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Realm of Hunters

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A sense of unease had shrouded the small abandoned looking house, that was until another thing filled the tense air. Small cries had surrounded the teens as they sat upon the couch, which soon were followed by sighs of relief from the new father and even Illumi. The new life, no matter how unnatural it was, had come into the world, a small crying bundle with a poof of reddish hair on top of her small head. Hisoka had wrapped her in a small blanket he had bought especially for her, and with great joy, he held her close and stepped back to let Illumi finish putting everything back into place for when Kite would be awoken again. So, with the brief moment of alone time Hisoka had gotten with the child, he held her against his chest, fingers running through her soft hair as he cooed in her tiny ear. 

Illumi sat back from his work, eyes still scanning over the now neatly stitched wound on Kite’s stomach. He had never done such a thing before, but as he had researched many things in his life, he had been able to figure out what was needed in this situation. He cleaned some of the remaining blood off, doing everything in his power not to take in the scent of it too much, unlike Hisoka who had to step back many times so that he would not be thrown into a feeding frenzy. It really was lucky that the man had come with the boys, or else Kite’s health would likely have been much worse by the end of whatever operation Hisoka would have put him through. Even the stable level of calm that Hisoka was experiencing had a hint of demonic stench as his irises still looked wide with hunger even as he nuzzled into his newborn daughter. 

That was another thing, Illumi’s eyes fell onto the small bundle, she looked pretty small but healthy, however, she was a natural born demon, one of the most rare beings in the world. If anyone found out about her, there would surely be a fight. Hell would be in a war over the ownership of such a child. Never had there been a natural born demonic girl, and even as she wiggled and cooed, her blood smelled heavily of sin. She was special, and that would be a problem. Nothing was ever easy when Hisoka had been involved. 

A small chuckle brought Illumi back to the present situation, Hisoka looked pleased, “I think she’s hungry. What do you think she’ll eat?”

“Likely the same thing any other demon would.” Illumi replied flatly, eyes becoming strained as he looked at the creature, “Maybe you should consider trying different types of blood. See if that satisfies her.”

“I imagine that she would be more interested in blood like Kite’s as she had been living off of it for so long.” Hisoka hummed, lightly kissing her little head, “Does either of the boys have similar blood?”

“I guess we can see who she latches to. Kite will not be in any condition to give her nutrients for quite a long time.” Illumi replied as he stood.

After he straightened his shirt out, he made his way over, and despite Hisoka’s disdain, he took the child into his arms, looking at her with his empty eyes. She looked up at him with equally dark eyes, mirroring his gaze in a way that seemed so purposeful for a newborn. He wondered if that was something demonic babies did often, or if it was just one of her natural born traits. He bit his finger, drawing blood from his pale flesh, then he offered the blood to the child, watching with intense interest. She immediately began to sniff his wound, then she surprisingly took hold of his hand, bringing it to her mouth and biting into the flesh. Despite her newborn state, she had razor sharp teeth that easily sunk into him, beckoning blood to come to that point. She drank it happily, soft and sweet noises, much like chirping, had erupted from her soft lips. 

“She seems to be a natural at this. So I wouldn’t worry about her being too picky at this age. She’ll probably eat any warm fresh blood offered to her.” Illumi muttered as he stared, “Although, I guess we could also assume that she’s like you.”

Hisoka chuckled, crossing his arms over his chest, “ What? I can be picky .”

“You don’t really strike me as one who would skip out on a meal just because their blood smells off.” Illumi continued to jab at the man’s ego, although a lot of his attention was on the baby.

Hisoka opened his mouth to strike back, however, he then looked past Illumi, towards Kite, who was still asleep, “Will he be okay?”

This surprised Illumi, the man’s eyes shot up towards his friend, confusion filling their voids, “Yes, as long as he eats and rests, he should be fine.”

Hisoka seemed to hear him, but he did not respond. Instead he shifted himself, then he walked towards the man, back towards his friend now, “Can you leave us alone? I’m sure the boys want to meet my little princess .”

“I’m not a babysitter.” Illumi replied, however he immediately headed for the door, “Don’t take too long. I’m not great with children.”

You say that .” Hisoka hummed, “ But we both know that’s not true.

With that, Illumi joined the teens in the living room, in which he was met with immediate bewilderment as both boys looked at the baby, who was happily suckeling on the man’s bleeding finger. Apprehension filled Killua as he looked at the creature, his eyes wide, “So, that’s Kite’s baby?”

“Yes.” Illumi nodded, having forgotten how strange the sight of the baby would likely have been, “She is healthy, and actually a pretty decent weight.”

“You delivered her?” Gon asked in amazement, his eyes gleaming as he looked at the child, “She’s so small.”

“I did my best, I guess you could say.” Illumi muttered, feeling a bit awkward about the attention he was getting over the child.

“What’s her name?” Killua asked now as he stood from his place and walked over. 

“She hasn’t been given one yet. Kite is not conscious, and Hisoka is not the brightest when it comes to such matters. He wanted to name her Princess, but I refused the idea.” Illumi told the boys, who were both now ogling the newborn. 

Gon spoke up, ignoring most of what the man had said, “Does she have to drink blood?”

“Likely it is the best option for her at the moment.” Illumi replied, “Each demon can be vastly different, but she seems to be happy with the blood. Now, if she needs to eat meat has yet to be seen.”

Killua tilted his head, lightly running his fingers through her hair, which made her stop drinking, and instead look around. Her black eyes changed a bit as she looked around, and soon they settled on a soft greenish hue. Illumi knew it had to be a defense system of some sort, as she was trying to look like the people around her. An interesting idea, close to that of a chameleon. If she blends in, she’ll be further accepted, Illumi noted. Although, with the smell of her blood seeping into the air, it would be impossible for her to blend in entirely. 

Gon got even closer to the child, their faces inches apart as he examined her, “She looks so much like Kite. If it wasn’t for the red hair I would forget that Hisoka was her father.”

“I dunno. She has Hisoka’s nose.” Killua interjected, as she did not have a very large nose, “Everything else is pretty much a copy and paste of Kite, though.”

“She’s a baby. Babies change a lot as they grow.” Illumi shrugged.

Gon’s eyebrows furrowed, his gaze shifting between the baby and past Illumi into the kitchen, “Will he really be able to take care of her?”

“It isn’t any of our concern. You came to talk to Kite, you will get that chance. The baby should remain far away from most people, and here is pretty secluded.” Illumi told the boy boredly, knowing fully that he was getting worked up, “Besides, she is a demon. She would not do well among humans. Hisoka can barely contain himself around one human, and this child will grow to become much more blood thirsty. She belongs here. Do not get any ideas.” Illumi was strict on the matter, not wishing to put the child in danger in any way.

Killua sighed, tugging Gon back away from them for the moment, and hugging him close to himself, patting the back of his head to sooth him, as he did not want any sort of outburst, especially not now, “It’ll be okay. I’m sure we will be allowed to drop in from time to time, and besides what sort of trouble could a baby get into all the way out here? She’ll have Kite to look after her and-”

The teen had been cut off as a familiar voice sang into the kitchen, a very happy Hisoka walked in, his voice a joyous lull, “ Kite has spoken, so without further ado, we have a name!

“A name?” Gon looked back at the demon, eyes wide.

Even Illumi turned towards the hyper man, “What is it this time?”

Well, we have spoken it over, and Kitten has said that only one name has stuck with him this long .” He practically sang, “So, I wish for everyone to welcome my beautiful daughter into this world with her proper name. Say hello to princess Linnet!


Feitan had welcomed Shalnark back with open arms, small apologies about his threats had left him as the Afflicted fell into his demon’s embrace, and soon they simply held one another. It felt familiar to Shalnark, who remembered Feitan being very affectionate when he was first created, like a mournfulness had filled him, or even a regret, when he was made. However, those feelings had faded with time, and Shalnark had soon learned that Feitan was simply a caring leader, one who had very little to do with sin and desire. He was truly an angel, produced by Paradise to show all demons that salvation existed. 

Nevertheless, Shalnark was now aware of one desire that had finally ate away at his little king, so as to save him any embarrassment, Shalnark slowly sat up, and brazenly he took ahold of the mask that covered the man’s mouth, his voice calming to the demon, “I’m sorry about being so forward, but I simply cannot help myself. Chrollo understood that I am a passionate person, and he even asked for my advice. So, I hope that you are no longer mad at me.”

“Not mad.” Feitan responded in surprise, not expecting to have his mask taken down so suddenly, his strange appearance now out in the open, the cool air flushing his cheeks.

Then, as the mask was placed between them on the bed, Shalnark leaned forward, taking in every wonderfully horrible detail of the holes and sharp teeth. They always looked so painful, yet something about them had drawn the man in, a part of him fascinated with the existence of those teeth, “Do they hurt?” He managed to ask as he admired him.

Feitan felt like covering his face up once the questioning began, his cheeks now reddened, eyes narrowing a little in a defensive way, “Little, not bad ‘nymore.”

“Did they always stab through your cheeks like that?” Shalnark wanted to know more intimate details before they did anything. 

“No.” Feitan replied honestly, remembering a time before he had been discovered in which his teeth remained in his mouth, but when he had hit puberty his teeth grew horribly long, and so sharp, but a lot of the memory had been forced from his mind, and he had not thought much on it since he had been discovered by the others.

Shalnark now did something he had never dared to do, he scooted himself closer, and he grabbed the other’s legs, forcing them up and around his hips, pressing their bodies together. The warmth of Shalnark was always a sort of drug for the demon, who produced very little heat himself. Normally he would not allow himself to be controlled like this, but he had a hint about what was happening, so he did not fight, instead he asked, “Did King tell on me?”

“Yes, he did. He told me not to tell, but I don’t want to wait if you are craving attention. You deserve everything from me, my blood and my body. You’ve earned my complete obedience. I just hope you don’t mind me taking control. I’ve never been horribly submissive.” Shalnark blushed himself, fiddling with the zipper on his jacket now as he began to slowly undress.

Feitan looked at him for the longest moment, which almost made Shalnark regret his decision to be so forward. He wondered if he had misread the feelings that his body had begun to absorb, and he feared that he would be rejected. However, Feitan reached up, hand on the Afflicted’s chest, lightly touching the warm flesh with his cool fingertips, “Not mind. Just… be mine.”

Shalnark’s heart threatened to explode, his eyes widened as he fully took off the jacket, and the tank top beneath. Then he carefully removed the coat that his king wore, and neatly he placed it on the foot of their bed. Then he reached for the other man’s sweater, pulling it up and off, careful not to hook any of the threads on the man’s exposed teeth. His body, beautiful in the dim light, had many scars on it, bruising on his shoulders from their fight that seemed so distant now. He never looked smaller to the disciple, who admired every little detail before he began to touch his skin again, “I’m not the best at taking things slow, as you probably already know. But, I also know that you have never been with anyone, so I will try my best to make this enjoyable. If anything makes you uncomfortable, or hurts, stop me.”

“You control.” Feitan replied as he looked away, his joints relaxing when he took his eyes off of the other.

“Are you sure?” Shalnark asked, despite the excitement such submission brought him.

Feitan had never enjoyed being in control of everything. Sometimes giving control to others felt much better. He liked being given orders, and he loved praise. This was something most had not known about him, other than Chrollo, who had gladly taken his position as king of their realm when Feitan had offered it to him. Something about responsibility had always rubbed the demon the wrong way, and honestly it was his biggest sin in a way. He reveled in being prey to command. He loved being beneath those around him. Shalnark was chosen because of his ability to see past Feitan’s stance as a demon king, and treat him differently. Even when Shalnark was still human, he would talk back a bit, and impose himself in conversation. The way he practically displayed his need to be heard, his want to control. It drove the demon king mad with lust, a sin he had yet experienced before. Now it was finally paying off, he was able to lay beneath the man he had helped become strong, the way his hands rubbed his hips made his skin flourish with need, goosebumps rising on his arms in a way they had never done before. This, unlike the life he had lived before, was the closest to Paradise he had ever felt.

Without another word, Feitan began to undo his pants, showing that he was certain about his stance in this matter. He was quick to start wiggling out of his pants and underwear, and with a little bit of trouble, he was bare for his disciple to see. The tattoo of a snake had been wrapped around the top of his right leg, a tattoo little had seen before, was something that immediately demanded attention from the Afflicted. Shalnark’s eyes widened, his own tattoo of a bat seemed so unimpressive now as he finally laid eyes on his master’s mark. 

He lightly traced the ink with his fingertips now, his voice low, “I had no idea that it was a snake. That makes sense, I just never really thought of it before now.”

Feitan only shrugged, allowing his creation some time to admire him before he grew a little impatient. That was when he sat up a bit, grabbing Shalnark’s pants and yanking at them. Shalnark got the message easily, and soon he was also nude. He had been naked in front of Feitan before, but the context was much different this time. Embarrassment had flared his cheeks up a bit, however, he showed his dominance once again as he pressed the demon back into the mattress, their hips connected and pressed hard together. There were many things both men wanted to say before they got started, however, Feitan did not know how to say his words, and Shalnark did not want to make his king wait any longer. So, instead, the blonde bent down and nuzzled into the other’s heat, taking in the scent of his king happily before he began to lick up his shaft. An unfamiliar feeling rose in the demon’s stomach, a shyness welling up inside of him that he had previously never felt. He felt wonderful, but anytime Shalnark looked up at him in between licks, he could feel himself shrinking. Then an idea hit him, and he reached down, petting the boy’s head as he used his free hand to grab one of his thinner blankets. Carefully he covered his eyes, his breath heavy as he explained, “Keep go, you do good.”

Shalnark felt a little confused by the change, but he did not question his beloved king. Instead he licked up the shaft once more, then he opened his mouth wide, taking in the tip and suckling on it. This action roused an adorable noise from the king, one that made Shalnark’s heart flutter. He had sex many times before this, as it was an easy way to feed on emotions, however, this was the first time that Shalnark could feel his body tingle in excitement, a neediness welling up in his stomach in a new way. A hunger that he had yet to satisfy with his victims. 

That was when Shalnark had enough, and he shifted himself a little, scooting back a little before he began to lick his fingers lubing them up before he pushed one into Feitan’s entrance. The demon tensed for a second, but instead of trying to get away, he spread his legs a bit more to allow his beloved more room to work. Shalnark smiled at him, then began to move his finger in and out, testing the waters with his virgin king as he began to use his other hand to stroke himself, his own cock painfully hard as he had to wait to satiate his needs. 

Then he moved himself, aiming himself at the barely used hole, his smile becoming a little devious as he spoke, “I’m sorry I can’t wait anymore. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.”

Before Feitan could reply, Shalnark’s cock suddenly leaped into the smaller demon’s body, filling him entirely with his length. The smaller man arched his back, his mouth opening wide as he moaned, each sharp tooth gleaming in the dim light. 

Shalnark found himself sticking a few fingers into the man’s mouth, feeling the sharp teeth as his heart thudded against his ribcage, the pressure around his cock feeding his lust. He spoke hotly, leaning down so that he could be heard more easily, “Bite me, do it.”

The demon king did not stop himself, consumed by the situation, he bit down on the area between Shalnark’s thumb and finger, and once the blood filled his mouth, he moaned. Shalnark instinctively began to move then, keeping his hand pressed against the other man’s mouth. It was like his body knew exactly what Feitan needed, like the king’s influence had spoke to him, and internally pushed him to fuck the man senselessly. Calculated movements were made with no input from the Afflicted, his cock pushed in deep as he moved himself faster and faster. 

Shalnark then found himself grabbing Feitan’s hip with his free hand, and with a firm tug he pulled him down until the blanket no longer covered his eyes, his voice a low growl as he commanded the king to listen, “Look at me while I fuck you.”

Feitan’s eyes opened, tears had stained the edges of the demon’s vision, and he bit down harder to show that he appreciated being lectured. Shalnark smirked, thrusting in especially hard, “Good boy.”

It was like their roles had been reversed, but neither of them minded in the moment. The praise in particular had Feitan’s mind reeling, his mouth releasing Shalnark’s hand as he reached up to hug onto him. Shalnark did not make him wait, and instead he laid flush against his king, not ceasing his desperate movements as he tucked his face into the crook of the demon’s neck. An overwhelming urge filled him as he was held by his master, and soon he was sampling the sweet taste of the demon’s blood, his teeth sinking into Feitan’s neck. The sharp pain mixed with the intense feeling rising in Feitan’s hips, the man’s claws unable to help but scratch up his Afflicted’s back. Instincts took over entirely, and soon the air around them filled with nothing but growls and lewd slapping noises. 

Then after a few especially hard thrusts, Shalnark felt his end come closer, so he bit harder, not letting his king go as he pushed himself deep into the other, his climax ending it all as his body shook. Feitan whimpered, his legs tightening around Shalnark’s hips to make him push in a little more, the warmth of his seed making him tremble needfully. 

Shalnark had to come down from his high, his eyes alight with energy, his body overflowing with emotional power that he had absorbed from his little king. He felt like he was on top of the world, his eyes intense as he looked over his beloved ruler, “That… that was everything I wanted and more.”

Feitan looked up at him with a shy expression, his eyes shifting away after a moment, “I not want stop.”

“Doesn’t your body hurt?” Shalnark asked carefully, knowing full well that the man below him had never been used like this before.

Feitan simply nodded, his heels digging into the man’s hips as he pressed him in, his own thoughts too expansive to be able to voice. Shalnark stared at him for the longest time, then he bent down, pressing his lips against Feitan’s before he sat up, leaving their hips butted together, “We don’t have to keep going for today. I’ll let you recover, then we can try again, alright?”

Feitan wanted to argue, but he did feel weary from the whole exchange. So, instead, he nodded, agreeing to try again at a later time. He simply did not want this feeling to fade, as he had never felt so happy, so alive. An immense appreciation had filled the man, just as Shalnark had. He never wanted to let go of this feeling, nor did he want to let go of Shalnark. After a moment, the demon put a hand on his own stomach, approximately where he imagined that Shalnark was, “You mine.”

“Yes, I am.” Shalnark nodded.

Feitan smiled to himself, rubbing his stomach in that spot to the thought. Little did they know the sort of war that was waged within the demon’s strange form from their act. Little did they know the consequences of taking the virginity of such a creature.


A distant feeling, a roar of energy that lit a new candle before the man. He sat still, only his tail flicking with irritation as well as interest as he watched the wax begin to melt. He found a stern expression across his face, and after looking at his disciple, he ordered her to leave the realm and figure out what was going on. With smooth and graceful movements, she unzipped the air with her claws, and soon disappeared into her portal.