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Having My Way In the Anime Worlds

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Why this is happening?


What could I have done to deserve all of this?


I decided to give up the thing I most love for her, readied to step up and entered a new life with her, but what she gave me in return?


There I saw, within the video I received not long ago, my fiancee was pressed on the bed by someone who I recognized very clearly...


He licked on her cheek while his hips thrust vigorously, and my fiancee didn't have a single painful expression, she even amorously catered his movement with the swaying of her hips.


This man was the head department in my software company, he's also my senior from college, but what most blowing my mind, this man was the one who introduced me to my fiancee.


No, this video was not recorded many months ago, it recorded yesterday, after my dinner with her, it was the night I proposed to her.


No wonder she didn't want to spend the night with me, I thought she was a bit too overwhelmed by the proposal, therefore needed to calm herself, so I decided to let her be.


This room where they committed adultery, I was familiar with it, it's the man's own bedroom within his house, the room where he slept with his wife!


I knew because I helped him move in, I remembered every furniture's exact location.


This man's wife... she's a surgeon, she tended to stay overnight at the hospital, I understood that the man must have been feeling lonely, I also did find that his wife was a bit cold into their marriage, I heard these two were engaged since childhood, but I never confirm it as I felt I shouldn't bother people's marriage.


But why my fiancee? By their interaction, this shouldn't their first time...


What more horrified, that senior of mine didn't wear any condom, yes, he went all raw and creampie her, he was impregnating my fiancee... and she's totally fine with it, she accepted my proposal, and then goes to receive another man's semen.


What crazy world was this?


In the term of face, my fiancee was nothing sort of special, she's four years younger than me, and the reason I wanted to marry her was not because of her beauty, it's because I was a bit desperate to get married...


My life was... not usually considered normal by some people, I was not poor, in fact, my wage from work could be considered above average if I also include the bonus, I didn't mean to boast, but among the colleagues, my skill in programming could be regarded the best, I achieved one of the top 5 ranks in several contests back at college.


Anyway, with the money I received, I could eat well every day, or maybe bought a car, but I didn't, it's because of my love for manga and anime, I spent all the money on them or at least for their reason like I went to rent a larger apartment, buying a set of good pieces of equipment, proper shelves, and racks to keep them safe, or things like that... even merchandise or toys...


I spent my weekends to just order takeout and watched anime all day, or lazying around at holidays reading manga, I also joined the community and sometimes went out together with them, in short, anime and manga had shaped my world and influenced me very deeply.


I knew it's not a good thing, I was getting older, after all, there were things that I needed to consider, mainly was marriage, get a life...


My parents hounded me to get a bride, my colleague left and right got married, I was bitter because, in any sense, I didn't find any of female attractive, no, I was not gay, I totally normal, well, no, I meant, it's just... it was hard for me to get a feeling with real women.


None of them would have been a loli with big breast or slender woman with big breasts, it's either they had big breasts but also 'big' in other places, or too skinny to my taste...


It just hard for me, very difficult, I once see a doctor and he told me there was nothing wrong with my sexual preference, but they did tell me to be realistic...


I was in a hard place for quite a while, it only after some time that the senior of mine finally introduce my fiancee that I braved myself to turn a new leaf, I even donate my manga and gave away the... the blue-ray disc... alright, I wanted to kill myself just remembering it...


I got rid of the most beloved thing in my life just to get this... both people I thought most important second to my parents... but they betrayed me like this...


Senior, if you are so horny, why don't you just neuter yourself? It works with dogs and pigs, which one are you?


Baby, if you are a bitch, why don't you just starring a pornstar yourself? Oh, right, you are not beautiful enough, thus you get with dogs... or pigs...


He... hehe...


I was weak, I couldn't even open the cap of beer with a bare hand, but at this moment, I grabbed my phone with both hands and snapped it into two, not entirely separated, but my phone completely broke nonetheless...


Hah... why should I do now?


Why my eyes felt hot and wet?


She's just my fiancee... it's like we had spoken vow or something... why my chest felt so painful?


Maybe I got a heart attack? Yeah, that's the only possible reason, it's dangerous... I didn't think I can live much longer...


Right, right, I wouldn't live any longer, where should I spent the rest of my time?


Duh, the manga cafe, of course, I wondered if the new chapter for One Piece had been released...


But before I go, I should take care of something first...


** One day later **


>>Big News<<


Comment 1: Sick Bastard, that murderer must have been executed!

Comment 2: R.I.P, even they are cheating, they deserve better than this, they are still human after all, I hope the murderer burn in hell!

Comment 3: Ha, that's what you get for cheating!

Comment 4: Oh, look ^, a murderer sympathizer, yey for a murder I guess, Lol, Lol, Lol.

Comment 5: @3, have you also killed someone today? Oh, wait, maybe your GF or Wife also cheating? Lol lol, your dick must be small!


** Half a day later **


>>Big News<<


Comment 1: Good job, policeman, sicko like this should be put to death!

Comment 2: Now I can sleep well tonight, the world once again clean from one trash, oh, btw, why he's in manga cafe?

Comment 3: Lol, this is hilarious, going to read some manga after a murder, this guy is rock!

Comment 4: @3, you're weird dude, hey police, please shot him too~

Comment 5: @3, psychopath just common these days I guess...


I remembered feeling dull pain coming from my head, I just mind my own business but there was suddenly this rude guy who tore off the manga I read, I was so angry and leaped at the man, I didn't care who he was, I didn't care what he did for a living, he took something from me, he must pay for it.


The man was stronger than me, but I managed to wound his eyes, go fucking blind for all I care, he pushed me away, then took out his baton, afterward, it wasn't much clear next.


But where I was now? Everything was dark here, and I couldn't feel my body, so strange...


(Anonymous): Welcome, Blake...


Blake... Blake... yeah, that's my name, Blake Thompson.


(Anonymous): Blake, in case you are not aware, you are dead...


I see... but how? Did the police beat me up with his baton? Wasn't it going to trouble him later?


(Anonymous): After the police knocked you out, they shot you in the chest.


What? Why would they do that? That's just plain mean, killing off an already helpless convict.


(Anonymous): Anyway, Blake, allow me to introduce my self, my name is Z, I am here to offer you a deal and resurrect you from death.


Could I say no? I had no interest in coming back alive, I felt like there was nothing left for me up there... or down there, whatever...


Z: Oh, you will get interested, because of the world you will return to is your favorite world.


I had a favorite world? Wait, how many worlds were there?!


Z: About 100, Naruto, Highschool DxD, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Pokemon, Digimon, Dragon Ball, Hunter X Hunter, Jojo Bizzare Adventure, Fate, Sailormoon, Highschool of the Dead, Beelzebub, Shinmai Maou, Sekirei, Nanatsu no Taizai, Sokugei no Shouma, Persona, Rakudai Kishi no Chivalry, Trinity Seven, Rosario to Vampire, To love Ru, Infinite Stratos, Monster Musume, Strike the Blood, Gakuen Toshi Asterix, Sora no Otoshimono, Gantz, Campione, Madan Vanadis, Akame Ga Kill, Maken-Ki, Medaka Box, Mason Gakuen. Princess Lover, Elfen Lied, Soul Eater, Hitman Reborn, Mahou Sensei, Goblin Slayer, Sword Art Online, Accel World, Konosuba, Stein Gate, Senran kagura, Walkure Romance, Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai, Bikini Warrior, Queen Blade, God Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, Singeki No Kyoujin, Code Geass, One Punch man, Kore Wa Zombie Desuka, Arslan Senki, Berserk, Boku No Hero Academia, Assassination Classroom, Saint Seiya, No Game No Life, Grand fantasy, Psycho-Pass, Mobile Suit Gundam, Youjo Senki, Detective Conan, Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Re: Zero, Neon Genesis, Gintama, Toriko, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Irregular in High School, Bungou Stray Dog, Tate No Yusha, Noragami, Tiger and Bunny, Date A Live, Toaru Majutsu No Index, Overlord, Tokyo Ghoul, Guilty Crown, Charlotte, Kobayashi No Maid Dragon, Rave Master, Shaman King, Law of Ueki, Kill la Kill, Yugioh, Death Note, Danmachi, Ao No Exorcist, Twin Stars Exorcist, Hellsing, Singeki No Bahamut, Owari no Seraph, and Cardaptor Sakura.


Those... those were all anime! How come their world existed?!


Z: They always exist, they live in different universe call Ani-Verse, I can transport you there and-


Stop, stop, talking, I agreed, let's make a deal!


Z: You don't even know what the deal is...


For those worlds, I sacrifice even my heart!


Z: Ew, no, I don't want your heart, I am a creature who feeds on demerits...




Z: You know, like someone's misfortune and things like that.

I didn't understand, just explain what's this deal all about!


Z: It's simple, you ask for three wishes from me, but you must also willing to lost three things, merit and demerit, you can ask for apple but you cannot have orange, you ask for food but you cannot as for drink, you ask for the sun but you cannot ask for the moon.


Oh, now I got it, it's like Fullmetal Alchemist's equivalent trade, right, right, I am fine with it.


Z: Alright, take your three to decide the wishes, and which world you want me to transport.


Don't worry, I already got it, oh, one question though, can I jump between world?


Z: Normally, you can't, but you can ask for it, only you need to think a proper trade for it.


Alright, simple, let me jump between the world but I lost 1 year of my life!


Z: ... ... ... denied ... ... ... not equivalent! The least amount of year you have to sacrifice is 50 years!


Dafuq, that's horrible, I was 30 now, that made me 80 years old and instantly became an old man, come on give me some cut here.


Z: I can give a discount of 1%, so that makes it 45 years.


How about I could only move between 10 worlds and each world cost me 9 years?


Z: ... ... ... denied ... ... ... not equivalent! Make it 15 years and it's even!




Z: ... ... ... acknowledge... ... ... equivalent meet! You can only travel between 10 worlds and your years would be cut 15 years every time you arrive!


Alright, the next one was I want Unlimited Amount of Mana but make me never could have any wealth!


Z:... ... ... acknowledge... ... ... equivalent meet! You will have endless mana but you can never have any money, not even good clothes, or a single candy, you will become a man without a single cent!


The last one, made all women love me and all men hate me!


Z:... ... ... acknowledge... ... ... equivalent meet! Any women that see you will have an extremely good impression, even want to make babies with you but be warned, any man would want to punch your face, or even kill you at the spot.


I understand.


Z: Alright, the merits and demerits have been concluded, you wish to change your mind?




Z:... ... ... affirmative ... ... ... in processing ... ... ... done! This is the last step, which world you wish to appear first?


Highschool DxD, Kuoh Academy, Student Council Room, a month before the canon started!


Z: Ok, bon voyage Blake!

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I was in the room that quite stuffed with furniture, started from a tall bookshelf that glued onto the wall at the right side of the room, followed with a blue sofa not far from it, the distance between made difficult for people to cross it together, at least they had to line up. Next was a considerable tall table made of wood in the front of the blue sofa, this table, in fact, was at the center of the room, with red carpet below it. A blackboard was on the left side of the table, the other side of the blue sofa, and lockers made of steel could be seen behind the blackboard.


There were cardboard boxes neatly stacked in the room, but it still made its space appeared very crowded.


I saw tall and wide windows filled the wall in the front of me, blue sky and white clouds appeared clearly through the glass, and another table, also made of wood was placed right at their front, and a young beautiful woman sat behind it, no, in fact, this room actually filled with young beautiful women.


Two beauties sat on the couch seemingly conversed about something, another beauty stood between the couch and the bookshelf, eyes scanned the book, one beauty behind the locker, half-naked as she seemed in the middle of changing cloth, the last two beauties were in the front of the large windows.


I was stunned, it's like meeting your favorite actor or actress at some random street, but my circumstance was more unlikely going to happen, it's because of the people in this room were supposedly not real.


These young females... they were a character from << Highschool DxD >>, one of the most famous Ecchi franchises in existence.


The girls who sat on the couch, the white-haired with blue-green eyes one was Momo Hanakai, and the brown-haired that ended with two short braids one was Reya Kusaka. The beauty in front of the bookshelf was Tomoe Meguri, the one who was changing clothes now was Tsubasa Yura, and the last two, the one who was standing called Tsubaki Shinra, and the one who sat on the chair, her name was Sona Sitri...


They might appear like regular students with a beautiful countenance but in truth, these young female students... were Devil.




The moment I showed up, all the girls noticed my appearance, then they were frozen and stunned, their absentminded eyes made me nervous, imagined being in the room with superstars, it's exactly the same feeling.




Suddenly cutie Reya Kusaka screamed out loud, I was startled, although I did appear out of nowhere, her reaction seemed a bit too much, she's a Devil, teleportation shouldn't be a new thing for her, it's because of Devil was using summoning circle when they were out to perform contracting, so it shouldn't come as a surprise.


Was it my face? I knew that I was not handsome, but I was not ugly either, the typical face that anyone could find around the corner of the street.


"You... hey you, what are you doing?! Cover yourself!"


Sona Sitri said with a red face, and I could feel Tsubaki's murderous intention intensified, Momo and Reya covered their face while Tomoe whistled, staring at me with somewhat interest in her eyes, and Tsubasa chuckled.


Cover my self?


I looked down, and to my horror, I was naked, totally wore nothing, I saw my cock dangled and hardened a bit, the thick bush above it and my fatless stomach.


"Oh, shit!"


I instinctively tried to cover my cock with both hands, yeah, no wonder they were freaking out, I also did, damn I couldn't believe the demerit was such an ass, taking all of my clothes right away.


This... this was very awkward, I was hoping to make a good impression with them but suddenly appeared naked like this, I didn't know where I should place my dignity.


"Don't you have a cloth?" Sona asked with an astonished voice.


I shook my head, although this was somewhat caught me off guard, I could improvise, I said, "I was trying this teleportation magic, I don't know where my clothes got teleported to or maybe got left behind, err... can I borrow a blanket?"


They startled, but then quick a soft chuckle and giggle reverberated in the room, they actually bought my lie... like there was no single doubt in their eyes, even the previous Tsubaki who seemed ready to kill me now sighing helplessly.


"Tsubasa, get him one," Sona said with a soft tone.


Tsubasa Yura took a white large blanket out of the locker, and she gave it to me, but not without leaving a winking eye.


Was this the effect of the merit 'All women will love me'? Because honestly, it was rather hard to believe.


"Thank you," I wrapped the blanket around my waist, I couldn't do it properly though, the blanket sized more several times than me, I was a thin dude, but not a bony, my metabolism had been always strong, thus I never have gotten fat despite the lack of exercise and lollygagging in my apartment, reading manga and watching anime while chewing on pizza all day. 


I also noticed at the moment that the female's eyes in the room were staring at me, there was an intense and strong desire within them, it's like they were about to pounce on me at any moment, scaring me a little bit.


"So, uh, mm, what's... what's your name?" Sona brushed her hair and fixed her uniform, she also changed the way she sat.

"My name is..." I was about to reply, but when I saw the eagerness and anticipation within these girls' eyes, I was turned speechless, I... I never got this much attention from girls before, oh crap, I must calm down, take a deep breath, don't make things awkward.


"My name... I am... you can call me, no, I mean... people call me..."




Shiiiiit.... fuckin' hell, I couldn't calm down, so pathetic! they were going to think me as a lame 30 old years dude but couldn't speak properly, I was a damn embarrassment!


But who knew, these young beauties actually giggled at my anxiety, it's not mocking laughter, but genuine delight, I could see their cheek slightly turned red, the light in their eyes seemingly fonded of my behavior.


Holy... the merit actually worked, unbelievable, these girls were really into me despite we just met less than a minute, it should be impossible because I was nowhere of their preference of men; Momo liked the chivalrous, Reya liked the handsome, Tomoe liked the younger, Tsubasa liked the manly, and Tsubaki also liked the younger but with a serious demeanor, none of the traits appeared on me, my face couldn't fool anyone that I was no youth any longer, my body was the opposite of manly, and I showed up here naked, so not chivalrous-like.


But these girls actually all over me...


"Relax, we are not going to eat you..." Sona said, but I noticed she actually licked her lips.


"Oh..." I was about to wipe the cold sweat from my forehead, but I accidentally dropped down the blanket, it was too late to bring it up as my cock once again made appearance.


The girls were flustered immediately, they after all still a maiden, repeatedly seeing a man's cock certainly shook up their heart, but also brought in their curiosity.


"Here let me help."


I was trying to tie up the blanket, but it was hopeless, I was very nervous, Tsubasa who was still in her underwear came to help, she knelt on the ground and folded the blanket to fit my frame. Her hand and arm time to time touched my cock through the thin sheet, making it couldn't help but slowly building up to its full mast, forming a high tent through the blanket.


"Hey, you, this... thing of you, calm it down," Tsubasa said with a reddish face, she tried to tie on the side of my waist, naturally the tent made it much more difficult for her.


I was eyeing her reaction and also the others, Sona and Momo seemed to stare blankly, Reya covered her face but peeked through the gap of her fingers, Tsubaki and Tomoe cast aside their eyes but time to time would glance back, and of course, Tsubasa who got in contact indirectly with my cock, her breath turned rapid.


A thought suddenly came into my mind, it was a dangerous thought; if I was wrong, these people could swat me like a bug with no trouble, I might have infinite mana, but I didn't have any knowledge of magic to use, and my strength as a human was below average.


I gulped my saliva, my heartbeat pumped strongly, I lifted my hand, slightly trembled, and I placed it on Tsubasa's head, I said, "Then, please calm it down."


"Eh?" Tsubasa glanced at me with confused eyes, the rest of the girls also stared in question.


"Please touch my cock with your hands..."


I closed eyes immediately, preparing for the worst, I knew they wouldn't kill me, but at least might be slapped to faint with their demonic power. But after a while, I didn't sense anything, I peeked through the gap of my eyes and saw Tsubasa was only staring at me with disbelieve, the other girls were also the same, but they didn't make a single action.


Alright, at least no hint of aggression, this was good, but if no one moved, things would just get awkward, now that it had arrived into this situation, I might as well take the lead.


I grabbed Tsubasa's hands and let the blanket fell onto the floor, I backed to my full glory again, with my cock now readied to rampage.




This time, they gasped, turning their head away, only Tsubasa who fixed her eyes on the length of my cock.


It was average size but crooked, my ex-fiancee used to say my cock was quite rare among the men... that probably should my first warning how much of a bitch she was, I mean, how could she know about it unless she had been fucked by many before...


Remembering her, my nerve as if suddenly tensed, couldn't help but grasp Tsubasa's hand quite tightly, the girl let out a groan, startling me.


"Oh, I am sorry, I didn't mean to..." I let go of her hand and was a bit in panic, quickly bent down but I didn't really know what to do.


"No, it's fine, you surprised me there, it doesn't hurt now..." Tsubasa softly said.


I sighed in awkwardness, my cock still hard but I didn't know whether should shamelessly proceed or not, damn that bitch, not only she ruined my life, but also made me lost confidence, hadn't she inflict enough suffering for me?!


Looking at my hesitation, Tsubasa glanced back and forth between my face and cock, her face was drop-dead gorgeous, her blue hair and eyes, fit body of an athlete, her breast was not big, probably B cup, she was a bit tomboyish, the kind of woman who was more impossible to favor a wimpy-looking man like me. But one thing about her, she's definitely not shy, upon passing of several seconds, Tsubasa extended her hand and held my cock, I moaned at the touch.


Her initiative naturally surprised me, the younger brother immediately became hard, Tsubasa's hands were soft, couldn't help but make me felt ecstasy, but a virgin she was, Tsubasa had no idea how to maneuver this act, so her hand was just tarry there holding my cock, the good feeling only last for a while.


"Tsubasa, try to move your hand like you shaking a coke..."


I had my experience, both in solo fly and treated by that person, I also watched and read a lot of Hentai, therefore, I would guide this lost soul to a proper path of pleasuring men. Tsubasa nodded shyly, properly grasping my cock and started her motioning. I felt a heat manifested within my stomach, crept toward my cock and the scrotum below it, under her ministration, the meat stick continued to grow larger, finally reached its angriest form.


"Hmm ..."


The face of the women in the room was blushing heavily, especially Tsubasa who performed the deed herself, uuh... anime girl was really different than the real one; when that person did the service for me, my cock almost took 10 minutes to build up, but Tsubasa's hand made it majestic within less than a minute, I didn't know whether it was just because of her handjob or also because of the staring from all of the young ladies in the room. 


My cock was hot and somewhat let out the strong scent of the male, Tsubasa's hand increased in pace, I was almost cum but I patted her head, telling her to be gentle and relax, I wanted to savor this moment after all. After she slowed down, the peaceful rhythm once again appeared, Tsubasa continued to knead and rub the meat stick, the pre-cum began to leak out.




My knees trembled and used her head to support my body, the air in my lung was never this fresh before, my cock was melting under Tsubasa's strong yet hand, the wonderful touch passed from the meat stick to the spinal cord, then reaching up all the way to the brain, the whole body was light and fluttering, the heat flow became more turbulent and circulated endlessly in my body, my younger brother was readied to spread its wing and soared to the sky. 


I lowered my head to look at her expression, Tsubasa's looked directly into my cock with her eyes were half-closed, and then I observed the young ladies in the vicinity, one could notice their uncomfortable sitting position, time to time would shift, their eyes were blurry and chest heaved strongly.


There was a sense of pride in my heart, what's better for a man other than managed to charm such many beauties?




After quite a while, semen shot out from my cock, splattering on the edge of the table not far, Tsubasa was stunned at the result, and the rest yelped immediately. My cock twitched a couple of times, shooting the left-over, then it went slightly limp, still within Tsubasa's hold.


My body was sweaty and my muscle felt lax, I felt like about to fall but steadied myself, I looked at the cock of mine smeared with the semen.


"Tsubasa... can you... can you clean it for me?"


She looked at me and nodded, about to release my cock and grabbed a tissue, but I stopped her quickly.


"I mean, clean it... with your mouth..."


"What?!" the one who shouted was not Tsubasa herself, but Tomoe Meguri, the girl had reddish-brown hair and brown eyes, Her hair featured in swept bangs and a single strand of hair pointed out from the top of her head. In the term of body, she's shorter than Tsubasa but more slender and had bigger boobs, she had this cheerful on-going personality, a woman that could be regarded as both annoying and pleasant to have around, at least to me.


Everyone snapped their head toward Tomoe, while they also shocked, but she's only one who shouted, making them perceived her reaction was a bit strange.


Tomoe seemingly also realized this, thus she quickly declined her face to hide the embarrassment, but one could still notice the ripe apple that was her ears, she said, "Should... shouldn't we ask... who he is, or... what he's doing here?"


Sona was immediately aware, she coughed and said with an ashamed tone, "Right, she's right, can you please tell me who you are?"


I looked at my cock that was dripping with semen and still readied to fight, I swept my eyes on the female in the room, then I went to stare at Sona, said, "My name is Blake, Blake Thompson, I want to become your peerage."


Since I said I had used teleportation to get into this room, they could deduce that I was probably a mage, no mage that didn't know the existent of Devil and the other supernatural creature.


Sona startled, but then excitement filled her eyes, she tried to talk with a calm demeanor as much as she could.


"Oh, I don't mind, but I only had 1 knight, 1 rook, and 9 pawns left, which by the way, have you known about them?"


I nodded, there were two kinds of Devil, the first one was the pureblood, hailed from the long families of Devil since the creation, the second one was the reincarnated, Devils who were previously from a different race but at some point in their life, they were turned into Devil. This reincarnated system didn't exist at first, it purposed was to repopulate the Devil's race after so many lost at the Great Civil War between the Old Faction of Devil with the New Faction of Devil, invented by Ajuka Beelzebub.


The reincarnated system itself was comprised of chess pieces just like regular chess, each high-class devil who was the King would be given 15 pieces; 1 queen, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 2 rooks, and 8 pawns. Queen was the strongest because it possessed all the characteristics of bishops, knights, and rooks. Knight specialized in speed but weak in defense. Rook specialized in strength and defense but slow. Bishop specialized in magic. Pawn had a unique trait that could promote the person to either Queen, Knight, Rook, or Bishop as long they were in enemy territory or under the permission of the king.


I thought it didn't really matter what pieces I would have chosen, with my unlimited mana, I had no intention of fighting the battle on my own, I had a plan what kind of magic I would want to have; summoning, either celestial spirits, necromancy, monster, or heroic spirit, I had the capital to support all of them.


"I'll go with pawns."


"Are you sure?"




Sona stood up from her chair and walked around the desk, Tsubaki opened a drawer and took out a box.


"I ask you last time, are you really want to do this? Do you know the risk of being a devil?"


"Being able to be together with beauties like you? Worth the risk!"


Sona lifted the corner of her lips, around me, there was suddenly a blue magic circle, glowing brightly as the pawn piece between Sona's thumb let out the same color.


"Sam, from now on... you are officially the member of Sona Sitri's peerage."


Sona slowly put the pawn piece inside my body, strangely that I didn't feel much change, both in physique and strength felt the same as I was before... at first... 


As the entire room glowed in blue lumination while I was wrapped in a cocoon of light, there was something strange that occurred, the room was shaking... no, not just the room, the entire Kuoh academy as if had an earthquake, Sona and her peerage widened their eyes, it's because they could sense a surging power rose from inside of me, I also felt it, strong... and fierce, I was like a nuclear that readied to decimate the entire city. 


"Tsubaki, Momo, Reya, quick make a barrier!" Sona said in both panic and passion, she could foresee the potential of my Demonic Power, the primary strength of the Devil and Demon.


Now surrounded by a barrier, Sona inserted the pawn pieces one after one another into me, and to the surprise of many, it actually went undergo mutation, meaning the normal pieces weren't enough to turn me into Devil.


I wondered was it because of the unlimited mana I had?


8 pawn pieces had been given to me... but it wasn't over yet... my transformation into Devil was actually not enough 8 mutation pawn pieces!


"What the..." Sona mumbled, her violet irises flashed with confusion, hey, don't look at me, I also don't know what's going on here...


After a while, the blue light subsided and the building stopped shaking, I was there, standing naked in the front of Sona and the others, they looked at me with astonished eyes. Looking at my bodies and noticed that nothing changed, I tried to summon my wing, it took sometimes but eventually manifested behind my back, I couldn't help but get excited, I was worried that the transformation was failed.


But then I noticed the rest of the girls still staring at me with confused eyes, Sona blinked several times, she walked forward and pressed her hand on my chest, she said, "This is... peculiar... strange..."


"What strange?"


"Blake, you are a Devil, but... I can't feel a single Demonic Power in you, it's like... you are still human somehow..."


"Eh?" it's my turn to blink my eyes in confusion now; when a certain individual reincarnated as Devil, he or she might retain half of their original race, making them a hybrid version of Devil, normally, this only worked on races such as Vampire, Fallen Angel, Dragon, or other, Human in the other hand, would completely become a Devil, but me... Am I actually a hybrid of Human and Devil? No, Sona said she couldn't feel my Demonic Power, was this mean I am still a Human but with Devil trait?


"..." I went silent for a while, then I shouted the name of God, loudly, perhaps if there was a student crossed the hall could hear it, but... I didn't feel a thing... not even a pain that which normally should occur on any Devil.


"Blake, this is the first time that ever happened... you are like a Devil in human form, you can go to a church without getting yourself injured, you... Blake, what are you?" Sona kept placing her hand on my chest, her question might sound interrogative, but it felt more like astonishment than fear.


"I uh... I have no idea..." that's the only thing I could say at the moment, the only possible reason I could think of was my endless quantity of mana, for human, being a Devil would turn their Magic Power into Demonic Power, it was possible because there was no limit of my Magic Power, the Demonic Power was unable to convert them all, thus my condition.

Chapter Text

The situation turned much better than I thought it would be, I had become Devil who still a Human, I acquired all of their perks other than Demonic Strength such as wing, language, enchanted senses, increased in physical abilities, and most importantly, the long life-span, but I didn't possess their weaknesses, such as I didn't feel any pain when I thought about God, although I didn't know about the light-based attack since there was no way to test it, well, actually there was, but rather a bit complicated.


Sona was more than overjoyed, clearly, she had never heard a situation like me before, perhaps she thought I was super powerful, well, she wasn't wrong, she not just entirely right, I mean having unlimited mana and good talent in magic was two different concepts, the former was making me an endless resource of magic, either I could spam magic 24/7 or other people took advantage it, I would never lack energy. As for the latter, it's about how one easily learned or studied magic, like drinking water, that knowledge just smoothly processed by their brain and five seconds later, a fire appeared on their palm.


If I wanted to have an exciting world with me personally punching and kicking, throwing fire and ice, causing blood and clashing steel, I would have asked for good talent in magic, but I did not, it's because what I wanted, was an exciting world where I didn't have to struggle, I could just stroll the worlds, play with cute anime girls, watched people fighting, it's like reliving my favorite anime words.


Therefore I chose the unlimited mana, appropriate option to not struggle, and my choice of magic was the kind of like summoning creature, such as Celestial Spirit Mage, or having servants from Fate world, oh Mahou sensei no Negima would also be perfect, that pactio thing.


Anyway, that's a thought for later, as of now, I had a situation that needed to be solved like very immediately... I didn't have a home, but that's not the problem.


"Blake, you can live with me!"


"No, no, my place is more appropriate!"


"Who's the king here?! Back off!"


Yeah, right hand and left hand... my head and waist, they were being pulled and grabbed, I didn't even tell them yet that I had no place to return, but these chicks initiatively invited me into their house, and they started to become aggressive...


Sona held my left hand, Momo hugged my right hand, Tomoe went to grasp my waist, and I didn't know who's clutching my head, but the scent of her hands was intoxicating.


Oh, I started to understand the pain of the protagonist of a harem show; if before, I might not going to survive this every day, but luckily, I died, I never felt this grateful since the last time I bought that limited edition of Cardinal's figurine, completing my set of Sword Art Online's heroines.


In any case, I should solve the problem before someone's head started rolling, my head I mean, now let's think for a while...


My merit 'All women will love me' came with the demerit 'All men will hate me', looking at the impact of my merit, I could imagine how powerful would be the impact of my demerit, thus I couldn't be in the place where there were many men, especially if they were not common people for example also a Devil or maybe a Mage, that's a death wish.


Based on that condition, I asked the girls regarding the situation of their home.


Sona lived in a mansion with 10 personnel, 5 women and 5 men, to take care of the house and her welfare. Tsubaki lived in a traditional Japanese house that held the whole of her clan, about 13 people, 6 women including her mother and 7 men including her father, Momo lived in an expensive apartment with only of her both parents, her mother was a housewife and her father was a CEO of a certain company, rarely at home, Tomoe and Tsubasa roughly the same, living in a house and both parents with ordinary life, but Reya was the one who surprised me the most, she's living with a single dad, her mother had long passed away, no wonder she's gentle like calm water.


Now, according to my condition, Sona and Tsubaki certainly out of the question, while I believed they wouldn't kill me right away, in Tsubaki's case, her family definitely wouldn't let me stay, and I was afraid that Sona's butlers possibly played funny business with me, my situation at the moment wouldn't allow me to let my guard down. The father of Tomoe and Tsubasa would definitely not allow me to stay, and forget about Reya, thus my only option was Momo...


Of course, I could also ask Sona to rent me an apartment, but I wouldn't, this was my chance to do 'fun' stuff with Momo, and her mother, fuhaha...!


I looked at Momo on the right and said calmly, "Momo, will you allow me to stay at your home for a while?"


The other girls immediately became disappointed, Momo's blue-green eyes lit with delight, she said, "Yes, Mr. Blake, don't worry, Mother will not reject you, she's very kind and father will definitely understand, but he's barely at home anyway."


Thus it was settled, for tonight I would stay at Momo's house, looking forward to your 'hospitality', hehe...




Before leaving Kuoh Academy, I borrowed one of the school's PE uniform which was a red tracksuit, naturally wore nothing underneath of it, there wasn't much male student as Kuoh Academy was all-girls school initially, but interestingly, the Academy had several divisions such as junior and senior high school division, and college division.


I walked down the street together with Sona and her peerage, while they happily chatted with me, I also looked around to see the expression of the random people I met, and as I expected, the women saw me with interest in their eyes, sometimes even boldly flirted with their gaze, the shy girl would decline her face and blush, two female would then whisper and giggle as they glanced at me time to time. The men, on the other hand, their face as if turned gloomy and ugly, revealed naked disgust, watching me it's like seeing a dogshit, I could even feel a murderous intention, making the hair on my skin stood upright, I bet if I walked alone, I would have been stabbed or beaten up.


Eventually, the group separated one by one until I and Momo left alone, the white-haired girl turned silent at the moment, but I looked at her and noticed the redness between her eyes.


I understood the feeling, it's like walking together with the person you had a crush on but you were neither very close, thus awkward silent befell on the couple, at this time, a man should lead the situation and eased the girl's anxiety.


"So, how long you have been Sona's peerage, Momo?"


Momo lifted her face and turned to see me, she said, "About a year, I became Devil when I was a freshman."


"Really? How that happened?"


"Well, my father had a relationship with Sitri's clan, and I knew Prez since we were kids, so I guess I have been planned to become her peerage."


"And you're okay with it?"


Momo lifted the corner of her lips, said gently, "No, Prez didn't force me to join, she asked me, and I know what kind of person Prez is, I don't see any harm on becoming her peerage."


I flashed a smile and nodded, although I had a knowledge of Sona's personality, I wasn't really sure about it, I mean, I needed to consider the chance that what I had seen in anime might not be the same in here, this was the real world after all...


Soon, a traffic light could be seen in front of us, and I saw several men waiting to cross, I instinctively stopped my feet.


If before, we were in a large group, no one would be fool enough to cause trouble, but now was only me and Momo, I wondered what might happen...


Momo naturally noticed my abrupt pause, she stopped a couple of feet away and said while facing me, "Mr. Blake, is there something wrong?"


I thought for a while, judging by those men attire, mostly just people who were coming back from work, two of them were unclear as one was wearing a black T-shirt and another was a hoodie jacket, but nevertheless I thought these people shouldn't pose a threat to both of us.


"Sorry, something just crosses my mind before, let's go," I said with an apologetic tone and continued walking toward the group of men beside the traffic light.


When we arrived, none of these people paid attention, we waited on the very back of them.


"By the way, Mr. Blake, how do you know about Prez?"


"I have an acquaintance, she told me about Kuoh," I said without looking at her, I couldn't afford to lower my guard even a single moment, I needed to pay attention to these men movement.


At this moment, a man with a hoodie jacket pulled out his hand from the jacket's pocket and dropped a few coins onto the ground, some of them fell on the ground behind me, thus he inevitably turned back and caught my figure.


His expression lagged, seemingly as if paused a bit, but then he faced to his front again, nothing happened...


Strange... most men I saw definitely expressed disgusted countenance, at least some disfavorable, but this hoodie jacket man was indifferent.


Don't tell me he was not a man?


After a while, the green for the car changed red and the red for people changed green, the men including me and Momo walked to cross the road, I glanced toward the cars who were stopping on the side, I was unable to see the face of these drives due to the reflection of the car's front window, I did saw one on the truck, but I hadn't noticed any strange expression, I wondered why my demerit didn't affect him.


*Clang* *Clang* *Clang*


Suddenly I heard clear sound ringing, it was the hoodie man, he dropped his coins again, on the dangerous place this time.


"Oh, shit!" the man crouched on the ground, quick to collect his money, but they were scattered around, some even quite far from his spot.


I wanted to ignore his blunder, not because I was heartless, it's because I felt something was not right, but Momo had stopped moving and also crouched on the ground, trying to help the hoodie man.


There were only three of us in front of many cars readied to rush, it would be awkward if I did nothing.


Thus with a sigh, I crouched on the ground and helped the man.


"Sorry, sorry..." the man rubbed the back of his head and expressed his apology with an embarrassed face.


Momo just smiled at him while I ignored his stupidity, I felt so not comfortable at the moment.


Very shortly, all the coins were collected, I and Momo handed the pieces to him, but instead of rushing to the other side quickly, the man grabbed Momo's hand and started saying gratitude!


For the love of God, Dude, I didn't care whether this was your trick to pick up a girl or what, but looked at where we were!


Thankfully, Momo had some common sense on her, she retracted her hand and urged us to cross, we rushed ahead and safely arrived on the path, only now I could breathe refreshingly.






I felt a bit of pain emerged from my lower back, it's like an ant or a mosquito bit my skin, I snapped my head and saw that hoodie man grasping a pocket knife and actually stabbed me in the back!


I trembled immediately, my eyes widened as large as possible, but the man also shocked, it's because of something sharp like his pocket knife actually couldn't penetrate my skin.


It's coming... the effect of my demerit came to fruition, someone finally tried to kill me...


Damn, I was so glad I had become a Devil, well, Devil-like, but that's not important, what important was my defense had been raised that normal equipment like a pocket knife wouldn't do me any harm.


Noticed I was perfectly fine, the hoodie man retreated backward, his eyes now filled with hatred and fear, clear murderous intention filled his face.


"Monster, a monster!!!" he started shouting while aiming his knife toward me, it felt like he would spring to attack at any moment.


"What the hell you think you're doing?!" Momo finally aware of the situation, she looked at the hoodie man with indignant expression, obviously upset at his sudden craziness.


"This man is a monster! Miss, get away from him, I will kill him!" the hoodie man's eyes turned red, then he dashed ahead with the knife readied to stab me again.


How could I let him do whatever he wanted? I instinctively dodged his attack, but he was relentless, madly attempted to murder me under the public's eyes.


Momo also naturally didn't just wait, she stepped to the side of the hoodie man and swept his left leg with her feet, in the series of consecutive moves, she pinned down the man with both of his hands behind his back and the pocket knife had long cast aside.


"Mr. Blake, are you alright?" Momo said while using her knee to press on the man and both hands grasped the man.


"Ah, what are you doing miss?! This man is an abomination, he must be terminated!!!!!!!!!" the hoodie man howled like an injured beast, gritting his teeth while staring at me with hate.


I nodded toward Momo, but still couldn't calm the shock in my heart after seeing the result of my demerit, such fierce could make men thinking I should be killed,


"What nonsense you're speaking of, Mr. Blake is not an abomination, I will call the police to arrest you for attempting murder," Momo coldly said, even a gentlewoman could reveal her ruthlessness when it came to crime.


I didn't try to stop Momo, but at this moment, I could feel many eyes fixed on me, and it wasn't pleasant gaze, a surmount of murderous intention was rising.


"Momo, let's just leave!" I dropped a cold sweat, dashed ahead and grabbed Momo's tender hand, without waiting for her response, we already leaving the area, got away from the hostile environment.


After several minutes of running, we ceased and gasped for air, I leaned against the street light with my right hand while the left hand still grasped Momo's soft palm, it felt silkier than Tsubasa's.


"Huff... that man is insane..." Momo wiped the sweat from her forehead.


"Yeah, no kidding..." I laughed bitterly, thinking if we stayed any longer, I feared a group of the mob would come to attack.


Momo looked at me and noticed her hand, she blushed a little but didn't take her hand away.


"Thank you Momo, it's a beautiful move to solve the fight..." I grinned at her.


"Oh, no, no, nothing special, Prez made us learn martial arts, so even as Bishop, I am not so helpless in hand-to-hand to combat..." Momo said while flustering.


"Regardless of that, I am truly grateful, glad that you are with me..."


"Ah... it's... it's good..." Momo became stiff and declined her face, seemingly unable to bear anymore to look at me.


I smiled at her behavior, fierce she was, but still no different than any young woman in general; when receiving praise, especially from someone they liked, that innocent heart would cultivate until it finally bloomed to romance.


It took time, of course, but with my merit, those times fiercely shortened up, I believed tonight, I could pluck what people used to say 'the sacred flower'...


Hehe, my demerit seemed turned a favor for me.




Momo's family apartment was in the 20-story building, precisely on the floor 15th.


As we stepped into the lobby, Momo greeted the building's security, it was a bulky man with considerable height, he also showed disgusted countenance upon seeing my face.


I thought for a while, it was really troublesome if I had to experience this every time, I needed to find a hole in my demerit, otherwise, it would become too much of a nuisance.


Momo pressed the button for the elevator, the gate immediately opened, it seemed no one had used it for a while.


"There are not many who rent here, each floor has two rooms, so the entire building consists of 40 rooms, but less than half that actually has been occupied," Momo said.


"I see..." I thought for a while, maybe I should rent one here?


Momo pressed on the numbers on the elevator's wall, then she returned to my side while the door was closing, there was a small 'ding' sound, then the number in red on the display changed slowly. Since our destination was 15, it might take for a while.


I glanced at Momo, honestly, she's really pretty, white hair and big breast, a little bit indifferent expression but honestly not that matter much, I was left unsatisfied with Tsubasa's handjob, my cock still semi-hardened back then, it weakened after quite a while of course, especially after that brief dangerous encounter with the hoodie man, it's not exactly my first time in such situation, but I was not exactly sober.


Now that I had a chance to be together alone with a gorgeous young lady, in the small compartment with nothing to do, might as well make a move?


Lucky for me, the internet had done a good job in my time, a lot some instructions were all over many sites, there were pictures and videos, oh,, time to put my premium membership to practice...


I curled my left hand around Momo's shoulder, squeezed it gently, and said, "Momo, once again, thank you."


"Mr. Blake, we are companion, should have not been shy with each other..." Momo Hanakai declined her face, both hands that grasped her bag in the front subconsciously clenched, she also became somewhat stiff.


I moved slightly toward her side, bent my body and whispered into her right ear, said, "Please, call me Blake, I am not fond of formality."


"O-oh..." Momo nodded, little redness could be seen on her face.


"Turn your face this way."


With a little hesitant, Momo tilted her face, not fully turn, but I still could see the entire outline.


Gosh, why anime girl was so different than people in real life? No, I was not talking about art or whatever, but this face was entirely on a different dimension, I didn't even think any illustrations of her from my previous life had done justice to her.


No, in fact, only the entire Sona's peerage and Sona herself was absolutely gorgeous, I wondered because they were Devil or something?


I had become really excited, couldn't wait to meet Rias or Akeno, or even all other Anime girls, ahh, I wanted to kiss them, suck their tits and pressed them under my body, fucked to death.


Despite she had tilted her face, Momo didn't look at me, I could see she was terribly shy.


"You are beautiful," I blurted out, genuinely admiring the piece of art in front of me.


Momo seemed to become more flustered, she said in a stuttery tone, "T-thank you."


I smiled a bit, extending my right hand, I pinched her chin and made her to fully face me, she startled a bit, then without letting a single moment to pass, I leaned forward and kissed her lips.


"..." her expression lagged, eyes widened, in the midst of her confusion, I pried open her lips and sneaked inside my tongue, didn't have to be aggressive, the key was passion.


Naturally, she didn't respond, either she still dazed or she simply didn't know a technique, seriously, did all Kuoh girls were pure white sheet? I mean, they were Devil, shouldn't there be an adult request at least once or twice when contracting? Of course, I knew they could reject, but didn't they got curious?


Anyway, I did all the work, my jaw moved according to the movement of my lips, my hand still pinched her chin and the other hand pulled her body more toward me, not that we were tightly closed with one another, but good enough to feel each other warm aura.




After quite a while, I gave the last suck and separated our lips, I only moved away slightly though, our heavy breath spurted on each other face.


Momo's fine pair of cheek was ripe like tomato, she heaved and gasped, one of the hand left the handle of her bag and climbed up toward her creamy and soft lips, she traced them with her fingers.


"Blake, you kiss me..." Momo said.


"I did," I said softly, my fingers on her chin moved to her cheek, caressing it, "do you dislike it?"


"I... I don't know..."


"Then you like it?"




I didn't wait for her response, I moved forward my face and kissed her again, this time more intense, Momo's eyes enlargened before they turned half-lidded.


If there was a question which intimate gesture that people found most endearing, kissing precedented over sex, actually kissing while having sex but let's not mixed up things for now, anyway, about kissing... when my lips touched against hers, it wasn't just its softness that got transmitted into my sense, but the warmth and also wet. When my tongue licked her upper lip, then the bottom one, they didn't have a particularly distinctive taste, but somehow it excited me more. My hand on her shoulder pulled her body to paste onto me, smothering her bulging chests.


"Hmmph... Mmph..."


She had dropped her bag onto the ground, one hand pressed my abdomen, the other hand didn't know where to put.


*Drip* *Drip*


Uh-oh, I got a little bit greedy, I sucked on her saliva like it was a milkshake, the one that I couldn't swallow spilled from the corner of our lips, I even made a hungry growl sound like a beast readied to mate.


I separated our lips again due to the air being a bitch, I looked at her face and saw her had been completely enchanted, no, seriously, it was like she's under magic or something, her eyes appeared blurry, unfocused, the nose had let out a hot breath and chest rose in heavy rhythm. This expression was like those women from H-videos, signaling the man to pounce on them and tore off their clothes, or uniform in Momo's case.


I was not going to do that of course, I was a human being with a perfect sense of rational thinking, not some animal that only thinking with their lower part...


"Blake..." Momo's left hand slid downward, from my stomach to the...


Oh, screw this, you were a fool leaving a girl in the state like this, especially I was the one who was guilty, I had to take responsibility.


So I hugged and pressed her on the wall of... wherever we were at the moment, anyway, I mashed her lips with hunger and brought my hands all over her body, sucking and sucking, her lips, saliva, tongue, my hand also slipped under her skirt and traced her thigh, my other hand was kneading on her left breast.


"Ah... Hauu..."


I was not satisfied with the double layer of clothing between her breast and my palm, so I gripped her uniform and...




Buttons scattered, from the upper part of the cloth, the fabric was tearing and fair skin, white bras with cute green dots were exposed into the air.


Through the layer of the uniform, the size of her breast was already could be estimated, but when I saw them clearly, I understood that I had underestimated the size, it at least more or less E cup...


I stared at the exposed chest for quite a while, Momo noticed that the upper part of her uniform had been ruined, in instinct tried to cover them, her clouded mind from before cleared up a bit.


"Blake... we shouldn't do it here..." she said in a whispering tone.


But my ears turned deaf to her voice, other than that 'person' and women from pictures, I had never seen something beautiful like this before, let alone with that size, what's important was she's still a high school student, those breasts' growth hadn't stopped yet!


I felt like something... 'click' in me, I extended my hand, just grabbed her wrist and lifted it up, I pushed my knee between her thigh and right under her crouch, then lastly, my right hand sprang toward her breast, grasped it directly, and hard...


"Ah... oh... slow down... easy... Blake..." Momo groaned as the meatball spilled between the gap of my fingers.


Loud breathing reverberated in the small compartment, it was my hungriness or her arousal, either way, it was erotic...


A hand wasn't enough, so my other hand left her wrist, and I grasped both breasts, rubbing them like a dough they were.


Changing shape multiple times, followed by her inviting moan, the meatballs were firm yet elastic under my touch, whether because it was young or the natural texture, but I was hoping more for the latter. The atmosphere of the elevator was getting ambiguous, she began to leak out many sweats and some secret liquid was soaking her panties, the long tracksuit pants I wore also drenched on the knee's spot. My lips were kissing her neck, I was only slightly higher than her and she stood on her toes due to my knee, I had free and easy access to her neck and other top parts of her body.


Like her lips for example, while my both hands stayed on her boobs, my tongue was dallying with her small one, sweeping and plundering her oral cavity.


"Hmmph! Mmmph!!!!"


Unable to bear the ministration any longer, Momo finally reached the peak, she shuddered and let out a long 'hmm', grasping my clothes, clenching the article tightly, and her toes were curling, the handful of erotic juice unleashed and soaked the panties along with the knee of my pants.


She gasped for quite a while, leaning forward and resting her face on my chest, I looked at her complication, a sense of pride was looming over me.


I mean, I never made any women came like this before; when I had sex with my ex, there was... nothing much special in it, in fact, when I saw her naked, I wasn't aroused very badly, it's like seeing inflatable doll, I got a boner, but so few and barely.


And don't mention when we were having sex, it's just like physical duty and mandatory of relationship, we took off our clothes and got onto the bed, there was a bit kissing and stroking, then we entered the main course immediately, not that we didn't want to have the foreplay, it's just I was not that passionate and she was shy... if only I knew back then it was just a facade, there was a real bitch underneath her virtuous look.


But doing it with Momo, this pretty white-haired, my cock was raging, the tracksuit pants had built up a huge tent, I never feel this agitate before, so wildly, so fervor.


She had reached her orgasm but I was left aroused, the world needed balance, yang needed yin, so with that reasoning, I put down my pants, the cock sprang out from its cage, I tore Momo's skirt including her panties, then I was just sort of... putting it inside of her.


I didn't care whether the elevator had arrived on our floor, or someone had seen our action, at this moment, I just wanted to satisfy my animal urge, dumping my seeds inside this lovely young girl who just graduated from maidenhood but already experienced tribulation of rough sex.




Nah, it would be fine, she's Devil, after all, could take it!