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Adventures in Online Dating

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Uraraka woke up rather early, not really wanting to have to go in for a seven am meeting, but she knew that they needed to be debriefed from the night crew for the week. Unusual activity had been popping up, nothing that could be linked to one another just yet. Random thefts of small items to people feeling dizzy and collapsing in the street, it was all very odd. She figured a villain group was amping up for an attack of some kind, but for now they had to dig deeper into the occurrences. 


After her shower she picked a black lace thong to wear, something comfortable for the day yet that would entice Sir. Setting her phone on her nightstand she flipped the camera around and began experimenting with the best angle. Finally settling on bending over so that her ass took the full view of the camera, she set the timer for three seconds. Waiting for the shutter to sound she spun around to take a look, smiling at how well the black lace looked against her creamy skin. 


Opening up her app she sent Sir a good morning text followed by telling him that she was working until four pm, unless an emergency happened. Her thumb hovered over the send button now that she had attached the picture of her ass. Did she want to go through with this? Was the picture really ok? He wouldn’t think her ass was too fat, right? Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and hit the send button. 


Good morning indeed, Baby Girl. Your ass looks like it could use a red handprint on each cheek amongst the white skin and black underwear. It’d be a nice contrast.


Thank you, Sir.


I want you to pick up a long cucumber from the grocery store on your way home tonight, Baby Girl. Let me know once you are home for your next set of instructions.


Will do, Sir.


Have a great day, Baby Girl, because I certainly will now. His green login light went back to white as she sat there a little dumbfounded. What the hell did he expect her to do with a cucumber? She looked at her alarm clock on her nightstand, moaning as she realized she wasn’t going to make the train unless she left RIGHT now! Flying down the stairs with her backpack in hand she raced towards the substation. Uraraka had used her quirk on herself so she could run faster.


“Hold the door! Please! Please!” She saw a black boot stick out as she skidded to a halt. Uraraka was hunched over, hands on her knees as she took several deep breaths of air to try to slow her racing heart. 


“Still late as usual, huh Cheeks?” Uraraka’s whole body shot up as she stared into intense red eyes.


“Bakugou? What are you doing on my train?”


“Your agency called mine in so we could fucking team up. Don’t you read your emails, Cheeks?”


“It just mentioned the agency we were teaming up with, not the PH’s that would be joining us.” 


“Shitty Hair will be joining us there. Not sure what other extras they’re sending over.”


“Can’t believe you still use that term.” Uraraka rolled her eyes as she adjusted her backpack.


“The extras haven’t fucking done anything for me to deserve using their name.”


“I was referring to calling your bestfriend by that awful nickname.” She smirked as his cheeks turned just a smidge of red. “We’re almost to our stop. Let’s go get us some baddies!”


“Hells yes. Now you’re talking Cheeks!”

Uraraka tossed her bag on the couch as she made her way to the kitchen for a glass of water. Patrol this morning had been rather boring but this afternoon had been much more eventful. Sparring with Kirishima and Bakugou had brought out the competitive edge in all of them. It had been strictly non-quirk hand-to-hand combat, that had lasted three hours. She had so much fun, especially learning that she’d been working with them for the rest of her shift this week., four on and three off. Uraraka was praying that the task force teams the agency leads were putting together would be the three of them. They’d totally kick ass.


Walking into her room she changed out of her street clothes for a comfy pair of black short shorts and a pink racer-back tank top. Fingering the top of her underwear she bit her lip before sliding the short up over her hips. She chewed on her thumb nail as she pulled the cucumber out of the grocery bag, setting it on the counter before putting the other items away in the fridge or pantry.


I am home now, Sir. I picked up a long English cucumber from the grocery store tonight. He wasn’t logged in yet but she figured he’d probably message her in the next couple hours seeing as it was only just after five now. 


Send me a picture of the cucumber beside your hand. I want to see just how long it really is. She giggled as she took the picture and sent it to him. Mhmm, that is a good size, Baby Girl. Make sure you wash it with soap and water then set up your camera the same way you did to take this morning's picture.


Yes, Sir. Uraraka did as she was instructed, thoroughly washing the cucumber before heading back to her room. She set her phone up just like she had this morning before messaging him back to say she was ready.


I’m going to call you, Baby Girl, and you’re to answer me. Do not show your face just yet though, I want to see what you’re wearing. Her heart jumped into her throat as she started to panic. The phone began to ring through the app as she shakily answered with a swipe of her finger. 


“Good evening, Baby Girl.”


“Good evening, Sir. How are you tonight?”


“Just fine, Baby Girl, just fine. Take your top off for me, Baby Girl. I want to see your tits in your bra.”


“Yes, Sir.” Uraraka pulled the pink shirt over her head, tossing it onto her bed as she leaned forward to give Sir an ample view of her black push-up bra. 


“Mhmm, your tits look amazing, Baby Girl. Now lower yourself so I can see those plump pink lips. Yes, just like that, Baby Girl. Grab the cucumber and worship it like you would my cock.” 


“Yes, Sir.” Uraraka wet her lips with her tongue, biting her bottom lip softly before her tongue snuck out to lick the tip. She ran her tongue along the underside of the vegetable, as if it was Sir’s cock. Her tongue swirled around the top before she took the first two inches in her mouth, sucking gently. 


“Take it deeper, My Slut.” His gruff voice sent shivers down her spine, heat pooling between her legs. “You like sucking on my cock, don’t you My Slutty girl?”


“Yes, Sir?”


“Yes what?”


“Yes, Faelan.”


“Good girl. I heard you mean there. Does My Slut have a praise kink? Does hearing how pleased I am get your pussy juices running?”


“Ohhh, yes Faelan.”


“Gag on my cock, Slut. I want to hear it hit the back of your throat. Yeah, you look so good like that. Stop. Stand up and turn so I can see your ass, then take off your shorts.” Uraraka followed his commands, wanting to please him and see just where this would lead her.


“My Slut, you have such a round, plump ass. I can’t wait to spank it. Run your hands up and down it for me, spread your legs a bit.” Uraraka complied, imagining it was his rough hands grazing over her soft skin.  


“Look at how wet you are just from my voice and sucking on a cucumber, such a dirty slut. Spread your legs further for me. Further. Yes, just like that. Grab your cucumber, My Slut.” Uraraka reached over to where she had set the cucumber, grasping it in her hand.


“I have it, Faelan.”


“I want you to slap your pussy with that cucumber three times, softly. Find a grip that works for you.” Uraraka grasped the middle of the cucumber and swung it, but it felt awkward. Moving her hand down a bit farther she swung again but it wasn’t quite right. Gripping the end she swung, the vegetable landing between her pussy lips causing a sharp inhale.


“Ah, I see you found a grip that works for you. Softly slap your pussy five times and tell me how it feels.” Uraraka bit her lip as she softly swung the cucumber. There was barely any sting but the feeling of something hitting her clit and pussy lips like that had her black thong soaked. 


“Put the cucumber down and take your underwear off, My Slut. Let me see just how wet you are.” Uraraka slid her black lace thong to the side before resuming the position of having her legs spread apart so that he could see her pink, wet pussy. The cool air against it did little to calm the quaking feeling inside her.


“Look how wet you are, My Slut. That makes me incredibly happy to see how turned on you are. How are you feeling?”


“Good but so needy, Faelan.” 


“Should I make you cum from getting your pussy slapped, My Slut?”


“If it pleases you, Falean.”


“Oh, it pleases me greatly. Spank your pussy with the cucumber ten times fast. I want to hear it smack between your wet nether lips, but do not cum.” It took Uraraka three attempts to find the right force he was looking for, but when she did there was nothing to stop her moaning. 


“How close are you, My Slut?”


“So close, Faelan. Please, I need you so bad. Need it to be harder.”


“Harder?” She could hear the octave drop in his voice. “Then spank that pussy harder until you cum, My Slut. I want to hear you fall apart.” Uraraka started off slow and steady, building the edge she had been dangling on back up but hearing Faelan’s needy voice saying faster spurred her on. 


“Please, Faelan, can I cum?” 


“Yes, let me watch you fall apart, My Slut.” Uraraka moaned loudly, legs locking into place as her pussy walls clenched tightly as she held the cucumber tightly against her throbbing clit. Her chest was heaving as she dropped the cucumber to the floor, legs suddenly feeling like jell-o.


“You did so good, My Slut. Face the camera, I have a treat for you today.” Uraraka wiped the sweat from her brow with the back of her hand before facing the camera. She instantly licked her lips at what she was greeted with. There on her screen was the most glorious dick she had ever seen. “Grab that cucumber and suck, My Slut. Taste yourself and I pretend I’m fucking your dirty mouth.” Uraraka shoved the cucumber down her throat as it would go, coating it in her saliva.


“Fuck, you look so good with that in your mouth. Hollow your cheeks out, My Slut, that’s right.” Faelan groaned as he came, streams of white cum shooting away from his body. The sight of it had Uraraka hot and bothered all over again.


“Baby Girl,” she knew that their fun time was over, but she couldn’t help but smile at his pet name for her. “I want you to have a nice long hot bath, it’ll help you feel less sore in the morning. I want to know how sore you are in the morning, alright?”


“Yes, Sir.”


“Good girl. Drink lots of water and have a good night, Baby Girl.”


“Have a good night too, Sir.” Her phone screen went blank as she collapsed onto the floor. She’d definitely run a bath for her tonight, soon since it must have been so late. Glancing at her watch she realized it was on quarter after six. That had taken twenty minutes? It had felt less than five, everything had blurred together. Uraraka had never felt so fulfilled after masturbating, but that might have been because of the sexy Dom that was telling what to do. She couldn’t wait to see what he wanted to do tomorrow.