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Update (Potential Hiatus)

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Hey-o! Don't worry, I'm not dead! Just... Well I guess tired mostly. But anyway, just telling you guys that this series will be on major hiatus! How long? I'm not sure but mostly when this Coronavirus pandemic blows over and I start to recover mentally (had numerous breakdowns/meltdowns, depressive episodes, is an "essential worker/employee" so I'm more at risk (especially due to me having asthma so I'm immune compromised), stress and even a couple... Well... Attempts due to the stress reaching it's peak constantly)... I just couldn't find the motivation to write at the moment. Plus there's also me kind of moving on from the GF fandom and getting into new things so I'm not sure if I'm going to cancel this instead or not. We'll just have to see! Regardless, thanks to all of those that left a kudos on my first story! It really means a lot to me! Until then, stay safe everyone!