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Crimson Harem

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Less than ten minutes later, Hinata was being held down by all but two of his alphas. The omega had been stripped of nearly everything besides the white button up, panties, and his collar. Bokuto was between his legs, grinding slowly against him as he kissed Hinata deeply, moaning into the omega’s mouth as the others restrained Atsumu and Oikawa in a separate room. 


Hinata wasn’t really a fan of the idea of having those two apart from the rest of them, but knew it was something that needed to be done. Atsumu and Oikawa had been showing intense symptoms of rut, something that the other alphas picked up on right away, and had to be contained until afterwards. 


“Nn...D-do I smell good yet?” Hinata whimpered, lulling his head back and away from the kiss to breathe. “I...I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle all of yo-” Hinata’s sentence ended with a squeak, caught off guard by Bokuto’s erect dick sliding against the cotton of his underwear.  


“Are you having second thoughts?” Sakusa asked. “Atsumu and Oikawa can manage on their own if need be.”


Shaking his head at the question, Hinata blushed a bit darker as he spread his legs a bit wider for Bokuto. “I wanna help ‘Tsumu and Tooru.” His eyes flutter shut as he felt his own slick slide down his thighs. “I wanna experience it with all of you...”


After a moment of shared glances and touches, Ushijima took the first step in retrieving one of Hinata’s toys from Atsumu’s nightstand. Placing the silicone toy on the omega’s stomach, all four alphas watched in rapid attentiveness as Hinata’s fingers wrapped around it. “You’re gonna have to start yourself off. Get yourself ready so we can take care of the rest, Shouyou.”


Wrapping his fingers around the dildo, Hinata felt a little mesmerized as he let his nails drag over the knotted base. Squirming out of his panties with the help of Bokuto, he took his shirt off as well with his hand refusing to let go of the dildo. Whimpering as he felt Bokuto slide off of him, Hinata scrambled to replace the warm feeling by sliding the toy in his slick. His breath hitched pathetically as his soft folds spread around the toy letting his clit find friction against something. Moaning, he let his eyes flutter open just as Kageyama laid on his left and Ushijima on his right. The both of them held his thighs back for him, allowing Hinata to just work the toy as he pleased. 


Whining as he forced the toy into his lubed hole, already wet from all of his slick, Hinata’s toes curled as he felt stretched. Leaving the knot out still he held the bdildo inside with one hand while his other hand rubbed circles around his clit. 


“Such a beautiful omega,” Bokuto praised, inching forward again as Hinata began to thrust the toy in and out, pupils blown wide with lust. “You’ve only used toys before, right?”


Hinata moaned, nodding his head. 


“We’ll make it a good first time for you. Here, let me take the toy, just relax.” Kageyama said, shooing Hinata’s hand away from the toy, so that the alpha could fuck him open instead. 


Hinata didn’t know how much time had passed, but soon enough the bed was soaked with his juices. He’s orgasmed three times with the toy alone, and from what he could tell from the overwhelming scents in the room, he could tell that his alphas were reaching their limits as well.  Blindly reaching backwards, his hand bumped into someone's stomach. Trailing his fingers down their stomach and to the button of their jeans, Hinata gently tugged as he finally made eye contact with Sakusa. 


“T-taste?” Hinata asked, lust drunk.


Nodding at the request, Sakusa undid his zipper before pulling his already leaking dick from it’s confinement. Rubbing his thumb over the tip, he knee walked closer to Hinata before sliding the tip of his cock over Hinata’s plump lips — smearing precum over soft pink lips. 


Opening his mouth, Hinata moaned around Sakusa’s dick as Kageyama continued to thrust the toy into his twitching hole. Stretching his right arm out, his hand landed on Ushijima’s stomach before sliding further down to slip underneath his sweatpants. Hearing Ushijima moan at the feeling, Hinata shivered as he started to jerk his hand in time with the thrust of the toy. 


Hinata was just getting used to all of these things happening at once, when Bokuto crawled down the bed with his head between Hinata’s spread thighs. The whitehaired alpha left marks all over his inner thighs and made good work to clean up any slick that he could. Screaming out at all of the stimulation, Sakusa’s dick falling out of his mouth, Hinata twitched helplessly as yet another orgasm ripped from his body. 


“Ooh~” Bokuto mused, eyes sparkling as he stared at Hinata’s twitching thighs. “Are you sensitive here?” He asked pressing his thumb over one of the few marks he left on the sun kissed skin, watching even more excited as Hinata’s pussy pulsed in response 


“P-please? I want more... please ,” Hinata begged, hips twitching and rotating. The toy was pulled out only a short moment after his last plea, causing him to gasp and immediately miss the feeling of something being inside of him. The empty feeling was quickly replaced though by Bokuto, who pressed his condom covered dick into his stretched hole. 


Bokuto draped himself over Hinata, taking over the job of holding them omega's thighs back. Pulling back to give the others space after a moment of scenting, Bokuto growled as he pressed the length and thickness of his dick deeper into the desperately twitching hole. Hinata fell loosely onto the bed while Bokuto smiled dopily down at his spent body.  


Staring up at his alpha with hooded lust filled eyes, Hinata’s back arched as he felt even more stretched once Bokuto finally bottomed out. Bokuto was much thicker than the dildo was and a bit longer, which was succeeding in making Hinata’s vision haze over. “Good alpha, best alphas!” He moaned out, body trembling as he moved his hands to play with his own hardened nipples. Squeezing his chest in his hands, he glanced between the four alphas with a dazed expression on his face. “Alpha touch me right the- gwah—


Bokuto’s hand slid to hold underneath Hinata’s knee while the other held securely at his calf. The alpha sat on his knees as he thrusted sporadically into Hinata. Kageyama had his lips wrapped around one of Hinata’s nipples, sucked gently as Ushijima gave the same treatment to the opposite nipple. 


Sakusa watched all of them closely before tilting Hinata’s head to the side again, to slide his dick back into his mouth. Hinata whimpered around the length, his knees parting even more for Bokuto as he relaxed his throat for Sakusa. 


Bokuto thrusted a bit faster as he watched Sakusa and Hinata. The alpha's breathing became erratic and just moments later he was gripping hard at Hinata’s legs as he forced his knot into the omega. 


Hinata’s eyes blew wide as his legs tried to shut. Crying out at the feeling of being filled up, he barely had time to process anything before Sakusa was coming in his mouth as well. When Sakusa pulled out, a stream of cum slipped from Hinata’s parted lips. Hinata’s eyes closed, his chest heaving, and his entire body shaking as he felt on the brink of another orgasm. From the corner of his eye, Hinata could see Kageyama sliding a condom onto his leaking cock. Turning his head to face him, he gasped and rolled his hips down onto Bokuto in anticipation. 


“Your turn?” Hinata slurred, falling limp as he licked his lips clean. 


“My turn,” Kageyama growled, biting his lower lip excitedly. 


Sakusa tapped Ushijima on the shoulder with a dazed pout on his face. When the other alpha turned to him, Sakusa pulled the man into a sloppy kiss. Hinata turned to face them, watching in immense interest as Sakusa got into position to ride Ushijima. Scooping a lot of Hinata’s slick from between the omega’s thighs, Sakusa lathered up Ushijima’s dick before guiding it into his hole. 


All five of them moaned in unison as Ushijima bottomed out inside of Sakusa’s pert ass. 


Sakusa’s eyes glazed over, his hands resting on Ushijima’s broad chest, and his back arching as Ushijima gripped onto his thighs. He gave a little nod down at the other alpha to start moving. When Ushijima nodded back in response, he slid his hands to Sakusa’s waist, planted his feet onto the bed, and began bouncing his boyfriend on top of him. 


“Ah...mi..fuck, so good, fuck me har- W-wakatoshi-kun!” Sakusa exclaimed, eyes crossing for a second as his head fell back in bliss.  


Hinata came just from watching them. His body tingled. He doesn’t know if it was because his body was so spent, or if it was because more time had passed, but soon Bokuto was able to pull out of him. “A-alpha! No-” He shouted, but was cut off by Kageyama filling in Bokuto’s place before he could even fully miss the feeling of being filled for too long. The blue eyed alpha grabbed onto his leg, flipping Hinata over onto his stomach while still seated deep inside of him. Dragging him closer by the ass, Kageyama had his omega bent over and arched prettily for him before starting a merciless pace. 


Hinata’s eyes watered, nearly choking on a moan as he clenched tightly to the sheets. Pressing his face to the mattress, he tilted his head just enough so he could watch Sakusa and Ushijima as the curvature of Kageyama’s cock pressed into him, repeatedly jabbing into his prostate. 


Beside them, Bokuto sprawled out on the bed with a satisfied smile on his sweaty face. 


Hinata had no idea how he was going to handle two alphas in rut after this.