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Adventures in Online Dating

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Uraraka sat on her couch, phone in hand, as she continued to stare at the app screen. The white icon with a pink and blue fish looking like the yin and yang sign with a black hook in the center stared her down. Mina had suggested that it was time to get back out into the world of dating, Uraraka begged to differ. However, when your best friend points out how much of a massive cow you’ve been lately because you haven’t been “dicked down” in over five months you begin to reassess your priorities. She hadn’t been on an online dating site in roughly eight years, so she wasn’t sure if it was still the same as she remembered it to be. Granted, she was a lot younger, braver, and more naïve than she was now at the ripe old age of thirty.


Hook, Line, Sinker.


This was the app she had tried out in her early twenties, had a lot of success with finding one-night stands and fuck buddies. Not so much luck in a locating a datable guy though. Mina had been her roommate at the time, had signed up first and they used her profile to scope out guys and how it all worked. Within a day Mina had over a dozen messages wanting to hook up with the exotic looking woman, plus close to a hundred people who wanted to meet up in person. Mina had wanted to respond to all of them right away, Uraraka had advise she figure out what these guys were looking for first. She could still remember Mina laughing at her stunned face when the first message they opened was a dick pic. A DICK PIC!


From there on she understood why girls complained about getting such things.


Uraraka wasn’t a prude, she enjoyed sex – a lot – but she wanted someone who was going to be able to stimulate her with a bit of flirting or at least have some kind of a sexting game. It had been her opinion then, and still held even more true today, that if a guy couldn’t talk or message you about their sexual preferences then you weren’t getting anything out of that hook-up. Now there were exceptions to that rule HOWEVER, if a couldn’t kiss than there was no was in HELL, she was going anywhere with them. Call her shallow if you want but kissing was a sure-fire way to get her revved up and trying to shove your tongue so far down her throat, she was sure she could feel it in her stomach has a hard NO.


She had always been gifted when it came to sexting, years of reading smut books accompanied with a vivid imagination had given her a lot to pull from. Her friends would always hand over their phones so she could message the guys that her friends were seeing. It hadn’t bothered her until she realized that she was getting everyone but herself laid. Still being a virgin at nineteen hadn’t really bothered her until she had been at home masturbating and wondering what human flesh would like over silicone. It hadn’t been long after that when Kaminari brought their graduating class together, along with the other third years from U.A. for a party. He wanted to catch up with everyone, which had led to being an annual thing now, if which most people tried to make it too.


Uraraka had lost her virginity while extremely drunk in the shower room of the boy’s locker room at the arena they had rented.


From there it had led her to other drunken nights, where she had figured out what she liked and pleasure points on a man. The urge hit here once every three months, give or take, so by the time she was twenty-three she had a good understanding of what she liked and how to make men squirm. Then their hero careers exploded and there was less time to hang out at bars to pick guys up. Not only that but she felt like she was getting too old to be at bars, picking up younger guys who couldn’t even handle her.


Which was where the app had come into their lives.


Uraraka watched Mina for a couple months before she gathered up the courage to download it herself. Now, Mina had a new guy every Saturday night, which kudos to her, but Uraraka wasn’t that needy. Still, a happy Mina was far better than a moody sex-deprived one. She got downright NASTY when she wasn’t getting the D. Uraraka had met up with a couple of guys, the sex was alright, but she still felt like she had been missing some kind of a connection with the randos she was seeing.


Then she had met Saburo. He wasn’t in your face right away, had a great sense of humour, and had when they exchanged numbers, he had called her that night. It had been strictly PG13. They messaged a bit throughout the day when they weren’t working and had called each other every few days. It had been a few weeks of nice pleasantries when Uraraka had decided to step up her game. She had been out shopping, looking for new bras, when she sent a picture of her boobs in a black, lacy, extreme push-up bra. Not that she needed the additional cleavage, but she had nothing to lose. The picture of his hard dick outlined by his tight-fitting jeans had her mouth watering.


The pictures had become lewder over time, the sexting game had been upped, and when he sent the first video of him stroking his hard cock, she had been in a grocery store and had ran into the freezer door. When she returned home, she had responded in kind, grabbing her favorite dildo to show him exactly how wet that video made her. From sexting it escalated into dirty talk on the phone, which was something that had been new to her. Writing the words had come easy for her, pen and paper no problem. Voicing her thoughts had taken some courage, practice in the mirror, and a couple glasses of wine.   


After two months of this their schedules finally lined up and they were able to go on a date. She had dressed in a cute little dress, since it was the middle of summer, and a pair of wedges to try to make herself appear taller. When they came face to face, she wasn’t disappointed, he looked exactly like his profile pictures. She’d learned early on how strong some people’s catfishing game was, she knew better now. Slightly shaggy brown hair underneath a white baseball cap, honey brown eyes, tall and broad with calloused hands. Hands that had gripped one of her to kiss her knuckles, making her heart race.


Uraraka had a strict five date rule when looking for someone who she wanted to spend her life with. After that night she threw that damned rule out the window.


They had come out from the theatre, laughing at some of the scenes from the action movie they had just finished. Talking about how unrealistic some of the fight scenes were or how that would never actually happen in a real battle. Saburo worked logistics for one of the top hero agencies in the city, and he was damn good at it too. He wasn’t one to gloat though and they’d kept work talk to a bare minimum, which had been nice. They’d been walking past the rows of vehicles lined up at the theatre when he had pushed her against one of them, kissing her like his life depended on it.


The kiss was needy, as he bit her bottom lip and releasing it before looking into her eyes. Uraraka had pulled his head towards hers, needing his lips pressed perfectly against hers. His grip on her hips tightened as he fully pressed himself into her so that she was trapped between his body and the cool metal of the vehicle. He nudged his leg between hers, had seamlessly moved her so that her covered pussy rested on his jean covered leg. Then he pressed into her, Uraraka had ripped her mouth from his to moan into darkness of the night. She could feel the smirk on his lips as his kissed her neck.


From there they had found their way to his place and made good use of several surfaces.


They’d been together for five years before things started to go south. Uraraka had steadily climbed the polls as a Rescue Hero, often being called out of the country to help with natural disasters or large villain fights. Saburo had made his way into upper management, working long days and it had become a point in their lives where they hadn’t even seen one another for three weeks. It hadn’t bothered Uraraka to not see him, and that was when she knew that she’d fallen out of love with him. They had amicably split, had become good friends now that the dust had settled.  


Uraraka had sworn off men for an entire year, concentrating on herself during that time. The friendships that had always been there throughout the years had strengthen, forming deeper bonds with Deku, Mina, and Asui. All of which were dating now. Deku and Melissa had gotten together during her year of celibacy, Mina and Kirishima had FINALLY clued in that they liked one another, and Asui and Tamaki had just gotten engaged with Uraraka being a bridesmaid. Things had been looking up.


Then she had decided to go on Binder – worst decision of her life! It was the latest app for hook-ups but all the people that were on it were douchey momma’s boys who only cared about themselves. After one month of that she deleted her profile followed promptly by the app. She’d rather buy more toys than go through that horror show of an online dating app. Which is precisely what she did, enjoying her solo time more than she had with guys recently.


Mina and Asui had laughed so hard when she told them of the couple of guys she’d encountered during girl’s night a couple months later. Which also happened to be when Mina planted the seed for her to get back into Hook, Line, Sinker – to which Uraraka had adamantly said no too. Neither of her friends had pushed her further on that front for a while again, not until her thirtieth birthday when they found out it had been five months since she had last gotten laid.


So here she sat, staring at the app on her phone the second weekend of January. It was a new year, she was thirty now, had just become the number five Rescue Hero, and had just launched her new hero brand. She could feel it in her veins that this was going to be her year! Knew good things were just waiting for her so she took the plunge and created a new profile. She selected one fully clothed full-length image of herself, plus several selfies to throw onto her profile. She kept her occupation vague as she didn’t need people to know she was Uravity, and wrote up a brief outline of her likes, hobbies, and what she was looking for before hitting the save button. She flopped onto the couch deciding to let whatever may happen, happen.

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Uraraka was sitting on the couch, wine glass in hand, as Asui and Mina set some snacks on the dark wood coffee table. It had been two weeks since she had started her online dating profile, not that she had a lot of spare time to be on it since she had been on the other side of the country helping with hurricane relief. The girls wanted the details on how the first bit had been and it had honestly not been too bad. Well, minus one encounter anyways. 


Most of the guys were open to chatting for a little bit before they’d toss the idea about friends with benefits, fuck buddies, or hooking up. She’d had multiple guys favourite her or send her hearts but just as many commented on how they liked her eyes, or boobs. That comment had elicited a round of squeals from her friends, but she couldn’t blame them, it was hilariously true. At the age of thirty she was still in shape, had to be for her job as a pro hero, but she’d definitely become thicker in her thighs and ass over the years, not to mention when she had gained weight after her break-up it all went to her boobs. She didn’t lose that weight in her boobs either and it was only one cup size larger, so not the end of the world. 


“Okay, we’ve been DYING for you to tell us about your creepy encounter. Pleeeease?” Mina practically begged, causing Uraraka to laugh. 


“Yeah, you’ve been super quiet about it all night. Was it that bad?”


“Not exactly,” Uraraka looked between the two girls, nibbling on her bottom lip. The girls put their wine glasses on the table, leaning in intently to hear what she had to say. “I had a stage five clinger.” Mina fell onto her back, laughing immensely at the brunette until tears started to fall from her eyes.


“I’m sorry, what’s a stage five clinger?” Asui blinked several times, utterly confused. Uraraka looked over at Mina who paused to look at her before she continued to laugh so hard she snorted. She was going to be absolutely no use.


“It’s what we call a guy who already has your wedding planned, what your future kids will look like, and so on within the first five minutes of chatting with them.” 


“Maybe he was joking?” Asui offered, shrinking back slightly at the haunting look that surrounded Uraraka.


“Girl, tell me more! I need to live vicariously through you now.”


“Says the woman who has Kiri’s teeth impressions on her shoulder,” Asui smirked at the pinkette.


“Hey! It’s not like I’m the only innocent one here! I see that hickey behind your ear, Miss Goodie-Two-Shoes.” Asui’s cheeks turned a bit red at being called out.


“Apparently, I need to live vicariously through you two instead.” The heads swivelled towards Uraraka, smiles breaking out onto their faces as they giggled. 


“Back to your clinger sitch!”


“Right, so it started off alright. Asking how my day was, what I did for a living, what I was looking for in a guy. Then it got weird. He started asking when we could meet up, telling me how gorgeous I was, how he hoped our kids had big beautiful brown eyes, and how amazing I would look in a strapless wedding dress in his parents backyard when we got married in July.” 


“Daaaamn girl! You had a bad case of the clingers.”


“Well that sounds . . . I have nothing, that just sounds super creepy. I understand why they’re named that now.”  


“Cheers, to no more stage fives in Ochako’s foreseeable future!” Mina held up her wine glass, getting a “here, here” from the other two as their glasses clinked. Uraraka was glad to have such amazing friends who she could talk too about this kind of stuff. The more intimate details, should she ever get that far, would be with Mina only as Asui didn’t like getting in too deep about sex. Hopefully there were better things to come.

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Uraraka sat on the plush bed of her hotel room, phone in one hand and a glass of Merlot in the other, as she scrolled through at the messages she had on her dating app. Hook, Line, Sinker had become a good way to unwind at night. It was nice to be able to talk to random people about literally any topic. Granted, she had stayed off the app for several days after her stage five clinger incident, however, curiosity had gotten the best of her.


She was currently on a mission out of the country to help with avalanche relief in northern Russia. They had been working in twelve hour rotating shifts since she arrived two days ago. She was thankful to be able to have breaks, which was something that generally wasn’t allotted to Pro Heroes as they were required to stay on sight until everything had been cleaned up and all civilians were secured. Drowning her day in mindless chats, viewing profiles, and other random social media outlets was a great to unwind. 


She had been talking with a guy lately who was super cute and genuine, was into a lot of the same things she was too. When she started to inquire about his last relationship he had informed Uraraka that he was bi-sexual, had been with men the last ten years and was hoping to test the waters out with women again. Uraraka stared at her phone for a minute trying to process that one. 


What was that old saying? All the good men were single or gay? 


She had nothing against anyone wanting to express their sexuality, no matter how you identified, but Uraraka couldn’t handle being the test subject. Knowing that she may not be able to give this guy an erection had her feeling nauseous. Typing back she explained that she wasn’t quite comfortable with wanting to hook-up yet, then while she had the courage, she also asked why he’d been with men for so long. Apparently, she missed a vital piece of information when perusing his profile . . . he was a cross-dresser. 


He started to explain that guys were more open and willing to be in a relationship with other men who were into cross dressing. He liked being able to wear his B cup bras and a pair of killer four-inch heels. Uraraka squealed in delight, comparing her favorite place to shop for bras and underwear. As they continued to chat she realized how late it had gotten, so she agreed to a time and place to meet up with him for coffee when she returned home. Logging off the app, Uraraka went to brush her teeth and finish off the rest of her nightly routine before burrowing herself into the thick comforter. 


What would tomorrow bring in the online dating world?

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Today was the day! Uraraka was going on her first online date! She felt like she might puke. 


Her nerves were getting to her and no matter how many times her friends tried to get her to calm down there was just no way to make this seem any better. The worst part about meeting in person was all the uncertainties. Was she going to be catfished? Did he have a high pitched squeaky voice? Would they be able to hold a conversation in person as they could over text? Oh, so many variables.


She had picked a public local coffee shop, one where she knew the staff plus all the exits. There were lots of people who could see her, him, them as it was a public setting. Uraraka wouldn’t put it past Mina to hide in the public shop so she could have a front-row seat to the first date Uraraka had been on in . . . well, it was a while. There was a lot of light due to the windows, so lots of people could see them.


Did she mention she was happy this was happening in public?


Uraraka arrived early, placed her order then sat by a window before she messaged the guy she was to meet. Her feet bounced on the floor, fingers thrummed on the table, and she kept looking at her watch. She closed her eyes, took several deep calming breaths, and pushed down the wave of uncertainty. She was the Pro Rescue Hero Uravity! She could take down villains five times her size and float skyscrapers! One online meet-up had her confident demeanor floundering.


Five minutes late wasn’t a big deal but it was damn near fifteen minutes now and not even a notification saying he’d be that way. She’d give it five more minutes, then she was taking her cute ass over to a mochi shop to eat her feelings away.


“Uraraka?” A nasally voice inquired from behind her.


“That’s me.”


“I’m Banko, it’s nice to meet you.” He set his jacket on the back of the chair, sitting down without shaking her hand - strike one. “Traffic has been crazy today, right? I had to wait forever for all the old geezers to move faster than a snail.” Belittling an entire generation of people - strike two. “The firm has been super busy lately, tax season and all, you know?” He continued to talk aimlessly about his day, while Uraraka tried to pay attention and participate only to have him cut her off at every turn. Now she was just pissed.


“Banko,” Uraraka said with a slight edge in her voice that made the man pause for a brief second. “You seem very nice but what is it you’re looking for from me? You clearly aren’t interested in how my workday.”


“Uraraka, darling, you won’t have to worry a single day in your life about working. I’ll take care of all the base needs while you make sure the house and kids are taken care of. Oh, and the cooking and cleaning of course.”


“Are you joking, because I can’t honestly tell.”


“Housewife material is what you are, sweetheart.”


“Well,” Uraraka stood, grabbing her purse aggressively while trying her best not to float this chauvinistic asshole to the ceiling of the coffee shop. “I think we’re done here. I definitely did not peg you as someone who was looking for a simple housewife based on our conversations, but clearly I missed asking some important questions. Thank you for today but this isn’t going to work for me. I hope you have a great rest of the afternoon and all the best in your search.” Uraraka did her best to calmly walk out of there without stomping her feet in anger. That was a major flop! Was it even worth trying again? Mochi first, then she could figure out what she wanted to do next. 

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“I’m sorry he said what?”


“You heard me the first time, Mina.”


“Yes, but I don’t think I heard you right. Please repeat.”


“He said, and I quote, Women need to be escorted to and from the grocery store so that they can keep their eyes on the prize. Women don’t need to spend my hard-earned money on random things.”


“I . . . I just can’t even right now.” Mina was floored as she took a large gulp of wine, polishing off what was left in her glass. “And this was after the guy that told you that you would be his little housewife, do all the cooking and cleaning and child-rearing?”


“That’s correct.” Uraraka poured herself more wine then proceeded to fill Mina’s glass up as well. 


“You’re dating some really unmanly dudes. Are they all like that?” Kirishima piped up as he sat down next to Mina, cold beer in hand. 


“Usually they’re not like that.”


“No, they just want to get laid instead of having a meaningful relationship,” snorted Mina into her merlot. Uraraka giggled as Kiri rolled his eyes, kissing his girlfriend on the temple. “So what’s the plan now? Have you gotten laid?”


“Yeah, I have.”


“Whoa, whoa, whoa! That was the most pitiful admittance to getting laid I have ever heard. Just how bad was it, Uraraka?” Kirishima had to know, it was his right as a man to know if his gender had failed his very best girl that was a friend.


“I’ve had sex twice. The first guy lasted about ten minutes, foreplay was minimal, and I didn’t even cum. The second guy lasted, maybe twenty minutes, he changed positions so many times that I finally just rode him until I came. Needless to say, there have been no repeat performances or any more messaging.” The brunette swished her wine around in her glass, sighing heavily as she watched the red liquid swirl. 


“Wow, that just sad.”


“Yeah, I ended up hiding my profile for a bit. Debating whether or not I should even activate again.”


“Yes, but the sexting is fun, right?”


“If you find a creative sexting partner. Most of the time the guys just want pictures and for you to do all the messaging work.”


“Maybe a break is what you needed? Go back on and there’ll be a new batch of men just waiting to bang your brains out!” The girls laughed at Kirishima, clearly one too many beers into the evening. “You know, I have the perfect guy for you. Should totally let me hook you up on a blind date!”


“Hun, I love you, but no. Your blind dates are the absolute worst.”


“Says who?”


“Everyone who has ever been on one that you arranged.”


“Low blow babe, low blow.”


“The truth hurts.” Mina chastely kissed her man, bumping noses with him afterward. “So what are you looking for when it comes to sex.”


“Well, we can start off with you riding me.”


“KIRI! Not you, you big goof.” Mina laughed, pushing his head away from her neck where he had been leaving light kisses. 


“Well, I have found this book series and it’s opened my mind quite a bit. I’ve never really been one to shy away from sex, and I’ll try almost anything once, but hot damn does this one get everything flowing!”


“Sounds like my kind of book! What’s it about?”




“Oh, girl! I know we’re talking about how you like to be bound and wound.” Kirishima blushed, turning his head to the side, not really wanting to know about Uraraka’s kinks. However, he didn’t have the ability to turn away from it either. 


“I’ve been in control of my life for so long. Getting into a good school, going Pro, paying off my parent’s debts, instigating sex in every relationship I’ve had. The last one really kills a girls confidence.” 


“What do you mean?”


“I am a thousand percent sure that you and Mina have never had this issue, Kiri, but I’ve been in a relationship where a lot of sex meant once a week. It was always in a bed, always at night, always the same five positions. There was a point where I stopped trying to get laid because I was being turned down every single time. I’m at a point now where I really don’t want to try, where a guy wants me all the time, any time of the day, and is going to damn well take it!” 


“Here here!” The three of them laughed, clinking their drinks together. 


“I’m heading to bed babe, gotta be up for the nine am meeting tomorrow.”


“I’ll join you shortly, Kiri.” Mina kissed her man quickly, watching him as he entered their room.


“Am I going to need the noise-canceling earmuffs tonight?”


“No . . . maybe . . . probably.” Uraraka laughed, Mina joining her as their loudness filled the room. They finished off their glasses with conversations about their week and what they had planned for their couple days off. Mina tossed Uraraka the earmuffs as she excitedly headed to where her man was waiting for her. Uraraka headed to the spare room, muffs firmly in place, and changed into her pajamas. Laying in bed she decided to unhide her profile, scrolling through the eligible candidates. 


Her inbox was filling up with several messages from different guys, it was eleven pm now so they were all looking for their evening booty. Uraraka looked at a couple of their profiles but nothing was striking her fancy, which wasn’t unusual. The next message piqued her interest. The guy’s profile picture was one that showed him in a very nice black suit jacket, white shirt, black tie. He was fixing his tie but it didn’t show his face but you could tell there was some muscle there by how taught the jacket was over his bicep. 


You’re gorgeous. Any chance you’re a sub or want to be? Uraraka’s breath caught in her throat as she sat there reading the message over and over. Not one to chicken out over a message she responded back.


I can’t say that I am or have been, but the D’s world definitely intrigues me. She bit her lip as she waited for a response.


Do you want to explore it with me, virtually, until you decide I can be trusted? Did she? Oh, hells yes she wanted to give this a whirl.


Yes. I would like to experiment with you. She hit send, there was no turning back and worst-case scenario she could just block the guy if it turned out weird.


Good girl. You will call me I want you to download PicMe if you haven’t already or send me your screen name if you have it. From there we’ll establish some ground rules. Uraraka scrambled to find the app so she could follow his instructions. Once it was completed she sent him her information, sitting up in bed as the anticipation almost killed her.


Hello gorgeous.


Good evening . . . What do you like to be referred to as?


You will address me as Sir when we are conversing such as this, otherwise, when we are playing you will call me Faelan. I’ll be calling you My Slut when we are playing, Baby Girl. What is your occupation?


I’m a Pro Hero, Sir.


Every morning you will send a picture of your ass in your underwear, followed by telling me if you are working that day or not. From there you can expect my instructions for the day. 


Yes Sir. 


You will not be allowed to touch yourself unless you have my permission to do so, understood?


Yes Sir. 


Good girl. Get some rest Baby Girl, tomorrow the fun begins. She watched as his green login light turned white, signaling he was offline now. Uraraka logged off as well, flopping onto her back as she stared at the ceiling. What had she gotten herself into?

Chapter Text

Uraraka woke up rather early, not really wanting to have to go in for a seven am meeting, but she knew that they needed to be debriefed from the night crew for the week. Unusual activity had been popping up, nothing that could be linked to one another just yet. Random thefts of small items to people feeling dizzy and collapsing in the street, it was all very odd. She figured a villain group was amping up for an attack of some kind, but for now they had to dig deeper into the occurrences. 


After her shower she picked a black lace thong to wear, something comfortable for the day yet that would entice Sir. Setting her phone on her nightstand she flipped the camera around and began experimenting with the best angle. Finally settling on bending over so that her ass took the full view of the camera, she set the timer for three seconds. Waiting for the shutter to sound she spun around to take a look, smiling at how well the black lace looked against her creamy skin. 


Opening up her app she sent Sir a good morning text followed by telling him that she was working until four pm, unless an emergency happened. Her thumb hovered over the send button now that she had attached the picture of her ass. Did she want to go through with this? Was the picture really ok? He wouldn’t think her ass was too fat, right? Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and hit the send button. 


Good morning indeed, Baby Girl. Your ass looks like it could use a red handprint on each cheek amongst the white skin and black underwear. It’d be a nice contrast.


Thank you, Sir.


I want you to pick up a long cucumber from the grocery store on your way home tonight, Baby Girl. Let me know once you are home for your next set of instructions.


Will do, Sir.


Have a great day, Baby Girl, because I certainly will now. His green login light went back to white as she sat there a little dumbfounded. What the hell did he expect her to do with a cucumber? She looked at her alarm clock on her nightstand, moaning as she realized she wasn’t going to make the train unless she left RIGHT now! Flying down the stairs with her backpack in hand she raced towards the substation. Uraraka had used her quirk on herself so she could run faster.


“Hold the door! Please! Please!” She saw a black boot stick out as she skidded to a halt. Uraraka was hunched over, hands on her knees as she took several deep breaths of air to try to slow her racing heart. 


“Still late as usual, huh Cheeks?” Uraraka’s whole body shot up as she stared into intense red eyes.


“Bakugou? What are you doing on my train?”


“Your agency called mine in so we could fucking team up. Don’t you read your emails, Cheeks?”


“It just mentioned the agency we were teaming up with, not the PH’s that would be joining us.” 


“Shitty Hair will be joining us there. Not sure what other extras they’re sending over.”


“Can’t believe you still use that term.” Uraraka rolled her eyes as she adjusted her backpack.


“The extras haven’t fucking done anything for me to deserve using their name.”


“I was referring to calling your bestfriend by that awful nickname.” She smirked as his cheeks turned just a smidge of red. “We’re almost to our stop. Let’s go get us some baddies!”


“Hells yes. Now you’re talking Cheeks!”

Uraraka tossed her bag on the couch as she made her way to the kitchen for a glass of water. Patrol this morning had been rather boring but this afternoon had been much more eventful. Sparring with Kirishima and Bakugou had brought out the competitive edge in all of them. It had been strictly non-quirk hand-to-hand combat, that had lasted three hours. She had so much fun, especially learning that she’d been working with them for the rest of her shift this week., four on and three off. Uraraka was praying that the task force teams the agency leads were putting together would be the three of them. They’d totally kick ass.


Walking into her room she changed out of her street clothes for a comfy pair of black short shorts and a pink racer-back tank top. Fingering the top of her underwear she bit her lip before sliding the short up over her hips. She chewed on her thumb nail as she pulled the cucumber out of the grocery bag, setting it on the counter before putting the other items away in the fridge or pantry.


I am home now, Sir. I picked up a long English cucumber from the grocery store tonight. He wasn’t logged in yet but she figured he’d probably message her in the next couple hours seeing as it was only just after five now. 


Send me a picture of the cucumber beside your hand. I want to see just how long it really is. She giggled as she took the picture and sent it to him. Mhmm, that is a good size, Baby Girl. Make sure you wash it with soap and water then set up your camera the same way you did to take this morning's picture.


Yes, Sir. Uraraka did as she was instructed, thoroughly washing the cucumber before heading back to her room. She set her phone up just like she had this morning before messaging him back to say she was ready.


I’m going to call you, Baby Girl, and you’re to answer me. Do not show your face just yet though, I want to see what you’re wearing. Her heart jumped into her throat as she started to panic. The phone began to ring through the app as she shakily answered with a swipe of her finger. 


“Good evening, Baby Girl.”


“Good evening, Sir. How are you tonight?”


“Just fine, Baby Girl, just fine. Take your top off for me, Baby Girl. I want to see your tits in your bra.”


“Yes, Sir.” Uraraka pulled the pink shirt over her head, tossing it onto her bed as she leaned forward to give Sir an ample view of her black push-up bra. 


“Mhmm, your tits look amazing, Baby Girl. Now lower yourself so I can see those plump pink lips. Yes, just like that, Baby Girl. Grab the cucumber and worship it like you would my cock.” 


“Yes, Sir.” Uraraka wet her lips with her tongue, biting her bottom lip softly before her tongue snuck out to lick the tip. She ran her tongue along the underside of the vegetable, as if it was Sir’s cock. Her tongue swirled around the top before she took the first two inches in her mouth, sucking gently. 


“Take it deeper, My Slut.” His gruff voice sent shivers down her spine, heat pooling between her legs. “You like sucking on my cock, don’t you My Slutty girl?”


“Yes, Sir?”


“Yes what?”


“Yes, Faelan.”


“Good girl. I heard you mean there. Does My Slut have a praise kink? Does hearing how pleased I am get your pussy juices running?”


“Ohhh, yes Faelan.”


“Gag on my cock, Slut. I want to hear it hit the back of your throat. Yeah, you look so good like that. Stop. Stand up and turn so I can see your ass, then take off your shorts.” Uraraka followed his commands, wanting to please him and see just where this would lead her.


“My Slut, you have such a round, plump ass. I can’t wait to spank it. Run your hands up and down it for me, spread your legs a bit.” Uraraka complied, imagining it was his rough hands grazing over her soft skin.  


“Look at how wet you are just from my voice and sucking on a cucumber, such a dirty slut. Spread your legs further for me. Further. Yes, just like that. Grab your cucumber, My Slut.” Uraraka reached over to where she had set the cucumber, grasping it in her hand.


“I have it, Faelan.”


“I want you to slap your pussy with that cucumber three times, softly. Find a grip that works for you.” Uraraka grasped the middle of the cucumber and swung it, but it felt awkward. Moving her hand down a bit farther she swung again but it wasn’t quite right. Gripping the end she swung, the vegetable landing between her pussy lips causing a sharp inhale.


“Ah, I see you found a grip that works for you. Softly slap your pussy five times and tell me how it feels.” Uraraka bit her lip as she softly swung the cucumber. There was barely any sting but the feeling of something hitting her clit and pussy lips like that had her black thong soaked. 


“Put the cucumber down and take your underwear off, My Slut. Let me see just how wet you are.” Uraraka slid her black lace thong to the side before resuming the position of having her legs spread apart so that he could see her pink, wet pussy. The cool air against it did little to calm the quaking feeling inside her.


“Look how wet you are, My Slut. That makes me incredibly happy to see how turned on you are. How are you feeling?”


“Good but so needy, Faelan.” 


“Should I make you cum from getting your pussy slapped, My Slut?”


“If it pleases you, Falean.”


“Oh, it pleases me greatly. Spank your pussy with the cucumber ten times fast. I want to hear it smack between your wet nether lips, but do not cum.” It took Uraraka three attempts to find the right force he was looking for, but when she did there was nothing to stop her moaning. 


“How close are you, My Slut?”


“So close, Faelan. Please, I need you so bad. Need it to be harder.”


“Harder?” She could hear the octave drop in his voice. “Then spank that pussy harder until you cum, My Slut. I want to hear you fall apart.” Uraraka started off slow and steady, building the edge she had been dangling on back up but hearing Faelan’s needy voice saying faster spurred her on. 


“Please, Faelan, can I cum?” 


“Yes, let me watch you fall apart, My Slut.” Uraraka moaned loudly, legs locking into place as her pussy walls clenched tightly as she held the cucumber tightly against her throbbing clit. Her chest was heaving as she dropped the cucumber to the floor, legs suddenly feeling like jell-o.


“You did so good, My Slut. Face the camera, I have a treat for you today.” Uraraka wiped the sweat from her brow with the back of her hand before facing the camera. She instantly licked her lips at what she was greeted with. There on her screen was the most glorious dick she had ever seen. “Grab that cucumber and suck, My Slut. Taste yourself and I pretend I’m fucking your dirty mouth.” Uraraka shoved the cucumber down her throat as it would go, coating it in her saliva.


“Fuck, you look so good with that in your mouth. Hollow your cheeks out, My Slut, that’s right.” Faelan groaned as he came, streams of white cum shooting away from his body. The sight of it had Uraraka hot and bothered all over again.


“Baby Girl,” she knew that their fun time was over, but she couldn’t help but smile at his pet name for her. “I want you to have a nice long hot bath, it’ll help you feel less sore in the morning. I want to know how sore you are in the morning, alright?”


“Yes, Sir.”


“Good girl. Drink lots of water and have a good night, Baby Girl.”


“Have a good night too, Sir.” Her phone screen went blank as she collapsed onto the floor. She’d definitely run a bath for her tonight, soon since it must have been so late. Glancing at her watch she realized it was on quarter after six. That had taken twenty minutes? It had felt less than five, everything had blurred together. Uraraka had never felt so fulfilled after masturbating, but that might have been because of the sexy Dom that was telling what to do. She couldn’t wait to see what he wanted to do tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Uraraka had been feeling like she was on top of the world all damn week. Everything was going her way, and if something happened she easily met the challenge head-on. The vending machine at the agency didn’t dispense her pop so she pounded the front once and two fell from the machine. She wasn’t late for work once this week, which her co-workers praised her on. Uraraka was sent for a rescue mission out of the city, meeting up with Jirou and the two had saved everyone from an awful sinkhole situation. Bakugou was being less asshole-ish to her this week - which was a miracle in itself. Life just felt right for a change, which could have been due to the amazing orgasms that Sir was inducing. Just the sound of his voice, the way he was instructing her caused her netherlips to pulse. You could say her good week was due to Uraraka feeling amazing every night. 


Speaking of which, Sir said they were going to switch things up slightly tonight. He’d been getting her off just by slapping her pussy with whatever vegetable he asked her to buy, so far she’d used a cucumber, squash, and an eggplant. They were all round firm objects that were wide enough to hit every part of her pussy and long enough so that she could grip it wise ease to hit as softly or hard as Sir directed. One thing was for sure, she’d never look at vegetables the same again. He’d also had her hit herself with her own hand, something that she had never thought of but it also had the desired effect. 


This morning Sir had asked her to pick up a zucchini, one that wasn’t overly long but was a bit thicker. Uraraka was excited to see what he was going to have her do tonight but she had to wait until a little later as he was going to be stuck in some evening meetings. Which was fine with her, gave her some time to catch up on laundry and maybe do some dishes, sweep, and whatever else her small apartment needed cleaning. 


Uraraka arrived home, opening her app so that Sir would see that she was online and could message her when he was ready. She filled the sink up with warm water and soap, the area filled with the smell of apples. Fruity smells were her favorites or baked goods, but she could stand the smell of detergents - that overly clean smell made her wrinkle her nose every time. She cranked her music on her Bluetooth speaker and proceeded to start the cleaning process. 


When she heard her phone chime Uraraka had folded and put away all the clean laundry, had a cupboard full of clean dishes, swept and mopped her floors, and had even changed the sheets on her bed. She was feeling proud and accomplished when the familiar sound reached her ears, sending a wave of anticipation throughout her whole body. Sir was messaging her, which meant he was ready for some fun.


“Good evening, Sir.”


“Good evening, Baby Girl. How was your day today?” Uraraka gave him a brief recount of her day before inquiring about his own. “It was alright. Took down some villains today, nothing too strenuous. Are you ready to play, Baby Girl?”


“Yes, Sir.”


“Strip to your underwear, Baby Girl. Your ass is the perfect peach accentuated by that pink silk thong I’m been staring at all day, and I’m a starving man.” Uraraka took her t-shirt off, showing off the rose-pink push-up bra she was wearing to match her thong. After a week with Sir, she was starting to understand why people liked to have matching underwear sets. There was something about it that made her feel extra sexy. 


“Very nice, My Slut. Spread your legs for me, let me see how wet your thong is.” Uraraka followed his instructions, bending over so her ass filled the camera frame, widening her stance so that he had an excellent view of her cloth-covered pussy. “Not as excited to see me this evening I see. How about we change that, My Slut? Grab the zucchini you purchased today. Ten soft pussy spankings, and why do we start with soft ones?”


“To prepare the skin so that it doesn’t bruise, Faelan.”


“Very good. Now please proceed.” Uraraka wrapped her hand lightly around one end of the vegetable before bringing it gently against her pussy ten times. “Rub your clit, My Slut. I want my cock to tease you until you’re a dripping mess.”


“Yes, Faelan.” Back and forth she moved her object, light and breezy touches that caused her to sigh. She increased the pressure, moving in large slow circular motions that had her arching her back slightly.


“Smack that pussy.” Uraraka didn’t hesitate to comply, moaning as she made contact. “Look at how wet you are. Take your thong off, let me see how much you’re enjoying this.” Slipping her underwear down her thick thighs she wiggled her ass a bit, and when he moaned at the sight she had to bite her lip. He didn’t make sounds very often but when he did they make her head feel foggy. “Insert your index finger into your pussy, My Slut. I need you to really wey for me.”


“Yes, Faelan.”


“Look at how easy your finger slides inside of yourself. Add your pointer finger, keep going slowly. Mhmm good enough to eat, don’t you think? Add your ring finger now, stretch yourself for me. Yeah, you like that don’t you?”


“Mhmm, yes. Yes, I love it Faelan.”


“Take your fingers out and face the camera, My Slut. You’ve been so good, that I think you deserve a treat.” Uraraka licked her lips as he pulled his gorgeous cock out from his signature black briefs he wore. “Greedy girl. Do you want this cock in your mouth?”


“Please, Faelan. Please let me taste you.”


“Put all three fingers in your mouth, take them as far in as you can before finding your rhythm. Gawd, you look so damn good with your mouth full.” Faelan put a bit of lube on his hand before matching Uraraka’s movements. “Can you take them deeper? Gag for me?” Uraraka hadn’t deep throated a guy in a long time, so she tested it out. Since her fingers weren’t that long it didn’t put much pressure on the back of her throat, but it was enough to make her a sloppy mess.


“Such a good, sloppy girl you are. Let me see how wet sucking on me has made you.” Uraraka spun around, bent over, and spread herself wide. “Mhmm, I could slide right into you. Grab the zucchini and slowly insert it into you, get used to how it feels.” 


“Faelan, I’ve never . . .  done anything like this before.”


“Surely you have toys, My Slut?”


“A couple of small bullets and a vibrator, Faelan. Everything I had to get rid of.” That had been a sad day when Uraraka had found out individual bags she kept her toys in had shifted over time. The toys had become exposed to one another and the contrasting rubber materials had caused them to melt one another. She didn’t have a man at the time and work was busy so she had never thought to buy more, as what she had was more than enough. Until now that it.


“We’ll rectify this later. For now, just take my cock bit by bit. You shouldn’t feel much resistance since we prepared you. You have you colors if you need to call them out. What are they?”


“Green is good, yellow is mellow, and red is dead.” Taking a deep breath she put the tip of the vegetable in her pussy, finding that Faelan was right and there wasn’t much resistance. However, she chose to play it safe and continued to slowly ease into it. 


“Slide it in and out several times, get a feel for it. That’s right, just like that. How do you feel?”


“It’s so good . . . so full, ohhh.”


“Good girl. Increase your pace, yes, just like that. Damn, look at how your juices are coating my cock.” Uraraka moaned loudly as she began to move her hips. “My Slut, I didn’t tell you to move anything but your arm. Three hard pussy spankings.”


“Sorry, Faelan.” Uraraka cried out with each contact she made, it felt so good.


“Fuck yourself, My Slut. I want to watch you cum all over my cock.”


“Yes, Faelan.” Uraraka positioned her toy at her sopping entrance as she began to fuck herself fast and hard, crying out with every thrust. “Faelan, I’m sooo close. Please, please can I cum?”


“Not yet, My Slut. Mhmm gawd you look so damn good being fucked like that. You like it hard and rough huh? Like the way it feels buried deep inside your hot little pussy.”


“Yesss, oh gawd Faelan. Please, PLEASE!” 


“Cum for me!” Uraraka screamed as her walls contracted, heat soared through her body, as she pressed her free hand to the floor to balance herself out. She was panting hard, her mind a haze of pleasure as she heard Faelan groan out his own release. “Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.” 


“Thank you for tonight Faelan.”


“You’re most welcome, Baby Girl. I’m going to be gone on a three-day mission starting tomorrow and I won’t have access to my phone. I want you to use your bullet on yourself before bed each night, send me videos as proof. I’m still going to ask for you to keep your regular morning routine as well.”


“Mhmm hmm. Okay, Sir.”


“You’ll have an assignment tomorrow as well. I expect you to have it completed by the fourth day when I return.”


“Sounds good, Sir.”


“Now go clean up and head to bed, Baby Girl. Have a good night.”


“Mhmm, good night, Sir.” Uraraka managed to hit the end button on her phone, before picking herself up from her bedroom floor. She was spent, that was the most intense orgasm to date and all she wanted to do was go to sleep. However, she wasn’t going to risk a potential yeast infection because she didn’t take care of herself afterward. I quick five-minute shower was all she needed before she turned out the lights, snuggling comfortably under the sheets to fall into a restful sleep.