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Realm of Hunters

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The day was nearing its end, Kite and Hisoka had walked for quite some time, and Kite was beginning to grow sick of it. How long does he plan on stringing me along , he wondered, eyebrows furrowing more, this feels like a trap, I need to think of something, anything . He felt trapped, as though he had a leash around his neck, but instead the grip was on his arm, the demon’s fingernails digging into his flesh. He could make out some blood through his shirt, as he had tried to tug his hand away a few times, but each time Hisoka only tightened his grip, telling him to be patient. 

He was seconds away from tying something when suddenly Hisoka stopped, turning just a bit and smiling at the man, “We’re here.”

“Here?” Kite blinked a few times, looking around at the clearing that they stood in, “What do you mean, here?”

This is the perfect place .” Hisoka cooed, letting go of the other man and stepping back, “ The perfect place to kill you .”


Gon still had his arms crossed, and his cheeks puffed out. He had insisted on Killua hitting him for hours, and now that it was too late to stay out, he just whined every so often about Killua being a baby. He only calmed himself once he saw the ice cream shop that Killua had promised to take him to, and he began to smile as they drew close. As though his request was completely forgotten, the smaller teen rushed forward to look into the window of the shop, cooing with excitement. Then he gasped, looking back at Killua with big eyes, “Kurapika and Leorio are here too!”

Killua stepped forward a bit, squinting as he looked through the slightly tinted glass. Just as Gon had said, Kurapika and Leorio were seated at a table, seeming to be enjoying one another’s company. He smiled a bit, glad to see that they seemed to have something good going on. He looked at Gon, laughing a little, “Maybe we should go to a different shop, so we don’t bother them?”

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” Gon nodded, eyes practically sparkling.

Killua put his arm around his boyfriend, leading him gently away as they searched for another place to get sweets. They had no idea the danger they were all in, and had no idea what the night would bring them. No idea that Kite’s life was about to change forever.


Kite ran, his heart beat in his ears, his arm stinging and bleeding rather heavily. He tried again to activate his power, trying to gather a weapon from his soul slot machine before the demon caught up. He watched as the numbers ticked, and randomly selected based on chance rather than need. The clown that made up the machine laughed, it’s voice grating against his ears, “Oh, you’ll just love that one!”

“Shut up.” Kite hissed, then watched as the machine turned into something he really did not want, a pair of knives appearing in his hands. 

After a long string of curses, Kite spun on his heels, facing the darkness that he had just left behind. There he waited for his fight. 


Gon froze in place, looking back at Killua with concerned eyes. He seemed worried, his eyebrows furrowing, “I feel strange.”

“I can feel it too.” Killua nodded, looking around nervously, “Maybe we can go out tomorrow? I don’t like this.”

Gon stood still for a long moment before he nodded, turning them around to start for the association. However, they were immediately stopped by a figure in the distance. Gon squinted to see it, not sure who it was, but he did feel a type of energy spill from them that he did not like.

Killua, on the other hand, seemed to be more familiar with the sensation, although he did not exactly know who it was, he knew enough to start backing up. Then the shadow’s voice spoke up, making both boys freeze again, both able to recognize it immediately, “Kill, where are you going now?”

“I-Illumi? What is your brother doing here?” Gon asked Killua, eyes big.

Killua looked down, mouth opening to answer, but before he could he felt something sharp pressed against his neck, drawing blood. He did not dare move, his brother’s tall form overshadowing his body as he tried to remain calm. Illumi spoke in a low tone, one warning him not to betray his trust, “If you move, I will do what I must. Listen to me, and you will both be fine. Do you understand me?”

“Y-yeah.” Killua muttered, having only felt his brother be this possessive once before. 

He knew that there had to be a reason Illumi was threatening them, he knew that Killua would have come with him if he really needed him, and had no need to do this. Unless , Killua swallowed thickly, he is working with someone I wouldn’t let near Gon

Gon stepped away a bit, looking frightened by the sudden turn of events. He wondered if he should run, but he also knew that he could never leave Killua. He stood there, eyes big, ears perked like a wild animal. He waited, mostly to see what he should do. His eyes had a look about them, one that told Killua that he was in a more fight rather than flight mood. He knew there was nothing he could say to make Gon run, but he also had the feeling that Illumi had planned on that all along. The man looked at Gon, eyes empty, “We have to go meet someone, alright?”

“I don’t really want to.” Killua muttered carefully, “How about we forget this happened and I-”

“You don’t have a choice.” Illumi told the teen, “My friend has insisted that he needs Gon, and I know you will not give him up. Besides, I think you’ve been away from home for much too long.”

Killua held back any words he had for his brother, knowing that in this instance that he would be better off complying. He just hoped that someone, anyone, could help. He just hoped that at least Palm would check in on them. Please , he begged as he looked at Gon, someone help us .