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Crimson Harem

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“Loosen your hold.”


“I am.”

Atsumu chuckled to himself as he paced idly behind the other. They had been in this section of the training grounds for maybe twenty minutes now. Originally, Atsumu had been here on his own to try out new techniques and types of guns. However, when the excitable ball of orange barreled his way into his training time, who was Atsumu to deny him? “You’re doing the exact same thing as before.”

“No, I'm not!”

“You’re not going to—”



They watched as the target stand shuddered before stilling. Hinata let out a destained whine while Atsumu rolled his eyes only half amused by this whole ordeal. Walking out the safeteyzone and to put a new sheet up for additional target practice. “At least we know you have nice accuracy. All of your shots are just two rings to the left of bullseye.” Atsumu held it up with a teasing smile on his face, “See~”


Hinata stuck his tongue out at the alpha. Dropping into a crouch Hinata stared at the new target with a frustrated frown on his usual cheery expression. 


Atsumu thought Hinata’s been hanging around Ushijima too much, the alpha voiced this concern, which earned an even bigger sour expression from Hinata. Snickering at the pout, Atsumu positioned himself in front of the target before nonchalantly firing off an entire round of bullets into the bullseye. When the gun was emptied he dropped it in exchange for the dagger in his thigh pocket. Throwing it at full force from twenty-five yards away they both watched as the blade sunk into the bullseye. 


“See? Easy,” Atsumu said, waking to stand in front of the crouched omega.

“Easy for you to say. You’re like... ka-blam when it comes to this stuff.” Rolling backwards so he could starfish out on the ground Hinata groaned petulantly as he stared up at the ceiling. “It’s like! Like... I can see where I want to aim, and the path that leads to it, but like- aghh!”


“You’re just thinking too much.”


Hinata slumped onto the cushiony training floor mat and dropped his weapons on the floor. There was something so intense about training in such a testosterone filled environment. His second gun pressed into his leg and he reached to bring it out, lay it on the floor too, next to the other that his Sensei had brought over last Tuesday. His eyes settled on it for a moment. Beautiful. Deadly...and yet useless given he couldn’t wield it yet.


Glancing towards Atsumu, he stared through the alpha as he was stuck in thought. Hinata wondered why the other had to be so naturally talented. It wasn’t fair for the rest of them. Same goes for another one of their teammates. Kageyama Tobio. In Hinata’s eyes, either of them could simply breath on a weapon and suddenly they would’ve mastered it instantaneously. 


Hinata vaguely notices the eyebrow lift and head tilt from Atsumu before he is training his gaze elsewhere but still not focusing. 


Hinata Shouyou was an omega. Something he didn’t find any shame in whatsoever, but it was also something that proved to be somewhat of a hindrance in his goals to be an Elite Assassin. 


He didn’t want to play the omega card and say that being one was the only reason he wasn't an Elite. There were omegas out there who have earned that title. However, compared to how many alphas or betas had the title it was still a small handful. 


Then there was also the fact that he still had a lot to learn before he could rightfully own that title. 


Looking back at Atsumu, he again wondered why the other settled with being just an All-Rounder.  He was already nationally acclaimed as the best Sniper in Japan amongst the shadows and government, yet he refused to be a Ranged Assassin. Then there was his combat skills. Atsumu possessed a knack for battle and enjoyed it. He has good fighting skills such as having high mobility and reflexes, and also has a mind suited for pranks, and foul play. Though he isn’t the physically strongest assassin in their Section, he typically has no trouble subduing those with higher muscular build. 


He could easily be an Elite Assassin...and yet..


Adjusting the mandatory collar around his neck, Hinata tugged at the hardened leather that was meant for protecting him against unwanted mating bites from passing alphas. 


“I think..” Atsumu started. Stepping closer and standing with his feet bracketing around Hinata’s slim waist, he leaned down so his face was hovering just in front of the omega’s. “You just need to relax.”


Hinata’s cheeks are suddenly kissed pink like a spring rose, the blooming color so cute against his slightly freckled skin. He stared helplessly into Atsumu’s eyes, glancing between shining gold irises and soft pink lips, before looking away, finding distraction in a few of the other assassins passing by the training room.  


“‘S-sumu...someone could—”

Before the sentence was complete something hit Atsumu exactly in the center of his back. There was a dull point to the hit, and an audible little ‘thump’  and roll as the anti-kill dagger hit the ground. Glancing over his shoulder, the blonde straightened up as he turned towards their other teammate, Oikawa Tooru. 


“Cheap dagger to the back attack. I would’ve thought better of you, Your Majesty,” Atsumu teased, picking up the dagger. A glint of a challenge in his eyes as he smelt the slight jealousy and arousal in the other alpha’s scent. “Does pretty boy care to dance?” 


Hinata watched as Atsumu twirled the anti-kill dagger around his fingers and wrist. It wasn’t necessarily an impressive move, given that those black knives were completely harmless to human touch. However, Hinata still thought it was the coolest thing ever.


Oikawa smiled a bit flirtatiously at the other alpha, his eyes glancing between Hinata and Atsumu, before motioning for Atsumu to come forward with a curl of a finger. 


Never one to deny a challenge, Atsumu confidently stepped forward with an even more excited glint to his eyes. 


Sitting up quickly, Hinata sat criss-crossed as he readied to watch yet another battle between the two alphas. At some point he had lost track on how many wins each of them had, given how often this happened. Tucking his hands into his lap, he leaned forward with a content sigh as he used the moment to distract himself from the blush that was still on his face.


In a flash, Atsumu threw the dagger back towards Oikawa. Sliding out of the way, Oikawa caught it in mid-air before tossing it right back for a headshot. Catching it before it hit him, Atsumu smiled mischievously as he tossed the false blade to the side. 


Hinata’s eyes sparkled in amazement at the two. He let out a soft noise of awe as the omega inside him was screaming to fawn over the strong alphas. 


Rushing towards Oikawa, Atsumu tackled the other to the ground with blinding speed and strength. Being caught off guard, Oikawa gasped but wasted no time in switching positions. Bringing his right arm underneath Atsumu’s arm and up around the front of his neck. Oikawa pulled Atsumu towards his chest and squeezed to put pressure on the side of his neck with his forearm.  


There was a tightness in Atsumu’s throat. His lungs felt as elastic as old underpants, just sagging instead of contracting for the next breath. Pulling his free arm back he aimed for an assault of punches right underneath Oikawa’s rib cage. After the first three strong hits, Oikawa finally had to roll away when he couldn’t gather enough ground to fully restrain Atsumu. The pair rolled a few feet apart as they tried to catch their breathing. 


“Done yet?” Oikawa asked, side throbbing a bit but he could feel it healing even as he talked.  


“You should know I have more stamina than that, pretty boy.”

Oikawa smiled pleased with the response. His arousal from earlier being slightly intensified by the innuendo. Jumping from foot to foot, he took a moment before catapulting towards Atsumu. Leaping in the air at the last second to land a kick across the face. Taking the kick like a champ, Atsumu spun with the impact ducking his upperbody towards the ground, and bringing his foot up to connect with the underside of Oikawa’s chin sending the other flying backwards.


Wiping the little bit of blood from the corner of his mouth, Atsumu stepped towards Oikawa, who had managed to roll into a crouch position after the kick. The blonde was about the dive in for another attack, but was stopped in his tracks by Hinata silently jumping onto his back. The omega had the anti-kill dagger from before, pressed against his Adam's apple and chin resting on top of his head. 


Standing from his crouched position, Oikawa smiled sweetly at Hinata before sticking his tongue out with a peace sign at Atsumu. “I win~”


“This is cheating,” Atsumu said, crossing his arms over his chest. There’s an obvious pout where his usual lazy smirk was. “I won since you needed help.”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever you say big baby,” Oikawa said, stepping closer. He rested his hands on Hinata’s thighs that were still wrapped tightly around Atsumu’s waist, as he leaned forward to nuzzle his nose against his jaw where he had kicked. 


Hinata shivered as both of the alphas natural scents swirled together in such an intimate sort of way. From so close Hinata could detect the aroma of rich coco mixed with passion fruit, which made his stomach flutter at the promise of two approaching ruts. Tossing the dagger to the side, he nuzzled against the side of Atsumu’s neck a bit shyly as he watched from his perch as his two alphas interacted. 


It's been a month of their...whatever this was...strange courtship. A non-traditional courtship that involved six alphas and one omega. Something that was looked down upon by some, or sexualized by others. However, to the seven who were involved it felt every bit close to perfection. 


Atsumu swayed between the two as he focused on both of their scents and touch. His lids become a tinsey bit more hooded, and his shoulders relaxed as he leaned forward into Oikawa. Hinata leaned heavily on Atsumu’s back, which usually wouldn’t have done much, but given Atsumu’s loose stance it caused the two of them to go crashing on top of Oikawa. 


They fall quickly. 


Oikawa had let out a startled yelp as both omega and alpha’s weights were suddenly on him. The noise morphed into a content moan though as Atsumu’s arms came up to protect his head from hitting the floor. “Such a nice alpha,” Oikawa cooed, trailing his fingers over Atsumu’s jaw.


Carefully moving Hinata off of his back and to the space between himself and Oikawa, Atsumu rolled the three of them onto their sides— with Hinata laying on his back. When they finally clasped each other in a warm, slow and luxurious hug, they felt all oppositions to their courtship had melted. Atsumu’s chests rising and falling against Hinata’s side while Oikawa covered the omega’s opposite side, their breaths in unison, and the warm blood that they could feel in each others' embrace.


“No fair! You guys could’ve called the rest of us for a cuddle pile,” Bokuto whined.


“Oi,” said a deep yet soothing voice. Sakusa stood by the training room entrance with a jealous looking Bokuto beside him. His arms crossed and a tint of blush on his face as his gaze zeroed in on Atsumu. “Nice to know you’re sleeping while the rest of us are working, Atsumu.” 


Spluttering at being the only one called out, Atsumu sprung to his feet with his hands on his hips. “Why am I the only one in trouble, Omi-omi!”


“It was probably your idea. Get ready, we're on mission. Kageyama and Ushijima are already stationed,” said Sakusa. Walking off afterwards with a little smile on his face as he heard Atsumu begin to chase after him.