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Realm of Hunters

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The association was a large building, a skyscraper in the middle of a city. This city was called Valas city, named after the association. Gon couldn’t believe that fact, as it meant that the city had been built around the association to service the hunters within. With that amazement aside, Gon almost ran ahead to go inside and look around, however, Killua grabbed his hand, trying to keep a handle on the boy, “We’ll go in soon enough. We don’t need to be making a mess of things, alright?”

Gon began to whine, “I just want to see it all!”

“You will, I promise.” Killua bent down, kissing the boy gently upon his forehead. 

Kurapika turned to look at the two boys once they were at the door, “Okay, so once we are inside we should head right up to the second floor. That’s where Gon’s father and Palm should be for the new recruits.”

Gon felt weird, knowing that he would be meeting his dad. A part of him never wanted to meet that man, as it hadn’t been important before that point, but another, more curious side, really wanted to see the man who had helped make him. He wanted to hear his voice, maybe he would tell him a story in that mysterious voice. He did not know, he just felt odd about it. His grip on Killua tightened more and more as they got up the stairs, his heart racing. They reached a door, and it was pulled open before them. In the room Zushi and a few others stood. He did not see anyone who could be his father, so he decided to relax for the time being.

Zushi smiled wide once he saw them, he left the group he was in to say hello, waving as he walked over, “Hey guys! You guys got here pretty late.”

Killua smiled at the child, laughing, “We wanted to sight-see on our way. I’m sure we’re not the last ones, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.”

Gon beamed at Zushi, “I kinda activated my powers a little on the way, so I’m excited to see what I can do with professionals!”

Zushi looked amazed, “Wow! I’ve been ensouled for a month, and I still haven’t been able to do that much!”

“I didn’t do much, but I found out I might be fire based.” Gon told him, rubbing the back of his head with his free hand.

Zushi looked down at their conjoined hands, blushing a bit, “Are you two dating? I mean, if you don’t mind me asking.”

Killua shrugged, smirking even more, “I guess we are.”

“Wow.” Zushi seemed impressed, “You guys make a really cool looking couple. Maybe you’ll both become strong hunters, like a power couple of sorts.”

Gon blushed to the idea, not really thinking about the whole boyfriend thing until that point. It had never been a question, they were just together. They felt like they belonged together, so natural for the two of them, although still an adjustment. He smiled a bit, muttering to himself, “Huh, Killua Zoldyck is my boyfriend.”

Killua couldn’t help but hear him. His face reddened a lot more, finding the little comment to be adorable, almost melting his demeanor. He tried to remain stable, but man, it was hard not to gush over Gon’s cuteness. He leaned in again to place a gentle kiss on the boy’s forehead, making Zushi look away and turn tomato red.

They both laughed softly at the child, then caught up a bit about the past few days. Then the doors again opened, a tall man with white hair stepped in with a few more recruits. He had his face partially hidden below a blue hat, his eyes serious, but gentle. It was a face Gon had seen before, but he could not place it. 

This man stood in front of everyone, looking between them before he pulled up the clipboard he was holding. He began to say names, and whoever was called was allowed into the next room, and did not return. Then the next person was called. Then the next.

Gon felt anxious, looking at the door to the hall again. Where was his father, wasn’t he supposed to meet everyone, he couldn’t wrap his mind around his absence. Then his eyes shot forward, his name being called. When the man had said his name, he looked surprised, his eyes dashing around to find the holder of that name. Then, as Gon stepped up, the man examined him as he grew closer. He suddenly put a hand on the boy’s shoulder, stopping him. Gon looked up, surprised by this, “Uh, c-can I help you?”

“Gon?” The man asked.

“Y-yeah.” He nodded.

“I’m Kite, we will be talking later.” The man said, releasing him quickly and allowing him to proceed.

Gon swallowed thickly and continued into the next room. It was much darker in there, a woman sat in the middle of the room on a lavish sofa, hair covering her face as she sipped on some tea.  Gon took a moment to cross the room, as he felt very conflicted and overwhelmed. He eventually stood before her, voice small, “You’re Palm, right?”

The woman looked up through her hair, seeming interested in him, “You know my name? You must have been warned about me, I see…” 

He tried to be calm now, as he did not want to anger this woman, “Uh, yeah, I was told that you have the power to watch me after you see me.”

“That I do.” She muttered, “Does that upset you?”

“No, that’s fine.” Gon replied, “I’m just confused right now.”

She stirred her tea a bit, and seemed to look him up and down a bit more, then back down to her drink, “It’ll be alright. Continue to the next room, everyone is waiting for you.”

That made his heart flutter, as he assumed that she had meant his father. He continued to the door in the back of the room. He opened the doors excitedly, eyes darting around. However, the same recruits stood there, no Ging in sight. He sighed and continued onward to stand amongst his peers, feeling rather dissatisfied. 

Killua came pretty late on the list, and he managed to glare at Kite, as he did not appreciate how he had handled Gon on his way in. Once inside the room, he quickly made his way to Palm, hands shoved into his pockets as he looked down upon her, “So you’re Palm.”

“Just like your friend, you have heard of me.” She muttered.

“Yeah, just hurry this up. I don’t like to make him wait on me.” He grumbled.

Her eyes narrowed at him, but she scanned him all the same, letting him leave sooner rather than later. Once he was in the next room he found Gon, putting an arm around him protectively, “Have you seen your father yet?”

“No.” Gon looked up towards his boyfriend, seeming very upset by the fact.

Killua could tell that the other boy was close to tears. He knew this was important to him, but he had no idea just how disastrous this would be for his mental health. He usually seemed so positive, despite being seemingly forgotten by his family. This had obviously been very different, which was to be slightly expected. 

“Kite, the white haired man, said that he needed to talk to me after all of this. Do you think he’s going to show me my father?” Gon asked in a weak tone.

Killua did not know what to say, as he did not want to bring his hopes up for something that may never happen. He stood there with Gon, giving him light pets on his back to reassure him. He felt like he was pretty close to throwing a fit himself, because how dare that man think he was any better than Gon. Treating him like he was just any other kid, it wasn’t fair. He should be the one who feels sad because Gon is too busy for him , he sighed, this isn’t fair

Killua snapped out of his thoughts, watching as the door they had entered from had opened once again. Kite walked through, Palm behind him, they both seemed to be the entire operation by this point. It was obvious that Ging had entrusted a lot of things to them. 

Kite began to talk, his voice serious and stern, “My name is Kaito, but you will all refer to me as Kite. I am not here to be your guide or mentor, so do not ask.” He had a look about him, the way he put his hand on his hips almost made it seem like he did not want to be there, “I do not answer questions, and I am not here to teach you.” He paused a moment, looking between the confused faces before he continued, “I am here to judge whether or not you belong here. So, tell me, why are you here?”

Everyone began to look surprised, scrambling for answers. Gon stepped forward, away from Killua’s arms, his voice booming amongst the talk, “I am here to meet my father! I am also here to learn about myself, and my powers!”

Killua stepped up next to him, glaring at Kite as he had, “I am here to support him, and learn about the association.”

No one else stepped up quite yet. The silence was almost deafening as the others looked at them in surprise. After a long pause, Kite finally spoke, smiling just a bit, “I see. I think you two have every right to stay then.”

With that they were allowed back out into the hallway to wait for the end of the talk Kite had prepared for the more quiet newbies. He could almost be heard through the doors, giving them a hard time. Gon had decided that this man was actually quite kind, he just had a strange way of showing it. He still could not place who he was entirely, but he knew he would figure it out sooner or later. 

Killua leaned against the wall, looking at Gon with a cat-like grin, “Looks like we missed out on the worst of it.”

“Seems like it.” Gon nodded, smiling at his boyfriend, “I think he’s just a standoffish type of guy.”

“Reminds me of my brother.” Killua muttered, scratching his face a bit at the thought, “Although his eyes seem much more kind than Illumi’s.”

“I think I know him.” Gon told the other teen, seeming to be deep in thought about it.

“How would you know him?” Killua didn’t think it was likely, “He’s been here with your dad, why would you have ever met him?”

“I dunno.” Gon shrugged, still thinking about it.

Then the lecture inside the room ended, and the others began to pour out of it. A lot of the others left, while only a few remained. Those who had stayed would be the recruits that were allowed to remain. This included Gon, Killua, and Zushi, who also had a bit of a goal when he spoke about why he had come. Kite looked between the few remaining people, seeming to be more relaxed than before. Then he again put his hands on his hips, his voice a bit lighter in comparison, “Alright, now we have a more suitable group of people. I am glad to meet you all, although what I had said before remains true. Do not expect too much from me. I may be a mentor, but I do not teach. You learn, I will simply just do my job. Understand that I will not go out of my way to get any of you out of trouble. I just don’t want to bother with it. You may all return to the hunters that brought you here, as you are dismissed.”

With that the others filed out of the room. Zushi left while waving at Gon, the tall man who had brought him there was standing right outside, looking pretty proud. Gon was glad to see that, but his smile soon turned serious as he looked at Kite, his voice low, “We’ve met before?”

“We have.” The man nodded, confirming Gon’s suspicions. 

The door to the hallway shut, and Gon found himself moving closer to the tall man, glaring up at him, “Why do I know you? Where did we meet?”

“I used to watch you play soccer.” Kite replied honestly, hands crossing over his own slender frame as he hugged onto himself, “I think you were in middle school. You were the best on the team. I was a big fan.”

Killua found this to be somewhat creepy. He couldn’t imagine checking in on a friend’s child and not even talking to him or making any indication who he was. Gon, however, seemed unphased, “I remember, it was before I moved to Yorknew. You showed up to all of the games, and you would sit on the grass next to the stands. You never did much, just watched.”

“I wanted to make sure you were doing alright. When you moved I figured you would be fine without me.” The man told him, their eyes on one another.

Gon took a moment to talk, thinking about this for a while. Then finally his words found him once again, “Thank you for that. But, I must ask, where is my dad?”

“Not here, sadly.” Kite responded, tucking his hat down a bit to hide his eyes, “He went on a trip. He said it was urgent.”

Gon felt that sadness well up in him again, his eyes beginning to sting, “So I came all this way to meet him, and he left to go on a trip?”

“I’m sorry Gon. Your father is very…” He took a moment to think of his words, “eccentric. He’s a genius, but he’s not the most bright man when it comes to others.” He tilted his head away, still holding his hat, “I made sure to hold off on any missions so that I could meet you. Once I saw that you might be on the list I had to see you for myself. I’m glad you made it, and I’m sorry again about your father.”

Something about the man’s words only made Gon feel worse. He felt glad that someone had been waiting for him, but the fact that his father wouldn’t even hold off on a single outing just to meet him, well it made a fire begin to build in his heart. He found that his eyes became fuzzy, smoke rising from the bottom of his vision. He was crying, he knew that now, the black flames leaking from his eyes as he had. 

Kite looked surprised, stepping back a bit, cautions as he had, “Gon, are you doing this on purpose?”

“He can’t control it yet.” Killua told the man quickly, to keep him from getting too defensive. 

“I-I see. That power feels remarkable, even in that form.” Kite couldn’t help but say out loud, “We need to see what he can do with it, this will be…” He thought about his words again, trying not to upset the teen even more, “interesting.”