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The Fatal Kiss

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Harry found himself locked in a cell. He had barely realized what was happening around him. He was numb. He did this to himself. His mouth ran away from him. He rushed in without thinking, again. Now he was in prison. It was cold, damp and unforgiving.

Harry was left alone with his thoughts. He couldn’t believe how utterly stupid he had been. It was too late now. He had to deal with the consequences. He was stuck here. Snape wouldn’t come save him. He was probably overjoyed to get rid of Harry. He probably thought it was poetic justice for all the past deeds done against him.

Harry was such an idiot. He fell in love with someone who hated his guts. Of course, this was the result.

He mulled over his actions. Now thinking back on it, he should have just confessed to McGonagall, and dropped Potions. He didn’t need it. He wasn’t going to be an Auror anymore anyway. He had wanted to teach DADA. He enjoyed teaching the DA. He didn’t have to go this far just to get away from what he did.

He just couldn’t face Snape, the rejection and pure hatred on his face was one that he could not bear. It would break his heart. He was sure there was no one else for him. He might be young, but he knew what he wanted. He knew his heart. He had never truly been a child. He had to grow up too fast. He felt more mature than most of his year mates. That was how he had fallen for his professor.

Snape never coddled him or treated him differently. He never bought into his fame. He was the only one who didn’t hero worship him. He could always get the truth from him, even if it hurt. Snape never lied to him.

He didn’t get much sleep. The screams from the other prisoners, the cold walls and floor soaked into his body, down to his bones. The dementors gave him no leeway either.

Tears rolled down his face while he contemplated 10 more years of this. He didn’t know how Sirius had lasted 12 without going crazy. He could feel the effects right away. He would be a changed man when he got out. He would no longer be Harry Potter.

In the morning he knew his life had changed. By now everyone would know what happened. That he was in Azkaban. He didn’t care. He was sure Hermione would probably make a fuss. Maybe Mrs. Weasley, but no one could help him.

He sat there just staring at the wall. He let his mind wander.

Then he heard footsteps getting closer to his cell. He looked up to see Kingsley. Kingsley looked angry. “I’m here to set you free Harry.”

Harry didn’t have any fight in him. No spark. “Why? It hasn’t been ten years yet.”

“Someone came with evidence showing you did not sexually assault Professor Snape.”

“Well, whoever it was, provided you with false evidence, because I did it.” Harry confessed.

“Yes, but all you did was kiss him. That is not sexual assault Harry.”

Harry looked at him. Kingsley unlocked the cell helped Harry off the cold floor. He led him out to the boats where Snape was waiting. Harry was surprised to see him there. He was sure Snape would hate him for what he did. He was sure that he would not help him get out.

“What are you doing here?”

“Rescuing you of course.” Snape drawled.

Harry shook his head in disbelief. “Whatever.”

Snape brought him back to Hogwarts where both McGonagall and Snape lectured him. They both told him that while a kiss is not sexual assault, it was inappropriate. It would not happen again. Snape would not be allowed to be alone with him if he got detention again. He was lucky that Snape did what he did. He would be getting a mind healer and he would be having detention with the Headmistress for a week.

“Actually Headmistress I would like to drop Potions so that this won’t be a problem again. I don’t need it. I was thinking about getting my masters in DADA and applying to become a DADA professor obviously at a different school so that Professor Snape did not feel uncomfortable by my presence.” Harry said.

They were both taken back by this. “Harry you may do so, but you don’t have to.” McGonagall said.

“No. It’s the right thing. If that is all. I wish to go up and explain to my friends what happened. And suffer yet another lecture.” Harry said resigned.

“Harry wait. There is something I’d like to talk to you about.” Professor Snape said.

Harry held his hand up. “Look I will stop you there. I know what I did was inappropriate. I shouldn’t have done it. I apologize for kissing you. I don’t regret it. I am sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. I know you hate me. I wish I hadn’t fallen for someone who hates me so much. I will leave you alone Professor. You will never have to see me again.”

“Harry…” Professor Snape started.

“No. Don’t. I will attend mind healer sessions. I will continue my other classes. I will take my NEWTS. I will graduate. I will not see you ever again. You will be happier then.” Harry said.

He tried walking out McGonagall’s office. Professor Snape called out again. “Wait. We need to talk. I am still an adult in this school and you owe me that respect.”

Harry huffed and turned to look at his Professor. “What else needs to be said?”

“I would like the opportunity to court you. I am in love with you as well. You were wrong. I wish I had kissed you back and we could have skipped this whole mess. I wish you had just come to talk to me about your feelings. That can’t be changed now. What we can do is change how we go about navigating the future.”

Harry stared at Professor Snape. “Alright how do I agree to this courtship?”

Snape sighed in relief. He smiled. “You say ‘I, your legal name, do accept the yearlong courtship of Severus Tobias Snape. Let Lady Magic decide its validity. I agree to be bound by its guidelines and I enter this courtship willingly. So mote it be.”

Harry thought it over.  He knew this had to be a joke. Snape hated him. He heard the words Snape said but couldn’t believe them. “I, Harry James Potter, reject the yearlong courtship of Severus Tobias Snape. Let Lady Magic agree with me. I do not agree to it nor enter it willingly. So mote it be.” The magic swirled around them and sizzled and crackled. Harry felt Lady Magic judge him. It snapped and cut the cord connecting them. “If that will be all. I am very tired and wish to go to bed.” He could see Snape was shocked by this revelation.

They nodded and he left to walk up to Gryffindor Tower where he was bombarded with questions. He explained what happened. Hermione lectured him on appropriate behavior. Harry was just so tired and resigned. He went through all of like he wasn’t even there. He was gone.