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The Fatal Kiss

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Harry didn’t know why he did it. Well, that is not completely true. He knew why he did it. The man was so aggravating. Harry was in love with him even if he still treated him poorly. No matter what he could not get the man out of his head. It was annoyingly exasperating to say the least. He wish he had gotten over the crush he had, but it just grew into love. He didn’t begrudge him for not feeling the same way. It just hurt his heart that the man he loved hated him so much.

That’s what lead to this situation. He had kissed Professor Snape during detention and soon after fled for his life. He was sure that Professor Snape was so shocked and disgusted by what Harry did that he did not have time to process that his most hated student had assaulted him.

Professor Snape had given him a detention for something Harry couldn’t even remember doing. He took it in stride. He had thought that after the war they would try to get along, but they did not. Professor Snape seemed to hate him even more for surviving.

It was during said detention that Harry had breathed wrong and Professor Snape invaded his personal space and started berating him. Harry was just so shocked and confused. He couldn’t take it anymore. So he just grabbed his professor and pressed his lips against the elders. He moved his against his professor’s for a moment relishing in the only moment of freedom he would have in getting what he wanted. Then he realized what he was doing. Pushed Professor Snape away, murmuring apologies and bolted for Gryffindor Tower.

The next morning he went to Headmistress McGonagall. He walked up the griffin and gave the password. As he walked up the stairs, he steeled himself for this conversation. He knew what he needed to do. He knocked on the door.


Harry quickly entered.

“Oh Harry I didn’t expect you here this early. What can I do for you?” McGonagall asked and motioned for him to sit.

“I need you to call the Aurors, I wish to report a heinous crime.” Harry said.

McGonagall was taken back. “What crime would that be that I need to contact the Aurors?”

“A sexual assault.” Harry replied.

“That is a serious offense Mr. Potter, I do hope you have evidence to back it up.”

Harry nodded. “I do.”

“Alright then.” She contacted the Aurors who came quickly.

Kingsley stepped through the floo. “Headmistress you said that there was a crime that needed to be reported.”

“Yes, Mr. Potter here would like to report said crime.”

“Mr. Potter?”

Harry held his head high. “Kingsley I would like report a sexual assault. I will gladly come with you now to your office to discuss this.”

“Alright Harry, if that will make you more comfortable. Then we shall head to my office. Is that alright Headmistress?” Kingsley asked.

“Of course.” She replied.

Once within Kingsley’s office, Harry felt more comfortable.

“I would like to request the use of veritaserum and have my trial set for today.” Harry started.

“Who are you accusing of sexual assault Mr. Potter?” Kingsley formally asked.

“Myself.” Harry replied.

Kingsley looked shocked. “You sexually assaulted someone?”



“I will not answer any more questions until questions until I have assurance that this will be taken seriously.” Harry replied.

“I admire your willingness to do the right thing Harry, I just need to know who it is so they have the chance to heal from this and face you as their attacker.” Kingsley said.

Harry nodded. “Alright, once I know that my trial will be today and I will not get away with my crime, I will tell you who.”

Kingsley sat back. “I will have it accomplished Harry.”

Harry was put in a holding cell for several hours. Kingsley came back and told Harry it was all set, that he would be facing the Wizengamot at 2pm. He just needed to know who he attacked.

Harry didn’t want Snape stopping the trial. He shouldn’t have done what he did and was ashamed of it. He wanted to face consequences. Harry told Kingsley he would divulge the name during trial, and would let that person face him once he was safe in Azkaban for his crime.

Kingsley wasn’t exactly happy about it, but agreed.

At 2pm, his trial began. Harry stood in front of the Wizengamot with his head held high.

Minister Kingsley started. “We are gathered here today for the trial of Harry James Potter for sexual Assault.” Murmurs and whispers broke out.

“Harry James Potter wishes to give his testimony under veritaserum. Any objections?” No hands raised. He gave the nod to give Harry the veritaserum. Once that was completed. He started asking the base questions.

“Is your name Harry James Potter?”


“Are you currently a student at Hogwarts?”


“Is it true that you sexually assaulted someone?”


“Please tell us what happened.”

“On the night in question I was in detention with Professor Snape and I sexually assaulted him during this detention. I am ashamed of what I have done and am truly sorry for it. I wish to be punished for that crime.”

“You sexually assaulted Professor Snape?”


"Tell us exactly what transpired."

"When he was doling out his punishment he got in face and I pulled him in and forced my mouth upon him. After I realized what I did I pushed him away and ran for it. I turned myself in the next day."

“We will take a short recess to decide what your punishment will be.”

The Wizengamot recessed for five minutes behind a silencing shield.

“We have found Harry James Potter to be truthful and since he has said he is guilty, owning up to the crime he committed, he is sentenced to 10 years in Azkaban.”

Harry was immediately revoked of his wand and taken by Aurors to Azkaban.

The next day when word got out that Harry had been sentenced to Azkaban for sexually assaulting someone, the paper did not divulge who, part of the agreement Harry had, people were shocked and outraged. They all talked about how the savior had gone dark.

His friends and Headmistress McGonagall were shocked. They couldn’t believe that Harry had been the one to commit such a crime.