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The Fatal Kiss

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Severus Snape was angry. He had not meant to survive. Yet here he was. It angered him that he did. He was supposed to die in the damn war. Of course the brat wouldn’t let him! The nerve of Harry Potter!

That was why he hated him so much. He was sure of it. He hated Harry for living. He had nothing to live for. Now that his purpose was served he was ready to die. He had it all planned out. Then Harry bloody Potter himself saved his life. He was beyond angry. He was livid.

He was stuck in his teaching contract for another year. He had to teach dunderheads and ill-mannered brats who didn’t know anything. He had to face his tormentor another year. Oh did he hate him!

Then of course he realized he didn’t hate the boy. Far from it. He was in love with him. But it was too late now. The boy hated him. So he kept up the premise of the all-hating Potions Master. He was much better suited for that than DADA. He still had Harry in his class, and dreaded it.

He had long cold showers after every night of dreaming about a young tanned muscled man with green eyes loving him and his body. It was frustrating to say the least. He would wait until the end of the year to pursue such any venture. He didn’t want to ruin his tenure pension with rumors or unsavory and questionable ethics. Even if Harry was of age, he was still his teacher. He would not touch him if he was ever interested, until he graduated.

When Potter kissed him during detention. Severus was shocked. He didn’t even get a chance to react before Potter pushed him away muttering weak apologies, and bolting from the room.

That was an interesting new development. At least the boy was interested him. Sure he would have a talk with the boy later, explain a few things, and give him detention with Filch for a few days. Then talk about a courtship with Harry. See if Harry truly wanted a relationship with him.

The next day he didn’t even realize Harry had not been seen. He was trying to figure out a way to talk to him and what to say. He even drew up a courting contract.

The following morning everyone was murmuring and whispering about something in the paper. He ignored it. He didn’t read that drivel or listen to gossip. He was looking forward to seeing Harry. He noticed Harry was not in the Great Hall, probably hiding out until having to face him again. Severus smirked well, that would not do.

When he ushered the 8th years in he noticed Harry was not among them.

“Miss Granger, where is Mr. Potter? Too good enough to show up for class today?”

“Professor haven’t you heard or read the paper?” She gasped

“No. I don’t read that rag or listen to gossip.”

“Harry is in Azkaban.” She cried.

Professor Snape was taken back. What had happened between the brief kiss and this morning to lead to that? “What?”

“I confirmed it with Headmistress McGonagall. He is in Azkaban apparently for sexually assaulting someone.”

“What!?” He yelled. He couldn’t believe his ears. That stupid idiotic Gryffindor. He had to deal with this. And he had to do it now! “I have to talk to Minerva now, all of you get out! Study the next potion on page 35.” They all scrambled to leave.

Meanwhile he made his way into Minerva’s office as quickly as he could.

“Is it true Minerva? Harry is in Azkaban?” He asked as soon as entering her office.

“Yes I am afraid so. Harry came to me yesterday saying he wanted to report a crime, I did not think it was he whom had committed the crime. I can’t believe he would do such an awful thing. Kingsley promised me he would come by today to talk to the person who he committed the act against. I am shocked that I let this happen. I am saddened beyond belief.” She said in disbelief.

“Minerva, Harry didn’t assault anyone.”

“What do you know Severus?”

“It was me that he committed the act against. He kissed me.”

“You’re telling me that Harry is in Azkaban for kissing you?” She grunted and glared.

“Don’t look at me like that. Sure it was unprovoked and unsolicited. It was still just a kiss. A simple kiss. One which I did not return, now I am regretting it. Now don’t start with me Minerva. I am in love with the boy. He does not know it. I will fix that as soon as he is out of Azkaban. I wish to formally court him, will you allow me to do so?”

Minerva stood there gaping and then smiled. “Of course. You two would be perfect for each other. Now go save our boy. He will serve detention with me for a few nights for this whole fiasco. Then we will be getting him a mind healer. That poor boy. I approve Severus. Go.”

Severus nodded who floo’d directly into Kingsley’s office. “Ah Professor Snape. I was just about to call Minerva to talk to you. I am so glad I don’t have to.”

“Yes, well, we need to get Harry out of Azkaban.”

“Professor he assaulted you.” Kingsley said.

“No he kissed me.”

“Excuse me?” He growled.

“He kissed me. That was it Kingsley. A kiss. He pulled me in and pressed his lips against mine. Sure it was unwarranted but still a kiss. I can show you the memory.”

“Let’s convene the Wizengamot right now.” Kingsley ushered.

Once in the Wizengamot Severus explained again what had happened. Even showing his memory. They agreed to drop all charges for a full pardon and an apology from the Wizengamot for not asking for more details, let Harry go back to Hogwarts and provide a mind healer and rules where Severus was not alone with Harry. They would also retract the story in the paper.

“One more thing. I do intend to court him. Will this be a problem?” Severus asked.

“Not at all, as long as the guidelines are met. Harry is of age. As long as you don’t grade his work, it should be fine.” Kingsley stated. The Wizengamot agreed.

Severus nodded. “I, Severus Tobias Snape, do hereby begin a yearlong courtship with one Harry James Potter, approval by Minerva McGonagall and Kingsley Shacklebolt. If guidelines are not met, let lady magic judge me. So mote it be.” Magic swirled around him and settled in place. Beginning the bond that would take place of keeping them held to the contract. Lacy magic had decided he was truthful and allowed it. All Severus needed now was to convince Harry and get him to accept.

“So mote it be.” The Wizengamot acknowledged.

Severus was elated beyond belief. He headed to Azkaban to gather his wayward Gryffindor. “I’m coming Harry, hold on.” He whispered.