“I’m sorry, but the old man can’t come to the phone right now,” he finally said after a long moment of silence. Then, even more silence. “There’s nothing to worry about, Grandma Suzi… He’s gonna be just fine ‘cause I’m right here with him… Later. We’ll call back once things calm down,” he said before hanging up the phone.

“Brace yourselves, people! We’re about to hit the bottom!” Avdol warned. You all took his advice as the vehicle hit the bottom, causing all of you to slightly lose your balance. “I had a feeling this would happen! Every vehicle we drive ends up getting destroyed!” you exclaimed. “That’s the last straw… I’m never riding in a submarine again,” Jotaro grumbled.

Since you and Kakyoin weren’t strong enough to haul Joseph around, Polnareff had taken over. He was huffing and puffing, and you, too, felt as though it had become difficult to breathe. “The air is getting pretty thin in here,” Polnareff said.

“(Y/N), I need your help,” Jotaro called, staring at a wall of dials. You raised an eyebrow, caught off-guard. “What’s up?” you asked, walking toward him. “Did you manage to catch which one of the gages the Stand merged with?” he asked, looking over at you. Your breath hitched as you tried to recall what had happened. “Well, from what I remember,… I think it was this one,” you replied pointing to one of the gages nervously.

He placed a hand on your shoulder, gently guiding you away just in case you got hurt. You walked back over to Avdol, Standing in front of one of the lights. Star Platinum’s fist formed, slowly making its way toward the gage you had pointed to.

Then, Avdol made a sound, like he had noticed something. He yelled, “That’s not it, Jotaro! It already moved!” You all looked to where Avdol was indicating, watching the Stand come out of hiding from right behind you. It had transformed into a light. It took a swipe at you with its long claws, and you almost didn't move fast enough to dodge. It managed to nick your ear, making you wince at the sting.

“Queen of Hearts!” you called, the Stand appearing and punching The High Priestess. The other Stand, however, managed to dodge, and you made a surprised sound as it clawed at you again. It managed to slice open your neck, but not by much thankfully. You yelped as you lost your balance, falling into the water while holding your bleeding neck.

Star Platinum threw a punch of his own, but the Stand dodged again. It screamed before merging into the walls once more.

“Get to the door! Quickly!” Avdol exclaimed, and you stood up.

You realized that there were two more scars to add to your collection. The one on your chin from Death 13 had headled, but it had left behind a permanent scar.

“Yeah, but what if…” Polnareff started. “If we stay in this room any longer, there is a very good chance that none of us will leave with our lives,” Avdol cut him off before turning to look at you. This was the first time you had been injured this badly, and he looked concerned. “Are you alright, (Y/N)?” he asked. You nodded. “Yeah… It hurts like a bitch, but I’ll be okay,” you replied. “Good. Let’s get going,” he said, and you all ran toward the door.

Avdol wrapped his hands around the wheel on the door before turning to all of you. “We’ll seal the room off and trap the Stand inside,” he said before turning his attention back to the wheel. You all gasped.

The Stand had merged with it! Before it could slice off his hand, Star Platinum’s fist had wrapped around its tiny wrist. He peeled the Stand off of the door, putting his hands on either side of its head as it struggled more. He slowly squeezing it.

“Phew! We got it!” Polnareff exclaimed victoriously. “That was close! It almost clawed Avdol’s hand off!” you said, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Apparently, our little friend here isn’t as fast as Star Platinum. So… what should we do with it?” Jotaro said, scowling down at the thing. His eyes flickered up to your neck wound, and his grip tightened. “Show no mercy, Jotaro! Why don’t we start by ripping off its little head?” Polnareff sneered. Jotaro shrugged.

“Works for me,” he replied, squeezing it even more. As soon as he tried to rip it in half, though, it transformed into a razor, cutting up his hands. You winced. “It transformed into a freakin’ razor!” he grunted, clenching his teeth at the pain.

The Stand giggled manically before flying off toward you. You dodged it this time, Polnareff dropping Joseph as he dodged it as well. The razor stuck into the wall before transforming back, laughing at all of you.

“How the hell are we supposed to beat it?” Jotaro said. “It’s strong! Damnit!” Kakyoin exclaimed. Joseph rose from the water gasping for breath. “I can’t believe it outsmarted Jotaro,” Avdol said quietly.

“Huh?” Joseph said, before looking over his shoulder at the Stand on the ceiling. “What the hell is going on? Whatever’s happening here, I’m sure we’re in a pinch!” he said.

“Shut up, old man,” Jotaro grumbled. You walked over to Jotaro, quickly healing his hands.

“That beast will attack us if we touch it, which means we should use our Stands instead!” Avdol said before calling our Magician’s Red. The phoenix-man opened its mouth and spit out a fireball, the enemy Stand dodging it. Then, Polnareff called out Silver Chariot. As soon as it tried to pierce the High Priestess, it’s skin turned hard. “That Stand’s a tough one! Chariot’s rapier can’t pierce its armor,” Polnareff said.

Since that proved to be ineffective, Avdol opened the door, and you all ran. It took awhile for Jotaro to follow, but he eventually caught up. He explained to Joseph that he had answered the phone call from Suzi. “What? Jotaro, why in the hell would you answer a phone call from Suzi? You know, you really shouldn’t have done that!” Joseph reprimanded. He sighed. “We’ll talk about it when we get out of this place,” he continued.

“Do you have a plan, Joseph?” you asked, already out of breath. He looked over his shoulder to glance at you, a smirk on his face. “You bet! And it’s a brilliant one!” he responded, facing forward again. “The one, and only, Joseph Joestar has been in more situations like this than he can count on his prosthetic hand he left behind!” he added.

“Well, I suggest we hurry. There’s only a certain amount of time before that she-devil of a Stand claws its way out of that room,” Kakyoin said.

“As long as we’re surrounded by all of this machinery, we’re sitting ducks. We need to abandon the submarine and find another way to get to Egypt,” Avdol added.

You zoned out of the conversation, focusing on not lagging behind. You weren’t very fast, and you were a little out of shape. You were thousands of meters under the sea, so what was Joseph’s plan? Was there a way you could all get to the surface from the sea floor? He opened one of the doors, and you all filed inside. It was a room filled with scuba diving gear.

“We’re going to swim to the surface. Start putting these on,” Joseph explained before closing the door. You all put the gear on, which turned out to be not as hard as you initially thought. It was a little heavy, though, but it was tolerable.

“Damn… I won't be able to suit up quickly with my hand gone. Can you help me out, Jotaro?” Joseph asked, looking down at his missing hand. Jotaro huffed. “Do it yourself,” he responded.