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curves like a river, make a boy shiver

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Katsuki sighs and sits down at his desk, wearily picking up the seven files awaiting him. He remembers not too long ago when he would’ve been a file on a Pro Hero’s desk, eagerly demanding to be taken as an intern. Fuck, but he used to think that the agencies were lucky to have intern like him. Now, being a Pro Hero himself, interns seem to be nothing but nuisances. Not one that he’s taken on has had potential to match him, but he will find someone. In the time that All Might’s been gone from the hero scene, Katsuki has steadily climbed to number one, fulfilling the first half of the promise he made to him. But the second half, to find someone as worthy as Katsuki himself to take on the mantle… yeah, Katsuki’s not so sure about that. All Might told him about One For All a long time ago, and told him recently that he’d passed his power on to a young successor. 


But for some fucking reason, he wants Katsuki to train him, and that’s what these files are about. I’ll only know that I made the right decision if you yourself can pick out the young person that I have entrusted with my power, All Might had said.


What if he chooses wrong?


Katsuki shakes his head to clear out doubtful thoughts. No. He hasn’t reached number one for nothing. He’ll find the successor, even if it takes all night. Though he fucking hopes it doesn’t; he wants to get home to the new… furniture he’s installed. Voice recognition locked drawers, courtesy of Hatsume. If he says the access word, the drawers will pop open. Katsuki’s had them installed in almost every room, but voice recognition only works within the room, so he doesn’t have to worry about every single damn drawer opening when he says sexy . It’s a stupid access word, the default programmed by Hatsume, and one that he fully intends to change the first chance he gets. But it’s not like the access word is irrelevant. After all, he’s filled the drawers with nothing but sex toys. Dildos, fuck machines, mechanical sleeves… all courtesy of Hatsume as well. She runs a side business for personalised sex toys, built for Pro Heroes exclusively. Katsuki is one of her best customers: he uses the sleeves and models almost daily, and stashes the rest of the sex toys for breaking apart whoever is fortunate enough to bottom for him.


So, he needs to leave early tonight, get out there in the city, and find someone hot enough to bring home and break. Perfect. Back to business then.


The first three files are plain as fuck. A girl with floating abilities who looks like a chipmunk, a boy with turbo engines, Ingenium’s younger brother, and a girl who can turn invisible. The boy might be compatible with OFA, but the others? No fucking way. The fourth file looks more promising, a dude who powers up during a sugar rush and has enthusiasm to rival Shitty Hair’s. For him, he looks through the action shots, with closeups of his body in action. Katsuki’s disillusioned as soon as he does, because there are fundamental errors with his fighting stances and strategies. All Might was looking for potential to rival his own, not just potential on its own. Yeah, this guy ain’t it.


The fifth file is the same at first: a boy with a recessive bunny Quirk. C’mon, how the hell is that compatible with OFA? But then he looks down at the third year’s Quirk details, and things begin to make sense. Powerful thighs, enough to shake a building, lightning fast reflexes, brilliant stamina… the list goes on. Katsuki decides to check out the action shots of this third year hero student.




The first action shot is taken from the back, the boy’s leg raised in a powerful kick. But it does more than accentuate his muscular thighs and his immense power. No, it also gives Katsuki a full view of the student’s ass. Godfuckingdamnit . He’s taken on the qualities of a rabbit alright, because his ass is generous . It’s firm but soft, so fucking soft, and each ass cheek is easily double the size of Katsuki’s face. Together, his ass is nothing less than fucking huge , the material of his hero costume stretching over the plush skin tightly as he flexes. And he seems to handle it with ease, his stacked ass doing nothing to limit the power in his legs. If anything, it adds to it, his short stature highlighting the size of his ass even more.


Katsuki’s cock stiffens in his trousers, and Katsuki slams the file shut.


No. No . It doesn’t matter if Katsuki has a thing for his bottom bitch having a fat ass. It does not make a fucking difference, not even if Katsuki was the world’s number one ass lover. It doesn’t matter that at the age of twenty two, Katsuki is the youngest top ranking hero, rivalled only by Celsius and Red Riot. He’s thirsting over a possible intern . He can’t afford to do that. So he won’t. He will not !


Katsuki slaps his cheeks like he’s seen Momo do, forcing himself to wake up. He’s just pent up, that’s all. He needs to get his priorities in order. He opens the file again, quickly turning over the gorgeous ass— action shot to the next one. It’s a photo shot from the front this time, exposing the boy’s beautiful curls, big eyes, freckled cheeks, plush lips, curvaceous figure—


And his perfect fighting stance. He needs to see this in action. He doesn’t keep up with the Sports Festivals, no matter what the rumours say about one student breaking his records or another revealing something wild. Going to the Sports Festival as the number one hero would be disastrous, because Katsuki’s been told he’s shitty at hiding his emotions, and he’s not going to discourage some random ass hero kid for being utterly unimpressed. He has high standards, that’s all. But this year’s Sports Festival has just gone by, and the footage is up in numerous places. He skims through the videos, finally finding one worth watching: Bunny Hero Deku vs Sparkling Hero: Can’t Stop Twinkling.


The power in those legs is no fluke, and neither are Deku’s strategies or stances. He has every making of a prodigy. So this is the kid who’s been stealing his records. He expects nothing less from OFA’s successor, because who the fuck else would it be? He’s inviting Deku to be his intern, it’s decided.


But if he’s going to invite this particular student to work with him, he’s going to be face-to-face (not literally, though he fucking wishes) with that big, plush ass every day. So he needs to get it out of his system. Just once. Every time Deku kicks, his ass jiggles in his costume, the material doing nothing to hide his fat ass and everything to make it look even more enticing. If Katsuki spread his arm, he reckons Deku’s ass would be just about bigger than that. Like he said, it’s four times the size of Katsuki’s head altogether. It’s impressive how the way his ass moves channels power into his kick, but having a bunny Quirk, he guesses that it’s how the power works. Each part of him that is bunny-like will add to his strength, and that includes his overflowing ass.


Fuck, Katsuki can’t hold it back anymore. His dick is throbbing when he unzips his trousers and pulls it out, eyes glued to the screen as he watches Deku’s ass. No, wait. He rushes to type in something else: bunny hero quirk analysis kick action . There it is: a porn-worthy video that consists of a zoomed in camera following his legs, and subsequently his ass. It shakes every time the boy moves, and Katsuki grips his dick, jerking it furiously to the student’s fat ass. He squats in the video, and his ass bulges out of its costume, struggling to stretch over his gloriously big ass. Katsuki’s eyes are half-lidded as he imagines the boy moaning and twerking on Katsuki’s dick as he fucks him doggystyle into the mattress, hands gripping his flaring hips. The image is too much, and with a final jerk, Katsuki cums all over his desk.


Shit. He didn’t realise how much he was into it. He barely lasted a few minutes, and he’s already sent the application approval to All Might at U.A. How the fuck is he going to last when Midoriya Izuku, Deku , arrives at the agency with a need to learn and a beautiful big ass? At least he hasn’t got a fluffy tail to match: for that much, Katsuki can thank whoever-the-fuck-is-out-there.




Turns out he’ll be just fucking fine, because Deku is annoying as fuck. Katsuki doesn’t look at him when he enters: he’s resolved not to let his eyes go below pec line with Deku. He’ll be fine then. But at this current moment he’s tempted to, just to make it more bearable.


“...and your AP shot is absolutely incredible so I wanted to be able to do something like with my Quirk because All Might said he would show me how so I was wondering if you could help me with that considering you’re the only other person who knows how…” the boy continues rambling, the same way he has been for the last twenty minutes. Jesus fuck, all Katsuki had said to him at the entrance was that he knew about his link with All Might. They’re walking through the agency to the top floor, and Katsuki is getting so many looks for the intern he’s with. Some of the looks, however, aren’t directed at him at all, but are rather workers drooling over Deku’s size and appearance. Sure, his face is so much more cute in real life than it is on a screen, and he’s sure that his ass looks sexy as fuck too (something he’s not going to confirm for himself), but that’s no fucking excuse to ogle his intern whilst they’re meant to be working. He makes a note of each and every one of the people working under him who stare at Deku.


And no, it’s not because he’s jealous or anything: they’ve literally just fucking met. Katsuki isn’t that desperate or that affected by Deku (although last night it seemed… whatever, he needs to forget about that).


They finally reach Katsuki’s office on the top floor, and Katsuki goes to stand behind his desk. That way, he’ll be able to face Deku without getting a shot of his big ass and curvaceous figure. Deku stands politely in front of the desk, a few feet away from Katsuki. 


Katsuki turns to face Deku, ignoring the constellation of freckles smattered across his face, ignoring his plump pursed lips and doe eyes. Secretly, his mind adds the whole image to his spank bank, even though Deku’s face shouldn’t do anything for him.


“This isn’t like any fucking internship you’ve had in your earlier years, got it?” Katsuki starts sternly. “This is gonna be the hardest work experience you’ve ever faced. I’ve seen your battle history with the League of Villains. Good, you handled yourself well in combat, but your recklessness? Fuck that. I love being reckless, but only because I know I’ve got the capabilities. Going in with more doubt than certainty about your own abilities is dangerous. I’m not saying to stop, because this internship is going to teach you everything you need to get in there and emerge victorious. If you think you’re going to learn just by watching, you’re wrong. Keep your eyes open, but keep your senses about you. Usually, you’d be patrolling with a sidekick, but All Might’s trusted me with you, so you’re going to be patrolling with me. Questions?”


“I-I don’t mean to be disrespectful sir,” Deku says nervously, fiddling with his hoodie. “But… you’re the number one hero. You’re amazing, and out of my league, and—I don’t know if I can handle the villains you battle everyday. I-I’d love to! I just—OFA’s unrefined and I don’t wanna get in your way—”


“You won’t,” Katsuki reassures. “I’m not the number one if I can’t protect someone whilst I fight. And besides, you’re not some helpless fucking civilian. I’ve seen how powerful your bunny Quirk is.”


And how powerful that ass is , Katsuki thinks, but he doesn’t say it.


“Okay then,” Deku accepts determinedly. “I’ll do my best to watch, get involved, and become victorious!”


Another thought accompanies Katsuki’s thirst over Deku’s ass, one that has nothing to do with thirst. Deku’s cute . But again, he brushes it aside.


“Well, patrol starts in half an hour, so go get dressed into your hero costume and meet me in the gym to warm up. Follow the signs to find the places you need, or ask someone: they’re not gonna ignore you.”


“Um, well, about that,” Izuku says sheepishly. “I left my hero costume in school on Friday so I was gonna pick it up on the weekend but due to all the increased security measures, I wasn’t able to get to my costume on the weekend so I fished around in my attic and found a copy of my old one, but that costume itself has one minor issue that I fixed in the later version so I had been hoping that I could just train in my gym uniform today—”


“What’s the one minor issue?” Katsuki demands.


“Ah, uh,” Izuku stutters, blushing bright red. “It didn’t quite allow for ease of movement because my body uh, changed a little bit to enhance performance when my Quirk merged with OFA, so I can’t properly do kicks at full power today or tomorrow, but I’ll have it for Wednesday!”


“Don’t go all out if we battle a villain today,” Katsuki decides. “Watch me extra closely instead. I want you in your costume.”


“But—” Deku tries.


“No buts,” he finishes. “Meet me in the gym, got it?”


“Y-Yes sir,” Deku says anxiously as Katsuki stalks out of the room. As usual, he doesn’t allow himself even a peek at Deku’s figure. But fuck, is he really going to have to keep this up for a whole fucking week!?




Katsuki has a sneaking suspicion that Deku’s ass got bigger when he got OFA, because when the student arrives at the gym, Katsuki notices it immediately: his costume is somehow even more form-fitting, more tight around Deku’s strong, wide hips. He flicks his eyes quickly back up above the accepted level: he’d only looked at Deku’s hips because he wasn’t prepared. Thank God he didn’t get a full view of that ass: the idea that Deku’s has had to become accustomed to having a bigger ass turns Katsuki on more than he can dwell on right now. It goes straight to his fantasies though, a part of Katsuki’s newly made foolproof plan. To train Deku properly, he’s going to have to get used to the boy’s body. So today and tomorrow, he’s not going to look at Deku’s ass, but he’s going to leave early so that he can spend two entire evenings getting off to his heart’s content. Then, once he’s worked through the thirst, when Deku has his current costume, they’ll work together to forge the next number one hero, the next Symbol of Peace. Because Katsuki is the Symbol of Victory, and whilst that’s worked well for society so far, All Might is right when he says that victory and peace go hand-in-hand.


“We’re gonna do a ten-minute warm up before we patrol,” Katsuki states. “Everything I’m going to do is written on the board there, but I don’t want you to look at that. I want you to follow me. Let’s see if you can keep up: I’d be surprised if you could.


“Then prepared to be surprised, sir,” Deku grins, and Katsuki’s heart and dick twitch at the same time. Shit.


But Deku’s true to his promise: everything Katsuki does, Deku follows with ease. When Katsuki begins to work up a sweat, so does Deku, but not at all before that. This boy is an absolute monster when it comes to physical exercise. He’s definitely got the same potential as Katsuki.It shouldn’t be half as attractive as it is, though. Maybe it’s the stamina facet of his original Quirk. Whatever it is, it makes Katsuki sweat for other reasons than exercise.


“Wipe down,” Katsuki commands, passing Deku a towel once they’re done. “It’s time to patrol.”


Deku beams at him like Katsuki just handed him the whole world, and Katsuki can’t resist at least a smile back.




Patrol is… pretty uneventful for a Monday afternoon. The morning was quiet too, a few petty thefts encountered on their route and one hit and runner. Deku dealt with the criminal there, doing an almost perfect job. He’d fumbled over taking credit for the arrest. 


“When you’re working as a hero, it’s not just about saving people. If you want to keep winning and saving, people need to know you won. There’s no harm in building a reputation: take credit where credit is due, and stay the fuck away from credit that doesn’t belong to you.”


“Alright!” Deku had agreed happily, still bashful when the policeman complimented the bunny hero’s work.


They stopped for lunch an hour ago at a small cafe unknown to the paparazzi. He’d gotten a black coffee and some salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, something light yet filling. Deku had been embarrassed to have Katsuki pay for him, so had settled for a brunch bar and some water. 


It’s evident that the bar and water weren’t enough for Deku, because it seems like his stomach rumbles every two minutes.


“Jesus fuck,” Katsuki groans. “Why didn’t you just eat properly at lunch!?”


“I told you,” Deku whines, “I didn’t want you to spend money on me! I’m fine, I’ll have the food my mother packed me when I get back to the agen—”


Katsuki puts his hand over his mouth to shut him up, eyes narrowing. He removes his hand as soon as Deku is quiet, and carefully, they both look around the quiet street. Katsuki can feel the aura of a villain, and yet no one appears to them. So much for an ambush.


“Show yourself,” Katsuki calls out. “We ain’t afraid of you. If anything, you should be afraid of us. So? You gonna be a pussy and run?”


Laughter sounds out from behind them, and they both swivel on reflex.


“My, my, my,” a young man chuckles. He doesn’t look much younger than Katsuki, probably the same age as him. “What words from the number one hero! Doesn’t the media tell you to watch your mouth?”


“Doesn’t the media tell you how shitty villainy is?” Katsuki snaps back. “What the fuck do you want?”


He can’t apprehend the man until he does something wrong, and Katsuki doesn’t recognise him on the list of known villains. He’s in half-normal attire, half what appears to a villain costume. He’s guessing the man saw him walk by and took his chance. This wasn’t planned. That’s going to make him all the easier to take down.


“Well, I’m not stupid enough to pick a fight with the number one hero,” he taunts, “but as soon as I saw you eating with your delicious little intern, I decided to investigate. And I was right.”


“Right about what?” Deku calls out, moving into a fighting stance. Katsuki can feel the nerves rolling off Deku—he can tell how dangerous this man might be, probably as well as Katsuki with those heightened senses.


“My Quirk,” the man says slowly, teasingly, “does two things. It gauges someone’s emotions towards another individual, and increases them tenfold. And you, my little bunny, are all hormones for dear mister number one over here. I wonder what would happen if—”


Quick as a whip, he shoots dust from his palms, laughing. It hurtles straight towards Deku, and his eyes widen.


“—I used my Quirk on you? A few photos of you tearing at the number one’s clothes are all I need for an incriminating story: I already have the photos of you eating together.”


In a split second, Katsuki realises who this man is: Devil Photographer. He captures people, mostly famous people, doing things that stir up huge controversy in the media. He hasn’t been caught yet, but he’s standing right there.


“No!” Katsuki cries, shoving Deku aside. Fuck! The dust almost completely misses Katsuki, but it sharpens at the last moment, nicking his ankle. It’s not the pain that’s the problem: if this Quirk is an amplifier, even the tiniest amount is going to affect him massively. But he can’t think about that now.


“Deku,” he says cautiously. The boy looks up at him, and fuck, his lips look redder, and wetter, his cheeks soft. He wants to kiss him, he wants to— “Together.”


Deku nods, and Katsuki wrenches himself away from his heavenly intern, standing so that he can blast himself towards the villain. The villain dodges, but the shock is there.


“What?” he cries, as Deku hurtles towards him and spins, leg extending over his head to come down in a powerful kick that knocks the villain back towards Katsuki. “You shouldn’t be able to stand, you should be overcome with lust! As hormonal as the boy may be, you want him just as much! How are you still standing!?”


Katsuki punches the villain square in the face, rounding back for another attack.


“I’m not a bag of hormones,” Katsuki growls. “Your predictions are off, you sick fuck.”


Deku catches the villains from behind, apprehending him swiftly with a click of the handcuffs. Katsuki dials the authorities, standing in silence until the police arrive. As soon as they’re on the scene and the villain has been handed over, Katsuki beckons to Deku gruffly.


“C’mon, let’s get back to the agency. I’ve got an early finish today, so you do too.”




Katsuki pounds the sleeve hard, clutching his pillows as if they’ll somehow make up for the sensation of grabbing Deku’s soft ass. Fuck, he wants it so bad. He hates the aphrodisiac flowing through his veins, hates the fact that he needs it so badly. On his phone, a tab is playing the highlight reel of the last Sports Festivals, with a five minute feature on the record-breaking winner, Deku. Katsuki speeds up every time Deku’s ass jiggles in his suit, wishing to hell that he could be slamming into Deku instead. It’s all wrong, he knows it’s all wrong, but he wants the nerd like nothing else. It’s been one fucking day, and he’s so gone. It had been solely physical desire before, an appreciation for thick ass and soft bottoms, but spending even one day with Deku has been torture. He thinks of those plush lips wrapped around his cock, thinks about cumming on those freckles, and then he’s actually cumming, emptying into the sleeve and imagining he was filling Deku’s fat ass with cum instead. God, he’s so fucked. So entirely fucked over. How the hell is he going to last!? The very thought of seeing Deku again makes his cock stir, ignoring the fact that he’s just orgasmed. At least he thought to take an early shift. Still he knows it’s not enough. He needs more.




The next morning is awkward, to say the least.


“About the incident—” Deku tries.


“It was a hoax,” Katsuki says simply. “He can’t interpret emotions, his Quirk is an aphrodisiac. He takes advantage of people believing him and gets them to submit to desires that they don’t actually have, and then takes photos. I recognised him halfway through the battle. He’s a liar.”


“O-Oh,” Deku responds quietly. “Are we patrolling again today? Same start, same finish?”


“Yeah,” Katsuki says absentmindedly, tracing the map on his desk. “But a different route. And this time, we’re looking out for a particular villain. Take a look.”


He slides a file across his desk, and Deku receives it eagerly, skimming through it with an impressive amount of concentration.


“Oh, I’ve seen her on the news,” Deku mumbles. “Her arms accommodate any weapon that she can think of. It remains the same way for five minutes before she can adjust it. But that gives her enough time to discover a hero’s weakness and use it against them. Two arms, two people. Sir, wouldn’t it be better to have at least three people battling her?”


“Nice thinking, nerd,” Katsuki grins. “But I got there first. Red Riot will be accompanying us today.”


“Really, sir!?” Deku exclaims excitedly. “You two are so good as a duo! He’s so awesome… not as amazing as you sir, but I’m so pumped! I get to patrol with two top ranking heroes!”


Any momentary jealousy Katsuki feels over Deku’s excitement regarding Shitty Hair is quelled as soon as Deku’s gushing returns to the topic of himself. But he frowns at the title.


“Oi, nerd, don’t call me sir,” Katsuki points out. “I’m not a hundred years old, I don’t like it.”


“T-Then what am I meant to call you?” Deku asks in utter bewilderment. This intern, he swears to god…


“Ground Zero, fucking obviously!” Katsuki retorts. “What the fuck else? Katsuki? Kacchan ?”


“I can call you Kacchan!?” Deku gasps. Katsuki resists the urge to facepalm.


“No, dipshit, I was being sarcasti—” Katsuki stops mid-sentence when Deku’s face falls. Is he really about to say this? Him? For Deku? Fuck, he is. “Ugh, whatever, you can call me Kacchan. But only when we’re not on patrol. I got a reputation to maintain.”


“Of course!” Deku agrees. “Whatever you say, Kacchan!”


Katsuki’s eyes roll, but so does his heart, jumping in his chest. Why the fuck did All Might have to choose him as a successor!? Katsuki needs to go yell at him about his taste in successors sometime: he didn’t need to choose someone cute and hot as fuck! That was not a requirement!


And yet, here Deku is. One way or the other, Katsuki is going to have to deal with him.



Shitty Hair and Deku have not shut up for the last fucking hour , and Katsuki is at his wit’s end. At this point, Katsuki’s actually praying that the villain appears, just so that they shut the fuck up.


“...and then she taught me how to do that really cool barrell kick move in the first year of U.A., so I suppose ever since then she’s been looking out for me!” Deku jitters.


“That’s awesome, dude, sounds like you got real lucky!” Kirishima responds enthusiastically. “To have someone successful with a Quirk like yours… I wish I had that experience!”


“Yeah, but it also puts pressure on me, I guess,” Deku admits. “Miruko’s got a reputation as a badass, so I gotta live up to that. But this internship is already teaching me loads about emerging victorious from battle, right Kacchan?”


Katsuki and Kirishima splutter at the same time.


“Woah, what!?” Kirishima exclaims. “You have a nickname for Bakugou? And he’s okay with it!?”


“Shut the fuck up, both of you!” Katsuki flushes. “We’re on patrol, I’m meant to be addressed as Ground Zero!”


“Then Ground Zero it is,” someone whispers in his ear, slicing through the air. Katsuki dodges just in time, but Deku isn’t so lucky. He lurches forward, clutching his arm.


“Oi, you okay?” Katsuki yells as Kirishima squares up, skin hardening. Deku flashes him a thumbs up, shifting into a fighting stance.


“She just nicked my arm, I’ll be fine,” Deku affirms. 


“How adorable,” the villain cooes. “The strong hero looking after his intern. And you brought a friend, too!”


“Surrender now or I’ll beat the everloving shit out of you,” Katsuki growls, palms sparking.


“Tempting, but I think I’ll pass!” the villain cuts back, rushing at him and Kirishima with one hand morphing into a hammer and the other into a freeze blaster. She slams into Kirishima with the hammer, but he withholds it, grabbing her arm and swinging her around to Katsuki, who lines up an AP shot and fires. She freezes the shot but he’s already barrelling another one towards her, shot after shot of gathering explosive energy.


Deku roundhouse kicks her in the side, and she stops momentarily, only to slam against Deku again. The two spar in quick bursts, until Kirishima rams into her and she slides across the pavement. The police have arrived on the scene, evacuating the surrounding area.


“You’re no match for us!” Kirishima cries, before he’s caught off-guard by her hammer and is shoved against the wall.


“Red Riot!” Katsuki yells, releasing a particularly powerful blast. As he holds her off, he sees Deku approach, and he knows what the intern needs to do. “Deku, full power!”


Deku doesn’t even take a moment to consider it, powerful legs coming down in a final kick as the villain is rendered helpless. Katsuki recognises the kick. He’s been practicing it on patrol with Deku, giving him tips on maximising his Quirk and making it compatible with OFA. Kirishima recovers quickly, rushing in to apprehend the villain and Katsuki looks around to congratulate Deku, but the boy has run into an alleyway, for some reason.


“Oi, why the fuck are you hiding?” Katsuki growls, following Deku into the alleyway. “I thought I told you to own your own victor—”


Deku looks absolutely mortified, face bright red as he backs up further against the wall.


“Kacchan,” he pleads. “We have to get back to the agency right now!”


“Huh? Why?” Katsuki says, calmer now but still confused as hell.


“Remember those design measures?” Deku whispers. “I-I ripped a hole through my costume, r-right over…”


Katsuki’s eyes widen as he realises what’s happened. Deku’s ass is probably exposed to the air right now, because he’s ripped a hole right through his old costume with that kick of his. That’s why his hands are firmly tucked behind his back: he’s trying to cover it up. But knowing the size of his ass compared to the size of his hands…


“No,” Katsuki decides. “We’re not going back to the agency.”


“B-But—!” Deku persists.


“My penthouse is closer,” Katsuki explains. “If anyone sees you with your ass hanging out, it’s going to be a media nightmare. We’ll go along the roofs.”


Katsuki picks Deku up in a bridal carry much to Deku’s embarrassment, blasting off carefully onto the rooftops, so that he can dart along them towards his penthouse. It’s only a five minute journey, but it feels like forever, because all that’s playing in Katsuki’s head is don’t think about his ass, don’t think about his ass, don’t think about his damn ass even though it’s exposed and you’re carrying him and he’s heavier than you think because of how stacked his ass is and


As soon as they reach the roof of the penthouse, Katsuki sets him down, striding over to unlock the door and slide the glass door aside.


“Come in,” he says gruffly, not glancing back to look at Deku. “Sit down on one of the sofas, I’ll go find you some clothes to wear for now.”


Deku totters in after him awkwardly, presumably sitting down on one of the sofas in the lounge. Katsuki heads towards his bedroom, flinging open a closet to find something that’ll fit Deku. He finds some particularly loose shorts and an old skull t-shirt, laying both on the bed in the guest room before he returns to the living room. Deku’s perched on the edge of a sofa, so Katsuki sits down on the sofa opposite him.


“I’ve texted Red Riot,” he says as a way of making conversation. “He knows where we are and vaguely what happened. You did good, okay? Just… make sure you have the right costume tomorrow. I’ve set out some spare clothes for you in the guest room, first door to your left. You can wear them ‘til we get back to the agency.”


“I-I promise I’ll have my costume tomorrow!” Deku says hurriedly. “Thank you, Kacchan!” 


He gets up quickly and bounds towards the direction of the guest room, and Katsuki watches him go…


...which is a massive mistake, because his eyes automatically drift down towards Deku’s derriere. Fuck. It’s even fucking bigger in real life, jiggling with every step due to its lack of restriction. The seams have split, and Deku’s ass bubbles out through every gap it can find, the struggling material accentuating just how rounded his ass is. Katsuki’s dick stands to attention immediately, and Katsuki curses inwardly.


Why now, of all times, when Deku’s in his fucking house!? Why now, when he’d been doing so well before!? No matter what, Katsuki is not going to masturbate now, not whilst his intern in the fucking house!


“Kacchan?” Deku’s voice rings out timidly across the silence.


“What?” Katsuki calls back. An awkwardly long pause, before Deku says:


“Uh, my zipper’s stuck because of one of the holes…” he trails off, and Katsuki can feel his embarrassment leaking from him. 


“So?” Katsuki retorts. Fuck, he can’t go in there, he can’t pull the zipper up from the back whilst being so damn close to that perfect ass. “Just pull it harder!”


“I-I tried but it got stuck i-in the wedge a-and I don’t wanna tear it anymore because then my mother won’t be able to stitch it back together and she made this first costume so I-I really wanted to keep it as a memory even though I w-won’t wear it—oh.”


In the time that Deku’s been talking, Katsuki has arrived at the guest room, steeling himself against the sight he’s about to encounter. He’s flung a jumper over his shirt, long enough to hide his erection, but fuck, that doesn’t make it any easier for him!


Deku is stood there, looking over his shoulder with his back to Katsuki. Katsuki sees what he means now. The seams have split over the lower half of Deku’s big ass, with a few smaller holes around the biggest curve, held together only by the zipper that’s currently wedged in between his fat ass cheeks.


Katsuki wants to die. Or maybe he’s already died, and has gone to heaven. Actually no, he’s in hell. He’s in a hell where this luscious ass is right there in front of him and he can’t do anything about it. Katsuki breathes in through his nose, and approaches Deku.


“Don’t make this weird, got it?” Katsuki grumbles, before placing one hand on Deku’s ass. Fuck . His hand seems to sink into the soft skin of Deku’s ass, his entire hand barely covering a quarter of Deku’s one ass cheek. Shit, he’s so big. Katsuki wants him so fucking badly. Deku’s ass looks like it’s trying to escape the confines of the costume, pushing out everywhere there’s a whole. And there, right over the fattest curve, is the zipper. Katsuki holds onto it with his free hand, the other hand sinking further into Deku’s ass. He tugs up, but it’s stuck firmly between Deku’s ass cheeks. He tugs up with more force again, but the fabric just tears, more of Deku’s ass billowing out as soon as it gets the space. Fuck, this material is making his ass look smaller than it actually is!?


“Okay, fuck, I’m sorry,” Katsuki sighs, before clutching Deku’s ass properly. Deku yelps, and Katsuki revels in how damn soft his ass is for one moment before he closes his eyes, yanking the zipper up with enough force that the zipper moves. He opens his eyes just in time to see Deku’s entire ass shake with the impact, rippling under Katsuki’s hand. He wants to spank him, eat him out, fuck him until he’s—


“Thank you, Kacchan!” Deku says gratefully, stepping away quickly. The spell is broken, and Katsuki clears the throat.


“Don’t mention it,” he says, turning to the door. “No, really: don’t mention it. You tell anyone about this and I’ll end your entire existence. Got it?”


Deku squeaks an answer, and Katsuki leaves the room. His dick is throbbing in his pants but he ignores it, looking up at the clock in the hallway. His shift is almost over, anyway. If he reports in through the phone, he won’t even have to return to the agency: he can file the paperwork that Shitty Hair doesn’t tomorrow morning.


Yeah, he’ll do that. He picks up the phone to ring, ready to kick Deku out of his house as soon as the nerd has changed so that he can jerk off to the memory of his beautiful ass in his ripped costume. He needs to: it’s the only way he’ll stay sane around Deku.




Apparently, Deku is personally out to get his sanity. Or maybe Katsuki’s just an absolute idiot, because Katsuki has to physically stop his jaw from dropping when Deku timidly leaves the guest room, shuffling into the living room in an entirely self-conscious manner. Katsuki gulps. He should’ve planned this better.


The shirt is too big around Deku’s shoulders, because it’s no secret that Katsuki’s chest is… more pronounced than usual. It slips off one pale shoulder, exposing rosy skin. It stops just around waistline, stretching over his wide hips. And the shorts… they’re meant to be loose, but on Deku, they look like booty shorts, fitting comfortably but hiding almost nothing. Katsuki can see the curves of Deku’s generous ass, his freckled thighs and the lower half of his ass entirely not covered by the shorts.


“I-I… um,” Deku starts. “T-thank you for the clothes! I-I’ll return them tomorrow. I-I should be going, I’ll put my shoes back on and—”


“Fuck that, like hell you’re leaving looking like that!” Katsuki snaps. Shit, is he going to have to lend him a hoodie or something? Sweatpants? Something el—


“Looking like what?” Deku returns, the slightest pout forming on his face. Katsuki resists the urge to facepalm. This boy is going to be the death of him.


“Like that!” He waves a hand in Deku’s general direction.


“And what is ‘that’?” Deku shoots back, properly pouting now. “Do I look stupid? It’s not my fault, I just put on what you told me to and I told you about the costume malfunction and I just had to kick the villain because that’s what a hero would do and I’m here to learn but you’re making fun of me just because I’m wearing clothes th-that don’t fit properly and—”


“Jesus fuck, you look like you’ve just slept over at someone’s house!” Katsuki interrupts angrily. “You know what means!? It looks like someone just fucked you and gave you some old clothes to wear that don’t even fucking cover you because they wanna do it again except you left and now you’re out on the streets walking home looking like a piece of candy! It’s not appropriate! I didn’t fucking realise that it would fit you so badly, so fuck off!”


“...Oh,” Deku breathes, handling going automatically to fiddle with his shirt. “I-I guess I do look a little lightly dressed t-to be out on the streets. I mean, I thought so too but I didn’t want to criticize you because you gave me these clothes and they look bad on me and—”


“They don’t look bad,” Katsuki says quietly. “They just—they just look inappropriate. I was trying to think of other clothes I could give you to cover you up better. But there, that’s a lesson for you: don’t take what people give if it’s less than what you deserve. Don’t be afraid to—”


“Kacchan?” Deku interrupts, a dazed look in his eyes. “Do you—Do you think I look good?”


Katsuki freezes for a second. The fuck is he meant to tell him!? That yes, he looks sexy as fuck and Katsuki just wants to pound him into the mattress and as much as he would like to watch that ass of his slap against Katsuki, he’d like it better if he could watch Deku’s adorable expressions when he fucks him—


“Deku, who am I?” Katsuki grits.


“G-Ground Zero?” Deku replies, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. “B-But how does that—”


“Exactly,” Katsuki continues forcedly. “I’m Ground Zero. I’m in charge of you. You’re my intern. Even if you weren’t, you’re a hero student and I’m the number one hero. Asking me if you look good in tiny shorts and a too-big shirt of mine isn’t allowed.”


“I-I didn’t mean it in that way!” Deku insists, flushing a bright red. “I just wanted to k-know from an objective point of view if—”


“An objective point of view!?” Katsuki cuts in icily. “What? You want to know if you’re objectively sexy!?”


He clamps a hand over his mouth, realising his mistake too late. The drawers built into the side wall and tables all pop open when he says the access word, exposing a whole range of sex toys. Dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, equipment for a fuck machine, ropes, gags, roleplay-themed lingerie and items… the whole load.


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!


Deku is speechless, eyes flitting left and right as if trying to take in the sight all at once. His lips part, eyes widening immeasurably, and he attempts to speak, but no words come out. 


Katsuki is red over, from head to toe. His heart has dropped in his chest, and he can’t think straight. Fuuuuck.


He stands up quickly, grabbing a coat and thrusting it at Deku. The rough action seems to break Deku out of his reverie, and he blinks up at Katsuki with an unreadable look in his eyes.


“Kacchan—” he manages, before Katsuki grabs his arm and marches him to the door.


“Put the coat on, walk out the door, go the agency, get your stuff, go home,” Katsuki instructs monotonously. “Mention a syllable of this to anyone and I’ll personally kill you.”


“K-Kacch—” Deku tries, but Katsuki’s having none of it.


“Get out!” he commands, opening the door. “And have your stupid fucking costume with you tomorrow, or don’t turn up at all. Bye.”


He ushers Deku out and slams the door in his face. He doesn’t hear anything for a moment, but then footsteps quietly recede, and Katsuki sinks to the floor, his back to the door. He hangs his head in his hands, weaving his hands through his hair in an attempt to calm himself down. He fucked up as soon as he brought Deku to his house. He shouldn’t have done that. He should not have done that. What in the fuck convinced him that it could ever be a good idea!?


More importantly, why the fuck did Hatsume lock the access word to ‘sexy’!? He’s going to fucking kill her when he sees her next. He’s just glad it wasn’t some worthless extra. Deku… Deku isn't an extra. Deku’s not going to tell anyone. Still… he’s All Might’s successor, meaning that he’s going to have contact with him beyond this internship. Hell, he wouldn’t be surprised if All Might suggests that Deku join his agency after graduation. He’s known the nerd for two days and he’s already fucked it up.


How is he going to face him tomorrow?




Deku should win an award for his acting skills, because he’s totally unbothered the next day, strolling into Katsuki’s office in his modified costume, a plastic bag in his hands. Katsuki would usually greet the intern at the door, but he stayed holed up in his office today. He half-expected Deku not to show, but he’s here as usual, a huge smile on his face.


“Morning, Kacchan!” he greets cheerily, offering him the plastic bag. “Cleaned the clothes, as promised! My old costume got left behind though, so I’d appreciate it if…” 


He trails off when Katsuki points to a chair in the corner, where a black card bag sits. He sets the plastic bag down and picks up the black bag, peering inside.


“My costume!” he exclaims, beaming up at Katsuki. “And… you fixed it, too! Thank you, Kacchan!”


“It’s whatever,” Katsuki grumbles. “Deku, about the—”


“Are we patrolling today?” Deku interrupts pointedly, acting as if it’s perfectly normal to switch the topic so abruptly. So, he doesn’t want to talk about it. “We’re almost halfway through the week and I wanna be ready to learn some more! I have to make the best of this internship without anything distracting me.”


In other words, let’s keep it business . Fine. Katsuki can roll with that.


“Nah, we’re linking up with another agency for a training day,” Katsuki states. “I don’t know if you’ve come across these, but heroes have to hone their skills in other ways than villain combat. We can always train within the agency, but at a certain point, you adapt to them too much: you won’t usually get enough information on or run-ins with a villain to get used to them like that. So every ten weeks—”


“You pair up to train with people who you’re not used to!” Deku finishes. “It works well because ten weeks is more than enough time to develop your skills, so you won’t be fully used to the people you spar with, even if you sparred with them last time!”


“Oi, Deku, stop fucking interrupting me,” Katsuki says, mildly irritated. “But yeah, you’re right. You got lucky, nerd—you get to train with other heroes now.”


Deku pumps his fists in excitement.


“I’ll do my best!” Deku says determinedly. Katsuki just nods curtly. Business only, right? If he lets Deku in even a little, he’ll slip up entirely. He can’t stop cringing every time his mind flicks back to last night’s events. Deku knows what he’s into now, has way too much information for an intern. Ugh. Only four more days to go after today. And he’ll have as little contact with Deku as he can manage. 


Business only. Nothing else.




The training day is an absolute success for Deku, and an absolute failure for Katsuki. Deku is mesmerising when he fights, even when Katsuki’s not focusing on his big ass. His form, his strength, his will to fight… it’s all so distracting. He’s just a third year, but he’s already on par or on a level above half of the sidekicks attending. And considering the team-up is between the Ground Zero and Celsius agencies, beating the sidekicks is no mean feat.


But being distracting is bad, because Katsuki gets his ass handed to him by Shouto every time he even glances over at Deku. 


“Goddamnit,” Katsuki grunts in pain as Shouto slams him over his back and onto the ground. They’re both panting slightly from the exercise, but Shouto is clearly faring better.


“Katsuki, we all know how weak you are for particularly large butts, but please stop staring at your intern’s ass, it really isn’t doing you any favours,” Shouto says bluntly. 


“Sh-Shut up, I was not staring at his ass!” Katsuki splutters. “I was checking his fighting form! I’m in charge of him!”


“You weren’t checking him, you were checking him out . I know because you’re half-hard,” Shouto states. “I highly doubt that you have acquired a sudden lust for me, unless I’m mistaken?”


Katsuki hides his blushing his face with his hands, and mumbles:


“Okay fine, maybe I was looking at his ass, but I can’t fucking help it, he’s so fucking gorgeous. Besides, in my defence, I was focusing on the way he fights. He’s such a fucking natural.”


“He’s your intern,” Shouto says gently, sitting back. “At least wait until the week is over to drool over his ass. I’m not going to blame you for wanting him, but he needs your advice, not your thirst.”


“I’ve been giving him advice,” Katsuki grumbles. “I taught him on patrol about honing his kicks to channel the power, and about concentrating on impact more than brute force. He put it into practice when we encountered Weaponess. I just—I can’t stop thinking about him. His ass, his face, his attitude…”


“I understand,” Shouto says, crossing his legs and staring into the distance. “My intern… is something else. He isn’t here right now, he’ll join in the afternoon, but… he’s tall, taller than me, muscular, powerful, enthusiastic and sweet… I think I have a photo on my phone, let me go grab it.”


Shouto brings his phone over, swiping across to show him a photo of the intern. Every physical description is accurate: he’s tall, and built like a tree. His grin resembles that of Deku’s, full of enthusiasm and kindness. His smile softens all his other features, too. Katsuki glances up to see Shouto smiling himself at the photo, impossibly soft. He turns to Katsuki after a moment, deadly serious look in his eyes.


“Katsuki, is it bad that I want to climb all over him?” he asks, and Katsuki bites back a laugh.


“Is it bad that I wanna bury my face in that ass?” he shoots back.


“Yes, probably,” Shouto responds, chuckling. “I guess have my answer, huh? We’re absolutely fucked, aren’t we?”


“That we are,” Katsuki agrees, eyes returning to Deku as Shouto’s return to his phone screen. He sighs. “That we are…”




Katsuki learns after lunch that Shouto’s intern is named Inasa. Very well. He fucking abhors Inasa.


Deku reels back to catch his breath, eyes lighting up as he calls forward OFA. The energy wraps around his strong legs, and he rushes forwards again, only to be deterred by a powerful blast of wind. Fuck, but this Inasa dude is strong. He’ll be a serious contender for the number one spot in the future, when he and Deku are pro heroes. Deku’s got to surpass him!


“Deku, channel your damn energy!” Katsuki yells from the sidelines.


“Inasa, control how far out you spread that wind!” Shouto calls simultaneously. They both nod.


“Got it!” they exclaim, rushing forwards again. Deku focuses his strength on one leg, and as Inasa sends a horrendously intense gust of wind towards him, swirling as it rushes towards him, Deku whips his leg around in a fully charged kick that sends the wind hurtling right back at Inasa. He flies across the room, slamming into the wall as the wind drops.


“Fuck yeah!” Katsuki crows as Shouto scowls. Deku rushes across the room lightning quick to offer Inasa a hand up.


“I-I’m so sorry!” he stutters. “Are you okay?”


“I am now,” Inasa says warmly as he accepts the hand. Both of the interns blush, and suddenly Katsuki’s expression matches Shouto’s.


“Shouto…” he mutters.


“I agree,” Shouto returns. They both stride to their interns, dragging them away from the other to talk to them separately. There’s no chance in hell that they’re going to let the interns fall for each other when they’re right there!


“The fuck was that?” Katsuki confronts. “The hell you blushing at him for!?”


“Inasa, internships are for training, not for flirting,” Shouto chides.


“I-I didn’t notice, I just flushed from working and he seems like a really nice person and like we could be friends or something b-but I don’t like him like that I promise it’s not like that, I like you more than I like him and I don’t even—”


“But sir, you’ve been flirting with me since we arrived. Do you mean that the flirting can only be exclusive?”


“You don’t even what!?” Katsuki rounds on Deku, a hand slamming into the wall behind the intern so that Deku is caged in under his chest. “Don’t even like me?”


“That was merely me being friendly, Inasa, don’t take it the wrong way,” Shouto follows up, trying to keep his cool. “But yes, you’re only allowed to be that friendly with me, understood?”


“No! I do like you! Loads!”


“Understood, Shouto!”

Both of the pro heroes raise their eyebrows in unison, struck with a sudden understanding.




Shouto takes a long sip of his iced coffee.


“So I told him that he should only be “friendly” with me, and he replied with my first name,” Shouto explains. “He’s never addressed me by my first name before so I asked him why he thought it was okay to use it, and he said, “I’m just being friendly”. He was flirting with me, I know he was.”


“Ugh, yeah, that’s flirting alright,” Katsuki grumbles into his own coffee. “Stupid Deku said he liked me loads so I was like “oh yeah? How much is loads?”, and he had the fucking nerve to look me in the eye and go, “I just told you, Kacchan: loads ”. Like, wtf!? I wanna slam his face into a fucking pillow and make him apologise.”


“I can’t believe you let him call you Kacchan,” Shouto muses. “That suggests more than physical attraction.”


“Oh, fuck off, you were staring at that photo of your intern like the sun shone from his ass,” Katsuki defends. “You’re so whipped for him!”


“And you’re so much closer to your intern,” Shouto says, sipping his drink. “After all, he’s seen your sex toy coll—”


“Shut up!” Katsuki huffs. “I wanna forget that ever fucking happened, damn it.”


“Then make better memories to override it,” Shouto says simply, a glint of mischief in his eyes.


“You say that like it’s fucking easy,” Katsuki bemoans. “How the hell am I meant to do that!?”


“We go out for drinks with our sidekicks, don’t we?” Shouto notes. “Why don’t the four of us go out for drinks on Friday? We could say we’re treating them for being such successful interns. Inasa’s eighteen, after all. Is Deku not?”


“Nah, he’s eighteen,” Katsuki says slowly, a grin forming on his face. “Sounds great: let’s go out on Friday.”




Deku manages to utilise Katsuki’s advice three more times in battle, and Katsuki is honestly impressed by his quick improvements, making Deku aware of the fact.


“Shouto and I have been talking,” Katsuki adds, leaning his hands back against his desk. “And both you and his intern have been pretty damn good. Sure, you’ve only made it through the weekdays, and you might fuck it all up on the weekend, but still. We’re… impressed.”


Deku’s lip wobbles, and he sniffles.


“T-Thank you, Kacchan,” he says gratefully. “Th-that means so much to—”


“Oi, was I fucking finished?” Katsuki snaps lightly. “Goddamnit, stop interrupting me! As I was saying, you’ve both done pretty well. So we’re taking you out for drinks tonight. You’re not allowed to say no. We’ve got permission from Aizawa, so we’ll drop you back tonight or tomorrow morning depending on how well you handle your alcohol. I’ll text you the address. Go back to the dorms, get changed, and meet us outside the place at eight, got it?”


Deku blinks, absolutely speechless. Katsuki grins and saunters past him, leaving the office.


“I’ll take that as a yes!” he calls back, cackling. Deku isn’t gonna know what hit him tonight. 




Shouto digs his nails into Katsuki’s arms as soon as Inasa arrives at the meeting point. The intern is wearing a tight white tank top and skinny blue jeans, hiding nothing of the outline of his firm body. Ha, Shouto’s fucked.


“Katsuki,” he breathes. Katsuki understands what he’s going through, so he tolerates Shouto’s claws digging into him uncomfortably.


“S’up,” Katsuki says nonchalantly, nodding to the intern.


“Ah, nothing much!” Inasa returns brightly, eyes flicking up and down Shouto’s attire. “Hello, Shouto! I wasn’t aware you had such style!”


“I-It’s nothing extraordinary,” Shouto attempts to return smoothly, words catching in his throat. Katsuki feels like Shouto should be a little more confident in what he’s wearing: Katsuki helped him personally, after all. Black eyeshadow, red lipstick, a black mesh top, skinny leather jeans, stripper heels. Inasa can’t take his eyes off him, obviously: Katsuki’s done a fucking fantastic job. 


He wishes Deku would arrive already, though: it’s not like the nerd to be late. Besides, he wants to see the look on Deku’s face when he sees what he’s wearing himself. Black tank tops are the way to go with white ripped jeans, especially when you tie a flannel shirt around your waist. He knows he looks hot as fuck. He’s even put on eyeliner, which he usually only does to ink in the areas that his mask doesn’t cover around his eyes.


Inasa and Shouto are flirting—oh wait no, that’s just called talking , apparently—and Katsuki’s forced to listen to them with nothing better to do. Where the fuck is—?


Oh. Oh .


“Hi, Kacchan!” Deku pants, totally out of breath. “Sorry, I ran all the way here. I’m so so sorry I’m late, I didn’t mean to be but my friends insisted on helping me get ready and stuff and then one thing led to another and I know I look ridiculous but yeah I’m sorryyy!” 


Katsuki’s entire hand is on top of Shouto’s, grasping with an intensity that might steal Shouto’s self-proclaimed title of finger-breaker.

“Shouto,” he mutters. “Shouto, fuck.”


“Stay calm, Katsuki,” Shouto returns lowly. Katsuki gulps.


“Yeah, okay, whatever,” he says non committedly. “Let’s go in, Deku.”


They walk side-by-side, and Deku mumbles something to him.


“Huh?” Katsuki strains to make his words out. “The fuck you saying? Speak the fuck up, nerd!”


The four of them enter the club, the music loud enough that Deku needs to shout to be heard. Still, he’s a little too loud when he says:


“I said , you look really good, Kacchan!” Deku yells, getting looks from a few people. Both of them flush bright red for different reasons.


“You can fucking talk,” Katsuki replies. “Who the hell told you to wear that !?”


‘That’ being a white crop top and tight, black booty shorts. Katsuki thought that the shorts that he leant were pretty much booty shorts, but these seem like they were stitched to hide nothing of Deku’s deliciously big ass. The fishnet leggings and the body glitter are definitely not helping. Katsuki’s pretty much half-hard, regretting the fact that his white ripped jeans are also tight, doing nothing to conceal anything down there. Goddamnit!


“D-Does it look okay? My friends told me to wear it.” Deku asks, as they sit down at the bar. “Ah, um, I’d like one blackcurrant cider please.”


“Dance with me and I’ll tell you just how I feel about it,” Katsuki challenges. “Vodka with coke.”

“I-I don’t know why you can’t just tell me,” Deku responds, utterly confused. “How would dancing help?”


“Oh, you’ll see,” Katsuki says simply, grabbing his drink as soon as it’s ready and switching it with Deku’s.


“Wh—hey!” Deku screeches. “That’s my drink! Give it back!”

Katsuki sticks his tongue out and downs it.


“I’m guessing by your order that you can’t handle your alcohol, huh?” Katsuki grins. “You gone after three drinks? Two?”


“It only takes one drink,” Deku admits ashamedly, before a frown returns to his face. “Which is why I was having something light! And you just drank it!”


“So drink mine, then,” Katsuki smirks, pushing the drink a little more forward towards him.


“No,” Deku huffs, turning away. Katsuki slides in closer, nudging his shoulder.


“C’mon, I’ll take good care of you,” Katsuki promises. Deku bits his lip in consideration.


“Promise?” he says timidly. Katsuki pauses for a moment.


“I—Yeah,” he says, guilt hitting him suddenly. “Look, I want you to enjoy yourself. I don’t want you to hold back because you don’t wanna act stupid or something, but I didn’t mean to pressure yo—oi, woah, slow down!”


Deku drinks steadily, gulping down the burning drink with idiotic determination. He slams the glass down once he’s done, immediately spluttering and coughing. He holds out a hand as if to say he’s okay, before recovering and smiling widely at Katsuki.


“Okay, let’s go dance!” he beams. “I wanna see what you have to say about meee!”


Katsuki chuckles and follows Deku out onto the dance floor. Shouto and Inasa are already dancing. It’s an odd picture: he doesn’t often see Shouto like this. Usually, he sits in the corner and drinks until he’s wasted and then dances. But he’s probably already got that rush from Inasa alone, so eh, whatever suits them. Katsuki’s almost jealous: they seem to be dancing quite… close. No big deal, though: Katsuki’s going to do more than just dance close to Izuku tonight.


“I got a question first,” Katsuki asks, swaying his hips to the beat with Deku. “How come you don’t have ears and a tail and shit, if you’re a bunny?”


“I’m not a bunny,” Deku laughs. “I just have some similar traits. It’s a recessive bunny Quirk—it should have been mentioned on my form. So it’s not gonna be everything a bunny has. I think it’s more about the performance enhancements, like power, speed, stamina, reflexes—”


“—a big ass,” Katsuki interrupts cheekily. Deku blushes and smacks his chest.


“Th-that’s not my fault!” he flails. “Stop making fun of me, meanie. I can’t help h-how uh, how my body works!”


“I never said it was a bad thing,” Katsuki murmurs, boldly placing his hands on Deku’s soft hips so that he can bring him closer. 


“O-Oh,” Deku says quietly. “Okay, if you say so…”


“You really don’t get it, huh?” Katsuki snaps their hips flush together and looks him in the eye. “It’s hot. That ass of yours is fucking hot . In fact, your entire fucking being is hot. You’ve been driving me crazy with your ass, right there in front of me when I’m meant to be concentrating, smiling at me and making me fucking lose it when I’m meant to keep my cool. I fucking hate that you don’t know how damn sexy you are!”


I’ve been driving you crazy?” Deku scoffs incredulously. “Kacchan, you’re a walking wet dream! You’re big, you’re strong, you’re confident and I kind of want you to bend me over and—sorry! Sorry, I don’t know what I’m saying, I’m feeling kinda tipsy and I can’t stop thinking about you even though you’re my mentor and I shouldn’t want you so badly —”


Katsuki cuts him off by tightening his hold and pressing his lips to Deku. Deku’s hands slide up to rest over Katsuki’s broad shoulders, returning the kiss tenfold. Katsuki tilts his head and kisses him like a parched man. He bites at Deku’s lower lip and the student moans breathily against his lips.


“Fuck,” Katsuki mutters against Deku’s lips, sliding his hands down further so that he can grab Deku’s ass. “Fuck, I wanna pound you.”


Deku moans properly this time, attacks him with open-mouthed kisses ferociously. He practically hangs against Katsuki’s muscular shoulders, grinding against him slowly.


“I want you to,” he murmurs. “I want you to fuck me until I scream, Kacchan.”


“You’ve got a mouth on you, huh?” Katsuki grins against him, grinding back. “Wanna show me what that mouth can do?”


“I wanna show you what all of me can do, Kacchan,” Deku teases, pushing his ass back against Katsuki’s hands as they make out. It’s the final straw, and Katsuki snaps. He pulls back, flinging Deku over his shoulder and marching towards the exit.


“I’m taking you home,” he growls, “and I’m fucking you into my mattress all goddamn night long.”

“Mm, yes please,” Deku agrees, hands tracing the lines of Katsuki’s back. Fuck, but Katsuki’s going to wreck Deku as soon as they get home.



Katsuki slams Deku into the door, lifting him up and grinding against him desperately as they practically claw at each other. Katsuki revels in the sensation of sinking his hands into Deku’s abundant ass, pushing his rock hard dick between the two luscious cheeks again and again.

“K-Kacchan,” Deku gasps, moaning sluttily. “Mm, t-take my clothes off, I-I want you to fuck me already, pleaaase—”


“Demanding tonight, aren’t we?” Katsuki teases, biting the curve of Deku’s neck and causing him to gasp loudly. He licks and bites the mark, making sure that everyone knows who he belongs to. He doesn’t care if it’s inappropriate: Deku is his . He carries Deku through the hallway, groping his ass as he kicks the bedroom door open. He drops Deku on the bed, climbing over him and pulling his shirt off. Deku makes grabby hands and whines, and Katsuki slides Deku’s shirt off too, kissing down his chest and stomach lightly.


Suddenly, Deku flips him over, giving him the same feverish treatment, before reaching Katsuki’s jeans. He breathes over Katsuki’s crotch, teasing him just enough before biting the clasp of his jeans and tugging them down. He repeats the action with Katsuki’s boxers, stopping momentarily when Katsuki’s thick cock springs out, hard and leaking.


“Ohhh,” Deku whispers. “Kacchan, you’re so biiig …”

He licks his lips as Katsuki tangles his hands in Deku’s soft green curls, urging him forward.


“Fucking wrap your lips around it already,” he groans, thrusting forwards gently. Deku smiles and licks a strip from the base of his dick to the tip, lapping at the precum and swirling the tip around in his mouth. Katsuki moans, pushing Deku’s head down slightly. “Mm, just like that. Swallow me down with those plush lips of yours, Deku, I know you fucking want it.”

Deku hums and licks another stripe up and down Katsuki’s dick slowly, before finally, finally swallowing all eight inches down with a little difficulty. Katsuki resists the urge to thrust, moaning low in his throat instead.


“God, I wanna fuck your slutty mouth,” he drawls. “I want you to choke on my dick and get it all wet with those thick lips of yours so I can fuck your tight hole even fucking deeper—shit!”


Deku bobs up and down eagerly, and Katsuki wonders if he has experience, or if he’s just naturally—oh. Oh . He’s got all the natural capabilities of a bunny, and the phrase fucking like bunnies didn’t come from nowhere. Deku smiles around his cock even as he tears up from taking it all in, and fuck, Katsuki can hardly believe that it’s going to get better than this.


He tugs Deku’s hair lightly, pulling him off his length. Deku tilts his head to the side adorably in confusion, as if he wasn’t just sucking his dick like a pro a moment ago.


“As much as I wanna cum on your freckles,” Katsuki says, “I wanna fuck that ass of yours even more.” He flips them over so that he’s between Deku’s spread legs. He wants to fuck him like this, with Deku’s gorgeous eyes staring up at him. But the soft sex can come later. For now…


“Turn over,” he commands, and Deku obeys automatically. Except the cheeky ass motherfucker takes it a step further too, pressing his face into Katsuki’s pillow and arching his back to accentuate the curve of his big ass as he pushes back against Katsuki.

“Why, Kacchan?” Deku teases, shaking his ass a little. Even the slightest movement sets it jiggling enticingly against Katsuki’s rock hard dick, making it especially difficult not to cum. “Wanna play with my big, juicy ass? The one you can’t stop staring at?”

“Oh, you have no idea what I’m going to do to your sexy ass,” Katsuki responds pointedly, triggering the access word. Drawers under the bed automatically pop open, displaying an array of sex toys more powerful and vast than the collection in his living room. “Remember this? Oh, I have so many ways to play with you…”

“K-Kacchan,” Deku manages softly. “You have no idea… I played with myself so many times just thinking of you using all those toys on me… please, Kacchan, use my ass however you want, I need it so badlyy…”


Katsuki grins, half-relieved that Deku didn’t find it weird as fuck and half- insanely turned on by his begging.


“Don’t worry, baby,” Katsuki promises wickedly. “I know exactly what I’m gonna use with you. I’m gonna fuck you so hard, I swear.”


He reaches towards the drawer nearest to the right and picks up the item in mind, rolling it over in his hands and grabbing the lube. He grinds against Deku’s ass as he considers it, keeping the boy whining softly against the pillow as he pushes his ass back against Katsuki’s dick. Katsuki places a hand between his cheeks, pressing down against Deku’s ass cheeks until he finds Deku’s tight hole. 


“I’ll pay you back,” Katsuki says simply, before tugging under the seam and ripping a hole in Deku’s tiny shorts. Deku gasps as the cold air hits his almost naked ass, seeming even bigger now that it’s exposed. Well—Katsuki says almost naked, but Deku is practically naked. The tiny thong that wedges itself between Deku’s thick cheeks doesn’t at all cover it. All it does is highlight the rounded curves of Deku’s ass. Katsuki licks his lips in anticipation.


“K-Kacchan, p-please,” Deku whimpers as Katsuki pushes his thong aside, slicking his hand up with lube. “I-I want y-you to— ahh !”

Katsuki slides a finger in, pumping it in and out before inserting another finger and scissoring. Deku’s mouth hangs open in a pant as he moans and whines, thrusting back against Katsuki’s fingers. His ass shakes with each thrust, and Katsuki wants to jerk off to the sight, but he knows that patience is going to pay off if he keeps going.


“Fuck, you’re so tight, baby,” Katsuki praises. “You want it that bad, huh? Wanna be fucked in every way possible?”


“Ahh—yes, yes, yes, Kacchan, pleeeease ohhh ,” Deku chokes out, panting into the pillow sluttily. “More, more, more, Kacchan, I want mooore .”


“Well, you asked for it,” Katsuki grins, before sliding the vibrator into Deku’s wet hole. Deku cries out as his legs slide wider to accommodate the sizable toy. He flicks a switch to the highest setting and the toy thrums to life. Deku moans helplessly, legs trembling as the vibrator hits his prostate over and over. Katsuki leans over Deku, tugging his own jeans down further so that he can slide his throbbing cock over Deku’s thick ass cheeks. There are tears in Deku’s eyes as he tries to keep his loud moans to himself, failing miserably.


“You’re a good slut, aren’t you Deku?” Katsuki whispers sultrily in his ear. Deku nods desperately. “Shake your ass for me, then, Deku: I wanna feel you twerking against my cock. Maybe I’ll fuck your slutty hole if you impress me enough.”


Deku moans into the pillow and nods again, legs spreading further as he begins moving his ass mesmerisingly against Katsuki’s cock. He bounces his fat ass against Katsuki like he lives for the sole purpose of pleasuring Katsuki, grinding and twerking continuously. The movement pushes the vibrator further against Deku’s prostate, and he moans uncontrollably into the pillow until Katsuki tilts his head to the side, kissing along his jaw and neck.


“Let me hear you properly, baby,” Katsuki whispers. “I’m gonna make you scream, I swear.”


Deku’s cheeks are wet with overstimulated tears, and along with the ripple of his well endowed ass as he moves against Katsuki, Deku makes it a challenge not to cum. But Katsuki can bear it: he’s gonna make sure that he cums in Deku’s tight, wet hole first. He holds Deku’s fat ass for a moment, revelling in how beautiful Deku’s ass feels against his palms. Deku’s one in a million, and Katsuki can’t believe that he’s here , moaning underneath him like Katsuki’s the only one who matters.


He snaps out of it, though: now’s not the time to be soft . He pulls the vibrator out, and Deku whines like a brat at the loss.


“Nooo, Kacchan, put it back in,” he pleads. Katsuki smacks his ass in warning, and Deku yelps.


“Don’t starting making demands, slut,” he says lowly, sliding off the bed to grab the pieces, throwing them on the bed to arrange them together. Deku looks back in confusion, but Katsuki tuts at him. “Don’t look, stupid, it’s a surprise. Put your pretty face back in the pillow, I know you’ll love it.”


Deku does as he’s told, arching his back further in a manner that keeps distracting Katsuki. Nevertheless, he clicks all the parts together, satisfied with his set-up. This toy is a special one, one he hasn’t tested out yet. As soon as he’d seen it online, he knew he had to get it. The thought of using it before fucking some pretty twink had been at the forefront of his fantasies for weeks after he’d ordered it, and now he’s finally going to be able to use it.


He climbs back onto the bed to grab Deku’s hips harshly and press his wet hole against the upheld dildo. Deku catches on quickly and pushes back against the dildo until the whole length is firmly lodged in his ass. Katsuki clambers to the front of the bed and places Deku’s head in his lap so that Katsuki’s cock rests against his face. Deku looks up at him with doe-wide eyes, and Katsuki has to stop for a moment. The pale boy’s back arches up behind him to curve into his fat ass, pushed up against the dildo. Katsuki grins, and flips a switch. The fuck machine whirs to life and Deku gasps in surprise, ass cheeks wobbling as the dildo fucks in and out of him.


“Hahh, faster Kacchan, I want it deeper in me,” Deku pants. Katsuki strokes his own cock a few times before brushing it against Deku’s lips.

“Open your mouth so I can fuck it and I’ll turn it up, baby,” Katsuki responds easily. Deku opens his mouth and slacks his jaw immediately, and Katsuki slides into his hot, wet heat. As promised, he turns the machine up, and Deku bounces back against the dildo. His ass jiggles and shakes gorgeously as he does, and Katsuki’s torn between staring at the plush lips wrapped around his cock and Deku’s amazing ass. He settles on watching Deku’s face for now, knowing full well that he’ll switch when he turns the fuck machine to fullest. At the moment, he focuses on thrusting in and out of Deku’s wet, willing mouth, mercilessly fucking him as the boy moans around him. He grips his hands in his hair as he speeds up, utterly lost in the feeling of Deku.


“Fuck, you feel so fucking good with your mouth taking me like that,” Katsuki groans. “So goddamn perfect, you little slut. You want more? Wanna be pounded by the fucking machine like the bitch you are?”

Deku nods shakily around his cock and moans as loudly as he can, the vibrations of his throat bringing Katsuki closer to the edge. He’s going to cum if he doesn’t stop, so he does, Deku’s lips creating a beautifully obscene popping noise when he pulls out. He tilts Deku’s chin up, taking in his drool-covered lips and teary eyes.

“Beg for it then,” he demands, lifting himself up off the bed so that he can get a better view of Deku’s ass. Deku thrusts back against the fucking machine, desperately spreading his legs wider so that the dildo goes deeper.

“K-Kacchan, Kacchan, I neeed it—ahh, mm, ohh—Kacchannn,” Deku slurs, tongue hanging to one side and half-lidded eyes flickering in pleasure. “M-Make it fuck me harder, pleeeease!”

Katsuki turns it up suddenly to the highest setting, granting Deku’s wish and getting a loud cry of pleasure from him as the fucking machine speeds up to ram into him five times faster, his ass bouncing and shaking uncontrollably as the dildo fucks him open. Katsuki flicks on the vibrator setting and Deku’s ass jiggles harder as he descends into a mess of moans. Still, most fucking machines can do that. Katsuki’s beyond ready to try the special setting, and as soon as he flicks the switch for it, he has one hand on his cock, jerking off to the sight in front of him.


The fucking machine begins to eject lube into Deku’s ass non-stop, enunciating the dirty squelching noises and how wet and sloppy Deku’s hole is. The excessive amounts pour out of his ass and against his cheeks, slicking and oiling them up so they shine, making Deku’s ass look even more enticing. Deku’s a drooling bundle of moans at this point, slamming his ass back against the dildo with his powerful thighs so that it shimmies and jerks in front of him.


Fuck, Katsuki can’t handle anymore. He clicks off the machine, pulling it back so that he can position himself behind Deku and grab handfuls of Deku’s bountiful ass.


“I wanna fuck you til you can’t goddamn breathe,” Katsuki growls, massaging Deku’s thick ass cheeks. “I wanna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk, wanna keep slamming into that divine ass and staring at your beautiful fucking face all goddamn night, all goddamn week, all the goddamn time .”


Deku, faster than lightning, spins under him before clenching his thighs and flipping the two over so that he’s on top. He moves so swiftly that Katsuki almost gets whiplash from it, breathless as he looks up at Deku’s confident grin.

“You’ll get more than a week of me, Kacchan,” Deku leans down to whisper, before righting himself and sinking down on Katsuki’s big, thick cock in one go. Katsuki groans long and low, and squeezes Deku’s wide hips to stop himself from cumming right away as Deku moans the loudest he’s moaned yet. They take a moment to adjust to the feeling of each other before they can talk.


“You’re so fucking wet ,” Katsuki manages, and Deku wriggles his ass against him teasingly. “And fuck, your ass is so deliciously heavy against me. Fuck, move already, I wanna feel your fat ass bouncing against me.”


“Yes, sir,” Deku giggles, before lifting his strong, firm thighs and slamming back down on Katsuki’s cock. Deku’s ass is soft and wide against him, engulfing the top half of his thighs as he begins to bounce up and down quickly, his bunny-like stamina helping him fuck himself of Katsuki’s big dick. Katsuki thrusts up to meet him, panting in sync to Deku. The more that he does, the less control Deku has over his movements, until Katsuki is entirely supporting Deku’s small yet extremely curvy body on top of him.

“Fuck it, I need more,” Katsuki decides, tightening his hold on Deku’s hips and flipping them over again. He slides his hands under Deku’s thick thighs so that he can throw Deku’s legs over his broad shoulders, driving into him even deeper as his movements become more desperate and sloppy.


“Ahhh, K-Ka—ohhhh, fuuuuuck, I’m—I’m g-gonna, hnnn, I’m gonna—ahhh,” Deku chants, barely comprehensible as Katsuki fucks him hard and fast. Katsuki slams into his prostate, tilting him up further so that he can hammer into him relentlessly, chasing his release. Deku’s eyes roll back, mouth open in a pant and tongue hanging out against his lips as Katsuki pounds him into the mattress. His moans get louder and louder until he arches his back and screams as he cums over his and Katsuki’s chest, desperately crying Katsuki’s name over and over and over.


“Fuck, Izuku—!” Katsuki moans, groping Deku’s big, fat ass as he spills deep into Deku. Deku whimpers softly in overstimulation as Katsuki rides out his orgasm, before collapsing on top of Deku, utterly exhausted. Deku pushes against his chest and whines, pushing Katsuki onto his back so that he can tuck himself into his side.


“I’m gonna get you bunny ears and a buttplug tail next time,” Katsuki mumbles sleepily. “Fuck, you’re so damn irresistable. You’ve got curves like a fucking river, how the hell was I meant to stay away? And those freckles, and those lips, and those eyes, and your personality and strength and—”

Deku shuts him up with a soft kiss, cradling Katsuki’s face gently in his hands.


“You’re amazing, Kacchan,” he says simply, voice full of affection. Katsuki looks up at Deku with quiet adoration, pulling him into another kiss. Fuck internships. Fuck staying away. Katsuki’s keeping Deku. He might have All Might’s quirk, but he has Katsuki’s heart.