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Wrestling in her bed grabbing the sheets, was having the greatest dream about her and him two and a half months ago. The feeling of being touched, his hands through her hair, feeling their legs wrapping around each other. His soft-
butter lips kissing her from her head to her toes. His hands over her breasts. The feeling after, him cuddling her in his arms.

*alarm blaring*

“Computer... reset alarm!” Kathryn said with a growl. She sat up on the side of her bed looks at the mess she made of her bed, she can’t help but think “I must’ve dreamt a little to hard.” She gets up and makes her bed. She goes to her closet and gets out her uniform, she gets it off the hanger and all of a sudden she feels nauseous. She drops her uniform and and runs quickly to the bathroom. About 20 minutes later she came out of her bathroom hair and held her stomach, she walked over to the bed and picked up her uniform off the ground and got into it. She clipped her badge on and walked towards the replicator.

“Computer coffee, black”.

She sat down at her desk and heard the chime of her door. She couldn’t stop thinking of why she could be nauseous. Was she getting sick? Her heart started to race at the thought of being sick in the morning there could only be one explanation. Then she heard the second chime.

“Come in” she said with a sigh.

Chakotay entered her quarters and stopped at the base of her desk. She look up at him.

“Good morning Chakotay” she said and took a drink of her coffee.

He handed her a PADD with the next away mission information.

“Good morning captain, are you okay? You didn’t come to the bridge this morning.” He look at her with some suspicion because she has a glow to her skin.

“I’m okay, just a little nauseous this morning. Which is weird because I’ve never had nausea come on the fast before, even when I was sick.”

Her face was beginning to look pale and he tilted his head and asked “Your’s turning pale are you sure you’re feeling alright? Maybe you should go to sickbay.”

“I’m fine, I’ll be alright.” She stood up and handed him back the PADD and she started to wobble as she walked towards her door. Chakotay followed behind her. They walked towards the bridge together talking about the away mission and she stopped and fell back against the wall. Chakotay held her up by her arms and took her to sickbay.

The doctor scanned her head, arms, chest, stomach, and legs. The doctor looked down at the medical tricorder “Hmm” he said “How long have you been having the nausea?” She looked at him “Only about three days. Why?” He looked at her straight in the eyes, “When does it usually occur? Morning, Afternoon, Night?” She looks at him with confusion “In the morning for about 20 or 30 minutes”. She put her hands in her lap and looked down. “Well captain, you’re pregnant.” Her stomach dropped and her eyes widened. “Approximately 9 weeks and 4 days” She looked at him and said “Well that can’t be right, that’s impossible.” She was trying to remember anything that could’ve happened. And she gasped and whispered “That night with Chakotay!” The doctor turned around “What was that captain?” She got off the medical bed and started to walk out of sickbay. “Captain I want to run a few more tests before you leave.” “No thank you” she said. “Captain I highly suggest-“ and she was out the door.

She walked to her quarters and and sat on her couch. “Chakotay to the captain. Captain please respond. Computer, locate captain Janeway.”

*captain Janeway is in her quarters*

Chakotay exits the bridge “Tuvok, you have the bridge.” Chakotay walks toward Kathryns quarters. She hears the door chime. She ignores the sound and starts at her hands. She hears the second chime. She snaps back “Come in.” Chakotay walks into her quarters fast at first and the quickly slows down. “Are you feeling any better captain? You didn’t come to the bridge when you-“ she cut him off. “Yes I’m fine! I had a little motion sickness is what the doctor told me, and he said to just take it easy and I’ll be fine, but thank you!” She got up and walked to the bridge and he followed.

The next day she walked to the turbolift and Chakotay quickly slid in. “Hello Commander” she looks ahead at the turbolift doors. “Captain” he greets her with a smile. “Deck 4” they both say. They look at each other and smile. “So how are your feeling you look better” he said. “I’m feeling much much better thank you.” She said while pushing her auburn hair behind her ear. “So I wanted to discuss the next away mission with you. Dinner tonight?” He glanced at her. “I can’t. B’Elanna and Mr. Paris asked me to help them redecorate tonight. Sorry.” He sighed “Okay. Maybe another time then.” The turbolift stopped and opened. Kathryn stood there and Chakotay got off. “Aren’t you coming? You did say deck 4.” She looked at him “Sorry Commander, I forgot something in my quarters.” The turbolift doors close. It takes her to deck 3. She gets off and goes to her quarters. She sits down at her desk with the dim lights and cries. She thinks about how this pregnancy is going to effect her relationship with Chakotay. How it will effect her as captain. If she will be able to do her job. So many things are going on in her head. “Janeway to Tuvok” she taps her badge. “Tuvok here, go ahead.” “Tuvok can you make sure that I am not bothered for the rest of the day please” she says while standing up. “Of course captain. Is everything alright.” “Yes I’m fine. Thank you Tuvok. Tell Chakotay he has the bridge. Janeway out.”

Chakotay walks onto the bridge and Tuvok greets him. “Commander, the captain has informed me that you are to have the bridge for the rest of the evening.” Chakotay looks at Tuvok with confusion. “Okay. Is everything alright? Is the captain okay?” Tuvok looks up from the console, “she said that everything is fine and her wishes are that she is not to bothered.” Chakotay walks over to his chair, “alright.”

A few days pass and Kathryn walks on the bridge. Everyone stands up. “As you were.” She goes over to talk to Tom, and Chakotay walks onto the bridge and site in his chair. Kathryn looks over her shoulder and sees him. She stand up straight, “Very good Mr. Paris, I’ll be in my ready room if you need me.” Chakotay watches her as she walked into the room. He sighs in his chair and thinks about why she’s avoiding him. Every time he walks into a room that she’s in she leaves.

She sits down on the couch and plays with her thumbs and thinks. The first chime of the ready room door sounds. She doesn’t hear it at first then the second one goes off. She snaps back “come in” Chakotay walks into the ready room and stands in front of her. “Yes Commander.” She says lifting her head. “Are you alright, captain?” He put his hands behind his back. “I’m fine. Why do you ask?” He put his hands to his side. “Permission to speak freely?” She folds her arms “go ahead.” He exhales “it seems lately, you have been trying to avoid me and I’m a bit confused. If there is anything I did to upset you tell me so I can fix it.” She sighed and looked at him. “Nothing is wrong Chakotay.” He slightly raises his voice. “Kathryn! I know when there is something wrong. I’ve known you for six years, I’ve been able to recognize when something is bothering you.” She looks down and then up at him. “Okay you want the truth?” He looks at her. “Very much yes!” She sighed. “Chakotay I’m pregnant.”

Chakotay felt like his breath was taken out of his lungs. He stood straight up. “Uh... whe... um. How?” She looked at him and tilted her head. “I think you can connect those dots on your own” He crossed his arms and walked over to the couch and sat down. “Uh... when?” he asked. She turned her head and looked at him with the most are you kidding look he’s ever gotten from her. He gasped “that night two and a half months ago!” “Uh huh.” She smiled at him and looked away. Chakotay looked at her gesturing a hand over her belly. “Can I?” She raised an eyebrow. “Of course but you can’t feel anything just a tiny bit of roundness.” Chakotay smiled, and she covers his hand with hers.

“Tuvok to Commander Chakotay.” Chakotay pulled his hand away quickly. “Chakotay here, go ahead.” “The away team and I have the Delta Flyer ready for the away mission, are you coming?” Chakotay looked at Kathryn and said “The captain wants to speak with me about something, are there enough crew members going in this mission that you will be ok without me?” Tuvok responded “We will manage without you Commander. Tuvok out.”

Chakotay looked over at Kathryn and saw a single tear running down her face. “Chakotay, I’m just a little scared is all, I don’t know what to do.” He wiped the streaming tear from her face and put his hand on her knee. “Kathryn, I know you’re a little worried about this, but you won’t need to be. Whatever you decide to do I’ll be here to support you.” She cupped her hand on Chakotay’s face. “I know, thank you.” He leaned in to kiss her and when his soft lips fell onto hers, she kissed him back. Parting her lips slightly for his tongue. She ran her fingers through his black hair and his hand held the back of her head. They rested their foreheads on each other’s and laced their hands together. Kathryn sighed “I would like to keep this quiet for a while, is that something you can do?” Chakotay looked into her eyes. “Of course. Anything you need, I’m here.” She smiled and rested into his chest and he held her tightly to him.


She is three and a half months into her pregnancy and the crew is raising suspicion, the doctor and Chakotay are the only ones who know that she is pregnant, and they only know that Chakotay is the father. She has her check up with the doctor today. She is laying on the medical table and the doctor is scanning her belly. Kathryn and Chakotay waited patiently for the results. The doctor stops scanning and looks at the medical tricorder. “Everything is looking good, have you two decided wether or not you want to know the sex of the baby yet?” They look at each other with a disagreement at first, “yes” they both say. The doctor smiles, “well it’s a girl!” They both smile and the doctor puts the tricorder away and Chakotay kisses Kathryn. “You know I think we should tell the rest of the crew about this, I mean your showing and I think they should know.” He says while running his fingers through her hair. “Maybe your right, we should do it tonight. Can you let the crew know to go to the dinning hall at 2100 hours?” She said getting off the bed. “Of course! Thank you doctor!” And they leave.

Kathryn is in her ready room about two hours before she is going to tell the crew about the baby. She goes to the doors of her ready room and suddenly stops. She feels a nudge in the both the middle and and the right side of her stomach. She walks backwards and sits in the couch. She taps her badge “Janeway to Chakotay.” “Chakotay here, go ahead.” “In my ready room, please.“ Chakotay gets up and head the to the ready room. Kathryn hears the chime. “Come in” she says happily. The doors shut behind him and he walks over to her. “Sit, sit. She’s kicking!” she says excited. She takes his hand and covers her stomach. The little foot kicks up against his hand. “Wow! She... she’s really in there isn’t she?!” He said laughing. “Yes she is. Oh Chakotay... I can’t wait to meet this little one!” She says removing her hand from his. He brushed her hair from her face behind her ear, and kissed her cheek “well I’ve got to get back on duty, see you in a while.” He gets up and walks over out onto the bridge. Kathryn gets up and wait for a couple of minutes and walks out onto the bridge.

Everyone is gathered in the dinning hall, they are talking having a good time. Kathryn is standing at the front and she taps her glass to get everyone’s attention. They all look towards her. “Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a good time tonight. I have a some news we would like to share with you.” Kathryn looks over at Chakotay slightly and takes a deep breath. “So everyone, as you know I’ve been a bit distant lately. And now I would like to tell you why. I’m pregnant.” Every one of the crew members eyes widened. B’Elanna set her glass down and looks at Tom and blinks fast. “Uh when did this happen? Um... how do this happen? Uhh... Who’s the father?” Chakotay walks to Kathryn and stands beside her. Everyone’s eyes widen even more. A silence falls across the room. And out of nowhere they all start cheering. B’Elanna looks at them, “Wait, wait, wait, wait! When did this happen?” Kathryn looks at Chakotay, “about three and a half months ago Chakotay and I slept together. At first it was nothing and then I realized I was pregnant and now I think you can do the rest.” B’Elanna is shocked but happy for them. “Are you guys together or going to? Are you guys going to get married?” Chakotay and Kathryn look at each other “well we haven’t really thought about that,” he said putting his arm around her waist, “we are together we haven’t thought about marriage.” B’Elanna looks at them and smiles. “One more thing we need to know, is it a boy or a girl?” Chakotay and Kathryn look at each other “it’s a girl!” Kathryn said. B’Elanna turns to the crowd and raises her glass “to the baby!” “TO THE BABY!” Everyone shouts.

After a while Chakotay and Kathryn leave the room and go to Kathryn’s quarters. They enter her room together, “would you like something to drink?” he politely declines. Kathryn takes a seat on the couch and looks out the window at the start, she can feel Chakotay’s eyes in her. She looks over at him. “What are you staring at?” She laughs. “Just you, and how beautiful you look.” She blushes and he walks over to sit next to her. She turns to face him and he put his hand over her stomach to feel the baby. She’s watching as his hand moved around. “So, I’ve been thinking.” he said calmly. “Oh boy!” she jokes. “When B’Elanna was talking to us, about being together and marriage, I was thinking a lot. And I want to be with you Kathryn.” She looks up at him. “But you are with me.” He sighs. “No I mean with you. For you, for the baby, I want to be in this baby’s s life. Forever.” She raises an eyebrow. “I was thinking about what she was saying to. A lot. And I want to be with you to.” She said cupping his face. “Then why don’t we? I love you Kathryn and I want to be with you forever.” He took her hand and kissed the top of it, and kneeled. “Sure, it’s no ideal proposal but...Kathryn Janeway, will you marry me?” She looked at him a tilted her head. It was quite for a while. And then a big smile appeared upon her face. “Yes!” He looked at her and smiled “really?!” He rose back on his feet. “Yes! Yes!” She said standing up. He cupped her face and kissed her passionately. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him in closer to draw the kiss deeper. He broke the kiss and looked at her, then bent down and kissed her round belly.

He kissed up her belly, through the valley of her breasts, around her neck, and back to her lips. Gently walking her back to her bed. They got to the bed and he laid her down on the bed. Kissing up her legs, to her chest, and to her lips. He lay his chest on her but having the other half of his body to the side of her, not putting to much of his weight on her belly. He started to take off her uniform jacket and her undershirt and unclasping her bra, revealing her partially swollen breasts to him. He cupped her breast angling one into his mouth. He began to suckle upon her nipple. She moaned and looked at him. “Chakotay...” he began to move his hand to the waistband of her pants and pushes his hand inside, feeling the slightly damp underwear. He felt her warmth and wetness, as he lines her labia and plunges one finger inside her. He lifted his head from her breast and kissed her, moving down her chin and to her neck. “Chakotay,” She couldn’t get her words out. The feeling of him touching her shin was the best feeling she’s ever known. They way his lips grazed her neck, they way his fingers move inside her. “Yes, my love?” He says kissing her shoulder. She grabs his muscular bicep. He can’t get over how good she feels. The way she says his name, how she pants below him. His finger moves in and out of her and his thumb grazes her clit and her mouths drops open.

Her mind is racing with thoughts. She wants to have all of him but she’s also thinking she doesn’t. Knowing that she is going to have his baby. She loves him but has her doubts. “Nothing... ne...nevermind just keep...” her moan drifted off. He removes his hand from her pants and starts to peel them off of her. He stands up and looks down at the beautiful naked women before him. He takes his shirt off and his trousers. He starts kissing his way up from her feet to her inner thighs removing the white underwear from her body. He places one of her legs over his shoulder and began to licking. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head thinking about the night they shared, but this was better. He put one hand over her stomach to keep her steady and her hand reached for his short black hair. After a few licks up and down her slick folds, tasting, feeling, he entered her with his tongue. His thumb still on her clit grazing it. Her hand moved from his hair and she placed it above her head and grasped the sheets.

He moved is head from between her legs and kissed up her body. He cupped her breast as he kissed her. She wrapped her arms around him so that one was behind his neck and the other was on his back. He look at her below him, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She reached down and felt his erect member brushing against her. She reached into is boxers and began to stroke him. He groans and smiles at her leaning down to kiss her. “If you keep that up, I don’t know if I’ll last.” He giggled “that’s what you said last time, and look where that got us.” They both laugh and buried his face in her hair around her neck.

He moved her hand from boxers and stood up to take them off. He resumed his position and entered her. He thrusts into her and she wraps her legs around him to draw him deeper and closer. “Oh Kathryn... how I’ve missed you.” He said panting as his head went down to breast. He put on in his mouth and sucked. “I’ve... missed you too Chakotay.” The feeling of him inside her again was pure heaven. She moved her hand down and to her clit and started circular motions. “That’s right love. I love it when you touch yourself.” He said smiling at her. She can feel herself starting to reach climax. Words like “faster” and “harder” came out of her mouth. As the words escaped her mouth, he straightend his arms and began pounding into her. A few more thrusts and he feels the ripples of her juices on him. He lays by her side pulling The blanket up to cover them. Kathryn turns into her side and looks at him. And he looks over at her. “How was that? Better than last time?” She giggle at his question. “Way better. I’ve missed you’re touch.” He smiled and moved his head her belly leaning on her stomach and kissing the skin. His hand moved around her belly just to feel they baby girl inside her. She ran her fingers through his hair. He feel asleep on her and when she noticed, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

4 months pass, and Kathryn is seven months and 5 days pregnant. Her is back is aching, more than it usually does. She leave her quarters and she walks around the ship to get some exercise, because the exercise the doctor has her doing is getting to be to much for her to handle at this point. She makes her way to the turbolift “bridge.” As the doors open to the bridge she walks over to her chair and casually sits down. “Kathryn? You’re on maternity leave, you don’t need to be in the bridge.” Chakotay said a little worried. “I’m fine. I just need to get out of the room, I’ve made rounds with the crew. I went engineering, talked to B’Elanna. I even went and talked to Seven for a while. She asked me if I would consider letting her be the godmother.” Chakotay looked at her a chuckled. “Really! What did you tell her?” Kathryn smiled. “I told her yes.” Chakotay smiled back “I think she would make an amazing godmother.” Chakotay put his hand out to greet Kathryn’s hand. Tuvok looks up from the console “Commander, we have a ship not far from here. Sector 109 Mark 6.” Chakotay looks at Tuvok. “Hail them.” Tuvok looks down then looks back up. “No response. Their charging weapons!” Chakotay looks a Kathryn “okay. I want you to go back to our quarters and stay there until this is over, I don’t want anything to happen to you or the baby, just incase.” Kathryn gives Chakotay a kiss and walks to her quarters. “Red Alert” Kathryn says leaving the bridge. “Their firing.” Everyone on the bridge shakes. “Shields down 89%.” Harry says. “Paris get us out of here, warp 8!” Paris looks back at the consoles. “Aye sir.”

Chakotay went to go check on Kathryn after he sent her to their quarters. The door chimes and no one answered. The door chimes for a second time and no one answers again. “Computer, open Chakotay and Captain Janeway’s quarters door.” The door opens and Kathryn is laying on the ground unconscious. He runs quickly over to her and rolls her in her back. He feels for a pulse and there is one but it’s faint. Chakotay taps his badge “Chakotay to sickbay. Sickbay please respond!” “Go ahead Commander.” The doctor says. “Two to beam to sickbay the captain is unconscious!” Chakotay says worried. They are beamed to sickbay and Kathryn is laying in the medical bed. “What happened” the doctor questions. “I... have no idea. I went to go check on her after I sent her to our quarters because there was some trouble on the bridge and I didn’t want her getting hurt or the baby. And she wasn’t answer the chimes for the door, so I asked the computer to open them and she was laying on the floor unconscious.” Chakotay looks at the doctor as he wakes up Kathryn. Her eyes opened and she looks confused. “What happened? Why am I in sickbay?” Chakotay looked at her “ you were unconscious when I got into our quarters and i brought you here.” The doctor scans her head and her belly. “What was the last thing you remember doing.” Kathryn looks at Chakotay then at the doctor. “I was coming our of my room, went to the replicator for a cup off coffee and now I’m here.” The doctor looks at the medical tricorder “alright well, you’re fine. Pregnancies can often make you dizzy, light headed, and you can pass out. It completely normal. Since you have a life growing inside you. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and maybe be lighter in the coffee.” Chakotay looks at the doctor “but the baby is okay, right.” The doctor looks a both Chakotay and Kathryn “the baby is fine. Very very healthy.” Kathryn and Chakotay look at each other and sigh with happiness. “Just make sure you’re taking it easy, and you’ll be fine. And since you have had a checkup today I will go ahead and move you next appointment.” Kathryn gets up “thank you doctor” and they leave sickbay.


Chakotay and Kathryn were walking back to thier quarters and Tom and B’Elanna stopped them. B’Elanna was grabbing something out of her pocket. It was a piece of paper. “So, Tom and I were doing some thinking and we can up with a list of names for the baby. It doesn’t seem like you two talk about names much so, we decided to help you out.” Chakotay and Kathryn smiled “aw, thanks B’Elanna.” Tom and B’Elanna walked away. “You know, their right! You’re what? Seven months pregnant, and we haven’t thought of any names.” She giggles. They enter his quarters. “So, what kind of names did you have in mind? I particularly like the ‘a’ names.” Chakotay looks at her “a names huh?” She sat in the couch with her hand on her stomach and one hand on the couch. “Yeah, something like Annalea, or Ava. Names like that.”
Chakotay went and sat next to her. “Oh, what about Aniya? Or Alieen? Or your personal favorite Amelia.” She chuckled at the thought it Amelia Earhart because she admires her, and wanted a child to be named that. “What about Alaina? Or Alex?” Chakotay looked at her with a grin. “So far I really like Alieen, Annalea, And Aniya. What about you?” Kathryn smiled. “I was also thinking those. My favorite it Anyia. It’s so pretty.” Chakotay scratches his head. “I love that name!” He said “so are we deciding on Aniya?” she asked. “I think we are love.” He leaned in and kissed her. Kathryn broke the kiss and yawned. “You look tired baby, maybe we should go to bed.” He said rubbing her cheeks. She tried to stand up but needed help. Hey held his hand out and she grabbed it and laughed. “I bet you can’t wait until you don’t have to help me up anymore huh?” He looked at her and sighed. “I never get tired of helping you.” He walked her to their room and helped her into her satin pink night gown. She stood before the bed as Chakotay came out of the bathroom in a grey tank top and boxers. He come over and kissed her and leaned down to kiss her stomach goodnight. They pulled the covers of their bed back and layer down beside each other.

She leaned over and started to kiss his neck. His rubbed her back and kissed her head, then nudged her back over to her side of the bed. “Come on Chakotay... we haven’t had sex in four months.” He looked over at her “yeah, only because you didn’t want to, and I respected that. You didn’t want to have sex until after the baby came.” She sighed “and now I want to and you don’t? Okay!” She rolled over and shut her eyes. “Don’t be mad love, I’m just respecting your wishes.” She didn’t answer him. He layed on his back sighed and went to sleep.

Kathryn is three days passed her due date for the baby. Her and Chakotay have been trying things to induce labor like stretches, eating spicy food, pineapple, exercise, and even nipple stimulation. But nothing has worked for her. She quickly goes makes her way to sickbay “doctor I’ve tried everything on the list and nothing is working, is there anything else I can do?” He looks at her “well have you and Chakotay had any intimacy lately?” She raises an eyebrow “ no we haven’t, he doesn’t want to until the baby comes.” The doctor sighs. “Well sex is one of the most recommended things to induce labor.” She gets up and walks out of sickbay “thank you doctor.” She walks back to her quarters and taps her badge “Janeway to Commander Chakotay.” “Chakotay here, go ahead.” “Can you come to our quarters please, janeway out.” Chakotay goes to their quarters “Tuvok you have the bridge.” He enters the room and sees Kathryn laying on the couch. “Is everything alright” he asked. “No everything is it alright. I want this thing out of me. I’ve tried everything. The doctor said that the most likely thing that will work to induce labor is sex.” “He looks at her and sits down with her on the couch. “I’m sorry honey, but I can’t.” She sits up “I know I understand.” She leans her head on his arm and starts talking about random things. Things that don’t make any sense. He tenses up and takes a deep breath and looks at her. She just keeps talking and talking. He finally grabs her shoulder turns her and lays her on the couch. “Ooh...what are you going?” She asked him while wrapping her arms around his neck. “I’m getting that baby out of you NOW!” He began kissing her neck and making her moan. “Oh Chakotay...” he began to take off her jacket to access her breasts. Her arousal became to much. She started to feel pain in her sides. “Chakotay!” He was moaning into her neck. “That’s right love, say my name.” She tried pushing him off her but he’s too heavy for her. “Chakotay... no...stop! Get off!” He looked at her “what this is what you wanted or need right?” He said panting. She felt as the wetness leaked from her soaking her pants. “I think my water broke.” His stared at her how a while and slightly opened his mouth. “Damn! I’m good!” He helped her up he tapped his badge “Chakotay to sickbay” the doctor responded “go ahead commander” “two to beam to sickbay the captains water broke.”

Later in sickbay, the doctor is preparing Kathryn for delivery. She is dressed in a blue gown. Chakotay is standing next to her holding her hand. Tom Paris is examining her cervix. “Well captain, it seems you are only six centimeters dilated.” Kathryn rolled her eyes “oh god... I just want it to be over!” Chakotay whipped the sweat from her forehead “it’s okay Kathryn, just breathe, breathe it’s will be over soon.” Kathryn starts to feel another contraction “ahh, dammit!” She put her hand on her stomach and tensed her body. She squeezed Chakotay’s hand hard. “Just relax love, the more you fight it the worst it gets.” Kathryn looked at Chakotay and rolled her eyes. She gave in and the pain slowly went away. “Very good captain. You’re doing good.” The doctor was examining her stomach to see the baby. “Everything is looking good! How are you feeling captain?” She looked away from Chakotay “if the contractions weren’t so bad I’d be better, I’m just glad it will be over soon.” The doctor looked at Kathryn and had a little frown on his face. “Well not really. You’re going to be a mother after this.” She smiled “I know I just... ahh god! There’s another... oh!” She took deep breaths and grabbed Chakotay and pulled him down to her face. “I swear to god, you put another baby in me, we’re going to have problems!” Chakotay smiled and pulled himself back up. He grabbed the cloth and patted her forehead.

Fourteen hours pass and Tom came back to examine her cervix again. “Congratulations Captain! You’re ten centimeters dilated, are you ready to have a baby?” She sat up and looked at him “no, but let’s do it.” Tom stood up and walked over to stand by her head. The doctor came in and sat down below her. “Well let’s have a baby!” She grabbed Chakotay’s hand. The doctor took a breath “Captain you’re going to have to start pushing.” She squeezed Chakotay’s hand and began to push. “You got this Kathryn.” She stopped pushing and she started to pant. Tom looked at her “Captain I know it’s hard but you have to keep pushing.” The doctor sighed “he’s right captain. Just keep pushing until I say to stop.” Kathryn grabbed the side of the medical bed and pushed. “Oh my...god!” Chakotay looked over at the doctor then back at Kathryn “you’re doing great sweetheart. Just keep pushing.” The doctors eyes widened “okay take a breather I see the head!” He reaches for the baby’s head and cradled it gently. “Okay Captain. Just a few more pushes.” Tom says while placing his hand on her shoulder. “Chakotay, perhaps you would like to come have a look?” Chakotay kissed Kathryn’s forehead and walked to the doctor and bent down. “Oh my god.” He said. “What is everything alright?” She sits up at worries. He stands back up and walked back over to her. “Everything is fine dear.” She laid back down and began to push again. “Great job captain, just a little more.” She gave out and stoped pushing. “I can’t, I can’t push anymore!” She started to tear up. Chakotay leaned down to her head. “Kathryn you have to keep pushing.” Tom looked at Kathryn and walked over to the doctor. “Captain she’s almost here. Just one more push.” She grabbed the side of the bed and Chakotay’s hand and pushed. She stopped pushing and heard crying. Chakotay and Kathryn both looked down and saw their baby. The doctor cut the umbilical cord. He took the baby over to a small table and Tom joined him. They cleaned off the baby, weighed her. She was six pounds and one ounce. Tom wrapped her in a pink blanket and walked her over to Kathryn. “Congratulations Captain you have a beautiful baby girl.”

He handed her to Kathryn and she held her close. Kathryn removed the blanket from her face to see her. She was a pinky-white color. “Hi baby girl. Nice to finally meet you. I’m your mother, and this is daddy.” Chakotay leaned down to see the baby. “Hi sweetheart!” He held the baby with Kathryn. He put his finger next her tiny hand and she grabbed it. Tom and the doctor walked into the room after undressing from their medical attire. “So, have you any names for her?” The doctor asked while putting on hand sanitizer. “Her name is Aniya” the doctor and Tom smiled. “That’s a beautiful name.” They baby’s eyes began to open. She had beautiful blue eyes, just like Kathryn. “Kathryn, she has your eyes!” Chakotay smiled and kissed Kathryn’s forehead. “She’s beautiful.” They baby started to cry. The doctor came over and help her position the baby to her breast. and placed her head towards her nipple and the baby began to suck. Kathryn looked at Chakotay and he bent down and kissed her lips. “I can’t believe she’s really ours.” Chakotay smiled and looked at the beautiful sight that was drinking from her mother’s breast. “I can’t either. She’s perfect.”

After a night in sickbay, Kathryn and Chakotay walked to their quarters and carried Anyia around. “This is our your new home.” Chakotay put some things away and watches Kathryn and she walked all over the room with the baby. He came up behind her and held the baby with her. “She’s sleeping Kathryn you know that right?” She smiled. “Yes I’m aware Chakotay. But that doesn’t mean I can show her around.” She turned her head and he kissed her cheek. “Show we show the crew are little miracle?” “She turned around and looked at him. “I think we should.” They left their quarters and walked to the turbolift. “Bridge” Chakotay said quietly. The turbolift took them to the bride and the doors opened. “Captain on the...bridge.” said B’Elanna said. “Is that..?” Kathryn looked over at B’Elanna. “Yes it is. But quiet, she’s sleeping.” She walked over to her and looked. “Can I hold her?” Kathryn handed the baby to her. “She’s beautiful. What name did you decide on?” Chakotay looked at B’Elanna “her name is Aniya.” B’Elanna smiled “such a pretty name. So how was it?” Kathryn smiled. “I can’t even explain. All the contradictions, and the pushing. I’m just glad it’s over and I got something beautiful out of all of it.” B’Elanna looked down at the baby and smiled at the the beautiful baby in her arms. Kathryn walked over to Tuvok. “Would you like to hold her Mr. Tuvok?” Tuvok looked up from the console “I would be honored captain.” B’Elanna gave Aniya to Kathryn and she handed her to Tuvok. “She's beautiful captain. Congratulations, to the both of you.” He handed Aniya back to Kathryn and continued his duties. “We better go show the godmother her goddaughter.” B’Elanna looked at Chakotay. “But I’m right here” Kathryn looked at B’Elanna and raised her eyebrow. “I was talking about Seven.” B’Elanna’s jaw dropped. “Oh come one B’Elanna, you know you’re her aunt” and Chakotay and Kathryn left the bridge.

Chakotay and Kathryn made their way down to Astrometrics to go see Seven. The door opened and Kathryn walked up behind her. “Hi Seven, there’s someone we’d like you to meet.” Seven turned around and smiled and asked to hold the baby. “Careful Seven, she’s sleeping.” Seven cradled the baby close to her. “What is her name, Captain?” Kathryn looked up from the baby and looked at Seven. “Her name is Aniya.” Seven moved the blanket from the her face and kissed her forehead. “That’s is a wonderful name” and she handed Aniya to Chakotay. “Well, we are headed back to our quarters to rest up. We will see you later Seven.”

Chakotay and Kathryn walked back to their quarters, and there was a baby crib waiting for them in the main room. There was a note on it. Kathryn picked up the note and read it.

* To Captain Janeway & Commander Chakotay,
We were saving this crib for when B’Elanna and I had a child, but we thought you two needed it more. Congratulations you guys!
Your friends,
Tom & B’Elanna*

Chakotay and Kathryn look at each other “oh it beautiful.” The crib was made out of a dark wood. It was smooth, and had painted flowers on it. Chakotay laid Aniya in the crib and kissed her head. Kathryn went over to the replicator. “Coffee, black.” She got her coffee and sat carefully on the couch. She was still sore from having given birth. Chakotay sat next to her, and snuggled her close to him, putting his arm over her. “How are you feeling dear?” She takes a sip of her coffee. “I’m just fine. I have a beautiful baby girl, the best crew,” Chakotay kisses her cheek, “and the best husband in the world.” He smiles at her. “I love you too honey.”

Kathryn and Chakotay we’re getting ready for bed when they heard Aniya crying. Kathryn went to the crib and picked her up. She carried her over to the couch and sat down. She pulled her pink nightgown down and revealed her breast. She positioned Aniya to her nipple and she began to suck. Chakotay came out of the bathroom, “Kathryn?” She looked over at the doorway, “in the living room dear.” Chakotay came and sat down next to her and watched Aniya. Kathryn leaned into Chakotay’s chest, and he snuggled her. She closed her eyes and fell asleep and Kathryn did the same. Chakotay held Aniya close to Kathryn’s breast to support her. He kissed both of them and watches as they inhale and exhale. Watching Aniya suckle upon her mother and Kathryn as her head nestles in his chest. After a while, Aniya stopped sucking and Kathryn woke up. She stood up and cared the baby to the crib and Chakotay followed. They put the baby down to sleep and went to their bed. Kathryn gets in and Chakotay slides right beside her. She snuggled closer to him. “You did great yesterday. I’m so proud of you.” He can feel her smile against him. “Thank you darling. Thank you for being there.” He ran his hand up her arm “I wouldn’t have missed it.” She closed her eyes “I love you so much.” He kissed the top of her head “ I love you too.” And went to sleep.

~The End~