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The Fatal Kiss

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Harry felt like life was just flying by him. He had no care in the world. He had rejected the only person he had ever truly loved. What had he done? Did Snape really have feelings for him? Did Snape really want to court him? He was confused and heartbroken.

 He avoided Snape as much as he could. He ignored his friends. They wouldn’t understand. They knew what love felt like. Harry did not.

Harry couldn’t believe anyone could love him.

He started to go see the Mind Healer. Which helped. He worked on his issues with his self-hatred, past trauma, and appropriate relationships.

Weeks went by like this. He was still having trouble with his feelings towards Snape, but that wouldn’t be fixed overnight.

When he got the letter, he couldn’t open it. He returned it unopened.

When his Mind Healer mentioned it, Harry shrugged and didn’t really want to talk about it. Harry was sure Snape was just trying to get one over on him. His conflicting emotions and thoughts on the matter did not help.

On hand he was elated to find Snape had tried to contact him and talk to him, but on the other hand he was scared and nervous. He was also a bit leery. He heard the other students talk about his change of attitude. He wanted to see it for himself.

He admitted that he was curious to see what Snape had to say for himself. After a few months of making Snape sweat, he was ready to confront what happened.

He let his Mind Healer know he was ready. The Mind Healer set up a session for them to both join in.

The following Saturday saw them both in a white walled office sitting across from each other in chaises with a small coffee table between them and the Mind Healer, Christopher, was at the head of the table in another chaise.

“We are here to see if you two can talk civilly and get past the anger and hatred you have towards each other. To see if there is a possibility of a relationship forming out of this.” Healer Christopher stated.

“I don’t hate Professor Snape. I am not angry either. I felt like he was the one to hate me.” Harry started.

“I don’t hate Harry either. I know it may have seemed like that to Harry, which I am immensely sorry for, but I can’t change the past. I can explain why I was acting that way and hope to move forward.” Snape replied.

“All right why don’t we start with you telling Harry why you felt like you had to act like you hated him.” Healer Christopher specified.

“Before the fall of the Dark Lord, I had a certain image to uphold. I had to treat him like I hated him because there were so many death eater families that would love to get a one up by saying I had treated his enemy Harry Potter favorably. After the war was over, at first I was angry that I had survived. I hadn’t planned on surviving. Then I felt this attraction towards a student. I have never once felt like that. It goes against my morals and standards as a teacher, no matter the rules. I felt conflicted. I wanted to push him away because I was not good enough for him. I am 20 years older than him, a former death eater, and did want to bring him down because of it.” Snape confessed.

“Wow. That is a lot to take in.” Harry said.

“Take your time.” Healer Christopher urged.

Harry sat there thinking about what Snape just said. He could see where Snape was coming from. Snape seemed like he was being genuine. Harry really couldn’t fault him for wanting to stay true to himself and not go against his morals. He just didn’t understand why he had to be so hateful towards him.

“I understand why you acted the way you did before the war. I thought things would change when Voldemort was vanquished. It hurt knowing that I was falling for someone who hated me.” Harry said.

“Harry I am truly sorry that you were hurt because of how I treated you. It was wrong. How can I show you that I do want to be with you? That I do want to court you?” Snape asked.

Harry searched his face trying to find if he would be willing to do what Harry asked. “I want to know why you want to be with me. Why you didn’t kiss me back that day? What would you be willing to do to show me that have changed?”

“I want to be with you because you are strong, resilient, powerful, kind, caring, loving, and I think you are gorgeous.” Harry blushed. “I didn’t kiss you back that day because I was shocked that you kissed me. By the time I realized what was happening you were pushing me away muttering apologies and running away. I didn’t know how to react. I have never been kissed before.” Severus confessed. “I would be willing to do anything for you.”

Harry was shocked. “Anything?”


“So if I asked for a declaration of love in front of the whole student body in the Great Hall?”


“Be with me at parties, gatherings, allow me to be in your quarters alone?”


“Interview with The Prophet?”


“Dinner with the Weasley’s every Sunday?”

Snape gritted his teeth. “Done.”

Harry smiled. “Let me buy you things?”

Snape sighed. “Of course.”

“Love me? Cherish me? Care for me?”




“I accept.” Harry said. “The only things I want are dinners with the Weasley’s every Sunday, a home with you eventually, dinner dates at least twice a week to get to know each other better until I graduate. We will reevaluate at that time. I really want this to work, so you have to be nice to my friends.”

Snape seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. “I am so beyond overjoyed that you are willing to work on this. I want us to work out as well. I want a future with you. I am willing to do all those things and more if you wish it. I would also really like to try that kiss again.”

Harry smiled. He figured he could at least do that. He nodded. Severus stood up, came around the coffee table, kneeled down in front of Harry, cupped Harry’s face gently and brought their lips together. As Harry’s lips met Snape’s, Harry was overcome with immense joy. A tear rolled down his face by how much care and love he felt in that kiss. He met Severus with kiss of his own. It was warm, sweet, and perfect. Snape broke the kiss and smiled at Harry lovingly.

“Wow.” Harry gasped.

“Ever so eloquent.” Snape, no Severus, teased.

Harry smiled. They weren’t quite out of the woods yet, but Harry was looking forward to the future because of a kiss.