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Realm of Hunters

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The day had dragged onward for Gon, who’s anticipation had grown immensely. School was half over, it was lunchtime, yet his excitement was aimed more towards the end of the day, when he would be free from responsibility and allowed to go do as he pleased. He stepped outside, hands clenching his backpack straps. His eyes scanned around, looking for his best friend. There he is , Gon found his heart leap, then quickly he ran over to the tree the boy sat beneath, eating a neatly packed lunch. The flame in his heart was ablaze with appreciation of the day he had been given.

Killua ate without much thought, and Gon quickly got his attention, making a soft smile spread across his face, “Hey Gon, how’s your day going so far?”

Gon rushed to sit next to him, plopping down with him, “I’m getting super excited for our after school stuff! I can’t wait!”

“Oh, yeah?” Killua smirked, “Maybe I should uninvite you so you can focus on school.” He winked, showing he was kidding.

Gon, however, was not the best at picking up on Killua’s jokes, and immediately grabbed onto his shirt, practically crawling into his lap as he whimpered, “Please don’t I wanna go so bad!”

Killua had to do everything in his power not to drop his lunch, growing at the smaller teen, “Hey, watch it! You almost cost me lunch, idiot!” 

Gon still held firm to the other boy, eyes big and pleading, “Promise you won’t uninvite me! I promise I’ll be good!”

“Fine! I promise, now let me go!” Killua barked, glaring at his friend.

Satisfied, Gon released his death grip, and took off his backpack to dig out his own meal, “Okay, good. Are we still meeting back here by this tree, or what?”

Killua shrugged, “I guess so, it doesn’t really matter.”

Gon got out a bag of chips and an apple. Killua stared at the boy, expecting him to pull out more food, but instead he began to rip open the chips happily. That made the boy’s heart sting, knowing full well that Gon’s family had been struggling lately, and likely could not afford to give him more. He remembered a time when Gon’s family would pack him homemade food, and fresh fruits and vegetables. In this instance, the apple almost was off, some brown on the skin. Instantly he made up his mind, taking the apple and sliding the rest of his food into Gon’s lap, “Here, trade with me.”

Gon stopped eating chips for a second, looking as though he was processing what had happened. Then he smiled wide, looking at Killua with those big dumb eyes of his, “Thanks! This looks great!”

Then he dug in, chips completely forgotten for the moment. This made the taller teen feel better, although now he would certainly have to stop on the way to their event to grab a bite of food for the both of them. He hated having to pretend that what Gon was going through was fine, but anytime he brought it up the other would get this look on his face and begin making excuses. He would rather never see him act like that, so instead he would give as much as he could without tipping off his brother as to what was happening. 

Gon had devoured the entire meal in a matter of minutes, leaving not a single crumb. He loved Illumi’s cooking, and would often beg to go to his friend’s house for it. Although Illumi was a bit unwelcoming, he was still a good host and took good care of their family. Killua’s mother, father, and grandfather were out of the picture, always working abroad. Illumi was like the mother and father of the group, although Killua would never admit it. Gon on the other hand lived with his grandmother and aunt Mito. Aunt Mito was his mother by this point, although she was home less and less, working hard to provide for them in the city. Gon missed her most days, but he understood why she wasn’t around.

Killua stood up and stretched, then looked down towards his friend, “See ya later, make sure you’re not late or I might leave without you!”

Gon’s eyes widened and he stood up quickly, becoming defensive, “No you won’t! You promised!”

Killua walked away with a smirk on his face, always loving picking on the other boy. Little did he know that such things would cause what happened next.


School ended, and children pooled out of the building in a large mass. Gon was one of the first to go outside and right to the tree Killua had promised to meet him at. Minutes passed, and the flow of children thinned, and became nonexistent. An hour passed, no sign of Killua. Gon’s foot tapped, his eyes scanning the dark school for any sign of his best friend. Nothing, he wasn’t there and he was not coming. Where did he go, did he leave already , Gon feared the worst. Quickly he grew impatient, and began towards the destination. They were going to the arcade, and it wasn’t terribly far away, so Gon decided he would see if he had left without him. The flame in his heart almost extinguished, but it still blazed with hope.

Being late autumn, the air quickly began to grow cold, and the sunlight sunk fast. Tall buildings stretched in front of the boy as he narrowly missed running into strangers. He bit his lip, growing more upset the closer he got to his destination, but his flame kept him going. He felt almost betrayed even though he had no confirmation that Killua had gone on without him. He began making up excuses for his friend, hoping that any of them were correct. Then he realized that he was at a crosswalk, and his eyes shot both ways to make sure his crossing was safe before stepping off the sidewalk.

A voice then made him stop in his tracks, his ears perking up as his eyes peeked around. Then he saw it, a tall figure, dark and mysterious, topped with beautiful reddish hair. He opened his mouth to ask what the figure had said, but then suddenly Gon’s body felt weightless, and he felt himself being ripped from his body. Darkness, cold, screaming. Then silence. 


Killua hurried out of his house, knowing he would be getting an earful from Gon when he finally returned to the school to hang out with him. His brother had an emergency, making him have to hurry back home and cook dinner for his siblings. Once it was done, and his more useless brother Milluki had finally decided to help, he was quick to leave.

He found himself at the school an hour after they were meant to meet, and Gon had already gone. Instead of lingering on that fact, the boy hurried towards the arcade, feeling as though Gon might have gone that way looking for him. 

He ran fast, dodging strangers as the city grew around him. Then he saw him, a smile quickly growing on his face. Gon was just stepping off the sidewalk, perfect time to catch him. He yelled his friend’s name to get his attention, “Gon!”

Gon turned, seeing to not recognize Killua, eyes dark like they would be when he talked about his home life. Killua stopped, staring at his friend with confusion. Gon had opened his mouth, as though he was going to speak, but then suddenly a car came out of nowhere, and ran right into the other teen.

Screaming, that’s all Killua could think to do as he watched his friend be thrown to the ground. He rushed over to the boy’s side, shaking him to try and rouse him, “Gon, oh my god, Gon! Wake up please! Gon!”


It was too late, his flame was weak. Gon stood over them, his friend’s cries silent and mute, and his body covered in crimson. His body, right in front of him. He never knew just how small he was compared to Killua. He looked at his hands, barely able to see them. “I’m dead?” He wondered out loud.

A voice made him jump and turn towards it. A tall man, the one he had seen just before, looked at him from the sidewalk, seeming to take in the sight with great pleasure. He practically moaned his words, making the teen’s spine tense under the thick lust, “Ah, that was certainly delicious. Hello little one, what is your name?”

Gon stepped back, the aura around the man before him making his knees weak, “I don’t have to tell you anything!”

Likewise .” The man moaned, coming closer to peer at the boy.

Gon tried to back away more, but now his legs refused to move an inch. The man stooped down, getting to be face to face with the teen. He looked like he wanted to eat him, the way his honey eyes practically kissed his flesh. Gon’s skin twitched with anticipation, his hands balled into fists. Finally, Gon found his words, “Fine, I’ll tell you my name if you tell me what’s happening!”

The man seemed a bit surprised, but soon that turned into pleasure, his breath the only heat in this cold place, “ Ah, interesting . Alright, you have died. I am a hunter, here to claim your soul. Welcome to my realm, little boy.

Gon swallowed thickly, glad to know a bit about the situation. He tried to speak confidently as to not show how utterly crushing this man’s presence was, “I’m Gon Freecss, and I don’t think I’m ready to die yet.”

The man looked the teen up and down, seeming to be examining his entirety, “ Yet, here you are.

Gon thought about his predicament. On one hand, he was so excited to spend time with Killua, dying would really put a pin in his plans, but on the other hand, he was dead and usually that seemed like such an irreversible thing. He thought about this, then he finally spoke up, his eyes full of stubbornness, “No, I’m not here. I want to go back to my body, now!”

The man did not waver, he did not even seem thrown off. Instead, he was amused, “ Oh, really? How demanding for such a small creature. Tell me, Gon , what would you do to live again?”

“Anything.” Gon replied without pause.

The man stood, hand over his face as he chuckled to himself. His other hand went to his hip, and he stood with it jutting forward in a rather dramatic way. Gon had never met someone like this, but he was not going to back down now. No, his life was way too short, and he was determined to grow up a bit more. The man finally lifted his hand a bit, his eyes glued to the teen, “How old are you, Gon ?”

“Sixteen, why?” Gon asked, being taken aback from the sudden question.

The man licked his lips, eyes again darting over the little teen’s form, “ Tell me, have you ever kissed anyone? I wish to know all about you.

“I mean…” Gon felt a strange urge well up in his body, he knew he should not answer, but he had said he would do anything for this man, and he was not one to go back on his word, “No, at least not anyone outside of my family.”

The man’s amusement grew, daydreaming clear on his features, “Alright, I’ll ask more later. Now, you must do one more thing.”

“Anything.” Gon reiterated. 

You will say my name .” The man hummed.

“Your name?” Gon’s eyebrows furrowed, “Alright, fine. What is it?”

The man came close to the boy’s ear, lips brushing against it as he spoke hotly against it. Gon’s body shivered, and he swallowed once more. He did not understand the point in this, but he cleared his throat once the man stood before him once more. He then said as booming as he could, “Hisoka!”


Screaming, cold, warm tears on his head. Gon’s eyes snapped open, his body shivering from the sensations that came flooding back. Killua looked at him, eyes wide with surprise, his grip painfully tight, “G-Gon?”

“H-hey… I think I need a nap.” Gon chuckled lowly, which made his ribs hurt really bad.

He heard sirens. He knew he couldn’t move, and honestly he could not remember what was happening, or why he had been in the city. He remembered that man, and he remembered that he had been looking for Killua. When that thought entered his mind he smiled wide despite the soreness of his bones, “I found you.”

Killua smiled weakly, guilt drenching his expression. The doctors took Gon and Killua to the hospital. Killua had to sit alone in the waiting room. Whatever had happened, Killua knew this was unusual, he knew that Gon had died. Then that weird burning sensation in his hands before Gon’s eyes had opened. 

He looked down at his hands, which were pink and raw, as though he had touched fire. He bit his lip, mind racing. He did not know what to think.